The Hotel pt3.

Please note this is pure fiction and that the writer is over 25 years of age. If your not of legal age, or if the idea of underage, incestuous, lesbian scat play offends you in any way then please do not read the following story.

Also please note this is the third in a series, so if you didnt like the first two then I wouldnt bother reading this.

Many thanks to those that have given their support to the previous exploits and any comments either good or bad are always appreciated,

Jill stood at the door and watched as the female in her line of sight slowly removed her shorts.

It wasnt long before Jill got her first glance at the skimpy white panties wrapped tightly around the waist of the female in view.

32 year old Jill almost coughed in excitement as the females fingers slipped inside the hem of the underwear and slowly slid them down her peach coloured legs.

In no time the panties were around the females ankles and soon they were being kicked off into the corner of the room.

Then for the first time Jill saw what she'd been waiting to see, the females hairless pussy.

It seemed to glisten in the evening moonlight and Jill had to do all she could to keep quiet and not give away her position as she looked on at the now naked female, and the 32 year old felt a lump build in the back of her throat.

Almost scared to move Jill eased her head around the door a little further and before she knew it the naked female was bending over the rim of the bath and turning on the hot water tap.

Ohhh wow thought the woman as she saw the crease of the females ass spread a little and in turn this caused the 32 year olds pussy to almost crackle in fevourish lust.

Jill tried her best to keep her cool as the female she was drooling over raised her left leg up and landed her one foot on the edge of the tub.

It was as if Jill was being teased almost to the brink of manic passionate heart pounding excitement as she watched the female lean over and test the water with her hand.

Then as if to dry her wet hand the female rubbed it on the side of her right leg and Jill literally gasped as the shiny liquid seemed to shimmer on the naked thighed female.

The skin looked incredibly soft and almost flawless as the warm bath water slowly trickled down the leg and soon there was a small pool of water clinging to the females right foot on the tiled floor.

So incredibly sensual was the sight of the almost perfectly formed naked female that Jill soon felt her legs start to shake and in no time she felt her slit dribbling.

She couldnt resist the eroginous sensations and within seconds she'd slipped her left hand inside her jogging bottoms and was now softly running a finger up and down the length of her now damp pussy.

The feelings the 32 year old got next were almost too incredible for words as the female leaning over the edge of the bath eased one leg at a time into the warm soapy water and Jill saw once again the gorgeous sexy sight of that glistening hairless slit.

It looked even better this time though as Jill was viewing it from behind and as well as the sultry looking slit Jill got an even better view of the females spread ass cheeks.

So good was the view that the 32 year olds hand was now rubbing furiously at her now sodden pussy, and in no time Jill felt the rumblings of an orgasm.

She eased her fingers off her slit and as if in pre-planned synchronicity she ploughed her thumb onto the tip of her now protruding clit.

Wham, like a bolt of lightening it hit her, the most nerve shredding climax of her life. Wham, another as she pressed even harder on her now throbbing bud.

Then it happened, almost knocking the 32 year old off her feet.

Squeazing her clit almost vice like between her thumb and her middle finger the 32 year old had the mother of all orgasms.

Legs bucking the woman grabbed onto the door frame to try and stabilise herself and rammed 2 fingers inside her now drenched cunt.

Twitching pussy lips and a pulsating clit Jill reamed her fingers deep inside her creamy love tunnel until she reached yet another earth shattering orgasm, and even the horny sodden 32 year old had to marvel at just how much she was climaxing.

Her hand was now coated with her love juice as she seemed to scrape her 2 fingers over the inside walls of her spasming pussy.

One more look she said to herself and leaning her head around the door frame she saw the female in the bath pouring bubbly bath water over her bare shoulders and down onto her small perfectly shaped breasts.

This was all Jill could take and in no time the 32 year old was spitting cunt juice over her juicy fingers and looking down she saw the front of her jogging bottoms literally dripping wet.

One more thing to do she thought and in the blink of an eye Jill had her cum soaked fingers deep in her mouth.

Sucking, lapping, licking, and gobbling Jill devoured the sticky slimy cream until she felt her juices coating the back of her throat.

In a mere ten minutes the 32 year old had climaxed more than she ever had and cum more heavily than she could possibly remember, and all because she'd got so turned on watching the female in the bath.

Jill knew it was all so wrong, but she just couldnt help herself, for the female in the tub was her own 13 year old daughter Carla.

Maybe an hour passed and Jill was lay on top of her bed as she heard her daughters bedroom door shut.

Feelings of absolute lust filled the 32 year olds mind as she recounted just how sexy her baby looked in the bathroom.

In fact so turned on was Jill that she removed her nightie and started to rub at her still engorged cunt.

So red were her pussy lips that each time her fingers touched them Jill let out a soft howl as they tingled under her touch.

Hitching her knees up off the bed and lying on her back Jill spread her legs a little wider and soon began fingering herself.

Stroking her clit with her one hand she inserted a finger into her slimy slit with the other hand.

For what must have been ages the horny 32 year old lay there abusing her throbbing cunt.

Fingers groped at her now stinging pussy lips, nails clawed at her aching clit, and orgasm after orgasm tore through her chubby yet sexy body.

The woman was whimpering as she reached climax after climax and unable to stop herself she started toying with her ass.

Slowly and softly at first she gently teased a finger around the rim of her butt hole, then faster and harder she teased it until she felt so completely turned on she slid the tip of her finger inside her anus.

