Fantasy. M/herm/F, werewolves

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Howl Together (Part 2)

When a wolf howls alone, it is a cry of loneliness. When two howl together, it is a song. When three howl together, it is a symphony.

by: sunandshadow



I let Stormwind untangle our legs and get us standing solidly. I noticed an odd, slippery sensation in our female private parts -- was it goo from Stormwind's arousal? My cum from before? I carefully ignored that thought and concentrated on standing up. Walking wasn't that difficult -- a wolf limb and a human limb are essentially the same structure stretched into two different shapes. The pattern of motion and balance is the same as walking upright and swinging one's arms. The moon was still bright, and I could see well enough not to bump into a tree or anything. The difficulty was that whenever Stormwind had the idea to go one place and I had the idea to go a different place, down we went! We could only move in synchrony when we thought in synchrony.

Thinking was really the impossible part. Every thought that crossed my mind Stormwind instantly `heard', and involuntarily responded to, our thoughts bouncing back and forth until I was dizzy. With a lot of clumsy effort we managed to get into a comfortable position near our sack of food. Then Stormwind reached for the bag with her mouth, while I instinctively reached with a paw that was trying to shift back into a hand. She tried to laugh while I tried to sigh, and we choked. So we compromised on a wry smile, and I let Stormwind take care of getting the bag open. At least chewing and swallowing were simple, and we managed not to bite our tongue. And Oh! the tastes! Stormwind was delighted to taste sour for the first time, and I savored `musk' and `tang' and those other flavors that the mere human tongue and nose can't detect.

Then it was walking again, over to the stream for a drink (We made our throat human because it made swallowing so much easier). Our locomotion was still a crazy stutter, but at least we didn't fall in the stream. Then of course we had to pee -- an interesting challenge because we both had to concentrate to get the appropriate muscles to relax, but neither of us was sure where the muscles were in this half-and-half cockcunt. The hoses turned out to be hooked up to the male half. "Well, I guess I get to do that chore." I thought, and then a truly amazing thing happened -- Stormwind and I shared a mental image of our body as house/den and our two minds as a married couple divvying up chores. It was almost as vivid as a dream, perhaps because we had twice as much brainpower to imagine it with. Naturally, our train of thought zig-zagged its way to wondering what our combined dreams would be like. We were both tired, so we went back to our soft grass and lay down to sleep, perchance to dream. Once again the scent of our bodies and our sex came to my nose from the grass, but I managed to ignore it, and we drifted to sleep.

* * *



I was by the river, sunshine streaming warm and golden around me. I was looking for (tracking?) someone... if I could find them they would make me feel as warm inside as the sunshine did outside. I (leapt? flew?) fluttered up to the big branch of a tree to get a better perspective. There! in the meadow, I knew those golden flanks that black fur what? ok long black hair and furry golden skin caressed by the sun and the breeze and me I was standing next to them, their tail brushed my belly, they looked over their shoulder at me high cheekbones narrow elegant muzzle shining blue eyes, no green, black? Black eyes that were also green and blue sparkled to see me. Should the jaw be that broad? Different, but nice, different exciting who was this waiting for me? Name, something, night rain song river no the black was spicy-smelling Char the red was energizing Rain the blue was new exciting River the black was also friendly Shadow. Noses nuzzled me, hands petted me, tongues licked me, and I purred with pleasure and the marvelous rightness of it all they surrounded me I was in her him in me - what? It was good I was being - what? Wait! wrong... wasn't it?

The dream dissolved into frightening confusion and I awoke panting. "Who was that?/What happened?/Someone sexy but not the usual incarnation of Rainsong who visits my dreams clad in only her long red hair./It wasn't Charcoal either/Who?/Charcoal usually visits my dreams." An image of black fur, a thick neck ruff, alert ears and sparkling black eyes came to me, with a rush of attraction that seemed out of place until I realized it was Stormwind's. "But that's still not right, there were blue eyes, another blackness...?/Black for the fur of Rainsong's wolf other... /Shadow/ Yes Shadow but blue?/Charcoal's human-other of course./Nightriver?!" Immediately it made a sickening kind of sense -- those sexy blue eyes were Nightriver's and in the dream he/ they were in love with me/us...! "And it felt so right." The sadness in Stormwind's thought distracted me from my realization that the bottom had suddenly dropped out of my world.

"Stormwind? How come you never told me you liked Charcoal?/Well he had already chosen Nightriver and I thought you would feel that I was abandoning you for him just like Rainsong. I never want you to be sad." I could feel the lovingkindness Stormwind felt towards me, and my heart ached with the love I felt for her in return. I wanted to give her a big hug -- but how do you hug yourself? "I never want you to be sad either Stormwind. If you have a crush on Charcoal, you should try to do something about it -- at least see if he's interested. I know I'd have to come along for the ride, but a male wolf wouldn't be so bad, not like doing it with a male human." The thought followed unbidden, "But Nightriver's eyes were so..." I clamped down harshly on that traitorous thought. "But they way we look and smell now, Charcoal definitely wouldn't want me..."

