The Hotel

As with all stories this is exactly that, a story.

If the thought of lesbian play, watersports or scat offends you then please do not read the following.

However if you enjoy the story, or would like to make any critisisms then please get in touch. The author is above the age of 25, so make sure you're the legal age to read the following too.

As Carol and Liz booked into the Hotel little did they know what lay ahead.

A good friend of theirs had given the two women the address of the Hotel after staying there a few months earlier, and from the friends glowing report they had no hesitation in choosing the place while they were on their weekend vacation. 

It was an old building with just six rooms, and being placed in a secluded part of the countryside it was the ideal place for a relaxing break. Or at least that's what the two women thought.

Gina, as she introduced herself signed the two women in, and after a brief chat at the reception desk she led them upstairs to their room. She'd been the owner of the Hotel for a few years now since her divorce, and loved the peace and quiet of her new home.

Having such few rooms meant that Gina could do the work herself. She cooked, cleaned and kept the place as well as anyone could.

She'd had to make a few alterations to the rooms herself, but they were for her own benefit as Gina held a dark sordid secret. She loved to spy on unsuspecting guests. Carol and Liz would be her next victims...


The two womens room was imaculate, perfectly decorated, impeccably clean, and boasting a four poster king size bed.

They didn't mind sharing the bed, they'd been the best of friends for years, and as it was much cheaper to share a room that made all the difference.

After unpacking and getting settled Carol decided it was time to freshen up. So, entering their en suite bathroom she began to undress ready to take a shower.

Little did she know Gina was watching as the 40 year old woman turned on the shower and stepped under the jet of hot water.

Gina loved to watch her female guests when they were doing the most intimate of things. Showering, bathing, sleeping and especially using the toilet. Yes, she was kinky and yes she loved it.

Nothing gave the owner a bigger thrill than seeing a stranger pee or shit, and this weekend would be heaven.

Gina wasn't interested in men, it was women that made her juices flow. And, with two 40 year olds staying there Gina would have so much fun. Much more than she could have ever hoped for.

Carol was a buxom woman. Large slightly sagging breasts, thick dark brown nipples, meaty thighs, ample ass and tanned body.

Gina was loving it as she sat at her monitor in her private quarters and watched her guest via the many hidden cameras she'd installed all over the premises.

Carol was busy lathering her body up as Gina sat back in her chair and felt a rush of adrenalin course its way through her well built body. Yes, Gina was turned on. So turned on that she felt her nipples begin to twitch as Carol applied even more soap to her body and then start to sponge herself clean.

First the 40 year old ran the sponge over her neck, then over her breasts, and finally down and over her plump legs.

More Gina seemed to say to herself and as if Carol heard her she started to sponge herself down the crack of her sexy ass.

Mmmm fuck yeah Gina said to herself as she unzipped her skirt and pushed it to the floor. Oooo rub that ass baby she muttered as she slid her hand inside her already damp knickers.

Carol continued sponging herself as Gina watched and ran a finger over her engorged clit as she wriggled about on her chair.

What came next shocked Gina as she saw the woman in the shower drop the sponge, spread her legs, and then slide a soapy finger inside her asshole.

Gina gulped and felt her clit spasm as Carol stood under the flowing water fingering her well lubed butt. Ooooo you dirty cunt she said under her breath as Ginas pussy started to pulsate and spit juice over her finger. Mmmm yeah she uttered as Carol continued finger fucking her puckered hole. Then what happened gave Gina the climax of her perverted life. Carol pulled her finger out her shitter and  put it in her mouth. Oh my god you dirty cunt thought Gina as Carol stood there sucking on her messy finger. She could feel her pussy spraying more cream onto her hand now and looked down to see her own clit standing to attention, so she squeazed it as hard as she could and felt another mind blowing orgasm rip through her body.

"You gonna be much longer in there hun?" came a cry from the room. "I really need the loo".

"Hang on babe" came Carols reply as it suddenly dawned on the woman that her friend was in the next room.

"Jesus hun ive so gotta go" came Liz's response. "You on the loo or in the shower hun?"

"Errr in the shower babe, wont be long".

"Too late hun I cant fucking wait any longer" and at that Liz burst into the bathroom.

"Bloody hell babe" came Carols voice from inside the shower, "Couldn't you hang on for five while I finish up in here?"

"Yeah I couldve waited and shit on the fucking bed. Now no peeking but ive gotta go".

At that liz yanked down her skirt, then her knickers, and then dropped herself onto the toilet seat.

Fucking hell thought Carol as she saw her best friend ready to shit.

Fucking hell thought Gina too as she watched what was happening on her monitor.

Liz looked over at her friend in the shower and smiled as she felt her ass loosen a little and then she felt her shit start to push its way through her tight brown hole.

"No fucking listening either" joked Liz as she knew her shit was almost ready to break loose.

"I wont listen babe, or look, just as long as you don't stare at me in here" laughed Carol who was starting to feel less intimadated by the surroundings.

"I'm gonna fucking look tho" said Gina still squeazing her throbbing clit and staring at the screen in front of her.

Within a few seconds there was a splash as Liz's turd snapped off and landed in the water at the bottom of the loo.

"Holy fuck" gasped Liz, "I fuckin needed that. I think its ripped my asshole open".