It was the first time Jill had done anything like this, and although a little tender at first the 32 year old was soon probing her finger deeper and deeper inside her swollen shit hole.

Still clawing and raking at her wet cunt she forced her finger even further inside her now pulsating shitter, and in no time she was cumming again. This time even harder and more wildly than ever.

Her whole body shook violently as she ploughed fingers deep into both her holes and she let out a scream of pure delight as she realised she was knuckle deep in each.

With cunt juice trickling between her thighs and running down to her ass crack she added a second into her ass, and with the lube of her pussy cream she soon found herself 2 fingers deep inside her now gaping butt hole.

Still the horny bitch wanted even more, and as if experimenting she reached over to the bedside cabinet and without needing to look she grabbed it.

A candle.

Wiping cunt juice over it she braced herself and using her free hand she managed to spread her butt hole a little further than it already was.

Then almost instinctively she inhaled and soon felt the waxy wet cold candle start to enter her shitter.

Inch by inch she eased it inside almost afraid it would break, but being a good inch and a half wide it stayed firm so the horny 32 year old pushed a little harder.

It was almost 3 inches inside when Jill opened her eyes and looked for the first time.

Just the sight made her cunt spasm and soon she felt it spitting its juices over her legs again.

Ooooo she hissed at the shear amazement of her actions and in no time had the candle almost 5 inches inside her now twitching ass hole.

Wiping more cunt juice onto the rim of her butt hole she started to pull the waxy fuck toy out, then back in she'd push, until she knew she'd found a new way to play with herself.

For the next 30 minutes Jill lay there fingering her red raw cunt and continued ass fucking herself with her new toy until she was totally spent.

It wasnt until she'd eased the candle from her butt that she surveyed the damage.

Her cunt was almost disfigured, and her ass wasnt much different, but she was in absolute heaven.

Then she saw the state of the candle.

Covered in a cunt juice laquer it was speckled with brown watery spots of her shit.

She didnt care though and as if to test herself one more time she raised the ass toy upto her mouth and pursing her lips she wiped the candle over her mouth.

The tangy taste of pussy juice was enough to send her into raptures, and she felt her cunt start to tingle all over again.

Then she got her first taste of her ass as she wiped the candle over her now stuck out tongue.

At first she cringed a little, then realising it wasnt as pungent or filthy as she'd imagined it would be she relaxed.

She'd become a total cunt juice and anal loving tramp she thought as she lapped at the entire contents on the object that was only minutes ago buried deep inside her anus.

Then she did something even dirtier.

She raised her 2 fingers that had been ass fucking her and soon was lay there sucking them clean.

God how she adored the strong almost earthy taste and soon found herself wanting even more.

Soon she'd get it as she rammed the same 2 fingers back inside her pulsating butt and wriggled them around inside until she knew there'd be plenty on them to feast on.

Within seconds they were out and Jill stared almost in disbelief at just how messy they were.

But not caring the 32 year old simply opened her mouth and soon she was feasting on the shit coated fingers.

She gagged a little at first but as she did she rubbed her clit a little and this bought her hornyness to a whole new level and soon she was gobbling on the musky tasting brown waste in her mouth.

For a few minutes she just lay there motionless with the 2 fingers inside her mouth as she inhaled and drew breath as if to try and savour the taste and the feelings of excitement that had built inside her whole body.

Not until she was satisfied did she release the digits and she saw immediately that they were now spotless.

She eventually calmed down and just lay there on the bed exhausted, but completely satisfied and thrilled at just how much she'd managed to turn herself on.

Tomorrow she thought, i'll try even more....

Breakfast came and passed without much conversation between mother and daughter, except for Carla asking why her mom was walking funny.

Mom knew only too well why she was walking funny but was in no position to tell her 13 year old daughter why and instead simply said she'd obviously been lay funny in the night.

It worked and that was all that mattered and soon the girl was grabbing her bag and making her way out the house to school.

Dont I get a kiss goodbye then?” asked Jill, and soon Carla was pecking her mom on the cheek and waving goodbye from the kitchen door.

No time to waste thought the 32 year old and clearing the dishes from the table and placing them in the sink to soak she made her way upstairs to the security of her bedroom.

Locking the door behind her and closing the curtains she quickly disrobed and was soon rummaging through her bedroom drawers.

Got it” she gasped and in no time the horny mother was kneeling on top of her king size bed.

Smearing her ass with some moisturiser she grabbed hold of what she'd found, a long black double ended rubber dildo.

She had it for years off the women at her old work as a kind of leaving present.

They'd joked that she'd use it all the time but she'd never used it and it had been gathering dust deep in the depths of her bedside cabinet out of her daughters prying eyes.

Soon she thought it's gonna be deep inside the depths of her ass and in no time the 32 year old was feeding it bit by bit inside her lubed up shithole.

She whined at first as it broke through the outer wall and then she almost passed out as she realised just how much she was pushing inside.

It was almost 16 inches long and at least 6 of those were now buried deep inside her twitching asshole.

Still she pushed it in and it wasnt until she felt it hitting the very depths of her cavernous anus that she realised she could push no more.

Almost 8 inches of thick black rubber was now filling her butt hole to breaking point and god was she loving it.

So easy she thought as she realised only the previous evening did she have a virgin butt and she was stunned she could take so much so soon.

Within seconds she was once again pulling and pushing something in and out of her well lubed shitter and soon the filthy 32 year old was gushing again.

Not even needing to touch her pussy Jill just kept on ramming the toy in and out of her ass until another orgasm ripped through her lustful body.

