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The Transformation


My name is Steve and I am writing to tell you my story.  Not so long ago I was a faggot. By that, I mean I was a submissive psuedomale who served a rather dominant Man. It wasn't the shackles and cages sort of relationship; no I just belonged to him. He "owned" me. He had taken me from my previous owner fairly and reasonably by out manning him when it counted and I was taken as the prize, so to speak. Not that I was a huge prize in my own estimation.


I wasn't ugly, but neither was I a stunning beauty. I was 53 for god's sake. Although I had always maintained a slim figure through my years, I had not maintained the regular gym schedule of my youth. I stood about 5' 9" tall and weighed about 150 pounds. Given my height and age you can see I was a little saggy around the middle and gravity had made some things fall closer to the earth over the years. Still I was not ugly, as I noted and I provided service well. Master said so. I worked hard outside of the house and held a reasonably well-respected job that paid damn well. At home, I handled all of the cooking, cleaning, washing, and all the tasks a woman might handle in the old days of the patriarchy here in this country. I brought Master his shoes and a beer when he got home. I paid the bills for the home we shared and he had his way with me regularly, when he wanted.


He was the dominant one, he set the rules, and he was the one who made me really see that I was a psuedomale. By psuedomale I mean that I had the physical gender of a male. However, I don't use my bits and parts as a Man does. This was Master's word for me, but it made sense. He spent several months locking my bits up in chastity devices until the only way I received sexual gratification was through my holes. If I was getting fucked in my face or my backside, then I could cum. Not like a Man with a raging sensation of hardness in my groin, but an intense pulsing inside me that vibrated such when his cock was inside me, that I would simply ooze the fluids that needed releasing, sometimes a little, sometimes in larger amounts. Never though was my dick allowed to be hard during the process. He made me see that nature had given me the wrong parts and I was not a real Man, but a faggot, a psuedomale.


It seemed I finally got it. All those years wondering why I had no interest in penetrating a man, let alone a woman, with my junk. Why I always felt submissive to most every Man I ever met. Why I was so obedient and needed to do as the Man wanted. It was because I wasn't a man to begin with. Once my dick had been locked up for a few months, I just felt more complete, more like the person I was supposed to have been all this time in my life. But still from time to time I did wonder what it would be like to have been born a Man, one who knew what to do with the parts I had that were useless to me. What it would be like to have the muscles like Master had? What would the brain of a Man be like? What did they think about? I had no idea really. It isn't as if James, that is Master by the way, (he only allowed me to call him by his name around family. Everyone else knew the deal) wanted me to be more manly, if he had, I would have been going to the gym regularly. No, he had preferences for me, of course. I was sent to have all my hair removed, except for the hair on my head. Everything else was smooth, like a fag should be he said. He changed me to what he wanted. If he had said "go get a tattoo" or "quit your job and stay home" I would have changed to meet his wishes.


We had been like this for 6 or so years. Sir came and went as he pleased. When he first came here he took the Master bedroom and I was given the guest room. His room was for sex and for him. I slept in the guest room. When he wanted something besides me, he just let me know he wouldn't be home for the night, or he had some other sub over and I stayed in my room. I was good with that. I was lucky to have him as my Man. Sir stood about 6'1" tall and weighed about 210 pounds. He was all muscle. His chest was big and broad, his thighs were bigger than my waist, his arms bigger than my thighs. He was beautiful and 15 years younger than me. Like I said, I knew I was a lucky fag. I put out when he said and how he said. There was nothing I enjoyed more than greeting him at the door when he came home from wherever he might have gone and providing comfort for his cock. He had molded me to be the fag he wanted and I was more comfortable in that role than anything I had done before. It was right for me, I knew it and felt it. He brought me pleasure and I loved him more than anyone I had been with before him.


