The Hotel pt2.

Please be aware that this fictional story isnt meant to offend or upset anyone. However if topics such as lesbian sex, incest, or scat are likely to cause you a problem then do not read the following. Also please abide by any local laws regarding the reading of such material. The author is above 25 years of age and expects you to be too. Any comments (good or bad) are always welcome.

A month had passed since the two lovers spent their sordid weekend at Ginas, and now they were back at the hotel for more fun.

Only now there was a difference.

They'd kept in contact with the owner and the 3 women had spent many an evening discussing what they could do next to further their filthy fantasies.

Then one evening it hit them, we'll advertise our services, and soon the slutty scat whores got to work.

"A warm and friendly atmosphere guaranteed for all females" was how they worded it and in no time their minds started wandering.

They posted adds' in newspapers, on websites, even in adult magazines and before they knew it they had 2 single women coming to spend a couple of days there.

Liz and Carol were now designated their own roles in the game. One would be a tramp, the other upper class, and Gina would be just about anything the shit slut wanted to be. Afterall it was her hotel.

6pm the clock chimed in the hotel reception and the 3 shit loving whores licked their lips in anticipation as a car pulled into the driveway and they heard to engine grind to a halt.

"This is it ladies, time to get to work" joked Gina and all 3 sat there waiting with baited breath.

Liz and Carol were most definitely an item now, and although they were obviously in love the thought of some extra curricular activities with others made the two of them drool.

They drooled even more when a stunning 19 year old waltzed through the door of the hotel wearing nothing more than a tight designer ripped pair of jeans, sandals, and a vest. Ginas pussy started to ache as the toned teenager strode over towards the counter and the horny owner litterally shook as the girls nipples seemed to be trying to rip through the cotton vest as the 19 year old spoke.

"Hi I'm Kim, moms on the phone but she'll be in any minute" the gorgeous teen said, and she said it with a sort of sultry hiss in her voice.

Gina clenched the rim of the counter to try and stabilize herself and managed to stammer only a few words in reply.

"Well hiya hun, and welcome. I'm er yeah I'm Gina. Sorry forgot my own bloody name then" and the owner giggled shyly. "Oh and the two women sat over there are my friends. Liz is the slim one and Carols the one with the boobs" and the owner smiled. Kim smiled too as she nodded a hello to the two 40 year olds sat at the table.

If the 3 shit whores thought the daughter was stunning they'd soon be amazed as in walked the girls mother.

At least 5ft10 and all legs, in sauntered what could only be explained as all woman.

Golden brown tanned skin, long dark brown hair just like the 19 year olds, and a body to die for. Not slim but full figured and with curves in all the right places. Liz twitched as the 45 year old bent down to drop her cases on the floor and exposed 2 of the most succulent shapely breasts you could possibly dream of. They were litterally bulgeing out her blouse as Liz stared on in amazement.

"Fuck ive gotta have her" she whispered to Carol, and Carol nodded "Mmmm yeah me too baby".

Gina just stared at the teen knowing exactly what she'd be doing as soon as she could, spying on a sexy 19 year old.

"Well lets see" said Gina. "Weve got you down as sharing a room but as its kinda quiet why not have one each? No extra charge its our treat" and the owner winked at Kim.

"Oh well that's just wonderful" said the mother smiling. "And being as my ignorant daughters forgotten her manners I'm Louise, but please call me lou".

Oh fuck thought Carol, I'm gonna be using you as my loo if I get my way, and the 40 year old laughed to herself.

Liz knew exactly why too and smiled at her lesbian lover, yeah me too baby she thought, me too...

In no time the 3 women led the mother and daughter upstairs to their rooms. Gina helped Kim into her room with her case and Liz and Carol did the same with Lou.

"Ok hun let me give you the 50 cent tour" joked Gina. "Right weve got a bed, usually meant for sleeping in but what the hell your mom wont hear a thing from her room" and the owner giggled. "Now in heres the bathroom. No idea why tho as theres no bloody bath but a fantastic spacious shower. Now that's for washing in but once again do whatever you want as your moms 3 rooms away" and she giggled again. "Oh and as if you didn't know thats the toilet. We all know what happens with that and once again be as loud as you want cause mom wont know" and Gina laughed out loud. Kim did too and although blushing the 19 year old thanked Gina and the owner left the girl to it.

Meanwhile Liz and Carol were with the mother in her room.

"Ok Lou well you've got the best room there is. Fantastic four poster bed, maginificent bathroom, mini bar and of course a tv. Just be sure you don't turn channel 69 on though as that has some pretty freaky shit on it. Trust me, ive watched it with shit being the operative word" and Liz and Carol both laughed.

Soon the mother was alone and settling herself in.

Liz, Carol and Gina were in no time sat in the office and watching the screens for any action, soon they'd get some and hell was it tasty...

Like 3 giggling school kids the scat sluts got just what they'd been waiting for. Kim, that sexy 19 year old was soon stood in the middle of the bathroom sliding down her jeans.