Cunt juice literally bubbling as it spat from her throbbing pussy and still she kept on ass fucking herself.

She needed to see and somehow managing to stand up she hobbled over to the mirror and kneeling down on the floor she got an eye full.

Her butt hole was almost 2 inches wide now with the black rubber toy hanging out of it and Jill climaxed on the spot.

Her legs shook, her heart pounded, her cunt ached, and her asshole purred as the 32 year old knelt on the floor and rammed the fuck toy in and out of her anus as hard and as fast as she could.

Almost toppling over a few times she pounded the thing deeper and harder inside her quivering shitbox until she went wild and pulled out the toy.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could she turned to face the mirror, then in one movement she fed the dildo into her mouth and down her throat.

She climaxed again as she deep throated the fuck toy and although she heaved a few times she kept on feeding more and more into her throat until she felt her eyes start to water and her gag reflex kick in.

Then she did it, she pulled the toy out nice and slow with her mouth closed until she could taste her brown tangy ass waste filling her mouth.

Her cunt almost exploded as the tangy aroma of her abused asshole filled her nostrils and soon Jill was chewing and gnawing at the remnants of her shit on the black rubber dildo.

So aroused was she that she started to slap and spank her cunt as she savoured every bit of filthy ass excrement on the toy.

And when she released the dildo from her mouth she drooled as she saw how shiny and clean it was, all except the very tip that she'd earlier felt hitting the far depths of her shittube.

So, still slapping and smacking her cunt she licked the filth from the dildo and revelled in the pungent delight that was now sticking to her filthy tongue.

Then she swallowed and she felt the brown slimy shit waste run down her throat and into her stomach.

She now knew she was a total shit loving whore and couldnt wait for more.

She knew she needed someone to join her.

She already knew who that would be.......

Jill had seen the advertisement on a local website after being told about it by a good friend of hers Liz, and in no time had rang and booked a room for a couple of nights for Friday and Saturday.

As it was Thursday she had enough time to plan and pack and soon Friday afternoon was here.

Picking her daughter up from school as usual Jill broke the news.

Were having a couple of days away sweetie, thought we could do with a break” and Carla let out a shriek of excitement.

Ahh mom your the best, where we going?”.

Oh its nothing special but a friend of mine told me about this nice quiet Hotel that she'd stayed in and she reckons its the best, so I thought why the heck not?” and the mother smiled as she put the car into gear and started on the 90 minute journey.

Oh and dont worry i've packed pretty much everything you own so you wont run outta clothes” added the grinning 32 year old.

Thats it, your officially the greatest mom in the world” laughed the daughter.

If only you knew thought Jill with a wry smile etched on her face.

The traffic was kind to Jill and Carla and they rolled into the driveway of the Hotel a good ten minutes earlier than anticipated.

Both females grabbed their bags and made their way over to the entrance.

Ok sweetie just remember be polite. No reason not to say please and thank you and dont forget to smile, god gave you the most beautiful of faces so show it off” and Jill flung her free arm around her daughter.

Oh and dont forget i'm your sister” and both started to laugh.

Mom your nuts, but I love you anyway” added Carla grinning and soon both were at the main door to the secluded retreat.

Barely had mom and daughter stepped inside the Hotel when over glided Gina smiling like the cat that'd got the cream.

Well hiya folks you must be Jill and Carla, i'm Gina and this here is my little country getaway. Now just dump your bags over there and we'll soon get you settled in. Now bend over and i'll start the strip search. Naaargh just joking but hey made the young lady smile”.

Sorry mom but youve gotta admit that was funny” grinned Carla and even Jill couldnt hold back a smirk.

Your smiling now sweetie but wait till I tell you i've forgot to pack your undies” and at that Jill burst out laughing.

Oh mom your kidding right?” asked the startled 13 year old.

Sorry baby but hey not to worry not like your gonna be doing any pole dancing and flashing your bits off”.

Well come to think of it thats our usual initiation here” added Gina with a smile on her face. “But hey I promise not to peek” she added laughing. “Now come on let me show you to your room. Usually i'd put you in seperate rooms but were doing a spot of decorating so if you dont mind you'll have to share, hope thats not a problem”.

No none at all” replied Jill. “I expected it to be honest. Anyway i'm too tight to pay for seperate rooms” she added giggling.

Soon Gina was opening the door to the mom and daughters spacious, beautifully decorated quarters.

Oh wow Gina this is stunning isnt it Carla?” said the 32 year old mother.

Sure is yeah” replied the 13 year old and in no time Carla was having a mooch round the room.

Well its all yours girls for a couple of days so enjoy yourselves and if theres anything you need, anything at all just gimme a yell. I'm usually faffing about down stairs but if you cant see me just shout and i'll come a running. We'll maybe walking as i'm too lazy to run” joked the Hotel owner and in no time Gina was leaving the room. “Oh and before I go my friends Liz and Carol are staying too so dont be alarmed if you see them hovering about the place, theyve kinda moved in I think” added Gina laughing. “Have fun now and see you later maybe” and soon mother and daughter were alone in the room.

Mom this is brillaint, our own room, our own monster bed, a massive bathroom, its just fab”.

Yeah its great alright, just sorry about your undies sweetie but you know me? Always forgetting summat”.

Hey its cool mom, just a shame I wont be able to wear my favourite short skirt thats all”.

Why cant you sweetie? I mean no ones gonna see anything”.

Mom, it is short remember?” added the 13 year old.

