My Wife, My Teen Sister

by Tygerlily

Tom had fallen asleep after a long boring day at work. He was sick of the stupid big mouthed children that lived on his street, constantly harassing his son and wife as well as egging his car. It took the paint right off and was a bitch to get fixed. He had just had enough of their bullshit. He had told them off bigtime and sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee, and falling asleep with his hand down his pants. He slowly drifted off while watching Dan Rather talk about the Pokemon epidemic that was sweeping the nation.

Tom awoke, or rather came to the actuality of his body bent over Michelle Covetousel's knee. He couldn't help but feel strange and uncomfortable with his ass up in the air with his clothing being pulled down to his knees. He was aware that it was Michelle by her voice and was terrified by the woman. Michelle had been known for sleeping with men and using them and throwing them away. She was sick. But what was going on here...

slap "You are so fucking stupid! I refuse to put up with this kind of backtalk from you young lady. You know better." Michelle screamed back at her as her hand scorned the ass cheeks of her 12 and a half year old daughter Jessica. She always tried to show people that she was content with her daughters. Especially Jessica, but they needed a real attitude adjustment and she knew it. She was just one of these mothers that really never cares.

It hurt so bad and Tom couldn't help but get tears in his eyes. His long hair hung down around and over his view so that he had no clue as to what was going on.

"Why the fuck did you hit me!?!" he couldn't help but exclaim, it was instinctive. And then he gasped in horror at the voice. It was the same voice as one of the young girls up the street from him. They were twin girls who were always getting into trouble harassing his family. His, or rather her, mind echoed of the events earlier that day.

(Tom had gotten home in his Mercury Saber and pulled in his driveway. The crinkle of the gravel under his tires made him feel so happy and so relieved to be home. He loved his wife and son and hated where he worked those incredibly long hours at the plant. He didn't even want to think about the plant, what a waste of time.

"If only there was some way that this fucking country would make it easier on the working man." Tom sighed, scratching his crotch, which felt sweaty and oily from the long hot hours of work.

As if things couldn't get worse. He went inside to find his wife and son upset. They weren't upset at each other though. It seems that the two twin girls up the street, which could do no wrong in their mother's eyes, had started a small crime spree with one of the older boys in town Seth.

To make a long story short, while getting his.. her soft ass cheeks warmed up by her mother's hand, Tom could not remember them all in detail. The pain was too great and at one point she even felt a warm sensation in her privates and peed herself a little. But as he looked back, he realized that he had stormed up to Michelle's house and told her off literally, getting in each other's faces. The drunken bar slut's red face glared at him and really had made him mad.

"What your girls need is their asses smacked for once. I'm sick of this Michelle and I won't take it anymore. The next time.. and there better not BE a next time! You can know for sure that I will be getting the authorities involved!"

He looked over at the girls, who were away from the porch hiding on their bikes behind Michelle's red Camaro. Even now their faces were mocking and glaring back at him with their mother's strange form of lifestyle.

"It's no wonder these girls are like this." He sighed to himself and just walked back home.

And then he had taken a hot bath and leaned over the tub later on that night, that was all he remembered.)

Michelle let her daughter off of her knee. The poor girl sat there rubbing her backside. It was what she deserved and what she needed after all she had done that day. She wondered what motivated Jessica to do suck things to grownups. "Ok now you be a good young lady. You know you're not a little girl anymore. I expect a little more out of you and Jamie. "She bent down and gently kissed the stunned crying girl on the forehead. STUNNEED, she thought because of the ass beating, "I love you Jessica and you have been a joy to me since I brought you into this world. You girls are all I've got. Please promise me you'll act like a different person and straighten your act out. You know I can't do all of this and work at the same time and keep on smilin."

Jessica's tears ran down her face, this time more from sympathy as well as hatred and pain. Michelle really was a loving mother. If she only knew, if she only knew how true her words were about Jessica acting like another person. "I promise mommy. I will be a good girl and you will be proud of me."

The hugged and Michelle patted her butt as she left the room. Jessica felt sensations from that tap that she didn't want to recognize. This had to be just a temporary thing.

Then the phone rang, it was for her.

"Um, Hello"

"Jessica, it's me Seth. I thought that I'd give you a call and see what you have been up to today. I know we got it a lot of trouble earlier. Normally I wouldn't care if it was the average girl... but you know..."

