Pure filth.

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Summer holidays were here and for once in their lives ten year old Amy and her twelve year old brother Matt were actually going on a holiday.

Their mother May was too busy with work to go with them, so instead called on the services of her ex husbands sister Jan for some help.

Jan and May had remained the best of friends ever since May's marriage had broke up a few years ago, and knowing the single mother didn't have any spare cash Jan was only too pleased to take the kids away for a weeks vacation.

Of course the two children were ecstatic, and within minutes of hearing the news the youngsters were packed and raring to go.

It was only to be a caravan holiday near the coast, but even so the two kids were over the moon, and May even promised to come see them even if only for a couple of days.

Jan always the punctual type arrived bang on 10am, and within only minutes the kids were in the car and raring to go.

Mom kissed them goodbye and off they went.

It was only an hours drive to the destination, and all the time the kids were giggling.

I'll be in the sea before you are Amy” laughed Matt.

Bet you arent, bet I beat you in there” came Amys response.

Both kids giggled, and so did Jan.

Ok you two, calm down, anyway I might beat the pair of you in there so watch out” and the 30 year old woman laughed.

Bang on 11am and the car pulled up next to the caravan. Matt was first out, Amy close behind, and then out stepped Jan.

Right, last one ins a rotten egg” and soon the 30 year old was racing across the sand towards the sea. Matt stared at his sister, and soon the two youngsters wear both tearing after their aunty.

Almost in unison the three of them ran into the cool water, and almost in unison again they all gasped as the chill of the sea made them all shiver.

Ohhhh god, thats cold” laughed Jan and the two kids shivered a nod.

Whos daft idea was this then?” and the two females stared at Matt.

He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “Well seemed a good idea at the time” and the next thing he knew he was being dunked by his sister and his aunt.

They couldnt stay in the water too long, it was too cold, and anyway they were all dressed.

So, splashing their way back onto the sand they made their way upto the caravan.

Jan got their belongings from the trunk of the car, and threw them on the grass.

Right you aint treading water and sand inside so take your clothes off out here”.

Matt looked puzzled, so did Amy, but Jan broke the ice and started to undo her jeans.

It wasnt long before the soggy Levis hit the ground with a thud, and soon the 30 year old was standing there in only her panties and top.

Amy was too young to care and she followed suit untieing the cord on her shorts and without a care in the world she literally threw them to the ground so they made an even louder thud.

Jan laughed and so did the child.

Matt was nervous, but slowly the young lad unzipped his combat trousers and let them slide to the ground.

You spoilsport” shouted Amy, “Yeah you spoilsport” added Jan, “your no fun”.

At that the 12 year old picked up his soaked trousers and threw them as hard as he could to the floor.

Yeeeeehaaaaaaa” laughed Jan, “your winning so far cus that was the loudest yet”,

What happened next had both kids standing goggle eyed as Jan pulled her sweat top over her head and jumping up slam dunked it into the grass.

Matt couldnt help but stare as Jan stood there in only her white lace panties and matching bra.

Right” shouted Amy “my turn now” and pulling her soaking wet t shirt over her head she too slam dunked it into the ground.

Matt couldnt help himself and knowing he didnt have anything to be afraid of peeled his vest off and taking a run up leapt as high as he could and did a dunk so good Magic Johnson woulda been proud of.

Good job this place is secluded thought Jan as she stood there in her undies, Amy in only her pink panties, and Matt in his boxer shorts.

So, I wonder, whos winning?” asked the 30 year old.

Me for sure” replied Amy.

No way, I am” came Matts reply.

Yeah as if” joked Jan. “Mine was the best by a mile”.

In your dreams aunt Jan, I beat you hands down” came Giggling Matts response.

Well smarty pants, it aint over yet” and without a care in the world Jan moved her hands behind her back, twisted the clasp on her damp bra, and leaping high into the air pummeled her bra into the ground.

Matt gasped as Jan landed and couldnt help but stare at her firm breasts still slightly swinging from the landing.

Jan took a quick look at him and just winked.