Yet, every once in a while I wondered. What would it be like to be a Man? What would being James be like? Would I feel like he does? Would I know what to do if I were actually a Man? Of course this thinking got me nowhere. I knew I wasn't a Man and I wasn't going to become one. Still, it was a secret little fantasy I thought about on occasion as James was ramming my throat with his cock. Yeah, his cock was big. Back when I thought I might be bi or even a flexible gay male, I had just an average dick, just short of 6 inches. James's cock was 9 inches and thick. I couldn't get my hand around it when I tried to grasp the thickest part. He would be pounding my face or my cunt, as he called my asshole, and I would slip into a thought that I was doing the pounding and I was a Man. I was the Man destroying the fag's hole with that big cock. Silly, huh? I had asked some Men before about what they thought or how they thought and they just looked at me as I was dumb or a couple said I wouldn't understand anyway, so why bother telling me. It didn't stop me from feeling great with Master. I still got off the same way. My little clit that used to get hard would just flop there and ooze a load out, while he used me and I had my ass orgasms, but I had that little fantasy I never shared with anyone.


At least, I never recall sharing it with anyone, but I did think about it a lot. More than I realized I guess. I wish I knew what being a Man was like. I wish I could really experience what penetrative sex was like for a real Man. I wish I were James. I wish I were James. I found myself thinking it more and more. Like I said, it never changed my routine. I still really loved him and really enjoyed being his submissive fag, but I wanted to know what it was like, what he thought about, how he lived life day to day from his viewpoint. I knew how he lived from my viewpoint. I worshipped him. I did everything he wanted me to do. He had changed my mind and my body to what he liked. I wish I were James became a sort of mantra for me. Many nights as I drifted off to sleep in some manner I thought about or actively wished I could understand him more. I didn't want to know how to think like any Man, just my Man, James. I drifted off to sleep one evening thinking how interesting it would be to be him for just a while.


The next morning I awoke disoriented. I opened my eyes and tried to focus. What was I doing in James's room. I glanced over to see if he was next to me in bed. He wasn't there. Crap, if I had come over last night to his room, where was he? If he left mad at me being there, I knew I would be punished. But, when I moved to get up from bed I nearly fell over. My body was heavier than before as I moved under the sheets, and when I pulled the sheets back, the arm that moved the sheets was black. Well, a dark brown color. James is a black man. I was a white guy, pale white. I looked at the arm that moved the sheets again. I pulled the sheets back from what I thought was my body and I was brown all over. Why was I suddenly not white. I was really confused. When I stood up, I was really out of my league. I looked down and saw James's feet, his muscular legs. I ran as fast as I could to his bathroom so I could get a look in the mirror. There was James staring back at me from the mirror. I ran my dark hands over my slightly lighter chest. My chest. My big pecs, my hard pecs, holy crap look at my arms. I flexed as I had seen James do and could feel the power in my arms, could feel the muscle tense and tighten and saw it bulge in the mirror. Then suddenly I dropped my arms and grabbed at the waistband of the boxer shorts that James wore at night. I pulled them open and looked down. There was his cock. My cock. I looked in the mirror and watched James, watched myself pull down the boxers and pull out my cock. My big, thick cock, and it was getting harder by the second as I thought about it and what I could do with it. That was strange, I hadn't thought about using a cock in years, How much of me was in this body? And how much was still James?


Fuck, I thought, if I am inside James, where the hell is my body. I headed off down the hall to where the other bedroom was and I opened the door quickly. I startled the person sleeping in the bed. I mean I startled myself. I was staring at myself. Whoever was inside my body looked a little groggy. They shook their head and looked up at me and smiled.


"Good Morning, Master. How are you doing?"


"I'm good, you seem a little slow this morning," I hesitated, but thought for no reason that this person was late. He looked at the clock and nodded.


"I'm sorry, Sir. I guess I overslept. I haven't done that in a while. I was having a weird dream. IÉI Éyou'll think this is odd, but I dreamt I was a Man, like you." He blushed as he said it.


"A Man like me? What do you mean by that?" I wondered if he had the same thoughts about his new body as I had about his body.


"I was dreaming it seemed so real, I was a Man, you know," he blushed again, "just giving orders and being in charge." He stopped for a minute. "But I know that isn't true. I'm here and you're there." He was looking at his body as if it were new, like I had done. "This is the same me that I was yesterday," he added.


