Becoming the Other Woman

by: Tygerlily

Donna had always loved men, but still, nothing could compare to the taste of a woman. Donna Cummings was a tall slender woman a little under 6 foot tall and the young age of 35. She enjoyed the warm sunlight of her home in Atlantic Beach, Florida with her husband Buck and their two children, content with her life. Often her husband's friends would stop by and when they did she was always a gracious hostess with some quirks or course. These quirks being her personality and constant bitching with her high pitched squall that she used when she had her period or when Buck would upset her. She only wanted held, since she could not consume beer due to a medical condition that gave her headaches. She simply got too many headaches from booze and would spend the next morning on the bed with her head hidden in the pillows tell her husband and everybody else to leave her alone. This was not a pleasant sight.

She was content with the makeup of her family and gave her son and daughter a kiss before they went to school each morning. She had grown up on a farm, a conservative background, and was happy to enjoy the warm sun of Florida. The flat land made her feel secure because she could see for 20 miles in any direction from the third floor of their apartment overlooking the ocean. Whats more, she could stand on the top deck next to her bed and stand naked and look across at the scrub pines and dream of when her husband would come home to satisfy her every need and desire.

Then the phone call came from her dear friends in Bangor, Maine that they were coming down for a few days, passing through town and would like to stop by and see them. It was expensive to travel such a long distance, and Gregor and Juanita felt so much like family. Juanita especially, who evoked feelings in her that she had never felt before. The sheer shape of the woman was passion, her plump bouncy breasts and those long legs that seemed to go all the way up to you know where. It made Donna hot just thinking of seeing her friends again, although they did not know how she felt for them.

"I found a beautiful native american vase for you dear. " Juanita said on the phone warmly, always the thoughtful one and always concerned. Always happy to see Donna and Buck.

Buck would be pleased to see them as well, his old drinking buddies. They would all get drunk out of their minds and Donna would be perfectly sober. It all ran through her mind. "Oh thank you so much. What is it? Are there any particular images on it?" Donna asked in her whiney sultry voice. Juanita wouldn't even notice if Donna was turned on anyhow with that voice of hers.

"Um.. it has a guy with a flute on it. Apparently a friend of mine found it in Peru. It is from an excavation site of one of their temples. Nothing special, I'll show it to you when we get here. We're so damned excited to get away for once and travel." Juanita said warmly.

Donna grinned warmly and held her one hand down to her crotch so that she would not pee herself in excitement. "We'll see you then Juanita. " And then hung up the phone.

In just three days they would all be together again, just like in the old days. The last time, she remembered, was the epitome of her dreams. There she was there perfectly sober and Juanita had passed out laughing to herself totally drunk. Buck told her to simply "take Juanita" to our room and we can let them sleep in our bed, we have the couch anyhow. Donna giggled to herself and helped the drunken Juanita to her room. It was perfectly secluded there. "You are all mine tonight" Donna thought, and slowly tucked Juanita into bed. She stuck a finger down between Juanita's legs and brought it up to her lips. It tasted almost like she did, only sweeter. She noted that Juanita's crotch was always smooth and shaven, while Donna was more of a naturalist and seldom shaved herself. It was perfect, just what she wanted for a fun night. After she ate her, she held the drunken woman to her breast and placed her nipple in her mouth, "Someday you will be mine. That damn husband of yours can go to hell."

And she did with Juanita never finding out other than the observation the next morning, "That beer was hell. I pissed so much that I'm sore. Do you have any um.. creme?"

The day finally came that Donna had anticipated. Donna stood outside on the deck with her daughter Kodee at her side. Warm smile as brand new and shinny as the fancy white car pulled up, Maine plates and all. Juanita, with her long deep eyes and perky breasts, oh those breasts!

"I am so glad to see you two that you made it here alright. How was your trip?" Donna said, as they stepped out of the car towards her, luggage in hand. And how she liked that luggage.

"It was a long trip, a lot of traffic holdups, you know how it goes. "Gregor said hugging Donna. In the back of her mind she looked at his back and contemplated kicking him in the balls to take away the manhood that Juanita so desired and was satisfied by.

"That is an awfully long trip from the COOOLD COOOLD North." Donna chuckled, putting on her face of the happy hostess. Fuck that, she just wanted the beer to hit them. Stupid bastards weren't used to the Florida heat and always ALWAYS would pass out for some stupid reason. "Go on in and make yourselves at home. Beer is in the fridge."