Dont be daft baby, its the same length as mine and you cant see anything of me can you?”.

Yeah I know mom but dont forget I dont have any panties to wear under it. I mean would you wear yours without anything on underneath?”.

Never really thought of it that way baby but why not? I mean not like any men are here to see anything anyway”.

Yeah but what if I saw? Or Gina? Or you saw me?” enquired the 13 year old.

Well it doesnt matter sweetie, we all look the same I guess so whats to worry about? Unless you'd feel bad if you saw my bits which I totally understand”.

Errr no idea mom, never seen your thingy before so i'm not sure” replied the fidgetting school girl.

Ok baby I understand. Tell you what you sit down and let me put my skirt on and if you can see anything let me know ok?” and Carla nodded.

Dont fret baby i'll go in the bathroom and change so you dont get an eyeful” and Jill giggled and so did her daughter.

Maybe 5 minutes passed when Jill finally emerged from the other room. Standing there in her tight silk blouse and short grey skirt the slightly chubby woman looked stunning.

Wow mom you look fab, I mean really fab”.

Ahhhh thanks baby, bit tubby though arent I?”.

Noooo mom you look brilliant honestly. Dad mustve been mad to leave you for that other woman”.

Awww sweetie thats so lovely. But hey you know men? Theyre never happy” added Jill smiling at her daughter. “So cant see anything under it can you?”.

No mom cant see a thing”.

Phew thats good cause mom needs a trim” added Jill laughing.

Oh mom your bonkers” laughed Carla obviously feeling more at ease.

Well I do baby. I mean you wait till you get older you'll be sick n tired of getting the lawnmower out and trimming the grass”.

Oh mom thats sick” giggled the 13 year old.

Well its true sweetie, I mean every week you'll have to do it unless you want yours looking like a farmers field”.

Does it grow that fast then mom? I mean I dont know cus mine aint grown any yet”.

Wow your lucky then sweetie, I mean they look so much nicer when theyre hairless so think yourself lucky”.

Gina Liz and Carol just sat glued to the screen downstairs evesdropping on the conversation in the bedroom upstairs.

I do wish mine would grow though mom, some of the girls at school have hairs already and I feel kinda odd that I dont”.

Hey baby trust me a womans pussy looks incredible when its shaved or hairless and men seem to think so too. Just dont tell anyone I said that” added the 32 year old laughing.

Now you cant see anything when I sit down can you?” and at that Jill dropped herself onto the corner of the bed and spread her legs a little.

Errr I cant see your bits mom but can see the top of your legs”.

Its ok baby you can say pussy you know? Now how about if I open my legs a little more?” and at that Jill spread her legs a bit wider.

Carla didnt need to answer as the look on her face said it all and Jill knew her daughter was now looking at her cunt.

Can you see anything baby?” she asked again.

Errr yes mom I can now” replied the nervous 13 year old.

Oh right, and what can you see sweetie?”.

Errrm I can see your pussy mom” replied Carla nervously.

Ohhh right sweetie. Never mind though its only a pussy, and hey told you it needs a trim” added Jill giggling.

Liz gulped at the monitor as she saw her old friends hairy cunt for the first time and immediately she felt her own cunt start to twitch. “I knew she was a dirty fucker” Liz said as she felt Carols hand slide under her skirt and start to rub at her slit.

Gina just sat their feeling her own cunt up as all three women watched and listened on.

Dont think I should wear this skirt then baby if you can see mommys hairy cunt do you? I mean hairy pussy, oops”.

Is that another name for it then mom? I mean all ive ever heard it called is a vagina and a pussy but nothing else” asked the 13 year old girl.

Well yes sweetie but cunt is a more grown up word and not one to get using as a lot of people frown upon it. I mean its ok me and you saying it together but dont use it anywhere else or you might get into trouble”.

Ok then mom I get ya”.

So think I should go shave my cunt then sweetie?” asked Jill feeling her pussy start to tingle.

Errr I guess so mom if you reckon they look better hairless” replied Carla.

Oh sweetie cunts always look so much better without hairs. I mean I bet yours looks incredible, especially as youve got a fantastic body to go with it. In fact I bet you'll have loadsa men after you in no time”.

Really mom? I mean you not just saying that are you?”.

Oh baby just look at yourself in the mirror, your absolutely stunning. I mean heck girl your incredibly sexy already. Just dont let on youve got a hairless cunt or everyone will be after you” and Jill smiled.

Wow mom I never knew, but then again I dont know that much to be honest”.

Hey thats fine baby, we've all gotta learn sometime and if your own mom cant help you then who can? I mean if your not embarrassed about me teaching you things?”.

No mom i'd rather you did than someone else”.

Well then, lesson number one” and at that Jill and Carla both laughed.

Gina Liz and Carol werent laughing, in fact Liz was panting as she felt Carols fingers reaming their way inside her pulsating shitter while she watched Gina sat next to her frigging her now swollen cunt.

So wet were Ginas fingers that she kept wiping them on Lizs face and that turned the 40 year old lesbian on ever more and soon Liz felt herself begging Carol to finger the shit out of her gaping shittube.

Back upstairs Jill was getting ready for some fun of her own, and with her daughters help she hoped.

Ok baby, well youve seen my cunt under my skirt so I guess theres no need for me to be shy anymore” and at that Jill undid the zipper on the side and slid the short skirt down her legs and onto the floor.

Soon she was sat on the edge of the bed with only her blouse on.

