by: 70's Child

The following story my first venture in transsexual/transgender. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between transsexuals offensive, please get the hell out. This is a story of a couple who change places for love through a wish. Also for those you are not LGBT friendly and rather see those who are LGBT die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

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Now on with the story.



Barry Cosgrove was a very successful, handsome man. He was large in size and stature. He stood 6'6" and weighed in at just over 280 pounds, with dark brown - almost black - hair, and piercing gray eyes. He was 28 years old, was very athletic in high school and college, but decided to work in the private sector as a lawyer. He graduated second in his class at Harvard Law School, behind his best friend and closest confidant - Phyllis Corrigan. They had known each other since they were infants, as their families lived next door to each other. They would tell each other everything and they knew what they looked like nude. Phyllis stood 5'3" and weighed only 105 pounds. Her hair was flaming red and with emerald green eyes, her body seemed to compliment itself from head to sole. Each of them knew they were definitely not straight and they had some partners, but only oral. They even opened their own law office and, after a couple years of struggle, they developed a strong client base and were showing a nice profit for their work.

They did have a secret from each other, because they had laughed at those who had sex change operations and some did not look right. They also wanted to have children, so the idea of a sex change was unquestionably out of the realm of possibility. Barry even chuckled as himself as a woman.

One day, they went out to celebrate a major lawsuit victory and got drunk. They went back to Barry's condominium and, after stumbling in the door, they plopped down on the sofa. They laughed and just sat there for the longest time. Barry was the first to speak.

"Remember that blonde you had me secretly videotape while you tongued her all over?" he asked.

"Yeah." Phyllis replied.

"I secretly wished I were a woman and could have joined in." he confessed. "Or better to have you lick my pussy."

Phyllis just smiled. Barry just realized what he said through his drunken stupor. All the years of his life, he always felt he should be a woman. He even bought bras and panties for a plus-sized woman and told the sales clerk he was getting them for his girlfriend. He knew he wanted to bear his own children and he told this to Phyllis. His eyes welled up and Phyllis took his hand.

"I know." she said. "I've known all along."

"How?" he queried.

"Remember when we used to play dress-up." Phyllis stated. "You seemed more comfortable in women's clothes than men's."

"God, you never let on." Barry uttered astonished.

"I knew you would tell me when you felt like it." she told him. "But why not a sex change operation?"

"Come on look at me." Barry said with a chuckle. "I would make one fuckin' ugly woman. Besides I want to have children. I want to marry the man I love, make love with him, and feel that life grow in me."

Phyllis nodded and they sat there in silence just enjoying the knowledge how they were friends and, in fact, soulmates.

They sobered up enough to go to the balcony and gaze a the clear night. They held each other's hands and saw a huge bright star.

"Remember Pinocchio?" Phyllis asked. "Make a wish and it might come true."

They sniggered, but Barry thought, what the fuck. He made his wish, but unbeknownst to him, Phyllis made a wish also.

Phyllis loved a woman and was dominant in bed. She was a tomboy when she grew up. She could actually beat any boy, except Barry. She loved wearing pantsuits instead of dresses and if she ever wore a dress, it was for formal events only. She knew she should have been a man, but like Barry, she wanted to feel the true passion of making love to a woman, marry her, and care for her forever.

"You wanna crash here tonight?" Barry asked.

"Sure." Phyllis replied. "I know you'll be a good boy, or it's Lorraina Bobbitt time."

They laughed and fell onto the bed. Barry handed Phyllis a t-shirt of his, which covered her body like a nightgown. Barry wore his boxer-briefs. They fell asleep.

Now the star they wished upon was a true wishing star. They blue fairy heard their wish and knew they were true soulmates. They fairy cast a spell that would transform their body shapes and all they would have is a dream. Barry dreamt he was a woman, small and petite. He was looking into the eyes of a man who had the same facial features of Phyllis. They were making love and Barry was having an earth-shattering orgasm. He could feel the long muscle fill his body and it touched off orgasm after orgasm. The man's physique was his own, but with Phyllis' coloring. The read hair on the massive chest caressed his breasts and sent waves of pleasure through him. A series of hard thrusts pushed into Barry's body and he felt the white juices fill his cunt.

