Have you ever thought that there might be something in the adage, "What goes around comes around"? I'm not certain that it's true. Bad people and good people seem to have the same luck in life. If someone screws you over, you hope that their actions will catch up with them, but it is an unfortunate fact that deceit, lies, selfishness and dishonesty do have rewards if you can live with your actions. This story is one of my a bit older (about no 9). It contains sex, voilence and stuff. I hope you enjoy it. Any comments, constructive criticism or whatever send to kismettg@hotmail.com.

Twice around.By Kismet.

The young biologist looked at the pile of sludge in front of him, secure in its air tight container. The liquid and solid gunk had once been a rabbit. By subjecting the animal to controlled doses of radiation and a special DNA cleansing agent, Ned had reduced the rabbit to a raw state, a large mass of cells with no distinguishable features. The genetically blank remains moved sluggishly in the container as the biologist worked.

Ned wiped sweat from his forehead. The cheap lab he worked in didn't have an air conditioner which made the heat wave the city was experiencing even worse.

Pulling a vial of Guinea Pig blood from his medical fridge, Ned put it in a robotic arm and injected it into the mass of jelly-like cells. He then sparked up a current through the liquid and waited. After some time the sludge began to react with the blood, a new form emerging from the protoplasm. It was like watching the development of an animal in rapid stop motion photography.

Ned watched in awe as a guinea pig slowly formed. The creature grew from infancy to adulthood in less than four hours. Another two hours passed before it climbed from the mass of goo. There was protoplasm left over because the guinea pig had less mass than the original rabbit.

The new animal shook its head experimentally, finding it strange not to possess long floppy ears. The rodent tried to hop, but fell flat on it's face.

"Fluffy?" Ned called. The rabbit looked up at him. It remembered it's name.

Ned grinned. He had succeeded. Three years of hard work had finally born fruit. Normally he would have thrown a party and announced his discovery to the world, but he wanted to share this moment with someone special. He reached for the phone and dialed.

"Hey Nicole, is Nancy there?" he asked hopefully.

"No, she went down to Café Nova," Nicole answered, "she should still be there. Bye." Nicole hung up before Ned could ask any more questions.

The young man wondered why Nicole had sounded irritated. He grabbed his jacket and a bottle of beer from his medical fridge as he left.

* * *

Ned watched enviously as his friend Chris flirted with Nancy, the chemistry flaring openly between them. It just wasn't fair. Ned had been going out with Nancy for almost a month and had thought that they had been making real progress. Then Chris comes along and just sweeps her off her feet.

Why did woman always go for pricks? The bastard juggled girls with ease, often managing to see multiple woman at any one time. Underneath Chris' charming smile and light banter there lurked a wolf of a man that preyed upon defenseless woman. Womanizing Chris could have any woman he wanted. The blighter had no conscience and would discard Nancy as soon as she became unchallenging. Why didn't girls see this when it was so blatantly obvious to guys.

Chris had just pushed their friendship too far. Pals didn't cut in on one another. When Ned had told Chris that he and Nancy were going out, Chris must have understood. So what was he doing? Ned reminded himself of the old adage. All is fair in love and war.

Nancy giggled at some comment that Chris made, then looked over at Ned, her face creasing in guilt. Chris followed her gaze to Ned and a surprised expression flashed across his face. Ned shook his head in disappointed disgust and turned to leave.

Chris looked at Nancy, "I need to do some damage control. I'll be back in a tick."

Nancy nodded and clasped his hand.

Standing, Chris moved from their cozy table towards the Cafe exit. On the street he looked up and down until he saw Ned. He ran after his friend.

Chris caught up to him and wrapped an arm around Ned's shoulder. Ned shook Chris' arm loose, a scowl crossing his face.

"It's not what you think, really," Chris said.

"Right, you weren't holding her hand and making bedroom eyes for each other," Ned said, "I thought you had more respect for me than one of your skirts. Don't lie to me," Ned was remembering how he had told Chris about the dates he and Nancy had been on. His mouth soured at his confidant's betrayal.

"What can I say, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, it just happened. Nancy feels real bad about it as well," Chris said, "I feel terrible about what I've done but I couldn't help myself. I've been meaning to tell you."

"You're still going out with Beck aren't you? Christ Chris, you've got no morals. You cheat on your girlfriend, you go out with my woman behind my back, lie to everyone and then act as though you feel guilty. Then you try to convince me that you were going to tell me when you get caught. I thought you had some redeeming qualities, but now I know that you don't. Just piss off and save your shit for someone who'll swallow it," Ned said pushing Chris away.

Shrugging his shoulders, Chris nodded and turned, walking away.

