I was nervous as I sat waiting in the coffee shop, so nervous I couldn't even get erect thinking about why I was waiting here; not even the feel of the satin panties under my jeans seemed to help. I had been here about 45 minutes; the man I had chatted with online was nearly a half hour late.

I was surprised I hadn't fled yet. There was no one else here besides the barista, and I'm sure he would have no doubt that I was the one waiting for him; I wouldn't even have the chance to look him over before I approached him.

I was staring at my now cold coffee when I heard the front door bell chime and a man entered. Slightly taller than myself, slim but strongly built with hair just beginning to gray. I shifted in my seat and felt the soft friction of my stockings against my jeans. He ordered a tall black coffee and taking it, went and sat in the back of the shop, behind me as I was facing the window.

I had no doubt this was the man I was waiting for. The description he had given me was far to close to be coincidence, but I sat frozen in that chair. My penis was now semi-erect and I could feel pre-cum soaking the satin panties. I took a chance and glanced back, discovering him staring intently at me over his coffee. I quickly looked forward again, flustered and unsure of myself.

After a moment the barista left the counter and headed to the back to answer the phone. My "date" walked past the table, saying simply "Get in your car and follow me". Despite my earlier inhibitions I quickly complied, hopping in my sedan and following his silver BMW.

He pulled up in front of a modest but well appointed home in a nice neighborhood about 15 minutes away. He stood waiting in the doorway as I got out of my car, once inside he ordered me to the bathroom down the hall and told me to put on what I found there- he would be waiting in the bedroom, indicating a pair of double doors to my left.

Inside the bathroom I found a white satin baby doll nighty- it went perfect with the white panties and stockings I had selected. I had shaved earlier and pulled the lingerie over my now smooth chest. I applied light pink lip stick and put my long brown hair into pig tails. I smiled at how innocent I looked, except for my slightly dampened panties.

I took a moment to bolster my courage and proceeded back down the hall way to the bedroom, stopping to lean against the doorframe in what I hoped was a sexy pose and not a nervous tilt (my legs were shaking badly). He lay there on the bed, already naked and his cock already growing to erection.

He patted the bed beside him and I smiled at his leering grin, I couldn't wait to feel his slight stumble once he began kissing me. I started to slide into bed next to him, when he abruptly leaned forward and slapped me across the mouth. Off balance, I fell to my side on the bed and he was atop me in a flash. Before I could do anything there was a metallic click as a pair of handcuffs snapped onto my left wrist and I struggled to keep my opposite hand free. He slapped me again and called me a whore as he overpowered me and clicked the other bracelet in place, securing me tightly to the headboard.

Forcing me onto my stomach, he lay with his full naked weight on top of me and I was panicked. From somewhere he produced a butt plug that was significantly larger than I was accustomed to and he forced it into my mouth, using his fingers and slaps of his hand to ensure I opened up. Thrusting it in and out several times against my gagging, he pulled it out, now slick my saliva. Shifting his weight back so he was sitting upright on the back of my knees, he pulled my panties down around my thighs. Spreading my cheeks with one hand he set the tapered end of the plug against my small hole and pushed it in slowly- in one steady trust that gave my anus no chance to relax. Before it was half way in I was crying between grunts as he forced the hard implement home.

Once it was in he reached up, undid the right side of the cuffs and flipped me over onto my back before snapping it securing back into place. I was still gasping from the rough anal intrusion when he commanded me to open my mouth. When I didn't respond quickly enough to his liking he struck me with the back of his hand. I quickly obeyed and he began forcing his now erect 8 inch penis into my mouth. I gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat. Unsympathetic, he began roughly fucking my mouth as my pink lipstick stained his cock. Eventually I learned to open my throat to his thrusts making the ordeal much easier. Even so he shoved his dick in and out of my mouth for nearly ten minutes before he finally came in my mouth. Quickly pulling out he clamped my aching jaw shut and ordered me to swallow.

He casually got up off the bed after that and smiled down at me. Reaching into a side table he pulled out a long, wide leather strap. My eyes must have been huge as he hung it over the headboard.

"I'm not going to bring you off today, you haven't earned it yet." He said as he sat down next to me and wiped the tears off my cheeks. "That," he said pointing to the strap, "Is for when you disappoint me"

He stood up and reached over me, undoing the handcuffs. "As long as you please me, I'll reward you occasionally with the kind of gentle, loving sex that you had in mind when you first answered my ad. For the moment however you're my slut". He then reached down between my spread legs and roughly pulled out the butt plug, causing me to cry out.

"Go put your clothes back on and go about your day. I'll expect you back here Friday at 2 pm".

I ran quickly from the bedroom, pulling my stained panties up like an idiot. Getting dressed I virtually ran from the house to my car, forgetting to pull the pig tails out of my hair or to wipe off the lipstick. I threw the car in reverse and fled. I was stunned at what had taken place, yet as I drove away I realized that my cock had been rock hard nearly the whole time. I sat on my bed for hours that night, unsure what to do...

To be continued...