Seth continued to talk as Jessica felt that familiar warm tingle in her bladder that she had as a man. The need to piss really really bad. Thank God it was a cordless phone that she had with her. This small body was so flexible, she thought, and it really wasn't all that bad. She didn't even think of checking out her genitals, why should she, she knew what was there. See one puss you've seen em all. It did feel strange to her, but strangest were the perky little breasts that stuck out in front of her.

"...And you know how I feel about you Jessica. I mean I'd do anything for you. Steal anything that you want. We can run off together and get away from your sister and mom and .. we could make it I'm sure."

Jessica sighed to herself, she really hated Seth in real life. He was a backtalking little bastard. She pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties on the toilet seat. "Oh Seth I can't do that. I love you a lot to but..."

She slowly put her finger down between her legs and started to pee. Her urethra tingled deeper and warmer that she had ever felt anything as she did as a man. It felt somehow pleasing, although she had always wondering based upon superficial judgements that having a penis would be easier to use. She remembered the days when she could just whip it out and let it go. Now she `tinkled' out the liquid, still new to having a puddin', she got it all over her hand and the inside of the rest of her maidenhood.

"But what?" Seth demanded vainly. This seemed to work for him before. He only wanted her for a good long fuck. He always loved to do this to young girls because they knew the consequences of `ratting' on him at school. The girl would literally be shunned by her classmates as the one who was easy and gave in to a guy. The boys would whisper and gossip and said crude things out of their ignorance.

"Hold on a second I'm peeing for fucksake." Jessica took a piece of toilet paper and carefully cleaned off her hand. She had never heard of doing anything with her vulva, nor heard that it would need to be cleaned, how could she. She threw the paper in the toilet. "Well for one, I'm not your girl anymore. Never have been and never will. Secondly, I know I've got a reeeeaaaaly nice ass... and I KNOW that you'd REEEAAAAALLLLY like me to be yours forever, but I don't need a guy. Can't we just be friends? A gu...girl and a guy?" She shuddered at the last comment. It was so alien to call herself a girl. She didn't feel like a guy.

"Um... ok babe. Um.. whatever you say. You just remember that we've done things that you've never done with most guys. We've felt things that most people don't feel until they are older." Seth was really starting to get angrier by the moment. "And when I ate you out the other day, you told me that you wanted more. You wanted me to go further and promised me a blowjob tonight for the fun that we had today. But since you want to be a cunt about it, go right ahead and see if I fucking care. "

Jessica realized that she had been to harsh on Seth, she realized that it was out of the question to treat this young man so rudely. Usually she'd be able to know what boys wanted, but strangely she saw what Jessica.. the old Jessica had seen in him. He was so forceful and so bad and so delicious and so warm and she had just peed in a toilet in the body of a teenage girl. The hormones were building up more and more. The emotions were running ramped in the little girl, so strange.

"Ok Seth I'm sorry. I just flipped. I'll tell you what, come on over tomorrow and I'll make sure that everything is cool. I'll just tell mommy that I have cramps. We can ... you just come on over while she's away and we can talk this through."

Seth hung up the phone without giving her an answer.

"I'll take that as a yes. "Jessica cooed, realizing that she had given in to Seth! "Oh shit. " her stomach hurt! What was happening to her that she'd gotten all hot and worked up over a young boy? She had been touching herself in a special way the whole time too! She'd promised to give him a blowjob! She almost fainted.

That night, Jessica sat in bed with her hand between her tiny crummy legs. What were these new feelings tingling through her? She had to figure it out one way or another.

She had a lump in her throat thinking about him standing over her with his zipper down and his dick hanging out. What kind of girl would just give in to every guy that she saw. Would she grow into a young woman thirsting for cum in every orifice of her body?

She rolled over on her bed and felt the thick fabric rub against her nether regions. It felt so good and so wet... so womanly. She wondered what the other Jessica was doing in her body.

(In actuality the male version was quite happy with a nice factory job. No boys in school grabbing at her boobies or trying to look up her skirt. She was with the woman that she had brought to tears earlier in the day. Now a subservient leech on her new cock attached to her new preciously muscular manhood.)

What was it like for a girl to masturbate, Jessica wondered. She had now grown an interest in herself and her boobies. Had she ever been with a guy before? What was it like... surely she had to keep a diary somewhere in this fucking place. She reached around her nightstand and found it.

Remarkably, Jessica had been an excellent writer and had been given many awards in school for her grammar. It was the only thing that she had known. Her diary was an open story of her life. She skimmed through it and looked for interesting things in the past two months. One thing caught her eyes. One exactly a month ago to the day.

