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Natalie's Revenge

By Serena Lawhead


My name is Natalie, I have been a woman 'fully' now for five years but it was not always so,

Eight years ago when I was 23 I was married to a beautiful young woman called Claudia and my name then was Nathan. I had just recently inherited a large amount of money as well as a fairly large Electronics distribution business from my parents when they died in a plane crash; this made us particularly well off. Although my major at university was chemistry and I also had bachelors in Psychology I had done in my spare time with one of those correspondence courses.

But I was still not happy, I had known long since childhood that I longed to be female, that I was a transsexual but of course at the time I did not know of that word. When I finally told Claudia about this she virtually exploded with rage, she kept saying that she thought she had married a man and not some 'sissy boy faggot'. Well, we tried to put this behind us, then one day when I returned from work I found all the locks changed and some of my possessions in a cardboard box.

When I knocked to find out what was going on Claudia told me that she had filed for divorce and that she was throwing me out, she chucked a suitcase full of my clothes at me and slammed the door. After a while of relentlessly pounding on our door I finally dis-heartedly gave up and went to find a bed and breakfast to stay in, she had at least left me my wallet and my job related things in the box.

Well, after I had settled in I went down to my bank to get some money out and found much to my dismay that I had been locked out of all our joint accounts and there was only a meagre amount of money left in my personal account. I argued with the manager long and hard over this but to no avail. Infuriated by this I closed my personal account in disgust and opened a new account at a new bank so Claudia would have no further access to the rest of my money or any more of it.

After a month I had finally settled into a routine and had my new bank details sorted out with the payroll department, I had repeatedly tried to gain access to my home and belongings but had no success. Then one morning I received a letter through my solicitor, it was a court summons for the divorce proceedings.

Anyway, during the proceedings Claudia showed just how low she could go in her petty viciousness towards me. She had come up with bogus claims and witnesses that made me look like a total scumbag and a weasel. By the end of the proceedings she had been awarded possession of all our holdings and property, including my parents business that had been handed down to me. Leaving me with all I had at the bed & breakfast and what meagre money I had in my new account plus a small quantity of our savings. On top of all that I was served with an injunction that prevented me from coming within 50 miles of her.

Once everything was signed over and transferred she, as you might suspect axed my job giving me minimal redundancy pay

With that final act I had no choice but to pack my bags and leave town. With the small quantity of our savings I was awarded I bought myself a car, not as good as the flash Jaguar I was used to driving, just a clapped out old ford escort. I then packed all my belongings into the trunk of the car and headed north, having to cut myself off from anything that I had ever cared for.

I eventually settled in Birmingham. After a very short time I began to suffer from bouts of severe depression I attempted suicide, but due to the timely intervention of my next door neighbour Alison I was rushed to hospital where I recovered. After chatting to Alison I confessed my transgendered nature and feared a similar type of negative outburst I had received from Claudia, but to my surprise she was extremely understanding.

After a long talk with Alison and then going to see a psychiatrist for some weeks I finally decided to head down the road to gender reassignment. After several months seeing a specialist councillor I was finally admitted onto the program and began my RLT or 'Real Life Test' which was to last at least a year and would also involve hormone treatment. During this Alison was extremely supportive and the best friend a 'girl' could ever have.

Also after making this decision and finally feeling good about myself I managed to pull off a job interview and managed to get a job at a local company called 'Dorson Health and Beauty' in their research and development division, they were delighted to receive an application from someone as qualified as I was. I also had to tell them about my plans for gender reassignment, given that I would most likely be coming to work in dresses and skirts by the end of the year. Much to my relief, the manager and personnel manager were both women and both understanding, saying that was to be no problem and that I was hired.

Over time Alison and I had become fast friends, she taught me all I needed to know about being a woman, how to walk in heals and how to effectively apply makeup. I was also doing very well at work and was proving to be an effective member of my department.

A little over two years after I started with my RLT I received two pieces of good news in quick succession. The first was that I was offered a promotion to head of my department, since getting the job I had put all my effort into my work as for once I was actually beginning to feel good about myself so receiving that news was an extremely welcome surprise. The second piece of news was that I had been approved for SRS and would be going in for the operation in two months, this overjoyed me the most and when I told Alison about both pieces of news she was equally pleased and happy for me.

I soon informed my boss that I accepted the proposed promotion and also of the date for my impending gender reassignment surgery. They were pleased about the first decision and surprisingly supportive of the other and agreed to let me have the time off for the operation and any needed time for my recovery.

All too soon the date for my surgery arrived and Alison managed to swing time off work so she could drive me down to charring cross hospital in London where the surgery was to be performed. All the way down Alison constantly reassured me as I was bundle of nerves, even though I wanted this surgery with all my heart I almost told her to turn the car round and go home. Soon I was admitted and Alison much to her credit remained with me right until I went in for the gender reassignment operation and tracheal shave, which was when I finally told her to get a hotel room and get some rest.

The following day when I regained consciousness I was told that the operation and been successfully carried out and that my male genitalia had been removed with very little problem. A few short minutes later Alison came in smiling and gave me a big hug, I told her that everything had gone as planned and that I was now at peace with myself. After a long chat she finally parted to let me get some rest.

After a very short week I had finally recovered enough to return home. After a following week of rest I was well enough to return to work, which I was very glad about as I was extremely bored at home with very little to do. When I returned to work everyone welcomed me back and I was soon back into the swing of things. I was so happy to finally be physically the woman I had always felt I was.

After a further three years of hard work I had transferred to project developments and took over as deputy head of that department when the previous left. Then much to my surprise after another two years I was presented an opportunity that I could just not pass up, the company was to open a branch in my home town of Letchworth for which they wanted me as manager, not only because I had proved to be a valuable and resourceful employee but because I knew the town and the surrounding area.

I had found out about a year earlier through my solicitor that the court order preventing me from coming within 50 miles of my ex-wife had expired and she had been unsuccessful in getting it extended, so there was nothing stopping me from returning.

After bidding Alison a tearful farewell and promising to keep in touch I packed up my belongings and left what had become my new home with a heavy heart, knowing that I would probably not be returning except for visiting friends.

And that almost brings me to the present, I have now been working at the Hertfordshire branch of Dorson Health and Beauty for six months now (it seems less). I have fully settled in a small house in one of the neighbouring villages and have made contact once more with some of my old friends.

I have long ago put aside the business with Claudia, having started a new life I had no desire to become mired in the problems from my previous. But just last month I made a discovery that made my blood boil, Claudia was still living off the money and business that was rightfully mine and was blatantly flaunting it.

But that wasn't what got me so mad, she had hooked up with a younger man who she had put in charge of my parents company, due to his lack of business sense he was running it into the ground and it was less than half the size it used to be. Yet he acted like he had no worries and drove around in my old Jag with impunity. It was shortly after that I decided I had to get my revenge on Claudia and try to reclaim my parents company before it was gone.

And that brings me to now Eight years since I left my home in Letchworth........

Chapter 1: The Plot Begins

Now 11 years to the day that my parents died, I went to the cemetery that houses the remains of my parents. I arrived at my parents grave in it's separated area and stood there in the pouring rain and collapsed to my knees, the rain pouring off my long coat in rivulets and running down my back unheeded. I laid my hand on the gravestone and quietly sobbed.

"I miss you both so much, not a day goes by that I don't think of how much I miss you." I whispered to my parents, "I am sorry about letting your company fall into the hands of Claudia, I know how much it meant to you and I promise I will get it back."

Just then I heard someone come up behind me, "Your one hell of a hard woman to track down!" the voice I instantly recognised came from behind me. I turned and saw Alison, now standing in front of me, hair dripping with rain and embraced her in a hug and finally let go of her after a short time.

"I heard what you were saying, you must have loved your parents allot!" Alison said, warmly.

"Funnily enough, I never really got on with them that well. It's funny the way you never appreciate what you had until it's gone!" I said quietly.

"So, does that include your manhood?" Alison said, nudging me trying to lighten my mood.

I could do nothing else but giggle and give her a playful slap, "Of course not, I don't regret for a single moment my choice in having it removed!"

After bidding my parent's farewell I left a large bundle of flowers on the grave and spotted another fresh bundle there too, I read the note with Claudia's name on it. I calmly picked it up and dumped it in the bin a short distance away.

As Alison and I started to leave we ran into another women at the edge of the enclosure for my parents graves, "Excuse me but this is a private area, I would kindly thank you to leave immediately!"

I now recognised the woman and her voice; I stiffened as my mood rapidly deepened. "Claudia, get the fuck away from my parents graves and NEVER EVER return!" I said, raising my voice a little.

"Who are you?" She asked trying to sound threatening, "If you don't leave I will call the police!"

I moved closer to her and looked her straight in the eyes, "You forfeited ANY right to visit these graves the day you betrayed me at our divorce hearing, inventing those lies just so you could get your hands on MY money and MY PARENTS COMPANY!"