So the person in my body didn't have all the recognition that a change had happened. At least at this point he wasn't admitting anything. "It's okay, Stevie," I said calling him by my name. It felt a little odd and the cock on this body started hardening again. It felt natural. I stepped forward a bit and thought about this cock, and it hardened quickly as I thought about what I could do. "We all have bad dreams and can get caught up in them. Why don't you just relax some and suck on my cock to get you back to feeling yourself," I told him. I didn't intend to say that but the words just came out. Just as my body had instinctively moved closer to him as I stiffened.


He sat up on the bed put his legs over the side and reached for my big cock. MY big cock. Which for the first time in my life I wanted to feel deep in someone's throat. I wanted to honestly feel deep throated by, well by the person I used to be. In fact, as Stevie reached for my cock, I didn't think about him at all, I just thought about my cock in his throat and I shoved in as he opened his mouth. My new cock slid all the way inside him and my nuts smacked up side his chin. He gagged slightly at my suddenness but I was honestly amazed and nearly let slip with a gasp. Somehow my throat caught the sound and I just wrapped my hands on his head and held his face down in my crotch.


Needless to say I fucked his face good and hard. Shot a big load of my seed into him and he cleaned up my cock all within a few minutes. I looked at him and said, "Make some breakfast and let me know when its ready. I'm going to lay back down for a bit."


"Yes, Sir," was his response with a smile. He looked like I felt at times like these. I was always happy to suck this cock, and happy when Master used my face for a good hard fuck. He didn't seem to know he had just yesterday been in this body that I now inhabited.


I wandered off to my room; I was James after all, this was my room. Always had been, I realized. I didn't need to think about it more than that. I stared at the body in the mirror again. I could see it, I could feel it, and I controlled it. As the day went on, I thought less and less about certain things. Orders and expectations came out of my mouth as if I had always given them, as if the feelings and emotions attached were honest and real. I was a Man. I didn't have to think of what to say, I already knew. I could feel the things that James felt. The more my old self stepped away from the moment, the more I could let James's natural self out, and it did come out. I was demanding at times, harsh at times, and gentle at others, but I was in charge and it simply felt right. Much as some part of my mind realized Stevie felt right in his skin, I felt right in this body. If this is what a Man felt like all the time, I was only getting a glimpse of what might go on, but it was a glimpse I had never seen, felt, or experienced before from this angle.


I spent most of the day on the computer, trying to find anything about body switching. Did it really happen? How long would it last? What happened after the switch ended? I could only imagine at the time that it would end, would go away. My wishing had made it happen, and I had never wished for a complete transformation, a permanent thing. I had only wanted to see what being a Man was like. Would I be the same old me if I did switch back? Meanwhile, Stevie, or the fag I had been until yesterday, went about his weekend tasks as if nothing had changed. He was on autopilot it seemed. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping.; the bitch was busy, I thought to myself. Huh, where did that come from? I just automatically thought of him as my bitch. If I stopped being worried and just let things happen, what would it be like? I wondered where he had gotten off to; I couldn't hear anything at the moment. When I found him he was at the washing machine. He looked fucking hot to me. Yeah, his face looked older, but the smooth body, no hair, could have been 30 years old. I slipped him behind him. He smiled and I fingered his ass. I was going to fuck him. I hadn't thought about it, I just knew that it would feel good, and I wanted it right then, so I was going to take it.


I wasn't gentle. I knew I loved this sort of thing yesterday, but that didn't enter my mind initially, just that I wanted my cock in his cunt. That word popped into my head. Not ass, not hole. But I wanted to seed his cunt was the thought I had at first. I did too. It dawned on me that this was the reason I liked him in a jock most of the time. Even if he had pants on, it was just slide the pants down and enter his cunt. I have to say, I can totally understand now why a Man likes to fuck, likes to penetrate. Before today, I knew why I liked getting penetrated, but had never truly understood the desire to penetrate. It was an incredible new feeling for me. The sensations of sliding into that wet, slick hole were amazing. I was tight; I mean Stevie was tight despite the years of use. I had often wondered what my hole was like and now I knew. It was incredible. Stevie could milk a cock nice and the waves of the clenching and unclenching on my cock sent new sensations through my body. Those sensations just made me want to pound harder and empty my nuts into his cunt. Which was what I did. I was just overcome by the feelings. I stopped thinking until later and simply enjoyed the experience as a Man. Brutal, hot, fucking, I loved every bit of it.