Carol couldn't help but smile to herself as she stood under the running shower with her back to her friend.

"Hey hun" added Liz, "I bet my shitters almost a wide as yours is now".

Carol was speechless. Fuck she thought as she knew her ass fingering had left her own butt hole gaping a little.

"You been upto naughty things in there hun?" asked Liz still sitting on the loo.

"You cheeky bitch" laughed Carol trying to joke off her embarrassment as she turned to face her buddy, "I've just been washing myself".

"Yeah yeah yeah, so why was your asshole winking at me then? I could see what you'd had for dinner".

 "Well ive gotta make sure I'm clean you cheeky fucker. Now stop trying to embarrass me cus it wont work".

Liz knew it had worked though as she could see her best friend getting redder and redder.

"Hey dont fret hun" added Liz, "I don't mind if you've been doing some anal experiments, just remember to clean your fingers afterwards though" and continued to laugh.

Carol went even redder now and she knew she'd been busted. Not knowing where to look or what to say she just lowered her head and kept quiet.

Liz grabbed some toilet paper and stood up. Then spreading her legs she wiped her ass. She repeated this a few times until she was sure she was clean and then she spoke.

"Fucking hell I knew it was big but that's gotta be a record breaker. You wanna see it before I flush?" she asked her friend laughing.

"Bloody hell hun, and heres me thinking you were quiet n shy" replied Carol as she lifted her head and peered into the toilet from behind the perspex shower screen.

"Holy fuck, that's fuckin huge. No wonder you reckoned your ass had been ripped apart" said Carol with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah well, at least mines ripped open cus summat was coming out, not going in like yours. So how many fingers did you use then hun?"

"Jesus Babe, you're a fucking nightmare".

"Yep, sure am. So come on then red face, how many?"

"Fucking hell, just the one, ok?"

"See, there ya go, knew it. And just one? Where you loosening it up for the big finale then?" giggled Liz from outside the shower.

"No I wasn't I was just kinda practising. Not really an expert in that kinda thing you know babe, its all knew to me".

"Hey good on ya hun, go for it. Ive been doing it for years now and cant get enough. Bet that's fuckin shocked ya?"

Carol was shocked, but on hearing her friends words felt less worried and nervous as she had a few minutes earlier.

Gina was now engrossed and had been rubbing her clit none stop since seeing Liz shitting. She couldn't see the brown mess leave her ass, but she did have a great view of the woman wiping the remains of the turd off her stretched open asshole and that turned her on more than anything. Mmmm she thought, what I'd give to have licked that puckered shit tube clean and she licked her lips as she ran a couple of fingers down her slimy cunt.

"So, now you know. Ive only had one finger in my ass so far but with practise I'll soon be able to get more in" said Carol feeling the hot water tingle her naked body as she stood under the shower.

"Go for it hun" came Liz's reply, "you'll soon be fisting yourself like me".

"Holy fuck" mumbled Carol, "you can take a fist?"

"Hell yeah, no problem. Its easy actually if you use lube".

"Christ hun doesn't that hurt"?

"Noooo feels amazing, does get a bit messy tho but hell its only shit. Puts some off I guess but not me, I don't mind the stuff, in fact sometimes its more exciting feeling the mess on your fingers as you push em in deep. Kinda self lubricating if you know what I mean?"

Carol was stunned at her friends openess, and intrigued too. In fact she felt a jolt of electricty run through the length of her body as her friend stood there talking about filth.

"And I can see the ideas turning you on hun, if those nipples of yours get any harder they'll explode" added Liz smiling.

"God you don't miss a fucking thing do ya?" replied Carol as she knew her friend was right.

"Hey hun relax, I don't mind you getting turned on. Just don't start playing with yourself while I'm here or I'll have to start too and then it will get messy" said Liz with a grin on her face.

By now Gina was wetter than she'd ever been. Fuck she thought, two filthy bitches at my Hotel and I'm witnessing everything.

"Well ive never played in front of anyone before and not sure how I'd feel about it, let alone how I'd feel watching someone else playing" said Carol feeling her clit start to throb. "Ive never thought about women like that anyway".

"No worries hun, if your not comfy then just chill. But if you ever wanna try just let me know, might be fun. That's If you don't mind seeing me fisting both my holes at the same time".

Oh my god Carol thought as she felt her cunt tingle. Fuck she thought, that's fucking filthy but would be incredible to watch.

"And by the look on your face, and with the fact your clits gone hard I'm guessing you wanna try. Am I right hun?" asked Liz still with her skirt and knickers on the floor.

"Oh god Liz I'd love to see that" said Carol with an embarrassed look on her face. "Not sure I'll know what to do though, i mean I nearly creamed myself when I saw you on the loo".

"Ooooo dirty bitch eh? Mmmm nice. Didn't know if you'd be ok with me shitting in front of you and then wiping myself after".

"I loved it Liz, don't laugh at me though but that's the most incredible thing ive ever seen".

Gina agreed as she now had her legs splayed and had two fingers ramming in and out of her creamy cunt.

"Hey I'm not gonna laugh hun, anyway was a turn on for me too. Didn't know how far to take it though as I had some pretty filthy thoughts running through my head and wasn't sure if you were enjoying it or if you were disgusted".

"God Liz I was loving it, but had to turn my back on you incase you saw how excited I was".