I was on the virge of laying into her and would have done so if it weren't for Alison holding me back.

Claudia started to sneer when she recognised my, "So it's my ex-sissy husband, finally gone all the way I see. Looking for employment as a maid?" she said, chuckling "And what name do you go by now? Sissy?"

"No, I have a very good job at the moment. And no, that is not my name. Oh and I've seen your new man driving around in my jag at least he actually knows hoe to run that, after all he's let my parents company run right into the ground!" I said caustically.

"Well, you're either a winner or a looser, and you are a looser!" Claudia said, grinning in my face as she began to walk off.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to me, snarling in her face "Don't you EVER let me see you here again, understand!"

All she did was pull away and laugh as she left. I was positively fuming on the way back to my place, although Alison had managed to lighten my mood a little with all the gossip from back 'home'.

"So, what brings you down here?" I asked Alison when we had got back to my place.

"Well I had some leave coming and I thought I would come down and see how you are managing." Alison said.

"Well, it's good to see you anyway!" I said, giving her another hug.

During the weekend Alison and I tried to figure out a way to regain my parents company as well as gain a little revenge on Claudia.

"I did a little digging around" I said to Alison on the Monday evening, "From my friends I found out that Claudia's 'faithful' husband is sleeping around behind her back and that may give me a possible way to get at her, after a little further digging I found out that she had in fact signed the ownership of the company over to him as part of their pre-nuptial agreement."

"Hmm, sounds like the beginnings of a plan to me. If you can get to the husband you may be able to get your parents business back and get back at Claudia too." Alison said thoughtfully, "But how are you going to do it?"

"At the moment I just don't know, I mean we could set him up for blackmail but that won't necessarily turn out the way we ant, we need a way to control him and it needs to be something that will hit home with Claudia." I mused.

A few days later we were watching a little telly after I got back from work and one of those trashy American 'Jerry Springer' type chat shows came on. 'Women who feminize their men' was the title of the program, several women came on with their men in several types of dress, the one that caught mine and Alison's attention was a french maid. He or she was dressed in a pink satin and lace french maids uniform with a matching cap, with black stockings and 4" patient black sandals. His/her hair was just past shoulder length and dyed a light auburn colour and the way he/she was made up made him/her look constantly embarrassed.

The woman who brought on the maid revealed that she had forcibly feminised him and that he had tried to resist every step of the way but was now totally submissive to her every desire now.

"You know, I've always wanted a french maid!" I said, smirking.

"Errm, wouldn't that be, you know, kidnapping...." Alison said uneasily.

"Technically, but using blackmail as leverage we may just be able to convince him to do as we ask... or order!" I mused.

"What about physical changes? he's not exactly slim and petite." Alison pointed out.

"Well, at work we were working on a new type of retro-virus that would rapidly reduce the weight and body mass of the subject, but it was scrapped in the end due to side effects, the subject would remain with that build permanently. Unable to regain any of the lost weight.... ever." I told Alison.

"Sounds interesting, but I'm still not sure...." Alison said.

"And, I think we still have a batch in the lab. It's tailored for women so it would reduce his body mass by a fair amount as well as giving him a more hour glass shape, although it won't give him breasts." I continued.

"But if it's tailored to women, won't it reduce his weight too much?" Alison asked, sounding very concerned.

"No, there are safeguards to prevent that. Once you introduce the retro-virus it will continue it's task until you introduce the fixing agent that stops the virus and keeps the body at it's current shape." I explained, "That's why it was scrapped, there was no way to reverse the process or let the subject regain weight."

"OK, so we can give him a more feminine shape, what else will we need?" Alison said, sighing in resignation.

"We have another product that is in the final stages of approval that totally rids and prevents the growing of any hair on the body, leaving only the hair on the head in tact" I said, "We get final word back this Monday coming."

"That would help, but won't he resist?" Alison asked, "Even if blackmailed."

"Perhaps we can find some drugs or something that reduce the resistance of a subject and make them a little more..... pliable?" I mused.

"I don't think we should do it too fast, don't forget we need to get something to blackmail him with!" Alison said.

"Yes, if I can find out where he goes one of us could pick him up and bring him back here, the other could sneak in and video him!" I suggested.

Alison smirked, "Who does the dirty and who does the taping?"

"Paper Scissors Stone?" I suggested.

We went through two rounds of paper scissors stone before Alison won, Alison chose to do the filming so it was up to me to pick him up. I still feel sick thinking about what I had to do.

In preparation for the deed I bought a red satin 'uplift' bra with matching thong panties and a very low cut red dress. The following day I found out where he was going to be on the Sunday evening and began to get things ready. As well as an extra surprise.

The rest of the week I gathered the rest of what we needed. First I secured a quantity of the retrovirus and fixer from the lab as well as quantity of the soon to be approved hair remover. After all one of the advantages of being manager of the whole facility is having complete access.

The following evening Alison and I spent the evening trawling the Internet for our last required item. After two hours of searching we came across a small ad in a Usenet group for a black market source for some drugs to induce a more pliable and submissive state in the target. I proceeded to follow the instructions on how to contact the person from the ad.

Finally everything was coming to fruition, all we needed was the 'black market' drugs but they wouldn't be needed right away.

Chapter 2: The Trap Is Set

That Sunday I prepared for my task ahead, after taking a perfumed bubble bath I rid my body of all unwanted hair. I then moved to the bedroom where I put on my new lingerie, the red satin bra pushing my breasts up and out, with that done I pulled on my new red dress. I was rewarded by the sight of my cleavage bulging out of the low-cut neckline. I made up my face and styled my hair and made my way down stairs to check things over with Alison.

I think Alison was quite surprised at my appearance, "Well, if I was a man I don't think you could not get my attention!" she smirked, motioning to my large cleavage.

"Let's hope our target thinks so too!" I chuckled.

That night I stood outside a night-club in a neighbouring town called 'Fat Jax' waiting for him to arrive, I was feeling the chill evening air even through my long black coat. I was not disappointed when I saw him arrive in the Jag and enter the club; he was dressed fairly smartly and virtually strutted in.

A few minutes later I entered the club and found I was getting more than a few stares, I wonder what they would do if the knew I was born male!

I danced around for a while, keeping my eye on my target while he danced and flirted with other women and whenever we made eye contact I winked at him or gave him some other look to make him think I was interested in him. After dancing with a few other men, I decided to make my move when I saw him sit at the bar and sauntered over to him casually.

I sat on the stool next to him and ordered a Bacardi Breezer for myself and turned to him, "Hi, my name's Natalie." I introduced myself.

He was obviously staring at my all too obvious cleavage, "Nice to meet you, my names Max, you might have seen me about town in my Jaguar, I'm the owner of a local electronics business!" Max said, trying to make himself sound like an impressive person.

I wanted to just roll my eyes at his boast and half wanting to lay him out for what he had done to my parents business. Fighting the urge I forced myself to smile at him and edge a little closer to him.

"My, that is impressive, I saw your Jag outside." I said, trying to make myself sound more than a bit less intelligent that I really was, although I think I came off as sounding like a bit of an air head - oh well never mind. "Won't your wife mind about you coming here and flirting behind her back?" I asked, pointing at his wedding ring.

"Oh don't worry about her, she doesn't know a thing!" Max boasted. Smiling at this I finished my drink and pulled Max onto the dance floor to pull him into my 'snare'.

After dancing for a while a slow dance started and I had to swallow my pride and get closer to him, and probably have to kiss him as well.... Ugh! I knew that Max was mine, I just had to reel him in a little more. Holding each other close we danced for a while when I felt him move for the kiss and decided to let him do so and then pulled teasingly away.

"Your place or mine?" I teased, "oops, I forgot about your wife I guess it's back to my place!" kissing him again and pulling him by the collar out of the club, grabbing my coat on the way out. He was smiling to himself along the way, I definitely had him!

Arriving at my... er his jag I got into the drivers seat and he started to protest, "Look, you've had a skin-full and I have had only one drink plus you don't know where I live!"

He grudgingly accepted this and tossed me the keys. Smiling I placed the keys in the ignition and ran my hands lovingly over the leather steering wheel, remembering all the great times I had in this car.

"Hey, you have to press the key in and turn to get it to start, it's peculiar in that way." Max informed me.

"I know" I muttered, some things never change I suppose, I'm glad my old Jag hadn't changed much.

After a fifteen-minute drive we arrived at my place and I parked in my drive, I was in a good mood for finding out that my old car was running well. I helped Max out of the car and into the house, taking the occasional grope to keep up pretences. On the way up to my bedroom I saw Alison out of the corner of my eye, turned my head and winked at her knowing that Max was oblivious to her.

We had set up in my room a video camera linked to a monitor, recorder and controls in the next room, which were operated by Alison, as soon as I was out of view Alison activated the camera.

