Master She Hawk is back. I was away for a while, but now I have returned, and I expect all you worthless pussy boys who submitted to me before to submit again.

Now I'm back, I'll expect more of you. You better have completed my recruitment, if not, I won't give a fuck about you. I won't accept a slave that won't do what the fuck they're told. YOU are a worthless piece of shit that's only good to humiliate yourself serving ME. Your mouth exists only to be raped by me - Your ass exists only to be drilled by me - your whole body exists only for me to abuse as I desire. Have we got that straight? Good!

Now, since I've been away for a while, some of you might have tried to contact me. If you did - you've already submitted to me. It doesn't matter if I replied or not - if you tried to give your fanny to Master She Hawk to fuck, you did. So, send me those e-mails again! Show me your desired female forms and your fucking ugly body in your slave clothes. You do belong to me and I want to see my possesions!

Months away have only made me hornier. I don't know if you alone will be enough to satisfy me. I'm going to need your wives and girlfriends too. If you don't have a woman, sad fucker, that just pick the girl you know you'd most like to see me fuck hard - a girl you actually KNOW, not a fucking TV or film star. I am a master, and a fucking mean one, but I'm legal only - so no fucking kids you sick cunts.

Men - if I can call you pussies that - are you head of your households? Well, if you are, they you're master of your womanfolk, and since I'm master of you, I'm master OF THEM! And if you're sniveling away, crawling around saying you're NOT head of your household, then you're the fucking slave wuss I thought you were. Looking like Mrs Slave needs to be taught a FUCKING LESSON in who's boss. ME! And that's just what will happen.

First, before I give you your orders, you have to prepare to listen to me again. . . . Do I have to tell you how to do that? You stupid cunts! STRIP! Everything off, don't just unzip your flies and get your jollies, EVERYTHING! Now you're completely naked - and you fucking better be - it's time to kneel and re-submit. Get on your knees and repeat:

"Master She Hawk! It's so wonderful you're back, my whole body has ached without you. Please, take me over again! Be my Master! I submit my being to you. Use me as your fuck toy, change me to your will - I am worthless but to serve you"

Good, you may rise now, and collect your slave clothes. Also, collect something of your partner's; panties, bra, makeup, herself. As well as that, get a photo of her, ideally fucking naked or topless, but any will do. If that photo is online or you have a scanner, then E-mail it to me. Tell me about your partner, does she fuck well? Is she firm, or flabby? Most importantly, is she fridged - will she let you fuck her ass, cum in her mouth, piss in her face or tie her up and let you and your mates force fuck her?

Print off a copy of that picture for yourself, you'll need it later.

Now, put on your slave clothes, carefully. I'm not going to let you transform today, it'll take effort to enslave your wife and I know you're too fucking weak a cunt to do both. Kneel on the floor again, and hold the photo in one hand, the item belonging to your wife or girlfriend in the other. Hold them above your hed and repeat:

"I give you . This is her image, and this is part of her life. Take them both now and make her yours to use, as you use me. We will be your slaves together, serving together, being fucked together. Take her now!"

Wonderful, I can feel her joining me now. I shall get her serving my desires.

Now you can be rewarded. Find your picture of your desired female form, get it up on your computer screen. I enjoy threesomes, and one of the things I promise I'll do to you later is rape you in your female form and your partner - so you can fantasise about that now. Stick your partner's pic next to your desired form but keep hold of her item. I'm not going to ruin the surprise, but I'll let you imagine how I'm going to abuse you both.

You may pull your cock now, I am being far too generous with you - fuck slave. Imagine your in your female form: sexy, alluring, a total slut. Your breasts are large and full, with hard nipples and a yearning to be touched. Your cunt is wet, soaking, and fragrant. You tease yourself and taste your delicate pussy juices, lubricating your sex. You spread your legs, allowing your partner, bent over, in to run her tongue around your cunt - she loves the taste of pussy too.

She moans and rocks though, trying to keep her balance as I fuck her ass, hard. I'm holding her hips firmly in place, my breasts bouncing with every thrust. Her ass is so tight, but split apart by my cock, sinking deep inside her. . .

You imagine the rest for a while, I'm not going to give too much away. The sight of your woman, submitting willingly; the gentle smell of sex, drifting upwards from your blood engorged cunt; the taste of my salty pre-cum, fresh from she-cok; the sound of flash hitting flesh, tongue licking cunt, dick pounding face - and the feeling of lips, tongues, members, hands. . . all over, all working hard. . . . .

Don't fucking cum yet! WANKER! You must cum on your wife's item and her photo. To get her to submit to me - you must cum on her image. Know that I'm my cum on her face, my cum on her tits, my cum on her body and clothes - or at least, it will be. And get the cum on her item too, that helps to seal it.

Now, finally, use your camera to photograph the cum covered photo and object, and send it to me. I can then make her my slave too, and abuse the pair of you worthless cunts. That's for next time though . . .

Copyright 2004, mastershehawk