* * *

Ned staggered from his desk to his medical fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. He guzzled it down, head pounding from a horrible hangover, the pit of his stomach feeling like an ulcerous swamp. The constant heat and alcohol had left him dehydrated and he already regretted the previous evening, even though he couldn't remember it. What had he done last night?

The raw wound of the betrayal was still there along with a burning jealousy. Drowning his sorrows last night had not helped and now he felt like death warmed over. He glanced around his office. At least he had his discovery. That bastard couldn't take that away from him. Ned glanced at his sterile container and, seeing a large mass of protoplasm in it, he paused.

Where had that come from? What was in there? Whatever it was it was reforming into an animal of some sort. A cold sweat came over Ned as he tried to remember what he had done the previous evening. Wracking his brain he remembered only snippets. Drinking a lot, being angry, stealing something, running around a lot and hiding in bushes, but nothing substantial.

He looked at his watch. Whatever was forming in there would take another day to develop, just because it was so large. Until it finished maturing there wasn't anything to be done about it. Ned let out a nervous giggle as he thought about what or who could be in there but dismissed his odd thoughts. He sat and watched the form in the container develop. The thing was little more than a fetus at this stage and could be almost anything.

Ned had been thinking about experimenting on a larger animal. Maybe he had stolen a sheep or two. That would fit with his memories... maybe.

It was almost painful to watch the thing grow, his imagination conjuring up the most diabolical possibilities, so Ned decided to go home and have a shower. He stripped of his lab coat and removed the surgical mask from his neck, absently wandering why he had worn these. He looked at the tank one more time then went home

When Ned arrived at his flat he checked his answering machine. There were no messages which could be either good or bad. He considered calling Chris or Nancy but couldn't muster the nerve. They should call him anyway, but he didn't really want to hear their limp excuses. Instead he took the phone of the hook and had a long hot shower followed by a nap. After a six hour sleep he had gotten over the worst of his hangover so he climbed out of bed and made himself something to eat. As he munched his greasy post alcoholic food he turned on the television in an effort to distract his mind from his worries.

Ned channel surfed for a while until he came across the 'freaky story' at the end of the news.

"The blood bank was robbed by a masked bandit. Yes it's true. Last night a man wearing a surgical mask and white doctors coat ran through the all night blood donation centre in Collins Street and stole a container of blood. Authorities are mystified as to the identity of the man but believe that he was intoxicated."

After hearing this Ned turned the television off. He played with his food for a while but seemed to have lost his appetite.

He resolved to go and check up on the progress of whatever was in the tank. By the time he returned the animal was clearly a human baby. Looking carefully Ned realised that it was female.

Nancy! Oh my god, what have I done to Nancy, Ned wondered. He picked up the phone and dialed her house.

"Hello," Nancy answered. Ned hung up then turned to look at the growing baby, his jaw dropping. It was Chris! That small girl might be Chris. On an impulse he searched the fridge and found a small vial of blood marked with Chris' name. He also searched the trash outside and found Chris' clothes. He kept the wallet but left the rest in the bin. Smiling nervously at the irony of it all, Ned returned to his lab.

* * *

It was warm and wet. There was also the tingle of an electrical current flowing through his body. Chris sat up, wiping a pink scum from his face. He opened his eyes and tried to figure out what had happened.

The last thing he remembered was walking from his car to his house when something had bashed down on his head like a lead weight. Why was he covered with this stuff? He looked down to see what it was. Underneath a layer of jelly-like protoplasm was the body of a woman. His body.

He looked at the large breasts on his chest then bent his neck to look between his legs. There was nothing there, at least nothing that he was familiar with. Chris reached down and brushed the blonde mound of his pubic hair then probed further. From what he found there it was clear that he was a woman.

His legs were long and svelte, his waist narrow, his thighs perfect and his hips wide. He had large round breasts with small pointed nipples, narrow slender shoulders and arms, small hands and long delicate wrists. He was no longer muscular and hard but soft and vulnerable.

Chris sat for a minute staring at his body, shaking his head slightly in denial. "What?" Chris asked holding one of his large breasts in his hand. It was firm and heavy in his grip but not as large as he had originally thought. He reached up to his head and pulled at his long matted hair. Blonde. He was a natural blonde.

"Happened?" Ned asked as he opened the latch and handed the woman a towel, admiring her body. The girl was beautiful. Her face was close to perfection and even though she was a little on the short side, she was most definitely worth a second glance, possibly a third and fourth. "Chris?"

The girl nodded as she stepped from the container. "What happened?"

"Well I got drunk two nights ago and did this to you," Ned stated, coming straight to the point.

"Well undo it! Change me back!" Chris didn't like the curvaceous female body he wore in the least.

"I'm not sure I can," Ned answered slowly, scratching his chin and admiring Chris' womanly contours at the same time.

"What the hell do you mean!" Chris screeched, his voice reaching a pitch it hadn't approached for nearly a decade.

