Warning: This story contains strong adult situations and graphic sex, so if you are under 18 or are offended by such material go and watch Barney. If however if you are above 18 years of age and are not offended by situations describe above read on :-).

I apologise in advance for the last few chapters seeming rushed as I just wanted to finish this story so I could move on to my next.

Imogen And Erica's New Lives

By Serena Lawhead

Chapter 1: Change Happens.

Ian an Eric were best friends, and always in trouble. From when they first met at school they became every teacher's nightmare, disrupting their classes and harassing the girls.

On this particular day Ian and Eric had gotten into particularly bad trouble and were sitting in detention until their mothers arrived and had talked to the head mistress. Both of their mothers were divorced and lived on their own and could barely keep them in line.

After waiting for half an hour the boy's mothers arrived at the headmistress's office, "Joanne, Sarah welcome. I am sorry we had to meet again under such circumstances. I am afraid that the situation with your sons has become unacceptable, they are increasingly disruptive in both classes and to the female students."

"We've tried everything we can think of to keep them under control" Joanne, Eric's mother said "But nothing works!"

"Yes, We've even tried keeping them apart but that only makes them worse!" Sarah added.

"I think I may have a possible solution to your problem, about four years ago we had a student who was about as bad as Ian an Eric. Alex was a true terror to the community until a solution was reached that worked extremely well...." the head mistress said.

"Really, what was it?" Joanne interrupted.

"As I was about to say, Alex is now living happily as Amy (see Amy's World). Amy and her friends run a successful beauty salon own town." the head mistress finished.

"So you're suggesting we turn our sons into....." Sarah started.

"Girls? Yes, I can put you in touch with both Amy and the woman who helped with her transformation, Jessica." the head mistress said with a slight smile.

Joanne and Sarah briefly discussed the matter and turned back to the head mistress, "Well, we've tried everything else so we will give it a try!" Sarah said.

On the following Friday Joanne and Sarah paid a visit to Jessica's shop they had gotten some subliminal tapes and 'high strength & fast acting' hormones for their wayward sons. Having discussed with each other the best way to proceed they decided not to go for the gradual transformation that was done on Alex/Amy but for a quicker transformation and do it over the weekend as there was also a bank holiday on the Monday.

That evening Jo and Sarah gave each of their son's tapes they had been after in an apparent 'bribe' to not make any more trouble. Both boys acted as if they were sorry for the trouble they caused and made false promises, which both mothers knew to be false. After each of them were given a large dose of hormones that were mixed with their bed time drinks they fell asleep listening to the subliminal tapes.

The following morning Jo woke Eric up, "Hey, I have to go out today, Sarah is going to take you and Ian into town later."

"Great mum, that'll be great!" Eric said, faking sleepiness while thinking 'Excellent this will provide some opportunities!'

Later that day Sarah arrived with Ian to pick up Eric "Hi Eric, I hope you don't mind but I have to make a stop before I take you and Ian into town."

"Not a problem, lets go!" Eric said and climbed into the back with Ian.

Sarah watched Eric an Ian whispering in the back, knowing they were up to no good and smiled. 'Plot while you can, soon you will be in no position to act them out!' she thought.

Sarah pulled up outside a beauty salon and parked. "Would you please come in with me while I am there boys, so I can keep an eye on you!" she said in a voice that would take no defiance.

As Sarah entered the salon with the two boys a woman approached her "Hi, you must be Sarah, I'm Amy." she introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you," Sarah said, "This is Ian an Eric."

"I've heard all about you when I was talking to your mothers yesterday, aren't you two Entranced at being here?" Amy asked, Instantly Ian and Eric fell into a trance.

Seeing the two boys enter the trance Sarah turned to Amy, "I want to thank-you for your help in my this little project me and Joanne are working on!"

"No problem, I still remember when I was like them. Believe me, this is the best thing for them!" Amy said, then turning to Ian and Eric she spoke, "Follow me to the back room boys."

Following the boys Sarah entered the back room; "This is where we handle occasions like this. Not all of our clients appreciate the need to 'transform' certain individuals." Amy said.

"Ok, me and Rae get to work on them," Amy said as a woman she introduced as Rae entered "and I believe you need to meet Jo soon."

"You're absolutely right, nice to meet you Rae" Sarah said, then left.

"Ok boys, Strip!" Rae said.

"My, the hormones seem to be working already!" Amy exclaimed noting the smooth and hairless texture of the boy's skin and a slight curve to their figures that was only just visible.

"Put on these robes and sit in the chairs." Rae said, handing them a pair of pink satin robes that the automatically put on and sat down.

Amy started work on Ian while Rae worked on Eric, "It's a good job they haven't had their hair cut in some time, we should be able to make them look quite feminine!" Amy said.

"Yes, I can't wait to see how they react when they wake up!" Rae giggled.

"Indeed, it should be quite a shock, unlike my gradual transformation." Amy replied.

After half an hour the two women had finished with the boys hair, their hair was cut into feathery and feminine styles, "That should do for the hair they are looking positively girlish already!" Rae said.

They proceeded to pluck the boys eyebrows into thin and feminine arches; their faces were made up with foundation to make their faces look flawless and a little lipstick to make their lips stand out just enough. Once that was done they proceeded to give the boys pedicures and manicures, using a soft coral/pink on each of their nails.

"You know, they keep their bodies remarkably clean despite their thuggish attitudes!" Rae said.

Just then Joanne and Sarah came into the back room, "Well you have done a good job, I can hardly believe these are our sons!" Jo said.

"I agree, Strip boys" Sarah said, "and I use that term in the loosest possible way as you will not be boys for much longer!"

Ian and Eric took of their robes off in a zombie like state and stood there totally naked, Jo walked over to stand in front of Eric, "We had the subliminal tape loaded with minimal instructions so we could supply the rest now." Sarah said.

Jo began to speak to Eric, "Eric, you will only act on these instructions when I say Erica's a Babe, Your name is no longer Eric but Erica. While as Erica you would never dream of wearing anything but female clothing or going out of the house without wearing make-up. You love to wear female clothing so much that you are sexually aroused by the way that female clothes feel on your skin. You are also incredibly turned on by looking as feminine as you can to attract boys and turning them away. Also, when eating you will choose what a girl your age would choose and eat with smaller bites. When I say Eric's life you will return to being Eric. These instructions you will act on at all times, think of how all the females you have known move and act, that is how you will move and act from now on, you will also at all times dress in a manner befitting of a girl your age. You will speak in a feminine voice and obey all instructions given to you by me, Sarah, Amy, Rae, your teachers or anyone who invokes the phrase Obey Me Erica!" Jo finished, "Do you understand all that I have said?"

"Yes" Eric said in a breathy, feminine voice.

"Also, when you eventually come to terms with your new identity your 'normal' and 'female' minds and memories will merge, leaving no distinction between the two. You will no longer have the overbearing need to leave the house wearing make-up either. You will forever be Erica and will no longer respond to any of the trigger phrases, except 'Entranced' or 'Leave the trance'." Jo added.

With that done, Jo reached into the bag she had with her and pulled out a pair of white satin panties and passed them to Eric, "Put these on and tuck away your penis". Eric pulled up the panties and tucked away his manhood." Good now put on this training bra, you will need it as your breasts begin to grow." Once again Eric took the piece of underwear and put it on. With the underwear done Jo pulled out a blue dress with a flowery pattern, "Put this on, and don't mess up your hair and make-up while you are doing it!" Eric carefully pulled on the dress and smoothed it over his changing frame. Finally Jo passed Eric a pair of pale blue mules with a 2" block heel and a necklace, "Now put these on." Eric took the shoes and necklace and put them on, Eric now looked just like any other girl. "Leave the Trance"

Eric blinked a moment, "What happened, where am I?" he asked not noticing how his voice sounded.

"Why, we have just given you a new look. Just look in the mirror and see." Jo said.

Looking in the mirror Eric saw an attractive 16 year old girl, whose actions were graceful and feminine "This has got to be a joke, you can't do this to me, what will the others say, what will Ian say? And what have you done to my voice!" Eric exclaimed at the sound of his voice.

"Well, Ian won't be able to make fun of you because we are doing the same to him, or will it be her?" Sarah said, motioning to Ian, still in his trance. Before Eric could respond she spoke again, "Stand there, shut up and watch"

Eric could do nothing but watch what happened next, like Jo Sarah stood in front of Ian and began to speak "Ian, you will only act on these instructions when I say Imogen's Horny Your name is no longer Ian but Imogen. While as Imogen you will always dress in female clothing, the more revealing the better, you love to show flesh. You would never dream of leaving the house without make-up on. You love the way female clothing feels on you, it makes you feel sexually aroused and turned on, when feeling like this you can think of nothing better to do than tease boys with your feminine whiles, only to dump them when they show any signs of interest. Also, when eating you will choose what a girl your age would choose and eat with smaller bites. When I say Ian's Back you will return to being Ian. These instructions you will act on at all times, think of how all the females you have known move and act, that is how you will move and act from now on, you will also at all times dress in a manner befitting of a girl your age. You will speak in a feminine voice and obey all instructions given to you by me, Joanne, Amy, Rae, your teachers or anyone who invokes the phrase Obey Me Imogen!" Sarah finished, "Do you understand all that I have said?"

"Yes" Ian said in a breathy feminine voice similar to Eric's. Eric looked on in horror at how easily Ian had been changed.

"Also, when you eventually come to terms with your new identity your 'normal' and 'female' minds and memories will merge, leaving no distinction between the two. You will no longer have the overbearing need to leave the house wearing make-up either. You will forever be Imogen and will no longer respond to any of the trigger phrases, except 'Entranced' or 'Leave the trance'." Sarah added.

With the completion of Ian's subliminal programming they proceeded with the clothes, As with Eric Sarah pulled out a pair of white satin panties for Ian "Put these on and tuck away your bits", Ian proceeded to put on the panties. Eric could not believe what he was seeing his feminised friend do. Next Sarah handed him a training bra, which Ian promptly put on. "Ok, now put on this tee" she said handing Ian a pale blue tee with a flowery pattern round the bottom of it. Next came a pair of white extremely short and skin-tight shorts which Ian put on. Last of all Ian was handed a pair of white mules with a 2" block heel that matched Eric's blue pair. Ian now looked as much like a girl as Eric did.

"Tell me Erica, what do you think of Imogen?" Jo asked.

"I am not Erica, and that is not Imogen, That is Ian!" Eric said with a hostile attitude.

"Adjust your attitude Eric, or I will enforce the full personality change on you!" Jo countered, "Now, tell me what you think of Imogen and I want the truth!"

Having received an order from his mum Eric could only comply, "I think she is beautiful!" he said and instantly regretted it. "Ahhhh, Shit! How did you make me fucking say that!"

Jo sighed, "Shut up!" she said and Eric became quiet. "Now that was an unexpected response!" Jo said, smiling.

"Ian, Leave The Trance" Sarah said.

As with Eric Ian showed a certain amount of disorientation, "What happened?" Ian asked in a feminine & confused voice.

"It's simple Imogen, we've given you a new look!" Sarah said.

