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Leave A Good Looking Corpse By Kismet.

Chapter 1: Sex

Zene sat drumming his fingers on the desk, frustrated that no one needed tech support as the last minutes of his day crawled by. Work was at its' worst during these quiet lulls. It gave him time to think of how overqualified he was for his position. Hell, a trained monkey could do his job. He should be doing something worthwhile with his life, rather than wasting it baby-sitting idiots over the phone, just to take home a measly paycheck each fortnight.

"What are you up too this weekend?" Rick Godard asked, making pointless conversation to pass the time. Rick and Zene had been best friends since university, but lately their friendship had been strained.

"I'm meeting Kelly for dinner, then... who knows?" Zene replied.

"Oh, that should be fun," Rick's tone of voice clearly conveyed that he thought it would not be. Kelly was the recent source of friction between the two men, perpetually criticising Rick and actively discouraging Zene from fraternising with him.

Zene frowned, recalling that most of his associates disapproved of him going out with Kelly, especially since she was married to a man twenty years her senior. Zene knew what people called Kelly behind his back. Psycho-woman was one of the more flattering comments that he had overheard, but no one had criticised her directly to his face. The reproach hurt coming from a close friend.

`They don't really know her like I do,' he thought angrily. `So what if she can get a bit carried away sometimes and is a bit domineering. I'm better suited for her than her geriatric husband. He might be rich but she doesn't love him and I'm only three years older than her.'

Rick gazed at Zene and decided to speak his mind. "You should stop seeing Kelly. She's trouble, a real man eater. You definitely can't handle her." This was the first time that Rick had told his pal what he honestly thought about Kelly. "Listen to me, I'm your friend. That girl is crazy. The stuff I've heard about her..."

Zene gave Rick a greasy look, transferring his frustration onto his cohort, rising to his feet and assuming a menacing stance, daring Rick to continue. Though not violent, Zene could project on aura of quiet menace from his comfortable height of six feet three inches. Zene's sharp features, heavy shoulders and imposing physique enhanced the impression that he was volatile.

Rick, standing five inches shorter than Zene, looked up at his brooding friend and realised his comments had crossed an unspoken line and jeopardised their friendship. `Never criticise a friend's girlfriend.' It was a golden rule. Coughing in embarrassment Rick floundered for a means to salvage the situation.

"Hey did you hear the news yesterday," Rick asked, wisely deciding to change the subject, "about that religious nut who took a swan dive off the top of the Rialto? The witnesses said that the guy was flapping his arms like a bird as he plummeted..."

Zene turned back to his computer and sat down. He ignored Rick and concentrated on making himself look too busy for idle chit chat.

"Don't say I didn't warn you..." Rick commented under his breath.

* * *

It was a bitterly cold and damp night. The frigid wind cut through Zene like dull razor blades and warmth seeped from his exposed extremities. He huddled in upon himself and puffed on his flexing hands, bobbing from one foot to the other while he waited.

Zene had dressed lightly today, but was counting his blessings that it had stopped raining. `Melbourne's weather - four seasons in one day,' he reminded himself.

A tram rattled by, sparking lifeless azure electricity as it clunked around the corner, a familiar and comforting certainty in the frantic peak hour traffic which blew indifferently past.

`Damn her, she's late again,' Zene caught himself thinking. `Women, can't live with them, can't sh-'

Before he could finish his favourite cliché he spotted a familiar red sports car. It pulled into the parking lane and idled up alongside him.

Zene opened the door and was into the car's warmth before Kelly could start speaking in an agitated voice.

"Sorry I'm late but the traffic was a bitch -- what with the rain and all. I got held up at work too," Kelly apolagised, merging behind a passing car then ducking into the outside lane.

Kelly was studying veterinary science and worked as a veterinary assistant often accompanying the vet at short notice.

A car pulled out in front of Kelly and accelerated up to the speed limit, leaving plenty of room. Kelly cursed as she hurtled towards the car then decelerated, sitting right on its' arse. Tailgating the poor driver, Kelly yelled and swore abuse at the driver, flashing her high beams and honking her horn, squeezing the wheel in frustration. At a little more than five feet tall and weighing about fifty kilograms, Kelly was tiny, appearing cute and kittenish. She compensated for her petite size by having the personality of a hellcat and, at the moment, her claws were out.

`Kelly's stressed,' Zene thought, noting the familiar signs. `Oh well, nothing unusual there, I'll just have to tread lightly.' "That's O.K. It wasn't that cold, and I didn't have to wait too long," he said, trying to resume the conversation in a placating tone.

Waiting for Kelly was preferable to being confined in an overcrowded train with damp and miserably cold passengers. At the moment though Zene wished he was on a train, rather than slippery roads with someone who had to be speeding ten kilometres more than the speed limit.

Kelly swerved haphazardly across double white lines to overtake the victimised car, planting her foot to the ground, grinning in anticipation as an oncoming vehicle approached rapidly, high beaming her.

Eyes glued to the object on a direct collision course with them, Zene gripped the dash in alarm, his knuckles white with tautness.

"David's working this weekend. We have until Sunday together," Kelly said, pulling tightly in front of the harassed driver as the approaching van edged sideways into the gutter and sped past. Kelly graced Zene with a Cheshire grin, sexual chemistry charging the air. Danger and erotic dynamism were common elements with Kelly.