(Dear diary,

Yes I feel so eclectic in my pursuits to do better than my mother but my moods keep changing. Maybe someday I'll learn my lessons and be better to stay focused. I can't get Seth out of my mind. It hits me to the core and makes me feel so wet. Even now I can't help be rub my clit and dream of being with him. This string sticks out of my cunt and I wish that I could be there for him. I can only give him blowjobs, which are alright I suppose if you don't mind that sticky feeling on your lips. His sperm tastes like hot bread and smells like it too. He even let me save a glass of it for further use later if I became in need of him. Neither mom nor my sister know how I feel. Jamie is always with mom on any account, never wanting to be with her twin sister.

My cunt is so sore from this tampon. It just hurts so bad to have that stuff inside of you. It can't be natural to have to suffer like this. I pray to God that a month from now I can feel more secure with myself and with Seth. I want to run away with him, but first I want to get that asshole neighbor of mine really well. I want to kick him in the balls and rip off his dick. I'd cut him down to size and have him eating out of my hand in minutes. Seth is all for this too. But we probably won't go through with it.

I'll just hold my pentagram in my hands and pray to the Goddess that I may someday get my wish.)

Jessica cringed in her body. This was why she had changed into this young girl. The girl that wanted to "cut her down to size" and make him eat out of her hand. It was that which caught her eye.... eating out of a girl's hand. Pissing out of a girl's cunt... oh hell. She sighed and realized that it was a greater force at work. She couldn't help but realize that she was feeling and even acting like Jessica. She liked it when she read about the taste of Seth's cum, even looking forward to it.

She spread her legs wide apart and examined herself from top to bottom. That new feminine bottom! Oh shit... it was all white and milky and had seeped it's way into the sheets. "Am I having my period!" she gasped in horror to herself.

She knew nothing about that part of a woman other than that they became terribly bitchy and chewed out they guys that they loved. Seth... again she felt warm, but in a sick way. In a sticky way.

This wasn't just a transfer of bodies! It was the transfer of minds, the curse of the Goddess! She would do anything and everything that Jessica had done. She would enjoy her life as a woman, appreciate Michelle as her mother, forget about her wife.... What would her wife do with a thirteen year old girl anyways?

Not even her son, who she could look to in any moment, would trust her. She was the girl who had made his life hell earlier in the day. She was Jessica... it were these very lips that had spoken to him, "Eat me and like it you fucking shitwad!"

Shitwad? what kind of word was that? And why was he thinking like that. What had Jessica done and why had she done this to him. What possessed her.....

tears flowed down her face. Oh why God why?

God couldn't help her. This was the work on a Wiccian Goddess of the Celts!

She looked to the other diary entry closer.

(Dear diary,

I sucked Seth dry today and then focused on his hard member. I felt so wet and he knew it. Before I knew it, he was down on me. He licked me so hard that my whole body shook. He rolled his tongue over my tits and I just melted. Before I knew it, he was on top of me taking me and ravaging me... oh it was so good.)

Jessica then realized in shock that it had been two weeks ago that this entry had been written. She remembered somewhere that a woman has her period ever 28 days. That meant that her period was... late!

"oh fuck.. oh fuck.. oh fuck.. " she danced about in her head.

Oh wait.. she looked further on in the story and read that it was ONLY a dry fuck.

She sighed with a long passionate relief.

She was still a virgin... and wanted to STAY a virgin. Because on another page it told the spell that she had cast on herself a month before.

"Should... either in question taste of the intimateness of a man or a woman and conceive or beget the fruit of their new bodies.. the Goddess will contain them there for all eternity. The conceiving of a child is not merely an example of the replication of the flesh as much as it is the soul. The two will be trapped in the bodies of that person."

( That night, Jessica had a wild dream that reflected her new acquired fantasies to sooth her new genitals. The poor thing must be falling apart wanting her body back. It was one thing to write about it and another thing to actually have it happen. Her twat smelled so delicious anyhow, and she had stuck several finger in it tasting it all day long. Apparently her body wasn't totally shot and she could enjoy the taste of pussy. One this young was so succulent she wanted.... she wanted so long to taste a young girl and get in her pants. She laughed.

Seth was a courteous young man when he came in the door. After it shut was another story.

He threw her up against the wall and ripped her clothes off... her panties.

"No sucky sucky until after we fucky fucky." He said, licking her lips gently.

