A note: this is basically the continuation of the same night from chapter 2, that I for  some inexplicable reason, decided to split in half. Hence the "2.5" designation.......

"Open yo mouf, girl. You gunna drink my piss." It was a statement by Tyrone, one I was not about to argue with. I knealt down in front of my ebony god, his spent cock now starting to hang down in front of his heavily muscled thighs. Spent, but still impressive in it's length and girth. Lube and saliva glazed the entire shaft and a few drips of man sap were still leaking from the tip, the remainders of our blistering sex session. The sight and smell of his rank, manly crotch was almost overwhelming. His huge balls were coated with the spuzz that had dripped down his shaft during the exhausting buttfuck. His pungent, musky  scent made my mouth water as I opened wide so Ty could insert his superior manhood into another of my orfices, dominating me yet again. I closed my lips around the thick crown and felt him immediately relax and release a hot, powerful stream of piss into my mouth and down my throat. Nothing says "subjugation" like acting as a toilet for another human being and my cock got instantly hard again at the thought of my supreme humiliation. I rolled my toungue around the bulbous penis, trying to make my mouth as accomadating as possible for my master. I tasted as much of Tyrone's scalding, salty urine as I could, lolling it around in my mouth as if it were a fine wine, before swallowing his entire bladder full of hot, golden pee.

"Oooh, fuck yeah, girlie. I had to take dat piss fo a while now. Dam! Shit feels good. Drink it up, slutboy!" Tyrone was still moaning and groaning out dirty words at me, as the pleasure of finally pissing raced through him. He emptied himself and then slowly pulled his cock back, letting the last few dribbles spray onto my face and lingerie.

After I drank up his golden offering, Tyrone pulled me off to bed. But not before I could strip off the sweat and cum and piss-soaked corset and stockings and slip into a super sheer pink baby doll. It was transparent silk from top to bottom, and barely covered my bottom, by the way. It was almost just a wisp of erotic, gossamer air surrounding my body. Of course I decided against the teeny tiny panties that paired with it, leaving my buttocks fully exposed for my man. I added just the slightest dab of a musky perfume that I had recently bought, hoping it would bring an extra zing to our sex life, as if Ty and I needed it. I crawled slowly into the massive king sized bed in my room and curled up in the crook of Tyrone's arm. He was already asleep. I wasn't suprised as he usually slept after that large of a sperm deposit, but I was still dissapointed nonetheless. I breathed in the manly scent of him, taking in his dominant black man's sexuality and knowing that our wonderful, fervent night of sensual passion was likely far from over. And then I slept.

I came awake some time later, unsure of how long I had been asleep, but fully aware of Tyrone softly kissing the back of my neck. I was laying with my head over one of his arms with my back to him. With his free hand he was roving over my body, somewhat roughly, domineering, showing me who I belonged to. His hands touched me everywhere but my cock, frustrating me. But then I jumped a little when his fingertips found my tender nipples and started to squeeze them, twisting, pinching.

"Ooohhhh, my goodness, master. That feels so.....good......aaahhhh." Again I yelped out my reactions in girlish little gasps and moans, playing to Tyrone's love of my complete submission to him.

"Oooo, yeah, sweetie pie. You likin' me touchin' ya'll over, girl?" He was wispering erotically into my ear. "Ya'll ready 'gain ta show me whatchoo want? Show me how ya'll are gonna take me inside dis sweet litta pussy? Agin and agin? You wantin' me ta breed ya 'gain? Gonna shit out a nigga baby?"

I could feel him getting hard again, pressed up against my backside. I knew it was only going to be a couple minutes before he'd be hard enough to take me again. I could hardly wait to have that thick slab of granite poked up my hole again, streching me to new limits, making me into a complete female. His female. My sluthole was still coated with his manslime, the result of our previous coupling.

"I know you love it when I's pinchin' yo nips. Litta fuckas get so hard from my touch, shit you is ripe fo 'notha go round aintcha, Bitch? And my fuckin' cock is sooo dayam stiff ta getinta dat poontang agin. Fuck! You smellin' fine, girl! You gots some kinda fuckin' perfume on or sumthin? See ya got anutha purtty silky nightie on fo me. Lessee if we can't wreck dis one too....."

His fingers took one last pinch of my rosy nubs and then I felt him move them back over my hips to my shapely buns and then they were at the gates to my love canal. I shifted restlessly in his embrace, trying, needing to open myself to my master's touch. I gasped as he slid two fingers into me.

"Yeah, Pattie-girl, you like dis thug friggin' yo boy pussy? You like me makin' dis litta hole open up fo me? Shit bitch, you so Goddamned ready fo my black fuckpole, aintchoo? Shit, I gotta breed dis poony agin! Ya ready ta wrap dat juicy ass pussy 'round ma cock? Yea, push dose buns back fo me. Get into it punk!" He pulled his fingers from my ass and shoved them into my mouth, making me lick my own juice, whetting his fingers. I was so hard from this show of power by him; there was no doubt who owned who. No doubt who was in charge.

"Yea, girlie, get into it! Get dose fingas slobbered up. I gonna shove em back up dat coochie agin, make ya'll good and wet fo me. Yeeeaaa, girlie-girl, open dat pussy, let me back up in dat shit." He was still whispering into my ear as he romanced me, shoving not two, but three of his fat rough fingers back up into me, opening me for his eventual entry.

Then it happened. I felt his fingers pull out of me, replaced by the bulbous crown of his magnificent erection. He slipped in effortlessly, greased as I was by my own saliva and his still-present breeding spunk. We both grunted as his penetration was a success. My girlie grunt pain-filled from my sphincter streching open so quickly, his manly grunt in response to my utter submission in accepting his maleness into my body.