"Oh yeah here it comes" whispered Gina and soon the 3 shit bitches got an eyeful. Kims pert tight ass was now on show and the teen was standing there admiring it in the full length mirror on the wall. Liz licked her lips as the 19 year old ran her hand over her right ass cheek and seemed to spread it a little. Carol shook as the girl turned as if she knew just where the hidden camera was and opened her ass cheeks a little wider. "Go on do it you little slut" urged Gina and soon all 3 women were glued to what came next.

Kim was now naked, having thrown her vest in the corner of the bathroom and her firm tanned tits were now on show. It wasn't just her incredible tits that were amazing though, it was her full rock hard nipples that made all 3 women throb.

"Fuck me look at those beauties" Gina shouted and the hotel owner felt her cunt start to bubble.

It bubbled even more when the 19 year old lowered her stunning frame and sat herself onto the toilet.

"Oh fuck yeah" Carol somehow managed to utter as Kim raised her ass off the seat just a couple of inches and within seconds the 19 year old was peeing into the bowl. A jet of clear liquid spat from the teens trimmed piss slit and all 3 women in the office drooled.

It seemed to go for for ever the 19 year olds pissing and this turned the 3 scat sluts on even more. What happened next had all 3 throb. The teen eased her stream of pee until it was merely trickling out and then ran a finger over her watery slit. Holding her finger over her cunt the girl loosened her piss muscles and sprayed her succulent pee over her finger. Then to everyones astonishment the girl raised her finger and touched it with the tip of her tongue. Then even better, she started to lick.

"That's it" screamed Gina, "my turn now. Keep watching" and the owner left the room.

Barely a few seconds later the 2 scat lovers watched Gina enter the room on another screen and they gasped. "What the fuck? What the fucks the bitch doing?" screamed Liz at the monitor.

Then they saw the hotel owner compose herself in the mirror and walk straight into the bathroom.

"Turn the fuckin volume up hun" screamed Liz and soon they were listening and watching.

"Oh I'm sorry hunnie" whispered Gina. "Thought you'd gone out as there was no reply when I knocked on your door. Silly me didn't think you'd be in here. Oh god I'm so sorry, but I remembered I hadnt left any tp in your bathroom. Oh but by the looks of it you don't need any if your fingers anything to go by hunnie" and Gina smiled, so did Liz and Carol.

"The sneaky clever bitch" Liz said laughing, "the fuckin clever bitch".

Kim wasn't laughing though, in fact the sexy teen had suddenly gone bright red and Gina couldn't help but notice it. So, being the `sneaky clever bitch' that she was she worked her lustful magic.

"No need to worry hun, your secrets safe with me. And anyway I doubt your mom would be too upset if I told her".

"You what?" screamed the trembling 19 year old. "She'd go fuckin mental".

"Oh I see" Gina added smiling, "maybe we can sort out a way so I wont have to tell her then" and the owner licked her lips. "What ya reckon hunnie? You in or should I just go tell Lou what you've been upto in here?" and the teen knew she had no choice.

Ginas plan wasn't exactly subtle, or ground breaking, but god the woman got results and both Liz and Carol knew she was something special.

"Well ok then, have you finished peeing yet?" and the girl shook her head. "Ok then Kim, show me just what you've been doing in here" and Gina sat herself down in front of the terrified teen.

"What, I mean with you sat there watching?".

"Oh yes hun, but stand up and do it or I'm off to tell your mother".

Kim froze, she was petrified but she knew she had no option, so raising herself to her feet she braced herself.

"Ok then Kim do it, and no holding back or I'm straight round to have a word with your mom" and at that the teen loosened her tight piss muscles and out trickled what was left of her urine. "Yeah that's it hunnie, now use your finger like you did before" and sitting only inches from the girls seeping cunt Gina watched as the 19 year old pressed her index finger into her wet pussy. "Oh very naughty Kim, but not naughty enough yet hunnie. Now we all know what you did next cus I could see your pee on your tongue when I walked in so come on, finish the job" and Kim slowly raised her finger to her mouth and poked out her shaking tongue. "That's it hunnie, now you know what to do next so come on" and soon Kims trembling tongue was gently brushing along the tip of her slender finger. "Oh come on Kim" urged Gina "you can do much better than that. Now suck it" and Kims whole body shook as the teen opened her mouth and inserted the finger. "Now suck it hunnie, suck it clean" and soon the girls mouth was closed and Gina could hear the teen slurping on the warm crystal clear liquid that had covered her finger.

Kim was still sucking when she finished peeing but the scat slut that Gina was wanted much much more and soon the hotel owner was wiping her hand in the pool of piss that had trickled onto the floor moments earlier. "That's good hunnie but not near good enough just yet now lick my hand clean, and lick it like you own it or I'm off to see your mom" and in no time the terrified teen was sucking and slurping on Ginas piss covered hand. Ginas cunt was now throbbing as she felt the 19 year olds mouth and tongue devouring her pissy hand and she couldn't resist any longer. "Mmmm so tell me hunnie, tell me how it tastes" and Kim whispered an embarrassed reply.