"So what bit did you like the most then hun".

"God I loved it all, loved seeing you wipe yourself, loved seeing your shit in the loo, just wish I couldve seen it coming out. God that's sick of me".

"No hun thats not sick at all.  Like I said I got a thrill from you being here with me. What wouldve been sick wouldve been seeing me not using toilet paper and instead seeing me wipe my ass with my fingers".

Both Gina and Carol nearly came on the spot hearing Liz say those words. Ginas cunt was gushing again now and the voyeur was now knuckle deep with four fingers as she pounded her drenched cunt like a woman possessed.

"Holy fuck" said Carol somehow managing to speak, "I'd have cum on the spot if you'd done that".

"Really" asked Liz, "not too dirty for you then?"

"Hell no".

"But what about if I'd then lifted my fingers up and licked em clean?"

"Fucking hell Liz" said Carol with her tongue half hanging out the corner of her mouth, "that's disgusting and I'd have pissed cunt juice everywhere if you had have done".

"Then maybe you should get out the shower and join me on the floor then. That's if your brave enough"...

Carol was and leapt from the cubicle and stood next to Liz.

"Look I'm kinda nervous babe and not really sure what I'm doing" said Carol as she stood naked in front of her friend.

"Hey just be yourself hun, nothing else. Now what exactly do you wanna see? Dont be shy you wont shock me".

"Fucking fist yourself" shouted Gina at the screen.

"Well I'd love to see how you do your ass babe" replied Carol still feeling nervous. "That's if you don't mind me watching".

"Hey that's fine with me hun, now do you wanna watch or help? I mean its always nicer if someone else buggers my ass".

Carol stood there in disbelief. Could she possibly do that to a woman? Would she ever be able to look herself in the mirror again? Only one way to find out she thought and looked her friend in the eyes.

"I'd like to try and help" she whispered and her friend just nodded as if to show she understood Carols anxiety.

Liz removed her top and in no time the two women were both naked.

Carol couldn't help but gaze in amazement at her friends torso. Firm rounded breasts with hardened ripe nipples. Slender legs that seemed to go on for ever. A neatly trimmed pussy like her own and a slim shapely waist that seemed to beg to be held. Then Liz turned around and Carol saw her friends succulent shapely ass for the first tme. Oh god she said under her breath as Liz spread her legs and bent down and touched her toes. Oh god, what a sight. Liz's asshole was already wide open and Carol could just make out a fine line of brown around its rim. Mmmm it did rip her open when she shit she thought and couldn't believe just how aroused she was looking at her friends stained ring.

Gina could see everything too and was unware she was running a finger over her own asshole as she watched the two women in the bathroom.

Liz stood back up and looked at Carol.

"So you still wanna do this hun?" she asked. She didn't need to ask though as she saw her friend standing there open mouthed and with traces of cunt juice glistening off her already wet pussy. "I'll take that as a yes then hun" as she pointed to Carols wet cunt.

Carol nodded and Liz took over. Telling her friend to kneel on the floor Liz did exactly the same with her ass facing her friend. Then, pushing her legs apart to reveal her shit tube she started.

Reaching underneath her bent body Liz pushed a finger inside. Carol was transfixed and just stared as the finger soon dissapeared deep into Liz's hole. Now another finger made its way easily inside and soon Liz was four fingers deep in her gaping asshole. Carol was drooling as she watched her friends shitter swallow whatever came near it. She was so turned on by this she started to rub at her own pussy and soon had two fingers darting in and out as she continued watching Liz ass fucking herself.

Liz looked round and saw Carol fingering her own cunt and knew it was time to give her friend something even dirtier to watch.

So, folding her thumb into the palm of her hand she started to slide her clenched fist inside. Slowly at first until it broke through the walls of her anus, and then when it was safely inside she started to wriggle it about. The sight of this was too much for Carol and she came violently. So hard she held her friends back to try and steady herself as orgasm after orgasm tore through her ample body. Feeling her hand on her back Liz convulsed too and soon both women were climaxing together. By now Gina was standing in her quarters and ramming two of her fingers deep inside her engorged ass. Oooo yeah were the only words the Hotel owner could muster as she watched what was happening on her monitor and feeling her own fingers deep inside her spasming shitter.

Liz's asshole was now as wide as it had ever been and the woman soon started to pump her fist in and out of it while her friends hand was still on her back.

Deeper and deeper it seemed to go inside as Carol continued watching in amazement, frigging herself faster and faster as if to keep up with the tempo of Liz's fisting.

"Your turn now hun" came the words from Liz's mouth. "Wanna get your hand in me?"

Carol nearly passed out when she heard those few words, and she came once more. This time spitting cunt juice over her friends ass as she bucked under the intense explosion of delight ripping through her body.

She didn't need asking twice and moving her hand off Liz's back she pulled the clenched fist from her friends butt. Then in no time at all her own chubbier fist started to enter Liz's shitter. Liz bucked now as she felt her friends wider hand making its way deep into the chasm that was now her ass. Liz almost screamed as she felt the rim of her shit tube being forced wider than it ever had before but that was what she wanted. She wanted her ass to be abused, and Carol was doing just that. Then, with one final push Carol was wrist deep in Liz's anus. Both women gasped as Carol rammed her hand in as deep as she possibly could. She was still friggin her soggy cunt as she continued ass fucking her best friend like an expert. What happened next would live in her memory for ever.