In fact, other than trying to find anything at all about body switching all I could think about that first day it seemed was fucking. It wasn't me, I mean it wasn't the old me, it was the body I was in. I wanted to get off from the minute I woke up until I went to sleep that night. Feeling my cock in my pants made me hard, looking at my old self made me hard, looking at shit on the Internet made me hard. Hell, I was just hard most of the day. I had no idea a Man was hard so much. I could remember a time before James when I wasn't completely submissive, but I never had a day like this. It just made me consciously realize that Stevie is not a Man in any sense of the word, but James is completely a Man. When I wasn't fucking or getting my cock sucked that day, I felt totally in control. I looked at Stevie and didn't even have to speak much of the time. He was so well trained that he would often catch me staring at him and ask me what I needed. That made me hard too, knowing the little bitch would do whatever I said to do. It didn't seem as if there was a time during the day that I couldn't be hard. It was an incredible feeling. No wonder Men were so confident. I came 5 or 6 times that day. If I didn't have my cock in his mouth it was in that pussy. Yeah, it was a pussy. James's thoughts crept in constantly, and I couldn't stop them, nor did I want to stop them. I wanted to know what it was like. If a Man fucked, he fucked pussy. It didn't matter whether it was a boy or a girl when I fucked it; it was a pussy.


I loved the feeling of "owning" Stevie. It was natural and easy going. He knew what I wanted and did it. He was a natural sub and I was a Man. When I fucked him, he took it. Hell, he enjoyed it. Not once that day did he ever say no to anything. That was an incredible turn-on. I knew from the other side how great this cock felt and how much I wanted to please, from his side, I could feel the demands I had in my head and the expectation of submission from my old self. When I reached around a couple times during fucking, I knew what I would find, a limp little clit like dick on Stevie that was completely soft, but oozing a load out from the pleasure of taking my cock. In fact I wondered when Stevie would finally ask to get rid of his little useless member. It shocked me when the thought came because when I was Stevie I often wondered what purpose having a useless dick served. As James, I imagined replacing Stevie's little dick with a real pussy, so I could have another hole to fuck. That made me even harder and hornier as I screwed his tight ass. After I fed my load up his hole I pulled out and shoved my cock into Stevie's mouth and he cleaned it off real well. Knowing he would love it was a huge ego boost in my new body.


The next day I knew I needed to hit the gym. It was my first thought of the day after I pissed. I also thought about the fact I hadn't fed Stevie my piss in awhile, I would need to do that again soon. At the gym, I knew what machines and free weights I wanted to use. I knew how to use them, and I knew what muscles I wanted to work. I had on some nice looking workout clothes and worked up a nice sweat. Then I hit the treadmill and ran for what seemed like forever. I was consciously aware of my cock flopping in my shorts. It was such a different feeling than when I was Stevie. This was a cock and it had real weight. This body and the thoughts I was having fascinated me. I noticed people staring at me from time to time. Not the "look at the freak stares," but stares that displayed lust or desire or admiration. I recognized the looks, even though in my previous body I had never experienced those looks. I also stared. I looked at people's ass at the gym. All asses. James seemed to not differentiate between a guy's ass and a woman's ass. I found all the nice looking ones could get my cock hard. It just made my cock more noticeable in my clothes. But I was focused. I needed to do the cardio. As I showered, guys stared at my dick and me. It made me smile both inside and out. I knew they all either wanted to have my cock on their body or in their body. I flexed my arms a bit noticeably to drive them crazy as I showered. It was a conscious decision. One muscle boy was staring more than the others. I knew if I was slow and precise he would follow me out. His eyes said he wanted me very clearly. I could feel my brain swell with the pride and knowledge I could get this jock boy.