"Well, for starters, you're only the second test subject to go through this..." Ned said. Yes, the breasts were perfectly shaped, the face dainty and most attractive. He could almost be turned on by this girl if he didn't know that she was really a man.

"Who was the first," Chris asked

"Fluffy," Ned responded.

"Your rabbit?" Chris gaped, her mouth set in an attractive expression of surprise.

"Yeah, but now he's my Guinea Pig. The other problem is that I don't have any of the original you left. I need a blood sample to reverse this and unfortunately there isn't one. You see I was a bit drunk when I did this the other night," Ned explained.

This was a blatant lie, the vial of Chris' original blood was completely intact, but Ned felt that a bit of pay back was in order. Chris had done a pretty nasty thing and deserved to be put through the wringer.

Chris sat back in shock then looked down at the body that he thought was his forever. The breasts were bad enough, but the rest was mind numbing.

"I'm not sure I could reverse this, even if I had a sample of your blood..." Ned continued, suppressing a smile. The look on Chris' face was priceless. Revenge was great. A couple of days as a woman would be just compensation for Chris stealing my girlfriend, Ned thought. Anything more though and the police might become suspicious. I'd be the most obvious suspect, he thought.

"I took your body and cleared it of it's genetic coding. I then introduced some blood from a woman and your body reformed as it is now. You really are a woman, down to the very last cell in your body. All the genetic material that was Chris Paim is gone," Ned explained simply.

"That's it, I'm going to the police. You're in trouble now pal," Chris threatened.

"I'm really sorry that you got stuck like this, but if you think about it, you'll realise that if I'm in jail then you're a woman forever. First you'd have to convince the world that you are Chris Paim, I'm sure you'd enjoy that. Once I'm in jail you could settle down, get a husband and have kids. It's your choice pal," Ned said.

Chris crumpled as the truth sank in. She was a woman and the only chance she had of becoming a man again was by letting Ned help her and to do that he had to stay free.

"I'll have to go and get you some clothes. As dashing as you are, if you want to get to my place, you'll need to wear something."

"I'm not staying at your place!"

"It's either my place or the street. You can't go home, your flat mate won't believe that you're Chris. Give me a day or two and I'll see if I can sort something out," Ned said.

The naked girl frowned, realising that her options were limited.

"I'll need your measurements," Ned said pulling out a tape measure.

* * *

Chris sat impatiently, waiting for Ned to return, trying to ignore her body as best she could. Unfortunately the oily gunk on her skin was starting to smell and she realised that she had best try and clean it off before it dried to her skin.

Chris stood and wandered over to the sink, her breasts moving on her chest in a confusing manner. She watched them sway as she walked. Even the way her legs moved was odd. Looking down at her womanly curves, she wished that she was a man with this girl. Then she'd really have some fun.

Picking up a towel by the sink, she soaked it under the tap and started to wipe her body down. The gunk came off easily, but she couldn't help but be intrigued with her new body as she cleaned it.

The smallness of her entire body was something that she was finding difficult to adjust to. Her waist was so narrow that she could almost encircle it with her hands. Her reduced shoulders, arms, legs and neck made her feel so light. The only thing that didn't seem smaller were her new breasts, wide hips and cute backside. These were quite ample, especially her breasts.

Running her hands over her body felt quite pleasurable and as she rinsed the towel and started to clean her breasts, she felt a thrill of pleasure as she brushed a nipple. She looked at in wonder as it started to harden and grow, sticking out of her body at proud attention. Her nipples were so much bigger and at the moment they were very sensitive.

As she ran a hand over her curved backside, she decided that she wasn't fat, far from it, she had just the right amount of flesh in all the right places. Once again she wished that she was a man with this body. She ran a hand over her flat stomach, imagining that she was feeling another woman. Her hand brushed the hair above her sex then started to play with the smooth skin of her inner thigh, circling her vagina lips. This is what she would do to this woman if she were still a man.

Chris brushed her pussy gently, her finger dragging slowly over the folds of her sex. She knew from experience that girls loved this sort of attention. From the way she herself was reacting, she could understand why. She could feel herself becoming moist from her own teasing and felt the need to be filled. She slipped a finger into her pussy and stifled a moan. It felt wonderful as her finger started to probe the warm soft hole, her wet lips encircling her own finger as she gently pushed it deeper.

With her other hand she started to play with her heavy breasts, focusing on her pointy and erect nipples. She started to forget about being a man with the woman she was and started to imagine a man playing with her breasts and fondling her cunt. As she slipped a second finger into her cunt, she realised that her fingers weren't long enough. They weren't filling her as well as a man would.

As her thumb brushed the small knob of her clit she felt a shudder coarse through her body. Her cunt gripped her knuckles as her muscles. A thin film of sweat covered her body as she flicked her clit again.