Phyllis was having the same dream, but in reverse. She saw the gorgeous woman that looked like Barry. The feeling of sexual potency overwhelmed her series. She felt the hot masculine flesh sent her over the edge as the woman was having multiple orgasms due to her prowess.

The pair awoke. Barry reached to feel what he thought would have been a huge cum pool on his hairy abs. What he felt was a smooth, slender stomach. He then noticed his arms were smaller, as were his hands. He tentatively reached lower and felt the shock of his life. Phyllis was feeling the same areas and they both shot upright in bed and let out a scream.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!??" Barry yelled.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" Phyllis reacted.

They looked at each other in disbelief. They could not say another word until the phone rang. It sounded several times when Barry answered it.

"H-H-Hello???" he uttered.

"Barbie, it's your mother." the voice replied. "I'm coming over. It's the big day and lots to do before my baby gets married. I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Before Barry could say anything, the phone went dead. The pair got up and looked in the mirror. With the exception of hair color and skin tone, they seemed to have switched bodies. They then noticed the décor, because it was more feminine. Barry grabbed the purse on the dresser and pulled out the wallet. He saw the license and it was him, now as Barbara Cosgrove. Phyllis got the pants on the floor and took the wallet out and saw the license with the name of Phillip Corrigan. Barry, now Barbara, saw a big wedding dress in the living room and noticed a wedding invitation. The couple read it and it seemed they were getting married that afternoon.

"Quick, my mom's coming over." Barbara said in a panic. "Go home, get dressed, and I'll see you at the church."

She reached up and touched the hard, sculpted chest then noticed the huge member between Phillip's legs. It used to be hers, but soon it will be in her. She kissed the chest and Phillip bent to kiss her tender lips. He felt the large breasts that once was his against his skin and he became aroused.

"Tonight my love." Barbara said. "I want our first time to be perfect."

Reluctantly Phillip agreed, dressed, and left. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Barbara answered it and saw her mother standing there. After hugs and kisses, her mother told Barbara to get ready. As she prepared for her wedding day, her mother sat at her vanity.

"I saw Phillip leave and arrived." she stated. "Did you and he..."

"No Mother." Barbara said. "We were just a little bit drunk, so I told Phil he could crash here. Besides Mom, I would have noticed if we did."

"How?" her mother asked.

"I'm a virgin." she replied matter-of-factly. "So is Phillip. It will be the first time for the both of us."

"Okay baby." the older woman said. "We need to get going. Have you packed your bags?"

"Yes ma'am." the new woman responded.

The two left to have Barbara's hair and make-up done. A few hours later, they arrived at the church, where Barry's sisters and two of their best friends were to be bridesmaids. His/her closest friend, besides Phyllis, Julia was to be her maid-of-honor.

The wedding went off without a hitch. She loved to see Phillip waiting for her at the altar. Barbara's father walked her down the aisle, not seeming to remember just a day ago she was Barry and Phillip was Phyllis. They exchanged their vows and rings, then marched down the aisle as man and wife. The obligatory pictures at the church, the reception, throwing of the bouquet and garter were all part of the day.

The couple changed clothes and got into their limousine to go on their honeymoon. They found out they had rented a yacht for ten days to travel around the Caribbean. Their flight landed in Miami late at night and their limo was waiting for them. They arrived at the pier and were welcomed by the captain and crew, a mix of male and female. They were escorted to their cabin and it was at this point Phillip lifted his bride and kissed her passionately. Their tongued intertwined as they felt their bodies pressed against each other. Phillip laid Barbara on the bed and removed her shoes. He moved up and removed her slacks very slowly, caressing her legs along the way. This caused Barbara to shiver with delight. Phillip then unbuttoned his wife's shirt and let his fingers dance on her skin. Barbara moved so her new husband could remove it. As he did, he unfastened her bra and removed both articles. The sight of her voluptuous breasts had Phillip's manhood stiff in his pants almost instantly. He reached to remove her panties, but Barbara had other plans.

"Wait sweetie." she said.