"Why don't you get yourself comfortable Max honey!" I called through in a sexy voice; "I'm just getting ready for you!"

I peeked through the crack made by the door not being fully closed, I saw Max stripping out of some of his clothes. I grinned, knowing that this was being caught on tape, sound and all. In the mean time I had pulled my hair under a wig cap and had pulled on an extremely feminine blonde wig. I carefully applied some fairly dramatic makeup, partially to hide my true self from the camera and partly for the effect of the tape.

I slinked out of the side room in only my red satin lingerie. "I thought you might like my real hair better, after all blondes have more fun!" then much out of character I made myself give a really girlish giggle and slipped onto the bed and began the foreplay for the camera. Max was ready to dive straight into the deed but I prolonged the foreplay for the tape. I then started to pull his underpants down and began to play with his now erect cock, stroking and caressing it.

He started to beg me to bring him off with my mouth, which I thought was a good touch for the tape. I swallowed my pride and lowered my head onto his manhood and began to suck; lick and nibble until I felt a warm fluid entering my mouth. But rather than swallow it I withdrew and grabbed a tissue from the bedside to stem the flow, I then moved up his body and started to give him a deep kiss, he opened his mouth and I let all his semen flood into his mouth. He was so surprised he gulped the lot down to avoid choking.

"Hmmm, baby I know how much you love taking your own cum from my mouth!" I purred and kissed him again to stop him responding to me.

He was soon kissing back eagerly, having forgotten or at least temporarily forgotten his protests as I had just led his hands to my breasts and let them out of the bra cups. I have to say, despite my dislike of being pawed by this man I started to feel slightly turned on by his manipulations of my breasts.

"And now for the finale" I said, the poor dear thought he was going to get to enter me. I turned him round to face the camera and let him flop face first on the bed. "Just a moment my love!" I purred as I reached into a cabinet that was in view of the camera and pulled out a strap on dildo, which of course max did not see.

I knelt behind him on the bed and for the camera unceremoniously ripped off my thong and strapped on the dildo. I think he must have heard the fastenings of the dildo because he turned his head a little, he was still wiped out from the drink and very very co-operative.

"Ok lover, you know the routine, onto all fours!" I commanded him, I don't think he fully comprehended what was happening or he might have stopped this but he went to all fours, seeming a little dazed from what was happening.

When I entered his virgin ass you could audibly hear his gasp of surprise, I then started humping away at him and he could not have acted the part better. He eventually became lost in the intense feelings that come from anal penetrations... or so I've heard.

Finally exhausted when I pulled out he turned round, snuggled up to me and fell asleep. After about ten minutes, when I knew the tape had been stopped I extracted myself from his arms and went into the next room where Alison was.

"Well, that was one hell of a show!" Alison chuckled as she began playback.

"Glad you enjoyed it!" I said, "There is no way this will fail!"

"Yep, anyway I'm going to get some shuteye, see you in the morning!" With that Alison retired to the room she was staying in.

I quietly moved back into the adjoining room where I got ready and cleaned the make-up off but keeping the wig on until Max had left. I also had a couple of rinses of mouthwash to get rid of the taste and residue of Max's semen. God that was a disgusting experience!

I crept through my room, so as not to wake max and gathered his clothes as I went. I entered the next room and set about making a copy of the evening's tape. I also stashed Max's clothes in a cupboard. Once the tape had copied and I had hid the copy I left the room and locked it behind me and went to sleep in the second bed of the spare room, where Alison was also sleeping.

Chapter 3: The Trap In Motion

The following morning Alison and I were up and about before Max rose, I prepared for him a fresh orange and added the correct dosage of the agent that carried the retrovirus. It had, fortunately been designed for oral ingestion for ease and lack of pain. As we heard Max stirring Alison left the room so Max would not know of her presence.

Max emerged wearing my pink satin bath robe and rubbing his eyes, "errr... Natalie, where are my clothes?" he asked, "I really need to get to work!"

I put on a fake panic, "Oh god I'm so sorry, last night I think I accidentally spilt some coffee on them, I just put them in the wash!"

Max, the poor dear looked a little panicked, "Don't worry, I have a suit you could use for the office, it should fit and it is a trouser suit so it shouldn't be noticed." I suggested.

Seeing no other option, Max reluctantly agreed and I took him to my bedroom once more, I think Max was too embarrassed about the previous night to mention it! Once in the room I started pulling clothes out for Max, first I chucked him a pair of frilly pink panties. "I can't wear these!" max protested.

"Look, yours are in the wash and those are the least feminine I have at the moment, besides who's going to see them?" I reasoned. Reluctantly he pulled them on. I next pulled out a white blouse and the suit trousers and handed it to him. "Relax, it's just a plain blouse, no-one will notice the way the buttons are done up, well not when you have the jacket on anyway."

Max pulled up the trousers and did them up, they just fit him but were a little baggy around the hips, well they would soon fill out! Once he had finally put on the blouse after fiddling with the 'backwards' buttons I handed him the jacket, which he put on.

I then handed him a black coat, when he was about to complain I butted in, "You'll need that after all it's cold and you left your jacket at the club, and here's your wallet too." He just put the coat over his arm and stuffed his wallet in a pocket.

"Now come and get a drink before you leave, and don't forget to return for your clothes after work!" I said, leading him to the kitchen. I think he began to relax when he saw his relatively male looking reflection in the mirror.

When he was seated in the kitchen I gave him the doctored orange juice, he rapidly downed it in one go, "Damn, that's good juice!" he swore, then moving for a kiss I gave him a light one on the cheek. As he started to move away he began to sway and collapsed on the floor.

Alison came running, fearing he had laid me out cold, "Oops, I forgot it knocks the subject unconscious for fifteen minutes!" I said sarcastically.

I pulled out of my pocket a small case containing a syringe with the hair removal syrum and injected it into max. With that done Alison and I sat him in a chair and I rushed off to my room and came back with a load of cosmetics and hair styling stuff.

I first put on a fairly heavy coverage foundation to give Max flawless looking skin and a little blue eyeliner and shadow as well as a little coral lipstick and some black mascara. With that done I styled his relatively short hair into a slightly but not too feminine style, I was laughing at the way he looked. I then set about my last task, to pop outside and remove the mirrors from the Jag, thankfully I had maintained the Jag myself and knew how to remove them.

After a few more minutes Max woke up and left for work, I heard him cursing at the fact that his mirrors had apparently been stolen. He left with no idea of how feminine he now looked.

Alison and I went to the sitting room and set-up the video of the previous night, ready for when and I was sure he would come rushing back as soon as he saw himself in the nearest mirror. Once that was done I pulled off the blonde wig that I was still wearing and put it away, brushing out my own hair.

Predictably just over half an hour later max stormed back in, I am just thankful that I left the doors open. "What the fuck did you do this to me for you crazy bitch!" He stormed.

Calmly I just played the tape for him while Alison sat calmly in her chair and watched also. Max fell into shocked silence as he watched him and a blonde bimbo in a bedroom, "but how...."

"Simple, you belong to us now, unless of course you want this tape leaked. And don't bother with physical violence there are three other copies ready to be distributed if anything should happen to either of us!" I finished, just as the scene where Max was being done with the dildo.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Max demanded.

"Why?" I said, "It could just be because I find you particularly offensive, but I have to be honest here, it's not just that, I have a score to settle with your wife and you will help me do it!"

"Claudia?" Max asked, "And what if I tell her all about this?"

"Oh, you don't want to go and do a stupid thing like that, trust me the tape would be shown to more people than just Claudia!" I said, menacingly.

I chucked Max his clothes, "Now go and clean up and wear these if you must, I need my suit back. And remember NO tricks".

As he stormed off with his clothes I turned to Alison, "My god, the virus is working already, he's already lost a little of his definition!"

After Max had cleaned up and changed he left in his car, looking extremely angry. Alison and I promptly split our side laughing. "That was priceless!" Alison said, in-between laughs.

"I must remember to call him back tomorrow morning, we don't want him losing too much weight!" I said, finally calming down.

"Are you sure that's not too long?" Alison asked, "It does seem to be working quickly."

"He's a big guy, that will be about the right amount of time." I said confidently.

"You know, I still don't think this is such a hot idea, using Max to get at Claudia!" Alison said, "It just seems wrong!"

"He's not exactly innocent either remember, think of all the women he's used!" I pointed out.

"Well, I'm still not sure!" Alison said and changed the subject.

Later I headed into town to do my food shopping, then when I least expected it I ran into Claudia in the local Tesco's. "Well, we do meet each other in the most unlikely of places!" I commented as I came to stand next to her.

Claudia just gave me the cold shoulder, "So are you happy with wossisname?"

"His name is Max, and yes I am very happy. He's everything you weren't, he's got a good body and he has no desires to.... do what you have!" Claudia virtually gushed, I could tell she was crazy about him and that made what I was going to do all the more delicious.