She could feel herself becoming more aroused, her cunt becoming softer and more engorged with blood as juices started to flow over her fingers. Her nipples felt like they were aflame as a tremor began to develop in her cunt. She grunted as a wave of pleasure surged over her but she continued to play with herself. Another wave rocked her body, more intense than the first. Her pussy throbbed as another contraction rolled over her.

Chris gasped for air as the sensory overload subsided. She realised that woman didn't do to bad on the other end of things. As this thought occurred to her she began to wonder how much better it would be with a man. She wiped herself down again, cleansing herself of her recent escapade.

Looking around the lab, Chris spotted Ned's lab coat. Deciding that it would be better than nothing, she wandered over and picked it up. The coat would have fit her as a man but now it seemed huge. She slipped her thin arms into it and went back to waiting, playing absently with her nipples.

* * *

Ned carried the bag back to the lab, quite happy with his selections. He had picked out the most revealing and feminine clothing he could. He had grabbed a crop top and a pair of hot pants, stiletto heals, g-string and lacy bra. Chris was going to have a coronary.

He walked into his lab and saw Chris wearing the white doctors coat, perched on the desk. Ned had to remind himself who the woman was as he ran his eyes over her long smooth legs and glimpsed her lovely cleavage through the unbuttoned coat.

"I brought you these," Ned said dropping the bag on the seat. Chris picked out the bag and started looking through it.

"Very funny. Where are the real clothes?" Chris asked holding up the G-string.

"That's it," Ned said in a deadpan voice.

"Are you going to leave so I can get dressed?" Chris asked.

Ned shook his head and shrugged, "No."

"I'm not going to forget this," Chris said as ominously as she could, dropping the coat to the ground and slowly beginning to dress.

Putting the G-string on first Chris paused at the unusual piece of clothing, unfamiliar with how it rested on her widened hips. She found the smooth crotch of the panties odd and the small string between her buttocks took a little betting used to. The strand felt as though it was riding up so she wiggled her pert bottom, trying get comfortable but stopped when she realised she was being watched.

Without further ado she put on the matching bra, her breasts slipping easily into the frilly white garment. Chris struggled for a moment with her thin arms behind her back, awkwardly trying to do it up. Ned smirked and reached forward gripping the two ends and latching them together.

"Thanks," Chris said sarcastically.

"It was my pleasure," Ned said, enjoying himself immensely.

Chris rolled her eyes, a scowl on her lovely face.

Ned had to admit that the white negligee ensemble looked wonderful. Chris' smooth and perfectly proportioned buttocks were greatly enhanced by the addition of the small silken string which disappeared between her cheeks. The nearly transparent bra lifted her breasts and pushed them together, giving her fantastic cleavage and showed Chris' dusky nipples to great advantage.

Chris held up the crop top in confusion, turning it over in her hands trying to find the top and front. Finally figuring out how it worked she pulled it over her head and pushed it over her large breasts. The top was a little small, just as Ned had intended. The taut fabric constrained Chris' breasts superbly.

"It's a little tight," Chris complained, the dark garment barely covering the top and bottom of her two straining breasts and showing the lacy white fabric of her bra.

"Next time you'll have to come shopping with me then," Ned said unapologetically.

Realising that Ned was trying to rile her up, Chris grabbed the small dress and slipped her small feet into it, pulling it up. Once she was wearing it, the excessively short black dress looked as though it had been painted on. It clung so closely to her lovely hips that Chris was worried she might not be able to walk.

Ned had to admit that the low cut mini combined with the g-string was a great choice. Together they looked as though Chris had nothing on beneath her skin tight dress.

Chris put on the high heels, grabbing the table for support. "God damn, how am I meant to walk in these stupid things," Chris complained as she staggered around the lab. The stilettos finished of the look, accentuating her luscious calves and long flowing legs.

Sighting a mirror, Chris stood for a moment in awe. "Christ, I look hot, um, I mean I look terrible," Chris had to admit that the outfit made the woman in the mirror look most attractive, but she was not happy that she was that woman. "I'm guessing that the last woman you bought clothes for worked at night in St. Kilda."

"Shall we go?" Ned asked, quite pleased with himself.

Ned led Chris to his car which he had parked at the far end of a busy shopping strip. He couldn't help but smile as he walked down the street, Chris trailing sullenly behind him. It was quite unreal, but Ned noticed that every male head turned to stare at Chris.

Craning his head to watch, Ned was quite impressed. Chris was actually gliding along quite well in the high heels. The woman's firm and buxom body was very eye catching, particularly in the skin tight clothes which left nothing to the imagination.

Chris jumped and moved a little quicker when someone 'accidentally' brushed his backside with their hand. "I hope you're enjoying yourself Ned," Chris whispered moving up to him and gripping his arm, attempting to take refuge in the charade of being Ned's girlfriend.