"We'll have to make the most of it then, won't we?" Zene replied, covering up his nervousness. That grin worried him.

Zene thought about David and felt a prick on his conscience. `Poor shlemhead, doesn't even know that another man is cutting his lunch,' Zene thought guiltily, `I'm such a hypocrite. Rick's right. I should get out of the car right now, walk away from Kelly and never come back!'

Kelly turned her head towards him and raised an eyebrow suggestively and Zene's resolve evaporated.

"Oh we'll make the most of it all right..." Kelly purred, then her attention was focused on driving.

`As long as I never have to deal with David this is going to be smooth sailing,' Zene thought.

He tried to convince himself of this by cataloguing Kelly's good points. `One, she goes off in bed. Two, she has magnificent tits. Three, she has great legs, oh yes they go all the way... Four, she has great stamina,' he enumerated.

Zene momentarily considered the advantages of having an ambidextrous girlfriend, but decided that it wasn't a crucial reason for going out with her. `Five, she is beautiful.' Her petititeness and delicate frame made her very desirable to his particular tastes. `Six, she has an unpredictable personality, making her very exciting.'

Zene was deciding whether or not the last detail was a good point when his musings were interrupted.

"We'll eat at Totto's," Kelly decided. This was one of their favourite haunts and had seen the beginning of many a memorable night.

* * *

Dinner was coming to an end when the conversation started to take an interesting turn.

"You mentioned you were thinking of separating from David. Have you given the thought any more consideration?" Zene inquired.

"I might leave David, or he might leave me," Kelly said mysteriously, "but-"

"We should think about moving in together," Zene interrupted impulsively.

Straight out of left field Kelly loudly hissed, "don't interrupt me when I'm speaking. I'm not going to move out with you!" Her fingers suddenly became animated, twitching and grasping with energy.

"Settle down Kelly," asked Zene, noting his dates rapid finger movements. This was frequently a sign that Kelly was getting agitated, working herself up to something. No matter what he did now she would go off tap. `She seems to be able to do this at the least provocation,' he thought bitterly.

The negative response to his offer had actually stung Zene more than he liked to admit. Angered and a bit resentful, he decided to get in a few choice remarks since an argument appeared inevitable. "I know you couldn't afford to meet the bills anyway, not without a rich partner."

"You wouldn't say that if David was here."

"Well he isn't here so shut up and eat your dessert!" Zene replied offhandedly. He knew from experience that this was the wrong way to deal with Kelly's tantrums, but he wanted to goad her a little.

"Don't tell me what to do you bastard. If you do that, there'll be trouble. I might move out but it won't be with you. I don't like you enough to move in with mummy and daddy," Kelly replied, becoming more fired up, throwing some barbed comments back at Zene.

"Whatever you reckon' honey," Zene said, hiding his emotions behind indifference. Riling Kelly up too much was dangerous, but Zene figured she deserved it. "At least I can still talk to my parents." One of Kelly's sore points was that she hated to talk about her estranged parents, and Zene hammered her on it.

"Bastard." Kelly raised her voice above the restaurants' polite dinner conversation.

Heads turned. Some regulars who had seen this before scoffed and went back to eating while others watched the spectacle with some interest.

This quarreling was generally the prelude to going back to Kelly's car and bonking like rabbits. On this occasion the established script, adhered to for over six months was being rewritten. Their antagonism had reached new levels and Kelly picked up a glass of red wine and threw it at Zene.

Zene reacted immediately, ducking his head and blocking with his arm. The glass impacted just above his elbow and broke at the stem, cutting his shirt. Red wine cascaded everywhere. Zene looked from his clothes to Kelly with murder in his eyes. She was reaching for her dessert, intending to hurl it at him as well, but he lunged across the table and grabbed her by the arms, knocking his glass of red over in the process.

"Don't do that," he growled.

Kelly went even further from the norm and spat in his eye, her face twisted into an angry, derisive sneer.

Zene suppressed the urge to slap her in the face. `She might even like it, for all I know, but I don't hit girls, not even psychotic ones,' he thought darkly.

"Let me go or we're through." She struggled against his grip.

"Not until you calm down," Zene said in a frosty voice.

"You're hurting me, you prick. Let go or we're finished." She was starting to get even angrier, her voice rising in pitch.

Zene glanced around the restaurant. "We'll talk about it outside," he promised in a wrathful voice. As he stood, Zene released his grip on one arm, roughly pulling her to her feet with the other, then propelled her towards the exit. Grabbing his jacket from the chair, Zene draped it under his arm and made a bee-line for the register. As he rifled through his pocket for his wallet he ignored shocked stares and incensed muttering from his fellow diners.

Throwing fifty dollars on the counter, Zene looked at the mess around their vacated table and threw down another fifty, all the while avoiding eye contact with the livid waiter at the till.

"See you later," Zene drawled as he followed Kelly out into the car park, wiping spittle from his face. Once outside, Kelly immediately started to rant and yell at him.

Kelly threw herself on him once they reached the car park, punching and slapping him. Zene grabbed her arms again and she thrust her body into his like an animal. They suddenly locked in a passionate kiss, Kelly's anger fueling her passion. Zene went along for the ride, forgetting his anger as more pressing concerns took his attention. He let go of her arms and ran his hand through her hair, gripping it and teasing it in his hand, his other hand holding her tightly to him. They staggered recklessly until they bumped into a car.