Jessica couldn't resist him and gave back big passionate kisses. She wanted him to take her... she really did. But not now... not HERE! She remembered the curse and tried to keep it clear in her mind. It only took one poke and a little jizz to encase her like this forever. Hated and despised by the very people that she had loved, her family... her son. Oh her son was so cute... purrrrrrrr

"Seth I really... ummmmm.... take me however you want me babe."

Soon later she realized what had happened. Seth had gotten down on her muff and licked the patchy hair to it's sticky wetness. She orgasmed again and again on his lips. And then her rose and kissed her... rubbing her. He was a novice.

To her orgasmic delight he had played with her. "Ouwie.... get it fucking in Seth RIGHT NOW. Do me.. take me.. eat me. I'm yours." Was she saying things like this... were these feelings real?

Her just stuck himself inside of her and they both came and gushed each other at the same time. This was her most fertile time of the month too! "Oh fuck my ass. I want more!"

He rose above her with a monster thrust into her tender pinkies. She rose to kiss him.)

It was morning and she had woken up... hot and sweaty and sticky. It had all been a dream... just a dream... nothing to worry about. But those desires had to come from somewhere. She still could taste that milky cum in her mouth. Was it some kind of cellular memory that had imprinted itself on Jessica? Could it be possible at all? She wondered as she got up for school. She was DEFINITELY going to school today, didn't want to take the chance no matter how pleasing the dream had been. She was not... NOT taking a cock. Although she wouldn't mind a cold coke bottle... her eyes dimmed with pleasure.

She went to school and sat her books on the floor. She looked down at herself. She looked damn good in her new skirt and tight shirt. She had picked out a nice light pink shirt that said, "Posh Girl" on the top in dark red letters. Her skirt was a nice corduroy maroon that went down to her soft knees. It wasn't like normal corduroy, thick and stiff, but soft and sensual. She had even done her hair up so that she would look `sexy'. It was perfectly easy today. Much better than in her dreams.

The day went rather well for her and was simple. She junior high was for "big girls" and she had been a lot further than that... in school as well as in big girls. She giggled to herself.

She saw that she didn't have gym class today, which was a good thing because changing in front of all those girls would just be strange. So many pussies so little time, she licked her lips.

"Ummm um um um um um... " She sang her way into class and sat down.

"Today we will be discussing.. "The tall football coach pulled down the filmstrip screen and turned off the lights. He slowly walked over near Jessica and leaned over her shoulder imposingly. He was so huge!

So filthy and so manly, she slumped in her chair.

"The human sexual organs and puberty, what many of you are going through. The changes in feelings and that sort of thing. I hope that you all enjoy the filmstrip and take careful notes because there will be a pop quiz."

The whole class gave a soft groan of displeasure that made Coach Dillsworth smile. He liked to see them suffer long and hard over a test that there were obviously no answers to in the film. He loved every moment of it, especially the fact that he could lean over girls like Jessica and make them feel so uncomfortable.

This gave Jessica such a headache. She knew what was coming next, and it was going to put her under by it's boredom.

The movie showed a young girl her age walking down the hall dealing with issues with boys and blah...blah.. blah.. she wasn't interested.

Coach noticed this and was not very amused by it.

Her long hair rolled down all over her shoulder and hid the fact that she was asleep rather well.

But Coach saw though it.

"Miss Covetousel. I think that I have a job for you since you have decided to sleep through this film that is so important on your existence. And future. We grow healthy young minds here. "Coach said with a smile, walking over to her desk and grabbing her by the shoulder.

He was so very strong and forceful. She was so scared she could have wet herself, and did a little. This was not a pleasant wet feeling, and the look on her face was that of terror as she stood in front of the room with 30 classmates snickering.

"Ok now what I want you to do is take my notes and my lesson plan and teach the rest of the class what I was going to teach today."

She took the paper and her hands were obviously shaking in terror. It wouldn't have been so bad, she might have even enjoyed it if this had only been a temporary thing.

She sighed deeply and looked at her classmates, still clasping the paper.

"Ok... the .. male reproductive system. " She cleared her throat almost embarrassed. She knew what the boys were thinking. They probably thought that she had a mouthful of cum.

"Well, boys of course have penis...peni... whatever. And that is an erectile organ that gets hard when aroused by the sight or scent of a woman or her... lips on it. This is called `oral sex'."

She turned to the diagram on the board with the close-up of a boy's penis and testes. She pointed to the tip. "This is the penis" Then she pointed at the testicles "These are the balls... where sperm is produced. When combined with um... a woman's egg it makes a baby."