On my way home I picked up my mobile phone and rang the number for my parents company, "Hello, I would like to speak with Max please" The receptionist told me that he was not to be disturbed, "I don't care, you tell him Natalie is on the phone and I won't be kept waiting!" I said hotly, trying to put the fear of god into the receptionist, and from the sound of things succeeding too.

"Yes, what do you want?" Max said, in a very hostile manner.

"I suggest you modify your tone, I expect you to address me with respect and call me Mistress Natalie or just Mistress from now on, unless of course you want the tape leaked?" I said in a very even tone.

I could her the intake of breath on the other end, "Yes Mistress Natalie, how may I help you?"

"That will do for now, but your attitude needs further attention!" I said, "I want you at my place tomorrow morning at eight o'clock exactly, not a minutes earlier or later!"

"Yes Mistress, may I ask a question?" Max asked.

"Very well, but make it VERY quick!" I said.

"I've been loosing a lot of weight today, very quickly?" Max asked worriedly, "and all the hair has fallen off my body, how am I going to tell Claudia?"

I smiled, it was working "Goodbye Max, see you tomorrow at Eight!".

"But..." I hung up on him while he was in mid sentence.

When I got home Alison helped me in with the shopping, "So, have an eventful trip?" she asked, noticing my smile.

"I ran into Claudia, it seems she's still, even after being married to Max for five years, totally crazy about him!" I said, "I also phoned Max at work and it seems the virus is working well too!"

"How did he sound?" Alison asked, intrigued.

"Well, a little scared for one thing!" I said.

Alison, still seeming a little unsure sighed, "I don't suppose it's too late for me to change your mind?"

"Things have gone too far now, we have to continue." I said, beginning to feel a little unsure myself.

The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully, I had to go to work for the rest of the day, after all I still had work to do. Finally time came for me to head home, so I grabbed a Chinese takeaway for Alison and me and went home.

Finaly when the morning came Alison and I were ready for Max's appearance. At eight on the dot Max arrived, getting out of his Jag he was a funny sight to behold, all his now ill-fitting clothes were hanging off his body. "Come on in, muscle man!" I said, both Alison and me started laughing.

We led Max to my bedroom, "Strip!" I commanded.

"I can't.." Max started to protest.

"What did you say?" I asked Max in a menacing voice.

"Sorry Mistress." Max said, and reluctantly started to strip to his underwear.

Alison looked at me questioningly, "I have decided that Max should refer to me as Mistress Natalie or Mistress from now on, it just seemed proper!" I smirked, "And what do you call my friend?" I asked max

Max was silent, "You WILL call her Mistress Alison!" I said.

"Yes Mistress Natalie!" he said, sounding humbled.

"You know, I think I could get used to being called that!" Alison said, smiling.

Max was now stripped to his underwear and we saw he was wearing a pair of black lace panties, his smooth and hairless body plain to see. "My max, what pretty underwear!" I said, enjoying his embarrassment.

"I had to sleep in my office yesterday, I couldn't return to Claudia with my loss of body weight, she loves my well build body!" Max said, "When I woke up my underwear did not fit, so I had to a pair of my secretary's panties she left in my office after we errr..... had sex."

"Well Max, they suit you perfectly!" I said, starting to laugh. I then pulled out a tape measure and started taking his measurements and worked out the sizes he would need. "This just won't do, you still need to be a size or two lower. You will phone in to work sick and stay here." I said, matter of factly.

Max seemed puzzled by my remark about his sizing, but reluctantly went to my phone to call his work. "The phone doesn't work...... Mistress" He said, almost forgetting the mistress.

"Of course, we can't have you making sneak calls can we, I have to enter a pin number first!" I said and took the phone and dialled he pin number and his work number, "there you go, the number is dialled."

Max took the phone and reported in ill and then hung up. "Err, can I use your loo Mistress?" he said, still not used to calling me mistress.

"Of course, down the corridor on the left." I told him as he rushed off, I tossed him the same robe he had used yesterday morning as he left.

"Oh dear, I forgot that the removed body mass comes out that way, silly me!" I said, smirking.

"Your evil!" Alison giggled, "When do you go to work today?"

"I don't I've booked the rest of the week off!" I said, "I need to supervise my new slave after all!"

Max soon emerged from the loo, wearing my robe and looking a little flushed, "I've been like that all yesterday!" he groaned.

"Of course, where else is the excess body mass going to be released!" I said, as if he were an idiot.

"Do you have any male clothes I could wear Mistress?" Max asked hopefully.

"Male clothes, what would I be doing with them?" I asked.

"Well, for now that robe will have to do!" I said.

"But it's satin, I can't wear it I'm a man!" Max complained.

"Well, wear it or wear nothing. I'll just take you to my other spare room where you can rest, you look tired!" I said, and led him to my other spare room. "The room used to be occupied by the last owners teenage daughter so you will have to put up with the feminine decor!"

"You will stay there until I say you can leave or you need the loo!" I ordered.

As I walked back to the sitting room with Alison we began to chat, "I don't get tit, one minutes your being hard on the bloke, then you sound almost nice to him, what's with that?"

"Merely trying to keep him off balance!" I said, "I also have a new gadget coming tomorrow, just for max!"

Alison smiled, "What is it?"

"Ah, wait and see!" I said mysteriously.

"How are we going to make him accept female clothing?" Alison asked.

"Well, we won't and that is all I'm going to say for now." I said.

About four hours later we went to check up on Max, After measuring him again I gave a satisfied smile, "There much better, very pleasing you will now fit a size 14 skirt and a size 16 top or dress! Not to mention an hourglass figure!" I said, much to Max's bewilderment, "Drink this!" I told him, handing him a bottle.

Max seemed extremely hesitant, "But...."

"You will drink it if you don't want to get any slimmer!" I said, then seeing his bewilderment I continued, "It will stop you loosing weight you idiot!"

Hearing this but sill not sure Max drank the contents of the bottle. "God, that's disgusting!" he swore.

"I will hear no more swearing off you Max!" I threatened him. Max knew exactly what I meant and cringed a little. "Right I'll now order some new clothes for you." and I left him in his new room.

Lowering myself into a chair in the sitting room I picked up a couple of the catalogues I use sometimes and the phone and stared ordering some clothes for max.

Chapter 4: Max's New look

The next day three packages arrived for me and I went through to the dining room with them and found Alison sitting down eating breakfast. "What's in the packages?" she asked.

"These two have clothes for Max, the money for which I will get back from him, plus more!" I said, "And the third is the little gadget I told you about!" I said, unpacking the gadget, "This gun type assembly injects an implant into the base of the brain stem, then with a remote control I can give positive or negative stimuli to said subject, simply put pain or pleasure!"

"I thought you were going to get those drugs to make him more submissive?" Alison asked.

"I was but the contact wasn't able to get them, but managed to get this for me, it's a painless process so can be done during sleep." I explained. "I'm going to teach Max to prefer women's clothes, when he goes to put on the male clothes I've ordered for him he will get varying degrees of discomfort or pain, depending on how far he goes." I explained, "When he goes to put on the female clothes I got him he will get varying degrees of pleasure. It will also be absorbed by the body in around a years time."

"When do we inject it?" Alison asked.

"Tonight, when he's sleeping." I said, then tomorrow he can make his..... choice!" I said. For the rest of the day I made max do various household chores, clean up, do the ironing and make dinner. Surprisingly Max turned out to be a good cook!

That night I quietly entered his room, thankfully he was sleeping on his front, with the back of his neck wide open. I pulled out the injector assembly and placed it at the base of the skull, thankful that the soft padded velvet covering of the front would not rouse him and pulled the trigger. There was a soft whooshing sound and I pulled it away. The only sign of the implant was a slight incision that would be healed by morning. Well, according to the instructions that is!

The following morning Max appeared in my pink dressing gown rubbing his neck, "I think I slept funny, my neck is really sore!" Max said, "I really need to get to work!"

"Not today, anyway I have laid out an outfit I ordered for you in my room." I said.

Max went to my room, while Alison and I went to the next room to watch and record on the camera. Max entered the room and saw on the bed a mans suit and underwear, next to it was a black square necked sleeveless top with a silver dotted pattern and a short black satin mini skirt as well as a pair of black satin and lace panties, garter belt and stockings.

Over the speakers we could hear Max's voice, "Must be the suit, there is no way on earth I will ever choose to wear those girls clothes!" he spat in disgust and moved for the male clothes, I increased the negative stimuli and saw a wave of pain and revulsion cross his face and he looked like he was going to be sick. As he backed away I lowered the negative stimuli, he once again went for the male clothing and I once more increased the negative. Max grabbed his mouth and ran for the bathroom, we could hear him throwing up.

"Aren't you being a little harsh on him?" Alison asked.

