Earth 2345: Pregnant Slave Boys, Pt. 2


By D.O.

          Kheriss blinked a bit as his eyes adjusted to the much brighter artificial light as he followed the doctor downstairs, into a vault-like setting. They pushed through a large heavy steel door at the bottom and then pressed onward into the main “hospital” area. There were a few others of the medical men around but the outsized complex seemed mostly deserted. Doctor Yenbaerkim turned slightly towards Kheriss, motioning for him to continue following. They walked down a long, stark metal corridor and upon making a turn at the end, were met with another hallway, this one with glass windows every dozen or so yards. As they came up to the first one, Kheriss could tell, even at a distance, that there was a sexual act occurring in the room. He was correct.    

          “It is a one-way mirror, Mr. Kheriss. They cannot see you although…they are aware that they are typically observed during these breeding sessions.” The doctor again seemed very nervous as Kheriss gave him a sideways glance. Gods, he wanted to kill this worthless coward. But he once again pushed down his anger and adrenaline, once his weapons in the Pits but now his enemies, into the hollow of his being. Right now he needed the doctor’s expertise.

          “We’re very fortunate, Mr. Kheriss as it appears they’ve just begun. I’ll bring up the Intro Monitor for you to watch as well.” Yenbaerkim saw the slight look of puzzlement cross over his client’s face and hurried to provide an explanation.

          “The Intro Monitor is a device that allows us an unregulated, high-definition film quality view of the insides of the human body. It’s been around in it’s current state for only about three years now. Surgeons can use it to follow their own progress during an operation, making for far fewer mistakes. Those of us in this particular profession have found it useful for watching the inner workings of the entire process. We can view penetration, copulation and can verify conception as well as being able to watch the actual birth, from the inside.”

 Kheriss was only half listening. His attention had been taken over by the scene unfolding before him. Inside the 20 x 20 room was a bank of monitors, a bed and two people on that bed, just now beginning a sensual act of desire. A beautiful boy with the smoothest pale white skin was on his hands and knees. Behind him a hulking ebony gladiator knelt in the traditional mounting position. Kheriss noted with some disappointment that the man was already buried fully in the lad’s behind but had not yet begun to move much yet; they had just missed the initial breach of the slave boy’s intimate spot. He recognized the African warrior almost instantly: Kobesh the Magnificent, he was known as. Kheriss had never fought him, retiring from the Pits around the time Kobesh came up. He was glad for it, as the black man dwarfed even him and had the look that men in their profession know all too well: the look of a cold-blooded killer and a fierce competitor in the ring and in all activities.

          “There you are, sir. The Intro is up and running.” The doctor’s words broke through his thoughts and he looked away from the erotic sight to view the screen, now flickering slightly, but otherwise capturing a perfect vision of just what was going on inside the youngling’s stretched anal cavity. He could clearly see the immense length and girth of Kobesh’s cock and the boy’s innards desperately straining to fit it all in. Kheriss found himself imagining the tightness and the heat inside the slave’s hole and his own prick started to harden a bit, shifting in his breeches. 

          The boy had been screaming at first, from the pain no doubt. But as they watched, it was clear that the pain was swiftly turning to pleasure and it was not long before the lad was screaming with utter bliss and craving, craving for Kobesh’s massive erection and the need to be impregnated.

          Yenbaerkim broke in. “The sheath actually causes the younglings to desire a man inside them, Mr. Kheriss. It is an artificial biological need to become pregnant and procreate. It is an unstoppable wave of necessity when they are in heat like this. Even the pain of sexual penetration does not prevent their overwhelming longings from shining through… Our clients tend to like that part of the procedure the best. Most of them enjoy the fact that virtually one hundred percent of the boys are unwilling participants in the whole thing. It appears the procedure….agrees with you Mr. Kheriss?”