Donna looked at Juanita as she walked inside. She was wearing tight jeans and her hot ass was wet with the sweat from the long drive there. Her shirt and underarms were soaked and Juanita never wore a bra. Those tits, Donna was so wet.

"Oh, before I forget. "Juanita said, breaking Donna's train of thought. "Your vase is in this bag. I took extra special care to make sure that nothing gets broken. It really is beautiful"

"Oh thank you dear. You are so sweet and thoughtful to me. You two mean so very VERY much to me. I hope that you know that. "Donna said, taking the vase and giving Juanita a warm friendly hug.

Donna spent the next few hours talking to Juanita and Gregor until Buck got home. At this point Buck went crazy to show them all of the contraptions out in his garage that he had bought. A new lawn mower that converted into a toenail clipper, whatever. It didn't matter to Donna. It did give her time to take the vase up to her room.

She sat it on the table next to her bed, and looked out across to the two dickheads who were taking HER woman to the shed wasting precious time. Buck was good at wasting time, especially in bed. He never could please a woman, it was disgusting to her.

"Just get fucking drunk." Donna sighed.

The next few hours went according to plan and Donna once again found herself leading a drunken Juanita to bed. This time she laid down beside Juanita and adjusted the straps around her waste of a new dildo that she had bought. She firmly placed it inside of Juanita, who was already giddy from the booze, and turned it on. Juanita's body instinctively kicked into a passionate dance of passion and moans. Donna imagined that it was her that was inside of Juanita. Not that she was a lesbian, Donna never considered herself a dyke. She was so much more, Juanita was, to her. She had been there for her on her wedding day assuring her that it would all work out and that if she committed to Buck, they would have beautiful children someday. Juanita was so understanding. Buck was such a pitz. Donna bent down and kissed the convulsing Juanita, laying herself on top of her and bucking to the rhythm. It felt so natural to be with the woman that she loved. She was so sick of her present situation.

Donna turned off the vibrator and licked it, placed it back into her "hiding place" and walked over to the window. Gregor and Buck were passed out in their chairs. She wanted to take Juanita and run away to somewhere far away and tell her that it would be ok without men. Was it possible that she could forget Gregor? She knew it wasn't. She looked at the statue and whispered to herself, "Oh how I wish that I could be in your place Gregor and you in mine. You are such a lucky man and I am so trapped here. "

She sat the statue down and lay by Juanita sobbing and holding her against her breasts. They deserved each other.

The next few weeks went by quickly. Juanita and Gregor had left, of course. Always Juanita and Gregor, never Gregor and Juanita. Buck staggered in drunk night after night and she would spread her legs and say "ok have your fun."

One warm day, Donna was sitting outside on the deck in her bikini when the phone ran. It was Gregor calling to tell her that they had gotten home to Maine safe and sound. He was so kind and considerate, but Donna hated him so much.

"How is Juanita doing? She seemed so tired before she left. "Donna asked softly, almost motherly.

"She went to the gynecologist, for some reason she was having trouble from the ride. I don't know what's up with her. "Gregor said matter of factly, "Did you like your statue that she got for you?"

Donna went inside the house and took the statue. It was so stupid, she knew that Gregor had found it and not Juanita. Juanita was just being nice and Donna had finally found out the truth.

"Oh I loved it so much!" Donna exclaimed, throwing the statue off of the deck into the air. It swirled in the air and seemed to stop in midair. She thought with a soft laugh how much she hated Gregor and wished that she could be with Juanita. "You're a lucky man. I envy you, you fucking bastard."

"What?" Gregor said, confused, "Are you ok?"

Then it all went dark -- pitch black. The affects of the statue. The Peruvian indians had used it to protect their kings and praise their gods. Out of anger for being desecrated, the snake god had put his mark on them. The next few hours of their lives would be a blur.

The next morning, Donna woke up to the sounds of an alarm clock. She took a long deep breath and turned over in bed to see Juanita wide awake. She was totally naked and enveloped Gregor (who was now Donna's essence) in passionate kisses.

"You came in so late last night. I want it now. Nice and hard. The gynecologist told me that my biological clock is ticking and we need to have a child now. Gregor I know that you don't like children. But being in Florida has shown me something. I feel so good when I'm down there. I want children." Juanita said almost in tears.