She got up and removed the pullover shirt he was wearing and tossed it to the side. Her long fingernails then raked over the red hairs on Phillip's chest and she lightly pinched his nips. He let out a moan as her digits moved lower, rubbing his rock hard abs that were hers only 24 hours prior. She undid the belt and popped the buttons on his jeans. Barbara lowered the zipper and massaged the hard muscle that would soon consummate their love. Phillip reached in the panties and began to finger the hot slit he was about to penetrate. The moans from both grew louder with each passing moment. Barbara felt the balls inch upwards and stopped. Phillip looked at her in lustful amazement.

"Why did you stop?" he asked.

"I ain't wasting that love in your boxers baby." she replied. "Get those pants off."

Music to his ears, Phillip shed his boxers and jeans in not time and pulled Barbara's panties off with his teeth. Her pussy was there before him and he dove down like a condemned man at his last meal. His tongue worked in and around the opening and he gave Barbara her first female orgasm.


Phillip was ready, but he had other designs first. He moved around and his raging rod was over Barbara's face. She grabbed the flesh and pulled it into her mouth. Now, any sword-swallower would have been envious of what she did. The entire length of the shaft disappeared into her throat without any gag reflex. She pushed on her husband and Phillip turned on his side and took her with him. The oral pleasure they gave each other could be heard by the moans that resonated off he cabin walls. Barbara knew when her husband was about to unload and she pulled her mouth off of his love muscle.

"Phyllis, it's time." she said.

"Are you ready for this Barry?" Phillip queried.

"All my life." she responded. "And I'm glad it is you."

Phillip moved and Barbara had he legs spread wide. The red-headed man placed his cockhead at her opening and moved in ever so slowly. The hymen tore and the blood seeped to the bed, but it Barbara's amazement, there was no pain. Phillip felt the tightness around he manhood and it felt like a hand in a glove. Before he was half-way in, Barbara had a huge orgasm that shook her to the soul.


Phillip continued to have through the moist slit until he was deep in her body. The feeling they both felt was oneness. Barbara wrapped her legs across her husband's back.

"Now fuck me like the stud that you are." she ordered. I want to feel that hot stick stretching me."

Phillip slowly long-stroked his bride for over an hour. Barbara seemed to have an orgasm every third stroke and she was euphoric. When Phillip seemed to come close to releasing his seed, he would stop and kiss his wife all over and brushed his chest hairs over her ultra-sensitive nipples. Though her orgasms came frequently, her energy never waned.


"You like it hard doncha?" Phillip responded with a growl. "Take it. Feel it in your throat."

The passion flowed and Phillip's large sac began to move up. He felt it and Barbara sensed it. This was what she wanted all her live.

"Shoot baby." she cooed. "Fill me with your love. Let's make a baby."

With that and one final thrust, the baby cream rocketed out of Phillip's body and filled Barbara's.

"OOOHHHH SHIIITTT!!!" he yelled.

"OOHH MY LORD!!" Barbara cried out.

They had simultaneous orgasms. Ten blasts of cream took residence in Barbara's womb and one sperm penetrated the egg that was there. Barbara knew she was ovulating and wanted this baby. As they came down from their bliss and Phillip recovered from his first male orgasm, he lay on his back and pulled Barbara on top of him. His cock softened and came out of the slit that found a home.

"Thank you." Barbara said. "You made the first time so special."

"So did you." Phillip replied. "Did you have that many orgasms?"

"Oh yes." she told him "It was as if I became alive today."

As they lay there, Barbara began to play with Phillip's nips. She licked, sucked, bit, pulled, and twisted them lightly. The red-head's cock expanded and probed back into Barbara's pussy. As she felt it enter her, she sat up and plunged her body onto Phillip's. She slowly rode the cock in her, wanting to make it last. Five more times they made love after the initial passion session, and in various positions, including Barbara getting pounded in the ass. Barbara lost count of the number of orgasms she had, but they seemed to rejuvenate her every time. Phillip's cannon blasts were more intense and, instead of decreasing in volume, they rose to an alarming rate. He did not think he had that much fluid in his body. After the last time, they spooned with Phillip still embedded in Barbara's anal cavity.

As the sun shone through the porthole, Barbara awoke with a glow of happiness. She could hear the water lapping on the side of the yacht and knew they had stopped. Phillip stirred and kissed the nape of her neck.

"Want some more big boy?" she asked demurely.