So”, the 30 year old said almost breathless, “looks like ive won”.

Not yet you havent” came Amys tender voice, “beat this” and to Jan and Matts amazement the ten year old girl yanked down her panties and flung em to the grass.

Heck Amy, thats the best so far” smiled Jan, “dont know if I can beat that, what do you think Matt?

Matt couldnt speak, he was now staring at his sisters naked body and his aunts heaving breasts.

Go on aunt Jan” giggled Amy “try and beat me”.

Oh I dont know Amy, what do you think Matt? Think I should?”.

Yeah yeah, go for it” came a stuttering reply from the 12 year old.

Oh ok then, here goes” and turning slightly to face Matt Jan slowly slid her wet panties down her legs. Then making sure Matt could see everything the 30 year old stood up and spread her legs slightly to reveal her hairless pussy to the 12 year old boy.

Dont know if I can jump up and dunk like you did Amy, how about you get on my shoulders and do it for me?” and in no time the 10 year old girl had her legs wrapped around Jans neck.

Jan smiled, and looked at Matt who was still staring at his naked aunt.

All Jan had to do was smile at the trembling boy and she knew he was aroused. His 12 year old cock started to twitch and jerk underneath his boxers as he continued looking at Jans naked body. What Jan did next made the young lad gasp. She spread her legs even wider, and licking a finger she slowly wiped it up the length of her pussy. Matt fidgetted even more when he saw Jan raise her wet finger to her mouth and then stick her tongue out and lick it.

Amy was still sat on her shoulders as Jan pushed her finger deep into her mouth and sucked on it.

Ok sweetie, you gonna dunk it for me now?” asked the 30 year old, and within a second or two the wet undies hit the deck with an almighty thud.

Woooooohoooo” screamed Amy and Jan as the white panties splattered on the ground.

Thats gotta be the winner, unless you think you can beat it Matt?” asked the naked 30 year old.

Ohhh errr iiiii ermmm”.

Go on Matt you big chicken” urged Amy still sat on Jans shoulders.

Yeah come on chicken, what ya' scared of? Scared me might see your willy?” giggled Jan.

Haha ive seen it before anyway” laughed Amy. “I see it all the time when were at home. It looks funny and its kinda bendy too”.

No its not funny and bendy” came Matts embarrassed reply.

Oh I see” added Jan. “Willys can look funny sometimes, and theyre bendy now and then. But sometimes they stop being bendy and go kinda hard and pointy. Is that how yours is now Matt? No need to be embarrassed hun, thats normal and just goes to show yours is working right” and the 30 year old winked at the boy again.

For the first time Matt seemed to smile, and maybe due to his aunts encouraging words he felt slightly more at ease.

So hun, Gonna try and beat our record dunk?”.

Matt paused, then to Jans delight the lad slowly pushed his fingers under the hem of his boxers, and turning away slightly eased them down his trembling legs. Then when they got to his feet he stepped out of them and held them up.

Go on Matt, dunk em” shouted Amy and still with his back to the females he leapt salmon like into the air and slammed his briefs into the ground.

Woooooooooo, nice on bro” shouted his sister.

Yeah great dunk Matt” added Jan.

Matt smiled still facing away from his sister and his aunt.

Well what say we go inside and get cleaned up? We can leave the clothes out here for a bit, they'll soon dry out” and at that Jan lifted Amy off her tired shoulders.

Lowering the girl to the ground Jan deliberately brushed the childs crotch against her face and inhaled. Oooo she thought, 10 year old pussy and ass, and the 30 year old felt her own legs buckle in pure delight.

Coming inside Matt?” asked the horny woman and the two girls lead the way inside.

Matt followed behind Jan and the 30 year old stopped by the open door and held it open for the 12 year old boy.

Matt slid past the naked woman and Jan saw for the first time the boys 4 inch erect penis.

She shuddered, and leaning over whispered into the boys ear “Youve got a grown ups cock Matt, never be ashamed or embarrassed of it” and Jan wiped a finger over her moist pussy again.