Gregor looked down at his body to see that she was in a man now. The magic of the statue was real. Very real! There was no Donna anymore, she was now Gregor, and accepted it. She had heard of things like this happening before, and had always felt like a man in a woman's body. It was marvelous.

She knew how it all worked. "Oh is that a fact? What leads you to think that? "

"I mean it hon. I want a baby. I want one so bad. Just one time please. Please. I'll give you whatever you want just say yes." She sobbed.

Gregor looked over at his new wife and smiled. He slowly stuck a finger in Juanita's crotch and fingered her to wetness. It was marvelous. She was not drunk, high, she was his forever. And as for the "new" Donna who would most likely cry. In the whiney voice bitching about her new body. Who cared.

They had passionate sex that seemed to go on for hours, a seed planted between two loves in a way that they did not believe possible. When "Gregor" had left his load go in Juanita, he smiled with satisfaction finally being able to have sex with the woman of the dreams a lifetime ago. He had had her at her own will, tasted her juices and she had tasted his. Donna Gregor's manhood felt strangely more real and natural than the old weak female body. There was no need for a vibrator. Juanita wrapped her lips around his penis and sucked long and pleasantly upon it. He smiled warmly satisfied that the wish had come true. And as for the man who had once been contained in this body, what a pathetic ho.


A few thousand miles away in Florida Gregor, who was in the body of Donna, awoke to a lonely bed. Buck had long sense gone to work, as was accustomed for him. This was one thing that Donna had always hated about Buck, in left early and never home until very late at night. Now, without even knowing it, the new Donna would have to deal with it. The body exchange had taken little affect upon his/her mind and how she perceived the world around her. It was so warm out and the warm ocean breeze filled the air and played with Donna's nightgown. This was not the woman who had once closed the windows out of hatred, the demon that she had become by passion. The hatred that was once felt was gone, and this new woman was soft and sensual and as pure as the man that she had once been. The rays of sunlight seemed to beam down upon her body allowing the warmth of the day to embrace her.

It felt so weird, so new, so warm and sensual. Still half asleep, the breeze caressed her breasts making them ever so perky and her crotch was ever so wet. It was not wet as when Donna had spent hours playing with herself dreaming about Juanita and her being together. This was a real warm womanly purity unmatched by no matter whose body this person was in.

The phone rang. Donna reached over to her stand and found it, clicked the on button. She was still too asleep to realize the long fingernails or the breasts that got in her way. She did notice the warm wet sensation between her legs and she woke up a little more.


It was Gregor, or rather the woman who was in his old body. Juanita had gone away to go shopping, probably to get a pregnancy test. "Hey skank how you doing? I know you'll hate me for this. I didn't get much sleep last night. Buck took me long and hard. If you're any kind of man...or were. "He laughed evilly, "Spread those peachy legs and take a look at that nice fur you've got."

Donna looked in horror as she wiped her eyes and looked down at her body. She was so wet from the night before and the breeze that had entered through the window. It didn't feel right, her stomach hurt.

"Why? How?" she said flabbergasted.

"Look bitch, I always wanted to be with your woman. That statue that YOU got for me gave me a wish, the more I looked at it the more power I felt. Finally I'm free from that shitty life! I know you won't have much to say but here is the deal.

Look up on the wall and see that picture of my.. your wedding. See Buck and you kissing? Take a look in the mirror."

Donna was sobbing, this was too much for her. She had taken on Donna's emotions and was unable to cope with the new feelings as a woman. The whole brained thoughts raced through her mind. If only she had seen before and looked for the warning signs. "Oh please I beg of you."

"Oh shut up you bitch. No you're a pussy. Right where you belong. If you don't believe me then shave that sucker between your legs and smile for the world.

You finally get your just desserts and I'm going to love every moment of it. Who knows, Juanita and I may even name one of our children after you and you can dream of how it could have been.

Oh and by the way you little hoe, go make some money the old fashioned way. Your whining makes me sick."

"Oh no please no. "Donna said, and slowly felt her bladder let lose. It rolled down her legs and felt strange. The tingle of her little soft clit in that huge mound of hair. "I will not live your life for you."

"You stupid slut. I should come down and give you a reaming for this. So be warned, interfere and you'll really `choke up'" Gregor said in disgust, getting a rush of adrenaline from finally being able to tell a man what had been penned up so long. "Oh, and since Buck never gives it to a woman, be sure to get my little friend out from under the dresser. Bottom drawer fuck toy."

