"Oh my God, Tyrone!", I moaned girlishly, my high pitched voice cracking as my master once again took my pussy and made it his property, his birthright. His bulbous cockhead pushed past the meager defenses of my sphincter, and with a moist, soft plop he was in me. I heard him groan right in my ear, felt his breath on my neck as he began to slowly ease into my boi-pussy.

We were supposed to be getting dressed for a night on the town, but when I made the mistake of letting Tyrone see me as I was slipping into my pretty silk and lace intimates, it was all over but the fucking. Ty was going to take me out dancing and to show me off to some of his thug friends who also had their own white boi bitches. I guess he thought I was the prettiest and wanted to diplay his trophy boi. I was excited to be able to get out and really get seductive and teasing with Ty. I wanted him to want me worse than anything he had ever wanted in his life.

"Ohh, shit yeah, bitch. Yeah. You like it when I spear dat mudafuckin' poonani, don't you?" Tyrone nibbled my ear while he whispered into it. "I know you get off on puttin' on dat purtty girly shit for me. Dollin' youself all up for yo master, eh whitey? Cmon, pussy boy let me hear ya'll scream!"

His words turned me on almost as much as his sexual prowess. My own little dick was rock hard, but it wasn't fit to even be in the same zip code as Ty's magnificent member.  He made sure I felt every inch of it too, twisting it in me and varying the depth , angle and speed of his penetrations. While Tyrone cared little if I came or not, I was almost assured of cumming at least three to four times during our average sex sessions. I was dressed in a beautiful red corset, extremely form fitting, it actually made it look as though I had breasts when I cinched it closed. With it I wore a matching rose red flowered, lace garter belt with slightly lighter red sheer silk stockings. I finished the ensemble with red high heels and wore no panties with it. They were supposed to be my undergarments for the evening, but Tyrone had other ideas.

"Pull dat pussy open for me, bitch. I know you need my shit in dat tight litta hole." I did as I was told, reaching around behind myself to pull my buns apart and open my pussy as far as possible for my master. "Yea, girl, oh yea sweetie. Dat coochie is mine. Open dose white buns for yo black daddy. FUCK!! YEA! I'm in all da way now, pussy boy! You feel me, bitch?" Tyrone took my fingers in his hand and forced me to feel and stroke the place where we were joined together. If I didn't realize the full extent of my situation before, I certainly did now. My holed was completely gaped around his powerful, ebony fuckpole. I could feel the stickiness on his cock, a mixture of anal lube and my own ass juice. I could feel intimately just how much my body was streched to accommodate his massive girth. And I loved every second of it.

"Ohhhh, myyyyy Gooooood! Master, make me cum, I need you to make me cum!!" I could indeed feel him, as he had asked. He took my breath away as he slid up into me, to the hilt. I could feel his wiry pubes mashing into the hairless skin of my backhole. I can't describe in words how much I love the feel of Tyrone's black-armored warrior inside my body, stripping away the last vestiges of free spirit, molding me to his will and becoming Submissive Patricia. His willingly subjugated girly boi. "Again! Again! Ohhhh, baby. It feels so good." I was begging him to slam into my rectum again, as the sheer force of his poundings get me very close to the edge.

"Shit, girl! Fuck, I got to have dat poony. Ohh, fuck!!" Spittle was spraying from between his gritted teeth and the muscles in his neck were bulging as Tyrone fought against the very early urge to shoot his load. His endurance was legendary, not only to me but to the mryiad of women and pussy boys he had fucked through the years. His hands ran posessively up and down my freshly-shaven, stockinged legs, then upwards to my beautiful round buttocks. "Yea, Pussy Pattie. Ya'll want dis nigga cock, I can tell, baby. You need me in dis poontang, dontcha bitch?"

His torrid fuck pace continued, with my passion and need for submission mounting. I was mewling like a kitten for my lover, my aggressive master topping me as we both desired. I started to reach back around  to jerk my cock, it was so hard. Immediately Tyrone grabbed both my wrists in one of his big hands and held them above my head. "Whatchoo think you doin', ho? I tell you to crank off?" I was trembling now, not only from the tremendous butt-fucking I was recieving but from this erotic transfer of power. I was giving up all control to this muscular black man, surrendering the last of my free will, the final remnants of my manhood. I was nothing but a girly boy to him, a pussy for him to fuck. "If you gonna cum, it's gonna happen 'cause I say so, ya'll hear me? When I start deepcockin' yo clit, then make dat quim nice and fuckin' tight for me and get reada for my big nigga load. You got dat, girl?"