Coach spoke up sternly, he really was just a lumbering ogre that thought that he was doing the right thing. "And how exactly does that make you feel to look at a penis? And WHY Miss Covetousel, do we want to wear a condom when we have sex?"

Jessica held her head down, feeling like a fool for being in this body and at this fate. It must have been in the cards waiting to play themselves out. She felt like shit. She had nothing to live for... or maybe this was just the teenage girl in her growing more and more to it's liking.

"well, when I see that picture I get turned on. I feel really good and horny and want you to spank me all night long DADDY! "She squealed, making a shocking mockery of the Coach. This was something that would be expected out of the old Jessica.

"And I'll tell you what. You can get off on all these boys when you see them undress cause you know that you like it. Um um um um m..... wanna suck the old meat clean huh coach? Fuck you! I'm not your little whipping boy!"

Jessica threw down the paper and went coolly to her seat and sat down. She stomped her feet the whole way there. She was pissed. It wasn't bad enough to be a young girl, but to be asked how it made her feel. That was going over the line.

"I will see you in my office after class young lady." Coach whispered under his breath.

A cold chill ran up Jessica's spine.

After class she went into the Coach's private room. He sat there reading a magazine with a stern look on his face. Slowly he sat the magazine down and looked at the trembling young girl.

"What am I going to do with you young lady?"


"Yeah... not much to say now. You've got an attitude problem. I wanted you to show everybody else in the class that even the most popular girl goes through menus"

"I'm not popular."

"Sure you are. And you need punished. I don't like young boys. One of these days, you little bitch, are going to learn about what and why a girl your age needs to go through this. You know absolutely nothing about men and sex. You'll just wind up somewhere pregnant. I think we need to give your mother a call."

Jessica realized that her mother had meant business. Her "mother" hell it was that sick skank Michelle. Her mother had been.... hmmm.... who was her mother? She couldn't remember! He was so big... scary.. he had a huge bulge in his pants! She felt new sensations rock through her body. She had slowly becoming more and more like Jessica ... ugh

"Please sir don't call her. She won't care anyways. She's just... mom. You know her reputation around here."

He looked down at her, those soft little blue eyes and long brown hair seemed to tickle his sympathies. He had a soft spot inside that huge massive body. He knew that she was studying his dick, poor thing was just a tiny body full of emotions and hormones. "Yeah I am aware of this. I don't know what to... do. though. it was so ... " he melted. "Can you stay after school today?"

Her eyes broadened as he said that. She knew that she had hit a nerve. "Yeah, mom doesn't care if I even come home. Just so long as I call and tell her ahead of time. I can stay after."

"How good are you with your hands?" He asked her calmly.

"um.... Fairly good ... why?" this was too weird.

"Well...." he tapped the edge of the magazine on the desk. "I would like to leave early, but I need some work done around here. Little things... I'll leave the door unlocked for you. It'll show you how much I trust you. And if you do anything...."he leaned forward. "I'll know who it was."

"I need to toilets cleaned out in the boys locker room... I need it mopped and all of the papers and stuff like that thrown away. It'll take you five minutes at the most. "

It was a total pain in the ass that evening, but Jessica did all that he had told her to do. There was no use for the details of it. She could smell the cum on the urinals and the toilets and the floor. She was sick of this feeling in her panties when she smelled cum. She groaned to herself.... nobody would know if she.... just a taste.

She stuck her finger in a little jizz on the bowl... brought it to her soft lips... watched herself in the mirror. It really turned her on to see a young pussy leaning over a urinal for a taste. She felt so hot... she had to pee. It tasted so delicious... so.. what was the word?

She had forgotten most of the words.. and this sensation seemed to take her back a few steps into Jessica's PUSS-ANAL-ITY. She giggled at that word.

"I need to get a vibrator.." she winced... feeling the sensations.. those .. that cunt ached.

It would be better than a dick and she still might have the chance to be a man again. Men.... boys.. she wanted it all.

"Tom Cruise.." she said lustfully, thinking of his hard thick abs.

THIS WAS WRONG... ugh... she wanted to be her old self again.

She wished that she had a penis ... ugh.

Oh fuck it all.. "umghc...slilemmch" she slurped the rim of the bowl... the acid feeling tingling in her mouth.. the warm cum of masturbating boys. She had wet her panties and had to steal a boy's jockey shorts to go home... they felt surprisingly different with her new hardware.

