I sat outside in my car, unsure of what to do. Looking again at my watch I saw the time change to 2:06pm. I couldn't believe I was here at all after I had been raped by this man at our last encounter. Maybe the package that arrived this morning had changed my mind- a black, silk thong teddy and matching stockings. I had put it on quickly after it arrived and even eased my largest butt plug into my ass so as not to be caught unprepared like last time.

I was still surprised that I had become aroused by the last incident. After rushing home to my apartment, I had jacked off immediately, leaving a sticky mess in my panties. I still wanted to feel that thick cock in my butt too, but I hoped he'd be more gentle this time.

2:10. I screwed up my courage, briefly feeling the silky material beneath my t-shirt as I stepped out of my car. I walked up to his door, my knees and hands trembling. I knocked. No answer. I waited a minute and knocked again, then heard footsteps in the hallway behind the door.

He gave me a roguish grin as he let me in. His salt and pepper hair was wet and dripping like his well defined chest and abs as he waved me toward the bedroom. I stepped inside and he latched the door behind us, as I felt the fear beginning to overtake my anticipation.

I hadn't turned yet to look back at him.

“Take your clothes off,” he said tersely, “Leave the teddy and stockings on for now.”

I did as he asked, taking off my t-shirt and jeans, leaving me standing facing away from him in the teddy and stockings, every inch of my body shaven and smooth. I started to turn around to look at him.

“Stop,” he said, “Do you know what time it is?”

“No,” I lied.

“I opened the door for you at 2:13, what time were you supposed to be here?”


He was silent for a moment. I could see the strap still hung over the bed where it remained from last time.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees.”

I did as he asked.

“I was actually here at two,” I said, “It took me a few minutes to do my hair in the car. Plus I knocked at ten after, it took you three minutes to get to the door.”

“Shut up,” He said, “I don't bring you here for your commentary. I bring you here to fuck and use as I please. If you would learn to behave, I could find time for your enjoyment too. At the moment however, you're going to suck my cock until I come in your mouth.”

He reached down and lifted my chin up level with his throbbing cock. It was purple with need. I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth making a tight ring around it with my lips, I sucked hard and licked the slit with my tongue.

He threaded his big hands into my hair and began to force my mouth further down on his pulsing cock. I gagged a couple times, but I remembered what I learned last time and relaxed so I could take all of him in. He groaned when my lips reached his balls.

“Look up at me,” He rasped.

I did, looking up into his lust-filled grimace.

“Don't look away or I'll slap you.”

He began sliding his penis in and out of my mouth, using his grip in my hair to force my head back and forth, my lips stretching each time I reached the base of his penis. He picked up the pace, slamming his cock into my mouth and lightly slapping me with his free hand, I kept my eyes locked on his as sweat from his chest dripped onto my upturned face. He pounded into my face for several minutes and my jaw began to ache. Finally, with a groan, he bottomed his cock into my throat and came. I gagged on the load and some of it ran out my nose and mouth.

I remained where I was, stunned, head down with come dripping from my mouth as he walked around behind me. The first blow from his strap fell before I knew what was happening. I cried out and started to scramble off the bed. He jumped on the bed, grabbing me by the ankle and pulled me back, falling onto me with his heavily muscled bulk. His mouth was right next to my ear and one hand had a painful grip on my left ass-cheek.

“You will stay put till I'm finished punishing you.” His voice sounded filled with fury, I couldn't tell if it was feigned or not.

“If you don't hold still and be quiet, I'll shove my cock up that sweet ass of yours right now, with no lube. I'll make sure it burns for a week.”

He slapped my ass as he got back off the bed.

“Back onto your hands and knees.”

He began beating my ass with the strap again and I cried out with each burning blow. He struck me 13 times, one for each minute I was late, and gave me five more for disobedience. I collapsed onto my stomach at number seven and lay there sobbing until the strap stopped falling.

He lay down beside me on the bed, trailing his fingers over the painful welts on my ass. I could feel his revived, heavy erection against my hip as he ground himself into me.

“You make me so hot, so hard, baby,” He said. “I can't wait to fuck your ass, I bet you've been looking forward to it, haven't you?”

He gently rolled me over and lay with his weight halfway on top of me. His chest was still wet from his shower and sweat; I could feel it soaking the front of my teddy as he kissed me for the first time. It was authoritative, but not rough, he took control of my mouth with his tongue and his left hand undid the front of my teddy before it found my right nipple twisting and rolling it in his fingers.