"Only if you want." Phillip responded. "I will never force you to have sex."

Before they could do anything, Barbara noticed something. The waster was silent, where only moments before she heard it hitting the yacht.

"Something's wrong." she said.

"What?" her husband asked.

Before she could respond, a knock came at the door. They said come in in unison and the captain entered. He smiled at them.

"How has your stay been so far?" he queried.

"Fine, until I couldn't hear the water." Barbara answered.

"I just hope we weren't too loud last night." Phillip added.

"Oh no." the captain said. "The crew is conditioned to ignore your sexual proclivity. But you are very active, aren't you Barry and Phyllis."

This caused the couple to panic. It seemed the entire world knew them as Phillip and Barbara. How did the captain know the truth? Before they could query, a calming blue light filled the room. As it died down, a figure stood before them. Actually floated. It looked neither male nor female, but its soothing and peaceful face assured the newlyweds they were not in danger.

"Who are you?" Phillip asked.

"Have no fear my friends." it responded. "I am called by many names, but you may call me Blue."

"Okay Blue, what is going on?" Barbara inquired.

"Remember two days ago when you were drunk?" the being reminded them. "Well I granted the wish. The only people who know the truth is the three of us."

"So you made our wished come true." Phillip stated.

"Yep." Blue replied. "You see each of my species are allotted to grant 100 wishes. When we finish the last, we must have an heir we can train before we die. We live a very long time, but we are not immortal. We also grant wishes where the outcome is not for greed, but for the good of all mankind. Your wishes were my 100th wish. I also added some extras because you wanted love only. First, the yacht is yours. I also made you both very rich and very successful. You will see when you get back from your honeymoon. And yes, Barry, you are pregnant at this moment. I make sure you were ovulating. The surprise will come nine months from now. Now there is one stipulation. As I explained, I must have an heir. Like my predecessors, I am the product of a fairy and a human. I want you, Barbara, to carry my child and Phillip to supply the sperm.

"How will hat make it your child?" Barbara asked.

"It is too complex to explain." Blue said. "But it will be understandable."

"And if we say no?" Phillip asked.

"All this goes away and you will wake up as if it were a dream." the being replied.

"Yes we agree." they said in unison and with no time to think.

"Barbara. Phillip, I want you to have a wonderful life." Blue stated. "And the child will become, for lack of a better term, your family's guardian angel. Oh just so you know, let's make the child on your first anniversary. Also, how you look now is how you will look until you die, with the exception of gray hairs and some small wrinkles. People will be envious of you both. Oh, and Barbara, here is a special present for you."

He handed her a long box and she opened it. It was a strap-on dildo with what appeared to be life-like nuts.

"Phillip wants to be fucked." Blue told them. "And this dildo will give pleasure to the both of you. Oh Phillip, just so you know, your sperm count will never decrease, no matter how many orgasms you have."

The couple were amazed at what they learned, but they knew there could be no other explanation. Barbara noticed Blue had both male and female genitalia.

"So are you male or female?" she asked.

"Both and neither." the being replied.

"Would you like to join us now?" Barbara queried.

"As tempting as it is, no." Blue answered. "One year from today. Would you like breakfast?"

They nodded and a sumptuous meal was brought to them. After they ate, they showered and dressed. They went ashore at the first port-of-call, Freeport in the Bahamas. They toured the island and picked up souvenirs. They went back to the yacht several hours later, changed for dinner, ate, then retired. Again they made love six times with each successive session more intensive and passionate. They even used the strap-on and Blue was not exaggerating on how special it was. It shot cum into Phillip and Barbara felt the feeling of the orgasm.

Their honeymoon continued as such. They would stop at a port, tour, come back, have dinner, then make love several times. When they got back to Miami, a limo picked them up and took them to the airport. The driver gave them a knowing smirk and Barbara knew it was Blue. At the airport, a private jet awaited them to fly the couple home. The pilot again gave them a knowing wink. Barbara realized the creature was going to look after them. When they arrived home, another limo drove them home, but not to the condo, but to a huge mansion. As they entered, they were greeted by the chief butler, who also gave them a knowing glance. The rest of the household staff appeared and took their luggage to the master suite. Barbara took the butler aside.