Liz turned round and lifted the hand that had first been inside her own butt. Carol looked and saw it was covered in brown.

"Watch this hun" were the only words that came from Liz's mouth as she raised the messy hand to her own mouth. Then, sticking out her tongue she started to lap at her shit covered fingers. Holy fuck thought Carol as she continued fisting her friend as she watched Liz devouring the pungent smelling waste on her own hand. "Mmmm fuck yeah that's what I want" garbled Liz as she sucked the filth from under her finger nails. "Oooo yeah tastes good" she continued to utter as she greedily swallowed the final remnants of brown slimy shit from her hand.

Gina couldn't hold herself back any longer, she was already over the edge and wanted more. So, pulling her fingers from her own anus she rammed them into her own mouth and started to suck them. She'd never tasted her own ass before but she was so turned on she coulnt resist the urge and in no time she was gobbling at her own specks of shit on her finger tips. Oh yeah she seemed to say to herself as she tasted the earthy musky filth for the very first time. She loved the taste immediately and wanted more. So, not caring she rammed three fingers inside her now swollen shitter and scraped them around inside as if digging for gold. Soon she'd pulled her fingers out and was looking at three totally covered fingers. Within seconds she was nibbling at them. Running her teeth over them and gathering as much brown waste as she could before she swallowed. Soon she'd cleaned her fingers and she could feel the warm brown waste hanging off her teeth. Then, flicking her tongue out she licked the moist shit from her teeth and swallowed. Mmmm fuck yeah she thought as she felt the gooey substance dissapear down her throat.

Liz turned around again and smiled at Carol. The filthy shit whore was being ass fisted by her friend and had just cleaned her own shit covered hand with her tongue. But still she wanted more and from the look in her eyes Carol knew it too.

"Come on then hun" said Liz, "wanna try summat really dirty?"

Carol did, but had no idea what Liz meant.

"Fancy a taste hun?" added Liz as she deliberately backed her ass further onto her friends fist.

"Oh god" replied Carol, "don't know if I could do that".

Liz just smiled at her friend and told her it wasn't nasty at all and to trust her. Then, using one of her own hands she eased Carols fist from her ass. It was covered in shit. Far more than even Liz could have imagined, and both women looked stunned. But not being one to worry Liz seemed to actually get a thrill from seeing so much brown foul goo on her friends hand. Then, without any warning Liz lent down and ran her tongue over Carols shitty fingers. Carol was in awe at just how filthy her friend was and couldn't take her eyes off Liz as she saw her friend lapping at the sticky brown mess on her hand. Liz was actually making slurping noises as she continued licking at the putrid looking filth that had only minutes earlier been at the depths of her own anus.

Could it be that nasty Carol thought as she continued gazing at Liz? Sure Carol had sucked her own finger earlier in the shower but her own finger was clean, it just tasted a bit earthy that's all, and with the fact it had soap on it didn't taste of anything really. Nothing compared to what she was facing now anyway. Then, feeling brave and still extra horny Carol made her move. Leaning forward as not to let Liz move away she opened her mouth and poked out her tongue. In a moment of pure adrenalin fueled lust she let her tongue touch her hand. Oh fuck she said to herself as she felt the sticky warm mess cover its tip. Oh christ she said to herself as she inhaled. Oh god she thought as she felt her tongue moving as if by its own accord over the filth that covered her fingers.

"Oooo good girl" muttered Liz as she felt her friends tongue brush against her own. "That's it hun, don't be scared now, have a good lick" and Carol did.

Soon Carol could feel her friends shit covering her tongue and she knew all that was left to do was to swallow. So, bracing herself she gulped the goo down and felt it coating the back of her throat. It was far stronger in taste than she could have imagined but it didn't make her feel ill or sick and that was a real bonus she thought as she breathed in.

"That's it hun" remarked Liz, "you ok?"

"Yeah thanks babe" came Carols reply, "god I cant believe ive just done that without throwing up".

"So what ya think then hun? Want some more?"

"Mmmm yeah" came Carols reply which startled Liz.

"Oooo good girl, come on then help me suck your hand clean" and soon both horny filthy shit sluts were gobbling at Carols shit stained hand.

Gina was now in a state of shock seeing the two women in the bathroom and soon she was cumming yet again. This time fingering both her ass and her cunt at the same time as she watched the two women licking the last of Liz's scat from Carols hand.

Soon all three women were finished and both Carol and Liz took turns in the shower to clean theirselves off. Gina did the same and in no time all three women were dry and dressed.

Carol and Liz sat on the bed in their room and chatted about what had just happened. It turned out Liz had long since then had a fetish for anything dirty, and she'd often fantasised about trying things with Carol but had up until then never really had an opportunity. Also she was too afraid to mention anything as she cherished Carols friendship far too much to risk losing her.

This was almost music to Carols ears as the two single women were now both totally relaxed and they both knew their freindship could only get stronger. They both knew that what had just happened in the bathroom was dirty, but neither cared and in truth both had got a massive thrill from it. So had the prying eyes of Gina as she eavesdropped on the two womens conversation. The filthy voyeur had cameras everywhere and used them all the time to get her kicks.