Later, at home, she had gone though all of Jessica's money that she had stashed. Surely to God this girl had money somewhere. Even if it wasn't the best dildo that money could buy.. it could give her some kind of sensation. Even a butterfly or an egg vibrator for her clit, she could get three fingers in the other part.

That other part... she stuck them into her mouth as she thought about the dildo that she was going to buy... she drooled, slobber running down to her breasts. She made warm smiles like Michelle did when she had found and opened a new box of peanut butter toffee snacks and indulged in them. But this was the deliciousness of her own body. She was definitely turning into a strange hybrid of the man that she was and the young girl that she had become. A powerful sexual animal that could satisfy a man or a woman. It didn't matter anymore.

She rummaged through her drawers and found an entire twenty-eight dollars! She had enough to buy a good butterfly vibrator that she could just strap on like a pair of tight panties, all snug up inside her lubricated love tunnel, and fuck herself silly. She wet her pants almost thinking about it, how it would feel... what she wanted.

She took her time and walked up to the nearest adult supply store that she had passed so many times as a man. She stood outside and realized that they would not allow a thirteen year old girl in there, and would surely no give her a snug vibrator for her new little pooch. What a nice puppy it was.

They would DEFINITELY not allow her to buy the vibrator that she wanted because a small girl might hurt her insides with it in a fit of passion. He would agree if it was anything other than... her... this little cunt.

That's all that was really to her, two tits and a cunt that smiled back. She wanted to do herself so bad.

Finally a woman took pity on the young girl and went inside, returning a few minutes later with the $42 dollar multi orgasmic delightful vibrator called The G Master.. All for the price that was ever so simple.

Jessica would have to go to the back of the store with the woman and pull up her skirt allowing the woman to taste her juices.

"Ok, sound just swanky to me. "Jessica whispered to the woman, taking her new vibrator. At last she could be with a woman and get these fantasies of men out of her mind. This is what she was patterned for anyways, and this pussy nibbling would make her feel more comfortable about what had happened in the bathroom earlier that day. Those feelings had just swept over her and she could not control them, the male anatomy was so appealing.

The woman took Jessica to the back room of the building. They had a small sex room down there that they could use. The woman sat Jessica onto the bed and slowly lifted up the young girl's skirt.

The woman opened a tube of cool oily liquid that she rubbed on her fingers, making glancing smiles at Jessica, and applied her fingertips to the pussy.

It felt so cool and tingly when the woman did this, and Jessica couldn't help but giggle at the thought of what was going on. "That is so.... good.." she cooed.

"This is a lubricant that will help with the wetness that your body makes naturally. "The woman explained, "And it will tingle all over your clit making this experience as pleasant as possible. I use this on all of my girls."

"That feels fucking great. But don't worry about me, I came here to eat you out remember?"

The woman looked at her and smiled gently... hiding her real reasons for bringing the girl in. "Oh no, you'll be just perfect. You are almost at that time of the month and I am hungry. At your age a girl is nice and juicy and ... let me guess.. never been with a man?"

"No I haven't been with a man. I .... it's a long story, but I don't particularly want to be with a man. I just.. ueie..."

The woman paid no attention as she slowly slipped a finger deep into Jessica's hole. "You gorgeous little thing you. I don't think I've seen such a sloppy lovebox as yours! " the woman was getting very hot and brought the juices of the young girl up to her lips... admiring it and tasting it. She stuck one of her fingers up Jessica's ass.

Slowly the woman reached beneath the table taking out a small delicate vibrator. It was a small thin thing that had two handles on each side to fit over a pair of ass cheeks. She slid it up inside Jessica's ass, looking at the expressions on her face. Jessica winced in pain.

"Relax... it'll feel better once you get used to it."

By now, Jessica was starting to get worried. She had just wanted to get a nice butterfly, nothing incredibly `kinky'. She still considered herself a man, but had to soothe the desires of the young woman that she was. Otherwise, she was sure that she might give in to some guy and get pregnant, as the curse had warned. She had to watch her little ass. ouch...

"Now just lay back and relax babe. I think you'll like this. What I'm going to do is get down on you with my mouth and fuck your puss with my tongue. Just treat me like I'm a guy's dick and fuck my face, otherwise I'll just have to get rough with you and push down on the dildo in your ass. That'll make you work for it a little."