"Blue, are you sure we can afford all of this?" she asked in a nervous panic.

"Quite," he responded, with a proper British accent. "And please call me Percival."

He took the both of them to a room that was a large office with matching desks and computers, a secretary, everything a successful business person would need. Phillip sat at the computer on his desk, since it had his name on it. He clicked a few keys and almost fell out of his chair when he saw his bank account.

"Barbie, come see this." he said.

She looked at the screen and saw four accounts. Once was a business account with total assets of just over $154 million. There was a joint account that had in excess of $70 million and two individual accounts with exactly $8.25 million in each.

"Consider this as my wedding present." Blue said with a smile.

"Does the staff know what's going on?" Phillip queried.

"No. They are minions." Blue explained. "Very obedient and loyal if treated well."

As the newlyweds settled into their new lives, they found out they had a large law firm which Barbara was senior partner and Phillip was the managing executive. They were retained by several Fortune 500 companies. Many of the lawyers they hired were extremely successful and were very well paid.

After their first week home Barbara went to her OB/GYN, who confirmed she was pregnant. She went through the normal morning sickness, mood swings, and all other hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, Phillip was there for her and loved her even more. About six months along, during a sonogram, they found out they were going to have quadruplets.

When the big day arrived, Barbara just nudged Phillip as they were watching television, and nodded. They actually took it all in stride, got in the car, and drove to the hospital. As they arrived, an orderly got Barbara in a wheelchair, Phillip registered her, and they went to the delivery area. They had taken Lamaze classes and Phillip was there for her. Twelve hours later, four babies arrived, and to the amazement of the doctors, each weighed six pounds. Barbara was tired, but happy to hear four crying children, two boys and two girls, that were laid on her and Phillip held.

After a short stay in the hospital, mother and children arrived home, where a minion was assigned as a nanny. But both Barbara and Phillip were there each day for the babies.

On their first anniversary, the staff looked after the babies as Barbara and Phillip were going on the yacht. As they left port, Barbara found a secluded spot off the Florida Keys. After a splendid dinner, Barbara, Phillip, and Blue retired to the main cabin. The being assumed his true form. Both Barbara and Phillip undressed and the three got into the king bed, with Blue in the middle. He kissed the lovers and caressed their bodies. It felt as if they were making love without touching. Barbara had six orgasms during the manipulation and Phillip was brought to brink the same amount of time. The strange part was the Blue never touched cock nor pussy. He knew Barbara had an egg ready to inseminate and they were ready to make love. Barbara knew this also and pulled Blue on top of her. His own dick was engorged to its full 12", but she noticed he had no testicles. How would he impregnate her? As he slipped in, Blue's own cunt was wide open and wet.

"Now Phillip, slide that monster rod in me." the fairy said.

Phillip got behind and slid his thick love muscle into the blue twat. But as he moved forward, there was no end until his entire being was merged with Blue. Though both were separate minds, their bodies were one. Barbara saw this and was ready to scream, but felt something in her. Phillip's 9" added to Blue's 12" and it became very thick. It stretched the brunette's pussy wide open and she did scream, but with orgasmic pleasure.

"FUCK ME!!!" she ordered. "STRETCH ME OPEN!!! DO IT NOW!!"

The dual being obeyed and began to slam into Barbara repeatedly. The hairs on the being's chest stretched her tits and this, with the enormous cock in her, had orgasm after orgasm wrack her body. The tightness of the hair pie brought Blue to almost instant gratification. The one orgasm he was allowed in his long life was mind shattering.

"OH SHIT!!!" he exclaimed. "FFUUUCKKKK!!!"

Fifteen explosions of cum erupted from the long, blue cockslit into Barbara's womb. The connection of sperm to egg was almost instantaneous. With each successive release, the blue being began to weaken. Phillip emerged from the fairy and fell backwards onto the floor. Blue collapsed onto Barbara and the large 12" shriveled into nothingness. Blue moved to the side and recovered slowly. He smiled at Phillip pulled himself onto the bed.

"Thank you both." Blue uttered. "It is because of you that I will have an heir."

"Now that is done, now about some fun?" Barbara asked with an evil grin.

