I had always been a shy person. I never really put myself out there for anything. I don't know why, I supposed I've always been this way. I had a wife, no kids, and an apartment in the city. Life was good, if uneventful. Over the last few months, Viki, my wife, had been getting more and more aggressive sexually. She'd been texting me sexy messages, leaving me voice mails, and calling me at work. Each message she told me some new way she wanted me to fuck her. And I did, though she was constantly asking for it harder, or some more extreme way. I did my best, but my shyness extended to my sexuality as well. It wasn't that I wasn't into sex, its just that I always felt a bit uncomfortable letting go to the moment. I made love to my wife for a few minutes, came, and then went to sleep. But over the last few months, Viki had tried to take more control. She started ridding me on top more, bought dildos and other toys, handcuffs, etc. It sort of felt like things were getting out of hand.


It was a Tuesday and I was at work, as per usual, when I heard the phone ring. I picked it up.


"Richard Anderson speaking, how can I help you?"


"I'll tell you how you can help me, Mr. Anderson." It was Viki, speaking in a soft, silky voice. "I rented a room for us at the Davenport Hotel for us tonight, room 214. Be there at 6 and don't be late. I have a special night planed for both of us." And she hung up.


After work, I got in my car and drove to the Davenport. I was a bit nervous about what Viki had planned and I wasn't sure if I could keep up with her any longer. Made my way up to room 214 and knocked on the door and Viki opened it. She was wearing a see through white teddy which showed her amazing body. Her brown hair cascaded down to her shoulders. She had wide hips, and D cup breasts on her athletic frame. She was thin, but you couldn't see her abs or ribs like those deathly skinny models. Her deep brown eyes had a bit of a sparkle in them tonight. "Hi honey. Did you have a good day?" She asked.


"It was fine. You look great!" I said.


She smiled at me, took my briefcase and led me in the room. The table on the far side of the room had two martinis, one had a red umbrella, one had a blue one. I took off my jacket and put it around the chair. Viki walked over and picked up the two cocktails.


"I made us some drinks," She said, and handed me the one with the red umbrella. "Cheers."


I drank mine quickly, but I noticed Viki watched me do it very carefully. After I downed it, I placed the glass on the table. Viki giggled a little.


"Did you enjoy that Rich?"


"Yes, you make a good martini my love." I said.


"You know, Rich. I've been dissatisfied with you and your dick for a long time."


I felt like I had just been slapped in the face. I couldn't believe what Viki just said to me. She must have seen it on my face.


"Don't worry, I'm not leaving you." Viki said with a smile. " But there's only so much sexual frustration a girl can take. I've tried everything I can think of. I love you Richard, but you don't know crap about fucking. And you have a 4 inch dick. How is that supposed to get me off?"


I started feeling a little light headed.


"That's right Rich. You have a tiny dick, and puny balls. Sometimes I don't even know if you've put it in me yet. So after trying everything else I realized that two things have to happen for us to stay together. First, I need a real cock and someone who knows how to use it. Secondly, you need to learn how to fuck."


I was getting really dizzy now. I reached back to find the chair and managed to sit in it. "What's hap-p-penning?" I managed to get out. Everything started getting fuzzy. I couldn't hold up my head anymore and it flopped to the side.


Just then, there was a knock at the door. Viki smiled at me, and went to answer it. A tall, good looking guy was standing there. I saw him walk into the room, and just then everything went black.




I felt myself start to awaken. I managed to lift my head and open my eyes a bit. Viki was sitting on the bed. "Oh good, you've come to."


"What's happening to me? Did you put something in my drink?" I said groggily.


"Yes I did." She said, getting to her feet and walking over to me. "But before I tell you about that, I want to introduce you to someone. Mike, will you come here please?" The man I saw in the door frame earlier walked out of the bathroom. He only had a pair of underwear on. The were the tight jockey variety, and they clearly showed of his package.


I felt myself become a bit more aware and I realized I was naked. When I realized this, I grunted and instinctively tried to cover myself, only to realize I was strapped down to the chair.


"Don't worry baby. This is only for a little while. And this is all because I love you. Rich, meet Mike. Mike and I have been flirting at the gym for a few months. Last week, we went out for a drink and I told him about my whole problem with your tiny cock and your chicken-shit way of fucking me. "


My cheeks were getting hot, I was sure I was bright red either from embarrassment or anger but I wasn't sure which.


"I told Mike what I hand in mind for you and he agreed to help us out. It turned out he's bisexual- all the better." She looked at him and winked and then turned to me with a wry little smile. "Mike is going to fuck me good and hard, and you're going to watch. You're going to watch me get satisfied for the first time in a long time."


"What the hell? You want me to watch another guy fuck you right in front of me? You're fucking nuts Viki!" I yelled.


"Shut the fuck up Rich. I told you this is all because I love you. Now if you don't sit there quietly I'm going to have to gag you."


"Right, I'm going to sit here quietly while you fuck this guy. If you do this, we're through Viki. I'll divorce you." I said sternly.


"OK, gag it is," she said while walking over to the table. She took a a ball gag out of her suitcase and strapped it on my head before I could say anything else. "Let's see if you still want to divorce me when we're through with all this, OK?"



Viki walked up to Mike and pulled him in for a deep kiss. He was quite a bit taller than her. I grunted in protest but there was nothing I could do. She slid on hand down his chest and cupped his groin. "Yeah, this is going to be good," she said.