"Why the fuck are you calling be Imogen?" Ian asked tensely.

"Shut up, you will never again use bad language towards any person standing here in room again." Sarah ordered. "Now look in the mirror."

Ian looked in the mirror and saw an attractive girl, then turning to look at the four women responsible for his transformation he shouted at them "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, I MOVE AND SOUND LIKE A CHICK!"

"Shut your foul mouth Imogen or I will enforce the full personality change on you!" Sarah replied calmly. "Now tell me what you think of Erica here, you once knew her as Eric. And I want the truth!"

With the order given Eric responded, "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!" he said, and like Eric instantly regretted what he had said.

Smiling Sarah walked over to Jo, then seeing Ian trying to slip away "Come back here, stand next to Erica and keep quiet." she said, Ian complied and moved over to Eric.

Then to be sure they would not be overheard Sarah spoke to them, "Erica, Imogen aren't you just Entranced by this situation!" with that said they fell into the trance once more.

"I have an Idea," Jo said "Given that they both fancy each other, we could use that to our advantage!"

"Yes, that could be most interesting and entertaining" Amy put in.

Sarah spoke to both of the transformed boys, "From now on, whenever either of you are alone with the other and your female persona is dominant you will feel an intense attraction to each other that can only be subdued with intense physical contact and stimulation. Leave the Trance"

"Erica, Imogen we know this must have been a shock for you so I will take you to see a film and a meal while Jo finishes her business in town." Sarah said.

"We are not going like this are we Ian!" Eric said, with Ian nodding in agreement.

"You will go, and you will let me choose the film, now lets go" Sarah said.

After paying Amy for their appointment Sarah left with Eric and Ian reluctantly following.

Later that evening Sarah arrived at Jo's house with Ian and Eric and went in, "Imogen, why don't you and Erica go upstairs and find something to do?" Sarah said, then noticing they were about to object to their new names once more "Neither of you will complain about your new names to us any more in fact you can now only address each other by your female names!"

Then, with the complaint apparently dying on their lips they went upstairs to Eric's bedroom. Upon entering they were struck dumb, "Erica, what happened to your room?" Ian exclaimed. Eric's room had been totally re-decorated; it was now extremely feminine. It's colours were mainly pinks, with pastel pink bed covers with frilly white lace round the edges.

"I don't believe it, the bitch has had my room redecorated." Eric exclaimed. "I don't even want to look in the drawers or wardrobe yet!"

"Why the hell have they done this to us, what have we done to deserve this!" Ian said.

"Dunno, but it sucks. I hate this name and this voice and the way I now move too!" Eric said, "You the same Imogen?"

"Too right!" Ian said, while looking in Eric's wardrobe, "Well, it looks like you have no choice but to carry on dressing like a girl" he said, showing Eric.

In the wardrobe were nothing but skirts, dresses, blouses and some skirt/trousers with a fairly large selection of shoes and trainers. Looking in the new vanity Eric found a lot of lingerie, in the top drawer was a small selection of make-up and in other drawers a selection of tees, halters and other such items. Ian started giggling when he saw Eric's face, "I don't know what you're laughing about, your room has probably been changed too!" Eric said stonily.

Ian's face became serious, "Shit, I hadn't thought of that!"

As with the previous night Eric and Ian were given their drinks that had been mixed with the hormones.

Chapter 2: Lovers.

The following day Joanne went up to Eric's room, "Hey, Erica's a Babe!" Eric's personality promptly shifted to that of Erica's. "Why don't you get dressed were going over to Sarah and Imogen's place. Find something nice to wear and fix yourself up dear"

Erica walked over to look in the mirror, she noted the fact that her figure had become slightly curvier and her breasts had become just a bit bigger. Then moving to her vanity she pulled out a pair of light pink cotton panties and pulled them on, next came a matching training bra. With those on she proceeded to put on her make-up, going for an understated look. With her make-up on Erica pulled out a very short mini skirt and a white-cropped tee. Then putting on a pair of white pumps she bounced downstairs, "Ready mom!"

When they got to their destination Jo and Erica knocked and were let in by Imogen who was dressed similar to Erica, in a white cropped tee, but wearing a skirt/trouser instead of miniskirt. "Hiya Imogen, looking good!" Erica said.

"Hi Erica, want to listen to some music in my room?" Ian asked.

"Sure, why not", Erica followed Ian up to his room, "Wow, your room looks almost exactly like mine except it's pastel blue!"

"Hey you can quit the act Erica, were alone up here!" Ian said.

"What are you talking about silly?" Erica said, sitting next to Ian on the bed with a slight erection appearing under her mini skirt.

'Oh shit, they've shifted his personality!' Ian thought as he felt Erica's hand stroking his thigh, then noticing his reaction down below. Erica continued her advances, slowly manoeuvring Ian back onto the bed. Erica's hand then moved up to cup Ian's erection while kissing him deeply.

"Ooooh" Erica cooed into Ian's ear, "Imogen's Horny!" she said, stumbling onto Ian's activation phrase.

Ian instantly felt the change come over him as he became Imogen. Imogen began to respond to Erica's advanced and wrapped her arms around Erica and began to kiss her back with great passion, her own hand moving to stroke Erica's own erection. They spent the next hour or so passionately kissing, with their hands roaming all over their bodies, stroking thigh and caressing each other's erect cocks.

Entangled in each others arms Erica and Imogen never noticed the bedroom door open or hear the whispering behind it, a few moments later Jo's leant into the room with a Polaroid camera and snapped a few shots and closed the door.

"So, what are they doing in there?" Sarah asked.

"Entangled in each others arms, and thoroughly enjoying it too by the looks of things!" Jo said with a smile.

"I have an idea for our lesbian daughters" Sarah said with a smile, then leaning into Imogen's room again whispered to them, "Ian's Back, Eric's Life" and shut the door.

"What did you just do?" Jo asked.

"I switched back their male personas!" Sarah said giggling.

As both boy/girls male personas reasserted themselves they were still engrossed and continued in their passionate embrace for another fifteen minutes before they realised what they were doing, "What the hell are we doing?"

"Well, I remember realising your personality had been switched then you came on to me and then it is all a blur! You must have stumbled on the phrase that changes my personality." Ian said, as they self-consciously climbed from the bed and righted their clothes.

"Just one thing bothers me, how did we get switched back to our male personas?" Eric said.

Just then Jo called up the stairs "Dinner's ready girls!"

"Not a single word!" Eric whispered.

While Eric and Ian sat at the dinner table, Jo and Sarah brought in their dinners and a drink for each of them that was infused with the hormones. Wanting to forget what had just happened they downed their drinks quickly.

"Enjoy you drinks?" Sarah asked.

"Mmmm, taste great, what is it?" Ian asked.

"A mix of fresh juice and a mix of high strength hormones that has been changing your bodies, oh don't look that shocked you have been taking the mix for the last two days. How else do you thinks you have been gaining your girlish figures?" she asked, smiling and enjoying the shocked expressions on the boy/girls faces.

Stuck for words the boy/girls just finished their dinner. "Anyway, did our daughters enjoy themselves this morning?"

"We had an OK time." Eric said, not sure if their parent's knew what he and Ian had done with each other.

"Want to see the new photo album we have started?" Sarah asked innocently.

"Sure mum, whatever" Ian said.

Sarah opened the album, what Eric and Ian saw disturbed them a bit. On the first page were pictures of them arriving at the salon, on the next page pictures of them naked and pulling on their pink satin robes. Over the next few pages were pictures of them during the various stages of their transformation. Finally they turned the page and came to how they looked once the makeover was finished, fully clothed and looking like real girls.

Ian gave Eric a worried glance as Sara turned the page yet again; there on the page for all to see were Eric and Ian in their passionate embrace. It was plain to see as well that they were wildly groping each other. "Well it seems our 'daughters' have become lovers!" Jo chuckled, then began to see the expressions on the boy/girls faces.

Later that evening Ian and Eric were back in Ian's room, "I have just realised Ian, we have school tomorrow, we can't go dressed as girls!"

"Oh shit, I hadn't thought of that!" Ian exclaimed.

Chapter 3: Back to School.

The following morning Jo walked into Eric's room "Hey sleepy head, time to get ready for school!"

Eric was instantly awake, "You can't be serious, I can't go to school dressed like this!"

"You can and you will, that is unless you wand Erica to go in your place!" Jo threatened.

Thinking of what his feminine alter ego might do at school made him shudder, "Now go, shave and come back here to put on your make-up." Jo said.

Eric sullenly went into the bathroom and was about to proceed with shaving his legs when he noticed that his breasts had grown yet again and were about the size of most of the girls in his year, and his hips and ass had gotten bigger too. "Great, just what I need!" Eric muttered to himself as he proceeded to shave his legs.

Once Eric's mum had checked his legs she gave a satisfied nod and told him to sit at his vanity. Seeing no alternative Eric proceeded to put on his make-up, he started with layer of foundation and then put on a little blush and some light pink lipstick, feeling totally humiliated he turned to his mum.

"Ok, that's a passable attempt, but you still need more practice!" Jo said.

"More practice? I'm a boy, I shouldn't wear make-up at all, or these clothes for that matter!" Eric said.

Jo ignored Eric's protest, "Put on you underwear while I find you something to wear!" she said.

Sighing Eric pulled open his lingerie drawer and pulled out a plain white cotton bra/panty set and put them on. "Good choice, but wear the strapless bra instead of that one"

Eric took off his bra and pulled out a strapless one of the same design, "Ok put this dress on" Jo said, handing Eric a pink strappy dress with a flowery design round the hem. Eric then put on the dress and also a pair of low-heeled white pumps his mother handed him. Eric was mortified to see that he looked every inch a 16 year-old girl.

"OK Erica, time for you to go to Imogen's house to meet her for the walk to school. And you will go to school, weather you want to or not!" Jo said. "And don't forget you gym kit!"

Unable to disobey the order Eric went to pack his school things, once everything was gathered Eric found that his old school bag had also gone, but found a black patent leather backpack similar to what some of the other girls used. With his stuff packed Eric left the house for Ian's place. Eric was acutely aware of how he was moving in a feminine way as this was his first time out alone since the change.

After about five minutes of walking Eric arrived at Ian's home, feeling relieved at being at his destination he knocked on the door, Sarah answered the door "My Erica, don't you look pretty this morning. Come in and sit down, Imogen will be down in a few moments."

Eric sat down to watch the TV while he waited, subconsciously smoothing the skirt of his dress. Then a few minutes later Eric heard from behind him "Hi Erica!" Ian said, seeing his mother watching.

Eric stood and turned to face Ian, he was dressed in a knee length denim skirt, narrow toed black pumps and a cropped halter top showing off his figure which had developed more overnight just as Eric's had. Imogen was made up in a similar way to Eric, but his nails were painted a soft pink colour.

"Imogen honey, don't forget your bag and gym kit!" Sarah shouted back.

"Yea mum," Ian shouted back "Like I could forget it!" he muttered picking up his bag.

On the way to school the two boy/girls started to talk, "I take it your mum threatened to send you to school as Imogen" Eric asked, pulling his dress down again even though there was no need to.