Carla gasped as she saw her mothers lower half for the first time properly and almost fell over in shock as Jill spread her legs a little to show off her already swollen cunt lips.

See no different to yours I bet sweetie” said Jill feeling her clit start to tingle.

Errr well I kinda guess so” replied 13 year old Carla who was now almost trembling.

Well except I bet your just looks stunning compared to my wrinkly old thing” added Jill.

Ive no idea mom” replied Carla “never really looked at mine to be honest”.

Oh right I understand baby, so dont you ever touch yourself? I mean dont you ever play with your cunt and make it tingle?” added the 32 year old.

Play with it? Errr no mom, dont know what that is”.

Oh thats ok baby but boy are you missing out on some real excitement”.

Gina was so turned on by now that Liz had the Hotel owners cunt juice smeared all over her face, and Carol was about to add something else to it. Scraping her fingers inside Liz shithole Carol raised her hand and wiped Lizs scat all over her face and started to mix it with Ginas creamy slimy pussy cream.

Now just you leave that filthy shitty cum on your sexy face baby” Carol said grinning, “you need even more to make you look even dirtier than you already do” and at that Carol lay Liz down on the floor. “Now my sexy girlfriend get ready for a real facial” and lifting her skirt up Carol lowered her butt onto Lizs face and pushed.

In mere seconds shit was spitting its way from her 40 year old shit hole and splattering onto Lizs cheeks. Hot slimy light brown shit was coating her face as Carol forced as much filth from her puckered butt hole as she possibly could.

Seeing this had Gina drooling and soon the Hotel owner was stripped naked lowering herself down onto Lizs face too.

Move Carol its my turn to coat this filthy cunts face” and soon Ginas asshole started to pucker open. Then in no time out oozed the thickest darkest link of shit imaginable. It just kept on oozing out inch by inch and to all 3 womens amazement didnt snap off. More Gina pushed and more the rancid looking length of scat squeazed out until almost 6 inches hung in front of Lizs already shit smeared face.

Break it off Carol and wipe it over your lovers cheeks, I wanna see my turd coating her sexy filthy fucking face” Gina ordered and in no time Carol had her hand wrapped around the filthy steaming turd and was tugging on it. It broke off and within a second it was being wiped all over scat whore Lizs head. In her hair, on her neck, over her cheeks and Carol even poked her fingers into Lizs nostrils until all that was left were a few tiny chunks of scat on the palm of her hand.

This Carol lapped at until she got the remnants of Ginas shit in her mouth.

Liz was covered in shit and the shit loving filthy cunt loved it.

Oh sweetie its the best feeling ever trust me. Tell you what you want me to show you what to do?” asked Jill licking her lips.

Errr ok mom if you really think i'll like it?” replied Carla.

Oh baby you'll love it but remember we best keep this to ourselves” and the 13 year old just nodded.

Ok then baby well your gonna have to take your clothes off as I cant show you while your dressed now can I? But hey nothing to be worried about afterall like I said your sure to look incredible” and at that Jill undid the buttons on the side of Carlas school skirt. “Almost there sweetie” added Jill as she slid the 13 year olds pleated skirt down to her ankles. “Wow sweetie your legs are amazing, boy the lads will soon be swarming after you your a real stunner” and at that Jill noticed Carla smiling. “Now lets get rid of these panties and we'll soon have you ready” and at that Jill eased down her daughters undies.

Jill almost fainted when she saw Carlas hairless cunt only inches from her face and not wanting to miss a trick she made her daughter realise just how good she looked. “Oh wow Carla I was right, your cunts gorgeous sweetie and so much sexier than mine. Oh baby you should be so proud its incredible” and hearing those words Carla giggled.

Really mom? You really think so?”.

Oh heck yeah baby your cunts awesome. I mean your pussy is the same size and shape as a grown womans just look at it” and Carla did. Bending her head the standing school girl stared and admired her naked bottom half. “See baby? Now look at mine and tell me what difference there is” and soon the 13 year old was gazing at her mothers slit.

Your right mom there the same” beamed the girl.

Told ya baby. In fact I best not call you baby anymore I best start calling you Miss” and Jill smiled, so did Carla who was now looking as proud as punch.

Now how about I show you how to make that sexy cunt of yours gush?”.

Errr ok mom I guess so” replied the 13 year old.

Ok baby now come and lie on the bed next to me and close your eyes. Now dont you worry I promise your gonna love this even though it might feel a bit strange at first” and in no time Carla was lay on her back on the bed. “Hang on moms tops cutting into her let me just take it off” and soon Jill was totally naked next to her daughter.

Carla looked across and all she could see were two huge saggy tits swinging right infront of her face.

Jill looked down and could see her daughters cunt start to quiver and she knew it was time to make her move.

Ok baby now just relax and in no time that sexy gorgeous grown up cunt of yours is soon gonna be on fire” and without any warning Jill licked a finger and ran it down the length of Carla piss slit.

Carlas whole body rocked as Jill did it again, and then again until the 32 year old saw her daughters cunt lips start to open.

Mmmm thats it sweetie, its starting, now just go with the flow and enjoy it” and at that Jill started to rub where Carlas immature clit is.

Ooooo mommy that tingles” whimpered the 13 year old as Jill rubbed the bud a little faster.

Ooooo mom wow, ohhh wow” whimpered the girl again.

Thats it sweetie your doing it. Now hold on tight and watch what mommy does now” and Carla looked up to see Jill sliding a finger inside her own 32 year old cunt and then after a few seconds she removed it. Then almost immediately she used the wet sticky finger and eased it inside her daughters twitching cunt.