Later at dinner downstairs the two 40 year olds finished their meals and sat drinking wine. Gina joined them and as Liz and Carol noticed the woman seemed extra friendly. Oh well, they were the only guests that weekend and so the woman was probably just a bit lonely they thought as all three drank more and more while chatting.

"So, how you enjoying your stay here girls?" asked Gina with a smile on her face. "Been upto anything exciting this afternoon?"

I'll say so thought Liz but just said they'd stayed in their room watching tv.

Gina knew exactly what they'd been upto and poured all three another glass of wine.

"So can I ask you a question without seeming too nosey or personal?" asked Gina sipping at her red wine. "Are you two lovers or just friends? Not that I mind either way and not that its really any business of mine either but I don't get too many come here and being a nosey cow I like to know about my guests".

Liz didn't know what to say but Carol did.

"Were best friends and hopefully lovers too" came the buxom womans quick reply. This shocked Liz but excited her too and she just nodded an approval at Carol and Gina.

"Well good for you two" came Ginas response, "just try not to get too much mess on the sheets, it takes forever to get em clean" and laughed.

In fact all three giggled and Carol said they'd try their best but couldn't promise anything. This put all three women at ease as they continued drinking together.

Gina excused herself for a minute and made her way to the toilet. This gave Liz and Carol a chance to talk alone. They enjoyed Ginas company but Liz wanted to ask Carol something very personal.

"So you want us to be lovers then hun? I hope that wasn't just the drink talking" and she rested her hand on Carols hand.

"I'd love us to be a couple" replied Carol as she gripped Liz's hand and both women looked into each others eyes. "Not too sure how I'd be if others knew though, maybe we could kinda keep it to ourselves for a while if that's ok with you?"

"Yeah that's fine with me hun" replied Liz, "some people find lesbianism offensive anyway so best not to let em know. They'd only moan and tell everyone. Good job they don't know about earlier upstairs eh? They'd be having fits" and she laughed out loud.

"Too bloody right" giggled Carol, "don't think you could explain eating someones shit away as a mistake".

"Yeah well fuck em I say hun, and anyway we didn't exactly eat it, just tasted a bit" added Liz. "Still anytime you fancy going that extra step just let me know hun, you can shit in my mouth anyday".

Carol nearly choked on her wine when she heard that and took a double take at her friend.

"Fucking hell Liz, are you serious? I mean really serious?"

Liz nodded and told Carol she'd try anything but only if she wasn't put off by any of it. Carol wasn't put off, in fact she was turned on by the thought and felt herself start to tingle all over.

Liz noticed this and asked her friend what she thought. Carol said she's love to try it but that she might be a bit nervous and the fact she was a big woman wasn't too happy with her body, let alone her ass. Not to mention letting someone see her shit.

"Sorry about that" said Gina on her return, "nearly fucking pissed myself then. Only just made it to the loo before the wine made a rapid exit" and plonked herself back down on the spare chair at the table. "Good job its my Hotel I guess and I don't have to worry about missing my aim now n then" and giggled as she had another sip of her wine. "So, you too upto much tonight then? I mean should I put some ear plugs in incase your at it?" and laughed again.

"Yeah were gonna be fucking like rabbits" came Liz's reply, "and then some" as she too laughed.

Carol couldn't help but smile at her friends brashness and simply said "yeah shes gonna fuck the shit outta me" and giggled as she held her friends hand under the table.

"Fucking hell" came a startled Ginas response, "well try not to shit on the linen, like I said it's a bastard to get out" and smirked. "Best to keep the shitting in the bathroom, its easier to clean up. You want me to leave a mop outside your room?" and had another sip of her wine.

"No need for a mop thanks Gina" replied Liz, "there wont be any mess when I'm finished" and gripped Carols hand a bit harder.

Carol drew in a deep breath and just sat there smiling, thinking of what would soon be happening upstairs. However neither Liz or Carol were prepared for what came next.

"Oh right, so I guess your into that kind of thing then. Well good for you girls, just a bit of advice tho, hold your breath when you swallow" and Gina continued to sit there drinking.

Bloody hell both women seemed to think at the same time, shes into it too, and Liz and Carol sat there dumbfounded.

"Sorry girls, didn't mean to embarrass you. We all have different tastes though, so to speak, and anyway why not? So you done it before then?" asked Gina sitting forward in her seat. "Sorry, gone into nosey cow mode again, just tell me to fuck off, I wont take offense".

Gina had an aura about her and both Liz and Carol suddenly found theirselves at ease with the Hotel owner. Maybe it was her openness, her mannerisms, or just the fact she was a cheerful woman with an easy likeable smile that made the two women feel comfortable in her company.

"Were kind of experimenting just now" came Liz's response. "Neither of us have any real experience and although weve been friends for years until today had never gone beyond that".

Carol nodded and held Liz's hand even tighter.

"Well like I say the first times always the hardest so hold your breath and take a good mouthfull and just swallow. It's a lot easier than you think. That's if I'm right in thinking what your gonna be trying? If I'm wrong then forget I said anything" and Gina laughed again.

"So I take it you've got experience?" asked Carol joining in the converstaion.

"Yeah sure I have, don't think I get all my kicks outta running this place alone do you? What goes on behind closed doors is where I get my thrills. And yes, if were talking about shit fun ive had plenty of experience. We are talking about shit fun arent we?"