Matt stood rooted to the spot staring as Jan went one step further.

Instead of licking her wet finger, she reached forward and wiped her dampness over the boys penis.

Matt trembled, but didnt move, and Jan went one step further. She leant forward, and making sure Amy wasnt watching she lowered her mouth onto the shaking childs twitching member.

Matt gasped, and Jan knew why.

So, being the nasty dirty slut that she is she peeled the boys foreskin back with her lips and ran the tip of her tongue over the childs helmet.

Matts legs shook, and Jan gripped them tight. Then she went in for the kill. Sucking on the boys cock she reached down, and slid two fingers into her now dripping cunt.

Matt saw this and felt himself go faint, but Jan was only just starting. So, the 30 year old lifted her cream covered fingers up, and wiped them over the boys lips.

Matt looked terrified, but didnt move, he couldnt, Jan was still sucking his 4 inch cock.

Can I have a bath please aunt Jan?” came a voice from inside the room.

Ohhhh sure you can baby, want me to run it for you?”.

Naaaargh its ok, I can do it myself thanks”.

Ok baby, dont forget though dont lock the door incase I need the loo. I dont wanna have to go behind the bushes” and both Jan and the 10 year old in the bathroom laughed.

Right Matt” said Jan “have you ever touched a woman before?” Matt shook his head.

Come on then sexy, touch me”.

Matt froze, that was until Jan ran her tongue over the boys quivering cock again and soon the child was in heaven.

Come on baby, touch my pussy. Go on Matt, dont be scared, play with it. Feel the swollen lips around my slit. Feel how wet my slits getting. Oooo yes Matt thats it, dont be so gentle you wont hurt me, push a finger inside. Mmmmm Matt thats so good. Now baby watch this” and at that Jan lowered her left hand and eased it behind her ass. Then to Matts amazement she parted her butts cheeks and ran her finger down the crack of her ass.

Matt almost passed out as his fingers toyed witht the womans pussy and he could see Jan teasing her butt hole.

Jan then ran her teeth over Matts 12 year old cock head, and soon the boy was rocking on the spot.

Time for you to cum now Matt, dont be scared just enjoy yourself and let aunty Jan look after you” and soon the boys cock started to twitch and jerk inside the 30 year olds mouth.

Oh yes baby, almost there, just relax and play with Jans pussy while I play with my ass and suck your wonderful hard cock” and within seconds the boy was in heaven.

He'd never had an orgasm before, but he was now. He felt his cock jerk, his legs tremble, his stomach clench, and then his cock tingle as he climaxed for the first time.

Jan gently pulled away but kept her tongue just under the boys bell end, and sure enough a trickle of white creamy cum oozed out and onto her waiting tongue.

Ohhhh good boy youve cum for me” gargled Jan lapping at the small amount of jiz in her mouth. “Mmmm lets try n squeaze a bit more out and gripping Matts pulsating member she milked it until another glob eased its way out of his tiny cock slit. “Oooo you big boy” smiled Jan “more for me to swallow” and immediately the horny bitch was sucking the pool of cum off the 12 year olds helmet.

Now Matt, youve had your fun, I want mine now. Get on your knees baby and do what I say”.

Matt didnt hesitate and soon was knelt before Jan.

Oh baby watch this” and soon Jan was fingering her cunt and her ass with a 12 year old boys face within inches of both her holes.

Oooooo Matt its your turn now baby, just push your fingers in like I did and make me cum”.

Matt hesitated at first, but slowly he reached up and first inserted a finger into Jans cunt, and then almost grimacing inched one into the womans anus.

Jan buckled as she looked down to see a preteen boy fingering her holes, and she loved it.

Ohhhhh fuck Matt your amazing, do it harder and faster please baby. Ooooo yeah hunnie, oh fuck yeah. Ram them in deeper baby, thats it ram them in as far as you can” and soon the woman was being cunt and ass raped by her 12 year old nephew.