As I left the gym, that guy followed me. Once we were outside he came up to me and we exchanged some small talk. I was blunt. Told him if he wanted some of this, as I grabbed my crotch and shook it at him, he needed to follow me to the car. Once there he gave me a pretty good blowjob. He gagged some but that just made me shove my dick more into his mouth. It didn't take too long. He had a huge ass grin on his face after I fed him a load. He was talking way too much about next time this next time that. I told him to get out and I might see him sometime. I had no real interest in a second time. I just wanted to know I was in control and had read his little fag brain correctly. The whole thing was natural to me as James. It was normal for guys to want me. I had something they needed. I wondered if I did this often.


The next day at the gym, it was a woman who was waiting for me outside after I finished showering. I had seen her inside and thought about fucking her. I hadn't realized that James would fuck women, but as James, I knew I fucked whatever I wanted to fuck. I had only been with a woman a couple times when I was Stevie and it had been so long ago I didn't know a woman's body at all. As my new self, I knew exactly what I was doing. We stood outside my car, talking. The slut had a skirt on with no panties. I moved in close to her and we kissed. For anyone looking at us, we were just standing close and making out. She had her arms around my shoulders and we locked lips. But she had pulled my cock out of my shorts through the fly and I was fucking her there in the parking lot against my car. She looked like a bored housewife type in her 30s. I had no idea who she was and it didn't matter. We continued to talk during sex. Her whispering all sorts of stuff and me telling her what a little slut she was. I dumped a load in her pussy as she moaned and kept saying it was the biggest cock she'd ever had. I didn't hang around after I came. I just pulled out and wiped my dick on her skirt before getting in my car. Just like the guy the day before, she wanted to know the next time, but I made no promises to her either. I was totally in control as James. No one controlled me at all. I set the tone and took the action, others just followed. It was natural, and it filled me with a sense of proper respect on their part and acceptance on my part. It was another amazing lesson to me what went on in James's mind and body.


 By the time a week had passed, most events of my day-to-day life ceased to amaze me anymore. I functioned as James without thinking too much about having been Stevie just a week before. I had accepted being a Man, because I was a Man. I knew there were things I wanted to do and I did them. Believe me, I appreciated what my fag, Stevie gave to me, but I also knew I deserved it. I FELT those things. I knew I loved him, but I didn't say shit like that to him. He knew it. I could tell from the looks on his face and the total dedication he gave me. Hell, Stevie worked hard for me. I knew his value. None of the extra fucking I did slowed me down at all in fucking Stevie. When I had been Stevie, I knew James got some on the side, I just had no idea how much. It didn't bother me at all as Stevie, so I knew it made no difference to him how much it was. He wasn't going anywhere. It dawned on me that I could do a few things to improve my life, my life as James. I told Stevie in addition to everything else he did, that he needed to work out more often. I told him he needed to work on his ass and lose that extra weight around his waist. He agreed that it had been bothering him, the aging process. I told him not to worry about how old he was, but get that ass back in shape and do some cardio. I used his credit card that I carried and bought him a treadmill and a couple yoga mats, told him how to get the most out of his exercise time. I got reports back every day on his schedule. He seemed so pleased I cared for him enough to hook him up with the stuff. Hell, it was his money, but I used it as I wanted and it still made him happy.


I was still amazed at the feelings in my body, as well as the feelings I had penetrating other people's bodies. Reactions to me didn't vary too much really. Most people stared, either at my crotch or my chest. Generally it didn't bother me. I had never been stared at this much as Stevie, but then I didn't look like the Man I am now. I loved the feel of James's shirts. I could wear shirts that showed off my chest and big arms. I didn't have to dress for the office, and as James I generally wore sweats. Even when I went to the part time job I had loading trucks for a local company, sweats or jeans were fine. I loved being able to show off my body and made the most of it. It got me plenty of pussy. Let me tell you, nothing feels better than knowing some woman or fag wants to do whatever you say so that they can get in your pants. When I wore jeans, they were tight fitting jeans that displayed my cock well. In the sweats my cock just bounced around. Even soft, my cock was six inches, so it was a sight most people seemed to enjoy seeing and I had no problem showing. When I fucked I fucked bare. I know, there might be problems with this, but screw condoms, I wanted to feel that warm smooth pussy wrapping my cock. Whether it was Stevie's hole or someone else's.