"Tastes warm n tangy, kinda salty too".

"Oh nice, and you like it hunnie?" added the horny scat slut.

"Kinda but never done any more than just lick a bit until now" replied the pissy breathed 19 year old.

"Well watch me then hunnie" and at that Gina stood up and lifted her dress over her head. Then sliding her fingers inside her thong the hotel owner pushed it down her legs and then kicked it off. "Right sit down on the toilet hunnie and be prepared to be amazed" and in no time the filthy slut was pissing. Her warm yellowy urine splashing on the tiled floor until Gina pressed hard at the top of her piss slit and aimed her pee at Kim. It hit the girl on the legs first then on the stomach, then to Liz and Carols amazement Gina grabbed the 19 year olds head and pulled it down towards her pissing cunt. Kim tried to pull away but to no avail and soon the teen felt her face go warm. Ginas piss stung the 19 year olds eyes as the scat slut pushed her pee out even harder than before and soon the 19 year old was being facialised by the filthy piss tramp stood in front of her. Gina was loving it and looked down to see the damage her pungent urine was doing to the once sexy looking girl. Pools of hot tangy salty pee clung to the girls face as Gina squeazed out every last drop and still the terrified teen couldn't escape.

"Open your fuckin mouth bitch and taste me, fuckin do it now taste my piss" and Gina tugged at the dark headed girls hair. Kim went to scream but that was it, her mouth was open and soon it was being filled with one final jet of rancid piss. "Now fuckin swallow it you filthy little cunt, swallow it or I'm gonna get your mom and show her what a filthy piss whore you really are" and soon Gina heard the scared teen gulp down her drink.

"Oh yeah hunnie, oh yeah drink that tangy smelly piss hunnie, that's it hunnie gulp it all down like a real piss whore should. Mmmm yeah that's it hunnie, that's it. Now lick my pissy cunt clean, come on your almost done, lick my piss stinking filthy cunt clean" and soon Gina felt a slim tongue lapping at her piss stained cunt lips. "Oh yeah hunnie, oh yeah, mmmm good girl, oh wow good girl, that's it hunnie lick it all up hunnie, lick that piss up hunnie and savour the taste" and Kim did as she was told.

Liz was now hornier than ever and needed some fun of her own. Carol felt exactly the same and neither could resist.

"Shall we?" Liz asked and Carol nodded. "Come on then hun its our time for some excitement now" and soon the two whores were entering Kims room. "Were in here girls" shouted Gina and as soon as the two women entered the bathroom the stench of stale piss filled their nostils and they loved it.

"Caught this young lady tasting her own pee earlier girls and had to teach her a lesson instead of telling her mom about it. What ya think? Have I done enough or should we teach her some more?".

"Oh I see" replied Liz. "Well if shes going to be a real piss drinker then she better get good at it if you ask me, and then some".

"So come on then piss slut, enjoy the taste?" asked Carol now standing in front of the drenched 19 year old.

"Yeah come on answer" urged Liz. "Look I aint fussed what you say but I bet your mom'll be fucking thrilled knowing her teenager girls a pee chugging whore who's just been facialised by a respectable hotel owner. Fuck you will be the talk of the town wont ya?".

"Ok ok" replied the teen. "The taste isnt that bad but I wasn't expecting to have to actually drink the stuff".

"And?" asked Liz "What did you think when you did?".

"Well I felt like fuckin retching at first, in fact I nearly did but I couldn't break free and your so called respectable friend here just kept on pissing so I had no fuckin choice".

"You wanna think yourself lucky young lady" added Carol "if I'd been in here you'd be doing much more than just tasting piss. In fact I reckon that's what this filthy tramp needs now, summat to chew on don't you girls?" and the other two scat whores nodded.

"Now dirty filthy Kim we can do this either the easy way or the hard way. But were gonna do it anyway or were off to tell your mom, then your friends back home cus weve got your address that you're a filthy piss chugging slut. So, whats it gonna be? Gonna make us force you? Or you gonna be brave and volunteer?" asked Carol.

Kim knew all too well what summat to chew on would involve and the 19 year old looked terrified. But what choice did she have? The embarrassment at home, at college, she had no choice and the teenager knew it. Reluctantly the 19 year old spoke.

"Yeah ok ok I'll do it. But for gods sake please be gentle". And for once the 3 scat whores would be.

"Ok hunnie how about you watch us first then you can join in?" said Gina already moving into her favourite position, squatting on the floor. "Come and lie down with the girls hunnie and try n relax, I promise after this you'll be ready for anything" and in no time the 19 year was lay down with her head underneath Ginas ass next to Liz and Carols heads.

"Ok baby push a finger in Ginas butt" urged Liz and the tentative 19 year old did. In it eased as Gina wriggled around on it and soon the 19 year old felt hands groping her tight wet cunt.