Pinning Kelly against the car, Zene ran his hands over her nimble and curvaceous frame. Counting himself lucky, his hands moved down her body towards her shapely rear, taking in the full magnificence of her body. Resting his hands on her ample hips for a moment, Zene returned Kelly's frantic kissing, lips pressed together insistently as their tongues fought relentlessly. Succumbing to Kelly's urgency Zene lowered his hands, kneading her trim and graceful rump.

Zene lifted her onto the hood of the car, furiously kissing her as she fumbled with his belt and pants. He ripped Kelly's dress at the bottom to gain access to her as she freed his penis. There was a brief, frenetic struggle on the bonnet as he moved her G-String aside and situated himself at the entrance to her clit.

Their movements were frantic as Zene's erect member slipped into her. Kelly moaned in pleasure, gouging deep scratches into the skin of his back with her sharp nails, wrapping her shapely legs around his waist, entrapping his undulating body. Kelly then beat his back in mock struggling, biting his neck.

Zene pumped her hard and excitedly, oblivious to the pain, and she started to yell violently into his ear at each thrust. They lost themselves in the frenzied act, rapidly moving towards a pinnacle of pleasure.

Feeling Kelly climaxing, Zene pulled her body closer to his. He reveled in the feeling of her breasts being repeatedly squashed against his chest as she howled in his ear, her vaginal muscles contracting. He kept thrusting upwards and wished that he would ejaculate soon.

Unfortunately he noticed one of the restaurant staff was emptying a bin and had stopped, staring at them in obvious excitement. The assistant cook approached, hoping to contribute to the scenario.

Deciding that the floor show was over, Zene pulled out of Kelly, yanked his pants up and made a grab for the waiter. Zene failed to pull up his trousers quickly enough, which slowed his attack, nearly causing him to trip.

"You fucking wanker." Zene yelled as the waiter turned and bolted. Zene pursued him halfheartedly realising he must look like an idiot, his pants undone, chasing a man. "Come out here again and I'll kill you,"

"Don't run away, come back, help me!" Kelly called after him. Zene let the waiter escape.

"What's wrong?" Zene asked, blood pounding in his ears as he buttoned up his pants with some difficulty. He walked back to Kelly, stooping to pick up his jacket from a puddle he had dropped it in. `What a prick. Watching people have sex is pathetic, trying to participate uninvited is worse than pitiful, its molestation,' he fumed.

"I'm all wet," Kelly cooed, smiling lazily, like a kitten that had had her fill. She removed her underwear, casually cleaned herself off with the garment then placed it on the antenna of a stranger's car. Pulling the torn dress down to cover herself she blew Zene a kiss. She strutted over to her car.

Zene shook his head in consternation, at this strange, unfathomable woman. Wiping some dirt and water off his jacket and slouching by the car door, Zene waited for Kelly. `Kelly's unpredictability is not one of her better points,' he decided.

* * *

Kelly was driving normally, which meant offensively, whilst Zene sat quietly seething. Blood seeped from his torn shirt onto the car seat. `This crazed woman is much too wild tonight,' Zene thought to himself. To punctuate his point she ran a red light.

"I've got something special to show you," Kelly said. "Do you want to see it?"

`You're driving so what choice do I have?' He thought. "Sounds good. I'm game for anything," he replied with feigned excitement. `I'd better get a proper bonk out of you for all the shit I'm putting up with tonight,' he thought, not as keen for the rough stuff as Kelly.

Kelly gunned the motor in response. By the time they arrived at their destination the sexual fire of the car park had turned into a simmering heat. The car paused at an old factory converted into a warehouse-apartment overlooking the river. Automatic doors opened and Kelly drove into the building. She was out of the car before the roller doors had closed. Turning on the lights she called to Zene, "are you coming?"

Moving with feline grace towards the stairs and prowling up them, Kelly gave Zene a rapacious look. Zene suddenly felt like he was the defenseless prey being stalked by a predator. He shrugged, the twinge of worry replaced by other thoughts as he started to imaginatively contemplate the contents of the snug dress Kelly wore.

As he headed towards the stairs Zene glanced around the converted factory. On the ground floor there were a number of powerful and very expensive computers, an excellent set up for the research David carried out. He also noted stairs leading down to a basement where he could hear the sound of animals. Zene and Kelly had always gone to David's city flat while David worked long nights here, so this was the first time Zene had seen the place.

On reaching the top landing, Zene viewed a plush, well lived in room. It was quite spacious and comfortable, with a number of couches, a well-stocked bar, a modest though very expensive kitchen and a tasteful dining area. He looked through one of the doors and noticed a king size bed and an ensuite bathroom.

Busy pouring a Scotch on the rocks for Zene and a Gin and tonic for herself at the small bar, Kelly did not notice him checking out the apartment.

"So this is David's work place?" Zene asked.

"Yes, but he's staying in the flat this weekend. He's busy preparing for a conference and doesn't want to be disturbed," Kelly replied.

A black cat brushed past Zene's leg as he surveyed the room. "So this is where he builds his robots?"

"Nanotechnology," Kelly corrected absently.