We both considered this mixed up body we were in. In sleep it had drifted once more to a mangled thing half-way between wolf and human. Even in full wolf form my male half couldn't be hidden -- my penis remained though it gained a furry smow-white sheath that matched Stormwind's belly fur. And equally importantly, our scent was neither male nor female -- that wouldn't matter to a human, but to a wolf or a wolf-human, like us, it would be important. Well maybe not one quite like us, because my brain appreciated female scent and Stormwind's brain appreciated male scent, and whether it was she or I that initially felt attraction, it would quickly spill over to the other, because after all we were both receiving the same feedback from this body -- elevated pulse, adrenaline, butterflies in the stomach, we had felt it all together in the dream. Even now we had that quivery feeling that goes with an unrequited crush, or waking up from an unfinished wet dream. So scent wouldn't matter to us, but to any normal wolf-other it was sure to matter a lot. Maybe no one would ever love us...

"Hey, scent doesn't matter much to humans. What do we look like as a human?/Good question. Might as well find out now. Let's change laying down, so we don't promptly fall on our face./Good plan." It was the middle of the night, but the magic full moon still floated in the sky, and with its aid wolfish eyes could see quite clearly. We concentrated together and transformed ourselves as before, but this time it was my mind that guided Stormwind's. Human hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, face. Human feet, legs, hips, backside, and belly. I even forced away the tail and fur people usually kept, so my form would be fully revealed, although Stormwind's chocolate and white colorscheme stayed in my skin despite my best efforts.

This form felt like home, scaled up of course from the addition of Stormwind's mass, but it was subtly different in many ways: hips a bit wider, features a bit finer, shoulders not quite as square and strong, fingers and toes a bit more delicate, and waist a bit more narrow. And it was glaringly different in two big ways. I had a human version of Stormwind's vagina between my legs beneath my dick, and I had a completely new pair of medium-sized breasts on my chest.

"Oh fuck." I was dizzy, panting and beginning to hyperventilate. "Relax Sassafras! Quit Panicking, it's getting annoying." The chuckle in her mindvoice was so out of place compared to what I was feeling that my whirling thoughts stalled while I struggled to fathom her amusement. "It only makes sense, after all. Blend something male and something female and you get something that's some of each. We are a hermaphrodite. Body and brain. If Nightriver now strikes you as attractive, that's because that's a natural thought for this body. If Shadow now strikes me as fuckable where before she was just a friend, that's natural for this body and this brain too. This is our body, our new environment. You need to adapt. Relax. Have fun with it. Think of it as an adventure."

"Go with it. Have FUN with it!? We are a freak! I like this form... it's new and exciting. I like having you here in my mind with me. But WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO US WHEN WE WALK BACK INTO THAT VILLAGE!?" Irationally, I hoped she could just pull a soothing answer out of thin air for me. I didn't want to be upset, I wanted to be calm and thinking this was an adventure, but loneliness was what had driven me to court Stormwind in the first place, but now she was out of reach inside of me, and Rainsong/Shadow would turn away in horror, and Nightriver/Charcoal who I suddenly wanted so frighteningly badly, their eyes would turn icy and they would bare their teeth at us and snarl.../Just STOP dammit! You don't know WHAT will happen. You don't know what their fantasies are. And then there's always Ibex, she'll be of age in a few years. Never thought of her did you?! She might even bond with a male wolf to match us! And ME! I'm not gone away somewhere where you can't reach me! I'm right here! You're my best friend, I love you! And I can reach you just like this!" She yanked the front half of our body back into wolf-shape and before I realized what she was going to do, she was lapping at our genitals.

It was my tongue on my cock, but it was also her passionately licking me, and, stranger, my tongue bathing her penis. Our tummy and balls still hurt with longing from our dream, and I sought sanctuary in this sort-of contact with Stormwind. I rolled us onto our side and co-opted our paws, reshaping them into hands and applying them to Stormwind's (my?) love tunnel, which was almost out of reach for our tongue. The pleasure was the familiar combined with the wonderfully new. The feeling bounced between our minds, and it was so sexy to be able to feel how much she was enjoying this, how much she loved me, to hear her mindvoice moan and beg for more. Our physical voice was groaning and whining too, and panting erotically. The brush of fur against skin still felt enchantingly alien, only this time we could feel it from both sides. We spread the saliva and precum and female goo, stroking to feed the fire growing in our loins. I called forth our human breasts and tweaked their nipples, and the sensation shot like lightning bolts to the combined root of cock and balls and cunt.

Our nose and licking tongue were covered with both entrancing tastes. Stormwind shut our eyes and flames of pleasure seemed to surround us, bathing us until we could no longer take the heat. There was a matching tautening of muscles in balls and vagina, and by common instinct we held the sensation there, teetering on the edge, for one moment of ecstasy, two... then it spilled over, with straining pulses from above and hungry gulping from below, as hands smeared cum down our rock-hard shaft and into our hot, wanting cunt, milking the last drop of earthshaking pleasure from our wet and satisfied anatomy. Then we collapsed, panting. There was no panic left in me; only the satisfaction of afterglow.

"We can still touch each other. We will always be here for each other. And in the morning we will set off on the grand adventure of being someone new and utterly different./Let's go see Ibex first, ok? I'm glad you reminded me of her. She's a nice person, and something of a xenophile -- she'll like us because we're a herm, not in spite of it./Ok, in the morning we shall visit Ibex. Provided we can cooperate long enough to walk that far." We shared a wry smile, yawned enormously, stretched luxuriously, then curled up and went back to sleep.