Then the other end hung up. Donna slowly removed her nightgown and looked down at the firm breasts. She rubbed her fingers across them, it felt so good. What a body! But not the right body.

"This sucks" she said, and then realized the irony of that. She remembered Buck bragging about how he was given a daily blowjob by Donna everyday. "Fuck". That too.

She slowly looked down at her panties, coming together in a V. She gently pulled the pissy things off and made a soft whining noise. Her mount was so hairy she couldn't see anything. And she remembered the worlds "spread them and smile to the world."

She went to the kitchen and searched high and low for a pair of scissors. It was not use, then she remembered the Donna had always been into sewing and all of those crafts and shit. It was so lame to her, and yet she seemed to have acquired all of Donna's talents. Her pussy was so wet, so hairy and smelly, and so caked with Buck's love juices from the night before. She didn't remember him mounting her, though she tried to. In the bathroom she sat on the toilet and slowly snipped away the pubic hair surrounding her mound. She wouldn't shave all of it away, but some of it, enough to see what she was packing. She bent over and her stomach hurt so bad from the transition, or maybe just pms, or maybe he had ridden her too hard the night before. It all raced through her mind and she took a deep breath and wiped away the tears long enough to `search for the truth.'

She slowly spread her lips apart and caressed her inner folds, she had seen Juanita do this in the past when she was warming up for sex. Her clit moved and tingled with ever stroke as she got hornier and hornier. Something made her tingle, and she had found the erectile organ like a penis with a soft golden ring pierced through it. "A clit ring?" She sighed.

She yearned for cock, and at the same moment knew that she didn't want to be a woman. These were Donna's feelings, not her own. She thought of Buck and the blowjobs. What would this new life bring to her? Oh the passion of it all in this womanly body. She walked quickly to the bedroom and found the infamous vibrator, inserting it in her pussy and putting it on high. She gasped with the thrill or her silky wetness. She reached orgasm and screamed "Oh fuck no! He'.. she's right I am a cunt!" "Oh God yes yes YES! I am a slut" And then she was done. She stuck her finger in her now wide cunt lips and swirled the womanly juices onto her finger. "This is too weird" she said, and took a long passionate taste of Donna's orgasm.

The next few days went by quickly. Donna had tried to send letters and think of ways to get ahold of Juanita. There had to be someway that they could work things out. Surely the hateful Gregor would not be a good husband to her. Despite her passion as a woman, she would trade it all for her wife. But she was a wife and her husband had left his mark on her.

She remembered the night before when he came to bed and awoke her with a kiss saying, "Daddy is home and he's looking for some loving."

Oh she hated it at first. He stood there with his pants down, cock standing to attention, sat down in the living room with a beer and motioned for her to come on over. His huge hairy cock came closer and closer to her mouth and he just grabbed her hair and forced her to suck. She couldn't breath! Gregor was right about blowjobs. She was terrified. What if he came and wanted her to swallow. "Homey... pwemm slurp my .. ma.y... I stop... before you.. slurp"

Buck looked down at her and shook his head, "You really shouldn't talk with a mouthful you know. You usually know that if you shut your hole and enjoy it that it is much easier on you. "

"MMmmmk homey... slurp"

Then she tasted a shot of the precum that she had known from her times as a man. She knew what was next and she dreaded it. He allowed her a little more movement to breathe, and she was starting to like it. The way that his head felt in her mouth, so lubricated. Oh shit, that bitch had done this, and now he was giving one of his best drinking buddies head. The mother of Buck's children. She opened her eyes and looked up at him how pleased he was at his lover. She somehow felt needed and wanted, afterall, she was a woman.

Buck grabbed her head and pulled her head away from him. She was startled at this because she had finally fallen into the rhythm of his thrusts. "Ok babe, now just jack me off nice and easy and take it in your mouth as it comes out. Like you always do."

Donna smiled back at him lustfully, somewhat of a mask to make him think that she had enjoyed it. She wondered if his load would stick to the roof of her mouth.

He slowly leaned back as she worked his penis to perfection, waiting for a tiny bit of cum to surface. And then the first taste that she took of his cum. It shot through her mouth with wanton pleasure. Her womanhood now ached to be touched in that special way. His manhood was so strong and virile. A virility that she once had. The cum tasted so delicious. Buck was a heavy beer drinker, the malt and the yeast and that... um... she became lost in the pleasure of the moment. It was so horrible. How could she tell her wife that she had made love to Buck? She wanted cum lots of it on her lips and her mouth and her chin and nose all over her, it felt so warm and rich on her skin.