"Whatever," Zene nonchalantly replied. He didn't like talking about David and regretted bringing him up, especially since Kelly had knocked back his offer to move out with him.

"Yes, this is where David works on his robots." Kelly was starting to speak down to him. "Real small ones though." She held up her hand as though indicating something minuscule and looked suggestively at his crotch.

"So you're complaining now. Old Stanley was more than enough for you before."

Passing the drink to him, Kelly ignored the comment as it was below her. She sat down on the couch, the cat curling up next to her. "How are you Cinders," she asked as she stroked the cat absently.

Zene downed his drink rapidly and moved to sit next to Kelly. He noticed that she was fidgeting with her hands again, which was a bad sign. He started to stroke Kelly's neck, but she pulled away.

"Not yet. I have something to show you." She pulled out some handcuffs from her handbag.

"Who are they for?" He asked groggily.

"Why, they're for you silly," Kelly purred, a feline grin on her face.

"Kinky," he slurred. The room was starting to move around him. It was rapidly becoming a kaleidoscope of motion and he tried to keep up with the spinning. It was beyond him.

"You'll love, it I promise you," Kelly said seductively.

Zene lost consciousness and darkness engulfed him.

* * *

Zene awakened with a splitting headache, his senses an absolute cacophony, unlike anything he had ever experienced. As soon as Zene attempted to move, he regretted it.

`Baad idea,' he thought, his stomach somersaulting and emptying messily. He thrashed like a fish out of water, his throat raw from acidic vomit. Lethargic and uncoordinated Zene tried to move out of the growing pool but something was restraining him. Zene could not distinguish what the constraint was.

Sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste were completely askew, feeding Zene misinformation on a horrid scale. He inhaled and smelt bizarre, new smells. Trying to focus, Zene beheld a strangely surreal and warping picture. Sounds echoed vaguely and the strangled rasping of his breath confused him. Individually each sense was confusing but together they were pure insanity.

Even after his stomach purged itself, his esophagus continued to contract reflexively and he seemed to dry heave for an eternity.

`Bitch must have slipped me some acid or something. Another one of her bizarre sex games,' he groggily thought.

He lay still, concentrating on breathing and maintaining an equilibrium. "The ground is my friend. The ground is my friend," he started to chant like a mantra, but his tongue was too thick. After numerous attempts he managed to say the phrase, his voice strangely distorted.

"Kelly where are you," he cried out. His vision was getting better, still blurry, but better. The mother of all hangovers gradually receded and incrementally other senses became clearer. He could start to discern meaning from his former derangement. "I'm going to give up destructive women, that's a promise."

He moved his head, wet and sticky from the regurgitated mess of his stomach, striving to focus on what bound him. He looked down and saw small female hands in chains. `Kelly's handcuffed,' he noted in a detached manor, `at least she's tied up as well. Where is the cow lying?' His eyes followed her hand to her forearm to her elbow to her upper arm to his shoulder. Zene closed his eyes and shook his head. `Acid, gotta be acid,' he rationalised

Doing a quick double take, Zene looked at Kelly's hand again and decided that it was somehow attached to him, but he refused to believe it. Looking at the hand, he willed it to move, for Kelly to pinch her other hand.

Zene was astonished when the hand did as commanded and he felt a twinge of pain. `Ooh fuck, fuck, fuck. This is not happening. This is not happening.'

Noticing other things Zene became a little crazed. He was wearing Kelly's torn dress and the heaviness of his head was the result of Kelly's very long hair. The unfamiliar sensation of earrings swinging softly against his neck worried him. His ankles were also bound by manacles. He shied away from the obvious lumps on his chest, corroborating evidence that he was no longer in his body greatly unappreciated.

`Be a man,' a voice in his head said, `face reality.'

This reality was grim and his mind raged against it. `It can't be real. This is impossible, absurd. You can't just wake up in your girlfriend's body. It just isn't...,' he glanced at his breasts. `Maybe it is,' he considered, starting to concede that this might be happening.

There was a coldness in his stomach as Zene probed the extents of his new body. He moved his hands to where his hard pectoral muscles and hairy chest had been. Touch confirmed the existence of two soft and pendulous breasts. Zene sighed in tense concern at the new additions to his body. Although his mammaries were sitting in a brassiere and under his shirt, there was no way he could deny their authenticity.

`How novel,' he thought facetiously as he held them. His breasts were unnatural weights, larger than he had remembered them on Kelly. He continued to kneed them, determining their tactile response. They felt like most breasts he had held in his hands except they were now undeniably his. As such they responded to his ministrations in a most pleasurable way.

`A small step for man...' he thought as his hand inched down between his legs and found what should never have been there, `one huge leap for mankind. I have a vagina and breasts, both of which are very admirable, as long as they belong to someone else!'

New thoughts distracted Zene and he wondered how his nether regions would react when stimulated. Worry turned to a fuzzy warmth as Zene began to explore the sensitive folds of his vagina. He adventurously inserted a finger into his cunt, probing its' pleasurable depths. After a brief but very interesting diversion, he reluctantly decided that he had to find out what had happened and where he was.

Zene had already conclusively established that he was now residing in his girlfriends body, lying uncomfortably in a pile of vomit, handcuffed hand and foot in the middle of the lounge of David's warehouse. He craned his head to gain more information. A laptop computer sat nearby, just out of reach, the screen lit up flashing a message- Transfer complete. A groan distracted him from the machine and the ominous text.