The young woman was being given the eye by every man on the street and could tell that she was being mentally undressed. She would have done the same if she had been looking at this body and not wearing it. All the same, Chris couldn't help but hold her head up high and bask in the attention she was receiving.

Ned looked at the casual way that Chris was holding him and chuckled silently to himself. He also found it a bit of an ego booster to be seen in public with such a gorgeous woman displayed on his arm. Ned decided that Chris was a much better person as a woman, so much more agreeable. The fact that her breasts were pressed up against his arm may have clouded his judgment, but overall it would be a pity to make Chris a man again.

"Janice!" Someone yelled from the other side of the street. Ned turned to look across the street. There was a tall man crossing, moving towards them.

"Oh bugger," Ned said.

"What's wrong?" Chris asked.

"I think that guy knows the woman I stole the blood from," Ned said.

"So I have a twin?"

"I guess so."

The man had approached by now and looked very unhappy with the way Chris was leaning against Ned. "Janice, what's the big idea," he asked, pushing Ned away from Chris.

"I'm sorry?" Chris asked.

"You bet you are. What are you doing dressed like a whore with this guy," the man asked.

"Hey it's a free world pal, Janice can do what she likes," Ned said. He did not like being pushed around.

Without a second though the stranger decked Ned, knocking him flat on his back. The unknown assailant then grabbed Chris and dragged the young woman down the street. Chris struggled but she was not strong enough to break the mans grip. The man went to a car and unlocked the passenger door and stepped in, dragging Chris with him as he climbed to the drivers side.

"Close the door!" the man ordered.

"Go to hell!" Chris snapped.

The man gripped her arm tighter, his face huge and red with anger, filling her vision. "Close the door Janice."

Chris gasped with pain and closed the door. The man started his car.

Ned stood, feeling his bruised jaw and straining to clear his vision. He looked to where the man had dragged Chris and realised that the man would get away. Ned ran to his car to give chase.

* * *

"What were you thinking Janice! You're mine! Who was that dickhead? Why are you dressed like a slut?" the man was firing questions at Chris faster than she could think, crushing Chris' thin arm in his firm grip with each outburst. Chris was terrified of him. The man was completely irrational and so much stronger than she was.

"I'm sorry honey. I don't know. It just happened," Chris' mind raced. Obviously this was Janice's very possessive boyfriend. Chris reminded herself that she had talked her way out of worse situations before, but somehow she couldn't think.

"Never do it again! Never do it, okay? You know I love you baby. I'll kill you if you do it again."

"All right. How can I make it up to you?" Chris suddenly knew how she was going to get away from this man. Swallowing deeply, she reached down and traced along the strangers thigh.

"Oh yeah baby. You know how I like it - " the man didn't get a chance to finish what he was saying. Chris grabbed firmly onto his jewels and applied pressure. Suddenly Chris held the mans undivided attention and smiled grimly as the mans face paled.

Chris reached down to the phone and lifted the hand-set as the man stopped his car in the middle of the road. "Where should I be now?" Chris asked, squeezing as she asked the question.

"Work," the man answered.

"Call work then," Chris said, handing the phone to the man. The man hurriedly dialed then offered to pass the phone back to Chris. Chris shook his head, "ask for Janice."

The man looked confused but asked for Janice anyway. His face showed surprise when Janice answered.

"Hello, Janice speaking," she said.

"Oh Janice, it's Greg, are you at work?" he asked.

"Of course I am. Where do you think I am?" she answered.

"I don't know. Sorry honey I have to go," Greg said hanging up the phone.

"You see, I'm Janice's twin. She doesn't know about me," Chris said, squeezing tightly. Greg winced in pain, "she isn't going to know about me. Is that clear?"

Greg nodded, perspiration beading on his forehead.

"Good, now I don't know why Janice is going out with you, but you had better treat her better, or else," Chris squeezed one more time, then climbed from the car. Greg slumped on the steering wheel almost passing out from pain.

Ned pulled up beside Chris and the young woman climbed into the car. "I want to go home," Chris said. She sat in the car and her composure cracked. She had managed to hold it together through the crisis, but now the floodwaters were breaking. Her hands shook as she wiped teardrops from her eyes and she stifled small sobs.

"Chris, are you all right?"

"Just drive," she ordered as she rested her head on the seat belt and stared out the window, tears flowing down her face.

Ned started to feel like a heal. His revenge had gone on far enough. He tried to imagine how bad this entire ordeal would be on her but realised that he couldn't comprehend what Chris was going through. He knew that he had never once seen Chris cry before, and observing it now showed how much the man had changed and how much trauma this was causing her.

* * *

"We're there," Ned said.