"Well, we can't have him wearing those horrible male clothes now can we, after all we do want him to learn to prefer women's clothing!" I said.

"Well, that is true..." Alison said uneasily.

Max had now returned to my room and once more was going for the male clothes, so once more I increased the negative. "What's his learning curve, a flat line?" I muttered. Max was now moving away from the male clothes a little and brushed against the black mini skirt so I gave him a burst of positive stimuli. This obviously shocked him as he jumped back.

Max once more moved towards the male clothing and I gradually increased the negative stimuli, I wasn't even at half power when he withdrew from them. "Blimey, I think he's learning!" I said. Max now moved to pick up the black panties and I slowly began raising the positive stimuli, obviously wanting more positive stimuli I increased it a little when he put the panties on to reward him. He was looking very embarrassed as he looked around to see if anyone was coming.

He then put on the garter belt and put it on, then followed with the black stockings. I once more increased the positive level, wanting him to want to put on more of the female clothes. I have to say he looked quite odd, a flat chested; skinny and hairless male wearing women's lingerie. Max then gingerly picked up the black mini skirt and I once more raised the level, so he then put on the skirt and I raised it a little more. Max then, almost eagerly picked up the top and pulled it on with only a little hesitation. I raised the positive only a little bit this time.

Max now fully dressed saw a few pairs of shoes on the bed also and automatically went for the men's shoes and I gradually lowered the pleasure level until he pulled away, this was repeated a few times until he went for the black patent leather ankle boots with 2" stiletto heels. Putting them on I increased his positive stimuli higher still.

He now moved to the full-length mirror, I gave him a much-raised level of pleasure while he looked at himself in it. There were conflicting emotions on his face, disgust at what he had put on, but at the same time a feeling of great pleasure about how he felt. I lowered the positive stimuli to a much lower level, where it would stay for the rest of the day. Although I would reward him with temporarily raised levels as rewards and lowered levels, even pain as a punishment.

Alison and I stopped the recording and entered my room while Max was still looking at his reflection in the mirror. "MAX WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled at him and enjoyed his shocked and scared response, "The suit was for you, I was going to wear them out tonight!"

"But, But....." Max stammered.

"Well if that is how you would prefer to dress then that is how you will dress from now on!" I said, pretending to be angry, "What do you say Max or as I think is more suited to you now Hannah?"

"No, I want to wear men's clothing I really do!" Max said desperately, "and the names max!"

"Very well, you will get another chance tomorrow. But today you are Hannah and will remain dressed as you are!" I said, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

Max just gave me a stony look, staring defiantly. "Alison, get the tapes!" I threatened.

"Yes, I understand." Max said in defeat, blushing brightly.

"I beg your pardon?" I said.

"Yes, I understand mistress!" He cowered.

"Now sit at my vanity, if you're going to be Hannah today you are going to look like a Hannah!" I ordered. Max sat at my vanity, "Turn to face me!" Max turned to face me and I began thinning his eyebrows into a thin feminine arch. I then as with the previous morning began putting make-up on him, finally I had put on the same coral lipstick I had used the other day and a light smoky brown eyeshadow. I had also used a lengthening extra curl black mascara and a little blusher. To top it all off I styled his hair in a feminine style. Finally I painted is fingernails with a pale pink fast dry nail polish.

With everything done I turned him to face the mirror. Max gasped at his reflection, he looked every inch the girl with the exception he had no breasts. "Now little Hannah, you may proceed with cleaning the house and then make us some lunch!"

As Max or should I say Hannah unsteadily walked off in his new ankle boots I turned to Alison, "Well, it seems we are going to be adding a few more tapes to our collection!"

"Hmm, I have to say he looks VERY cute in that outfit!" Alison giggled.

I then heard a ringing coming from the pile of clothes that Hannah had come over in that were still heaped in the corner of my room. I rummaged through and found his mobile phone, looking at the caller ID I saw it was Claudia calling. I just pressed the button for rejecting the call and turned the phone off. I retrieved the rest of his belongings from his clothes and put them in the recording room and locked the room after me.

I returned to the sitting room and joined Alison on the sofa, reading the local paper. Hannah was busy hoovering the carpet, whenever he came within reaching distance I gave his ass a stroke or a pinch to emphasise his situation, which only made him more embarrassed. "Oh by the way Hannah, we have a taping of you getting dressed this morning. I wonder what people would say if they saw you dressing in women's clothing and apparently enjoying it?" I teased him.

Hannah's eye's opened wide in horror, "You better not!" Hannah blurted out loudly and aggressively.

"Watch your mouth!" I said angrily, "It seems you need to be taught a lesson!"

"What do you mean?" He demanded.

"That's it, were going to do the very last thing you want to do, were going shopping!" I said, grabbing Hannah's arm, "And remember to address me as mistress and in a more respectful tone!"

I pulled Hannah to the hallway, stumbling in his unfamiliar heels and chucked him a black vinyl coat that only just came to his knees. "Put that on, NOW!" I ordered.

Hannah saw no choice than to obey me, fearing what I might do. "Alison, would you put the jag in my garage please?" I said, tossing Alison the keys.

"No problem Nat, have fun Hannah!" Alison teased.

"Get in my car!" I told Hannah in a voice that would not be messed with, "and don't try anything, otherwise both tapes get leaked."

"Yes Mistress Natalie" Hannah muttered meekly.

I decided to make Hannah sweat a little, as I was going out of town I drove into Letchworth and parked up in the centre. "Now wait here while I go to the bank, and watch your behaviour or we will go shopping here!" I menaced him. I doubt he would have had the courage to leave the car anyway, looking how he did!

I returned to my car to find a group of lads standing by the car chatting Hannah up, he was just giving the occasional answer, too scared to say anything else. Feeling the devil in me I pulled out the remote control and started to increase Hannah's pleasure level, his discomfort was plain to see, the lads just thought they had embarrassed 'her'.

I then walked up to the car and climbed in, "I see you've take quite a liking to my little brother!" I said to them, enjoying both their response as well as Hannah's."

"Oh man, you mean the chick's a guy!" one of the lads exclaimed.

My response was simply to pull open Hannah's coat and pull the neck of his top open for them to see. Hannah tried to resist and I whispered to him "Resist and your punishment will be worse!". Although Hannah still struggled, but I prevailed and his flat chest was revealed.

I drove off as the group of lads started seriously making fun of Hannah and calling him names. As we drove off I lowered he positive stimuli to the previous slightly raised level.

"You will pay for resisting me Hannah!" I told him angrily.

"What do you mean?" Hannah asked, sounding slightly concerned.

"What do you mean........" I prompted.

"Huh?" Hannah said.

I gave Hannah a quick slap on the head, "Mistress, remember!" I shouted at him, "You WILL learn how to address me properly!"

Hannah sat in silence as we travelled. "Oh do stop pouting Hannah, it's not becoming of you!" I said, taunting him. We eventually arrived a town called Stevenage and parked in a multi story carpark.

"Do you want me to wait here Mistress?" Hannah asked hopefully, trying to avoid what I had in store for him.

"No, you're coming with me!" I said, "and remember all it takes is one phone call and the video's get leaked!"

Chapter 5: Punishment

Hannah reluctantly got out of the car and followed me, obviously Hannah wanted to take the route that would lead straight outside so I took him down in the glass lifts. When we got to the bottom we exited into a very busy mall, Hannah's eyes opened wide in terror at the sight of all the people.

"Remember what will happen if you disobey!" I muttered to him, "Now follow me!"

We walked through the mall, Hannah's eyes were constantly looking around fearfully. "Come on Hannah were going into Miss Selfridges!" I said and lead him into the store. As we walked around I held up various clothes against Hannah, getting some idea of how he would look in them. After a short time of looking I had handed Hannah a short burgundy skirt and matching jacked as well as a midnight blue velour strappy top. Finally I had Hannah sit down to try on a pair of black patent pumps with a 3" heel.

"May I help you ladies?" an assistant asked.

"Yes, can my friend try on a pair of these in a size eight please?" I asked, handing the assistant the display shoe.

"Of course, I'll be back in a moment.

Hannah in the mean time had gone stiff with fright, "Come now it's not that bad!" I teased him.

"It's not that, that woman who just came in the store, I slept with her!" Hannah said, terrified "What if she recognises me?"

"If you calm don't you won't have that problem, or do you want me to call her over?" I lightly threatened him.

Hannah managed to force himself into a calmer state as the assistant arrived, "These shoes should complement the outfit you chose perfectly miss!" she said to Hannah.

I started to chat to the assistant, "My friend wanted a new outfit but didn't know what to get so I offered to help him out today!" I said, giving Max a warning look about defying me.

The assistant choked momentarily upon hearing the last bit, "You mean she is a..."

"A he, yes Hannah here is really a man." I told the assistant.