To Liz and Carols amazement young piss covered Kim started to whimper, she was turned on. So much so that the 19 year old opened her legs so the wandering 40 year old hands could explore her tingling fuck tube further. Mmmm she muttered as the 2 filthy lesbian lovers teased and toyed with the tanned girls pussy until they felt it. Warm, juicy, milky teen love juice oozing from the 19 year olds pounding cunt. Faster the 2 scat whores rubbed on the girls clit and soon the tanned sexy piss smelling girl was climaxing.

"Ooooo yeah" was all the teen could mange to say as Liz and Carol continued to arouse the 19 year olds love canal. Pressing, squeazing, flicking, pinching and scratching at the slim girls now throbbing clit as Gina made her move.

"Ooooo hunnie your cunt looks so tasty, frig it harder girls and make it spit" said Gina lowering her ass over the horny teens face. "Mmmm yeah that's it girls, make that cunt fuckin throb" the hotel owner added still with Kims index finger clawing at the inside on her scat tube. "Ohhh yes Kimmy, scrape your sexy finger in Ginas bubbing asshole hunnie, get it nice and loose baby cus Ginas almost ready" and Liz and Carol rubbed the teens soggy cunt even harder.

Kim squealed this time as she felt her pussy start to grind against the horny shit sluts fingers. "Mmmm finger me please, finger my cunt" the girl begged and soon Liz was ramming 2 fingers inside the 19 year olds gaping fuck hole. "Ohhhh yeah that's it" gasped the 19 year old as Liz finger fucked her faster and faster. Carol ran a finger over the girls soaking wet cunt lips and wiped it over the girls mouth. Kim licked it, she had to she was so turned on and soon the teen was tasting her own creamy cum.

"Ok Kimmy, now get ready for some real fun" and Gina pulled the girls finger from her ass. Carol looked up and opened her 40 year old mouth. "Feed me baby" she begged and soon the 19 year old was watching the scat slut sucking on her teen shit stained finger. "Mmmm" moaned Carol, "mmm tastes so fuckin good" and the 40 year old began to suck the finger clean.

"Oooo I think this sexy young cunt likes it girls" said Liz feeling the teens cunt muscles clamp on the 2 fingers that were now buried deep inside it. "Wanna see something really nice hunnie?" the fingering 40 year old added plungeing her 2 fingers into the depths of the girls spasming piss tube.

All Kim could do was nod and gasp as she felt her 19 year old body orgasm yet again and seeing this Gina pushed. A crackle of the hotel owners brown ring and soon it emerged. Squeazing out the owners asshole was pure filth. Dark brown in colour Ginas scat sausage wormed its way out and Gina pushed a little harder. Seeing this Liz squeazed the girls clit and felt the teens body buckle as she reamed her 2 fingers deeper and harder into the now cum gushing 19 year olds fuck hole. Gina pushed again and in no time she felt her 4 inch long turd ready to snap off. "Lick it Kimmy, lick it hunnie" the owner begged and she pushed once more. "God yeah lick it sweetie" groaned Carol with her own face only inches from the brown cone of shit. "Do it Carol" urged Liz, "show her what to do" and soon Carols tongue was out and in no time it was sliding up the whole length of Ginas turd. "Come on baby, try it, you know you wanna" said Liz and Kim couldn't resist. She was so turned on and so horny and still climaxing as out poked her teen tongue. At first the 19 year old heaved and gagged as she felt her tongue touch the sticky brown sausage, but then all 3 women knew they had a new scat toy as the teen licked a bit harder. "Oh yeah that's it Kimmy, lick that tasty turd" moaned Liz who was now plungeing 3 fingers into the girls gaping cunt.

Gina had to see, and when she arched her back what she saw made even her cunt spasm. A 40 year old woman and a 19 year old girl were now french kissing while lapping at her hot sticky scat that was somehow still attatched to her puckered shitbox.

"Oh fuck yeah you dirty fuckin sluts" the owner screamed and at that the turd snapped off and landed with a thud on Carols face. Carol didn't flinch though and soon the 40 year old scat whore got what she wanted, a meal.

"Keep kissing her Kimmy" begged Gina who was now squatting over Lizs face. "That's it baby kiss that horny 40 year old bitch and watch Liz lick my shitter clean.

That was all it took to get Kim hooked. 3 fingers ramming into her cunt, Carol with a steaming turd on her face, and now Liz tongue fucking the shit stained ass of the hotel owner. Kim was now officially a scat whore herself as the 19 year old pressed her mouth onto Carols, squashing the shit into both their faces as the 2 horny filthy cunts kissed.

"Mmmm fuck that's fuckin hot" groaned Gina watching the two women smooching and feeling Lizs tongue lapping at her scatty asshole. "Show Kimmy what to do now Carol, show her how we finish our meal" she added and soon Gina watched the 40 year old open her mouth and with a free hand the filthy scat slut scooped a chunk of Ginas brown pungent waste inside. Kims cunt nearly exploded as she lay face to face with Carol and watched as the 40 year old shit freak feasted on Ginas shit. Chewing, sucking, biting and gnawing at the now slimy ball of goo that the 40 year old had somehow managed to roll into a ball inside her shitty mouth.