She got up and got the special strap-on. Blue knew what was coming and he was wanting this. He knew he would never have another orgasm, but he wondered what it would feel like to have his ass fucked. Barbara got some lube and applied it to Phillip's cock, which seemed to have grown, which it had. One of the results of the orgasm of the fairies is they lose their genitalia and pass it on to the ones they have sex with, hence Phillip and Barbara. Phillip's cock did grow to the full 21" and Barbara's vagina expanded to accommodate just Phillip and too large for anyone else. As she finished applying the lube, she had Blue to straddle her husband. She held the massive love missile in place with one hand and pushed Blue down with the other. As he was almost bottomed out, Barbara put the dildo along Phillip's huge cock and pressed into the blue being. The anal cavity, it that what it was, accommodated both phalluses. Barbara began to slowly fuck into Blue, who was leaning down to kiss Phillip. Several times Barbara and Phillip came to the point of no return and Blue felt a wonderful feeling come over him. Barbara experienced a tightening of the rectal muscles and she slammed all the way into Blue. This also triggered Phillip's balls to release their contents.

"OH FUCK!!!!" Phillip cried out.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" Blue exclaimed.

"MMMMMFFFFF!!!" Barbara moaned.

Phillip shot eighteen times, while Barbara unloaded ten rounds of seed. Blue's body shivered with the wonderful pleasure he got. As the trio's throes of tumultuous thrills tumbled to terra firma. Barbara eased out of the hole and Blue collapsed onto Phillip, who held the fairy to his body.

Barbara removed the dildo and stood on the balcony of the cabin nude. The warm air caressed her body and she stared at the sky. She saw a bright star, just like the one from the previous year that brought Phillip and her to happiness.

"Oh star, if you are a wishing star." she began. "Please give Blue one wish. That he may be human, find a wife or husband, and raise his or her child with love."

She went back into the cabin and found Blue to one side, snuggled on her husband's chest. She climbed into bed and pressed her body on the other side of Phillip's body.

The star was a wishing star, but the being that granted the wish was within her. Blue transformed to a slender young man. He was not 6' tall and weighed 160 pounds. He had a smooth and not too muscular body, with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He was also given a cock that was 7" and uncut.

As the trio awoke, Blue was startled by the transformation. He began to cry and Barbara held him.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"Why did you do this?" he responded.

"I want you to have a full life as a human." she told him. "Now you can find a wife and raise your child."

"After last night, I realized I'm gay." he retorted. "No one will allow me to raise a child."

"Oh yes they will." Barbara said as she touched the womb. "This child is yours. Find someone who will be good to you and the baby."

They embraced. As the yacht docked, the three went home to the mansion. Blue took the name of Blake and he continued on as their financial manager. Barbara confirmed she was expecting, but with triplets. It was decided the first child would be Blake's. Nine months later, on the quadruplets birthday, Barbara gave birth to three healthy babies, two boys and one girl. The first boy bonded with Blake immediately.

Blake did find his soulmate. A large black stud who saw Blake and fell in love with him. They raised the boy with great love and he was also very close to Barbara and Phillip's children. All the children knew the reality of the situation, since they were of the same genes. Blake's boy knew what he was and a special nanny was sent from the celestial beings to educate him on his responsibilities.

On their anniversary, Barbara and Phillip would spend a weekend on the yacht, as from their second and third anniversaries, Barbara conceived. Each time she had quadruplets and always on the birth date of the other children. They had a total of fourteen children, fifteen if Blake was to be counted as their own, seven boys and seven girls. They raised them with love and discipline. The family was full of love and even when one of their children revealed he was gay, the only thing Barbara and Phillip wanted was that he found someone that would love him unconditionally.

Even with fourteen children and true to Blue's word, Barbara never lost her figure and Phillip never lost interest. They loved each other more as they grew older. Their children grew and married, except Peter, who did find his soulmate and had a child with a friend of theirs. The couple had a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who they loved, cherished, and spoiled. Even on their 50th wedding anniversary, they made love six times and it still felt like the first time.


NOTE: This is my first foray into transgender/transsexual story line. All of my other stories are gay oriented. I do hope that you enjoy this. Please feel free to email me with your comments, either good or bad at Writhot@comcast.net. Please put the title of the story in the subject line. Again thank you for reading this story.

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