"Well, he certainly makes a very pretty girl!" she giggled handing Hannah the shoes to try on, "Would you try these on..... sir!"

Red faced, Hannah took off his ankle boots and pulled on the pumps. "A perfect fit!" the assistant said.

"Thank-you, we'll take them won't we Hannah?" I said, "Tell the nice assistant what you think of them!" I ordered him.

Not wanting to defy me Hannah did as I said, "I think there wonderful!" Hannah said, going a bright red.

"Thank-you, I just wish more men had as good taste in shoes as you!" she said, making several nearby girl's giggle.

We got ready to take the shoes as well as the clothes to the checkout, "Won't these cost you quite a bit mistress?" Hannah asked.

"Me?" I asked, "You're buying them!" I said, handing him his credit card.

"But they'll know..." Hannah protested.

I just waked my mobile phone in front of him and he meekly headed for the checkout. "I'm sorry Miss, this credit card is for a Mr. Max Marshall." the assistant said.

"Go on Hannah tell her!" I ordered, "Otherwise you might get arrested for credit card fraud!"

Hannah reluctantly spoke, "I'm Max Marshall!"

"I don't think she heard you Hannah, say it out loud!" I told him.

Hannah then, obviously scared spoke in his normal voice, which all would be able to hear "I'm Max Marshall, that is my card!" When the cashier giggled at this Hannah cringed and blushed.

"I'm sorry for the mistake... Sir!" she said and rang the clothes through and swiped Hannah's credit card. After Hannah had put his signature on the print out we left. When Hannah took the bag with his new clothes I raised the level of his positive stimuli a bit.

"Are we going now Mistress?" Hannah asked hopefully.

"No, we still have the matter of your extra punishment for your behaviour in the car!" I informed him.

"But I thought...." he began.

"That revealing what you are in the shop?" I said, "Heavens no, that was just for this mornings indiscretion!". I have to say, I really enjoyed seeing Hannah's discomfort!

We headed out of the shopping mall and through the town until we arrived at a beauty salon, "This is the last part of your punishment!" I said, and dragged Hannah inside.

"How may I help you ladies?" the beautician asked when we entered.

"Yes, I'd like to book my boyfriend in for the works, face; manicure and pedicure as well as a hair styling." I said.

She was obviously a little taken back by this, "And where is your boyfriend?" she asked.

"This is him right here" I said, motioning to Hannah.

The beautician looked and Hannah and began to giggle at Hannah's obvious embarrassment. "So what was it you wanted again?"

"Facial, pedicure and manicure, a full make-over and a new hair cut." I confirmed.

"What sort of hair style do you want?" she asked me.

I picked up a fashion mag from the table by me and flicked through, "This one will do!" I said, handing her the magazine.

"Very well, Lorianne will you get this gentleman ready please!" she said to another beautician and Hannah reluctantly started to walk off.

"Can you call me on this number when you're done please?" I asked, handing her my mobile number.

"No problem!" she said.

I walked over to Hannah just before I left, he was for the moment alone "Just remember, tell nothing and do not resist or your life is over!" I said viscously, giving him the impression that I would go through with my threat, which I would do.

"One more thing, can you get Hannah dressed in his new outfit when you're done please?" I asked Lorianne when she returned, handing her the bag of Hannah's purchases.

"Sure, no problem!" Lorianne said, "he's not a willing subject is he?" she asked, "Oh, don't worry, I did the same with my boyfriend when I caught the bastard screwing around with another woman!"

Chuckling at that I left Hannah to his fate, leaving him on a slightly raised level of positive stimuli. I did a little browsing and shopping for myself and went to get some food. About three hours later I received a call from Lorianne saying that Hannah was ready. When I arrived back I was met by a very attractive young lady, I almost couldn't believe it was Hannah. His make-up was done perfectly, he had a deep pink lips and a light brown, almost bronze eyeshadow as well as thick black eye lashes. As requested Hannah was also wearing the clothes I had him buy.

"Well Hannah, thank the nice lady for making you pretty!" I told him.

"Thank-you for making me Beautiful!" Hannah said, blushing. I once more handed him his credit card and had him pay. Lorianne handed me the carrier bag with the clothes and shoes Hannah had worn to the shops. I also put the coat in there too.

Hannah looked at me questioningly when I did that, "You won't be needing that coat with that jacket!" I said, "Besides you want to show off your new outfit don't you!" I put my hand in my pocket and raised his positive stimuli to a high level when I said this, making Hannah blush.

It was plain to see that Hannah was a male, his flat chest was plain to see. Every time he got a whistle or was even teased about is I kept on giving him quick bursts of positive stimuli. I wanted him to learn to enjoy the all the teasing we was to get.

As we walked through the mall back to my car Hannah seemed very self-conscious of his heels clucking on the floor. Just at the last moment I decided we would go to the food court. I gave Hannah a little money and told him to get himself a diet coke and me a white coffee with sugar and went to sit down. From where I was sitting I could see that Hannah was getting a lot of teasing in the cue, I had the remote out and giving the positive bursts each time this happened. Hannah obviously wanted to run but with a warning look from me his shoulders slumped a little.

One lad walked up to Hannah and spoke to him, "Hey girlie boy how about a sweet kiss!" he said and pulled Hannah into a brief kiss. During this I raised Hannah's pleasure levels to their highest yet, making his legs go a little wobbly. The man then just laughed, grabbing Hannah's ass as he left. I then gradually raised the positive level a little more and began to lower it again.

Eventually Hannah arrived and handed me my change. "Enjoy your kiss?" I asked.

Hannah blushed, extremely embarrassed that he had apparently liked kissing a guy. If only he knew I was responsible for his feelings there! After we drank our drinks we headed back home.

When we got home Alison remarked at Hannah's appearance, "My Hannah, don't you look pretty!" she teased and grabbed his ass.

"Hannah got his first kiss from a guy today, I think he liked it!" I said, enjoying his discomfort. "Now go and make us dinner Hannah!"

Hannah sighed and walked off, "You had a call while you were out Nat, it was one of your friends, I can't remember which but it seems Claudia is going out of her mind with worry that Hannah has not come home since he went out on Sunday!"

"Well, it seems things are working quite well so far!" I said, "I've been continually giving Hannah positive stimuli throughout the day and left it on a raised level while he was in the beauty salon."

Later that day I also installed a new camera in Hannah's room, but one that is small enough to be hidden and not to be noticed. This was hooked up to the recording room also.

When Hannah went to bed that evening he was exhausted from the trip to Stevenage as well as all his tasks around the house. We watched him getting undressed on the new video camera, "At least I'll be back in male clothes tomorrow!" he muttered.

Alison and I smiled as we headed to bed also.

Chapter 6: A Second Chance

The following morning Alison and I were once more up before Hannah and woke him up. "Ok Hannah, today is your last chance to be Max. Go into my room and get dressed." I ordered.

Hannah headed for my room to get dressed and Alison and I once more headed to the video room to watch and tape what happened. Hannah went into the room and saw hanging up the two outfits I had put out. On one side was a mans casual trouser and shirt with shoes underneath. On the other was a burgundy gypsy style dress that would come to just below his knees, in a transparent bag there were a fresh pair of pink lacy panties and below the pumps Hannah had bought the previous day.

We proceeded as the previous day, giving him negative stimuli for the male clothes and positive for the female. To begin with Hannah put up an even greater fight to wear the male clothing and got farther than before, however he did in fact give in quicker also although he made a concerted effort to avoid the dress and lingerie. I kept his negative levels at a very uncomfortable level and lowered it whenever he looked at the female clothes. Eventually he put on the lingerie, dress and shoes, I raised the positive levels as he did so.

Then realising what he had done and went to remove the clothes, seeing this I began to rapidly lower the levels into the negative. As soon as he stopped trying to take them off I raised the levels once again.

Once more we left the recording room and entered my room, "Well Hannah it seems you have made your decision, You know, I thought the outfit you bought the other day suited you so well I decided to return to the store for this one as well while you were in the salon. And as you don't want those male clothes I will send them back to the catalogue and throw out your original clothes. From now on you will wear nothing but female clothes!" I said and motioned to my vanity.

Hannah predictably resisted, insisting that he be allowed to wear the male clothes, "You will sit now, or I will make you go and get my shopping in Letchworth on your own, what do you think might happen when people see a very pretty man in a dress down there?" I threatened him, "They'd call the police and I don't think you want to go down to the police station dressed like that do you, in fact I could just call them and tell them you were breaking in to steal from me!".

Hannah's shoulders slumped in defeat and sat at the vanity. I started as usual with his foundation, with that done I applied a deep red lipstick. With that done I used a new liquid eyeliner I had bought and then a pale pink eye shadow. With that done I finished with a black 'lengthening' mascara. After I had brushed out his hair Hannah looked very feminine indeed. "You know, as you are never again going to look or dress like a man you are going to have to learn to do this yourself!" I said.