"Yeah, I take it was the same with you." Ian said, "I still can't believe how quickly we've changed since Friday, I mean in the space of three days our bodies have changed to the same proportions as the other girls our age.... DAMN IT, I mean girls our age, I'm even beginning to think a bit like a girl, this sucks!"

"Jesus, I hate the way we move and talk now, not to mention the way the other boys are looking at us!" Eric muttered.

"Yep, this sucks. Today is going to be pure hell!" Ian said unhappily as they arrived at the school gates, "I wish we could bunk, but for some reason I just can't disobey my mothers instructions."

Sighing Ian replied, "Yeah, me too!"

When they got to their form room Ian and Eric sat as far away from their usual places as possible, hoping not to be noticed. A few moments later the teacher came in and addressed the class "Good morning class, there have been a few changes made. You will no doubt noticed that Ian and Eric are gone, due to their behaviour they will not be coming back!" she said, looking directly as Ian and Eric.

The teacher let the pupils mutter among themselves for a moment, "On another note, we have two new students joining us today" she said.

Near the back to the class Ian and Eric cringed in terror, knowing what was sure to happen, "Miss Jordan is sure to call us to the front of the class!" Ian whispered to Eric.

"Imogen and Erica, would you come to the front of the class to introduce yourselves." Miss Jordan instructed. Unable to resist the command Ian and Eric got up and walked to the front of the class, they blushed brightly when someone let out a wolf whistle.

"Now, Imogen introduce yourself and tell everybody about that has recently happened to you and why." Miss Jordan said, smiling.

Blushing brightly Ian addressed the class, "I use to be your classmate Ian, last Friday mine and Eric's mothers decided after talking with the principal to transform me and Eric into girls as punishment for the trouble we made. Over the weekend we have been changed physically and mentally to act as if we were born female. We will never again be male."

The class were stunned, but quickly began talking, pointing and laughing at the fate of Ian. "Be quiet, we have yet to hear from Erica!" Miss Jordan shouted.

Eric fighting the feeling of dread coming over himself began to speak, "I was Eric, as Ian has already said, our mothers have transformed us into girls. We will, from now on be attending school as girls and ask to be treated as such." Eric said, not believing what he had said.

"Now girls, I know you still talk to yourselves using you old names." Miss Jordan said, "So from now on you will always address each other as Erica or Imogen. Now go and sit down, pay attention to class and behave!" she finished.

Eric and Ian moved back to their places, feeling totally humiliated. "Now, I'm sure some of you will have heard of this happening to another student four years ago, and I assume you will not treat Erica and Imogen as badly as the other student was to begin with! as this is their fate and they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives."

The day moved slowly for Eric and Ian, having to constantly put up with people making fun of them and making lewd remarks. Then the point they had been dreading arrived, it was time for physical education. Having been directed into the girls changing area Eric and Ian had to put up with hostile stares from the other girls, which did lessen when they saw the boy/girls bodies looked more like their own than that of the boys.

Blushing Eric and Ian began to change into the gym kit, a white pleated miniskirt, white tee and trainers. A girl by the name of Sally approached them, "So, are these real?" she asked grabbing a handful of Eric's breasts. Her eye's widened when she found out his breasts felt much like her own. "Blimey, they have done a number on you!" she giggled.

"Yep there real!" Sally announced, pointing to where Eric and Ian stood in their gym kit behind her. A few of the other girls giggled at this and Eric blushed again.

"Ok girls, hit the gym!" The PE teacher, Miss Anderson shouted in.

During the lesson Eric and Ian felt a little relieved they did not have to do PE with the boys, however they were still highly embarrassed to be dressed as girls.

After tackling having a shower, the rest of the day passed just as slow as the beginning. On their way home they were followed by a group of boys, "Hey boys, check out the sissies." their leader Jed taunted.

"Yeah, I hear that their tits are real" said another, who moved to block the boy/girls way.

"They sure seem real Mark!" Jed said to the former, grabbing a handful of Ian's breasts from behind.

"Let's see if the rest has changed!" said the third and ripped Ian's skirt off. Eric and Ian were getting scared now.

"Hey Dan, pull the sissies panties down!" Mark said.

Then moving towards Ian, Dan suddenly felt a searing pain in his crotch as Ian delivered a hard kick with his narrow toed pumps. Dan collapsed on the ground in agony. While they were stunned Eric grabbed Ian's skirt and they ran and hid out of the way in a small patch of trees and bushes that sufficiently hid them.

"Your lucky this fastens at the side with buttons Imogen!" Eric whispered, cringing at the way he could only refer to his best friend by his female name while handing Ian's skirt back.

Shaking with fear and shock Ian put on his skirt, then still not feeling safe the two boy/girls held each other tightly for comfort. Being so close to each other caused Eric and Ian's restrained cocks to stiffen in their confinement.

Ian and Eric arrived and Ian's house half an hour late, still shaking slightly. "And why are you two so late?" Jo asked, sitting next to Sarah.

"Well, Um, we took the back roads to avoid the teasing." Ian admitted.

"Then we had a bit of trouble, some boys followed us and were threatening us but we managed to escape." Eric said.

"From now on you will only go to and from school by the route with the most people and traffic." Jo said, "It's for your own good!"

Chapter 4 : That Night and The Following Day.

"Tell you what, as you have had such a hard day at school why don't you two have a.......... sleep over tonight?" Sarah said.

"That's a terrific idea, I'll pop back and get some of your things Erica" Jo put in.

"But mum, there is only one bed in Imogen's room!" Eric complained.

"Well that's OK, you can share the bed!" Sarah added, smiling.

"But..." Ian started.

"You will sleep in the same bed, Accept it" Jo said, interrupting Ian.

Then, smiling in an evil way Sarah spoke, "I have just had an idea that will make the two of you Entranced!"

Ian and Eric fell into their trance state upon command, "Ian, Eric from now on whenever you sleep in the same bed your Erica and Imogen personalities will become dominant if they are not already." Sarah said, "Leave ..." But Jo stopped her.

"Eric, Ian, tomorrow morning you will wake up early to specially prepare for school, you will each do the following in addition to your usual routine...." Jo said, then whispered the rest of the instructions into each of their ears, "Leave The Trance".

Ian and Eric came to, not knowing about the new commands they had been given, "I'll see you later Erica when I drop off your clothes and overnight kit." Jo said, getting up to leave.

Ian and Eric got up, "Yeah, well we'll be in Imogen's room if you want us." Erica said.

"Just what were those extra instructions Jo?" Sarah asked.

"You will see in the morning!" Jo said with a mischievous grin.

When they got to Ian's room Ian lay on the bed, while Eric sat down in a beanbag chair. Ian turned on his TV, which they watched for the rest of the evening, uncomfortable in their female clothing they constantly fidgeted and adjusted them.

Around 8:00 Jo popped her head round the door, "Here are your things Erica. I'll see you tomorrow! she then disappeared.

"I still can't believe our parents are doing this to us!" Ian moaned, "Ah well, I suppose we better hit the sack!"

Agreeing with him, Eric and Ian stripped off and got dressed in matching sleepwear, Ian in a powder blue baby doll nightie and panties, Eric in a soft pink. Both felt their nipples hardening from the contact with the material.

Then as Ian climbed under the covers Eric could not resist the command given them by Jo to join him under the covers. As soon as Eric went under the covers their personalities shifted to their female personas. Within minutes Imogen and Erica were wrapped in each others arms, passionately kissing each other, their hands roaming all over each others bodies.

Erica lay there and looked intently into Imogen's eyes, "God you're beautiful Imogen!" she sighed and began to kiss Imogen with even greater passion than before. Then before she realised what was happening Imogen felt Erica's warm and moist mouth sucking and nibbling on her stiff nipples and caressing her breasts.

Soon Imogen gave a moan of pleasure and began to move down to Erica's breast to return the pleasure, sucking nibbling and caressing her breasts in much the same way as Erica had done to her.

After a prolonged session in their passionate both boy/girls fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other's arms. Once they were fast asleep Sarah crept into the room and took a few pictures of them sleeping in each other's arms, which would soon be placed in the photo album as well.

The following morning Erica was awoken by Imogen giving her a deep, wet kiss that she responded to in kind. A few moments after getting out of bed Eric and Ian's personalities once more became dominant, "Oh my god, we've been doing it again!" Erica exclaimed.

"Man this sucks!" Ian said.

"Ah, shit lets get ready for school, I'll hit the bathroom first" Eric said.

While Eric was in the bathroom Ian was pulling out some clothes to wear, he settled on a black strappy top and a red print skirt and a pair of black ankle boots with a 1 1/2" chunk heel (why he chose those, he could not begin to guess). Then getting impatient he knocked on the bathroom door "Hey Erica, you done yet?".

"Ten more minutes Imogen" came Eric's feminine voice, Ian shuddered at the sound, realising he could not remember how Eric's voice used to sound.

Ten minutes later Eric emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped over his breasts and a towel wrapped around his head and carrying his baby-doll nightie and panties. "All yours Imogen" Eric said, as Ian walked into the bathroom Eric stared at his ass and caught himself just before he reached out to grab it, 'Jeezus I have to be more careful!' he thought.

Half an hour later Ian emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped over his breasts and a towel wrapped round his hair just like Eric. Both Boy/Girls wondered why the other had their hair wrapped up as they didn't usually do that, but shrugging it off they went about their business.

"I'll just grab my things and change in the spare room" Eric said, grabbing his overnight bag and disappearing into the room opposite Ian's.

Eric opened the bag and found a skirt/trouser and a red boob tube and a pair of 1" chunk heeled pumps as well as some fresh underwear. 'Wonderful! Just what I wanted to wear' Eric thought sarcastically, shedding his towel. Eric looked in the mirror and cringed a little at the apparent sight of the 16-year old girl with a blossoming figure, the only thing out of place was his, or was it her penis?

Biting the bullet, Eric pulled on the boob tube and adjusted it so it was comfortable (if such a word could be used), he then pulled on the fresh panties and secured his manhood out of sight. With that done he pulled up a pair of pantyhose and then his skirt/trouser and put on his pumps. After applying his make-up he noticed the towel wrapped around his head, not remembering doing it, he pulled it off and a head of short curly hair was revealed that made him look even more girlish.

"Great, wonderful, why on earth did I do this to my hair!" he muttered to himself, automatically knowing he himself had done it.

Meanwhile in Ian's room he was getting ready too, he put on fresh panties and then looking at the top he had chosen decided to go for a strapless bra. He walked over to his bed and picked up and put on the strappy top, thinking how nice it looked on him. Realising what he was thinking Ian shook his head and reprimanded himself sternly then continued, he pulled on the skirt and put on the boots he had chosen.

Ian then sat at his vanity and proceeded to apply his make-up, once done he pulled off the towel he did not remember putting on and was shocked at what he saw, his hair was now ash-blonde and wavy. Sighing in resignation, and realising he himself had done it he pulled out a gold heart pendant from his jewellery box and hung it round his neck.