"Give it to her now Carol, give Kimmy a go" pleaded Gina and in the blink of an eye Carol spat the ball of filth into the teens mouth. Kim heaved as she felt the earthy festering waste hit the back of her throat and the 19 year old lay open mouthed retching onto the ball of shit. Watery phlegm and saliva coating the brown ball of faeces as the 19 year old gagged and heaved again.

"Help her Carol, help her with her meal" Gina ordered and soon Carol was kissing the girl again. "Yeah that's it Kimmy, that's it baby share it with her" and soon Ginas cunt erupted as she felt her ass being raped by Lizs tongue while watching Carol and Kim kissing open mouthed while sucking on her brown ball of phlegm covered shit. "Ohhh fuck yeah eat that fucking shit your whores, fucking eat it" Gina screamed and soon she got her wish. 40 year old Carol and 19 year old scat teen Kim were gobbling down the filthy stinking putrid shit. "Oooooo fuckin hell yeah" she screamed again as Kim sucked more shit into her teen mouth from off Carols face. "Ooooo that's it you filthy fuckin cunt, eat that fuckin shit, eat it you filthy fuckin slut" Gina squealed as she felt her cunt juices spit from her twitching pisshole and run down her shaking legs. Kim was now cumming again herself as she inhaled the rancid stench of Ginas mess as she swallowed. Carol was now fingering her own butt hole and soon the 40 year old needed to crap. So, telling Gina to get ready the 40 year old parted her ass cheeks and soon Ginas mouth was wide open between her butt crease and waiting. Spitting watery light brown scat was now spraying from the buxom womans quiverring shitter and was coating the hotel owners face. Gina didn't move tho, the scat whore was in heaven and instead she started to suck and swallow until she felt the disgusting slime coating her throat. Still Carol continued to spray and still Gina swallowed like the true filthy shit loving slut that she was. Kim gasped as she started to finger her own ass and the teen marvelled at just how filthy these 3 scat freaks really were. It was then it happened and none of them would ever be the same again.

"Oh god I'm gonna shit" screamed the 19 year old and Liz jumped to her feet. Then grabbing a glass tumbler from the bathroom cabinet the 40 year old held it under the crounching teens spasming shitter.

"Do it Kim, fill it for me baby" and Liz almost fainted as the 19 year olds butthole ripped open and out oozed her slimy mess. It was like a chocolate shake spitting from the sexy 19 year olds ass as it made its way up the inside of the glass. Kims ass hissed as the teen forced out as much as she could and soon the brown delight was overflowing the rim and was now running over Lizs trembling hand. Even more succulent scat gushed from the girls puckered shittube and Liz shook violently, trembling so much she could barely keep still. Then came the filthiest thing anyone could imagine. Kim knelt down next to Liz and grabbed the steaming glass of goo. "Open wide you fuckin shit whore and choke on this" and soon Kim was pouring the contents of the glass down Lizs throat. "Yeah fuckin choke you dirty cunt" and in poured more shit until Liz started to gag. What came next had even Carol and Gina trembling.

Lieing on her back Kim spread her legs. Then opening her piss flaps the 19 year old did something no one would ever forget. She started to pour what was left in the glass inside her cunt. Liz almost choked as she watched the filthy teen wipe the inside of the glass clean with her fingers and then wiped those fingers over her still swollen bud.

"Now fuckin suck me clean you filthy cunts" and motioned Gina and Carol over next to Liz.

All 3 perverted shit lovers took turns tongue fucking Kims shit filled pussy and all 3 were in heaven. Kim even licked her own shitty fingers as she felt the whores suck her cunt clean. Fom being only an hour ago an inquisitive teenager, Kim was now no more than a low life filthy scat queen and the 19 year old loved the feeling. So much so she was already thinking of new perverted ways to get her next thrill.

That thrill was just 3 doors away.




By the time the 4 shit lovers had showered and eventually calmed down from their exploits it was almost 8 pm and all decided to meet downstairs for a drink.

They sat silently at the table until Gina burst out laughing.

"Christ look as us lot, like were at a bloody funeral" the hotel owner screached and with those few words the atmosphere soon got more jovial.

Liz and Carol explained to Kim that they were lovers but had been to the hotel before and loved it so much they wanted to live there for good.

Gina just did what Gina did best and talked incessantly about sex, men, sex, and men. It was her way and all that knew her knew she was someone that could never be disliked.

Kim spoke only briefly, hardy surprising considering what she'd experienced just those couple of hours earlier. But even with being a shy, kinda timid young woman she had a certain charm to her, a certain swagger, and the 3 older woman enjoyed the teenagers aura. Not to mention her stunning looks and her new found appetite for the more sordid side of life.