Lying on the couch, moaning groggily was Zene's body. His male body. `I was a lot bigger than I thought,' he mused. `No, that's not right. I'm now a lot smaller than before.'

The male body stirred. It gagged but didn't throw up, instead taking small hissing gulps of air, hyperventilating. It started to shiver with muscle spasms, the body twitching and bucking like a dyeing insect, arms thrashing, knocking it off the couch. Zene's former body lay there for some time as the fits became less pronounced and finally disappeared.

Zene watched all of this with fascination. He had just been through exactly the same experience but it was rather distressing to actually observe, especially since it was his own body and he should have been in it.

"Hesush kwisht awww jeshush Crysht." The body slumped into a sitting position against the couch. It sat there for five minutes head bowed, trying to say something. It finally managed to speak clearly. "Jesus Christ. Have I got a headache or what?" Zene's body said.

The voice rich Baritone sounded boomingly deep to Zene's ears. Zene recognised Kelly's inflections of speech even if the tone was lower. `Kelly's in my body,' he thought with growing horror. His former face smirked, a wild catlike expression on it's visage.

Kelly ran her hands hesitantly over her chest, a muscled and definitely male torso. She reached down and undid her pants without any modesty. The new penis between her legs actually surprised her when she touched it, blood flowing into it as it stiffened slightly. It was sensitive to the touch and quite responsive. `Much more responsive than my cunt was,' she noted. Kelly slowly explored her growing manhood. She felt a shiver of pleasure as she brushed her testicles lightly. The head of her penis was a source of new pleasure as she rubbed it in her large hand. She looked at Kelly, the wheels of her mind turning over as she considered the possibilities.

Zene's skin crawled under Kelly's intense gaze and he suddenly felt very vulnerable. "What have you done?" he asked, knowing exactly what Kelly had done. "How did you do this?" His voice sounded too high.

Kelly decided to humour Zene for the moment. She had plenty of time to explore her new body - and his. "Well, David has been working on the cutting edge of nanotechnology. You know those nanobots or robots as you called them? He used his nanobots to make smaller nanobots, which in turn made smaller nanobots and so on. These nanobots were intended to copy healthy organs from a donor and replace diseased or injured ones in a patient.

"Through a particularly complicated process the Nanobots can replace, rearrange and repair any organ. Given the correct instructions, they can even make complete body transformations or genetic alterations. I don't understand it all myself but I know enough to do what I did to us," she paused in her monologue and flexed her hands, then stretched the muscles in her arms and back, marveling at the power she felt.

"So you changed me into you and vice versa?" Zene asked.

"Not really, although I guess that's possible. It is much easier to just duplicate neural nets, or minds."

"Duplicate?" Zene prompted.

"Or transfer," Kelly said. "Now didn't I promise you a surprise tonight?"

Zene could not think of an appropriate response as he stared at his body.

"I'm sorry about the handcuffs, I didn't want you to run away in fear," Kelly explained in a reasonable voice.

Zene suspected that Kelly had ulterior motives for binding him but decided to take the comment at face value. "Not much chance of me running away when I'm wearing the wrong body," Zene sardonically muttered, rolling his eyes. "Would you mind removing the manacles? I'm a little uncomfortable."

"I don't know, you look awfully cute like that. So submissive," Kelly said, "do you want to test drive your new body. I know I do."

"No!" Zene yelled emphatically.

"I could leave you like that for the week... call us both in sick and see what those new hormones do to your mind. Hell even I don't know what the long term effects of being in a different body are, you could get so you don't want to go back," Kelly let the threat idea hang in the air. "Come on where's your sense of adventure."

"It's hanging between your legs," Zene mouthed. Having sex as a woman had never entered Zene's mind. Maybe if Kelly were still female he would be game but... it just seemed wrong to him. Zene started to consider his options, remembering how unreasonable Kelly could be if she didn't get her own way. Kelly made few idle threats and the unknown effects of being trapped in a woman's body for an extended time period worried him.

Kelly let him think it over, confident that he would come around to her way of thinking.

A defeated sigh escaped Zene's lips. "As long as you promise to return me to my body once you've finished."

"Oh, of course," Kelly smugly said. "Once I'm done." Kelly approached Zene's female body, undoing her belt then kicking her shoes off..

"The handcuffs?" Zene said hopefully as Kelly removed her pants. Kelly fished out the keys and undid the ankle bindings then jangled the key ring in front of Zene. Zene kicked away the manacles and held up his hands.

Kelly grinned and threw the keys behind Zene. "The handcuffs can stay, I like them," Kelly said as she ran her hand along the smooth skin of Zene's inner thigh, hiking his dress up. Zene felt a shiver of anticipation, then looked down to see Kelly's manhood growing. It looked so much bigger to him now. `God is that going to go inside me,' Zene wondered fearfully.

Kelly's finger brushed the top of Zene's mons, then drifted down, briefly parted the moistening lips of his labia before continuing down to his inner thigh. Kelly was teasing Zene, seeing if he was really so dead set against the encounter as he first seemed.