Carla flinched and bucked at first but Jill didnt stop, instead she kept on pushing the finger inside until Carla literally squealed as her moms finger dissapeared from sight inside the 13 year olds quivering piss slit.

Thats it baby, oh yeah thats it. Now get ready for some real excitement” and soon Carlas eyes bulged as she felt her moms finger start to wriggle about inside her and in no time the 13 year old felt herself start to get very very wet.

Ohhhh now your doing it baby, oh yeah now your doing it” and almost without thinking Jill lent over and ran her tongue over her daughters clit.

Carla screamed as she felt her cunt start to convulse and within seconds the 13 year old was having her very first orgasm.

Ohhhh mom jeeees, oh wow mom, ooooooo mom whats happening?”.

Jill didnt answer instead she started to lap at her daughters clit and then slowly removing her finger she slid her tongue deep inside her daughters slimy slit and soon she was tongue fucking her baby girl.

Carla was in heaven and soon the 13 year old was moving her hips in unison with her mothers tongueing.

Then what happened almost blew 13 year old Carlas mind.

Jill started to frig her own cunt and soon the horny 32 year old was climaxing herself, and not wanting to stop her daughters lesson Jill went in for the kill.

She raised her cummy fingers and wiped them over her daughters lips until they were coated with her love juice.

Carla was in no state to object as she was too busy revelling in her moms tongueing and instead the 13 year old just lay there with her hips gyrating and her cunt dribbling.

Jill was in erotic extacy and she decided to push the boundaries even further, so with her tongue still lapping at her daughters cunt she slid a finger under Carla and started to run it over the girls butt.

This made Carla yelp but Jill didnt let up, and even Jill was amazed at what she did next. Burying her face even harder into her daughters soggy cunt Jill ran her finger over the rim of her daughters shit hole until it found the centre of the tiny entrance, then the 32 year old eased the tip inside until she felt her daughters whole body buck and shake.

Carla squealed and tried to break free but Jill was just too strong, and too horny and instead the 32 year old pushed her finger all the way inside in one movement.

Carla screamed but still Jill continued to tongue fuck her baby girl while her finger was buried deep inside the 13 year olds clenched shitter.

Jill continued licking and sucking her daughters cunt until she heard Carla moaning and groaning and the 32 year old knew her girl was climaxing yet again, only this time even harder than before. And without a care in the world Jill turned her daughter over and in a split second was licking around the rim of the girls scat hole while playing with the girls cunt.

Carol and Gina just stared at Lizs shit covered face and drooled.

Piss on me your fucking cunts” screamed Liz as Gina sat poking 2 fingers inside Lizs cunt.

Carol was busy fingering Lizs ass and this was obviously turning Liz on even more than ever.

I said fuckin piss on me you bastards” begged Liz and soon Carol stood up.

In no time her cunt lips were spread apart and then came the gush.

Hot yellow pee sprayed from the 40 year olds piss slit and was soon splashing on Lizs body.

In my fuckin mouth, piss in my fucking mouth you dirty cunt” pleaded Liz and soon she got her wish.

Stooping, Carol aimed her jet of pungent piss into her lovers mouth and Liz was soon gagging on the rancid smelling waste bubbling from her lesbian lovers cunt.

Mouth wide open Liz gulped down the yellow pee and Gina just watched in awe as the 40 year old swallowed all she was given.

Gina had other ideas though and spreading Lizs cunt wide open she started to play with Lizs urethra. Flicking it, rubbing it, and then to Lizs amazement Gina poked her little finger into it.

Liz screamed out loud as Ginas finger slid even further inside the piss tube until Liz felt herself needing to piss.

Gagging on the remains of Carols piss, and with shit still covering her entire face Liz shouted “drink me you cunt” and soon Ginas head was on top of her cunt and Liz was pissing into the Hotel owners waiting mouth.

Oooooo fuck yeah, drink it you cunt and finger my ass you fucking filthy slut” she screamed and soon she felt 2 of Ginas fingers deep inside her shittube. “Ohhhhh yeah” she garbled as she swallowed the last few trickles of Carols pee “fucking drink my pee you dirty cunt and make my fucking ass bleed”.

Carla was now soaking wet and her immature cunt was ready to explode when she felt her butt spasm. Jill was now tongueing her daughters ass and Carla was squealing. Whether in pain or in lust, or in both she didnt know or care as the 32 year old continued to abuse her daughters shitter with her filthy tongue.

Ohhhh mom” screamed Carla “i cant hold it” and soon Jill felt something warm and sticky on the tip of her tongue.

Mmmmm yeah thats it baby” she somehow managed to say without breaking her grip on her daughters butt and within seconds she felt her daughters butt hole gape open even more.

Then it happened.

Poor 13 year old Carla lost all control and started to shit. Hardly surprising as her mom had just been fingering and tongueing her ass, and in seconds Jill felt her daughters ass waste spitting into her mouth.

Jill didnt flinch as Carlas bowels totally let go and soon Jills mouth was being filled with rancid putrid brown waste and the 32 year old loved it.

So much so that Jill reached under herself and soon had 2 fingers bludgening their way inside her own scat pipe.

Still Carla climaxed and still she continued to shit as Jill reamed her fingers inside her own brown hole.

Then, filthy disgusting Jill did something she'd never forget. She pulled her fingers from her ass and reaching up she wiped the shitty digits over her climaxing daughters mouth.