It wasn't long before door at the corner of the spacious room swung opena and in came Lou.

Liz, Carol, Gina and even Kim drooled as the full figured 45 year old brunette seemed to glide across the wooden floor and effortlessly slip into the spare seat at the table next to them.

All sat there drinking for an hour or so until Lou said her goodbyes and made her way upto her room for an early night.

The others waited downstairs and within a couple of minutes Kim was being led into the private quarters and was being seated infront of an array of monitors.

"So Kim, ever wondered what your mother gets upto when shes on her own?" asked Gina whispering into the teens ear. "Wanna find out if mommys anything like her baby?" and Kim just nodded and trembled. "Ok sweetie, and with a bit of luck that laxative I popped in her drink a few minutes ago should soon be kicking in real soon" and Liz and Carol gasped.

"I knew you were upto summat you crazy bitch" laughed Carol and Liz couldn't help but smile too.

"Ok Kimmy girl lets have a look shall we?" and at that Gina turned the monitors on. First they saw a view of Lous bedroom, then on the next screen her bathroom and to no surprise that's where the 45 year old was. "Oh yeah here we go" grinned Gina as she stood leaning against the 19 year olds shoulder.

All that could be seen was a terrified looking woman frantically tugging down her skirt and knickers and litterally throwing herself onto the toilet seat. Then it started. Loud ear splitting splashes as the middle aged womans bowels opened and out sprayed pure filth. All 4 scat sluts sighed as they heard lous sphincter break open and shit crash from it into the water in the bottom of the toilet.

The 45 year old must have been sat there a full 5 minutes with rancid putrid waste fleeing her body before the noises started to subside and the colour start to re emerge in the womans face.

"You wait though, Ginas got a nice surprise" giggled the hotel owner and the other scat whores knew just what that surprise was when a look of shear terror filled the full figured womans eyes. No paper...



"Oh my fuckin god" Liz giggled like a school kid, "you clever fuckin cunt" and smiled at Gina.

"Aint just a pretty face hunnie" replied the owner and the other women knew it. "So Kimmy what you think?" Kim was speechless, horny but speechless as she was busy reliving the sounds and sights of her mother shitting in her mind. "Fancy going up and helping your mother clean herself hunnie?" and Gina helped the 19 year old out of her seat. "Just do as I did earlier with you and walk right in. You know you want to sexy. Just walk right into the bathroom where your mom is and have some fun. Its easy sweetie and you know you want to" and then Gina whispered what to do in the teens ear.

Liz, Carol and Gina sat glued to the monitors when they saw the bedroom door to Lous room open. In crept Kim who was now only wearing a skimpy white g string and a tight white see thru bra. Then it happened. Kim stood outside the bathroom and started rubbing her cunt as hard and as fast she could. Just the thought of her mom sat on the toilet in the next room made the 19 year olds cunt soon start to bubble and in no time cunt juice was oozing out her piss slit and onto her g string. Kim wiped her now sticky fingers over her nipples and nodded at the camera positioned high in the corner of the room in the disguise of an alarm sensor. Then she rubbed her cunt once more, licked her fingers and made her move.

Gina was already rubbing her own cunt furiously downstairs as 19 year old Kim burst into her mothers bathroom.

Both mother and daughter screamed as they met face to face inside the spacious room. Kims surprise was fake but Lous wasn't for she was stood there trying to splash tap water onto her ample naked backside. Liz, Gina, Carol and Kim licked their lips as the teen spoke.

"Oh god mom whats happened?" said a seemingly caring teenager. "You ok mom you look ill?".

"Oh god baby I was ill yeah, very very ill and ive been stuck on the toilet for god knows how long and then no fuckin paper. Oh I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to swear but I coulda swore there was some in her earlier".

"Oh god mommy I'm sorry I burst in on you but I swore I heard moaning coming from in here when I was getting ready for bed and I just came running. Heck look at me I didn't even have time to put any clothes on" and the 19 year old let out a little giggle.

"Well you've got more on than me that's for sure" said the bare bottomed embarrassed woman.

"Here mom no good you trying to clean yourself you'll never manage, let me help" and at that the teen cupped some water in her hand and rubbed it into her mother ass crack.

Lou gasped as the cold water hit her butt and Kim saw her mothers ass cheeks turn pink. The teen licked her lips and went one step futher. Telling her mother to keep still the 19 year old got another hand full of water and did the same as before, but this time she ran her finger gently down her mother ass slit as she coated it with the liquid. Lou gasped louder this time and Kim started to feel her cunt bubbling again.