Mike slid his hands to Viki's butt and squeezed it hard. I couldn't believe what was happening! Then, he lifted up her teddy to reveal her naked body, ready for him to have his way with her. Viki slid down his underwear and exposed his cock. It was huge! It was still soft but it was probably twice as long as mine when it was hard. Viki smiled and got down on her knees.


In one motion, she took him in her mouth and starting to suck him off. Mike let out a deep breath. "Suck that dick, Viki. Get me good and hard."


She was sucking his cock has hard as she could and Mike's prick had become hard as a rock. She squeezed his balls and took his whole dick in her throat. Then she looked back at me and said, "I hope you're paying attention."


She then got up, walked over to the bed, and climbed on all fours. "Fuck me hard Mike. I want you to fuck the shit out of me."


Mike grinned, looked at me and then got behind her. He positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy and rubbed it around for a few seconds.


"Oh yea," Viki moaned. "You got me so wet. Stick it in me."


Mike obliged and slid the first few inches of his cock up my wife's pussy. She moaned a bit more. This was agony to watch! Within a few seconds, Mike was plowing Viki like there was no tomorrow. He fucked her so hard she was bumping forward violently with each thrust.


Viki, straightens up and Miked brought his hands up to cup her tits. They were fucking like animals. It wasn't long before Viki started screaming in pleasure and I could see fluid splashing down from her pussy onto the bed. I didn't even know that could happen!


As her orgasm subsided, she looked at me while Mike continued to shove his massive cock in and out of her pussy. "I wanted to see how much I enjoy this. Because this is what you're going to have from now on. Uhhhh. Oh! That martini you drank had a serum in it. It is going to turn you into a woman over the course of the next 24 hours. Oh God, yes right there you fucking stud! I'm sure by now its started taking effect. Take a look at that tiny cock of yours. Its even tinier! My guess is you have about 15 more minutes before you have a pussy."


I looked down. She was right! My dick had shrunken to the size of a small baby carrot. My balls were the size of two grapes! I looked up with shock in my eyes.


"I'm going to turn you into my bitch and you're going to spend the rest of your life getting fucked properly. By lots of people, including me."


Just then she stammered, "Oh god, yes! Yes!" and I saw another flood or liquid rush from her pussy.


"This is what I've been missing!" She exclaimed at me. "You see, my love, I got a bunch of vials of this serum from an experimental clinic in LA. My sister's been working there for 6 months. Each serum can alter one part of a person's body."


"Oh baby," Mike said. "I'm gonna cum!" Viki pushed her ass into him and buried his cock deep in her. "Ugh!"


Mike was shooting his load up my wife's pussy. And I was watching this happen in shock! Part of me was turned on by my wife getting pleasured so thoroughly, though. What the hell is going on?!


"Mmmm, yeah. That was great. Why don't you head on home and rest up. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day," Viki instructed him.


"Sounds good, Viki. Thanks!" Mike through me a little smile and then headed into the bathroom. He emerged a few seconds later, pants on and shirt half buttoned up. "See you guys tomorrow, gnight!" And he left.


Viki walked over to me, put one leg over my hips and sat down on my lap. She looked down between her legs, and giggled with joy. "You have your own pussy!" I looked down and saw not only a vagina where dick had been, but copious amounts of Mikes cum flowing out of my wife and onto my crotch.


"You don't have to worry about me getting pregnant or anything. This is your first night having a pussy, and my last." Viki reached behind my head and took off my gag.


I felt so ashamed, I hung my head. "I can't believe what you're doing. Where is this all going?"


She lifted my chin, looked into my eyes and kissed me deeply. "Its all because I love you. This is going to be best for both of us. Well, especially me." She grinned.


Viki walked over to the refrigerator and took out three vials. She looked at one closely, popped the cap off, and downed it in one swallow.


"That was serum which is going to grow me a dick. The told me not to take the whole thing, but I just couldn't resist. Its going to give me a big dick, I can only guess bigger than Mikes, though I don't know how big." She shivered. "God the thought of me fucking your pussy with a giant cock just gets me so hot."


"I don't understand why you're doing this Viki!" I said.


"Because this is the only way I can stay with you. You can't satisfy me. And you're fine with that. You never pushed yourself, or asked me how to make it better. You had to know I wasn't fulfilled. Now, I'll be the one satisfying you. And I'll be the one to cum every time. Though, I'm sure you will too. Oh its starting, I can feel it!"


I looked down again. She was right. Her pussy looked smaller and her clit was swollen to the size of the tip of a pinky. "This is so exciting!" She giggled with glee.


"So you're going to leave me a man with a pussy? Some sort of freak?" I asked her.


"No, no. Here, drink this one all the way. It'll turn your body into that of a woman's. It'll grow your hair, soften your face, give you a nice hourglass figure and shape your legs. If I were you, I'd do it. I mean, like you said, you don't want to be stuck a man with a pussy do you?"


I looked at her and said, "Fine. If things are that bad, I'll do whatever you say to save our marriage."


"Yay! Open up." She turned both vials, read the labels with purpose, and popped the cap off one.


I opened my mouth. She started to gently pour the vial into my mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed in little gulps. When I opened them a few seconds later, I saw Viki had an empty vial in her hand and the last of the second one was being emptied into my mouth. I sputtered in shock, but it was too late, and I swallowed the rest of it.