"I know," Chris said, rousing herself. She was very concerned at the way she had reacted to Greg. She climbed from the car and walked towards Ned's house realising that she was handling herself well in spite of all the things that had happened.

Ned looked at his friend. He felt a little petty and guilty for how badly he had treated Chris and decided that it was time to end the woman's suffering. "Look I'm sorry about what has happened I guess I should tell you that I li-" before he could finish, Chris turned around and hugged him. The firm breasts pressing into his chest and the thin form which was wrapped around him surprised Ned, breaking his train of thought. Ned enfolded the girl in his arms.

"That's all right. You were there when I needed you, that's what matters," Chris said. She needed someone at the moment. She couldn't understand her tumultuous emotions but somehow having Ned's arms around her seemed to help.

Ned tussled the long blonde hair under his chin and smiled wanly. Somehow the embrace seemed to be developing from something more than a hug. Having a weeping and defenseless girl supported in his arms suddenly became a little exciting. Chris snuffled and wiped her nose of Ned's chest then nuzzled his neck, her small feminine hands moving over the mans back.

They stood like this for a while, both of them aware of what was happening but both also content with it. After a while they disentangled themselves and looked at each other. There was an awkward silence.

"Better now?" Ned asked.

Chris nodded, a little embarrassed that she had been hanging on so tight to Ned.

"Good," for some reason Ned bent forward to kiss Chris on the cheek. It seemed a natural thing to do but as he moved towards the girl, Chris twisted her head and they ended up kissing on the lips. Before Ned could pull away Chris had wrapped her thin arms around Ned, trapping him in an embrace.

They kissed for a while, Chris raising her leg and rubbing her inner thigh on Ned's calf. The man and woman began making their way towards the front door and the kiss acquired an added urgency. Ned fumbled in his pocket for his keys but dropped them. He kicked the keys and considered picking them up for a moment but dismissed the thought, instead running his hands over Chris' lean and scantily clad frame. He pushed Chris into the slightly secluded entryway. They were still visible from the street, but only if someone was looking hard.

Ned reached down and held Chris' firm butt in his hand, kneading it. Moaning at the new sensations she was feeling, Chris wrapped her legs around Ned who lifted Chris' light frame by the thighs. Chris could feel Ned's rising member through her mini skirt as he propped her on a window ledge. Ned then began kissing the woman's neck, moving downwards towards her breasts.

Chris grinned as she looked down at her erect nipples clearly outlined against the tight material of her top. Shaking her head, Chris' long blonde hair tumbled in the air as she grabbed the crop top and pulled it over her head. This left her firm breasts in the nearly transparent bra, the nipples protruding outwards, begging to be played with. Ned looked at the awesome sight for a moment.

"What are you waiting for? You know how to do up on of these things, you should be able to get one off," Chris said.

Not needing any further encouragement Ned reached behind Chris' back and undid the clasp on the bra, dropping the garment to the ground. Ned kissed each nipple, sucking and them whilst his hand moved down between Chris' legs. Chris' opened her legs expectantly, her eager and wet pussy tingling strangely as Ned slipped a finger past her panties and into her yielding folds.

Chris moaned, totally in heaven. The messages her body were sending her were unlike anything she had felt before. Her nipples seemed to be so much more sensitive, the gentlest brush rippling through her body making her gasp and arch her back in pleasure.

The way her cunt felt was also strange. The soft flesh was so different. It was quite pleasant the way Ned was playing with it, but Chris knew that there was more than this. Everything was getting her wet, making her want more. She knew without hesitation what she needed.

"Don't you want to fuck me? I think I want you to," Chris said in Ned's ear.

"Are you sure?" Ned asked flicking the lips of her vagina.

Bill squirmed in pleasure as Ned's hand brushed her clitoris, "yes, positive," she said as she struggled out of her panties.

Ned quickly kicked of his shoes and pulled his pants down. Leaving the mini skirt on the girl Ned slowly pushed his member to the entrance of Chris' sopping pussy. Chris whimpered as the head pushed into him, the lips of his vagina stretching pleasurably to enfold Ned's organ. It felt wonderful as Ned moved slowly deeper into him until Ned was buried to the hilt inside his hot cunt. Chris tried to use his vaginal muscles and a surprised smile crossed his face as she realised that she could grip Ned's penis inside him.

This discovery was short-lived however, as Ned increased his pace pounding into Chris hard and fast. Chris leant back on the window sill gripping the sides of the frame to support himself. After a while she became adventurous and, pushed into a corner, Chris decided to see how sensitive his body really was. One hand started to play with his nipples, the other played with his clitoris. His nipples were rock hard from excitement and the deft touches on them started to send him over the edge.