Judging by Zene's slightly disappointed expression when she removed her finger, Kelly decided that he was enjoying himself. Kelly continued to tease Zene, relishing the way the former man arched his hips towards her dabbling hand, his breaths coming in gasps which matched her rhythm. Kelly knew from experience how best to draw out masturbation, to build desire within this female body.

This excitement was not one sided. Seeing Zene in such an excited state, was having a considerable effect upon Kelly's turgid manhood.

Realising that Kelly would continue to play with him indefinitely, Zene felt incomplete. This caressing was highly pleasurable but not satisfying enough. His clit ached for more and Zene realised that he had to take the initiative. Looking at Kelly's tumescent member, oozing with pre-come, Zene knew that he must have it inside him.

Zene reached hesitantly forward and started to gently masturbate Kelly. Zene knew how to make the movements of his hand very enjoyable, but mentally he was uncomfortable with the act of holding a penis in his hand which was not his own. Zene rationalised that he has held this penis many times before and that it was, in a way, still his.

Concentrating on the head, then the shaft Zene rubbed and squeezed his lost manhood in measured strokes. Zene knew the best way to get something inside him was to make Kelly excited, and his male ego was becoming somewhat elastic and less discriminatory as his libido took precedence.

Kelly suddenly found it difficult to coordinate her movements on Zene's wet labia. She could not have anticipated how pleasurable the unpredictable strokings on her swollen member could be. With each brush Kelly felt more blood expand into her new genitalia.

A new intensity gripped Kelly as she moved and positioned herself clumsily between Zene's supple legs. Zene looked down to see a penis nestled below his excited clitoris. With Zene guiding her eagerly, Kelly entered him.

Zene gave out a startled gasp as Kelly slipped into him, their pubic bones meeting suddenly, a shock of pleasure rippling through her body as his vagina stretched and molded itself around Kelly's penis.

They both gave themselves to the moment, lost in the new roles which their bodies had thrust upon them. Kelly could not believe how hot it felt inside Zene as he ploughed into her again. There was almost no friction, her wet clit completely smooth, the sensation exquisite. Revering the potency of the moment, Kelly pulled back and plunged into Zene again, grunting loudly.

A squeal of delight escaped Zene's mouth, but she was oblivious to the sound, her vagina leaking pleasurably, sweat starting to soak her clothes. She bucked her hips as Kelly pounded into her again, grinding into him as hard as she could, wishing that he would go deeper, harder. The more powerfully Kelly thrust the more Zene's carnal appetite grew, the further she drifted into the act of lust.

Looking down at the pleasure etched firmly on Zene's face, Kelly gave a triumphant laugh. He loved the way her breasts were plastered with perspiration to her shirt, bouncing and flowing with the seismic energy they released. He felt a strange pressure gradually building in his testicles as he pounded her mercilessly, enjoying her vocal yelps and howls of gratification.

As Zene started to contract noticeably, a waxing tension burned delectably at the head of Kelly's penis. Zene's vagina seemed to grasp him, trying to hold him inside, but paradoxically provided the increased lubrication for Kelly to escape.

Zene could feel herself reaching a crescendo, screeching involuntarily in passion. Waves of intoxicating pleasure flowed blissfully over her, coming from the warm, fuzzy epicentre of her desire, her glorious new sexual organs. She could feel Kelly, thrusting deep inside her desperate and sopping vagina, again and again. Her cunt pulsated and throbbed sending diffuse vibrations of ecstasy throughout her body. She quivered, arching her back, positively gushing juices from her womanhood as she savoured the pleasure.

The temperature inside Zene's vagina seemed to peak, and Kelly made one desperate thrust, the tingling at the head of his penis unbearable as he started to ejaculate. He grunted, his back vibrating like a plucked violin string as he pumped his load in sensual rapture. What seemed an eternity suddenly became a much too brief moment for Kelly as he opened his eyes and looked at Zene panting from her exertions.

"What did I tell you, tonight's going to be full of surprises," Kelly said, relaxing in spent satisfaction, pulling his waning manhood from Zene's dripping hole. He watched in amusement as smegma and vaginal fluids pooled on the floor. He cleaned himself up as best he could, noticing in irritation that he had somehow got vomit on his wine stained shirt.

"We could do that again anytime," Zene said dreamily, still flushed with pleasure from the encounter. She reached down with her handcuffed hands and felt her swollen lips. Fluid dribbled from her labia onto her fingers and her vulva felt hugely engorged. She sighed in wonder, preoccupied with reliving the experience she had just been through.

"Well the sex was damn fine but it was just an incidental thing, one of the perks of the exchange," Kelly said. Now that he had explored his new body, he had more important things to do.

"What?" Zene asked, distracted from her reverie, unsure what Kelly meant.

"I had more reasons than just curiosity about sex as a man to do this mental transfer, moron," Kelly taunted the confused girl. "Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly." An insane light came into Kelly's eyes. "Don't you want to know about the plan. It has considerable consequences for you, like your death." Kelly said, putting considerable emphasis on his words.

"The plan..." Zene said. `Kelly sounds like a bona fide nut case,' she thought worriedly, her attention completely on Kelly, the recent sexual episode forgotten. She had always known that Kelly was a bit unstable. The fit that Kelly had thrown when Zene suggested that he seek professional mental help had been quite memorable.

