Young Girls Night In

by Becky

My spelling and grammar is not very good so beware.

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(This is a fictional story and if it relates to anyone else it is not supposed to)

I was about 12 at the time and I had invited some friend (all girls, 7 of us) to come to my house after school,

So after school me and my friends went to my house and then into my room and we started to get changed and when I saw all the other girls getting undressed I felt a wet patch in-between my legs and then I went up to one of my closest friends and told her about the wet patch she said that she gets it sometimes and its because you like to look at girls, but I never had felt this before and so I carried on getting undressed and then I took all my clothes off and all my friend said you have a lovely body but I don't know why I even took all my clothes off but then some of my friends started to take their clothes off as well and before long everyone in my room was naked to I went to the door and locked so none of my family would walk in and see what was happening so then we all lay on the floor talking to each other about each others bodies and how they would like to have certain things anyway later that evening we were still in the room and then me and my friend were sitting next to each other and I could not resist it anymore so I kissed by best friend and she returned the kiss then all my friend were staring at us and that night me and 3 of my friend were in my bed with me and this is what we done that night.

We lay next to each other then Joe one of my friends reaches over towards Becky and starts touching her sweet young pussy while beck was licking my breasts while screaming in the pleasure she was having then my best friend Amy looks teethe starts kissing me while putting her fingers in my pussy I was getting into this flow of extreme pleasure witch I had never felt before ever not even while doing it with myself and she just carried on then the other four friends can onto my bed and we were having a massive sex party between us all and there was all sorts going on like licking each other, fingering each other and we carried on doing this all night then in the morning we realised how much fun that night had been.


After that we had sex parties nearly every couple of weeks or so until this present day I am not 17 and still feel the same way about my friends.