His left hand slid up from the back of my knee, across my groin and up my side to my hair. Grabbing it, he tilted my head back and kissed the hollow of my throat. I gasped, and my erection grew beneath the soaking material of the teddy. His mouth trailed down to my chest tugging the spaghetti straps down as he went before his mouth latched onto a nipple and began to suck. I arched my back against him and ran my hands through his hair.

He raised himself on his right hand, pulling my teddy the rest of the way off with his left, then trailing his hand down my smooth belly to my stiff prick. He stroked it lightly for a moment, then used his hands to lift up the back of my thigh, wanting me to pull my legs up to my chest. I did what he wanted, groaning at what was to come. Smiling down at me he stuck his long index finger into his mouth and moved it down between my spread cheeks. That's when he discovered the butt plug I had so carefully worked into my ass earlier.

With a growl he slapped me as hard as he could.

“Bitch! Did I tell you to do anything of the sort?” He screamed.

I never had the chance to answer. He flipped me over with his strong arms and drug my legs off the side of the bed, using his weight hold me in place. He held both my arms painfully at the wrists in the small of my back with one hand while I heard him fishing in a drawer in his night stand. Soon he had my hands cuffed together behind my back, bent over the bed with my knees on the floor. With one powerful hand pushing my head into the mattress, he reached down with the other and pulled the butt plug from my anus, eliciting a groan and I ground my hard-on into the bed.

He moved around and dropped the butt plug on the bed in front of me.

“That,” He said, “Isn't going to do you a damn bit of good. Don't you dare fucking move.”

He left me there. I wasn't sure how long I waited in that uncomfortable position, maybe an hour, maybe less.

Eventually, I heard the bedroom doors re-open. I could tell from the footsteps that there were now two people; I was afraid to turn around and see. My lover walked around to the other side of the bed and looked me in the eyes.

“I'm going to teach you to obey me one way or another.” He said.

I felt hands on my sides, very soft and they traced their way down to my puckered hole.

“She's very pretty, Tom,” a soft voice said, “Are you sure you want me to do this?”

He had seated himself in a chair on the opposite side of the room, stroking his cock as he watched me.

“She's a slow learner,” he said, “She needs to be taught a lesson.”

A strong hand pushed my head into the mattress and I felt lips near my ear.

“I hope you lubed up well earlier,” the soft voice said in my ear.

Long blond hair draped across my face and the hands moved down, roughly spreading my ass cheeks as I felt the head of a penis pushing against my butt-hole. I gasped- pressing myself into the bed in a attempt to escape the monstrous head that kept pressing the ring of muscles father open. I began crying when the head popped in, it felt like I was being raped with a baseball bat. All too soon, the cock was forced into my insides.

“Does it hurt you?' The soft voice whispered in my ear. “It feels so good on my cock, so tight, I can feel your muscles quivering around it.”

The cock began pistoning into me like a battering ram. The lube from the butt-plug helped, but not much.

“Ow!” I screamed, “Please, pull it out.”

“So tight,” The soft voice behind me said.

Streams of tears were running down my face as I tilted my head back, and my eyes met his. With a lustful expression he stroked his penis as he watched my abuse. He didn't care that I was being hurt and he never meant that he would make it enjoyable for me too. I was just an object for him to abuse. If I ever got out of here, I would never come back.

The massive cock continued it's assault on the tender flesh of my anus. After an interminably long time, It was buried in me one last time to the hilt, eliciting a cry that clenched my stomach muscles as it reverberated off the walls. The entire weight pressed down upon my back and small teeth bit into my ear as a groan of pleasure escaped the soft lips. I felt a warm blast deep inside as he came inside of me.

As the stranger still lay there with his weight upon me, Tom grabbed my chin forcing mt face up as he sprayed his semen all over my face.

Together, they uncuffed me and pushed me fully back onto the bed before fastening my hands to the headboard again. Then they left me like that, cum streaking my face and leaking from my anus.

About a half hour later Tom returned, uncuffed me and took me into the bathroom to clean up. As I showered I thought about ways to get out the front door. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, discovering a pair of lacy pink boy cut panties and matching camisole. I stood staring at them. I just wanted to leave.

At that point the door opened a crack and a beautiful, feminine face peaked in, framed by long blond hair. I leaped back, covering myself with the towel, wondering who this woman was.

She gave a soft laugh and let herself in the bathroom the rest of the way. I saw her round breasts and the enormously thick (but not overly long) cock between her legs. Fully erect it was roughly the same thickness as my wrist.

“My name is Lisa,” She said, “I'm sorry about what I did to you earlier, Tom is my master as well, I couldn't refuse him anything.”

