Kyle’s Odyssey Pt. 2 – Becoming Kylee


By D.O.

Ramon Booker groaned loudly as his little white pussyboi, Kyle continued the transformation to Kylee as she ground her asscunt onto his rigid, black manhood. The captain was amazed at how quickly this one had taken to her new life, having been a carefree teenage boy enjoying the use of his father’s speedboat just five days prior. Now, after several nights spent underneath the dominant, muscular stud she was becoming what she was always meant to be, her inner female awakened by the experienced hand of a knowing black master. Booker was careful to refer to her at all times in female terms, calling her ‘girl’, making her refer to her asshole as a pussy and using her new name, Kylee, at every chance. They were just about to finish up an enjoyable morning fuck and Booker was huffing and puffing, his breath coming in huge gasps. After starting off with a very satisfying deep throat cocksucking, Kylee was now riding him, mounted across his thighs as he lay on his back and she was levering herself up and down his blood-engorged erection, her nails raking his chest, biceps and shoulders and she ran her hands all over his masculine physique, unable to get enough of her man. She was wearing a pearl white corset. The attached garters hooked to completely sheer silk white stockings. The sexy, lacy garment was crotchless and her nipples were poking through the peek-a-boo slits on the bodice. Her hair shimmered as it hung around her face which was made even more beautiful by just the right touches of rouge, light blue eye liner and a cherry red lipstick.

“Ooohh, Captain. Oh…oh…ohh…oohhh…. God…yes…oh…Jesus…oh!” Kylee was screaming out in ecstasy, as she felt the captain’s length and girth fill her asspussy to capacity, stretching her sphincter so far she was actually frightened it might not close up again. A silly fear no doubt; she had taken the pirate leader inside her body many times over the past few days and there had been no permanent damage yet.  Still she was amazed at how well hung her black master was, and also how easily she took him into her formerly male asshole, the cavity now nothing more than a pussycunt. Kylee loved the feel of her soft, smooth legs ensconced as they were in the silken hose rubbing against the brawny brigand’s rough, hairy thighs and she knew Booker did too, from his response and the way he ran his hands up and down them, even pushing his fingers inside the tops of the stockings to feel the baby-smooth skin beneath. “Ohh…God! Captain!! I…I’m…ohhh…! Ooohh…I’m…CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!! OH!! OHHHH…OOOHHH…UUUHHH…OHH…CUUUUUMMMINGGGG!!!” She shouted out shrilly as her little girl-clit started to spray all over the captain’s stomach and chest and her pussy began to convulse around the black viper nestled in her love channel. She dug her nails deep into Booker’s rock hard pecs as she leaned into him and took in a heady breath of his manly, negro scent and then concentrated her entire being on the orgasm ripping through her young body, knowing that her cum would be followed closely by a blast from the pirate.

“Yea, Kylee! Squeeze me with that pussy! Oohh…fuck…that’s…shit! That’s…ohhh…that’s…my…girl!! FUCK!! CHRIST!! Ohh…yea…YES! That little quim…so…fuckin’ ready. GET SET FOR MY FUCKIN’ LOAD, GIRLIE!! Fuuuucckkk!! Gonna cum, Kylee, gonna pump that quimmy full a my jizz!” He was so damn close to cumming. He could feel the softness of the kid’s bowels surging around his prick as one half of his brain fought against the urge to cum while the other half sought it out. He wanted to prolong the sex, but the combination of Kylee riding him like a mare in heat coupled with the silky, sexiness of her lingerie was too much. With his teeth fastened on to her jutting nipples, suckling them and his hands cupping her fantastically round buttocks, Booker gave into his body’s demand. He crushed her to him, molding her into his strong embrace. And then he came. “FFFUUUUCCCKKK!! YES! YES! OHHHH! HERE IT COMES SWEETIE! HERE COMES MY FUCKIN’ JIZZ! OHHH! TAKE IT GIRLIE!! TAKE IT SISSY!! YES, KYLEE!!! OHH…OHHH…FUCK YES!!” Spittle was spraying from his mouth as he announced his orgasm, his entire body tightening up into a giant overwrought muscle and then just as swiftly deflating as the scorching seed from his gonads blasted up his cock and coated his girlie-boy’s guts in white hot jizz.                 