And then he shot his final load in her mouth rocking it back until it ran down her mouth. She felt so used and still so wet! She let out a wild belch -- a regular `sperm burper' she had become.

"Go clean up bitch."

She went to the bathroom and closed the door trying not to cry at the feeling of the squishy wetness between her legs.. She wanted him to fuck her, she had been so close but still he would not fuck her. Oh what a slut, just a few days ago she had been a man herself, now a dirty filthy cum queen! The jizz melted and rolled in her mouth between her mouth and her tongue. It tasted so good, but only if she could be with her wife. But would her wife give in to the tastes of another woman's vagina? This was not her plight! It was Gregor, er, Donna's plight. She was NOT Donna -- this was all wrong. So warm and so tasty and salty in her mouth. She wanted more of the tangy juicy manhood. This was the plight of having a cunt and a man who wanted nothing of her other than a nice daily blowjob. She collapsed on the floor with tears in her eyes at the irony of it all.

Later on that day she snuck into the room, late at night, and went online looking for information on sperm and how it pleases a woman. The answers were simple:

"Unlike it was previously stated, swallowing cum cannot make you gain weight. The warm, sugary, protein-rich substance contains Vitamin C, Zinc, and cholesterol. It only has somewhere between 5 and 25 calories per load.

Secondly, IT WON'T HURT YOU! Semen isn't like acid or anything. It's mostly water and fluid from the prostate gland, and about 1 percent or so actual sperms. Obviously, the taste can vary from guy to guy. I've found that sperm from guys who drink a lot of liquor isn't usually too palatable, or if they have a very spicy diet. And it can taste kind of salty too. Mostly though, it's just water and traces of other elements,

and isn't fattening or liable to give you pimples, cellulite, or varicose veins. And it certainly won't get you pregnant if you swallow it! If you are squeamish about it, I suggest you just get used to it by having your

man come on your stomach or boobs a few times, and playing with it with your fingers. Get a little bit on one finger and taste it. Once you've gotten used to the consistency and flavor, it becomes easier and easier.

But if you've never seen it anywhere other than oozing out of your vagina, you'll probably want to get used to it before it's all over your lips and face. Work up to it slowly. Spread some of the semen from your stomach or boobs onto your cheeks and feel the consistency of it and absorb it. Rub it over your lips like gloss or lipstick. If you do this right, your guy may get hard all over again watching you and you'll get another fuck out of him."

By now Buck had left to go please one of his pretties, but not his wife. Hell, she was not a wife anyhow and she didn't feel like one. She needed beer. She went to the refrigerator and found a fresh bottle of Bud Light, forced it open and chugged it on down. After about three of them she was feeling no pain or guilt from what she had done. Her stomach felt good, strangely, and the cum must have had a soothing affect on her. She slowly glanced over at one of the empty beer bottles and had an evil thought come to her mind. She took the neck of it and slowly sank it deep within her pussy. It felt so good, so cold, but so good and satisfying. She had to get away from there and reunite with Juanita or find a real man.

A five months went by. Still Donna was not used to her body that so ached to be touched. She enjoyed her countless blowjobs. Her vibrator soothed her pussy day and night. Her period brought about passionate cries to be with her wife, the woman that she loved. The only woman that she could love. Then a tape came in the mail one day.

(In Maine, Gregor had mounted Juanita and once again shot his passionate load into her. This time he had a video camera set up hidden from Juanita's view. She wouldn't care anyhow, never been screwed like this before. Each time he rose and brought it down she gasped and finally put her arms around him kissing him with his member embedded in her. She groaned as they came at the same time.

"Oh fuck! oh Fuck ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " she began to cry from the pleasure of the orgasm, a point that she had never reached before. And then they both laughed as the cum raspberried back out of her under the pressure.

The camera turned on later with Juanita sucking Gregor off caught in a lusty passion, occasionally looking up at her husband with passionate fury. "Ohmmgf... Ohmmm... my... fo.d.."

There were several passionate scenes on the tape. Each dubbed over with Gregor's laughter and smiles towards the camera to taunt Donna. He held Juanita doggie style and coated her with cum so much that it dripped from her lips when he was done. There was film of her fingering it out of herself with smiles. The pussy farts.

Then finally a tape from the week before, it had taken that long to get there.