Walking out of the rooms at the same time both Boy/Girls looked at each other in shock, Ian taking in Eric's head of curls and Eric taking in Ian's head of wavy blonde hair, "Why did you..." they both started to say at the same time.

"Never mind, I think we both know the answer to that one!" Ian said, "Come on, let's go!"

Silently agreeing Eric followed Ian downstairs for breakfast, "My, don't you two look lovely!" Sarah said upon seeing them, "Come on girls, sit down and eat your breakfast!"

Ian and Eric ate their breakfast and fresh juice with hormones without any fuss, When they were done they grabbed their school bags and coats and left for school. "Bye girls, have fun!" Sarah said, chuckling.

When Ian and Eric arrived at school they were greeted by catcalls and whistles and a few jealous stares from some of the girls, it seemed that word had gotten round the entire school about their miss-fortune.

Just outside their form room Ian and Eric were pinned up against the wall by Frank, Frank was once Ian and Eric's friend and one of the nastiest bullies in the place. "So what are you girlie-boys doing here, shouldn't you be down the mall looking for boys or something?" He said spitefully, putting emphasis on the word 'girlie' and spat on their shoes.

"Leave us alone Frank!" Ian said, slipping out from his grip and entering the classroom, followed quickly by Eric. As they were going to sit at the back Miss Jordan spoke to them "Erica, Imogen come down here and sit next to Gemma and Mary!".

Unable to disobey they came down to the front row and sat down next to the other two girls. Just after they got settled, Frank sat down next to Ian, looked at them and drew his finger across his throughout and snarled at them, "See you after school sissy boys!"

Glancing at each other nervously Ian and Eric forced themselves to pay attention to class. All throughout the day Frank hounded, pursued and generally made Ian and Eric feel miserable. Then to top it all off at the end of the day Frank, along with Dan, Mark and Jed beat Ian and Eric senseless. They eventually arrived home covered in bruises and streaked with tears, their mascara running.

After they had gotten the story from Ian and Eric Sarah and Jo told them to say round Sarah's place while they went to see the head.

At the school the receptionist let Jo and Sarah into the office, "Jo, Sarah, it's good to see you" the head said, "Please, tell me what I can do for you?"

"It's about our daughters" Jo began, "After school they were beaten up by Frank Jenson and three other boys, from what I hear he is one of the worst bullies in this school."

"We knew there was going to be some teasing involved when we transformed our sons, but never did we think it would go this far." Sarah said.

"I understand your situation, but you see Frank is also one of our brightest pupils and I feel it would be damaging to him were he to be expelled, so we need to find another solution. But I may have an Idea, if you will bear with me." she said. The head spoke through an intercom to her receptionist, "Sandra, could you please call the mother of Frank Jenson and have her come down immediately."

Later Jo and Sarah arrived back home, smiling about the plans they had made. "Erica, Imogen could you come down please, we have something to talk about." Sarah called up.

Eric and Ian appeared through the doorway, looking calmer than they had when Jo and Sarah had left for the school "We have talked to the head and to Franks mother, things will be sorted out, don't worry." Jo said.

"I know you both must be shaken, so Eric can stay here again tonight." Sarah said. "Will you be able to survive until Friday?"

"I think so," Ian said, "Why?"

"Well, after Friday you can expect your problems to lessen." Jo said.

That night when they went to bed their Erica and Imogen personas were feeling the pain of their earlier beating fell asleep in each others arms, tenderly kissing and caressing each other as they wept.

That Friday they arrived at school with their bruises barely covered by concealer and foundation, but the swellings plainly visible. The teasing lessened from the other pupils, they were even finally accepted and treated as the girls they now were by some (they were not sure witch was worse, the teasing or being treated as normal girls). They still received some bullying from Frank, Dan, Mark and Jed but nothing as major as the previous day.

They arrived home a little shaky but not in bad shape.

Chapter 5 : The Strip Club.

Through most of the Saturday Eric and Ian spent their time listening to music or watching the TV, but unable to stop fantasising about the good looking boys that appeared from time to time (each time that happened they would chastise themselves and change channels). Both were dressed in a mini-skirt and tee.

Eric and Ian decided to get out of the house and go into the nearby city centre and told Jo and Sarah of their plans, "Here take some money to spend" Jo said, handing over some notes. "Oh, and be sure to buy some nice feminine clothes with the money and perhaps go to see a film!"

Both boy/girls groaned inwardly, knowing that they could not resist the command. On the train they received more than their fair share of stares from the male travellers which made them blush with embarrassment, which a few young males took as an invitation to get closer. Eric and Ian eventually managed to fend them off and left the train at their platform just a little unnerved after their experience.

They reluctantly made a bee-line for the nearest clothing store that catered to teen-age girls, entering Top Shop they browsed round the store for a while when Ian spoke up, "Hey Erica, come over here!"

"What is it?" Erica asked appearing from behind a rack of dresses.

"What do you think of these, I love them!" Ian said, holding up a long pink skirt with a front split to the knee and matching top.

"Nice, you'll look great in them!" Eric virtually squealed.

"Great, I'll buy them!" Ian exclaimed and moved to the till.

Half way down the road Ian stopped and scratched blond head in wonder, "Why the hell did we just get so excited over clothing?"

"Beats me, dunno why I got so excited!" Eric said.

"Hey, I've got an idea, I'll race you to New Image!" Ian said and ran off. Eric immediately set off after him. A few minutes later Eric caught up with Ian, his breasts rising and falling noticeably as he panted in exhaustion. "Now lets find a really cute outfit for you Erica!"

Caught up in things again, Eric excitedly followed Ian into the store. After a short time of looking Ian pulled a dress off a rack "Hey, Erica how about this one?"

Eric walked over to Ian "Wow, that is gorgeous!" he breathed, Ian was holding up a short black strappy dress with pink flower detail on one side. "I found this handbag that would probably go well with that!" Eric said, showing Ian a small pink bag with flower detailing.

"Excellent, you have great taste!" Ian giggled.

"Let's go and pay!" Eric said and headed for the tills.

Eric spent the next three hours, wondering round various stores, looking at clothing and trying of a few perfumes. When they arrived at the Debenhams department store they found one of the make-up counters were doing free promotional makeovers. Feeling an urge from their feminine sides Eric and Ian nervously went over to look at the counter.

"Hi there girls, could I interest you in a free make-over?" the assistant asked.

"I don't know....." Eric started to say.

"Oh come on, no strings attached, in fact if you don't mind my saying so you look good as you are. So I should be able to make you look really stunning!" the assistant said.

Both Eric and Ian blushed, "Why don't you tell me your names then if you don't want to and I will put you on our product mailing list." she said.

Eric spoke up, "I'm Erica, This is Imogen".

"Well, you will have a makeover, Obey me Erica, Obey me Imogen." she said.

Eric and Ian, wondering what they were getting themselves into now agreed (they couldn't fathom why). "I'll start with you first Imogen." the assistant said, just sit on this chair and I will work my magic!"

Ian sat down in the chair and a smock was put over him to stop make-up getting on his clothes. "By the way girls, my name is Greta and I am a friend of your mothers."

The boy/girls hearts sank at this news as they knew for sure that Greta would know of their secret. Greta had now cleaned off any make-up Ian had applied that morning and started applying the foundation layer. Half an hour later she was finished with Ian's make-up and he looked positively stunning. Upon seeing the results Eric found himself staring at Ian's plump red lips and fantasising about kissing them, he silently berated himself and forced himself to regain control.

"OK, Erica, you're up!" she said. "Imogen, why don't you go and wait outside while I do Erica, in fact why don't you try your feminine charms on that group of boys over there until Erica is done, but don't mess up your make-up!"

Unable to disobey Ian sauntered over to the group of teen-age boys Greta had pointed out and began to 'chat them up'. Half an hour later Eric was finished and looked every bit as stunning as Ian did. "Here Erica, take these bags. A gift from me, the blue one's for Imogen and the Pink one is for you."

Smiling back but too embarrassed to talk, Eric took the patent leather make-up cases and headed over to where Ian was. When he got there he found Ian perched on a boys lap, kissing him tenderly which was obviously having an effect, judging by the raging hard-on the poor boy had. "Hey Imogen, time to head off!"

Pulling away and giving the boy a coy smile Ian caught up with Eric, "Have fun?" Eric said, giggling.

"Hey, it's not funny, I just couldn't stop myself from leading the poor guy on!" he said, blushing.

"Anyway, this is for you." Eric said, handing Ian the blue cosmetics case, "It's from Greta, a 'gift'".

"Great, just what I always wanted!" Ian said sarcastically.

They then headed to the movies and got tickets for the romantic comedy 'Never Been Kissed' (they could not figure out why as they usually went for action films).

Eric and Ian sat at the very back of the room, so as not to be noticed. But at some point during the film they ended up holding hands without realising in and Ian rested his head on Eric's shoulder, feeling strangely content as Eric moved his arm round Ian's shoulder and Ian did the same. Just before the film ended they both realised what they were doing and quickly uncoupled.

On their way back home Eric and Ian did their best to forget all that had happened that day, and nervously chatted to one another.

Then on Sunday they were mortified to find out that their mothers had planned a mother/daughter trip to an all-female strip club.

"You have got to be kidding, a strip club!" Eric was the first to say.

"We can't go there, I mean were not gay!" Ian added.

"No now, you'll get nowhere with that attitude, and besides, you should be attracted to boys now that you are girls, I mean don't you find yourselves fantasising about the boys on TV?" Jo asked, already knowing the answer.

Both Eric and Ian blushed a bright red, not willing to say anything. "Anyway, we have picked up a special outfit for each of you that we expect you to wear, no lets get ready." Sarah said.

"Come on Erica, were heading home to get you changed, we can't have you peeking at what your lover is going to wear now can we?" Jo said as she led Eric to the door.

After Jo and Eric had left Sarah spoke to Ian, "Imogen, I want you to go to the bathroom to clean up while I get your outfit ready."

Unable to disobey, Ian went upstairs and into the bathroom and ran a bath, adding a generous amount of moisturising bath foam. After washing and shaving he towelled himself dry, next he moved to the mirror and started plucking stray hairs from his eyebrows.

Entering his room Ian saw on the bed a red satin oriental style sleeveless top with a flower pattern and a long, black skirt as well as a pair of red high heels. Sighing he sat at his vanity and started applying his make-up, as usual he settled for mainly neutral colours, but used an eyelash lengthening mascara and a slightly metallic pink lipstick. Next he brushed out his hair, parting it in the middle decided not to do anything fancy with it. With that done he sprayed himself with a little perfume and moved to get dressed.

With make-up done Ian pulled out a set of lacy black bra and panties (he had no other kind) and pulled them on. After tucking away his penis he picked up the bra and put it on, settling his breasts in the cups. Shuddering at the all too familiar sight of the attractive girl looking back at him he picked up the skirt and pulled it on he put on his top and shoes.

In an unguarded moment he found himself admiring himself and posing in front of the mirror and running his hands down his thighs, for which he berated himself, although not as much as usual.

Just before entering the lounge he grabbed a burgundy bag that he just saw on the bed and put in the lipstick he just used and a powder compact as well as a few other essentials. Then upon entering Sarah looked at him, "Very nice, you look even better in that outfit than I initially thought you would."

