This is a story of sexual nature between two 11-year-old girls. If your offended by such than do not precede any further. The people and places in this story are a work of fiction.

Natalya & Lilly

Part 2

The next morning the phone rang, it was Lilly. Her parents are going on a business trip for two weeks and wanted to know if it was ok for her to spend the two weeks there. Natalya asked her mom if Lilly could stay and Sue said, why sure, she is more than welcome to stay. Natalya called Lilly back with the good news. Lilly informed her that she would arrive in the morning. Natalya could hardly speak. She was so happy her friend was coming over to stay. Two whole weeks. Natalya's mind was working fast. She loved Lilly so much. Would Lilly love her ? Natalya'a whole body tingled at the thought of Lilly in her arms. The feel of Lillys soft skin, her smell.

The next morning Natalya dressed with care. She put on a pair of pink panties with white lace and her yellow summer dress. She wanted to look pretty. Looking in the mirror she wished her breast would grow, they were only little bumps now with button nipples. She heard a car pull in and looking out her window she saw Lilly get out. The tingly feeling was strong now and she could not resist feeling her panty covered pussy, yes there was wetness there. She went down to greet her friend. Lilly was an 11 year old cutie pie. She too had blond hair, but blue eyes. She was a few inches taller than Natalya but just as slim . The only thing different was Lilly's breast were a bit bigger than Natalya. As Lily stepped into the house Natalya rushed up to hug her friend. They giggled and held each other as best friends do. Lilly's parents said good bye and off they went. Natalya took Lilly by the hand and off to her room they went. Your sleaping in my room with me, mom said it's ok. Oh this is going to be fun.

As they went up to her room Natalya noticed she could see Lilly's nipples through her white t-shirt and that she wore a very skimpy pair of shorts. Entering the room Lilly turned and hugged Natalya tight and said, ohh I have missed you so much and then kissed her on the cheek. After unpacking Natalya said, lets go swimming. Lilly got out her bathing suite and started to take off her clothes. Natalya could not keep her eyes off her. Lilly removed her t-shirt and then her shorts. Lilly wore no panties and Natalya could see she had a bare slit just like hers. Natalya took her dress off and hoped Lilly would not notice the wet spot on her panties. She quickly took her panties off and both girls stood there naked looking at each other. Natalya broke the silence by saying , your breast are bigger than mine . Lilly giggled and said , ya but your nipples are bigger . Natalya wanted to touch her right then . Lilly , have you ever you know, touched yourself ? Natalya asked. Lilly giggled and said yes do you ? Natalya smiled and said yea I do. Natalya asked Lilly if she ever thought about boy's . Lilly said no all they want is to stick there thing in you and I am not ready for that. Then Lilly said, I actually don't think of boy's much, do you ? Natalya said softly no I don't either. Ready, hand in hand they went down to the pool. On the way Natalya's mom said she was going to town for a while and have fun.

After swimming for a while both girls decided to lay out in the afternoon sun . Natalya got some sun tan lotion and they took turns putting lotion on each other. Lilly took her time and worked her hands slowly over Nataly's soft skin. Natalya closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment. She could feel herself getting very tingly. Lilly worked her hands along Natalya's back and legs. As she did so she noticed that Natalya's legs spread more and more each time. Unknown to Natalya Lilly was in love with her and wanted her as well. Lilly leaned down and kissed Natalya on the back of her neck and asked her, does that feel good ? OH yes, Natalya replied. Want more , Lilly asked. Yes please Natalya replied. Lilly now started to work her hands inside Natalya's legs and as she did so they spread even wider. Lilly ran a finger along Natalya covered slit and as she did so Natalya whimpered and spread her legs wide. Lilly slowly untied the sides of Natalya's bikini bottoms and removed them as she returned her finger to Natalya's now bare slit. She drew a single finger along the slit and back to Natalya's pink ass hole. She could see a drop of wetness on Natalya's pussy and herd Natalya whimper. Lilly worked a finger along Natalya's slit and found her little clit. Natalya bucked and whimperd more. Wetness was now seeping from Natalya's little cunt as Lilly slid her finger into the tight little hole. Pulling her wet finger out she traced her wet finger around Natalya's pink little ass hole sending Natalya on the edge. Natalya was hers now. To do anything she wanted to do with. Lilly told Natlaya to get up and remove her top . As she did Lilly removed her own bikini and both girls were now totally naked. Staring at Natalya Lilly ran her hands down to her pussy and said. I love you and think about you every night. Touch your pussy for me. Natalya reached down and started fingering her slit. Lilly then took her hand and licked her fingers off and kissed Natalya right on the lips. Lilly got between Natalya's legs and ran her tongue up her slit . Natalya whimpered and moaned as Lilly worked her tongue on her pussy and clit. Natalya could feel it and knew she would cum. Lilly's tongue worked on her clit more and more.. Natalya's legs bucked, she moaned and then it hit her. Lilly licked all the cum from Natalya's cunt as wave after wave washed over Natalya . After.. Natalya started to touch Lilly. She reached for Lilly's pussy to find it wet .. She wanted to taste her pussy and make her cum too. She slid her finger along Lilly's slit and found her little clit. Lilly spread her legs and moaned when Natalya slid her finger into her wet hole. Pulling her finger out she licked her finger off and loved the taste. Lilly layed there spread wide as Natalya slowly worked her tongue along Lilly's wet cunt. So smooth, wet and sweet tasting. Natalya would do anything for Lilly. Natalya could feel Lilly's body tense and her legs buck. She knew Lilly would cum. Natalya sucked on Lilly's clit and fingered her little hole when Lilly's cum spewed from her pussy. Natalya licked every drop up that came from that sweet pussy.

Not speaking a word to each other the girls got up and went to Natalya's room. Lying on the bed the cuddled. They whispered to each other .. They slept.. Upon coming home Sue looked out at the pool and saw no one. She did see two bikini's lying on the patio. Sue gathered up the bikinis and went upstairs. Natalya's door was open and looking in she found both girls asleep cuddled together naked. Closing the door Sue smiled. Her lilltle girl was happy ...

End part two