I loved being rough with Stevie. I could smack his ass or his face. I used him like I knew he liked it. I didn't think much about it, it just happened when it happened. His teeth might get in the way of a good blowjob and so I slapped him one day. Felt good to get him to pay attention quickly. Control is important in keeping your bitch obedient. I hadn't known it would feel so good to smack him like that. But hell, he needs to think about his teeth and keeping them off my dick. I fed him a tummy full of piss this week too. Talk about a rush. I enjoyed doing that. I watched him on his knees kneeling and listened to him beg for me to let him drink from the tap. Now that felt real good, having your bitch want you to give her your piss. I realized I thought about Stevie like a girl. I didn't really seem to worry about calling him a girl, or she. It seemed right and it slipped off my tongue naturally. Didn't bother him any. The idea I could piss in or on him was good. Got me hardened up quick when he begged. Felt damn proud of myself for letting that piss go when I was boned up so much, but I really liked him with just the head of my cock in his mouth looking up at me, waiting for the flow to start. Then watching him guzzle and swallow it for nearly a minute was fucking HOT. I pulled his head off my cock at one point and just watched the piss go right in his mouth. I caught myself grinning while doing that.



By the time a month had gone by, I hardly thought of my life as Stevie. I was James. It wasn't something I spent a lot of time on. I had the gym to hit, Work to get to, Stevie to fuck, places to go, and things to do. I was simply living my life, which was as James now. Stevie worked his job and worked out on the routine I had given him. He had lost 5 pounds that first month. I was pleased he had dedicated himself to the task of getting in better shape. We celebrated by going out to a nice restaurant. I had a good steak while he ate a salad. I treated myself to desert but told him he couldn't have any until he got more of that tummy back into shape. He agreed of course. Damn better agree. I won't let him slip up on this diet and exercise. He needs to keep up his shape.


Being a Man is damn good. I get what I want, when I want, and how I want it. What could be better? I completely respect Stevie; he provides the basics of life. I get the pussy when I want it, I have the money when I want it, and I get to be free to do what a Man does best, fuck. There is nothing secret about the formula. I'm the dominant one, and he is the submissive one. Sure there are probably better looking subs, but why should I go looking for something else when I already have the one that gives me what I need? We went yesterday and secured our future together by signing all sorts of legal agreements. It was my suggestion, but he quickly agreed. If he dies, I get the place and his money. If I die, he gets whatever I have, not much, but who cares? I'll be dead.  Stevie acted like it was a big deal. I just kept rubbing his shoulders and back and told him he's a good boy. I'm set now, and hell so is he. I'm not leaving now, I have the stuff I want, and the fag I want. If something happens in the future, I'll be fine.


You know, other than pissing first thing in the morning right into her mouth, the best thing about having a bitch is pulling on her hair while you fuck her. Stevie has hair still, hasn't gone bald or anything, though sometimes I pull too hard and yank a few out. Ha. He never complains. It's so hot, just pulling, and spanking, and fucking her to my heart's content. I really own the boy. He wouldn't know what to do without me. It's good for the ego, owning a fag like I do. No talking back, like a woman or a gay boy does. Just the obedience and a desire to do what's right for the two of us. I don't want anyone thinking I'm in love or anything. The bitch just does it right.


After six months I had a lot of opinions. Her friends can be annoying from time to time. Smarter than me, sure, but they don't know half what I do. Stevie doesn't know it but I have fucked about half of her friends. They are just as submissive as she is. Well at least for me they are. Flash them my dick and they giggle and get on their knees. I haven't a clue how they act when they are out and I am not there. Who cares? I have control over what is mine. When I am not around it is just the same as if I had never been around. Once I am there, he's good to me and for me.