An hour ago over at Eric's place, he had just come out of the bathroom and entered his room, on his bed lay a dark blue, satin trimmed strappy dress that would come down to his knees and a sheer dark blue blouse and a pair of dark blue heels. Already resigned to his fate that evening Eric sat at his vanity and started to work on his make-up, deciding to go for more of an evening look he did his usual neutral make-up, but used a curling mascara, dark red lipstick and slightly smoky eyeshadow. After putting on perfume he moved to get dressed.

Eric pulled out a set of lacy pale blue panties and strapless bra. After putting these on and tucking himself away he dropped the dress over his head, so that it settled over his curves. He ran his hands down his waist and thighs, enjoying the feeling, he then pulled on the blouse.

He once again sat at his vanity and for some reason decided his hair would look better in a more feminine style, so he fixed it up but left a few wisps of hair loose. With that done he put on his heels and grabbed the bag he saw on the bed and added bits of make-up he had just used as well as other essentials and made his way downstairs.

Jo saw her 'daughter' enter into the lounge where she was waiting, "You look amazing, better than I expected!" Jo could see Eric was blushing, even underneath his foundation.

"Well, lets get going to pick up Imogen and Sarah!" Jo said, grabbing her car keys and heading out of the house with Eric in tow.

Over and Sarah and Ian's place there was a knock at the door, "Why don't you answer that Imogen?" Sarah said.

Opening the door Ian came face to face with Eric, seeing each other as they were both said at the same time "WOW!" . Then finding his voice Ian spoke, "Please come in"

Then without thinking Ian grabbed Eric's ass, making him jump. Feeling more surprised than anything all Eric could do was blush and smile.

Sarah just the came into the hallway with her bag, "Are we ready then?" she said, smiling.

Waiting for no answer from the boy/girls Jo and Sarah herded their 'daughters' out of the door and into Jo's car. On the way Sarah spoke to them, noticing that they were very nervous, "Look, don't worry, everything will be fine."

As they were approaching the entrance to the strip club Jo whispered in Ian's ears "Imogen's Horny", while Sarah whispered in Eric's ear "Erica's a babe". With the phrases spoken the full personalities of Imogen and Erica became dominant and came alive with excitement at the prospect of seeing a group of gorgeous guys striping on stage.

By sheer luck (or bad luck depending on your point of view) the girls ended up at the front of the room with a prime view of the action. As soon as the music started all the women in the place began to make a horrendous noise as the strippers came on, and Imogen and Erica were no exception. After a lot of screaming and shouting to the strippers a number of women got up and moved to the stage, dancing away, trying to get the attention of one stripper or other. Then getting the same idea, Erica and Imogen each singled out a stripper and moved to the front, intent on getting their attention and hopefully their favour as well.

Locked away inside their minds Eric and Ian felt intense humiliation at what they were doing, which only made their bodies more aroused. After half an hour both boy/girls came away with a few articles of clothing each and an invitation backstage for them and their mothers.

Later backstage, Erica and Imogen singled out their choices and made a bee-line for them, and were pretty soon on the couch snogging and fondling them as if their was no tomorrow, while their mothers just stood around chatting to the other stripper. Sarah then pulled out her camera and took some snap shots of their 'daughters' entwined with their chosen men. Pretty soon they had to call it quits and head back, after all Erica and Imogen had school the following day.

Back in the car and on their way back Erica and Imogen were positively glowing after their 'conquests'. Sarah spoke to them, "So did you enjoy your night out?"

"It was the best!" Imogen said.

"Lets do it again some time!" Erica stated.

"We'll see, after all it is Eric's Life and Ian's Back" Jo said.

As their normal personas re-asserted themselves Eric and Ian's feeling of excitement turned to burning humiliation and each wanted to sink into their seats, "I have never been so humiliated in my life!" Eric said.

"I want to die!" exclaimed Ian weakly.

That night, while they slept in their own beds both boy/girls dreamed of their strippers, and dreamed of making love to them.

Chapter 6 : A Brief Interlude.

On the Monday morning when Eric and Ian woke up, they groaned at the vague recollections of their dreams and their night at the strip club. pulling themselves out of bed they went about getting dressed for the first day of their second week at school as girls.

When they arrived at school, Eric dressed in a knee-length black satin skirt with pink flower detail and a pink cotton cropped halter neck top and Ian in a long plain pink skirt and white tee. They received a little less than the usual amount teasing and even a few jealous glances from some of the more 'heavily' built girls.

All through this Eric and Ian felt something was different, but could not figure out what, and it was not the fact that they had subconsciously picked up some of the habits and mannerisms of the feminine personas either. All the way to their form room they felt something was different, but still could not figure it out.

They entered the room and moved so sit near the front as they had since being told to on their second day back as girls. "OK class, " Miss Jordan started, "some of you may notice that something is different here, the fact of the matter is that Dan, Mark and Jed have been expelled from the school due to their recent behaviour!. Although Frank has only been suspended for the week due to special circumstances." she said, looking at Eric and Ian.

At this news a few people chuckled at this news, while others just laughed. But a small amount of people, Eric and Ian included felt great relief at this due to being targets of the affore-mentioned boys.

Then at lunch time Eric and Ian heard a group of boys talking round the corner, "Hey, you know my cousin that works in the Cambridge strip club?" he said, "well on Sunday evening he and his friend ran into a real pair of cock-teasers at the club and took them backstage and started making out with them right in front of their mothers!" said one boy.

"You serious, how old were they?" asked another.

"About 18 I think, and given what he said, really hot!" said the first.

Both boy/girls turned pale as they realised that it was them the boys were talking about and quickly moved on, glancing ate each other with worried glances.

Through the rest of the week the school was buzzing with talk about the mid-term dance and who was going and who was not. In fact Ian had talked to Eric about it, but not in the same way as the others. They did not want to go to the dance one bit, but knew their mothers would make them.

The week passed fairly quickly for Eric and Ian, the teasing lessened, they even made a few new friends here and there. On the Friday everyone was let out of school at mid day to prepare for the dance in the afternoon.

Eric and Ian went to Eric's place after school and found their mothers there with big grins on their faces. Ian groaned, "Don't tell me, were going to the dance!"

"Got it in one, we could not exactly let our 'daughters' miss out on their first school dance!" Jo said.

"Besides, you DO want to go to this one!" Sarah said, "Trust me on this one!" she grinned.

Eric sighed, "OK, where are the dresses?"

"Not so fast young lady, we have you two booked in at Amy's salon for the full treatment. Make-up, manicure, pedicure, the works!" Jo said, "Then after and only after will you see your gowns!"

"Now grab your handbags and head over to Amy's Salon!" Sarah ordered.

Eric and Ian slung their school bags in the corner and grabbed their handbags that were on the table and headed off to Amy's salon. "You know, I swear they are beginning to like life like this, even though they wouldn't admit to it!" Sarah said.

When Eric and Ian arrived at the salon Amy welcomed them, "Hi girls, you just missed one of my other 'special' clients. " she said, smiling mischievously, "Please take a seat and I will be with you in a moment."

Eric and Ian sat in the waiting area, looking at the magazines there to pass the time, wondering who the other 'special' client was.

Five minutes later Amy approached them, "Erica, if you come with me to the chair by the sink over there and Imogen if you take the chair next to her Jami will be along momentarily to take care of you."

They complied, having expected to go into the back room like they had when they last came here. As Amy started to wash Eric's hair a woman came over and started washing Ian's hair, "Hi Imogen, my name is Jami. Now just relax and this will go all too quickly!"

While Amy was just washing Eric's hair Jami was putting a fresh blond colouring on Ian's head. When done both boy/girls hair was wrapped up and they were moved over to chairs in the main area, but out of view of each other.

Amy started on Eric by re-plucking his eyebrows around the edges and then started to apply the make-up, "So, you've got your first dance at school eh?" Amy said, "I remember my first dance as a girl, there was this one really stuck up girl that not many people really liked and had a really hunky boyfriend" she said, her face getting a far-off sort of look then refocused. "I started dancing with him and then gave him a big wet and deep sloppy kiss while watching her the whole time!". Eric looked a little surprised, "She was a little annoyed!" Amy finished.

"Annoyed, she threw a hissy fit!" Rae said laughing, walking in from the back room. "I'll start on Erica's nails then I will do Imogen's." she said, carrying a box over to Eric and set it down on the floor and started work on his toe nails and moved to his fingernails and then moved onto Ian.

When all that was done their hair was worked on, as Jami pulled off the wrapping on Ian's hair and it fell down, honey blond - much blonder than it was before, while Eric's shoulder length brunette hair looked much the same. Ian's hair was made very wavy and feminine, while Eric's hair was put up in an elegant and feminine style.

Two hours after they started Eric and Ian were done, when showed a mirror they both gasped, shocked at how good they looked. When they saw each other they felt a slight lustful feeling towards each other that made them feel a little embarrassed. "Hey girls, your taxi is here!" Jami called to them, shaking them from their reverie.

Chapter 7 : The Dance.

As Eric and Ian came into Eric's house their mothers were waiting for them. "Oh, very nice, Amy and the others have excelled themselves!" Sarah said.

"Erica, if you go up to your room you will find your underwear for the evening up there, Imogen if you go to the spare room you will find yours there. Sarah and I will be up momentarily with your dresses and to help you get into them." Jo said.

Eric and Ian went to their respective rooms to get ready. Ian found on the bed in the spare room a set of pink satin panties and strapless bra as well as a matching garter belt, stockings and a pair of pink mules. He stripped out of all his clothes and folded them up onto the bed, then he put on the garter belt and slid the stockings up his leg (feeling relieved there was no seam to get straight) next he picked up the panties and slid them on over his stockings and tucked his bits away. With that done he picked up the bra and put it on, after he got his breasts inside he sat down to wait for his mother to bring the dress up.

Meanwhile in Eric's room he had found the same items of clothing, except they were all in white which he was now wearing and feeling self-conscious. He then heard the door start to creak and saw his mother and Sarah come into his room holding a long floor length white strappy ball gown with flowery patterns along the top of the bust-line. Sighing, Eric put on the white mules that were on his bed and stood, ready for the gown. With Sarah's help the gown was dropped over Eric's head and settled into place. Eric could not help but admire the feminine beauty that stood before him in the mirror, she was beautiful! Jo came up behind him and put a silver chain choker with flower detailing round his neck, "There my daughter looks ready for her first dance!" she said, in a somewhat mushy way and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek, "I'm so proud of you Erica!"

Eric had not expected this, his mother had not expressed any emotion other than anger and sorrow towards him for too many years. His resistance started to melt and he hugged back and smiled. "Thank-you mum!"

A few minutes later the door to the spare room where Ian was opened and Jo and Sarah entered with a floor length bright pink gown with a corseted bustier. "You can't expect me to wear that!" he blurted out.

"You can and what's more you WILL!" Sarah snapped at him, which settled the issue.