Carla gagged and spat but Jill didnt stop and instead she pushed the shit stained fingers into her daughters mouth.

Carlas cunt was now on fire and the 13 year old climaxed yet again even with her moms scatty fingers deep in her mouth.

Jill just kept sucking on her daughters shit spitting ass until Carla eventually stopped spraying scat from it and then filthy bastard Jill acted.

Still with a finger inside her daughters battered pussy Jill sat up and moved her face towards her daughters. Then in a moment of unadulterated lust Jill kissed Carla and Carla heaved as she felt her mom spit shit onto her 13 year old lips.

Jill didnt stop tho and continued kissing her daughter all the time dribbling slimy brown ass waste over her daughters lips and face.

Carla kept gagging and trying to break free but the more she did the more Jills fingers worked their magic on the 13 year olds cunt and Carla got even wetter.

Come on now baby, kiss mommy like a real adult would” and to Jills astonishment her daughter did.

Opening her mouth a little and pushing out her tongue Carla felt her moms mouth on hers, and in no time mother and daughter were kissing open mouthed and soon the waste that was once only in Jills mouth was being shared with Carlas.

Slimy, sticky, smelly scat was now being swapped between mouths as the 2 females kissed.

Meanwhile Liz could feel the shit on her face starting to dry, and soon she was ordering her lover and Gina down to feast on it.

Gina was first to get a taste of the putrid disgusting mess, and then Carol joined in until both women were furiously licking Lizs face clean.

Now n then stopping only to french kiss shit faced Liz and to spit chunks of drying scat down the 40 year olds throat.

Mom n daughter were meanwhile doing their own shit swapping upstairs and soon both were having the insides of their mouths coated with excrement.

Jill was hornier than ever now and had an idea.

So, sitting up she told Carla what to do and in no time Carla had a dildo in her hand that Jill had reached over and grabbed from her bag.

Then, kneeling on the bed and spreading her legs Jill nodded for her daughter to start.

Gently at first the nervous teen eased the tip of the huge double ender inside her mothers ass, then a bit more, and more, until mom was begging for as much as possible.

No sooner as she started begging Carla was ramming the toy in and out of her mothers shitter like a pro.

More and more the 13 year old seemed to force inside until Jill couldnt take any more, then to Carlas amazement Jill told her to push some inside her own virgin 13 year old cunt.

Carla was still incredibly wet and soon she was easing the very tip inside her cunt while at least 8 inches were still buried inside her mothers ass, then as Jill turned around she saw her daughter flinch, and then at least 2 inches dissapear inside the 13 year old love tunnel.

Ohhhhh baby baby baby wow” screamed Jill in delight. “Ooooo Carla now you are a big girl” and hearing that kinda spurred the youngster on even more and within no time at least another inch invaded her 13 year olds cunt.

Soon both mother and daughter were double fucking theirselves with the monster rubber cock and soon both were climaxing yet again.

It wasnt long before both were totally exhausted and they literally collapsed together in a heap on the bed.

Then removing the fuck toy Jill winked at her daughter.

This is what we do now sweetie” and soon Jill had her tongue out and was greedily lapping at the stained dildo.

Come on sweetie you know what it tastes like by now so come and help mommy clean this ass and cunt filler” and to her shock and surprise Carla was soon copying her mother and lapping at the foul looking black rubber dildo.

Both mother and daughter spent the next 5 minutes polishing the toy with their tongues before once again collapsing on the bed in total bliss.

What other perverted secrets would this Hotel have in store?

No one knew, but Jill had a few more things she wanted to try out, and one of those was down stairs licking shit off Lizs face.


9 oclock the time read as Jill and Carla made their way into the reception area of the Hotel.

Sat at their usual table were Carol Liz and Gina.

All 3 stared in almost disbelief as they saw mom and daughter wearing tight blouses and the shortest of skirts and Gina remembered about Carlas lack of underwear and the Hotel owner literally dibbled.

And dont you 2 looks like the dogs dinner?” the Hotel owner said smiling. “Now this is Liz and her girlfriend Carol”.

Girlfriend?” asked Carla almost unsure she'd heard right.

Yes hunny” replied Gina. “Theyre lovers and my 2 best friends so no taking the piss out of them just because theyre lesbians” and Gina winked at the 13 year old. “Anyway nothing wrong with a bit of same sex fun if you ask me?” added the owner. “So you 2 settling in ok?” she added.

Yes fine thanks” replied the mother.

Yes I love it here” added the teenager.

Goody goody” replied Gina. “So you 2 been upto anything exciting upstairs then?”.

Errr no not really” replied Jill fidgetting in her seat. Carla said nothing and just stared at the floor.

Ohhh right like that is it?” joked Gina. “I bet youve been upto no good at all” she added smiling. “Well all I can say is good for you 2. I mean this is a country retreat, a place to relax, experiment, have fun and just do anything your heart desires. And whatever happens here goes no further. Hell this is where Liz and Carol finally got together and now you need a metal bar to prize em off each other” and Gina smiled again. “Anyway none of my nosey business so you 2 do absolutely anything you like, your secrets safe with us isnt it girls?” and at that Liz and Carol both nodded.

Well thanks Gina” added Jill nervously “but some things are best not said out loud if you know what I mean?”.

Oh heck hun nothing you could tell us would freak us out at all. Anyway if your shy and dont want to say anything thats fine, but please remember the walls here are thin and anyone walking past your room can hear exactly whats going on without really trying” and Gina sat back in her seat again smiling.