Jessica nodded with a horny smile, the dildo up her ass felt strange. She realized that she had two holes down there, both going to be filled. Her wife had often held tight on her ass when her dick was penetrating her.. sometimes even reaching into her asshole. But this was so different, almost like having two poles hold her wanton flesh up by it's own pleasure.

The woman went down on her again and again starting off by kissing her lips like frenching a good lover, rocking her hips.. orgasms..

cunt.. mouth.. spit.. pleasure.. womanhood to girlhood... mouth to cunt... clit swelling and burning to be caressed.

The woman had her whole mouth covering Jessica's cunt! The entire thing. She must have been famished.

"OH fuuuuuucccccckkkk! OHHHH OA AWWWW AWW AWWWWWWHHHHHHHHH" Jessica moaned, holding her hands to her head. She had entire handfuls of her own hair screaming in pleasure, eyes bulging as if to roll up inside of her head. She forgot everything at that moment about being whatever.. a man... a woman.. she just fucked that tongue as it rolled in her.

She was beginning to appreciate vaginal to oral sex on a woman's perspective.


The woman smiled up at her while making slurping sounds. She was taking her good old time at giving Jessica all of the attention that she needed. She held the young girl tightly as she felt her first true orgasm of her pubescence. Her pelvis rocked and shook and then let go in one final orgasm before falling back to rest on the bed. She had never before, especially as a man, known of such orgasmic delight being possible.

After the woman was done, she walked up to Jessica and untied her legs. Jessica sat up and leaned forward into the woman's arms. She slowly licked at the woman's breasts, but to no avail because of the weakness from the act. Jessica could only sit there and lean forward onto the breasts like pillows, warm sweat rolling down her forehead, her hair soaked and stringy. Her crotch felt like it had been hit with a warm damp cloth and sucked clean by this wonderful woman. Jessica smiled back at the woman with a weak tired smiled.

"ah... wow... "she panted, "now that was good."

The woman smiled down at her, "I'm glad you liked it hon. I'm always out to please and when I saw you today, so desperate for a nice vibrator, it reminded me of when I was your age. It wasn't all that long ago really."

"You'd be surprised how much I've learnt in my short life. "

"Well, you know that I felt bad for you and I want to explain this to you so that it makes sense. I don't what you to get afraid because of what just happened, "She embraced Jessica as she would a daughter, "This does not mean that you are a lesbian or that you are gay. It means that you have been with a girl and shown the potential of your sexuality. Your clit flap was probably stimulated more than any other time in your life. I accidentally, and I apologize for this, tore your hymen with my tongue. This means that I have taken your virginity. " She looked at Jessica to see how she responded to this.

The little girl just sat there panting against her breast, moving her ass and looking down at it, still amazed at what had just happened. It was so unreal and yet so real. She couldn't believe how easily one's body would control how they reacted to stimulation. Waking up with a clit and the workings of a girl, in this young body, just the feel of clitoral stimulation was so feminizing beyond compare.

"Do you realize that at one point in history sex was considered demeaning to a woman? If we would have done this, you would be shunned totally. Even being with a man would make you to be judged as some kind of slut. Do you have any questions?" the woman asked warmly?

"No... no questions. Just hold me.... I need to be held. It has been the worst week and you are the only one who has given me attention or even cared. This have just been turned so upside down." Jessica began to sob, her body in shock from the intense rupture from pain to intense sadness, "I can't even begin to explain. Those orgasms were... wonderful, but I have nowhere to go. Talk about identity crisis! "

"Your orgasms melted in my mouth. They were the best gift that you could ever give to me. Now tell me what it is that you want in life. Do you want boys or girls?"

Jessica sighed, "I want women... lots of women. She.. I... want and need stimulation from men though and I do not understand what I am supposed to do about this. ... oh hell ok."

Breaking down, she told the entire story to the woman, who was of course in shock and unbelieving at first. A man being put in the body of a young girl because of a curse. A stupid curse by a demented hormonal witch that was out to break a family apart.

The woman looked at Jessica with intense sympathy, hugging her. "You poor thing. I am totally open-minded an have never heard of a witch being so cruel. I would never cast such a spell because it goes against the rules of witchcraft. "the woman just shook in anger. "The sisterhood will hear about this, you can be sure of that."

"You are a witch? Can you change me back or help me?"

The woman leaned down and kissed Jessica on the lips, causing the young girl to close her eyes and be exorbed into her eyes. "I still see a man in there. Don't worry, your body hungers to be touched. You were the best fuck I've ever had, even as a girl. I made you a woman, and it would not be right for you to go back to being a man. I couldn't even do the job of changing you back if I tried. The only person who can do that is the girl who stole your body."