          Kheriss glanced over at the doctor at these words and realized the man was referring to his now very visible erection. Kheriss was well endowed and it was no surprise that someone had noticed that fact, especially since he found himself now aroused. He noted that the doctor seemed to really be getting off on all of this as well. Was it the power he held over these boys? The ability he had to force feminize them, to compel them to carry a child to term? Whatever it was, Kheriss still found Yenbaerkim to be contemptible, but also very useful and knowledgeable.

          His focus shifted back to the exam bed where Kobesh was really starting his rut, fucking into the kid with a brute strength that was breathtaking to behold. By now the nameless, but extremely cute, boy was flat on his stomach, his own aching boner pressed hard into the mattress beneath them, while the huge black gladiator powered into the unprotected opening between his perfect twin globes. The mighty warrior’s potency was evident as the two onlookers gazed, unseen by the copulating pair, at the sight of that ebony shaft, slick as it was with bodily fluids, stretching and grinding and pounding into the youngling’s tight cunt. Kheriss had a hard time tearing his eyes away from the physical sight of the sex, but he wanted to get a feel for just how the entire process worked and so he turned his attention back to the Intro Monitor. Amazing, he thought. It was truly incredible that he could literally see everything going on inside the boy’s body, with crystal clarity. Every thrust of that Nubian prick into the writhing, squirming innards was captured on high definition television. He could see the kid’s guts, pink and wet, getting stuffed with rigid man cock, gripping that pole, relaxing, gripping, relaxing. He could see where the pro-cre had been fitted, although it looked quite natural and appeared to cause the ‘wearer’ no discomfort.

“AARRRGGGHHH! FUUUUUUCK! GET READY BOY! HERE COMES MY FUCKIN’ SPUNK!” Kheriss looked up, a bit startled, as Kobesh began to bellow and roar with a ferocity usually reserved for the fight ring. He had been almost completely silent to that point, but now apparently, felt the need to voice his pleasure to the world. The boy beneath him was a whimpering, moaning, thrashing bitch who was screaming himself hoarse. The kid had arched his back up into Kobesh’s thrusts and was biting the sheets hard. Kheriss watched, transfixed, as the vicious warrior finished up in the slaveboy’s makeshift womb. Kobesh hammered in one last time, balls deep and then held himself there in the lush, steamy rectal grip as he shot his copious load. Kheriss could watch the sperm literally fire out of the tip of the black man’s cock and coat the boy’s insides with hot, sticky man sap.  The boy screamed out an almost simultaneous orgasm as he accepted, willingly or not, the Nubian’s seed. A green light suddenly appeared on the monitor. A successful impregnation.

          Kobesh collapsed on top of the kid, his breath coming in heavy gasps. The boy, too, was gulping air into his lungs as if it might be the last breath he would ever take. As the black fighter rolled off him and over to the side, the white lad turned and gave him a light kiss on the lips; Kobesh did not turn away and soon the two males were lip locked and it was becoming apparent that it might not be too long before another coupling would take place. The boy was already hard as a rock again and Kheriss doubted it would take Kobesh long to regain his arousal and his stamina would be even greater the second time around.

“You see the response from the boys, Mr. Kheriss? They are very…receptive to their man. Very responsive, as most men like in their sexual partners. Again, the sheath causes their hormones to heighten and, very similar to an actual vagina, secrete pheromones and a lubricant. We have made it so the hormones actually affect them mentally and emotionally as well. This results in their craving for a man’s penis inside them, they actually feel what a women feels when she has sexual desire. In essence, they are females trapped in male bodies. And of course, we add the womb so they can truly conceive and give birth… It’s all quite ingenious, really.” Yenbaerkim was clearly quite pleased with himself and his explanation of things for Kheriss.

“Yes, I see the kids’ response, Doctor. And I must admit, it’s everything I was hoping for and more. The boy’s intensity was just as I recall from my limited exposure to the technology. Quite breathtaking, in fact…”

“Shall we move on, Sir? I believe you wished to view a birthing and we happen to have one occurring just about now.” The doctor cleared his throat as he spoke. Even though he had watched countless mating acts, viewing Kobesh and the slave-boy had been particularly arousing. Yenbaerkim wished his own erection would go down, so he could walk a bit easier.