Jill and Carla werent smiling, in fact they were frozen in their seats, unable to move or speak as the reality of what Gina had just said hit home.

See? Told you nothing would freak us out didnt I?” added the owner now sitting forward.

Yes Jill we dont mind one bit that you and Carla have been experimenting upstairs” added Carol.

I agree” added Liz. “In fact I think its awesome that a mother and daughter can get so close and intimate together. Only wish my mother wouldve done the same with me. Your a lucky girl Carla and what you and your mom did earlier is only the beginning of your sexual education. In fact if you 2 need any advice or pointers, especially when it comes to shit fun were the ones to see. Oh yeah, you heard right, we know and do everything together dont we girls?” said Liz licking her lips.

Jill still didnt know what to say and felt herself going redder and redder all the time.

Relax Jill what you showed your daughter is wonderful, in fact we were all jealous when we heard you 2 at it werent we girls?” said Carol.

Hell yeah” replied Gina. “I wanted to break the door down and come join in myself but these 2 held me back”.

And Carla from what I could hear you were just incredible and nothing like a girl, definitely like a real woman. So tell us, did you enjoy shitting in your moms mouth?” asked Liz grinning. “Its ok honest baby we 3 do it all the time” and at that Jill felt less anxious.

You do?” asked the 13 year old.

Hell yeah weve been doing it ever since we knew you 2 were at it this evening. In fact Liz there had a load smeared over her face. You could hardly see who it was until me and Carol licked her clean”.

Holy fuck” exclaimed Jill. “I'd never have known. I mean your normal looking women”.

And you and Carla are a normal looking mother and daughter so whats to worry about?” giggled Ginas response. “And trust me anytime you 2 want an extra just let me know cus i'd be only too happy to satisfy either of your filthiest desires. And I mean i'll do absolutely anything” and Gina winked at Jill.

Anything? I mean anything?” asked Jill who was now sitting forward in her seat.

Oh yes hunny, i'm a filthy cunt and I specialise in disgusting and filthy. Shit eating, piss drinking, ass sucking, cunt licking, cum swallowing, and even cunt and ass extreme stretching. Nothing nicer than feeling both my holes ripped apart to their limits and having them filled with anything and everything”.

Oh my god” gasped 13 year old Carla. “Ive never even heard of half of that stuff”.

I guess not hunny” added Carol. “But if your mom doesnt mind i'm sure aunty Gina will be only too happy to show you, in fact I bet she'd love you to help too wouldnt you Gina?”.

Oh yeah hun, i'd love a 13 year olds help but only if Jills ok with it”.

Jills cunt was bubbling just at the thought of it and from the look of lust in Carlas eyes so was her daughters.

So you up for some fun then Carla?” asked Liz.

Ohhhhhh yeah please, can I mom?” and Jill could only nod and lick her lips.

Ok then hunny” added Liz. “ Why not just rip Ginas skirt down and ram your fist in her ass? She fucking loves that and if you make it hurt she'll love it even more” and without flinching the 13 year old tore off Ginas skirt and knickers and was staring at the Hotel owners bare butt.

Now fist her ass hunnie” giggled Carol.

Go on baby fist it” added Jill and soon Ginas butt hole was being invaded by a 13 year old girls fist.

Yeah thats its hun” added Carol. “Ram it in hard and deep she'll fucking love it and in no time Carla was grinding her clenched fist deep inside Ginas chubby butt.

Oh fuck yeah thats it baby” screamed Gina. “Ram it in as hard and as deep as you can. Go on sweetie try and rip my shitter open” and at that Jill grabbed her daughters arm and started to push it inside harder and faster.

Gina squealed like a pig as she felt her asshole splitting around the edges and soon Liz saw traces of blood forming on the rim of Ginas shit tube.

Yeah thats it, rip her fucking ass to shreds” screamed Carol as she stared at Ginas now sore looking scat pipe.

Ohhhhhhh mother fucker” gasped Gina as she felt her bowels giving in. “Mother fucking hell yeah” she gasped again. “Oooooo fucking bastards do it, fucking do it, make me fucking cry” and soon Lizs hand was next to jills and pushing young Carlas fist even harder inside the Hotel owners butt hole.

Gina finally gave in, and withing seconds her bowels collapsed and in no time the owner was spitting creamy shit all over the 13 year olds clenched fist.

Carla went to stop but Jill and Liz forced her slimy hand inside more and more, and more and more Gina kept on shitting, spraying her foul rancid waste up and over the teenagers lower arm.

Yeah thats it girls, thats what the filthy cunt likes. Now fuck that rancid shit back inside her asshole with Carlas hand. Thats it, fist it back inside and make the slut scream” egged on Carol and soon Gina felt the teens fist inside even deeper.

Jill looked at her daughter and Carla was actually smiling.

You ok baby?” the mother asked and all the 13 year old could do was smile open mouthed and stare as Ginas scat coated her lower arm.

Then what happened stunned all the adults as Carla spoke.

Come on then filthy cunt lick my shitty hand and arm clean like the dirty bastard you are”.

And in no time Gina was feasting on the rancid retched filth on the childs arm.

Lick it all up you filthy fucking cunt” screamed Carla and Liz Jill and Carol just stepped back and admired the 13 year olds bravery.

They also admired how Gina fevourishly consumed the earthy slimy mess that was only minutes ago deep inside her bowels.

Oh god Jill thought, wait till I get Carla back to the room.

She can do the same to me..................