I coughed a few times and said, "What was that?! You said I was only going to drink one vial!"


"Yeah, I know but I couldn't help my self! My sister did say you should drink the whole vial of the first one. The second one was for breast growth. She told me to go little by little, but what the heck! Let's see how big we can get your titties!"


"Viki, I said I'd do what it takes to save our marriage, but not if you're going to lie to me about it. You need to be honest about what's happening from here out. I told you I'd go along with it, and I will. But you have to tell me!" I said sternly.


"OK, OK, you're right. Sorry. But isn't this cool!! Besides, I wanted to give you bitch tits anyway. Gigantic ones. Tits to make sure you get fucked enough."


"Really? I had no idea you were into any of this. How big do you think they're going to be?" I asked.


"Honestly, I have no idea. But we'll find out soon enough! Let's get you untied. She reached under the chair and started undoing my straps. First my hands, then my feet were free. I felt so strange, like I had smoked a ton of pot a few hours before. I looked down and rubbed my wrists to find my body, and Viki's, already well along in their transformations.


"Viki look!" I said, pointing at her crotch.


She had a cock and balls between her legs. Not massive, but respectable, from what I'd seen in the showers in college.


"Alright! Hey, look at you too!" She said.


We both looked down at my body to see my hips had become wider, I'd lost most of the hair on my legs and chest, and my aureoles had become large and puffy, like a 13 year old girl.


"I really hope you know what you're doing here, Viki."


"Relax, this is going to be fun. Oh yeah, I should tell you that I had your tits and pussy engineered to be super sensitive. Like I said, you're going to know what it means to be satisfied as a woman from now on. Now, I want you to suck my dick. Let's see what all the fuss is about."


"OK, but you're going to have to help me. I feel really groggy." I told her.


Viki led me over to the bed, laid me down on my back with my head propped up on the pillow, and straddled my quickly changing chest. "Don't worry, love. Viki is going to take care of everything. Now open up and take my cock in your mouth."


She scooched forward so her cock was just about touching my lips. I had never been attracted to a dick before. But seeing that cock on Viki was strangely arousing. "Well," I said, "if I'm going to start sucking cock, it might as well be my wife's."


Viki let out an excited belly laugh. I opened my mouth and took her cock head my lips. It felt soft and spongy, and tasted a bit salty. I didn't really know what I was doing, but Viki seemed to like it; she was moaning softly to herself. I took her dick all the way in mouth- it was still soft so it was easy to fit the whole thing in. Then I sucked it hard and squished my tongue all around it.


"Oh fuck yeah," moaned Viki. "Suck my dick just like that." I obeyed and kept doing it. This move was clearly a winner; her dick was hardening fast. I couldn't take the whole thing in my mouth anymore. Before I could think of anything else to do, Viki started to move her hips back and fourth, slowly pushing her new dick in and out of my mouth.


I had my eyes closed and was actually enjoying giving my wife this much pleasure. Maybe this was the first time I'd ever gotten her off. "Isn't that pathetic?" I looked up to see Viki looking down at me with a huge smile on her face. She was still sliding her cock in and out of my mouth. "Your wife has a bigger dick than you ever had."


I pushed Viki's cock out of my mouth and looked at it. Well, she was right. Her dick had to be at least an inch or two longer than mine was. And her balls had to be twice the size my had been.


"Don't worry baby, let Viki take care of everything." She pushed her cock head between my lips again and started to thrust it faster now. But something felt different. It felt like Viki's legs were rubbing up against me now, but I hadn't felt it before. I tried to push her away to take a look, but she kept thrusting fast and faster. After a minute or so, she got the message and withdrew from my mouth.


"God, you're getting a bit carried away there," I gasped.


"What can I say," Viki shrugged. "This girl likes getting her cock sucked. Why did you stop me?"


I sat up a little and looked at my chest. "Oooooohhhhh!" Viki yelled. "You're growing boobs!" She reached down and cupped both of them. "I'm so proud!" She, got off of me and started fondling them. "I'd say you're a full B cup at the moment. Maybe a C."


It felt amazing. Viki kneaded them, and squished them. I was loving this. Then, she lowered her head and took one of my nipples in her mouth. I jerked and twitched. This was unreal! My whole body was on fire, I couldn't believe how good this is! Maybe this won't be so bad after all!


Viki sucked my nipples for a few moments, and then she slid one of her hands down to my new pussy. From the second her finger spread my cunt lips I was in heaven. She slid her finger in and out of my pussy, and every so often she'd come up and rub my clit for a few seconds. It wasn't long before I thrashed about and had my first female orgasm. I felt a flood of girl-cum rush out of my cunt onto the bed. As it subsided, Viki slowed and sat up.


"That was amazing Viki! Maybe this'll be alright."


She let out a belly laugh. "I knew you're going to love it. You're a bitch at heart, not a cocksman. And I'm the opposite. We're a match made in heaven (or a laboratory) now!" We both chucked a bit.


Then, Viki moved back up to my face and pointed her cock at me again. "Finish me off, bitch." She said with a smile.


I looked down and saw her dick, it was even bigger than before. It was probably the size that Mike's had been, maybe just a little smaller. I opened up and accepted her meat. She didn't waste any time and started fucking my face. I fought my gag reflex as much as I could and before long I could let her whole cock slide down my throat with each thrust. She was clearly loving this. I could feel her balls hit my chin with each thrust.