"Yes, Tyrone." I groaned softly. I was trying to slow the pace back down, but Ty would have none of it. "Whatchoo tryin' to do girl? You wantin' me to keep quiet, keep it under wraps, so's all ya'lls neighbors don't hear you taking my cock and findin' out you's a faggot? A faggot who takes black dick and drinks blackman's sperm and piss? A faggot who gets hisself all dollied up like a prissy girl, puttin' on all dis sexy shit to turn on his nigga stud? A gay-boy who shaves hisself all smooth and shit? What part embarrases you da most?" I was crying both in shame and in reckless passion, my orgasm approaching. As I was about to shoot, Tyrone suddenly ordered me to squeeze my cock as hard as I could, so I couldn't cum. I did as I was told, despite my almost overwhelming urge to just let it go; I knew that would not sit well with my master. Then to coincide with my own blocked orgasm, Tyrone immediately slowed his pace considerably. This acheived his desired effect of giving me more stimulation of my sphincter and colon, but hardly any to my prostate. Extreme dissapointment rolled over me as I realized I was not going to be allowed to cum for quite some time.

"Ya cryin' girly boy? Cause you a prissy crossdresser? Or because you like cock? Or maybe it's 'cause you like.....black cock.....? Yeaaa, dat's it, aint it? You hate da fact dat you love getting yo asshole carved into a tunnel by a ghetto thug!" Ty was kissing my neck as he was breathing his words into my ear, continuing his fuck, now slow and languid and erotic. He would drive in slowly all the way to the root of his prick and then pull out even more slowly, driving me absolutely crazy as I felt every single thick, veiny inch of that magnificent black sex baton.

"Goddamitt, girl. You fuckin' beautiful. I love you in dis sexy shit. Fuck! I got to have you like dis all da time, makes my fuckin' cock so hard when you all dressed up fo me. Maybe tommorrow we 'all go lingerie shoppin' for you, eh faggot? Gettchoo some new purtty panties, maybe some cutsie litta nighties, some fuckin' silk shit fo you to model fo me....? Shit, dose fuckin' girls who who work at da lingerie store are gonna know who we buyin' dat shit fo. I'monna make fo sho 'bout dat! We gonna go to dat Victoria's Secret right next to yo fave book store at da muthafuckin' mall, so's all da folks who ya'll know can see ya'll buyin' yo prissy bras and panties and shit.....yea. Ya'llre gonna need some douchebags too. Gots to keep yo poony all nice and clean and fresh fo me!"  I was both scared and excited by these prospects, knowing full well the humiliation that would ensue.

"Aaaahhh, oohhhhhh, myyyy fuckin' God. Yes, Tyrone!! Oh God, Yesssss!!! I'll do anything you say, anything!! I want to be your little girl, your fuck whore!!" I was ready to shoot, so ready, but Ty had been slowing down the pace, not letting me get my nut off. It was his choice, after all. He was the master, I the slave. He continued his current fuck speed, content to make me squirm and beg for an orgasm. But my master was not done with his suprises.

"BITCH! WHOSE FUCKIN' PUSSY IS THIS?" He startled me with the suddeness and ferocity of his hollering.

"It........it's your pussy, Tyrone!!" I shouted back, albeit more quietly and not without some hesitation. I was still petrified of my neighbors hearing us, although it was probably pointless what with the thin walls of my apartment complex. Not to mention the fact that Tyrone was pretty much the only black guy who ever came there, drawing a fair amount of attention due to his very dark blackness and he frequently left my place in the morning.....I guess a lot of people could put two and two together.


"THIS PUSSY BELONGS TO YOU, MASTER!! IT'S ALL FOR YOU!!" I gasped out the words as Tyrone took my breath away as he started back into his faster fuck mode, slamming into my rectum with a brutality that was both unanticipated and exhilirating, my hole opened completely to my lover, my dark master. Still he held my arms captive above my head. I was unable to do anything except press back into him, in time to his rhythm. With his other hand he roaved possesively over my heart shaped buttocks and the sexy, sheer stockings that encased my legs in a gossamer sheen.


I was crying out loud now, completely emasculated and humiliated, gasping out my answers to his demands, loving and hating the feeling of being dragged down into the depravity of master/slave sex, loving and hating (as Tyrone had guessed) the fact that a black man could turn me into this, a prissy girlie slut. That he could make me arch my back into his frenzied thrusts, accepting more and more of his delicious shaft into my once male body. For I was now totally feminized, his dress-up doll, all done up in satin and lace and silk, begging for him to make sweet love to me as a woman might, purring for him. When I thought about it, I realized I was his de-facto wife. I fixed most of his meals, did his laundry, gave him massages, blowjobs and warmed his bed at night. My asshole was now and forever would be, a pussy. Only there for his pleasure, to massage his prick within it's satiny sheath.