Kylee was panting for air as she slid over to her man’s side and into the crook of his arm, feeling his cock slither out of her quimmy with a moist plop. Suddenly a metallic voice came over the intercom. ‘Captain, you are needed up top.’ That was it and she could feel his initial reluctance to rise from the bed. He was still sucking in air in big gasps, trying desperately to recover sufficiently from the orgasm that was still lingering. But it had to be done. “Oh, Jesus, shit. Fuckin’ Christ. That was good… So fuckin’ good…” he declared brokenly between deep huffing and puffing. “All right, get offa me, sissy. Daddy’s gotta go to work.” He said it gruffly, with modest emotion. When she failed to move instantly, he pushed her brusquely to the side so he could climb from the spacious bed in his master suite, the bed they had been sharing these past nights. He dressed quickly and left without looking at her again, uttering a few words about getting things cleaned up on his way out.   

The day went slowly for Kylee. After cleaning up herself and the cabin, there was little to do. She popped in one of the many, many porno videos her master had and really tried to watch how the young Caucasian boys in the movies pleasured their Nubian masters. There were so many ways to make love and Kylee wanted to learn them all. Some of the videos were almost frightening because of the unbelievable brute power that the black men utilized to fuck their white slaveboys (girls). But she knew just what it was like to be on the receiving end of her master’s raw, animal lust, and she desired it more every day. Her tiny clit grew aroused as she watched, mesmerized by the cavalcade of hung, muscular black tops in film after film. Each one knew exactly how to dominate their sissyboi. Each one took what they wanted, what belonged to them, and left a groaning, gasping sweat and cum-covered white bitch in their wake. She stroked her clitty as she imagined once more being in her captain’s arms, being manhandled, held down as he drove into her time and time again. Just days before she had been a regular teenage boy, fantasizing about girls, and had even fucked a couple of them and enjoyed the experience. Now, she thought of herself as female and couldn’t imagine not having a cock to suck and ride and stroke the cum out of.             She barely had time to wonder what had happened to her in these few short days, when suddenly she shot her girlie load, leaning back and moaning loud as the creamy, ropey goop covered her stomach. Kylee looked back at the TV screen and realized that the interracial pair on camera had finished up as well, the black top having emptied his load inside the gaping cunt of his white bottomboy. She wasn’t sure the bottom had actually cum, but that would certainly be of no concern to the master, nor should it be for the slave. For each of them, their only goal was the master’s orgasm. Whether a whoreboi came was inconsequential.

 Several hours had passed, Kylee was unsure how many. It could have been four or five or it might have been ten hours. It really didn’t matter. Suddenly she heard the wheel turn on the main door and in stepped Sativish, pulling behind him a very frightened looking young lad. The kid looked to be right around Kylee’s age, she thought, and was in the same state as when she had been brought here just a week before. Bound, naked and completely shaven, smooth as the day he was born. “Looks like the captain’s gonna try out a new toy, eh bitch?” The pitiless pirate laughed as he pushed the boy into the cabin, the kid yelling out as he hit the floor hard. He threw a notepad with something scrawled on it in Kylee’s direction. And then Sativish was gone again, the wheel on the outside of the door turning shut once more. Kylee was left alone with the new boy, whose hands were tied behind his back. She looked down at the hastily written message and realized it’s significance at once. It read: ‘Sweetie, you’ll be sharing our bed and my cock with this pretty lad tonight. Be ready.’ The kid looked at Kylee with inquisitive eyes, seeing before him a young, pretty girl dressed in a mostly sheer peignoir dressing gown and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. She could see that he thought her attractive, but wasn’t so sure what he would feel about her true physical nature. The new boy opened his mouth to say something but was suddenly silenced as he saw the hulking form of Captain Booker appear as if from thin air. The boy started with apprehension as he got a closer look at the black brute’s muscular physique and he gasped a little at the look on the pirate’s face, a mix of utter contempt and rabid lust.

“Well, well my little bunnies are here together. Ready for the night’s festivities, I hope. Heh, heh. Yes, tonight I’m going to be partaking in something I’ve thought about for a long time…” The black man scanned his eyes up and down his new catch, making the kid feel even more uncomfortable, if that was possible. “What the fuck is going on here, who the fuck are you people? I’m not gonna put up with any more of this treatment!” the boy suddenly blurted out. The captain let loose with a small sneer and with amazing speed reached his arm out to slap the kid hard across the side of the head, knocking him down. The boy had barely fallen to the floor when he felt himself being picked up by a hand around the throat and pulled up to look directly into the black man’s eyes. “You…do…not…speak…unless I tell…you…to. Is…that…clear?” The kid nodded helplessly, choking in the pirate’s steel grip.  Booker dropped the kid back to the deck, not caring if he hurt him. “Kylee, I’m not in the mood for bullshit right now, so why don’t you tell your little friend just what kind of man I am and just what he can expect for tonight…”

Comments, questions, requests and the like are always welcome. Kyle (now Kylee) is turning into one of my favorite characters and I hope you guys like him (her) too…..