Just then, her thrusts became erratic and I felt the first gob of her hot cum splash into my throat. But instead of thrusting it all the way down my throat, like I had always liked (though mine never really reached Viki's throat). She pulled it out so just the tip of her cock was in.


My mouth filled with cum after just a few spurts and I had no choice but to swallow. After three gulps, and quite a bit of splashing, Viki's orgasm subsided. She pulled her dick out of my mouth and collapsed onto the bed next to me. In an instant, we had both fallen fast a sleep.




I could feel the sun on my face, and I opened my eyes. It took me a second to remember where I was and what had happened the night before. I looked over at the clock; it said 11:15am.


I looked behind my back and saw Viki still a sleep next to me. I rocked her gently. "Viki, its morning, get up." I said.


She rolled over and open her eyes a bit and looked at me. Through her sleepy haze, she grinned at me. But then her eyes widened and she bolted upright. "Oh my god. Rich! Look at you!"


I looked down to see a fully female form under my eyes, with two enormous breasts hanging off my chest. "Shit!" I yelled. I stood up and went to the mirror at the end of the room. The figure staring back at me was beautiful. Probably 5"10, long brown hair, brown eyes, beautiful face, and a curvy female figure. But all that was secondary to the massive breasts dangling off my chest. The were about the biggest breasts I'd ever seen in real life. I turned back at Viki to see her walking over to her. I was about to yell at her for making my breasts so big when I saw her cock dangling between her legs.


"Viki!" I screamed and pointed at her dick.


She looked down and gasped. Her dick looked huge. She walked up next to me in the mirror and looked at it. I reach down and pulled it out as far as it would go. It had to be at least 9" long, and as wide as the cardboard tube for toilet paper. "I'm going to make you one happy lady," She said looking at me with a grin.


I grabbed my tits and held them up. "How fucking big are these things going to get?! It's only been 12hrs! You said it would take 24 to change fully." I screamed in a panic.


"Relax," Viki said soothingly. "They probably look bigger to you then they do to me. I mean, they're your first set of tits."


"How big are they going to get?!" I insisted.


"We'll, I told you I wanted to give you tits big enough to get you laid all the time. I'm sure they're going to get quite a bit bigger. But let's measure them just to be sure." She walked over to her suitcase,brought out a tailor's measuring strip and wrapped it around my chest. A few measurements later, she seemed to have the answer.


"You're a 38FF."


"HOW BIG ARE THEY GOING TO GET!" I screamed at her.


"OK, OK, I'll call my sister and see what she says."


Viki walked over to the phone and dialed the number.


"Hey Sue! Its Viki. Gotta moment? Good. Oh yeah, its going great. Exactly what I was going for, thanks so much for your help. So, here's the situation- I know you said not to, but I took all of the penis serum, and gave Rich all of the breast serum."


Then there was a few seconds of silence.


"Hmm, well, any idea how big his tits are gong to get?" She asked.


Again, a few seconds of silence.


"OK, thanks for the information. I'll call you in a bit to check in. Love ya sis!"



"What'd she say?" I said with more than a little desperation in my voice.


"Well.....," Viki paused and chuckled to herself. " It seems that they're research for the serums is at different levels. She said my cock will probably grow out to about 12" and be about as thick as a soda can."


My eyes widened. "That's huge! How am I going to take that?"


"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now on to your luscious titties." She reached over and put a hand on one of my huge mammaries. "It seems that their research for breast growth is further along than anything else. And.... she wanted to surprise me by giving us a little extra for me..... But I gave it all to you, sooo....."


My eyes were wide with fear now. "How. Big," I said.


"Well, Sue said she can't know for sure, but probably somewhere in the I or J range."


Everything started to go hazy and next thing I knew, it was all black.








I gasped and my eyes shot open.


"Sorry for the slap, but you've been out for so long it was the only thing I hadn't tried yet."


"How long was I out for," I instantly noticed my voice was much higher. It sounded as though someone else was speaking my thoughts.


"You've been out for about 4 hours."


"Ugh." I sat up and felt a massive weight shift on my chest. I looked down to see my tits, probably twice as large as they were before. "Viki, I know I said I'd go along with this, but these tits are fucking nuts!"


"I know, I know. But isn't this what told you was going to happen? I was honest about it! I told you before, and I'll tell you again, I want to give you breasts that will get you laid all the time. Massive tits. And now, you're most of the way there." She said with a wink. "Besides, won't it be fun to see how big they'll get? Its like manifest breastiny! HA!"


I sighed and slumped back into the bed.


"So what now?" I asked.


"Well, Mike is going to come back over, and I invited another guy too. Dillon. I had a feeling my dick was going to get super big, and I don't think you'll be able to handle it comfortably in your virgin cunt. I mean, I don't want to hurt you! So, I scouted a few guys and found Dillon and Mike. Dillon has a 6" cock, a good one for your first. Them Mike will do you, getting you ready for mine."


"And they're all going to be here tonight?! God, Viki, how much fucking can one person do in a day?" I asked exasperated.


"Well, looking the way you do, I'm sure you'll find out exactly how much in the coming days and months,"


Viki told me it'd be a little while until Dillon arrived, so we just lounged on the bed and watched some TV and ordered room service.