Ian then put on his mules and stood, he stepped into the gown that was being held open by Jo and Sarah, then before he realised it they were lacing it up tight and he had the breath knocked out of him. "Now now dear, we girls have to suffer for our beauty!" Sarah said, "You look gorgeous!" Sarah then put on a choker that matched Eric's.

Now lets get you two to the dance!" Jo said.

When Eric and Ian came face to face they were shocked, they could no longer find any trace of their old selves at all and that worried them.

As they got to the dance they got a few wolf whistles and some very jealous and envious stares, nervously they entered the front doors of the school and headed to the main hall where the dance was taking place. Walking up to the person who was checking that everyone coming in was invited, "Names please"

"Erica Johnson and Imogen Danes" Eric supplied.

"Oh yes, I recognise you now. My friends were talking about you, they were saying how much more likeable you are as girls, I believe you know them - their names are Gemma and Mary." the attendant said.

"Yes, we sit near them in some of our classes." Ian said.

"Well, enjoy yourselves. And don't worry about anyone who has a problem with you, you have more friends now than you may think!" the attendant said.

Saying thank-you they entered the hall, after a few glances and stares they just seemed to become part of the crowd with no-one in particular paying and attention to them. Although there was a little whispering and giggling, ignoring everyone else they headed for the drinks table where they ran into Gemma and Mary.

"Oh, Hi you made it!" Gemma exclaimed, "I wasn't sure you would be coming!"

"Yeah, er.... we weren't but our mothers made us come!" Eric said.

"Why's that?" asked Mary.

"Well, you know, it's embarrassing for us, after all we are....." Ian said.

"Girls!" Gemma finished, "whether you like or not you are girls now, but it's not so bad, besides you are more likeable like this! And besides, given how you look, act and behave now I don't think you could be boys anymore anyway!"

The four girls began chatting and were fast becoming friends. "Hey, what about Frank and the others then?" Eric said, giggling in a very girlish way.

"Oh, that was such a relief, did you know Jed was coming on to me as if he were gods gift to women and wouldn't take no for an answer. I swear he almost got violent one time when I told him to piss off!" Gemma said.

"Not to mention the beating they gave us!" Eric said.

"Yeah, how could they be so petty about something that you had no control over." Mary said.

Just then there was a commotion at the other end of the hall, "Hey, I heard there was a new girl starting on Monday, she must have got an invitation to the dance too!" Gemma said.

The new girl was around Eric and Ian's height with long brunette hair and neutral make-up. She was dressed in a form fitting black satin strappy dress and a matching bolero jacket with faux fur trim. Her movements were exceedingly graceful and feminine.

Walking up to the four girls by the refreshment table she introduced herself as she got a drink, "Hi, my names Faye, pleased to meet you".

"Hi, my names Erica, this is Imogen, Gemma and Mary." Eric said.

"So, you're new at the school?" Mary said.

Faye paused for a moment, "...... Yes I am, I'm going to be in Miss Jordan's form room" she said.

"Cool, that's our form room!" Ian said.

"You look familiar though, have I seen you before?" asked Eric.

Faye blushed, "Yes, my mother has ordered me to apologise to you for my behaviour towards you. I am very sorry about the beating I gave you two with Dan, Mark and Jed" she said, "Please forgive me".

Eric stood there for a moment, watching Faye, "....Frank?"

"Yes I was, my name is now Faye and it always will be, whenever anyone asks me who I was I have no choice but to tell the truth. Due to my behaviour I have been permanently changed into a girl in the same way as you have Erica, and you Imogen." Faye said.

Gemma and Mary were quite surprised, Ian less so, "So, do you still have..." Ian said, glancing downwards.

Faye blushed, "Yes it's still there."

"So you haven't really been suspended then?" Mary said.

"Yes I have, but I have spent the week undergoing my transformation. I still can't figure out how though, I just started to change day by day." Faye said, "Anyway, I see a real hunk I want to dance with!", Fay then disappeared into the crowd.

"Well, he or is it she, has really changed!" Eric said, "Faye acts nothing like Frank, but then again we act nothing like our old selves".

A while after they split up again Ian got an evil thought in his head, he found Faye slow dancing with one of the school jocks and kissing him passionately, Erica, Mary and Gemma appeared beside him. "What are you planning you naughty girl?" Gemma asked playfully.

Ian just walked up to the dancing couple, "Say Nick, do you think that Frank Jensen is a good kisser then?"

Nick pushed Faye away, making her fall on her butt and jumped back, spat and wiped his mouth, "SHIT! I knew there was something familiar about you!"

"Is that really you Frank?" asked a girl.

"Yes, as punishment for my past behaviour I have been permanently transformed into Faye." she said blushing, and ran from the hall as the news quickly went round the crowd and out the back of the hall.

Ian, Eric, Mary and Gemma all smiled, "That made me feel a whole lot better!" Ian smirked. Then the four followed Faye and found her in the bathroom sobbing.

"Were not vindictive so we can call that even Fra... Faye." Ian said.

Wiping her eyes Faye looked up, "Yes, I suppose I had it coming to me!" she said, "I suppose you want to hear the whole story?"

"Definitely!" Mary said.

Faye sighed, "OK, but not here, I don't think I can take any more humiliation tonight. Come over to my place tomorrow, I'll tell you then."

"Sounds reasonable." Eric said and Faye left, still sniffling. The four began giggling again and set about repairing their make-up and headed back to the dance, which went a whole lot better now that the focus was off Eric and Ian.

After dancing the evening away Eric and Ian headed home, walking home along a route with the most people they began to talk, "You realise that after tonight there is no way we are ever going to be boys again, we are way too feminine now. And what's more, I think I...... I am beginning to enjoy it a little too." Eric said.

"You serious?" Ian asked.

"Yes, and besides, for the first time in I don't know how long my mum actually expressed love for me and told me how proud she was of me." Eric replied, "I just don't think I could handle going back to my old self, it would break her heart!"

"Well, I suppose I might be starting to feel the same way, God knows I've tried to fight it but it's no use." Ian sighed.

"I mean look at Saturday, when we were shopping. We acted as our feminine personas would, getting excited over shopping for girl's clothes. OK so our mothers told us to buy something, but it was still our choice as to what to buy. We have truly become Erica and Imogen."

With that realisation their 'dual' minds became as one. "Your right, and there is one other thing I know we both have been feeling that I think we can no longer deny!" Ian, now Imogen said.

"What's That?" Eric, now Erica asked.

The both of them stopped under a street light, "This!" Imogen said as she took Erica in her arms and embraced her and gave her a deep kiss, "We can't deny it any longer!"

Erica's only response was to melt into Imogen's embrace and return the kiss. "I love you Imogen!" Erica whispered.

"I love you too Erica!" Imogen replied, kissed her again and they started walking again, holding hands.

When they eventually arrived home their mothers were there to meet them. "So, how was the dance?" Jo asked.

"I take it that it was Franks transformation into Faye that was the surprise?" Erica asked.

"Yes, we, erm, we.... ah.... we exposed him at the dance!" Imogen mumbled.

"We thought you might!" Sarah smiled.

"However we have decided not to pursue the matter, in fact were going round Faye's tomorrow. I figure if people can give us a second chance, we should give Faye one too." Erica said.

"That's good, you can help her along her road to girlhood!" Jo said.

"Yes, we have one other thing to tell you, we have totally come to terms with our new identities, and..... each other." Imogen said, smiling at Erica.

"Wonderful, we were hoping you would!" Sarah said and hugged her daughter as Jo hugged hers.

Chapter 8 : Faye's Story.

On the Saturday morning Erica woke up in her bed and found Imogen sleeping peacefully beside her, smiling happily she rolled closer and woke Imogen up with a long tender kiss, "Morning gorgeous!" she whispered.

"Mmmmmm, what a night!" Imogen said as she wrapped her arms round Erica and gave her a kiss back, "Say, can I borrow that cute blue dress you wore on our first day as girls today?"

"I don't see why not," Erica giggled "my blonde bombshell!"

Imogen laughed, "I like it, your blonde bombshell I am then!", she then rolled out of Erica's bed and headed to the bathroom.

By mid day they were both cleaned up and dressed, Imogen in Erica's blue flowery dress and Erica in one of her skirt/trousers and a pink halter top with a silver satin star on the front. "Hey, we've got to go and meet Mary and Gemma in half an hour down the park!" Imogen just remembered.

"That's right, we better head off soon. But first lets eat!" Erica said. They picked out a light salad with a little ham, sat down and ate.

Once they were finished they walked down town to meet with Mary and Gemma, on route they stopped in a women's clothing store to have a quick look around. Then, noticing the time they hurried on to meet their friends. Walking up to them Mary was the first to speak, "Hi Erica, Imogen..... Is there something different about you today?"

"Yes, we've finally come to terms with ourselves!" Erica smiled.

"That's certainly some of it!" Mary said.

Then Gemma gasped, "Oh, that is SO cute!".

Mary looked a little confused, "What is?"

Gemma whispered in Mary's ear quickly, "There in love with each other, look at their body language!".

Mary leaned towards Erica and Imogen, "Don't worry we won't tell anyone that you two are involved with each other unless you give the OK, it's fine with us!"

Erica and Imogen's faces showed a mix of surprise and relief, "How did you know?" Erica asked Gemma.

Gemma just smiled, "Women's intuition!". The four girls then made their way to Faye's house.

"We've decided that we want to help Faye come to terms with her girlhood as we have!" Erica said along the way.

"It must be hard for her to adjust from being someone like Frank, thuggish and domineering to being someone like Faye, feminine and submissive, or at least that is the impression I got from her!" Imogen said.

"Yes, you are right. We must help her along!" Mary said.

When they arrived at their destination they rang the doorbell, after a few moments Faye answered the door. she was wearing a blue double layer chiffon/nylon skirt with a black v-neck strappy top with pink lace trim and a bow at the bottom of the 'v' that showed of her cleavage and a lilac cardigan. On her feet were a pair of blue stiletto sandals with clear straps. "Hi girls, please come in. My mother is out at the moment so please go into the lounge and make yourselves at home."

Each of the girls smiled and said thanks as they filed into the lounge, Erica and Imogen sitting on the two-seater sofa a bit more closer together than was really necessary, "Can I get you a drink?" Faye asked.

"Yes, do you have and diet coke?" Gemma asked.

"Yes, we do, do the rest of you want diet coke?" Faye asked. The others nodded and Faye disappeared in the direction of the kitchen. Erica and Imogen were about to start kissing when Faye reappeared with the drinks, putting a halt to their advances. Mary and Gemma looked at each other with knowing glances.

"So, you want to hear the tale of how I came to be this way?" Faye asked.

"Yes, but first I want to say that we have decided to bury the past and want to help you get through this as we have done!" Imogen said, reaching to hold Faye's hand reassuringly, "You won't be alone in this!"

Smiling warmly Faye continued, "Thank-you, it started Friday evening. I had just gotten home and was about to hit the sack when my mother called me into the dining room, she said she had been informed about my recent behaviour and was fed up with me. She then told me that I had been suspended from school for a whole week." she said, "Well, at first I thought it would be a riot, you know, no school work. that evening she gave me a glass of fruit juice and told me it would work out. When I woke up in the morning my skin was a little more sensitive to the touch and my hair was a little longer than usual. I put this down to the usual morning drowsiness and so I just put it to the back of my mind and carried on with the day as I normally would."

