Ever Reddness
By Chris Katchki (crudezoner464@yahoo.com)

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Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning and went into the living room to watch TV. I picked up the tape of the show I had wanted to watch the night before, but I was too caught up in bad feelings so I told Uncle Kakoe to record it. I popped it in and the phone rang. I paused the movie and I went to pick it up. It was Georgette, should I answer it or not? I chose not and waited for the answering machine to pick up.

Hi you've reached the Avon's house. Obviously none of us are here to pick up the phone or we'd have done it by now. So leave a message for Me (Kakoe) or Jordin or Sam.

I heard the beep and waited for the message.

"Hi, Jordin it's me Georgette. I know you're upset with me right now but I really want to spend time with you before I have to move so call me back when you can and-" I snatched up the phone brought it to my ear so fast the collision hurt my ear and I had to put the phone on my other one.

"George?" I asked and waited for her voice to come through my ear. I heard nothing for a very long time then someone on the other side sobbed.

"You hate me enough to ignore my calls?" she said. Audibly crying.

"No I was in the shower." I lied.

"Oh, ok. I thought you were really mad at me." she said her crying beginning to cease. "So do you want to do something today." she asked hopefully.

"Sure what do you want to do?" I asked and sauntered back into the living room. I sat on the couch and went to turn the movie back on when I heard an shuffling from the other room. Whispers were being passed and something thudded to the ground. I heard a few noisy stomps and my brothers door opened I could hear it. I turned towards the hallway and waited for someone to come down the Hall.

"Jordin? Are you listening to me?" Georgette asked I told her to hold on and I placed the phone on the couch. I slowly crept to the end of the hallway just as Sam and Kinsy rushed down it.

"Ahh! Oh, Jordin. I thought you were Uncle Kakoe." He said. He was only wearing his boxers and Kinsy wasn't any better. She was still trying to get all of her clothes on but she stopped when she saw me.

"That doesn't mean I can't still tell him." I told him and went back to pick up the phone.

"You wouldn't tell him would you?" He asked coming towards me. He had placed a big brotherly smile on his face. "You wanna tell me about last night, huh? I saw you crying. What's on your mind, little girl?" He asked me, using my infamous childhood nickname.

"What's on my mind? WHAT'S ON MY MIND!?!" I said beginning to get really angry. "You're the worst brother ever!!!"

"Why do you hate me? I didn't do anything!" He said defending himself as Kinsy begun to put her clothes on.

"That's just it! I hate you! You never do anything for me when you've got nothing but sex on your mind!" I yelled. "You're the worst brother ever!" I said and stormed to my room.

"Hey Georgette, I'm gonna have to call you back. But hey the Carnival is still in town. Do you want to meet me there at noon maybe?" I asked her.

"Um sure. That'd be great!" She said.

"Ok, well bye."

"Bye see you there." She said and hung up the phone. I hung up the phone and dialed the number to my Uncle's construction company. Just then they came into my room.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked me. He had on a shirt now. Kinsy was still struggling.

"I'm gonna tell on you." I said putting the phone to me ear.

"Listen, Jordin, my Dad really doesn't trust me with boys, you know what I mean." No. "I've been in shit loads of trouble before and if you tell on me I might not be able to see Sam again." Kinsy told me. I gave her an are-you-serious look.

"So instead of dragging yourself home after you spent yourself with my brother and giving your Dad a pathetic excuse that he probably would have believed you want me to not call my Uncle and not tell him that you were making out with my brother all night and you didn't even bother to put your skimpy-ass clothes on and make your way home? Does that sum it up, princess?" I said without skipping a beat. That shut her up.


The phone said after a while.

"Oh, yah. Kakoe Avon Please." I said politely.

"Hold on let me transfer you to his office phone."

"Thank you so much." I said.

"Jordin please!" Sam begged inching closer to me.

"'Jordin please'?" I spat disgustedly. "All of these problems could have been avoided but thanks to Miss JR-California-Whore-2005 here, I might just have to tell Uncle Kakoe what you two did, and there's no doubt he'll call Mr. Greenwalt and inform him of the situation." I said to them.

"Hello this is Kakoe Avon." the phone said to me at last.

"Hi Uncle Kakoe." I said chipperly. Sam's eye's turned wide and pleading, as did Kinsy's.

"Jordin?" he asked me.

"I'll do anything!" Sam pleaded with me. Placed the phone on my shoulder and lowered my voice.

"How much money you got?" I asked him. Thinking about it now I didn't have any money to take Georgette to the carnival with. I could use some money.

"$54." He said to me. I turned to Kinsy.

"What about you?"

"Jordin? Where'd you go?"

"I've got $130." She told me.

"On you?" I asked her

"Yep right in my purse." She scrambled through her pile of clothes for her purse. She fished out he wallet and snatched out a wad of money. I counted a perfect 130. Who carries 130 around with them?

"Uncle Kakoe, Sam did something bad last night." I said and looked around my room innocently.

"What more do you want?" Sam asked trying not to raise his voice.

"Where's your half?" I asked him.

"Jordin what did he do?"

"What are you going to do with 184 dollars?" He asked me as if I wasn't serious.

"Uncle Kakoe do you remember that girl Sam had over last night?"

"Fine, fine." He said and went to his room for his money. I counted it a few moments later and I got $13.50.

"Yeah that girl her name is Kinsy Greenwalt."

"C'mon I don't have it all on me." Sam said.

"You said 54 I want 54."

"Jordin, Brandon is supposed to pay me back today you'll get it by today."

"Yeah she was supposed to go home at 9:30..."

"I'll get it from my dad you can come with to make sure." she said. "I promise Jordin please?" Here she is kneeling on the floor, half naked, begging me to keep my mouth shut. I've never seen a more beautiful sight. And yet there was something in her eyes that told me she didn't want to get into trouble and she'd keep her word.

"Under two conditions." I said at last.


"Jordin? what's up?"

"You have to promise not to come over to my house again unless me or Uncle Kakoe invite you."

"What if we have to do home work together." Sam asked.

"That's bullshit! No sex at my house and to prevent that I need you to stay away from my house. Got it?"

"Fine, what else?" Kinsy asked.

"Alright second condition. I need to be at the carnival at 11:30 which is in like an hour. I need my money by then."

"Done!" she stated.

From then on I never thought Kinsy was as much of a whore as I thought she was. She seemed to really love my brother and for some reason that disgusted me. To see such a good girl go to waste.

After I told a fake story about Sam and Kinsy playing a cruel and sick joke on me that my uncle believed we headed off to Kinsy’s house (and she was properly dressed). She told her dad she needed the money for a project she was doing in student council. when I got my money I counted it up a couple times and ran home to get my bike. I sped off to the carnival and searched for Georgette everywhere. Then I looked down at my watch and saw that it was only 11:20. I sat myself down at the gate and waited for Georgette to show up.

It would be the last thing we do together and I’m going to make it the time of her life.

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