It was good just to relax. It had been a crazy day! Strangely enough, I wasn't really as frightened or hesitant about my new body. It seemed like as long as Viki was there, everything would be fine. We just hung around fondled each other a bit, kissed, nothing heavy, just enjoying each others company in a new way.




At 4pm the nose there was a knock at the door. Viki jumped up, and quickly went to the door ."Time for your first fucking," she said, almost singing it she was so excited.


She opened the door, greeted Dillon and brought him into the room. "Welcome!" She said. "I'd like you to meet Mary." she winked at me. "Mary, Dillon."


We exchanged hellos. I under the sheets- this was the first time anyone other than Viki had seen me as a woman. I was a bit embarrassed, to tell the truth.


"Don't be shy. I won't bite," Dillon said.


"Come show Dillon who he's going to be fucking today." Motioned Viki. But I didn't move. Suddenly, this became far too real for me.



"I'll tell you what Mary, I'll get undressed first OK," he said soothingly. Dillon unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He was fit and had a good build with a hairy chest. Not the tallest guy in the world, probably about 5'8". Then he slid his pants and underwear off to reveal his uncut dick. Viki seemed to be right about this whole graduation thing. His dick looked like a good size- not too intimidating.


I sat up. As I got to my feet I let the sheet fall away.


"Oh my god," he said and looked at Viki. "She's beautiful! And what a rack!"


I saw myself in the mirror on the other side of the room. He had a point, I was a knockout. And I had just about the best tits I'd ever seen. Perfectly shaped, but big. Really big.


"I know you'd approve. Mary, why don't you start getting Dillon nice and hard so he can do you properly," said Viki.


I lowered my head in sheepishness, but I raised my hand to his balls and felt their heat. The felt good. It was like holding my own balls, but the weren't on me any longer. I gently massaged his sack for a few seconds and then I felt his hand make its way over to one of my tits. I looked up at him with a little bashful smile and before I knew it, Viki had pushed my head in to kiss him. He seemed ready for it and eased his tongue into my mouth. It felt good, and I started to feel a little wet between my legs. We kissed for a few moments. Then I pushed him back and slowly sank to my knees.


I took Dillon's cock into my mouth and started sucking it like I had with Viki's the night before. Meanwhile, Viki had made her way over to the bed and was lying there watching, stroking her cock.


"Take the full length into your mouth, then come out and suck on the bottom, just under the tip," Viki instructed.


I did and Dillon moaned in approval. I sucked him good, and he was enjoying it.


"Hey, I have an idea," He said after a few minutes. "Let's go over to the bed. He laid down on his back and motioned me to come between his legs and suck him off again. "Viki, why don't you eat her pussy."


Viki got up and slid her head between my legs facing the ceiling. I lowered my hips to meet her mouth and instantly I was overcome with shivers. I tried to concentrate on sucking off Dillon, but it was hard with Viki flicking my pussy like that. This was amazing. I wasn't sure how much longer I could go without cumming, but just then. Viki stopped. "I think its time," she said.


Dillon got up and Viki gently pulled me down onto my back. I felt so nervous. I was really about to be fucked. I didn't really have time to think about it. Before I knew it, Viki was holding my legs spread wide and Dillon was between them, his cock aimed right at my cunt. I looked at Viki, "Be a good bitch and take this dick for me." She leaned down and kissed me deeply. Just then, I felt Dillon's dick push up against my pussy lips. And then it was in. With a few short strokes, Dillon had his cock all the way up my pussy. At first, it hurt a little, then it felt like a strange squishing sensation. But that quickly gave way to raw pleasure has he drew his rod back out and then started pumping.


I gasped and twitched. Waves of pleasure started radiating through my body. Viki had sat back up and was holding my legs wide. I looked between them and over my two mountains of breast, I saw Dillon, one hand on each of my ankles, looking straight and my face as he pumped my new pussy.


"Oh god your tits are hot," he said. " I wanna fuck you hard just to watch them giggle on your chest."


"Feels.... soo.... good..." I got out.


Viki let go of my legs as Dillon leaned forward, put each one on one of his shoulders and cupped my breasts in his hands. It felt amazing to have my tits mashed up like that while he pumped my slit.


Viki was sitting next to me, rubbing her cock. It was rock hard and big. It was probably as thick as my forearm. She leaned in quietly and whispered to me, " Your such a hot slut. I'm getting so hard watching you get fucked. And I can only imagine how you're going to look as your tits grow. Do you see how good it feels to be pumped full of cock? Do you see what I was missing with your puny dick? You see how big mine is now? Let's see how it feels with this monster inside you."


Dillon pulled his cock out of me and said, "Roll over baby."


I got on my knees and pushed my butt in the air. Dillon slid his dick in my pussy again and started fucking me just like before. I was moaning and gasping in pleasure. This was amazing!


Just then he reached under me and grabbed each of my tits in his hands. He rolled my nipples and squished my tits. "Oh, uh, oh god. I'm going to cum. Roll over and let me cum on your tits," Dillon managed to get out.


I did and just as I got onto my back, the cum started to flow out of his cock and splash down on me. It felt hot on my skin. Pump after pump, it splattered onto my tits and I pushed them up and stuck them out to receive his seed.


"What a good slut," Said Viki. "You took that cock well. Let's see how you do with a bigger one. Thanks Dillon."