Oooooo baby your fucking amazing” howled Jan as she reached orgasm. “Gimme your fingers now, let me taste them” she pleaded and soon the filthy slut was feasting on her own cunt and ass juices.

Mmmmm fuck that tastes sooo good, come here baby, try some” and without thinking pushed the boys soiled fingers inside his mouth. Matt gagged at first but Jan pushed them in further and soon the boy had to suck in air, and doing so he sucked on the messy fingers.

Ohhhh yes baby your soooo good. Here baby lets try even more” and reaching down Jan rammed two fingers inside both her cunt and ass, and with Matt watching reamed her insides almost to destrcution. Then telling Matt to close his eyes she pulled her fingers from out her holes.

One hand was soaked in cunt juice, the other was splattered with shit.

Jan didnt care, and telling the boy to open his mouth she inserted the cummy fingers first.

The boys cock jerked into life as he tasted pure adrenalin induced female cum, and he loved it. What he got shortly after almost made the boy vomit, for a few seconds later he was munching on 30 year old female shit.

To be fair the boy didnt vomit though, instead he simply backed away, until he opened his eyes and saw Jan slurping on her own shitty fingers.

He went to say someothing but Jan grabbed his cock and started wanking it long and hard.

Matt leant back and closed his eyes again as he felt his aunts hand milking his penis once more.

Jan knew he was almost ready to climax again when she stopped. Matt looked up and saw something so dirty he nearly creamed himself there n then.

Jan was now squatting over him and spreading her butt cheeks as wide as she could.

Matt flinched when he saw the reason why.

Jan was ready to shit.

He wanted to run off but something perverse stopped him, and instead he just stared at the brown ball easing its way out the womans anus.

Slowly it emerged, a brown sticky ball which hung almost miraculously from the gaping ass of the horny woman. Scared to move incase it snapped off and landed on his chest the boy stayed motionless, until he saw Jans hand reach round and cupping the ball of shit she gently pulled it loose.

Matt gasped as Jan turned around to face him, and still holding the brown ball of filth in her hand she smiled at the boy.

So baby, you still want to cum? Want me to make that tingling throbbing cock of yours squirt even more cream than before?”.

Matt just gulped and nodded.

So come on then Matt, tell me what you want and i'll tell you what I want”.

Aunty Jan I want you to make my cock squirt lots and lots please as it felt so good last time”.

Ohhhh good man, now you want to know what I want? It is very very naughty though hunnie”.

Matt simply nodded a nervous nod and then he heard pure filth.

Well baby if you want aunt Jan to make that yummy cock of yours squirt theres something you have to help me with. Now see this ball of poo? Well I need some help getting rid of it. Now I admit we could just throw it away, but wheres the fun in that? So, me being a naughty girl has another idea, a very naughty I dea too.

Matt froze to the spot.

Jan didnt, and went in for the kill.

Right i'm gonna smear some of this delicious poo over my hands, then your going to hold the ball while I give you the greatest thrill of your life. I'm gonna use both my sticky hands to wank that massive cock of yours until your ready to explode, and trust me the feelings you'll get you will explode. Then when your ready to squirt i'm going to lean forward and suck and nibble and lick and eat that gorgeous throbbing cock of yours until you squirt your cream right down my throat. Then when my mouths full of your delicious cum your gonna to offer me the ball of poo and watch me nibble it and eat it”.

Matt almost wet himself, never had he, or anyone else heard anything so disgusting before, and the boy felt sick but his cock showed no signs of being put off, in fact it was hard and pointing skywards.

Jan saw the boys erect cock twitching again and knew it was time, so taking the childs hand she gently dropped the squishy mess into the palm of his hand, and then she coated her fingers with the sticky waste.

Matt flinched at first as he caught a faint smell of poo, but then his heart beat faster than ever as the 30 year old took the boys penis in her hands and slowly started to work her magic.

At first just gentle strokes until his cock was almost covered in her foul waste, and then when she knew he was close she leant forward and took the boys member in her mouth.

Matt Groaned as he felt his aunt sucking and slurping on his poo covered cock, and the boy spread his legs wider to he could get a better view.

