Colorado Panty Girl Adventures


Hi my name is Jen and I'm a 42 year old divorced mother of a wonderful 14 year old daughter the following is my story. I hope you all enjoy and I would love to hear comments and questions you can email me at

This all started when I was at the tender age of 5. I was in my parent's church version of the Brownies (part of the Girl Scouts) we were called Daisy's. One night at Daisy's our leader let us out early and told us to go to the playground on the church grounds and wait for our parents to get out.

As we were walking to the playground as we had been told to do my best friend at the time whose name I don't remember. I feel horrible about not remembering her name since she changed my life with this incident.

As we walked to the playground she said "Jen I want to show you something."

I said "Ok great, what is it?"

She said "Not here, follow me."

So I did and she led me over behind the church where no one could see us.

She turned to me and said "Jen I like you ALOT."

I said "Well I like you too."

She said "I want to SHOW you how much I like you but I want you to close your eyes first."


I did as I was told and closed my eyes and waited, I heard the sound of clothes rustling and then I heard "Ok Jen you can open your eyes." I opened my eyes and there she was with her little yellow daisy uniform dressed hiked up to her waist. Showing her white panties with yellow flowers. She proceeded to do a 360 turn for me. I didn't know what to say or do I mean I had seen my Mom in her undies but that was different she had never made it a point to show them to me. So I was just kind of stunned and shocked by this and not sure what to do so I just stood there and smiled.

She smiled and said "Do you like me to Jen?"

I didn't know what to say I just nervously nodded and continued smiling.

She said "Show me Jen."

I was nervous that I would get caught so I looked around to make sure no one would see me knowing if I got caught my parents would spank me for sure. I then pulled up my uniform dress and wouldn't you know it I was wearing the EXACT SAME panties as her. She smiled when she saw that. I then did what she had done and did a 360 turn.

She gave me a big hug and a kiss and said "I knew you liked me too." Both of our dresses still around our waists. I wrapped my arms around her too and we just held each other for awhile. Not sure how long but then we heard the sound of church letting out and we let go of each other pulled our dresses back down and ran for the playground and joined our friends.

My parents came and got me and we went to the grocery store to pick up a pie and a gallon of milk. My mom let me know we were having company. We got home and there was a car in front of our house. When we pulled up my friend and her parents got out of the car. I couldn't have been more excited. We ate our cherry pie and drank our milk (doesn't get much more Freudian than that.) So after her and I finished I asked my Mom if her and I could go to my room and play for a little bit. My Mom said that was fine and to have fun. If she only knew what had happened just a little earlier I don't think she would have been so eager to send us off like that.

We go to my room and it started off innocently enough with us playing with my Barbie's

She started by hiking up her dress and saying "I like you Jen."

I hiked up my dress and said "I like you too." We then went back to playing Barbie's and every few minutes we would stop and hike up our dresses and inform each other how we felt. Well as time went on the Barbie playing got less and the showing got more. Next thing I know we have our dresses totally off and we are on my bed on our knees in our panties and socks holding each other and kissing. My parents and her parents caught us and we got in MAJOR trouble. We both got spanked we both got grounded. Which at that age meant no cartoons for the rest of the week. Also my Mom lectured me every chance she got about how what I had done was wrong and bad. When Sunday came around I got lectured on the way to church one more time and was told I was GOING TO apologize to my friend AND her Parents for my "Bad Behavior." Turns out my friend had gotten the same lecture so we both HAD to apologize and then we got escorted to Daisy's by our Mom's who told our leader what we had done and further to keep us apart. Well that lasted about 3 weeks at which time our leader either forgot or just didn't care and let us go early and told us to go to the playground. We didn't we went to her Parent's van and got in. We told each other how much we had missed each other and yanked our dresses off revealing my white panties with pink flowers and her white panties with blue flowers. We laid down on the van floor and held each other and kissed until we heard the sounds of church letting out so we got dressed QUICKLY and ran for the playground where we were supposed to be. Well this continued for a year. Then that fateful day came, my friend let me know this was going to be our last Sunday together. Her Dad had gotten a new job and they were moving away. So we ditched Daisy's and spent the evening in her parents van we stripped ALL THE WAY DOWN TO OUR PANTIES. We both wore white with yellow flowers again by coincidence. We had about 2 hours to ourselves and we didn't waste a second of it we kissed and touched and talked and had the time of our lives and just got caught up in the moment. We got caught but we didn't care.

Her Dad started taking his belt off saying "Damn it what did we tell you about that?"

Her Mom stopped him and said "Honey they are never going to see each other again let's cut them a break this one time." Then she turned to us and said "Time to say your goodbye's girls you've got 5 minutes." We tearfully and slowly kissed 3 more times and SLOWLY got dressed and said one last goodbye. Her Mom literally had to pry us apart we didn't want to let go. I cried for the next 4 days straight. I didn't have an intimate relationship with another girl for a year not for lack of trying. But then I met Darnell, Shelley, and Vienna. But I'll save that for the next chapter.