"My pleasure," Dillon said. "Really. I hope I'll be seeing you again, Mary." I looked at him with a little simile, still apprehensions about sleeping with someone other than my wife.


"I'm sure you will," Viki said before I could think of anything. "Maybe next time, you can fuck her up the ass. I'm sure Mary would love it."


"Sounds good to me! I'll call you soon sugar tits. Thanks for the fuck." Dillon had already gotten his pants on and he was now putting on his shoes. Within a minute or two, he had his jacket on. "Good night," he said and walked out the door.


Viki walked over to me and laid down the bed. "Come here and tit fuck me, Mary," She said.


"So that's my name now is it?" I asked.


"Sure, why not. Don't you like it," She said as I positioned my chest above her cock.


"Its fine, I guess."


"We can always change it. But let's talk about it later. Now, I want you to rub Dillon's cum between your tits, and then fuck my dick with them."


I smiled at her, "You're such a horn dog." I said. I did as she instructed, and I lowered my tits onto her massive cock. It looked even bigger than before, and it was rock hard. I encased it in my breasts and started to rub them up and down.


"Oh yeah, Rich. I'm so glad I decided to give you these tits. I think they're even bigger than they were when Dillon got here. I can't wait to see how big they get!"


"It felt really good when he was holding them. I like them," I said.


"I'm glad," Viki said while slowly thrusting her cock between them. "I just loved seeing you take his dick. I can't wait to see you take Mikes, and then of course mine will be the coup de gras. And you're going to watch me fuck other girls too. Not to night, though. Tonight's all about teaching you how to fuck."



After a few minutes of this, there was another knock at the door. "Its open," Viki yelled and Mike walked in. He took a few steps and stopped in his tracks.


"Dam Viki! You didn't hold back did you." He said incredulously.


"Nope, and we still have a few hours of growing left! No come here and let me suck your dick."


Mike unbuttoned his pants and walked over to Viki with his prick dangling between his legs. She took him in her mouth and started to fuck him off. It wasn't long before he had a raging hard on and was face fucking her while I rubbed my tits on her own cock. I looked up to see Mike staring at me. "Are you ready for me," he asked.


"Yes, how do you want to have me?" I said.


"Hmm," Mike said. "Let's do it standing up. Come over here."


He pulled his cock away from Viki and took me by the hand. He lead me over to the wall and put my hands on it.


"Stick out your but for him," Viki said.


Mike got behind me and started rubbing his cock head on my slit like he had with Viki the night before. It felt so good to be teased like that. It was like having a piece of chocolate cake brushed against your lips. After a few minutes, you just have to take it in.


"Oh god, you're getting me so wet," I said.


"Good, then you're ready. Go ahead Mike," Viki said.


And he slid it slowly but steadily all the way up my pussy. This was entirely different then with Dillon. I felt I was being stretched from the inside. It was right on the edge of pain. Mike seemed oblivious to my discomfort and he started to slide his dick in and out almost immediately.


Viki could see my face. She came up next to me and put her hand on my should. "Don't worry baby. It won't hurt for too. much longer. Besides, we have to get your pussy ready for my cock."


I suddenly realized that Viki's cock was now quite a bit larger than Mikes. That, I thought, is going to hurt. I whimpered a little in pain.


"Shhh, shhhh, shhh," Viki said. "Here, let me help." She got in front of me and knelt between my legs. Then she started to lick my clit as Mike fucked me. Again, I twitched with the immediate and electric pleasure. It must have helped relax me, because within a few more seconds, Mike's cock was sliding in and out of me pain free. It started to feel really good- the way a hard massage can feel, but much better.


"Oh," I moaned. Viki stood up and saw my face.


"OK, Mike, let her have it now. I think she can handle it."


Mike didn't have to be told twice. His thrusting quickened and soon he was fucking me so hard I had to push my hands into the wall just to keep from smacking my face on it. The pleasure was overwhelming. My knees started to feel week. It felt so good I almost couldn't take it.


"There you go," soothed Viki. "That's better. But don't just take it. Push back against him as he thrusts. Bury that cock deep in your pussy."


I mustered whatever control I had and tried to do as she said. It felt even better. His cock was stretching me from the inside with each thrust and I was loving it. I heard whimpering and moans and looked at Viki. But she was just sitting there on the bed stroking her massive dick. I must have been the one making those noises! I couldn't stop myself and soon I was yelling. Mike put his hands my hips for more grip and pulled me in even harder with each thrust.


I felt a wave build up in me and I knew I was close to cumming. But it wasn't the highly focused buildup when I was a man. This one took over my whole body. After just one or two more thrusts, I lost it and screamed as my pussy burst open with cum flooding down to the floor. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over my body. I took Mike's hands and lifted them to my breasts. He cupped them and started playing with my nipples. I wanted to feel him cum so badly. I matched his rhythm and pushed my pussy onto his cock with each of his thrusts.


It wasn't long before I heard Mike grunting and then suddenly, he pulled me in tight, just as he had done with Viki and buried his dick all the way up my pussy. It was the strangest thing to feel his dick throb cum into me. He held me tight until he was done pumping his cum inside me and then we both collapsed onto the bed.




We just laid there for a few minutes, and recovered control of our bodies. I looked over at Viki to see her grinning wildly and stroking her cock with two hands. It was enormous. I looked over at the clock- it read 5:30pm. Another 30 minutes of growth left. Wait, I was still growing too, I thought and looked down at my chest. My tits were enormous. At least twice as big as they were in the morning.