Chris felt on obscure burning in his crotch. In regular waves and realised that his cunt was contracting without his conscious thought. Each contraction was longer and harder and more sensual. He gripped the window frame again as his legs began to shake. His pussy felt so wet and hot. He sagged then bucked, moaning and begging as Ned pumped into him.

Ned kept on going, loving the way the girls large breasts jolted with each thrust, the way her face creased in ecstasy, the way her hot wet cunt grabbed greedily at his member. It started to become to much for him as well. He felt the familiar burning sensation in his balls and pushed in as hard as he could just as he started coming. He pulled back and thrust in again, through his hot come and Chris' steaming cunt juices. Her cunt kept milking his dick even after he had given all the seed he could.

Chris wrapped his arms around Ned, their sweaty bodies hot and slick, pressed hard together in exhaustion. Chris could still feel the tremors running from his cunt through his body, the member growing flaccid inside him. He kissed Ned's neck and wiped sweat from his brow, pulling his matted blonde hair from his eyes.

"Well that was a first," Chris muttered weakly.

"Hmmm," responded Ned.

"Excuse me sir?" a voice said behind them. Chris looked up and saw a police officer.

Ned spun around and dropped Chris to his feet, reaching down and pulling up his pants.

Chris pulled his dress down and turned his back to the officer, picking up the crop top and pulling it over his sweat covered breasts.

"I was going to interrupt sooner, but I didn't see any point," the officer grinned.

Ned wondered how long he had been there. "Look this is the first time I've had sex in the entry to my house."

"Sir, that doesn't bother me. I have something more important to deal with. Have you seen Chris Paim in the last forty eight hours? He has gone missing and we have reason to believe that you may have had an argument with him," the officer asked.

Ned frowned and glanced at Chris. Chris shrugged his shoulders. "I won't deny that I had an argument with him. I caught him with my girlfriend and some harsh words were spoken, but I haven't seen him since then."

The officer nodded, "do you mind if come in and ask you a few questions sir?"

"No, that's fine. Chris, do you mind?" Ned asked the girl.

Chris stood blankly for a moment then stuttered, "no, that's fine. I'll have a shower while you two talk."

Ned nodded.

* * *

"So what did you tell him?" Chris asked returning to the room drying her hair a small towel rapped round her body.

"That I hadn't seen you," Ned responded as he drank in her glories body. She was possibly the best screw he had ever had and she was really a man. It was a little strange.

"Is there really no chance for me to get my body back," she asked in a weadling voice.

Ned nodded, "I was going to tell you. I have some of your blood left."

"I thought so," Chris said, a mischievous smile on her face as the wheels of her mind turned over.

"Really?" Ned asked.

"Well, I'd hoped so. I guess I can get my body back now?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, sorry if this has been bad on you."

"That's okay. I guess one more time wouldn't be asking too much then?" Chris queried, toying with the towel wrapped around her midsection.

Ned could hardly believe his luck as he nodded mutely.

Chris pulled off the towel and dropped it to the ground, seductively shifting herself onto the couch. Ned let his gaze linger on Chris' magnificently endowed breasts and the lovely curves of her body as he slowly undressed. He climbed onto the couch beside her and started playing with her nipples, caressing her waist and smooth leg. He started to play with her inner thigh, tracing towards her pussy lips as he kissed her lovely neck. She lay their, arms languidly stretched above her head as Ned played with her body, her skin goose-bumping in anticipation.

A grin played across her face as Ned started a trial of kisses from her neck to her breasts, her nipples hardening in anticipation of his mouth. He tongued her nipples for a while than moved further down to her flat stomach, biting and trailing his wet tongue further down. He moved down between her legs and nuzzled her sex, parting her lips carefully with his fingers and blowing. Her legs twitched and he started to tongue her, moving his body onto the couch. He knew she was enjoying it by the way her legs twitched whenever her probed her clitoris with his tongue.

Chris reached down and gripped his penis and started to play with his glans, squeezing the pre-cum to the top, then using that small amount of lubricant to massage the head on his penis. Just as she started to increase her tempo she bent her head and engulfed it in her warm mouth, sucking hard. Ned jolted at the sudden pleasure he was receiving but continued to tongue her moistening clitoris, slipping a finger into her vagina.

Alternating between sucking and stroking with her hand, Chris moaned as her clit once again started to swell and pulse. As her pleasure increased she became more frantic with Ned's organ, rubbing her face along in and then engulfing it deep within her mouth, working her hands furiously at the base of his penis. Chris could feel another orgasm welling deep within her and moaned.

"Oh god, that feels so good," she muttered as she pushed Ned's cock with her cheek, then slurping at the head again.

"Yeah, it's magic," Ned said as he grunted. He could feel the familiar tingle in the head of his penis and at the base of his penis as Chris went crazy with his member. Chris twitched again and wrapped her thighs around his head, gripping him and thrusting her pussy into his face. Ned fought for air as he felt himself begin to explode.