There was his aunt gnawing on his brown messy penis and the boy was in heaven. So much so he lowered the ball of shit on his chest and held his aunts head as she continued chewing on his shitty cock.

The boy moaned louder when he felt Jans teeth scratching their way over his now protruding bell end, and soon the child was nearing orgasm.

Oooooo” was all he could muster as he finally reached ecstacy, and then it happened. His balls tightened, his penis spasmed, and then he felt his cum bubbling.

Then, he came. He came so violently his whole body shook and Jan held on tight to him save him falling over. Her mouth kept its grip on the 12 year olds shitty cummy cock until she was satisfied all his cum was in her mouth.

Then, she opened her mouth and Matt saw the filthy mess that lay inside it.

Gobs of his cream were pooled over patches of watery brown. Coating the tip of Jans tongue was a piece of shit maybe a quarter inch thick and Matt almost retched.

Instead Jan muffled a few words and instructed the boy to do what she wanted.

So, grabbing the remains of the shit off his chest the child slowly raised it to the filthy womans mouth.

Jan opened wider and sank her teeth into the squishy mess just as Amy entered the room.

Matt jumped backwards but Jan didnt move, instead looking straight into the 10 year old girls eyes the 30 year old bit off a chunk of brown filth and started chewing on it.

Amy stood motionless covered only in a towel. Matt was sat on the floor still naked and with brown still coating his cock when Amy spoke.

Errrr whats happening? Are you playing another game? Hey can I join in?”.

Matt couldnt speak, he was too embarrassed but Jan wasnt, instead the shit eating slut beckoned Amy over.

Oh Amy i'm afraid you wouldnt like this game, its for older people. And anyway i'm not sure you like the taste of chocolate and cream like me and your brother do”.

Oh but I do, I love it. Ask Matt i'm always eating it at home. Go on ask him” begged the child and Jan did just that.

Matt agreed with his sister trying to cover up his messy cock with his hands as Jan interrupted.

Well baby this chocloate is a lot stronger tasting than what your used too, and the cream is a little bit saltier too, i'm afraid you wont like it” and Jan carried on chewing on the mess in her mouth.

Oh please aunt Jan please let me try” and Jan smiled.

Come sit down then baby. Right ive almost eaten it all but if you like you can have some thats still on my lips. How about you lick some of that off?”.

Matt sat up and stared as his sister opened her mouth and poked out her tongue.

Oh just a sec baby, some of the creams dropped onto your brothers willy, here let me wipe it off, its too tasty to waste, and reaching down Jan gently squeazed Matts now flacid cock and milked the last remains of cum from the slit.

There, got it. Now open wide baby and try this” and within seconds Jan was wiping Amys brothers cum over the girls tongue.

Go on baby, tell me how it tastes” urged the filthy slut and soon she had her answer.

Oh aunt Jan its kinda tangy and gooey but I like it. Told you I would didnt I?” and the 10 year old smiled.

Oh yes you sure did hunnie, now how about licking some of the chocolate off my lips before I eat it all?” and the dirty 30 year old smiled.

Matts cock tingled as he saw his sisters tongue run its way across his aunts mouth, and soon the girls mouth was dark brown.

Thats it baby, now tell me how it tastes”.

Amy took a few seconds to answer, but answer she did.

Oooo its very strong aunt Jan and very bitty too”.

Oh I know it is baby but do you like it?”.

Yeah its kinda different and I can still taste the cream on my tongue too”.

Oh baby I guess you are a big girl now. So, fancy some more? Ive got lots and lots of chocolate and your brother has lots of cream for us too. Its kind of our own special secret recipe. Wanna see how we make it?”.

Oh wow, do I ever? Yeah please show me” squealed the 10 year old and soon she saw what the 30 year old meant.

Ok big girl but being as we dont have any clothes on why dont you take your towel off, dont wanna get chocky all over it now do we?” and in no time Amys towel was off and all 3 were sat together naked.