"PLEASE MASTER MAY I PLEASE CUM!?! PLEASE LET ME SHOOT. I'M SO CLOSE!! I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK IN MY PUSSY. I LOVE YOUR BIG.........BLACK COCK INSIDE ME!! I NEED IT! I NEED YOUR SPERM IN ME! PLEASE MAKE ME PREGNANT WITH YOUR BLACK SPERM, MASTER" Tears were running down my face, both from the extreme degradation of my words and from my absolute love of and devotion to this dominating black male, my master, my lover, my husband. My utter disgrace would soon be complete, as my neighbors would hear me orgasm while impaled on my black stud and they would be sure to hear his grunting and groaning, as well. His climaxes were always loud and like much of his speech, laced with vulgarities, graphic descriptions of sex and ghetto-speek.

"All right, girl. Go 'head and spray it. But remember, dis ain't 'bout choo. I don't give a fuck 'boutchour cum. 'Sall 'bout tightenin' up dat quimmy fo me. I is getting my muthafuckin' nut off, and 'sall goin' down in yo poontang, bitch!"

"Uuuughhhh, ooohhh!! OH MY GOD!! OHHH MASTER TYRONE, I'M CUMMMMMMINGGGGG!! EEEYYYAAAAGGGHHH! OHH FUCK OH GODDD OH FUCK!! OH JESUUUSSS CHRISSSSST! MY GOD!!" I let loose with my high pitched girly scream, squeeling out my orgasm like a stuck pig. I was bawling, my tears flowing unheeded down my face as the throes of my orgasm gripped me and I felt myself involuntarily constrict even tighter around Tyrone's hammering love spear. The unabashed pleasure I got from my jizz firing up my piss hole at lightning speed was indescribable. I was shaking in Tyrone's strong arms, feeling his muscles all around me. Feeling him inside me. I turned my neck back to face him and he grabbed my chin in one powerful hand and crushed his lips to mine, plundering my mouth with his toungue. His kiss was so strong I was sure my lips would be bruised from his forcefulness. Seconds after my orgasm, Ty's hit both of us with the force of a hurricane. I felt the sudden blast of slick, scalding heat jettison deep in my innards. It was like my rectum and colon had been coated with slimy molten lava. I screamed out again, loving the feeling of my impregnation, my black master seeding his submissive white wife. Tyrone started shouting out more dirty talk, while still laying claim to my mouth with his own, his shouts of pleasure somewhat muffled by our sexy oral dance.

"Ohhhhh, shit girl!! FUCK YEAAAA!! JEZUS FUCKIN' CHRIST, MUTHAFUKA!! HERE COMES MY'S BIG FUCKIN' LOAD, GET READY FO IT GIRLIE!! Ohhhh, fuck yea, dis quim is sooo dayam tight, shit I got to empty my balls, bitch. FUCK!! JEZUS! OHH MY GOD!! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!! AARRRRGGGGHHHH!! TAKE IT GIRL TAKE IT PUSSY BOY TAKE MY NIGGA LOAD IN YO FUCKIN ASS PUSSY!!" The orgasm shook Tyrone's muscle-bound body. The thug master took his nut in his girl, like thugs do.

"Oohhh, fuck, master. I can't believe what you did to me. Thank you for letting me cum, master." My breathing was coming in heavy gulps as I slowly got over my own climax and the feeling of being filled with Tyrone's mansap. He slowly eased out of me, but even as he was withdrawing I squeezed him as tight as I could, not wanting my master to vacate my mangina. My lingerie was soaked with sweat and the stockings had been partially torn as Ty gripped my legs during his cum. He cared little if he bruised me or tore my unmentionables, as I belonged to him and hence, he could do as he pleased. I heard his low chuckle at my trying to keep him in me, to no avail.

"Yeah, girl." He wispered in my ear as he withdrew the remainder of his spent cock. "I know you want me in ya'll mo dan anything, but if you's a good litta girlie, maybe Tyrone will give ya'll anotha fuck sooner dan ya'll espects. Got it? Now let's git to bed, pussy boy!"

I smiled as I followed my beautiful master to his bed, holding his hand. I thought about our big lingerie shopping day tommorrow as well as what more sensual pleasures could await me yet that night.


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