"Yeah the plan. It requires that I kill you. I don't expect you to understand yet," Kelly said.

"But I'm in your body!" Zene was trying to understand what Kelly intended. `I didn't know Kelly as well as I thought I did,' she realised. Zene had always lived in happy denial about Kelly's true nature but Kelly's casual talk about murder had laid his true self completely bare. "So why aren't I dead then?" Zene asked frantically.

"Settle down would you. Let me explain. I need to use your body to kill David. Then we switch back and I kill you."

"Oh, of course." Zene said in a dull voice. She had always been very calm and level headed but Kelly's words were having dramatic effects upon her moods which swung from one extreme to the other.

"You see I have to convince everyone that you killed my husband. Since your body will have done the deed, it won't be that hard. I've got it all figured out.

"Everyone will believe that you and I had an argument and that I ended our relationship, the scene at the restaurant ought to establish that. Actually the episode at Totto's should do more than that..." Kelly trailed off, innuendo in his voice.

Zene considered the impression that bystanders could have had at the restaurant, putting the events in the worst possible light. The situation could have been interpreted as an argument, not a prelude to sex. Then in the parking lot, after sex, she had rashly threatened the kitchen hand. Kelly had called out for help... to the fleeing kitchen hand, a witness who could possibly substantiate their rough sex as a sexual assault. `But I didn't molest her, that's how Kelly likes sex, I would have stopped whenever she wanted,' Zene thought desperately.

"It won't be hard to convince people that you reacted quite violently to my rejection, even raping me." Kelly smiled savagely at Zene who sat flabbergasted. "I see you're catching on loverboy.

"Anyway you decide that if you can't have me then no one will. Plenty of witnesses will see you drunk, boasting stupidly that you will `fix up' your ex and her husband. You head off with a gun and kill David and some poor unlucky bystanders. But when you return to kill me I manage to over power and kill you instead. Since you've has just murdered a man in a premeditated manner and killed several innocent people, your death will be heralded as a blessing." Kelly seemed to be quite proud of his plan.

"But why the elaborate plan, why don't you just switch David into another body?" Zene asked.

"Well David either doesn't trust me or is playing things safe. He's put a lock on all the programs which prevents me from fiddling with his mind or body. Anyway this is much more interesting don't you think?"

"No. Not in the least. I don't like the idea of you killing David and murdering other people, then pinning it on me," Zene ranted incredulously. She felt angry that she had been so badly manipulated and used. `This fucking cunt is going to pay,' Zene promised herself.

"You can't begrudge a guy some fun. Speaking of which I'd better get on with the first part of my plan." Kelly's fingers starting moving in an nervous manner, a prelude for worse things to come.

"Which is?" Zene asked but she already half knew.

"Well we've got to have that lovers tiff," Kelly said and smiled cruelly as he bent over Zene, producing a knife. "It's interesting you know. I always knew I was attractive but I never appreciated it from this perspective. I'm amazed that you were such a good root." Kelly then punched Zene in the solar plexus, knocking the air out of the woman's lungs.

As Zene lay back gasping for air, Kelly reached down and unlocked the ankle restraints and hand cuffs.

"You had to go and throw up all over my body didn't you," Kelly growled then slapped Zene in the face. Kelly distastefully helped the female Zene stand. "See you got puke all over my clothes when we bonked."

"Couldn't really help it," Zene gasped between laboured breaths.

The newly masculine Kelly held Zene's thin, weak arm painfully behind her back. Zene struggled futilely against his grip. Unaccustomed size and power made Kelly confident in his recently acquired male role. "Don't fight me or you'll regret it," Kelly threatened in a rough voice.

A pained grunt of acknowledgment escaped Zene's mouth, the knife too close to her throat for comfort. She stopped her exertions.

"Good." Kelly ran a hand lasciviously along Zene's well-developed female frame. "I guess we'll need to clean you up a bit, huh? Fancy a shower and more of the same?"

* * *

Zene squatted naked in the shower, rocking back and forth in shock. A steady blast of hot water pounded her from above. She felt numb, her mind a bundle of knotted and darkly bruised emotions. What she had been through was too painful to contemplate.

`This is all just too crazy,' she thought. Her mind raced over the last quarter hour and kept crashing brutally into cold hard truths. She had been violated. Somehow, some way she should have anticipated this and she should have been able to have prevent it.

`I should have called his bluff. He can't kill me, not yet. This body is his escape, he couldn't have killed it. The plan would have forbid it,' Zene reasoned.

She hadn't thought about this during the rape. She had been frozen in fear. Struck stupid and paralysed by fear. `I'm a man for Christ sake. I should have more nerve than some woman.' She cursed the weakness of her body, the vulnerability of it. She was too small. Too fragile. Everything was wrong. Her body was all wrong. Her mind had reacted in the wrong way.

Kelly, who was now fully dressed, opened the sliding door to the shower. "That was fun. Do you want to do it again?" He was taking great pleasure in tormenting and degrading Zene. `Tricking sex out of Zene was fun,' he thought, grinning wickedly as he fingered the knife which he had held against her throat during the assault, `but forcing it on her was so much better.'

Looking at the coldly calculating face of Kelly, Zene was sickened. `Some people are monsters no matter what skin they wear,' she realised, then steeled her mind, `this bastard is going down, no matter the cost.'