Liz and Carol both nodded.

"So now you know" added Gina, "and trust me I cum like a fuckin river when ive got a nice juicy turd sliding down my throat. Oops, bit too much info there, sorry girls".

"Fucking hell Gina" added Liz, "you filthy fucker. So when was the last time you did it?"

"Well this afternoon was the first time I tried my own but maybe a few months ago since I tried someone elses".

Carol guessed why this afternoon, it wasn't just a coincidence Gina had tasted herself at the same time Liz and Carol were playing in the bathroom. She must have been able to see them. The filthy bitch must have been watching.

"So then" added Carol, "did you like watching me and Liz in the bathroom earlier?" and at that the penny dropped with Liz.

"You dirty cunt, I fuckin knew it" laughed Liz, "and heres me thinking you were nice".

"I am nice" added Gina, "but not as nice as watching you two filthy fuckers earlier. I swear my cunt was on fire and I soon had my fingers up my ass as you two got to business".

"Holy shit" added Carol, "and heres me wondering what to wear to dinner tonight" and she laughed out loud.

"Look girls, I have cameras dotted all over the place for my own pleasure, but I'll turn em off in your room later if your worried about me watching you?"

"Bit late to worry now" said Liz having a big swig of her wine, "you've seen most things already".

"Mmmm true but aint seen Carol shit in your mouth like you want her to do have i? Yes I was listening to your conversation when I went to the loo a while back" and Gina winked at the women.

"Well I guess not, and ive gotta ask, whats it like taking a turd in your mouth? I mean I liked tasting the shit earlier and cant wait to try the real thing but even I might be a bit scared" added Liz.

"Yeah and I'm the one whos gonna be feeding it to her from my ass" said Carol.

"Its easy girls" replied Gina, "I used to do it with my ex all the time. I gagged a bit a first but soon got turned on seeing his asshole stretching real wide and then seeing the shit oozing out. I used to wrap my lips aroung his stools and suck em out as she pushed. Then once you've got a taste of the goodies you cant wait to feel a big lump filling your mouth".

"Fucking hell Gina" added Liz, "your making my cunt tingle just thinking of it".

"Yeah mine too" added Carol, "cant wait to try it out tonight".

Gina nodded an approval and poured herself another drink. In fact all three filled their glasses and soon the women were well on their way to getting merry.

"Right girls ive gotta pee again" said Gina, "pity you two are here or I'd be doing it in a glass though and then drinking it".

Carols eyes blinked open and so did Liz's.

"You drink piss too?" asked Liz, "fucking hell woman you're a filthy slut".

"Not as filthy as tasting shit though eh girls?" and Gina smiled again.

"Well don't let us stop you, lets see you do it then" added Carol.

"Yeah come on Gina, lets see. You saw us two earlier so only fair".

At that Gina spread her legs and lent back in her chair. Then raising her dress she pulled down her thong to reveal a bald juicy pussy. Then grabbing an almost empty glass off the table she lowered it in front of her waiting cunt. Pressing a finger at the top of her slit she started to push. Soon clear piss was dribbling from her snatch and trickling into the glass. Liz and Carol watched as Gina loosened her grip a little and soon a stream of warm pee was flooding into the wine glass until it was almost full. Then seeing the two women watching she raised the glass to her mouth and started to pour the contents down her throat.

"Fucking hell" screamed Carol, "that's fucking hot" and Liz agreed as she felt Carols hand slide under the hem of her skirt and rest on her swollen mound.

"Mmmm that's better" said Gina stopping half way down the glass, "makes my clit twitch when I drink piss and I fucking love it".

"Yeah I can see added Carol, and what a juicy clit it looks as she pushed her fingers inside Liz's knickers so she could feel her friends moist slit.

"Mmmm I love drinking pee and then fingering myself" added Gina. "nice to get naked and fill both my holes while still being able to taste my own warm piss in my mouth".

"Do it then hun" added Liz, "get your clothes off and have some fun. My cunts getting wetter by the minute with Carols hand on it and I know I wanna have some fun too. Carol nodded and said she did too.

Soon Gina was naked and in no time so were Liz and Carol. In fact Carol was so turned on she took the glass from Ginas hand and took a swig. Mmmm nice and sweet she thought as she gestured to Liz to try some. Liz opened her mouth and her friend poured the last of ginas pee down her throat. Oooo yeah uttered Liz as she savoured the taste and she licked her lips. Seeing this turned Gina on so much she soon had both her hands at work on her pussy and ass. Two fingers in each as the two other women watched her playing. Carol was now busy fingering Liz's cunt for the first time and soon Liz was dribbling cunt juice over her friends hand. Carol lent forward and sucked at her friends cunt loving the taste of fresh warm pussy juice. Liz was in heaven and in no time had her hands on her friends plump ass and without any warning she slid a finger inside Carols shit tube while flicking her thumb over the womans now swollen bud. Carol gasped as liz pushed another finger inside the brown hole, and then another. In no time Carol had four of Liz's fingers ripping into her shitter and she was loving it. All the time Gina was watching and finger fucking her own ring. "Come on then Carol" begged Liz, "wanna shit yet?"

