Colorado Panty Girl Adventures Part 2

This part is about a year after Part 1. I had tried as hard as I could to seduce another girl the way I had been by that girl from church but had no luck what so ever. I got yelled at I got threatened with being told on I lost a few friends but I wanted so badly to feel that intimacy again. Then finally it happened. I was hanging out with my friends Vienna, Darnell, and Shelley at Vienna's house one day after school. We were doing our home work and talking just normal stuff. Both of Vienna's Parents worked so we were alone. We finished our homework and we were all bored. Well Vienna said she had something to show us. I was HOPING for some panty play but based on what I'd been through over the past year I was doubtful. So Vienna led us all to her bedroom and we all wanted to know what it was she had in mind.

Vienna said "Wait right here (in the doorway of her room)" So we did as we were told Vienna made her way to the corner behind her dresser and out of our eye sight. She popped out about a minute later and jumped on her bed wearing nothing but her glasses a BIG smile and her white panties with blue flowers and blue horse shoes on them. Which got 3 VERY individual responses.

I smiled VERY big and said "WOW." I almost started undressing too but I wanted to see what my other 2 friends thought of the fashion show.

Darnell looked VERY confused like she wasn't sure if she should like this or not and said "Vienna what are you doing?"

Vienna said "come on join me it's fun to hang out in panties."

Shelley for some unknown reason got all upset and started threatening to leave and tell Vienna's parents if she didn't get dressed. Darnell looked at me with the what should we do look. I could see in her eyes she wanted to but didn't want to lose 2 friends in the process either. I shrugged my shoulders and pulled my shirt off. That was all Darnell needed to see and she started kicking her shoes and socks off.

That sent Shelley right over the edge and she screamed "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THREE?" Then she stomped off and we followed her in our various states of undress. Between the 3 of us we explained that no one would believe her over the 3 of us and did she really want to lose 3 friends over something so silly.

I said "Shelley we're just showing our undies to each other it's not a big deal and none of us are going to say anything to anyone about any of this it's OUR secret."

Between the 3 of us we got her to calm down and realize that this is just some friends having fun. She agreed to stay and even join in the fun. We went back to Vienna's bedroom and one by one we finished undressing. Darnell went first stripping to her white panties with blue flowers. Then it was my turn and I stripped down to my white ones with pink flowers. Vienna and Darnell were laying on Vienna's bed watching as I had taken my turn. I joined them and we all looked at Shelley. Shelley was a bit hesitant and nervous and we reassured her that it was just us and we wouldn't tell on her.

Shelley asked "What if we get caught?"

Vienna said "Don't worry my parents won't be home for another couple of hours."

Shelley said "Ok." and VERY slowly started undressing she was a nervous wreck. She finally got down to her white panties with yellow flowers and glasses and joined us on the bed. We all just layed there for a few minutes looking at each other with that ok now what look on our faces.

Darnell said "Wow we have our own private panty club."

Vienna said "Yeah the After School Panty Club of America."

I said "Well if it's a club we should have an initiation for everyone to pass to get in to the club." We all agreed that the 4 of us founding members should come up with a part of the initiation.

We all looked at Vienna and said it's your house you have to decide what part 1 is.

Vienna thought about it for a moment and said "Ok one at a time we have to get up and model our panties for each other including turn around so we can all see all of your panties."

We all took turns doing that for each other while the other 3 laid on the bed watching and enjoying the show. After we had all taken turn Vienna turned to Darnell and said "You're up what's part 2?"

Darnell said "Hmmmm" and thought for a few moments and said "You stole my idea so I'm going to say let's all hug each other." So we coupled up and it was more holding each other than hugging. Vienna and Darnell were a couple and Shelley and I coupled up first. We all rotated through until everyone had held everyone. Each holding session was 5 or 10 minutes. It was very sweet and romantic and special and we all enjoyed it so much.

After that Darnell said as she flopped on to the bed with Vienna "Your turn Jen."

I wasn't sure what to say since they had both used up my experiences with lesbian love at that point. Finally after thinking for a few minutes I said "Let's kiss each other's panties ALL OVER." Again we coupled up and 2 of us stood while 2 of us were on our knees kissing the panties of which ever girl was in front of us. We all rotated through until we had kissed all 3 other girls panties. Then as I lay down on the bed with Darnell and Vienna I said "Ok Shell good luck with coming up with something."

We all giggled at that. Then Shelley asked "What would your Mom's and Dad's do if they caught you doing this nasty stuff?" We all agreed that spankings would be passed out all around. So Shelley said "That's what we should do save our parents the trouble."

Vienna immediately objected and said "No way spankings hurt and are NOT fun I don't like that idea at all." Darnell and I agreed with that.

Shelley countered with "How about play spankings? You know not hard?"

I said "I'm ok with that as long as it doesn't hurt." Vienna and Darnell agreed to that so again we all paired up and took turns giving each other play spankings and rotated through until everyone had spanked everyone. Then we heard the garage door opening and knew Vienna's Mom was home so we VERY quickly got dressed and agreed we'd have our next club meeting at Darnell's house the next day. To Be Continued.