Erica and Imogen glanced at each other knowingly at the mention of the fruit juice, the same method used on them. "That night she gave me another fruit juice and went to sleep. In the morning I found I had no clean underwear, so I asked mum if there was any clean, she said they were all in the wash and threw me a pair of pink panties saying to wear them instead. I protested for a while but eventually gave in." she continued. "Pulling them up my legs I thought that they would not stay up as I did not have a woman's hips, to which they were designed to fit around, well I was surprised when they stayed up to say the least."

"Well, I continued with the days activities, wearing the panties under my jeans. I decided to head down to the sports club to have a work out and I met Jed down there, I had totally forgotten about the panties. When we started to get changed he saw them. Well, I don't clearly remember what happened but I do remember storming home and yelling at my mother." Faye said, "She just gave me that stony gaze of hers and handed my another fruit juice and told me to go to bed. I knew better than to confront mother when she was in that mood. It was the last time Frank would be seen."

Faye fidgeted and took a mouthful of her coke and continued, "When I woke up I was Faye and Frank was a memory and it all progressed from there. Mum took me shopping dressed in my male clothes with the panties underneath. I still looked male, although slightly effeminate but I acted just like the teen-age girl I was soon to become. We went round all the fashionable girls clothing shops and she had me pick all the outfits." Faye gulped and wiped here eye, "I have never been so humiliated in my entire life, she made my try on each and every outfit that I brought. Next we went round the lingerie stores buying new underwear for me. By the end of the trip I had acquired a whole new wardrobe of clothes, all of them feminine in style."

"Hey, its not so bad being a girl when you get used to it!" Erica said warmly.

Faye smiled and continued "Anyway, mother made me throw away all of my old stuff, music, videos and magazines, posters the lot. The next day we set about re-painting my room, mum told me I could wear male clothing one last time so I wouldn't get any of my nice new clothing dirty. She made me systematically erase all trace of the boy I once was. Once everything was re-decorated she gave me a mirror for my dressing table and a new set of bed covers, pale pink with lace edging, I was virtually sick with embarrassment and humiliation!"

"Mum then had me put away all my new clothes, all skirts, blouses, dresses, a few hipsters and other items. Each night finished with the usual fruit juice." Faye said, "Well, on the Wednesday morning I had to throw the final vestiges of my male life away and for the first time dress as a girl. When I looked at myself in the long hallway mirror with no clothes on it struck me how girlish I looked, I ran into my room and lay on my bed crying, which I had not done since I was a kid."

Faye took a deep breath and continued, "Well, once I had gotten the initial shock out of my system and had recovered somewhat I decided I had no desire to see myself naked anymore that day and decided to get dressed. I struggled a little putting on my first bra but somehow managed it, I intended dressing in the least feminine clothing in my new wardrobe. But something made me choose a very flouncy and feminine dress with lace trimmings and shoes to match." she said, "Shocked at what I put on I was about to change again when I had an overwhelming compulsion to put on make-up. To cut a long story short, I fully made myself up and went downstairs to present myself to my mum."

"How did she react?" Mary asked.

"Actually, I was expecting her to laugh at me, but instead she hugged me ant told me how pretty I was. Which I think was worse in a way, it was like a crippling blow to the shattered remains of my masculinity!" Fay said, "So it all went from there, the night before the dance mum gave me some music to listen to when I went to bed, she said it would calm my nerves. So, when I woke up I acted even more feminine than before and I realised that I was now attracted to boys and not girls when I started day dreaming in front of my mirror about dancing with handsome men."

Erica and Imogen both took one of Faye's hands gently, "Look, we've been through this too, we'll help you get through it!"

Just then Gemma spoke up, "So did you get yourself ready for the dance, you looked really hot!"

"No, mum made me make an appointment at the beauty salon down town with a woman called...." Faye said.

"Amy?" Imogen asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Faye asked.

"We use her salon also, it was Amy who first assisted our mothers." Erica said, then a thought crossed her mind, "It was you who was just in the salon before us, you were the special client Amy mentioned!"

"Yes, I saw you enter from down the road." Faye said.

"What other changes have happened, beside the obvious?" Erica asked.

"Well, I now have to do half of the housework and cooking around here." Faye said, looking a little sad "I miss my old life!"

"Faye, I don't mean to sound harsh, but Frank is gone, for good. You'd best get used to being Faye because that is who you are now!" Mary said softly.

Faye looked a little hurt by that remark but tried to smile, "I know, but I can't help but wish...."

"Come on, let's get out of the house and get a bite to eat down town!" Erica said. The five girls stood and left for town.

Walking down the high street the five girls entered 'Alfred's Coffee Shop & Bistro' and ordered some sandwiches and drinks and sat down to talk some more, "Look, you'll do OK, you are a very good looking girl, and don't worry the teasing will die down!" Imogen said quietly, so as not to blow their trumpet.

"But look at all the hassle you got!" Fay whispered back .

"Of which by far the worst was dealt out by you, Jed, Mark and Dan. The rest began to die down after the first week as the novelty wore off!"

"Don't remind me, I wish I had kept my big mouth shut!" Faye said gloomily.

"As we said, that's all in the past!" Gemma said, glaring at Erica for bringing it up, "You'll get used to it!".

Faye sighed, "That's what I'm afraid of, I'm already beginning to like being like this a little!"

When the waiter arrived, a boy of around 19 years in age, and served the drinks and left to get the food. Upon leaving he checked Faye out and got a good look of her cleavage that was visible from her low cut top.

"Don't look now but I think that waiter is interested in you!" Mary whispered to Faye, trying to lighten the mood, "Try flirting with him, it never fails to cheer me up!"

When the waiter came back with the sandwiches Faye looked at him and despite her feelings on the matter found herself attracted to him, taking the food from the tray she surreptitiously touched his hand with hers. Fay enjoyed seeing him jump and nearly drop the tray, "Thank-you!" Faye said in a suggestive tone and winked at him.

As the waiter walked off Faye began to giggle, all the doom and gloom forgotten, "You're right Mary, that was fun!" Faye said, starting to loosen up "and he is SO cute!"

Faye, Erica, Imogen, Mary and Gemma then started with the typical girlie talk - make-up, clothes and boys now that the previous conversation was forgotten. When they were done in the cafe they decided to look round all the clothes stores then eventually drifted over to Imogen's place to watch tell and listen to music for the rest of the day.

That evening in Imogen's bedroom she and Erica were chatting after their mothers went out, "I'm glad were helping Faye out, I want her to accept her girlhood as we have."

"Hmm, I agree Imogen. Faye definitely makes one hot girl!" Erica said.

"So you prefer her to me, is that it!" Imogen said in mock anger.

Erica giggled, "She may be hot, but you are scorching my dear!" she said, and grappled Imogen to the bed and embraced her, "No one can replace you!".

They began kissing deeply and soon were naked in bed with each other for the first time, still kissing Imogen Erica began fondling her breasts and gradually moved her hands round Imogen's body, driving her wild with desire. Imogen in return moved her hands down Erica's soft, feminine body and arrived at her erect cock, "My, my, my.... I think this demands my attention!" she said, smiling as she slid down Erica's body and under the covers.

Soon Erica felt Imogen kiss her rampant cock and begin to lick the end and fondle her balls, which began to driver wild, "Come on you cow, finish me of, please finish me off!" Erica began moaning in desire. Erica then felt Imogen's warm, moist mouth encompassed her cock and began sucking on it. After a few minutes of manipulation Erica exploded into Imogen's mouth with a cry of pleasure as Imogen greedily swallowed all of the cum she could, while the rest dribbled from her mouth.

Imogen then moved back up Erica, while licking the cum from around her lips. Imogen then began to kiss her again, tasting her own cum in Imogen's mouth only increased Erica's arousal as she cleaned Imogen's mouth of the remaining cum with her tongue. After a few more minutes of kissing and fondling Erica disappeared under the covers to take care of Imogen, using the same technique used on her Erica began to kiss and lick the end of Imogen's cock. When she judged the time was right she took the entire cock in her mouth and began to milk it for every single drop of cum in Imogen's balls. All through this Imogen was moaning in desire and grabbed the back of Erica's head and began to head-fuck her as she exploded, with a similar appetite Erica swallowed all the cum that came from Imogen, then licking her lips went back to kissing Imogen.

Erica and Imogen soon fell asleep in each other's arms, cum still around their mouths.

Meanwhile, at hope Faye was crying herself to sleep, after realising that there was no way back to manhood. She didn't want to fancy this waiter, she hated the Idea of being with a man but she could not shake the feelings and they were beginning to erode the last vestige of masculinity she was clinging to despite her subliminal programming. She could not help acting the way she did, and she hated that.

Chapter 9 : The Sunday Before.

The following morning Erica woke to Imogen's kiss as she climbed on top of her, "Morning sleepy-head!" she said, "care for a shower?"

Erica smiled and they headed for the bathroom, once in the shower cubicle and the water running they began to soap each other up, lingering over the most sensitive areas. While in the middle of soaping up the began to once again passionate kiss each other, "Come on.." Imogen said and kissed Erica, "We have..." kiss "to..." kiss "get washed..." kiss "and..." kiss Imogen moaned with desire as they reluctantly parted.

"There will be time for this later!" Erica whispered as they finished soaping up and washed off the dried cum.

Once they had showered they got dressed, Erica put on the skirt/trouser that she had worn the previous day and borrowed Imogen's cropped halter-top that she had worn on their first day back at school. Imogen was wearing a plain blue tee with scalloped neckline, bottom and sleeves along with a skirt with a flowery pattern round the hem.

At ten thirty they arrived at Faye's house and rang the doorbell, after a few moments Faye's mother answered the door, "Hi Mrs. Jenson, if Faye in?" Erica asked.

"Hi girls, yes she's in her room, why don't you go up. I have to say I am impressed that you can put everything behind you like that and are willing to help my daughter get through this!" Mrs. Jenson said.

"Thank-you, it's good to have someone else who is like us to talk to!" Imogen said as the ascended the stairs.

When they entered Faye's room they found her sitting at her vanity and staring out of the window it was set against with a curious smile on her face (seen in the mirror). Holding a tube of coral lipstick she twisted it so the stick went up and down, up and down. "Hi Faye!" Erica said.

Faye gave no reaction and continued day-dreaming, "HELLO, EARTH TO FAYE!" Imogen said, tapping Faye on her shoulder. Faye visibly jumped and dropped her lipstick, she picked it up and put the lid on it and turned round. Faye was wearing a plain black knee-length skirt, a lilac polo-neck top and a black jacket that matched the skirt.

"Oh, Hi Imogen, Erica I didn't hear you enter!" Faye said, forcing a smile.

"Everything OK?" Erica asked.

"Yes..... everything is.... fine!" Faye said, smiling.

"Want to hang at my place today, help you relax before your first day back at school." Erica asked, "and besides Gemma and Mary are out of town today!"