Carol nodded and Liz got off the chair and lay on her back on the wooden floor. Moving to get a better view Gina saw carol get up and move herself above her friends face, then, squatting she lowered her puckered asshole to within inches of Liz's mouth. Oh yeah thought Gina as she continued reaming her brown hole with her fingers. "You ready babe?" asked Carol and Liz replied oh yes.

In no time Liz saw her friends butt hole spasm and she knew she was ready. Soon came the first sight of her new lovers waste. An inch of brown solid shit protrouded form the ample womans sexy hole, then another inch, and then another as Carol gently loosened the grip of her sphincter and let the shit ease its way out.

"Oh yeah" shouted Gina, "now put your lips around it Liz and suck. Come on girl you can do it, suck that shit from your lovers ass" she implored and within seconds Liz had her mouth clamped onto the chunky brown turd oozing its way from Carols ass. "Oh yeah that's it girl" added Gina who was now dribbling cunt juice down the crack of her ass "suck that fucking chunk out and hold it in your mouth".

It didn't take much longer for the shit to break free from carols ass as she pushed it out while her lover sucked it. The room was now full of the stench of piss and shit and all three women were in paradise. At least six inches of hot, dark brown, musty shit had forced its way from Carols asshole and was now half in and half out of Liz's mouth.

"Help her with it" begged Gina, "get on your knees and take a bite" she implored Carol, and watched in amazement as the buxom woman did exactly that. Opening her mouth as wide as she could Carol felt the warm stiff shit enter her mouth and then she bit into it breaking off three inches and she held it in her mouth. "Fuck yeah that's it girl" added Gina ramming as many fingers into her own gaping shitter as she could. "Now savour the taste and swallow your meal".

What came next made all three women cum in unison as Liz and Carol starting munching on the foul smelling brown waste they both had in their mouths. Liz and Carol were now busy finger fucking each other as the two filthy shit sluts feasted on the pungent shit that was in their mouths. Gina was now knuckle deep inside her own ass and still gushing cunt juice all over herself. Not long later the two women on the floor gulped down the remains of Carols shit. Both were indeed filthy cunts and neither cared. They loved their new found fetish and when Gina saw them kiss open mouthed, licking each others tongues she came so violently she litterally pissed herself. The two women on the floor were now greedily licking and sucking each others mouths clean, trying to get one final taste of what they'd just shared.

Gina couldn't resist any longer and threw herself onto the floor behind Carol, and in no time had her tongue deep inside the womans shit covered asshole. Carol gasped as Ginas tongue reamed its way in and out of her shitty tube, and screamed when she felt Gina sucking it clean.

"Your turn now Carol" shouted Liz, "get on your back ive got something warm, wet, slimy and smelly for you to feast on" and she pushed Carol to where she wanted her. Then Liz positioned herself above her new lover and let her ass muscles go loose. Within the blink of an eye Liz was spraying Carols face with the contents of her ass. Her shit wasn't solid like Carols, but fluid like as it jetted from her gaping shitter. Carol gagged at first but Gina told her to relax and open wide and that's just what Carol did. Soon the woman was watching her friend spitting shit down her own throat and she loved it. She gulped down the slimy filth like the shit whore she new she'd become. More and more stringy scat pumped from Liz's ring and more and more Carol kept on swallowing, even taking the time to rim her lovers puckered hole as Liz let the last of her slimy shit leave her bowels into her friends waiting mouth.

Gina couldn't control herself either and squatted on the floor as she watched the two lovers. Then, to their surprise she let the grip of her own ass muscles go limp and was soon shitting into the palm of her own hand. It was a monster turd, bigger than what Liz had done earlier in the bathroom, and it soon filled her hand until it started to spill onto the floor. When the last of the shit had left her body all three women stared at Ginas steaming shit covered hand and all three knew what to do next. As if in unison they all bent forward and started to chew on the mound of filth in the womans palm. All three moaning and groaning as they took turns taking huge mouthfulls and hungrily swallowing until the giant turd had dissapeared. Then being the real shit loving cunt that she was Liz bent ever lower and licked the remnants off the floor.

Carol looked lovingly into Liz's eyes and said one more thing.

"Want summat to wash that down with?" and grabbed Liz's head. Then pulling her lovers face just below her cunt she let go and was soon pissing into her friends mouth. Gina wanted some too and soon both filthy fuckers were almost fighting each other for a taste of Carols warm, golden piss.

What a weekend lay ahead for all three, and who knows what depraved perverse acts would follow, but they all knew things would get much much filthier...


Waking the next morning Carol looked over at her sleeping friend and the actions of the previous night got her aroused again. So, sliding under the sheets she had to act. In no time her face was next to Liz's naked ass, and Carol could smell what lay hidden inside. So, without wasting time she stuck out her tongue and slowly and gently ran it over her friends brown anus. Mmmm she thought as she softly licked around the rim of Liz's abused dirt box. Oooo came a quiet whimper as she poked her tongue just inside and inhaled. Oh yes she thought as she tasted the inside of her friends sexy swollen shit tube for the very first time.

"Oooo hun lick me deeper" came the soft pleading voice of the now awake Liz, and Carol did just that. Using her hands to part Liz's ass cheeks Carol forced her tongue in as far as she could.