I took one in each of my hands and felt their weight. They looked like flattened volley balls. Viki could tell what I was thinking and went to get the measuring strip again.


"About 30 minutes left," I said.


"Yep. Stand up and let me measure you," she told me. While I walked over to her, she measured her cock. "11 and a quarter inches."


"I don't know how you're going to get that in me, I could barely handle Mike, I said in disbelief. Mike's cum started to leak out of my cunt and slide down my legs.


"I have a plan. Now lets do you." I raised my arms and Viki ran the tape measure around my chest. After a few readings and some math she had her answer. "You're 36JJ."


"Oh my god," I said. Looking down, they looked ridiculous on my now small frame. I had a flat belly with a prominent pussy bump, and these two giant things hanging off me.


"I think you look great," said Mike over on the bed. "They suit you," he said with a smirk.


"I concur, you look like a foxy lady. Mike, come help me. Its time for me to fuck my husband."


Mike got up and walked over to Viki. She reached into her suitcase and handed him a couple of straps.


"I'm going to have my way with you, baby," She said.


They walked over to the bed and started to wrap the straps around the bed posts.


"I hope you know what you're doing, Viki," I said.


"I'll be careful, I promise. After all, I don't want to hurt you do I. Now com here so we can strap you down."


I hesitantly walked over to the bed. I noticed how much my hips were swaying. Hmm, that's interesting.


Mike took one of my hands, Viki too the other one, and they put straps over my wrists. One quick tug from each of them and my arms were spread across the bed, with me lying on my back. Without waiting, they each took one of my ankles and before I could say anything else, they had pull my legs into the air and were tightening the straps.


I was now spreadeagled, on my back with my legs straight up in the air. I felt so exposed. Viki ran a hand up to my pussy and gave it a quick rub.


"Let's see if there's anything left in those vials. You know, just for fun."


"Come on Viki, don't you think this is enough!" I said exasperated. She was walking to the fridge already.


"Sure, its enough, but let's just have a look." She bent over and took out all three vials. "Ah! They're all empty except the one for your tits. There's still a drop or two left! I must have missed it last night when you gagged."


"Please, Viki. They're big enough!" I yelled.


"Now, Rich. You said you'd go along with anything I wanted to save our marriage."


I signed. "Fine."


"That's better. Let's see what happens if we do it this way." She took off the cap for the breast serum walked over to me, and stuck the open end up my pussy. I could feel a drop or two of the cold liquid flowing up my cunt and shuddered. "I love you Rich. You and your gigantic fuck-me-now boobs."


"You're both fucking nuts, you know that?" Mike was dressed and was at the door. He was smiling. "Enjoy!" And he left.


Viki went back to the suit case and got a tube. "Let me lube up and then I'm going to fuck you good and hard." Her dick was still hard. It was as thick as a fist and as long as forearm. She had to use two hands to apply the lube. She looked me straight in the eyes while she slid both hands up and down that enormous shaft of hers.


"We'll go as slow as you need to," she said climbing up between my legs. I looked at her between my huge tits, feeling the impending doom of that cock coming toward me.


She positioned herself, and put her cock head on my pussy. No way is that thing getting in there, I thought. She pushed a little and I felt my pussy stretch. A little more, a little more. Then the head was in.


"Ah! Fuck!" I screamed. "Take it out!"


"OK baby," Viki said and she slid it back out. She put her hand on my pussy and rubbed the outside a bit. It felt good, and I could feel the burning pain start to dissipate.


"Let's try again, OK?" She put her cock on my opening again and pushed a little harder. The head went in more quickly this time. I gasped and winced. "Its going to hurt for a few minutes. But we'll take it slow. I'll just wait here." She did as she said, and kept her cock with just the tip in. I was breathing heavily, trying to deal with the pain. After about a minute, it started to lessen.


"OK, you can try to go a little more." I said quietly.


"Here I go," she said. She slid another inch in. My stomach caught. It hurt, but not like the initial penetration did. It only took me a few seconds this time before I told her to keep going. Little by little, she slid her cock in me after about 5 minutes of this, I was sure I had the whole thing in, but I looked down and there was still half of it outside me!


"Take it out!" I said in frustration.


Viki did, in one quick motion she slid her giant cock out of me. It felt good to have it out, but it sort of missed the fullness. "I said I'd go slow, baby, but one way or another, you're going to take the whole thing tonight. I'm going to try again, OK?"


"OK," I said.


She went much faster this time. In about a second, she was back to where she was before she'd taken her cock out. One little thrust- another inch was in. Then another. I was wincing, and I felt myself start to cry a little. Another inch, another inch. I could feel my insides shifting to accommodate her meat. I was now whimpering with tears streaming down my face, and just then, I felt her balls come up against my ass. One more little thrust and it was all the way in.


"There we go baby, that isn't so bad is it?" Viki said. I could feel ever little movement she made. "God, its so hot watching it slide into you like that."


I looked up at her. She was beautiful. She was giving me a kind little smile. "Are you ready for me to fuck you now?" She said.


"I don't know," I replied. The pain was lessening and my tears were slowing.


"I'm going try a little." She did a few small thrusts.


"Ow, Ow!" I yelled.