Hannah's eyes began to cry a little, "Now now, stop that you have work to do!" I said, "You know the routine!"

Hannah walked off to do his tasks as he had done for the past few days. When they were done I called him into my study where he had not been before, "Hannah, I want you to answer some questions for me. Truthfully though, you know the drill!" I ordered, "What is the financial situation with you and Claudia?"

"Well, she has no job and refuses to work, she relies totally on my pay packet and the interest from what's in the bank." Hannah reluctantly said.

"I see, now last off all I want you to sign these documents for me. As you are going to be living under my roof from now on I insist on a few concessions." I said, "This first form will return ownership of my parents company, which was wrongfully taken from me back to me."

"Your parents company Mistress?" Hannah asked, remembering how to address me, "I thought it used to belong to Claudia's ex-husband."

"It did, that is me." I confirmed, "she betrayed me at our divorce hearing and had everything taken from me!" I said sharply. "This second form will return ownership of MY Jaguar to me."

Hannah still looked reluctant to sign them, "Remember, I can totally destroy you and your reputation." I threatened again. Hannah eventually signed the forms, although reluctantly.

Once the forms had been signed I pulled out the Jaguar documents, "You need do do these too!" I prompted. Hannah sighed and completed the ownership transfer. With that done I filed the documents away and put the legal forms in an envelope to mail to my solicitor. "Just one more thing, you are never to come in this room without my permission, is that clear?"

"Yes mistress!" Hannah said.

"Oh and before I forget, sign this letter of resignation and notification of the change in ownership for your work." I said, "Unless of course you want to attend work like this?"

Hannah quickly signed the form, eager to avoid having to go to work like he was. Hannah then left the study upon my order. I shortly left the study after him, "Well Hannah, as you are staying as Hannah I guess we need to get you a new wardrobe. We can order it from my catalogues." I said, "By the way, do you have a telephone banking facility with your bank?"

"Yes, we have it on all our accounts." Hannah said.

"Ok, I want you to transfer 70% of your savings to my account and all of the money from your current account." I said, "But don't worry, most of this will go to paying for your new wardrobe!"

I entered the pin release for the phone and passed it to Hannah, "And don't forget NO tricks!"

Hannah sighed and proceeded to do as ordered.

At the end of the week Alison unfortunately had to return home for work, "Look Alison, I know you are qualified enough so I would like you to consider becoming the manager of my parents company." I offered, "I have my own responsibilities at 'Dorson Health & Beauty' that I can't leave and I would sleep better knowing you were running it."

Alison was a little surprised, "Let me think about it, I would have to give a two month notice at work anyway!".

Alison and I embraced in a teary farewell and she left for home. "Right Hannah, into the sitting room now!" I ordered Hannah after a moment of contemplation.

I had Hannah sit on the sofa with me and I pulled out the various catalogues I had and went through the various types of clothes and lingerie with him. When I saw particular item I thought would suit Hannah I raised his positive stimuli, for most of the afternoon I went through the catalogues with Hannah, constantly reinforcing with positive stimuli. That coupled with his feeling of defeat and fear of further public embarrassment seemed to have the desired effect. We eventually had a whole new wardrobe worked out for him and had it ordered for the next day. Hannah still didn't like it though and still resisted a lot although I think I have managed to influence his choice in clothes a little as he didn't sound quite as sure about himself as before.

"As you still seem to be resistant to your fate I think you need a little more punishment and humiliation is in order!" I said angrily, "were going out!"

"What do you mean mistress?" Hannah asked worriedly.

I pulled a package out of a cupboard, "I had intended to do this much later, but now is as good a time as any, put these on in your room now." I ordered.

After a short time Hannah emerged wearing the outfit I gave him, it was a metallic silver top and skirt with black mesh layer over it. "Now Hannah, what sort of place do you suppose a young girl would wear this outfit too?" I teased.

Hannah's eyes opened wide, "No, your not taking me to a night club!" he protested.

"I am now, I was just going to take you to a local bar, but given that outburst I will take you to a night club, maybe Fat Jax?" I said menacingly, seeing Hannah's look of fear. "But Pulse is closer so we'll go there!"

I took Hannah to the night-club and saw him inside, leaving his positive stimuli of a high level and left for the cinema and a meal. Later that evening I returned to pick up Hannah. Upon arrival I found Hannah pressed up against the night-club wall by some guy who was aggressively kissing him and necking him. I could see Hannah was petrified with fear, I pulled up and called over to Hannah. I may have wanted him broken and in my control but I did have some limits to which I would go.

Hannah slipped out of the guy's embrace and rushed for the car and got in. I then drove off, "I hope you've learned your lesson. Any more defiance and it will not be Pulse I leave you in!".

"Yes mistress, I'll be good!" Hannah said, visibly shaken by his experience. Finally it seems that he has learned his lesson.

When we got home I found a message on my answer-phone, "Hi Natalie, its Alison here. I have decided to take you up on your offer on running your parents company. I have to say at first I wasn't sure about it, but I decided it was time I had a change. I am handing in my notice tomorrow and will be able to move down in two months time, bye for now."

I smiled at the news, it would be good having Alison down her permanently, after all we were so close we might as well have been sisters. "Ok Hannah, time for bed. You will find a pair of baby doll pyjamas hanging up in your room for you to wear to bed. Tomorrow you will assume your full responsibilities around this house," I said, "that being keeping it clean, cooking and anything else I require. Also tomorrow morning I will expect breakfast in bed, consisting of a glass of fresh orange juice, two slices of toast and scrambled egg at seven sharp."

"Yes mistress" Hannah said and left for bed.

Chapter 7: Maid For Life

At seven in the morning Hannah appeared with my breakfast which I had in bed. Once that was finished I gave Hannah some new orders, "Run me a warm bath, not too hot though!"

"Yes mistress Natalie!" Hannah said humbly and left.

After my bath I came through into the lounge where Hannah was cleaning up. "Was there any post for me Hannah?"

"Yes mistress, there is a large package for you on the side." Hannah said.

"Ah, that will be your new uniform Hannah!" I said, enjoying surprised Hannah's response "Why don't you take it to your room and put it on?"

"What do you mean, uniform?" Hannah asked inquisitively.

"I'm sorry, how did you just address me, I thought you had learned by now!" I warned.

"Sorry mistress, I'll go and put it on now!" Hannah cowered and ran off.

"I can't believe how much he's changed since we hooked him, his male ego has been all but crushed. But he still needs training!" I said to myself.

Hannah appeared blushing furiously, he was dressed in a rose coloured satin and lace maids dress with a frilly cap on his pretty head. Under the dress he had lots of layers of petticoats and had on black pantyhose and black strappy sandals. "Very nice Hannah, I expect you to wear this or any other Maids outfit I buy you whenever you are in the house. You will wear nothing else unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress!" Hannah said, he seemed totally crushed and defeated in this dress that was the very epitome of what is feminine. Even with a flat chest one would have trouble believing this was a man!

"Now, curtsy for me Hannah and smile!" I ordered.

Hannah smiled and curtsied and I pulled out a Polaroid camera and took a photo of him. "With all the stuff I have on you now you will never have a life away from me!" I said.

"Yes mistress, I.... I am yours now." Hannah said, sounding sad.

"Now now Hannah, don't be sad. You'll never have to worry your pretty little head over anything ever again. All you will have to worry about is caring for me and my house. That and keeping abreast of the latest fashions!" I said, "Now, get on with you chores, you have a lot of hoovering to do. And when your done with the cleaning you may make me lunch."

Hannah walked off to do as he was told. I had finally defeated Hannah and now the proper training could begin.

I will now continue the story a full five months since I first began the transformation of Max into Hannah so let me bring you up to date,

Hannah is now much changed due to the manipulations I have done with the implant. Hannah now acts moves and behaves much like any other young woman. He loves to go clothes shopping and never leaves the house without make-up on and he has become quite adept at applying that too. Hannah's sexual preferences have also changed, he is now only interested in men and no longer women, in fact he has developed a 'thing' for George Clooney and has several posers of him in his room! At first I think he just started acting the part to avoid being punished, but he has been acting this way for so long I think he has forgotten how he used to act and has become used to being the feminised 'girl' he is. I hardly ever have to punish him anymore or use the implant, he has become very well behaved and almost the perfect maid. We had also obtained a new set of ID for Hannah in his new name and with his new picture.

I now allow Hannah to dress in clothes of his choice when he is not tending to his duties, and I have to say that for all the clothes he has bought he has never bought one pair of trousers and his taste in clothes now leans towards the feminine. In fact he's got such a large wardrobe now that he only just has the room for it all! I have also given Hannah permission to open himself a new bank account, in which I give him an allowance each month to buy whatever he desires, clothes, make-up etc. for his services round the house. I have to say he seems to be quite happy and content these days, but there are times I catch him staring in the mirror a little sadly. Hannah has little worries at all about going out in public these days too. In fact most people don't seem to take notice any more that he's a man and just take him at face value, a very attractive young woman! I have to say I have become quite attached to him as well and no longer treat him nearly as harshly as I used to althou gh I do still insist he call me mistress or mistress Natalie when in the role of maid but I do now let him call me just Natalie when he is not about his duties but sill insist on total obedience.