Liz squealed as she felt her friend and lovers tongue darting in and out of her now tingling butt. She could feel it lapping at the walls on the inside of her shit tube and she loved it. "Suck it too please hunnie" she begged her friend and soon could feel Carol doing just that. "Oooo fuck yeah baby" she screamed as she felt Carol draining her ass with her mouth. "Ohhhh god yes" she continued moaning as Carol ate her ass harder and faster. She was now vigourously sucking and slurping on Liz's butt hole that Liz started to climax. Feeling her lover cumming Carol slid two fingers into the soaking cunt and sucked on Liz's ass even harder and that made Liz cum more violently than ever before. She was being rimmed and reamed by her lovers mouth and having her pussy ripped open by her lovers fingers and she loved it. Carol was loving it too and she soon felt her lovers shit coating her lapping tongue.

"Sit on my face babe and gimme summat to chew on" begged Carol and in no time Liz had lifted herself up and was now lowering her shitter onto Carols waiting mouth. "Mmmm that's better" said Carol as she rammed her tongue in deeper than ever. Liz gasped as she felt it lapping at the deepest depths of her now wide open ring. "Now push babe" ordered Carol as she continued licking her lover deep and dirty. "Gimme summat to eat sexy" she begged as she felt Liz's ass gape open a little wider around her tongue. And in no time Carol could feel a warm, sticky substance pressing on her tongue as she pushed it in to the bottom of Liz's shit tube.

Liz was starting to shit now and Carol could feel her lovers waste running along the length of her tongue. Mmmm tastes fucking disgusting she thought as she drained her lovers ass with her mouth loving the thrill and degradation of what she was doing. Warm, wet, gooey shit lined the walls of Carols mouth as she gave one final deep suck of her friends ass just to make sure she'd totally emptied it. She had, she knew she had as she realised her mouth was overflowing with Liz's slimy shit and she loved it, and at that she lay down with her face next to Liz's face. Then, in a moment of pure filth she opened her mouth and let Liz see what was inside. It was full of light brown creamy shit. Liz almost climaxed when she saw her friend smiling with shit covering her teeth, and without being able to hold herself back Liz put her mouth against Carols mouth and kissed her. Mmmm she thought as she got a taste of her own filthy shit from her lovers mouth. Both shit whores were now busy sucking and slurping as they greedily tried to swallow the foul smelling waste in their mouths. As they were finishing off the brown breakfast Carol grabbed Liz's hand and guided it towards her own ass. "Fist me baby" begged Carol and Liz immediately shoved two fingers deep into Carols waiting butt hole. "Fucking fist me Liz and make me shit" begged Carol as she felt her lover plunge another two fingers inside her swollen shit tube. "Oh yeah baby, now fucking do it, fucking fist me hard you filthy cunt" and at that Liz tucked her thumb into her palm and rammed the whole of her hand into the far depths of Carols anus. Carol screamed as Liz pushed even harder, forcing the buxom womans ass walls to creak as she continued ass fisting her new lover. Carol continued moaning as she felt her friends hand go in even further and being unable to stop herself she felt her bowels start to loosen and she knew in no time she'd be shitting. "Fuck that's it baby" Carol somehow managed to say, "fist me harder babe and make me shit myself", and soon she felt herself lose all control and she knew what was happening. Liz knew it too and didn't stop what she was doing. She was now fist fucking her filthy lover as her filthy lover was emptying her bowels. As Liz forced her hand in as deep as she could she could feel Carols brown slimy waste covering her hand, and looking down she could see shit start to ooze from the now battered womans ass every time Liz pulled her hand out a little. This sight was unbelievable to Liz and she soon felt her cunt starting to gush. "Mmmm yeah baby" she pleaded, "shit all over my hand you filthy scat slut. Don't hold anything back you dirty cunt now force that smelly disgusting brown rancid waste out all over my hand and wrist" and in no time Carol was pushing her faeces out as hard as she could.

"Oh yeah baby you've shit up my arm" added Liz who was now spitting cunt juice all over her legs, and hearing that Carol started to gush herself and Liz could see her lovers pussy juice pumping from the buxoms womans juicy slit. "Come on now baby" added Liz, "think we need to empty that filthy ass of yours. Now hold still and let me do my thing" and the next thing Carol felt was her shit whore lovers fingers scraping the messy scat from her ass. Liz was raking at the foul smelling goo with her hand trying to get every last bit of filthy slimy shit from her lovers shitter. Carol turned round to see her slutty friends hand covered in her scat and her eyes lit up.

"Feed me my own shit baby" begged Carol as she opened her mouth wide. "Please baby gimme summat to eat" and at that she grabbed Liz's hand and started to nibble at the chunkier pieces of scat that were on it. "Ooooo fuck" she moaned as she continued eating the filthy mess, "mmmm tastes fucking amazing" and she started to suck on what was left.

Liz was so horny by now she rammed her shitty fingers deep into her lovers mouth and made Carol gag, then standing up she stooped over Carols head and started pissing. Hot, steamy, yellow, bitter pee was now coating Carols hair and still the shit slut sucked on her lovers scat covered hand. Liz was now friggin her soggy cunt in front of Carols face as she saw her piss mixing with Carols shit and then being swallowed by her lovers filthy mouth.

What could possibly top this Liz thought, and then had an idea. Maybe next time they could coax a teenager into joining there sordid games, and have Gina record it for later viewing...