Concentrating on the pure black intensity of her anger, Zene used it to bludgeon the emotional wreckage of her mind. Her rage was a powerful roar that drowned out the noise of the shower and crushed her hurt into the deepest recesses of her mind. `Right now I need to be strong. No Fear.'

Kelly saw the anger on her face. "Thats the guy I know. Now the plan requires-"

"I don't want to hear about your plan. Just get on with it and spare me your shit." Zene interrupted.

"No I really must-" Kelly started.

"Get on with it fuckwit." Zene broke in again. She knew that Kelly hated being interrupted and was hoping to make him angry and somehow use his anger against him.

"Listen slut. If I wanted lip from you, I would have undone my fly." He reached in angrily and turned off the water. "You're going to have to remember who wears the pants now."

Zene thought back to all the things that she knew pissed Kelly off. "You really need help. Are you sure its not too late to see a shrink?" Zene asked as she stood.

"Hey, I'm going to kill you, slowly and painfully. I think you should just worry about yourself at the moment." Kelly moved forward and hit Zene in the face, then punched her painfully in the stomach. Kelly's former boyfriend crumpled to the ground, bent over in agony. Standing imposingly over her, Kelly laughed spitefully.

Cowering in terror, Zene's mind dashed and bounded in horror. `Not again, don't rape me again,' she thought over and over.

"Your concern for me is touching," Kelly said as he threw a towel at Zene's huddled form. "Now dry yourself."

Zene had not felt this weak and helpless since she was a child. The physical pain was bad enough, but coupled with a complete loss of her previous body, a beating and rape, it was unbearable. It was as though she had been raped twice, first emasculated against her will then physically molested. At that moment Zene lost the hope and strength she had managed to salvage. Her mind started to draw inwards. She realised that Kelly had taken everything from her, that she was truly going to die.

Strangely, it was not painful to stand again. Zene just felt numb as she dried herself , trying to ignore her body as much as possible. She could not help but touch parts of her body that she would rather not think about. Her mind flinched at every caress. Then her nipples hardened in the cold bathroom. `Oh my god. I enjoyed the molestation, what am I becoming...' a strange hysteria started to grip her.

Folding the towel mechanically, Zene hung it up neatly. She abstractly viewed the bedroom as Kelly pulled out clothes for her to wear. Kelly watched her carefully in return.

Zene vaguely looked around the ensuite bathroom. There was a disposable razor on the vanity. Zene picked it up and stared at in fascination. Kelly saw her holding it and laughed. "Great weapon. I'm really scared." He picked up a police baton from a bag at the foot of the bed.

A strange idea forming in her mind, and Zene smiled.

"Put it down and come here." Kelly said. He was not concerned. The small hand shaver was practically useless as a weapon.

Looking in the mirror, Zene saw finely chiseled features, dark eyes and the attractive curves of a female body. This wasn't her. She raised the razor to her face and drew it sharply across her cheek and nose, cutting deeply. Blood welled and flowed down her face, off her chin and onto her breasts.

In her mind she was slicing up Kelly the rapist, not herself. She distantly felt pain, but it was a fleeting sensation. It was so satisfying to see a gaping hole in Kelly's cheek that the discomfort around Zene's face became an ephemeral concern. She hoped that Kelly was in pain.

"What the hell..." Kelly sprinted across the room and grabbed her hand. He pried the razor loose from her fingers, throwing it into a corner. "What do you think you're doing? I'm gonna' kill you. That's my body you bastard," Kelly spat, towering over Zene, his hands opening and closing in fists of rage, a savage look on his face. The cut was very bad, both deep and long. It would definitely require stitches. Even with plastic surgery he would be scarred and disfigured for life when he returned to his female body.

Zene looked terrible. Insane eyes, blood everywhere, smiling like an idiot because she had just mutilated herself. She rocked back and forth on her feet, as though she were drunk.

An idea dawned to Kelly and he laughed at Zene, "hey it's okay babe. I can fix almost anything with those nanobots..." He looked at the mess that this girl had become. "You know something Zene. Your a regular storm in a D-Cup. You just cant do anything right," Kelly said, "now get something to stop that bleeding."

Zene looked at the blood on her hands bemusedly, then at Kelly in confusion.

Grabbing a hand towel from the hanger in amusement, Kelly pushed it roughly against Zene's cheek. The towel rapidly bloomed into red, the iron smell of blood filling the room. Kelly propelled Zene's naked, unresisting body into the bedroom, her breasts swaying and bouncing in time with her clumsy steps.

Zene looked down into the bag where the baton had come from and saw two automatic pistols. "Grab one if you want. They're not loaded," Kelly said, noticing where his captive was looking.

Zene continued staring vacantly at the guns, her thoughts a complete blur. "Hey, snap out of it." Kelly clicked his fingers in front of her face. She looked up at him stupidly. Kelly had one eyebrow raised, a lopsided grin on his face as he realised that Zene was nearly catatonic..

`I was never able to raise just one eyebrow.' Zene thought redundantly. `How can I raise on eyebrow now?' She looked down at her body, blood inching from her navel to her pubic hair. `Oh my god someone's cut of my dick.' Someone giggled insanely, and she felt lightheaded and detached. Then her legs turned to jelly and she collapsed in a heap.