"Keep still mom let me get some soap" and in no time Kim had lathered up both her hands and was ready. "Ok mom just bend over a little more and we'll soon have you clean" and without hesitating the 19 year old plunged her 2 hands deep inside her mothers ass valley. "Almost done now mom just a bit to clean around the hole" and Lou felt her legs start to shake as Kim ran her fingers around the rim of her mothers shitter. Kims face was now right next to her moms ass crack now and the horny scat whore could still smell the tangy stench of her mothers shit as she rubbed her fingers a little harder over Lous twitching asshole. Every time her fingers pretended to clean the rim of it Lou let out a groan and Kim saw her moms legs start to part a little wider. More the 19 year old rubbed and more her mother panted as Liz, Gina and Carol watched transfixed at the monitor downstairs. "Almost there now mommy" whispered Kim as she felt her pussy start to burn with excitement. "Just a bit of mess left sticking to the rim of your butt hole" and those words made Lous legs shake violently. "Yeah there you go, just let me get it nice and clean for you mom, wont be long. Hey you ok mom? Not hurting you am i?" asked the girl with the twitching cunt. "Mom you ok?".

"Errrr yes baby, sorry I was miles away then" and Kim knew why. Her mom was enjoying herself.

"Ahhh ok mom, thought I was hurting you for a minute".

"Oh no baby, no your not hurting just me being a bit embarrassed with what your doing that's all I guess" muttered Lou still shaking.

"Oh mommy you've cleaned me loadsa times in the past, so stop worrying it's the least I can do. Now just hang on cus theres a bit still stuck to the edge and I cant quite get it" and Kim poked out her middle finger so it was resting on the very rim of her mothers asshole. "Almost" and then silence, and a gasp from Lou as Kim pushed her finger until it broke through the opening of her moms shit tube. "Oops sorry mom didn't mean to push that hard" and Kim giggled. Lou gasped again as she felt her daughters slender finger flicking at the walls of her scat hole from the inside. "You ok mom you've gone a bit quiet?" asked Kim still with the tip of her finger inside the puckered hole.

"Ohhh errr yeah I'm ok" came a muffled reply from the bent over 45 year old and now Kim knew she had her.

"Ahhh that's ok then. Well while I'm here I might as well make sure its nice and clean hadnt i?" and Kim deliberately blew onto her mothers pulsating shit hole.

Lou couldn't talk, instead she just sighed and Kim saw her mothers legs part even wider and now it was time.

"Ok here we go then mommy, just try n keep still and I'll soon have you feeling much better" and with that the 19 year old pushed her finger deep into her mothers shitter. Lous butt cheeks clenched around the girls hand but Kim kept her finger inside, and soon she was wriggling it around and hooking it up n down deep inside lous butt hole. "Yeah that'll soon have it nice and clean" the teen whispered and she blew once more. Lou litterally squealed as she felt her daughters finger clawing inside her and the 45 year old groaned. That was the sign and Kim knew just what to do next.

"Oooo mommy want me to put another inside now? I will if you like cus your assholes getting nice and loose now and I know you can fit at least one more finger in there" and without even waiting for a reply Kim added a second finger and soon Lou was throbbing.

"Oh god baby what you doing?" moaned Lou whos whole body was trembling at her daughters touch.

"I'm fingers your asshole mommy that's what I'm doing. Cant you feel my fingers deep inside your butt hole?" replied Kim who was now resting her face on her mothers ass cheek.

"Oh but baby this is so wrong" came a timid response from the writhing 45 year old but Kim wasn't ready to stop.

"Shhh" came the teens reply. "I can smell your cunt juice from here so I know your enjoying it, and in a minute I'm gonna be tasting your asshole so just relax mom and enjoy it" and withing seconds the fingers were out and the 19 year olds tongue was in. So far in that Lou screamed as she felt her daughter tongueing her throbbing shit tube.

"Mmmm" came the noise from Kims mouth as the 19 year old reamed her mothers shitter faster and harder until Lous cunt started to ache. "Rub your cunt for me mommy while I eat your sexy asshole" Kim muttered and soon she could feel her mothers hand rubbing at her 45 year old pussy. Deeper and harder Kims tongue fucked her mothers butt until she heard her mom squeal and shake and then climax. For a 45 year old mother to do what she did next was almost unbelievable, but Liz, Carol and Gina almost came in unison when they saw Lou reach behind and pull her daughters face into her own ass crack further and then the mother screamed.

"Fuckkkkkk yeah eat it baby, ooooo fuckkkkk eat mommys dirty asshole. Arghhhhhhh yeah baby that's it baby eat it, ohhhh fuck eat mommys butt. Ooooo fuck yeah kim do it baby, do it for me please, mommys coming baby please eat me, eat my ass Kim ohhh please eat it" and Lou was having the wildest most erotic disgusting orgasm of her life as her slutty daughter knelt chewing on her shitter.

"Mmmm mommy cum for me please, cum hard for me as I eat your dirty ass and lick at the shit inside it. Ohhhh yeah mommy piss your cunt juice out as I suck the remains of your shit from you dirty tangy butthole" garbled Kim still gobbling on her mothers throbbing scatpipe.

"Arghhhhh fuck mommys cumming again baby, ooooo fuck I'm pissing my cunt juice out now for you baby, ooooo fuck yeah my cunts fuckin gushing baby" screamed Lou who was now cumming more than she ever had in her entire 45 years.