It showed Juanita with a huge stomach and a smile on her face talking into the camera.

"Hi there Donna hon. This is the greatest moment of my life, I've finally considered him to let us have a child. I know that you know the pleasure of it growing inside of you. I feel so complete and things are so much better for me. Hope to see you soon."

And then it switched to a lone picture of Gregor with penis in hand, "Oh look what I have. Miss it? hahahha Well, I guess it is true that a cock in the hand is worth two in the bush. I bet you're probably crying now at this but hey, I can satisfy a woman. I'm sure you'll eventually leave Buck and find yourself a good man who will take care of you. Sorry I caused you so much pain but lets face it, she's having my child that we conceived out of love.")

The tape went blank and Donna sat in a pool of tears. It was true, all of it. She had seen it for herself. Juanita had never responded like that for her. She sat in her tears as Buck came home. He held her in his arms, shocked at the fear that she had.

"I only want a night of good sex. "She said softly, "but I want to have a few beers first."

Buck complied. He licked her mounds and stimulating her and tasting her. He slowly put two fingers in her pussy and allowed them to enter. He kissed and licked her legs and worked his way up and down her. He lapped up her juices that had been wet with vaginal wetness and tears. She smiled as he placed her fingers to her lips allowing her a taste. He had a hard time keeping up with her orgasms and she rode his mouth like an instrument for her own pleasure. She pounded her pussy against his mouth again and again. He mounted her like an animal, the only way he knew how. But still, a dry fuck was better than nothing.

His shaft slid it's way into her lips and her cervix. It was better than she had dreamed, even with the dildo. Suddenly they both began to cry as his hot cum burst inside of her, drenching her with passion. Her pussy rocked. And then she let out a loud gush of passion that filled the room with a loud wet disgusting sound somehow pleasant. It would be their last night together.

The next morning Donna put all of her clothes in a duffel bag and snuck down the stairs. She now knew what she wanted out of life. She was careful to take her dildo with her that she had respectfully named "Gregor". And got a ticket on the train to Florida.

The conductor looked over at the woman who requested the ticket and thought of the perky breasts that pointed out at him.

She removed the glasses from her face and whispered through the veil, "Maine. I will do anything to get there. Anything please just help me. I am in a lot of danger."

Of course the wrinkly old conductor had her up front the whole time with her lips wrapped around his member. Shooting hot cum into her mouth in motion with the train's tearing down the tracks. His cum tasted so delicious that she didn't mind. Much better than Buck, who was probably by now having fit that she had gone on some shopping spree. He really was bad in bed!

Soon she got off the train in Maine and kept a loving eye open for her former wife. She'd know that body anywhere. It was worth a shot. And then she found her waddling down the street in her pregnant little girlishness. "Fuck! she is so big" Donna gasped.

"Juanita! hey Juanita!" Donna said, realizing that Juanita was alone. Maybe somehow she could convince her of the treachery of the other woman who she had become.

"Donna!" Juanita exclaimed, hugging her "What are you doing here?"

"You are not going to believe this hon. I've missed you. I'm back in your life, my love. Oh how I am so confused."

Juanita stood back and gasped in horror at Donna's words. "What? I am not that kind of girl you know. And it's just not right."

"No. Please listen to me. "Donna gasped in tears "I have had to have sex with Buck and eat his cum and please him and wait on him hand and foot. It all goes back to that statue you gave me.. her.. whatever. She changed our bodies and warned me never to say anything. Oh babe... she even.. " She could take no more and began crying.

"Come home. We'll talk this over. It is strange because I have noticed a change in his sexuality, no offense baby. Oh shit.... " Juanita cooed to Donna. As they waddled off together.

Donna showed Juanita the video. The passion and the warmth and the coldness of her husband's words. It all made sense. Juanita held the sobbing Donna and looked her in the eyes.

"Hey babe, we'll get this bitch back. I married you because I loved who you were... who you are. This doesn't change it. We'll figure something out. Even if you have been with men as you've said. We'll figure something out. This is what she wanted, to have me. That hussy"

Donna's tears went away enough for her to smile, "I love you too. It is just so weird. I love you so much, but Buck wanted blowjobs every night! I ate his cum and loved it. Then the other day he finally.. FINALLY gave me the meat and I melted in his arms like a slut. She's right I am a pussy. I can't escape it. I want ... you. I want to be a man. I want cum and passion and heat."