Once I got his dick under control a few years ago, there hasn't been a problem with his obedience. And I can tell you it is so fucking hot when I am fucking her and she just cums without being hard. Doesn't touch the cock, doesn't do anything but take my cock, and enjoys it. The neighbors have mentioned the noise sometimes. I laugh, and Stevie blushes. I love watching his face when it happens, just oozing that load out, his tight ass clenching my cock with his pussy. Big open eyes, and his toes curled up, and not hard, not at all, just cums from the pleasure of being fucked. Makes me want to get rid of the little clit and get me another hole to fuck.


So I bought us some plane tickets to Thailand. Next week. He doesn't know it yet, but I have scheduled an operation for him. Going to get his little useless dick changed into a nice warm cunt for me to fuck. They are more flexible over there and will rewire her so she still cums when she is getting fucked. His boss is going to let him know he has the next month off today. I've arranged everything. He won't have to think at all, just follow my lead, which he already does. I'm hard thinking about it. Stevie will have a cunt instead of a little dick. I know I wont be able to fit all of my cock there like I can with his ass, but still, the idea that I can change him to what I think is best makes me throb. Yeah, once in a long while I slip back to thinking I may end up back in that body, as Stevie, but who the fuck cares. It's been six months and that hasn't happened. What if it never happens? I would be pissed if I didn't do this and enjoy it while I can.


When he gets home I explain the plan. He knows he has the month off. I let him know we are heading out to make some changes. Bitch gets all scared at first, I mean he looked freaked out, but once I explain what I want and how this is going to happen, she quiets down. I give her a good dicking and she is moaning and begging to be taken to the doctor and get the change. Her ass-cunt spasms on my cock as I tell him how it will go down, while I fuck him. No, the balls will be rearranged. No castration issues. The vag lips will be formed from the empty sac after the balls are shoved up inside her. No testosterone patches needed. He will still have the same physiology, just a different physical form. I'm so hard and turned on as I tell Stevie what will happen that I cum two or three times as I am fucking. He oozes a couple loads himself. I ask why the change of mind so suddenly and he lets me know its because I want it that way. Stevie knows what makes me happy, getting my way.


It's zero hour the change is going forward. Stevie is already sedated and being wheeled away. I am in charge. I am the Man. I am telling people what to do and being obeyed. I don't care what people will say, this is what I want to do. Fuck `em all, I want a boy with a cunt wrapped around my cock. The doctor explains it will be six months before I can fuck his new pussy. He will need to exercise it, practice with a dildo for a while to stretch it, get it adjusted to being used.


The next six months are hell. I can see that pussy and I think about fucking it but I have to wait. I'm not used to waiting. Plus while he was healing I had to do more of the housework. I just kept telling myself that I was going to get some pussy at the end of the six months. Hell, I had pussy all the time while Stevie was healing but I wanted the pussy I had created, the one I gave her. I will give her credit; she kept up her exercises and worked that dildo like crazy. I could hear her doing it from time to time. I couldn't watch though because I knew I would rough her up and fuck that hole before it was ready. Her ass looked fine these days and all that little sag around the middle was gone. She was always smiling these days and constantly thanking me for making her the best she could be. It was enough to drive me crazy and I would fuck her face extra hard to keep from raping that new hole. One day as I screwed her ass-pussy I saw some of her cum leaking out of her new hole. I got so turned on. I knew then all that rearranging had worked. She still could cum and have an orgasm but there was no dick anymore.  I really pounded her hard and emptied two or three loads in her. I couldn't wait to get into that new hole.


Finally, one day she told me it was today. She was wearing some cute panties, something I had started buying her. Her old underwear or a jock looked funny covering her empty space now, and the panties showed a hint to me of the new hole. She only had the panties on and nothing else. I put my hands on her shoulders and quickly guided her to the bedroom. I peeled off those panties and went right to work eating her out. Tasting that pussy for he first time. I was driving her crazy and she was making me harder than I had ever been. I know I was rushing things but I wanted inside her. She made me slow down enough to get my cock all wet so I could slide in easier.