“I can't say I didn't enjoy it, though,” She blushed, “You have a very nice ass.”

Lisa stepped up close to me, closing her slim hand around my wrist, pulling it and the towel away from my body. Still stunned, she leaned forward and kissed me, her hand sliding down to my cock and rubbing it to life.

“I shouldn't be touching you,” She breathed, “Tom would be furious, and neither of us wants that, do we?”

Lisa looked meaningfully at the panty and camisole set on the bath counter.

“Aren't you going to put them on?” She said.

“No,” I said, as my penis grew soft, “I was expecting something else and I just want to go home.”

“It's too late for that.” She said, looking at me sadly with her brown eyes. “Tom might let you leave tonight, but you'd get far worse than what you just had before you leave. Besides, I think at some level you enjoy it, and if you learn what's expected of you, Tom is a fantastic lover.”

She walked around behind me; I could feel her erection against my cheeks as she lightly stroked my chest with her hand.

“If you learn your place,” She said, her voice catching with lust, “Maybe the two of us could play together as well?”

She ground her hips into me, pressing me gently against the counter, nibbling gently on the back of my neck.

“Please,” she said, “for me?.”

I reached out, taking the camisole and panties as I broke from her grasp. Pulling both on, I turned to her and asked what was next.

She smiled, took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

Tom was sitting upright on the newly changed bed, his cock raging hard again. Lisa squeezed my hand encouragingly.

“Come here and suck my cock, Angie,” he said, his gaze never leaving my face.

I broke down then.

“Please, no more,” I choked.

Lisa took my wrist and lifting it up into the small of my back directed me gently, but forcefully onto the bed. Tom's penis stood up in the air right in front of my face. There was no choice. I took it into my mouth and began to suck, bobbing on his shaft between choking sobs.

“Use your hand on the shaft,” he grunted.

As I did so, I felt my panties being pulled down. Despite what Lisa had said, she was going to force her cock into me again. I began to cry harder as she spread my asscheeks.

Instead of the mammoth head of her penis, she began exploring the little ring of muscles with her tongue. I was surprised, but tried to ignore the sensation; I knew she was just trying to wet my anus so the friction wouldn't rub her raw.

Tom was rhythmically thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, stroking my hair with his hand.

“Stop,” he said. I pulled off, but the insistent tugging of Lisa's tongue on my anus made it hard to sit still, I wanted to rock my hips back against her mouth. He handed me a bottle of hand lotion from the side table.

“Lube me up,” he said.

I had just squirted some into my hand when I felt Lisa's tongue penetrate my rear hole. I gasped. My cock was now raging hard, the tip sticking out above the panties and leaking pre-cum. I started to lather Tom's penis with lotion.

Once it was slicked up, Tom rolled me gently onto my side as Lisa pulled back. He gently took hold of my leg, just above the knee and separated my legs, his other hand had a grip in my hair. With no guidance he slid his cock into me to the balls. There was very little discomfort after Lisa had so thoroughly stretched my little asshole. He released my leg and placed his hand on my hip as he began steadily pounding into me. I could feel the heat build with each thrust and I closed my eyes.

I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Lisa's hot, wet mouth take in my cock. I felt the heat build more rapidly as Tom continued hammering me. Within a few minutes, I exploded into Lisa's mouth. She swallowed it all and scooted up beside me. Our mouths locked and I tasted my cum on her tongue.

Tom had remarkable endurance. He slowed his pace, fucking me slowly and deeply as Lisa massaged my cock back to life. When I was hard again, Tom pulled out. I whimpered with the need to have his hard-on back in my ass.

Lisa kissed me hard then turned around on her hands and knees presenting her ass to me.

“You're gonna like this, baby,” she said, handing me the lotion.

“Lube yourself up,” Tom said. “I don't really think you deserve it, but Lisa deserves her pleasure.”

Finally understanding, I coated my dick with the lotion and lined up on Lisa's ass. I sunk in without a bit of trouble; she felt so fantastic. Her anal ring hugged me so tight I thought I would lose it then and there. Then Tom slid back inside me again, using his weight to press us down onto the bed, Lisa lay down full on her belly. Then Tom lost control, roughly slamming into my ass, he'd pause occasionally to lick up the center on my spine, sending chills through my whole body. His thrusts shoved my cock deeper into Lisa each time who gasped with each piercing thrust. None of us lasted long, Lisa and I came virtually at the same moment and Tom a moment after as he filled me with hot cum.

Tom chased us out of his house shortly after and I drove Lisa home. Too exhausted for more sex, we slept in each other's arms

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