Juanita kissed her on the forehead, "You're my princess and this baby is going to be OURS. We'll take care of him tonight."

Donna took a deep breath, "And the way that Buck came in my crotch.... it was... oh fuck I have to be pregnant too!"

Juanita sighed and bent Donna back, "see I know too." And she began to eat Donna like a she had never been eaten out before.

Donna had never been touched this way by another woman and it felt somehow good to be with her wife again.

"Oh Juanita!" Donna gasped.

"This is my first time with you, but definitely not my last." Juanita smiled.

"ummm" she slurped at Donna's wetness. Donna felt so weird getting the treatment on this end.

Donna liked additional stimulation-- a finger or two into the vagina fingering her slowly. Juanita noticed this would increase the wetness substantially. It also helped her achieve orgasm faster. She personally loved this method, but remembered not to be too rough, she wanted to bring her pleasure, not pain. As she reached climax she bucked and squirmed over Juanita and covered her with warm juice from her orgasm.

Juanita slowly sat up and looked at Donna.

"I'm sorry, I" Donna started to say. But Juanita leaned over to her and kissed her passionately, sharing the drip of the juices. Donna lapped around her lips and licked her way down to Juanita's breasts.

It had been so long since Donna had tasted a good breast or a pussy.

Donna's mound was so wet and sticky. It was unreal because this was not the woman to woman situation that he had envisioned thoughout his life as a man and now as a woman. It felt so good and so natural to give pleasure to Juanita, who was afterall his lovely wife. It was this woman who had given and been the source of so many moments of pleasure. But Donna was a woman and a mother of two children in her own rite, the taste of Juanita's sweet pussy excited her, but still a part of her was Donna and yearned for a man. Her mound was so wet she couldn't help but reach down and gently caress herself carefully and sensually.

The two sat up into the late hours of the night carefully going over every moment of the past few months. Juanita feeling like a slut for being dominated and controlled by this new hateful man who she had thought was her husband. They laughed and hugged and shared cup after cup of coffee. Gregor had taken on all of Donna's feelings and whines and her passions and her sensations and her lust for the better more prevalent things in life. She had found out the hard way that drinking beer was not the key nor the ticket to happiness, nor the size of a warm cock bursting it's load in her mouth. She would miss the blowjobs, which somehow gave her something to reach out to and grasp each day and identify with, the taste of his juices in her mouth. Being a woman had opened a whole new perspective on life that we unimaginable before. It was so incredible!

Their decision was simple. There would be no revenge for the insensitive nature of the two men that they had shared their bodies with. Both were pregnant, that would be difficult in itself, but they had each other. They were not evil women, for their love was true and passionate, beyond magic and spells. It betrayed the curses of the ages and blossomed into a warm loving relationship that not even the aspirations of a filthy twisted player could kill. It went beyond passion and beyond what Gregor -- the new evil Gregor -- could ever dream of.

"I want to have this baby, "Juanita sighed as she sat on the couch with Donna's head resting on her chest. They were watching Xena Warrior Princess together, a show that they used to enjoy on this very same spot a lifetime ago. Now they felt like a twisted banner carrying episode of Ellen. "And I want you to hide out in my Uncle Tony's old cabin up in the mountains. He left it there and never goes there anymore. Oh sweetheart it will be the perfect place for you. There are trails that you can hike and maybe even we can get together on a weekend and um..."

Donna giggled and pressed her head closer to Juanita's chest, her heart. She looked up at Donna's baby blue eyes and smiled warmly. "And what would that be? I can cut my hair and dye it. Buck will never suspect me. Hell, he never looked me in the eyes anyhow. Unless it was after he blew his load on me."

Juanita took her finger and lovingly moved the hair away from Donna's eyes, "He's out of your life, and I'm in it. Like I said, you just stay up there and I will tell Gregor that I am no longer happy with our relationship. He's already screwing around on me, "she kissed her gently on the lips "seeing other women you know."

"I know."Donna cooed back with a whisper, "And then when your .. our divorce is finalized we can take what money that we get out of him and move to California and get a nice house along the beach. Donna was partial to them and I guess that I am as well." She licked her lips with the taste and aroma of that sweet woman that she had so loved in both lifetimes in both lives. Even the real Donna had loved a drunken Juanita, it was no difference anymore. "They let dykes like us get hitched out there."

Donna Cummings had always loved men, but still, nothing could compare to the taste of a woman.