Ok baby well let me show you how we get Matts cream. Now dont be scared but Matts willy has lots of it inside, just that we have to work really hard to get it to come out. Wanna help me try?”.

Amy looked puzzled, but just the mention of the word willy had her excited.

You mean I can see Matts willy? For real? I mean close up here? Now?”.

Of course you can baby, in fact you can touch it too. Well thats if you want to”.

Sure I do yeah”.

Ok then Matt, open your legs and let your sister see your willy. Thats is Hunnie, just spread your legs a little wider. Oh yeah thats perfect, now Amy just reach down and run your fingers over it. No need to worry your brother loves it and if you do it really good we should be able to get lots of juicy cream out” and in no time the 10 year old had her fingers probing her brothers cock.

Matt shuddered as his sister did as Jan explained and wrapped her small hand around the boys member. Then following more instructions she actually started to wank her 12 year old brothers prick.

Matt felt it jerk, and soon all 3 saw it growing in the girls hand.

Oh aunty Jan its getting warm and big, what do I do?”.

Oh baby that means your doing great. Dont stop, ask your brother if he likes it” and she did.

Matt smiled and said she was doing brilliant and this only served to spur the girl on more.

Then, when Matt closed his eyes Jan knew the boy was close to his 3rd orgasm of his life.

So, explaining to Amy what was going to happen Jan leant forward and started to lick the tip of the boys penis as Amy wanked him faster.

Her tiny hands had a vice like grip on the boys cock and with Jans wet tongue lapping at his piss slit he soon reached orgasm.

Ok baby, quickly, lick the end cus the creams coming” and immediately Amy and Jan swapped positions. “Yeah thats it baby lick it and kiss it and soon the cream will be out. Yeah your doing great, now Matt wipe some of my chocolate over the tip too, give your sister a real treat, and Jan grabbed the boys right hand and forced two of his fingers into her spasming shitter. “Thats it Matt, scrape some out for Amy” and soon Matts fingers were raking stale crap from his aunts filthy ring.

Amy couldnt see this and was still licking her brothers piss slit when she felt warm brown coating her lips.

The child gagged at first but to her credit she didnt stop licking and soon Matt erupted.

To say the boy had never climaxed before that day he was a natural. His 3rd time now and more spunk spat from his cock than ever.

Oh yeah Amy drink it all baby, its all yours. Oooo youve got lots there hunnie dont spill any and the 10 year old lapped at her brothers juices as Jan wiped more and more of her shit onto the childs lips. “Thats it girl, eat that chocolate and cream and soon Amy was gulping on the filthy white and brown mess in her mouth.

Jan couldnt hold back anymore and stood up as Matt was being tongued by his young sister. Then Jan showed the girl where the chocolate came from. Stooping over the girls head, and holding it at an angle Jan spread her legs and pushed.

Amy squealed as out sprayed slimy messy brown filth all over her pert little face.

More shit spat from the filthy womans butt and more the childs head got covered.

Matt was trying to back away when Jan wiped her fingers down over her slimy ass crack and then wiped the filth over the boys face.

Naturally he froze, in pure fear as the filthy slut backed her ass onto his already shitty face and the next thing poor Matt knew he had a 30 year old womans scatty dirt box wiping over his mouth and cheeks.

The boy screamed but Jan continued and as Amy grabbed the towel to wipe herself clean, Jan, in full sight of the two kids pushed a finger between Matts face and her butt and slid it into her soggy shitter.

Then, pulling it out she licked it and Amy gasped.

She gasped some more when Jan told her this was the chocolate the young girl had swallowed before, and without a worry in the world wiped her shit smeared finger over the 10 year olds quivering lips.

Maybe 5 minutes passed before some kind of order happened.

Matt, his sister Amy, and Jan sat on the floor covered in filth and smelling of it too.

So kids, thats where we get our cream from, and thats where we get our yummy chocolate from. Now if either of you tell of this you'll be in as much trouble as me, in fact we'll all end up in jail, so keep your mouths shut and we'll all be fine. Oh and whatever I say you do, infact if you ever disobey me i'll make sure everyone hears of just how dirty youve been here today.