Chris rubbed her face along his member just as he came, sending creamy white cum into her blonde hair. She swallowed the head of his penis deep in her mouth as he continued to come, sucking for all she was worth. Meanwhile She felt herself reach a peak. Her vagina shuddered and she almost bit Ned's head as she spasmed in rapture. Ned kept on going sending a torrent of pleasure coursing through Chris' body.

It seemed to go on forever as Chris felt Ned's member start to harden again. She decided to help by sucking on it again. Once it was hard, she climbed up and twisted her body so she straddled Ned. She lowered herself onto him and sat for a moment as she enjoyed the feeling of having a turgid penis imbedded deep within her. She started to rock up and down, Ned happily lying back and playing with her firm breasts and erect nipples.

She lifted herself and then lowered her body, amazed at the sensation of an erect penis sliding along the warm slick walls of her vagina. If this was the last time, she was going to make it count. The thought of how different everything felt made her feel flushed again so she quickened her pace.

Gripping Chris firmly by the breasts, Ned began to thrust up as he came down, wet sopping noises accompanying their furious motion. Chris started to squeal each time Ned ground the hilt of his cock into her pelvis, running his hands over her breasts and then gripping the thin expanse of her waist.

Chris could feel another mind-blowing orgasm developing and in a hurricane of yelling she thrust up and down on Ned for all she was worth, her body rocking with searing pleasure. Ned looked up at this crazed woman on top of him, the way her breasts rocked, her mouth set in a carnal moan of pure lust. He could feel her muscles start to contact again and the gushing from her vagina. There was no way he could stop his ejaculation, even if he had wanted to.

Chris collapsed on Ned as he ejaculated and they lay there puffing, completely spent. Ned played with her long blonde hair as he lay there in shell shocked bliss.

"You know I haven't gotten even with you yet," Chris said, squeezing his flaccid penis with her vaginal muscles.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well now it's your turn to find out what it's like as a woman."

"In your dreams, Chris."

"Oh, I don't know. Once I get my body back I could go to the police and tell them that you assaulted me, kidnapped me, that you stole blood..." Chris said slyly.

If word of that got out it would destroy his career, Ned swallowed in fear. "I don't want to be a woman."

"And I did? I think this is what you deserve. Besides, it isn't that bad, it's actually quite nice," Chris said, tracing a finger along her ample breasts and circling her nipple. "A big hot cock in you is great. Take my word for it."

Ned felt terror in the pit of his stomach at the thought.

"Kidnapping is 5 to 10 years isn't it? Then throw in assault and battery and stealing from the blood bank. I don't think you'd be able to work again, not once you were free. My way however... a week of your time at the most," Chris said.

His mouth suddenly dry, Ned tried to think, "please don't do this. You can have Nancy."

"Mmmm, now what am I going to make you wear? Gee, the mind boggles,"

* * *

Ned wiped the sludge from his body, knowing what he would see but terrified nonetheless. He opened his eyes and looked down. Large firm breasts and further down, a woman's sex.

"How you feeling Ned?" Chris asked, a smile on his face as he held up a black rubber bondage suit. There was music from the Rocky Horror Show going in the background. The skin tight black rubber suit was going to look fantastic on Ned's buxom body.

Ned looked down again at his new body. He was short and curvaceous, had long blonde hair, a narrow waist and very large breasts. He was the woman that he had made Chris into.

"Do you like the music? I hope you don't mind me bringing it in here," Chris said opening the door to the container.

"No that's fine," Ned said, his voice a high soprano. He staggered into Chris as he misjudged his balance. The breasts and shorter body were throwing his centre of gravity.

"Well look at you. Good enough to eat. Mmmm. You hungry or thirsty?" Chris asked as he wiped sloppy liquid from one of Ned's large breasts. Chris smiled as he opened the medical fridge.

Ned paused as he looked inside. "Why isn't the light on in there?" he asked, momentarily forgetting about his femal body as a larger problem became evident.

"Oh, I must have unplugged it to give the C.D. power. No harm done, I don't mind drinking warm beer," Chris explained.

Ned pushed Chris aside and pulled the vial with the blood from her male body from the refridgerator. The sample was warm, not cold. It had been in the sweltering heat all day.

"When did you plug in the C.D.?" he asked in horror. The room began to spin as Ned looked down at his body. His female body with large breasts, thin waist and wide hips.

"Yesterday, about this time," Chris said as blandly as he could. God, Ned was an attractive girl, Chris thought to himself.

"This blood is useless," Ned said, "the cells will have been destroyed by the heat!"

"Oh, sorry," Chris said, suppressing a smile. He had put the real blood in a safe place. Ned would get it when she had earned it, but she didn't need to know that...

C'est Finé ?