"Fuck ya, pussy boy. Take dat nigga cock! Yea, you like dat shit, dontcha? Like being my slave?" He was still whispering, but his thrusts were getting urgent rather quickly and his hands roamed my body, once again taking full possession of me. His fingers he would jam into my mouth, then slide down and pinch my nipples, turning them into aching pinpoints of pleasure. His hands continued their trek down my body, sliding over my slim waist, my shapely buns and then to my smooth, sexy legs. "I know whatchoo doin' slut. You purtendin' I'm makin' love to you, aintchoo? How we got our little night a romance an' shit...? Shit, girl! You like me takin' yo ass like dis, dontcha? What dos sex books a your's calling dis? Side-saddle? Time ta get in one las fuck fore mornin'!! Get ready fo dis nigga ta pound yo pussy, bitch!!"

"Ohhhh, yeeaa, baby. Ooohhhh, fuck me. Ooooohhh, I love your cock in me." I was mewling like a pussy cat in heat, wanting my master yet again, my boy womb hungry to be seeded again by my brawny, black lover. His thrusts had started out merely streching my sphincter open, arousing enough for me, but then he hit it. My boy clit. I cried out instantly. "OHHHHH MY GOD MASTER!! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!! FUCK MY BOY PUSSY!! MY ASS PUSSY IS YOURS MASTER!!! OOOHHHH MY GOD! FUCKIN JESUS CHRIST BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!! RAPE ME MASTER!! RAPE MY PUSSY AND MAKE IT YOURS!!!" I was screaming out every obscenity that came into my head, oblivious to my neighbors and what they might think, my mind focused entirely on the ebony fuck pole that was raping my shit chute, fucking my mind and stripping me of my manhood, once and for all. Men don't take cock; they give cock. Men don't get fucked; they do the fucking. I was no longer a man, I was a female, a woman, a girly-boi. I was there to take my master's cock within my body, to take his seed, that most precious of gifts that a topman can give his bottomboy. Tyrone's hard, brutal fucking was needed to remind me of my station as a hole. I was a pleasure bitch, dressing like a bitch, smelling like a bitch, acting like a bitch.And I needed it. I would go tommorrow, with Tyrone to the mall. We would walk into Victoria's Secret together, me on his arm and inform the girls that I needed my measurements taken and that Tyrone wants to approve every single piece of lingerie that I would be purchasing. There would be no room for doubt in the girls minds that I was a cringing, whimpering pussywhore faggot bottom for the towering ebony god next to me. My humilation would be immense and somehow, it made me harder thinking about it. Just the fact that I was surrendering all my sense of being to Tyrone and I was his to do with as he pleased, was incredibly erotic and humbling and arousing.

The vicious buttfucking continued, with Tyrone continuing to spoon behind me, spearing my mangina with one rigid thrust anfter another. He was inflexible in his castigation of my asshole, pounding, driving, plunging into me, causing my hole to gape around his colossal flesh lance. My pussy hole was burning from the intense physical exertion as well as the overwhelming emotions flooding my brain. I started to scissor my leg up, to allow my master greater access to penetrate me. But Ty would have none of that.

"Shit, girl, keep dos legs shut. Lot tighter dat way. I like your quim nice and tight, bitch!" Tyrone forcefully pushed my legs together and held his arm over them, keeping my tunnel snug for his continued sexing. I could feel the sweat between our bodies, slippery and wet. This fuck was getting nasty, my master causing me to gasp out his name and my devotion to him. My complete submission to my slavery was nearing fruition. I feel Tyrone once again, getting close to his nut. His pace quickened, fucking me raw, his fiery poker boring into my most intimate flesh, flesh that was for no one but him to touch. The inner moistness of my rectum was clinging to his truncheon, I could feel every vein, every blood engorged inch, the ridges of the corona as the powerful boner subjugated my ass pussy to it's iron will.

"Goddamn, girlie!! I'm gunna carve this pussy but good. YOU WANT DIS COCK WHORE? YOU WANT DIS NIGGA FUCK POLE INSIDE YO?! ANSWER ME BITCH!! TELL ME WHERE YOU WANT IT!! TELL ME HOW YOU WANT IT!!" Tyrone was hollering, his voice undoubtably carrying through the thin walls of my apartment complex. There was still apart of me that was incredulous at the turn my life had taken. Just a few weeks before I had been a heterosexual man, carrying on  relationships with women and in other aspects of day-to-day normality. Now I was being spoon fucked by a black brute, laying on my side, allowing a man to penetrate me rectally, begging for an anal orgasm. I was a sex kitten, dressed in a flimsy, sheer pink nightie, the very picture of blatant femininity.


"Here I cum girl!! Shit you ready fo dis hot nigga load slut? Damn I gots so much fuckin' jizz fo you, Trisha. Gonna make you inta my own white-boy breedin' bitch. Make ya'll preggers wit ma fuckin' skeez." We clasped right hands above our heads and with his free hand, Ty pulled me back into his broad physique even more and completely buried his boner in my tush, holding himself there in my anal embrace as he grunted out his orgasm. I lay there streched out against my man's body, accepting his gift of seed into my boy womb, while my my own tiny, four and half inch cock spouted boy sap, as well. I screamed out my own satisfaction, loving the feeling of Master leaving his essence in and on me. My nightie was drenched with sweat and torn in two places; Tyrone had indeed wrecked it. But I knew tommorow I would have plenty of opportunity to replace it on our big shopping day.

As Tyrone slowly, so slowly pulled himself out of me with a rough grunt and a moist plop, I was exhausted from the almost back-to-back buttfuckings I had just had the luck and honor to recieve from my master; I hoped my master was pleased with my performance. His pleasure was what mattered, not mine.

Coming soon......Lingerie shopping with Tyrone and Patricia

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