"OK, let's try some more lube." She pulled her cock out slowly until I felt it pop out. "Fuck!" She said. "Look at your hole! Its gaping wide; I could fit my arm up there! It looks like Sue wasn't lying about the soda can thing!" She got another big squirt of lube, rubbed it on her cock and pointed it back at my pussy.


"OK, I went slow, but now its my turn to get off." She pushed her cock in and it slid all the way in. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. It felt as though it went on forever and finally, I felt her hips touch mine.


I looked up at her and said, "OK, fuck me."


Viki smiled at me and drew her cock out, and then pushed it in, and out again and in again. I felt like I was being split open. I couldn't close my mouth the sensation as so intense. It first it hurt, but that gave way to just a stretched feeling. I looked up at her between my tied up legs and saw her pumping into me with her head thrown back in pleasure.


"Yeah, fuck me Viki. I want you to give it to me hard," I said. She brought her head down and looked at me.


"OK baby," She quickened her pace and started thrusting more deeply. The pain was gone now, and it had been replaced with the most transcendent extacy I'd ever experience. I felt like she was reaching into me and massaging my soul. As she fucked me harder, she started slapping her hips up against mine and my huge tits started to flop about wildly. Seeing his, Viki reached down and held each of my nipples in her hands. With each thrust, they tugged against her hands sending sharp pleasure through my chest. "You know," she said through her thrusts. "I think they've gotten bigger already. Maybe the serum gets absorbed faster through your pussy."


"Oh god, fuck my pussy with that huge cock," I yelled.


Viki let got of my nipples and wrapped her hands around my thighs for better leverage she started pulling me in harder and harder. And then without me realizing it, she put her thumb on my clit and started to rub. Within seconds I was writhing around in orgasmic bliss as pump after pump of her cock pushed out my pussy cum. It splashed all around her dick, over her balls. And she just kept fucking me. Even if I wanted her to stop, there was nothing I could do- tied up with my legs spread wide, I just had to take the pounding until she came. But I was more than happy to do so.


This continued on for what seemed like forever. Eventually, after god-knows how long, I felt her thrusts change and she started to grunt. "You ready for my cum bitch," she asked. Then she pushed her cock all the way in and her cum started to shoot up my cunt like a fire hose. Through her orgasm, she maintained little thrusts. Even though I felt her cum cascading into me, what seemed like gallons from her gigantic orange-sized balls, none of it leaked out my pussy. I was starting to feel like a filled up water balloon. I had no idea how much more I could take, but she just kept cumming up my pussy.


As her spurts slowed, her thrusting followed. We both gradually regained control of our bodies. Viki looked down and watched as she slid her cock out of me. As soon is it cleared hole, a small fountain of her cum shot out onto the bed and made a puddle. “Holy shit!” She exclaimed. “I came that much?! Awesome!”


She started to untie me. My pussy was throbbing, but not entirely with pain.


“So what do you think?” She asked me as she let my legs down.


“I liked it, Viki. Its better than I thought it would be. And I like making you happy.” I responded.


“Aw, aren’t you a sweet thing.” She winked at me.


We both made our way to the bathroom and took a shower together. Viki and I took turns cleaning each other and kissing. Maybe she was right, maybe this was the best thing for our relationship. To be honest, I sort of liked being a woman anyway. The sex was way better!




I woke up in the morning to find Viki gone, but her suitcase was still here. I turned on the TV and just relaxed for a bit.


A little while later, Viki came back with some food from the dining room. “Ah your up!” She said. “And look at you! God, your tits are even bigger! Let’s see what size you are.”


I got up and walked over to the suitcase again and Viki measured me. After examining the tape measure, she looked up at me with eyes wide. “You’re a 36L. Fantastic!”


I looked at myself in the mirror. I had never been a breast man, but I had to admit, these were the mos beautiful tits I’d ever seen. The looked just like the most perfectly shaped rack you’d ever seen, just much, much, much bigger. My whole torso was breasts! I smiled at Viki.


“Now listen. You’re going to be getting a ton of attention from here on. I want you to have sex with anyone you’d like. And I’m going to do the same. But here’s the deal. Both of us, the other person has to be included. OK?”


“Sounds fine to me.” I replied.


“Good, let’s get home. Here, I brought you some clothes,” Viki said tossing me a black dress. “I guessed you were a K cup, but I think it’ll be close enough.


I slid it on and she zipped me up. It felt strange to wear a dress. I suddenly felt very exposed. The dress showed off my whole body. And my tits looked so obscene. Other than wearing a huge sweatshirt, I couldn’t see how I’d hide these things. Viki handed me a pair of black heals, and I put them on. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of them, and from the looks of it, Viki was enjoying my awkwardness.


We packed up the rest of our stuff, and headed out of the room. Everywhere we went, I felt people’s eyes on me. Some were clearly judging me, some were lustful, some were just curious. I wasn’t used to all this attention and I started to blush.


We started to make our way to the lobby and there was a particularly handsome guy watching us cross the room with his eyes fixed on my huge chest. Viki walked right up to him and motioned me to come over.


“Want to fuck her in the ass?” Viki asked quietly. My heart stopped. The man looked shocked himself.


“Umm, sure.” He replied nervously.


“Good, here’s our address. Meet us there in an hour.” Viki scribbled our address on the back of a card and handed it to him. Then she took me by hand, and started to walk towards the door. Her hand was on my ass the whole way to the car.



The end.