          They moved further into the complex again. The two men walked about a hundred yards, perhaps a bit less, when they came to another larger room and Yenbaerkim stepped right in. Kheriss followed him. At one end of the room was a bank of display monitors and controls and medical equipment. Along both sides were several small rooms, approximately thirty rooms in all. “The Birthing Unit, Mr. Kheriss. Ground Zero, so to speak. Where everything comes to fruition…” Yenbaerkim cleared his throat again.  He walked up to one of the smaller rooms and grabbed the electronic device hanging near the doorway. “Patient #26751-7B is just about to enter the final stages of his pregnancy. The patient’s name is Ansel. Are you ready, Mr. Kheriss?”

          Kheriss nodded his approval and the two entered the tiny room. On the bed inside lay a boy, who could not have been older than sixteen or seventeen. Kheriss could tell he was quite a beautiful lad, although his beauty was somewhat overtaken by his current state. His belly was rather bloated and it was immediately obvious that he was pregnant. He was somewhat plump all over, presumably from the baby fat caused by the pregnancy. He was very weary looking and sweating profusely. The bed was tilted slightly so his lower body was elevated and his legs were in stirrups hanging from the ceiling, so they were spread wide apart. A couple of nurses were attending to him.

          Yenbaerkim went right up to the boy and spoke. “How are we doing, Ansel? You’re starting to dilate, good boy…” The boy moaned and ran his hands over his distended stomach. “Doc, doc. I so want this to be over. It hurts so bad…”

          “I know sweetie, and soon it will all be over. You just need to keep doing what the nurses tell you to do for little while longer.” Yenbaerkim pulled back a bit to speak with Kheriss in an undertone. “He’s already dilated a few centimeters. Just a few more and he’ll be ready to go. Shouldn’t be more than a few minutes. Oh and in case you were wondering, the pro-cre also secretes a hormone which switches off the body’s need to have a bowl movement for the duration of the birthing process. You don’t want to have to be worrying about defecation at a time like this….” He cast a lazy, fake smile at Kheriss. The hulking retired gladiator glared back with an icy stare. And then for the next few hours he watched something happen that he thought would never be possible.

          “AUUGGGHHH! I NEED IT OUT!! I NEED IT OUT OF ME! AAUUGGHH! OOOHHHHHH!!! MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE!!” The kid was really screaming now and he was pushing hard, as the nurses told him. Kheriss could see that his rectum was dilated tremendously and his entire body was working overtime to push that baby out. Doctor Yenbaerkim was right in there with rubber gloves on and he and the nurses were wet with sweat and bodily fluids from the boy. The screaming continued with the doctor encouraging, coaxing and then suddenly, Kheriss could see something. The head. Fascinating, he thought. The boy was actually going to give birth, to a baby, through his asshole.                       

          The next few minutes were utter torture for the pain-stricken lad as he pushed as hard as he could with his anal muscles, hollering at the top of his lungs to get the thing out of him. But as Kheriss watched intently, the kid’s butthole continued to open up, like a flower, and the infant continued it’s inexorable trek out of the body of it’s “mother”. As the birthing persisted, Kheriss knew that he not only wanted to be a father, but that he wanted to completely dominate a boy like this one, to take a pretty girly-boy as a wife and impregnate him. Damn, he had gotten hard watching this kid give birth.

          The baby was about half way out and Ansel was already completely exhausted, but there was more pushing to do and the nurses made him focus and do what needed to be done. More agony, more pushing, more grunting, more screaming. This went on for a while longer, even Kheriss found himself fatigued from Ansel’s effort, his swollen rectal ring now gaping wide open, until finally, with one final colossal effort, the baby slid out. Ansel heaved a great sigh of relief and promptly began crying heavily.  The emotional toll of giving birth finally catching up to him.

Comments, questions, requests and the like are always welcome. I’m very interested to hear how people like my first stab at writing a story about males giving birth anally. It was tough knowing exactly how to approach things so I hope I pleased everybody that was looking forward to this……