"Then what can you do to help me. There has to be something. Maybe I could join the sisterhood or make use of this body in some way other than a trouble teen? "Jessica said long windedly, brushing her hair to the sides behind her shoulders.

"I can only do this. "the woman said as she waved her hands in front of Jessica. "You will have a wonderful sexlife with many people that you desire. Whether you be male or female, you will have many more children. Experience parenthood..... be held and cared about and learn whatever strange lessons that fate has dealt you. "she kissed the girl on the lips deeper, the orgasm still present on her lips, "And you will always be as true to yourself as you are now. That is it."

"I know all about parenthood. I met my wife and we have a son. We went through it all together, and I was there in the delivery room.... I was in essence I mean. This does me no justice here. I want all of those things, but I want my wife and my lover back. Somehow... is it possible. For us to be a family again?" Jessica closed her eyes and shook her head, "Nah.. it's just this body. I have her tastes and her sensations and ... foolish dreams. I'm STUCK here. Stuck in this body without the ones that I love, and so it seems a curse in more ways than one. I deserve my life back and my wife back and all that crap. And I'm just a girl.... like Britney Spears. I can do all the dances and slap my ass and tilt and flip my hair and make this boys get nice and hard. I don't want it."

"I see... I see... this is truly unfair. I can only do one thing. I can put a similar spell on your wife as the young girl placed on you. You'll need somebody that you will be exposed to. You need to remember that I can give this to you only once and it can not be taken back. It will only be changed if you can return to your old state. This way you will always be with the one that you love. "the woman said boldly, and her voice was like the thunder, "As sure as my name is Gwendolyn, you will have your wish. But remember that it must not be someone simple as a boyfriend. Your wife will contain the feelings and impulses of that person, and at your age, most boys are out to get as much pussy as they can."

Jessica sat up and brushed herself off. "Good, then make it my sister Jamie... twin sisters can go far in this world if they stick together. Of course there will be the occasional guy... with ... um.. sperm.. but I can hold back my cravings as long as need be. "

The woman took Jessica home and dropped her off with her new vibrator. Jamie was waiting at the door near her mother. All three of them stood together for a few minutes before smiling warmly at each other. She was safe back in her mother's arms, who would have no clue that her daughters were any different than before, part of the spell.


Jessica sat in her room with her sister and slowly they removed their clothing, article by article.

Looking at identical twats that roared to be fucked.

Jamie lost her maidenhood that night to her very own sister... her husband and lover.

As for their son, who they informed about the new changed in... management. He had a good clue as to what happened when both of his parents disappeared, running off together to Mexico City. He had just came right up to the house one day and it was bare except for a single note.


You really are a fucking loser. Go see the girls up the street if you want answers.

-you know who)

At first the girls were not allowed to see their son at all. Michelle had strict control over them, no matter what the age. Jessica engaged in a short relationship with Seth in which she finally lost her maidenhood, in a sense, to the man that she loved. Her true love remained with her family, using Seth for sex to begin with, she gave him the good boot out on his ass after making a mockery of him in front of the whole school at the junior prom. "Shove it up your ass Seth."

Michelle became enraged as the months went by, her daughters spending time in the home of the enemy. She almost went as far as to control her girls by forcing them to see guys "more their age." So they escaped on many occasions and met with him in the middle of the night and fucked their son just to spite their lovely mother. They would go off fishing together and enjoy an evening with the warm glow of the lantern. He was so turned on by the two young girls who looked identical. They maintained their girly shape and long hair and never seemed to put on weight, just like their mother. But unlike her, they had learnt the error of her ways with sleeping with tons of guys and gaining her the immortal nickname "The Black Widow"

Five years down the road, the girls had finally given their mother the finger and told her to get out of their lives. To her crying shame, there was nothing that she could do. They took their college money and invested it into their son, who continued his degree and became a successful gynecologist. He had no trouble studying, living with two young bean pole girls who would greet him at the door with kisses. He was not about to complain. One would take his dick and moan to orgasm, while the other would sit on his face and give him an up close example of the female anatomy.

On any account, they had found their peace and understanding with the lips of youth strong in their voice.

Somewhere in the shadows, an old witch smiled at the shadows of the two 18 year old girls in the window, the laughter, and softly licked her lips. The Goddess was watching over her darlings.