So, Amy I want you to play with your brothers willy now and make it hard and warm again. Go on, rub it and lick it like you did before. Now Matt your gonna lick aunty Jans butt clean and by god you'd better do a fucking good job of it too. In fact if I cant feel your tongue deep inside then theres gonna be big trouble. So, get to it both of you” and in no time Amy was at work on her brothers now red raw cock, and Matt was hesitantly running his tongue over Jans rear.

Obviously he was terrified to taste, but Jan soon pulled his mouth onto her filthy shitbox and whether out of fear, or devotion, or just pure reckless abandonment the young lad eased his tongue inside. At first he withdrew, but after another few failed attempts to pull off he gave in, and soon Jan felt a 12 year old boys tongue reaming its way inside her messy brown eye. She writhed in absolute pleasure as the child rimmed her dirt box like a pro, and even gasped when she felt him sucking on her smeared shit tube.

Amy sat there yanking her brothers member for all she was worth, and then when it was nice and hard Jan made her next move. Kneeling on the floor she told Amy to guide her brothers cock into her messy butthole. At first there was no feeling, then easing her ass back a little Jan felt a warm 4 inch long piece of meat filling her crapper. Not wanting Amy to be left out Jan ordered the girl around the front, and told her to lie on her back infront of her. Then, with Matts cock fucking her shitter Jan leant forward and lapped at the frightened girls fuck slit. Amy writhed as Jan ran her tongue over her pisshole, then almost screamed as Jan pushed her tongue inside and for the first time Amy felt incredible. Jan noticed this and lapped harder and faster at the 10 year olds fuck hole until she felt the young girls legs shaking and she knew the girl was climaxing, all the time feeling Matts shit covered cock ploughing into her now gaping ass hole.

Amy squealed as she hit her orgasm, and Jan gagged as she tasted innocent ten year old cunt juice for the very first time. Then Matt screamed, and soon Jan felt extra wetness in her shitter as the young lad spirted what little cum was left inside his body deep into his aunts scatpipe.

Still lapping at Amys cunt Jan garbled to Matt to come join her, and soon the boy was knelt down next to his sister, then leaning over to nibble on the boys piss slit Jan told him to eat his sisters juicy cunt. Matt couldnt resist as his hormones ran wild feeling his aunts tongue pressing into the opening of his piss hole and soon the boy was face down gulping and gargling on his sisters creamy cunt.

Amy was still in heaven and the 10 year old pulled her brothers face onto her sex harder. Matt responded and drove his lips harder and deeper into his sisters bald slit and soon the young girl was writhing on the floor in ecstacy.

Jan was now hornier than ever, and with no thought for Matts health, or safety spat saliva into the boys cock slit and without any warning ran her teeth into it. The boy flinched, and then he bucked, and then he relaxed as Jans teeth worked their magic on the boys helmet. She nibbled it, she licked it, she sucked it, and then holding it in her one hand she spat on the very tip again, and pulling his foreskin back as far as she could so his cock was rigid she raised her little finger from her spare hand and slowly slid the finger nail inside. Matt yelled into his sisters cunt but Jan didnt stop, and instead pushed the tip of her finger in ever further until almost upto the first joint.

Matt yelled out again and Amy climaxed again. So, with her little finger tip still inside the boys cock Jan reached around and fingered her asshole. Then, when she knew there was shit on her digit she offered it to Amy, who by now was so turned on the 10 year old opened her mouth and was soon sucking on her aunts mess.

Matt was still licking his sister when Jan pulled her finger out his cock and started to wank him.

In no time the boy was shaking and then he came. Only one glob of cum escaped the boys now battered cock, but that was all Jan wanted, and cupping his cream in her hand she told him to taste it.

He did, he was too far gone to care now and was soon slurping on his own seed.

The end.

Yeah, like I said earlier its all true, except the names, so feel free to judge me but remember youve read this far so whos in the wrong?

Maybe none of us are........