Claudia has also changed somewhat from what I've heard, without her husbands support she gradually ran out of funds and now lives in a council flat, having had to sell off all her possessions to pay for the debts that she had built up. She now works a menial job with minimum wage. She has been hopelessly lost without Max's support.

Alison has moved down here and has assumed the role of manager of my parents company, which has pleased me no end. The company is rapidly recovering and looks to regain its former reputation in the years to come!

I will now continue

I had just finished the lunch Hannah had made for me and he was busy dusting, humming happily to himself. "Hannah, why don't you get changed and we can go out for a bite to eat."

Hannah nodded and happily walked off to his room to get changed. Hannah emerged a while later wearing a grey bustier top and a short black skirt with side split, his feet were adorned with the same black ankle boots he had put on with that first feminine outfit that set him down the road to being Hannah. His make-up was expertly done, with deep red lips and a pale almost flesh tone eye shadow. Hannah was also wearing, I noted the breast forms I had bought of his birthday which had delighted him no end! He had finished off by tying his now long hair up.

"That outfit really suits you Hannah" I said, "I phoned Alison and she's going to meet us down there."

"Thanks Natalie, I do try." Hannah said, blushing.

"Let's take the Jag down town." I said.

Hannah and I headed to the garage and climbed in the Jag, "You have no idea how much I missed this car when I had to move up to Birmingham!" I said as I started the engine, "I'm grateful you kept it in such good condition!"

"Yes, it is a wonderful car!" Hannah said as we left for town, "Can I be frank with you?" she asked.

"Of course" I said, wondering what Hannah was going to ask.

"I know I hated what was happening to begin with, but I have to thank you," he said, "I'm feeling a lot better about myself these days. I never thought I could be so happy the way I am now!"

"Glad to hear it, I myself had a bad time growing up. Most of my life I hated my body and the way I looked, the only real peace I had was when I had my sex change operation!" I said, matter of factly, "Do you have any desire to go back to Claudia?" I asked.

"That's a tough question, I still feel something towards her but it isn't what it used to be." Hannah mused, "I have to say, after hearing what you had to say about Claudia I am liking her less and less. Maybe it's the woman in me seeing her for what she really is!"

"Now, you realise that I only did this to you to get back at Claudia don't you?" I began.

"Yes, I can accept that now, although it wasn't really the right thing to do!" Hannah said.

"I realise that but things can't be changed now so will just have to live with the changes to your life, because you're stuck with it now!"

"I know, I am what I now am, what you mad me. But I still long for my old life." Hannah said wistfully.

Eventually we arrived at the cafe and Alison was waiting for us, "Hi girls, looking good!"

"Thanks Alison!" I said and sat down opposite her at the table, "You look pretty good yourself!"

We chatted on the subject for a short time as we ate our lunch. We chatted for some time after and then decided to do a little shopping and then head back to mine with a bottle of wine and a couple of videos.

We spent the night crying over 'Titanic' and laughing ourselves silly over 'There's Something About Mary'. By the end of the evening all three of us were comfortably drunk and headed to bed, Alison heading to my spare room.

Chapter 8: Final Revelations

The following Hannah woke me up with breakfast and I had an uncomfortable hangover. Hannah had dressed in his black satin and white lace maid's uniform, "Here is your breakfast Mistress Natalie, is there anything else I can do or shall I start the cleaning and tidying up?"

"You may get on with your tasks Natalie, however I want you dressed for going out at two. And look as feminine as you can!" I instructed.

"Yes Mistress Natalie" Hannah said, "I will just take Mistress Alison's breakfast to her and I will be about my tasks."

Hannah left my room and I ate my breakfast while listening to the radio. About an hour later Alison and I were sitting in the lounge talking, "Oh, I'll never drink like that again!" Alison moaned.

"Yep, just like the countless other times we've said that!" I chuckled lightly, "Anyway, later on I'm taking Hannah on a little trip, I can drop you off at your place if you want?"

"Sounds good to me, I have a lot of work to do at home." Alison said, "I wish I had someone like Hannah to tidy up my place for me!"

"Well you could always find yourself a likely candidate and entrap him like we did with Hannah?" I said jokingly.

"No thanks" Alison chuckled, "I don't think I would be able to go through with that!"

At two o'clock Hannah appeared from his room ready to go out. He was wearing a long almost ankle length beige strappy dress with an embroidered white over-blouse. He had on a fake amber necklace. Hannah's face was also made up to look very feminine, his hair had been styled into a fairly feathery style. On his feet was a pair of beige strappy sandals with a 2" stacked heel.

"Yes, that will do perfectly!" I said, "You look very pretty Hannah."

"Thank you Natalie, I aim to please!" Hannah said.

"Yes, and I'm sure you'll attract more than your fair share of stares from the guys!" Alison teased.

Hannah just blushed. "Well, lets get going." I said, and we left.

After dropping Alison off I drove with Hannah in the Jag into the poorer part of town and pulled up outside a block of flats. "What are we doing here Natalie?"

"We have come to visit an old acquaintance of mine." I said as I climbed out of the car and led Hannah up several flights of stairs to an old battered door.

"Say nothing unless I say so and do nothing unless I tell you!" I said to Hannah.

Hannah nodded meekly as I knocked on the door. After a few moments the door opened and a woman answered. Hannah's eye's opened in shock and fear. "Oh it's you, come to gloat with your new girlfriend?" Claudia said, all the bluster and bravado gone from her voice.

"Oh, Hannah here is not my girlfriend. Just a 'friend'" I said. "May I come in for a moment, I want to bury the past once and for all, and I think I may have some information on the location of Max."

Claudia's face brightened somewhat at the mention of news that might lead to Max. "Yes of course, come in. It's not much but I am just managing to make ends meet."

All three of us walked through to Claudia's lounge and sat down. "Hannah, this is my ex-wife Claudia." I said.

Hearing my prompt Hannah reluctantly spoke, "Pleased to meet you Claudia," he said, forcing a smile.

"Now tell me, how have you been holding up?" I asked Claudia, I was enjoying every minute of this.

"I'm just managing, I'm sure you've heard about what's happened to me since Max's disappearance" Claudia said, Hannah was fidgeting uncomfortably "Well, I have managed to find a job that gets me just enough money to get by on. Since all this happened I have lost everything, my friends, all of it!"

"I'm sorry." I said, though truthfully I almost did feel sorry for her, after all I was married to her.

"Now you mentioned news of Max's whereabouts?" Claudia asked hopefully.

"Oh yes, please take a close look at Hannah here!" I said, Hannah's eyes opened wide in fear.

Not quite sure what I was getting at she looked closely at Hannah. "Imagine Hannah without her make-up, with short hair and a larger build." I prompted.

Claudia's eye's opened wide and she gasped, "Oh my god, Max, it's you!"

I smiled a little evilly, "As you wrongfully took everything I had in the world, I decided to take it back. With interest." I said, "As you seemed to dislike feminised men I decided to teach yours a thing or two, well a lot actually. I have to say Hannah was not at all co-operative to begin with, but I managed to 'help' him quite a bit. There is now nothing of Max left apart from what he tucks away in his panties."

Claudia was stunned and gradually broke down in tears, "Oh my god, look at what you've done to my handsome husband!" she said, "Please give max back to me, I promise that we'll leave you alone from now on!" she pleaded.

"I'm sorry but just is not possible, you see I have become quite attached to my house maid." I said, "You see, Hannah is totally devoted to me. He follows my every instruction, don't you Hannah?"

"Yes, I am forever devoted to Natalie now." Hannah confirmed.

"But I don't want your life ruined forever, so I have these papers for you to sign that will formalise a divorce between you and Hannah." I said, offering the papers to her. Then seeing her expression, "Come on, at least this will leave you free to re-marry if you desire. Just think of what you would have to say to your next man 'Sorry I can't marry you but my current husband is a feminised maid and I still haven't divorced him!'"

Reluctantly Claudia signed all the papers, "Oh and by the way, there was also a document in there that prevents you from initiating any sort of legal proceedings against me or Hannah here." I said and we left Claudia to her life.

On the way back Hannah was very subdued, "So that's it, my old life is totally gone!"

"Yes, that's about it!" I confirmed. "Well, maybe Claudia will remarry. Perhaps I should take her next man and make Alison a maid perhaps?" I teased.

Seeing Hannah's expression I smiled, "Perhaps not. I think I am quite satisfied with you looking after my home my dear. " I said.

The End