"Oh fuck mommy I'm cumming too" squealed Kim who was now busy fingering her own slimy cunt. "Ooooooh fuck mommy I'm gushing now mommy I'm fuckin gushing. Mmmm mommy I'm cumming and I can feel your shit on my tongue mommy and I want more mommy, I want more of your shit on my tongue as we cum together mommy. Ohhhh fuckkkkk feed me your dirty shit mommy, fuckin feed it to me" and Lou pushed.

Out spat Lous sticky waste into her daughters mouth and Kim lapped at the strings of shit as they covered her teeth. Kim had her fingers on her mothers clit now and was squeazing so hard Lou bucked and came at the same time she was shitting on her daughters waiting tongue. Harder Kim squeazed until Lou screamed out loud as she felt her bud almost burn with her daughters touch. Still she kept on shitting and soon Kim had a mouthful of slimy smelly scat.

Then, in a moment of pure incestuous lust Kim moved from her mothers ass and sat with her brown tinged mouth next to her mothers. Then without a care in the world and still squeazing her mothers pulsating throbbing clit Kim spat shit into her mothers face.

To Kims amazement her 45 year old mother never even moaned when she felt her own runny slimy sticky waste splatter onto her flushed cheeks.

Liz, Carol and Gina were now busy downstairs having some kind of wild tongue fucking competition and Gina seemed to be winning. Reaming her tongue deep inside Carols shitter far deeper than what Liz was managing with her. Carol was doing Lizs ass as all 3 horny scat bitches devoured, slurped, gobbled and chewed on each others butt holes like women possessed.

Kim was now in her element and was greedily lapping at the remains of her mothers shit from off Lous face.

Lou was still having her clit squeazed to death by her daughter and was now fingering her daughters fuck tube.

"Lick my ass mommy" begged Kim. "Lick it please mom and make me cum and shit at the same time cause I'm a filthy fuckin tramp and I love the taste of anything that's given to me".

Lou was too far gone to worry about any consequences and soon had her fat chubby tongue splitting her daughters scat hole to breaking point. Ramming it in as far as she could then swirling it around until she felt her daughter convulse.

In no time Kim was cumming again dribbling cunt juice down her slender tanned thighs so they glistened as her mother continued to anally tongue rape her. Deeper, harder and faster Lou licked as Kim squeazed her mothers rock hard clit until the 45 year old started to piss herself. Kim wouldn't stop tho and instead ran a couple of fingers over the warm juicy pee and then greedily sucked herself clean.

This did it for the filthy scat loving teen and soon she felt her bowels rumble and she knew she was ready to shit.

"Get on your back mommy and spread those gorgeous cunt lips nice and wide for me" and soon Lou was doing just that. Then squatting herself over her mother Kim lowered her ass down just above her mothers waiting love tunnel. She pushed and soon a solid brown rod of rock hard scat was emerging from the teens quiverring butt hole.

Lou almost fainted when she felt it touch the inner walls of her waitng pussy and Kim pushed once more for all she was worth. Litterally straining as the foul repulsive turd snapped off and filled her mothers gaping cunt.

"Oh fuck yeah that's what I want" groaned the teen as she looked at the tip of the cone of shit poking from her mothers red raw soggy piss tube. "Now finger your cunt for me mommy and feel your filthy shit coating your fingers as you do" and no sooner as she spoke the 45 year old slutty mother was knuckle deep in rancid scat as she pounded her fingers deep inside her chocolate pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah mommy that's it, ooooo fuck you're a dirty fuckin cunt mommy. Yeah ram that filthy scat deep inside your slimy fuck tube you filthy bitch. Mmmm yeah that's it mommy, fuck that shit deep into your smelly soggy pussy" and moving her ass over her mothers face Kim got ready.

Then within seconds the teen was pissing hot salty piss over her mothers face and just to show her mother what a real toilet whore she really was the 19 year old started to eat her mother shit filled cunt out. Lou was cumming again as Kim once more squeazed on her mothers juicy clit and love juice trickled around the edges of the 45 year olds shit filled fuck hole. Lou was in heaven and started to swallow her daughters stream of golden honey as it gushed from the teens battered pussy. Then it happened. Kim got off her mothers face and moved to her side so Lou could get a good look at what was to come next. Her daughter knelt eating shit from her own cunt. 19 year old slim, slender, sexy Kim gulping down mouthful after mouthful of chunky brown ass waste mixed with her mothers own cum.

Lou was blown away by the shear filth and lust she felt inside that the 45 year old moved her hand back down to her pussy and started to scoop out what shit was left inside, then in a moment of perverted madness her scatty fingers were nestling deep inside her own mouth and the 45 year old woman was sucking them clean.



Fuck Kim thought as she lapped up the last of the scat off her mothers disfigured cunt. What a weekend this is gonna be, and its still only Friday night...