"Go slow, Master," she said. "I haven't had anything but that dildo in there so far. It may take me some time to adjust to your size."


I just grinned. I loved to hear her talk about how big I was. I told her not to worry. I put my cock up to her new pussy and I started in. It looked fantastic. My dark cock was sliding inside Stevie's pale pink fleshy cunt. All that time waiting for the bruising to go away, for the healing to take place. All I wanted to do was wreck it now. I know I was grinning huge at her. Stevie was grinning back. Moaning as I slowly slid inside. I couldn't get it all inside but she took almost all of it. I knew she had been stretching and practicing. I was proud of her and told her so. I was going as slow as I could. It wasn't long before she was moaning loudly and then I could feel her shake and her pussy got damn wet immediately. I realized I had made her cum, naturally, the way she had always been meant to cum. Not through that old dick, but in her pussy. I nearly busted a nut right then thinking about it. She kept telling me I was so good, and she loved me so much. I got weak and told her I loved her too, more than anyone ever.


I could feel my cock building up a load. I had ben pumping her slowly, doing a slow fuck, and restraining myself so I didn't hurt her. "Baby, I'm gonna cum. I want to fill that hole with my load, breed you properly after all these years," I told her. "I wantÉshit I'm cumming. I can't hold back," I moaned. Fuck I was getting dizzy. Felt like I may pass out. I felt my huge cock throbbing in her tight new pussy and my mind was spinning. I felt my load start shooting and I groaned loudly and I collapsed into her arms.


When I woke up the first thing I felt was a tremendous weight on my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. I opened my eyes and realized that James is on top of me; I wasn't having a heart attack. WaitÉJames is on top of me asleep. I'm not James. Where the hell am I? What the fuck is going on. As I slowly came to my senses, I realized I am no longer Master. I am not James. I am Stevie. I have just had what was the best fuck of my life in Stevie' new vagina. I reached don to fee my crotch and feel James's cock inside me and cum running out of my new pussy. It completely ended thoughts of my manhood and changed them into thoughts about my new womanhood. No more hard-ons ever. Not that I have had one in a long time. Still, it was my little useless dick. Wait, no, It was James's little useless dick, and he, no I, I realize it now, I made a decision to get rid of it for me. James is grinning, he is waking up, happy as a clam, because he just gave me a new clam, and got rid of my cock. I guess that he is back to his old self, or he hasn't ever really changed.


"I had a dream, baby," he tells me. "I dreamed I was a fag and I had a pussy. Isn't that the craziest thing?" He laughs and looks at me, all groggy and quiet. I smile. He lifts himself off my chest and looks at me. He leans in and kisses me. He kisses me and says he loves me. Fucker. He says that all the time now. Makes me know how much I mean to him at the tenderest moments for me. I love him too.


It's been close to two years since I was Stevie, but I feel as if I know everything that has happened since I was last looking through these eyes at the world. Actually it has been strange, James has been so involved in the house these last few months. No complaints from him about doing some of the work while I rested. I know what a Man thinks, now. I know what a Man feels. I understand enough now to know it is all good. My Man loves me, but he probably won't say it all the time, but I know it. He is taking care of me now.  He may not know everything that has gone on. He doesn't seem to realize he has spent over a year being me. He has changed from before my old wish came true. He is still rough but in a more refined manner if that makes sense. He seems to know something changed, but he has said nothing about it from that first fucking of my cunt. I don't believe he remembers anything. But I do, I remember what it is like to be a Man, what a hard cock feels like from someone who is doing the penetrating. I also know what it is like to be fucked, to be taken over by a physical presence as large as James. I know what it is like to give up a useless dick under orders from my Master. It's fucking fantastic. I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's life. I mean that. I don't think about being a Man anymore. I love where I am and who I am and what I am. I am of his creation and I belong to him. I know when he fucks my pussy it feels better than anything ever has felt. I have been set free and so has he. He knows he has made me who I am, and I know it makes him very happy that he has complete control. I won't ever forget my time as a Man, but I love being his pussified faggot, his girl/boy. I love knowing he made the right decision for me and wouldn't change my life for anything now.