"OK, sounds good!" Faye said smiling, "I'm so glad I have you two, Gemma and Mary for friends, no-one else would have stood by me through this other than my mother!" she said, hugging both girls. Faye sat back down and turned back to the mirror and picked up the coral lipstick and applied a layer to her lips and then applied some silver/grey eyeshadow and volumising mascara then turned back to face them.

"Right, let's go. Can we stop by the cafe for a bite to eat?" Faye asked.

Imogen and Erica looked at each other knowingly, "Why not, hoping to see 'your' waiter?" Erica said, nudging Faye in the ribs.

Faye just smiled and blushed, "She is!" Imogen giggled, "Don't worry, I think it's sweet that you are interested in someone!"

Just then they arrived and Alfred's and entered, found a table and sat down to wait for service. After a few moments, much to Faye's pleasure the waiter from the previous day came out to take their orders. While Erica placed the orders the waiter kept on glancing at Faye, who was suggestively sucking on a finger and smiling at him. Faye was rewarded by a visible bulge form in the crotch of the waiters trousers, which he immediately tried to cover with his pad.

As the waiter walked off he looked over his shoulder and saw Faye looking at him and licking her lips. "You are so bad!" Imogen giggled, "did you see the reaction you got!"

"Mmmm, I love this power we have over men now, I couldn't have gotten that sort of reaction from a female if I tried when I was a boy!" Faye whispered.

The three girls chatted amongst themselves until the waiter reappeared, "Here's your, your, um.... ah....." he stuttered.

"Order?" Faye asked in a voice that barely hid her feelings towards the young man.

"Yes, um... here is your... um... order!" he managed to finish as he served up their drinks and food. When he left he smiled at Faye and blushed again.

"Well, that was fun!" Faye giggled as they ate, drank and chatted, having seemingly forgotten whatever was on her mind earlier.

When they were done they left, heading for Erica's House. On the way out Faye slid her hand over the waiters ass in a soft caress and a quick squeeze, making him jump and drop the glass of coke he was carrying to another table which shattered on the floor. When he turned round he saw Faye in the doorway blow him a kiss and walk off smiling.

"That was rotten!" Erica giggled, but Faye did not hear her, being lost in a daydream.

Smiling Imogen crept up to Faye, "WATCH OUT FOR THE CAR!" Imogen said suddenly, grabbing Faye by the shoulders.

Faye jumped and gave a yelp of surprise and heard both Erica and Imogen laughing, "You cow!" Faye said to Imogen and starting to laugh also, "you nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"So, what or who were you daydreaming about?" Erica asked, nudging Faye, "Mr. Waiter?"

Faye blushed, making it obvious that she was, "No, not at all! Absolutely not!" she said stiffly and they continued to walk, chat and laugh.

As they were walking through the park there were a couple of kids from school that recognised them, they got a few odd looks from them and a giggle or two from the girls but nothing they couldn't handle.

While over at Erica's place Faye was quiet and a bit withdrawn, "You OK Faye?" Imogen asked.

"Oh.. err... yes, I am just a little nervous about returning to school tomorrow, terrified actually!" Faye said.

"Don't worry, we'll help you get through it!" Erica said reassuringly.

Chapter 10 : Faye's Return.

Faye's return to school on Monday was not as bad as Imogen and Erica's return, but it was still more than a little unsettling for her. Faye's mother had made her wear a terracotta coloured body that showed off her breasts to a fair degree and a cream patterned skirt that stopped about two inches above her knee, she was also wearing a pair of white sling-backs. As if that weren't bad enough the makeup she had to wear made her look very girlish and feminine.

On her way to her form room Erica and Imogen appeared beside her, Erica was dressed in a long black skirt with a black strappy top that had a pink band across the breast area, this was finished with a pair of sneakers that had a pink band running round them to match the top. Imogen in turn was wearing a pink gingham strappy mini-dress with a pair of black mules.

"Don't look so worried, you'll do fine, just carry on where Frank left off. At least there isn't going to be anyone hassling you like y... Frank did with us!" Erica said without thinking, then slapped a hand over her mouth after realising what she had just said.

"Don't worry, I know what you mean, I am not proud of who I was. Thanks for your support, both of you!" Faye said.

First period was gym, after having Erica and Imogen in their class the girls took relatively little notice of

Faye as most of the shock had worn off from the dance. There were as expected a few giggles and pointing fingers but other than that nothing unpleasant. Faye felt embarrassed and humiliated changing into her gym kit in front of all these people, but some of the giggles from the girls turned to glares of envy when they saw Faye's curvy body and impressive bust.

"It's not fair, he.... she.... WHATEVER has only been a girl for just over a week and.... she had a better figure that I have!" one girl exclaimed.

Walking from the changing rooms to the Gym they passed a few boys, who could do nothing but stare at Faye as she walked past them, blushing all the way.

During the rest of the day Faye discovered a few more aspects of her subliminal programming that she was not aware of previously. During many of the lessons Faye just wanted to shrink out of view and hide, but instead she felt compelled to answer questions where she knew the answer and volunteer for any demonstrations that were called for.

Also Faye had an unresistable urge to flirt with many of the boys that were around on their breaks and lunch. By the end of the day she was Thoroughly humiliated by her actions.

After school both Erica and Imogen were not surprised when Faye suggested they stop by 'Alfred's Coffee Shop & Bistro', assuming that Faye wanted to see 'her' waiter again. When they arrived there were a few people from their school were present but they took little notice, giggling a bit at the entry of the three former boys.

Just ordering a diet coke and some sandwiches Imogen, Erica and Faye just sat talking for a while when their food and drink arrived, once they were done they headed off home.

A few minutes later Faye saw 'her' waiter walking down the opposite side of the street, "I'll see you two at school tomorrow" she said upon seeing him and split off from Erica and Imogen.

"Look where Faye's heading!" Erica said, pointing at Faye who was now talking to the waiter.

"They look right for each other!" said Imogen, giggling a little.

Linking arms Erica and Imogen headed off to Imogen's place, chatting along the way.

Later that evening when Faye came round she was all excited and in a bit of a fluster, "You know that waiter, Josh is his name, well he asked me out on a date. There is a ball on at the local sports club over the heath at the weekend!"

"What did you say?" Imogen asked.

"Well, I said yes!" Faye said, blushing.

"Great, we'll help you get ready for it!" Erica said, excitedly.

Chapter 11 : The Ball.

After that the rest of the week seemed to pass quickly for Faye and before she knew it the weekend was upon her and it was time to get ready for the ball.

On Saturday morning Erica and Imogen once more awoke in Erica's bed, "Hey, I just realised, it's Faye's date with Josh today!" Imogen said.

"Hmmm, we are going to make her look so good he won't be able to keep his hands off Faye!" Erica whispered, and kissed Imogen deeply as they disappeared under the covers giggling.

After about half an hour of rolling about under the covers of Erica's bed they climbed out to get dressed.

Erica went into the bathroom and went through her daily routine of shaving her legs and moisturising all over, with that finished she returned to her room to get dressed, letting Imogen have the bathroom.

Rummaging through her wardrobe Erica pulled out the black strappy dress that she had bought on the day they had visited the strip club and lay it on the bed, she then pulled out a black lacy teddy and slipped it on, relishing the feel of satin and lace on her bare flesh, smiling. she then pulled on the dress and sat down to fix her hair and makeup.

In the mean time Imogen had emerged from the bathroom and slinked over to Erica and wrapped her arms around Erica's neck and started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear, feeling this Erica started to get that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling just before Imogen started tickling her, causing Erica to burst into a fit of laughter.

"You cow, you almost made me smudge my makeup!" Erica giggled, getting up and pulling Imogen's towel away and grappling her to the bed, mercilessly tickling her back which soon became a passionate embrace, "There, were even!" Erica said, smiling as she returned to her vanity.

Smiling Imogen pulled on her bra and panties and then pulled on her pink skirt with the front split and matching top. With her clothes on, Imogen sat on Erica's bed, picked up her overnight bag and started to fix her hair and do her makeup.

Once both girls were finished they grabbed their handbags and headed for town, walking down the high street Erica and Imogen came upon a new clothes shop, "Hey, cool, a new shop!" Erica exclaimed."

"Lets take a look!" Imogen suggested.

After looking through the store they wondered through the rest of the town, looking through various stores. After a while they decided to head home to listen to some music & watch tv.

In the afternoon Erica and Imogen came by to help Faye get ready for her date, "Ready to get ready?" Imogen asked as they walked into Faye's room.

"I've been so nervous this morning that I haven't been able to sit still!" Faye said with a nervous giggle, "I just hope nothing goes wrong!"

"You'll be fine, now lets make you beautiful for Josh!" Erica said, observing the fact that Faye started to blush.

"But what will Josh say when he finds out that I'm male down below?" Faye asked.

"Don't worry about that, if he's half as good as he seems he'll understand!" Imogen said encouragingly.

Erica then told Faye to sit at her vanity so she could fix her makeup, starting with foundation Erica gave Faye's face a perfect flawless finish. With that done she added blusher to give Faye a healthy glow.

In the mean time Imogen had pulled out a long red sleeveless dress with a keyhole over the bust and a burgundy bra and panty set as well as a pair of matching mules.

Erica, then coming to the point of applying lipstick and seeing the dress Imogen had pulled out chose a similar shade of lipstick and liner, after applying the liner she filled in Faye's lips with the lipstick. For the eye's Erica did a gold/bronze blend of eyeshadow.

With that done Imogen helped Faye get dressed, once dressed Faye applied a dark red 'express finish' nail polish which was dry within a minute. Five minutes later Josh came by in his car to pick up Faye.

"Knock him dead!" Erica whispered to Faye as she left the house.

"I have to say you've made Faye look very nice tonight girls, I just hope Josh can behave himself with my 'little girl'" Faye's mother said, smiling.

"I know, we wanted to make her look her best!" Imogen said.

On the ride down to the sports club Josh was the first to break the silence, "You know you look really stunning tonight!"

"Thank-you, I have my friends Erica and Imogen to thank for that!" Faye said, blushing at the comment.

At the ball Faye and Josh spent some of the time chatting and drinking, getting to know each other better. After a little while they both went up to dance.

Towards the end of the evening when the slow-dance started, Faye and Josh started getting closer and eventually began to kiss.

"Josh, I have a confession to make, I can't keep this from you as I like you too much, I'm really a ...." Faye started.

"male?" Josh started, then noticing Faye's look of surprise and fear took her back to their seats, "A group of girls approached my last weekend and told me that the girl who was flirting with me, you, were really a boy."

"Well, I was shocked at first and was feeling very angry for a short time, after all I was beginning to really like you. After a while I realised that it didn't matter, I still liked you and wanted to give you a chance, so here I am!" Josh finished.

"I'm so relieved you feel that way!" Faye said, dragging Josh back to the dance floor with a smile on her face and they danced again, finally embracing in a deep kiss.


Several weeks later the head mistress of Imogen and Erica's school was reviewing the latest reports of them and Faye, "Yes, this method of discipline does seem to work extremely well, I shall have to use it more on the 'problem' pupils!" she said to herself.

The End.