This one is mainly set up for the later chapters. Will get hotter as we get it on.

Chapter 3

Angela, darling” It was Emily, “Please tell me you are lying in bed eating Ice cream, counting the seconds till Frank comes home.”

I giggled into the phone.

No, not yet, no time, I cleaned the house,did the laundry, I even washed my car, but now I need to go for lunch with my Mother.” This was something we had developed between us, I had come to see Emily as my mother. Emily wouldn't show it but she loved the whole being mommy thing. After Emily had transitioned she had really wanted a child. The procedure she had gone through, similar to mine, had made her a woman, but something held her back. Instead of motherhood, Emily had thrown her self into charity work. Changing her sex she had not changed her zeal for hard work. The skill sets that she had used to make millions, were now being used to raise millions for charity.

Well young lady, sounds like you have been busy and that thing you drive isn't a proper car for my daughter. I will meet you at Bolts Dining room in 90 minutes. Please dress appropriately, a dress, please.” This was definitely in Emily's serious voice.

Yes mom.... so no cut off jeans and torn Clash Concert T shirts, got it. “ I paused, “ I have the perfect outfit, don't worry see you in 90, love you” before she could answer I hung up.

I really shouldn't bug her like that. I did have the perfect outfit. I got it the last time Frank and I, slipped away to Vancouver. I ran upstairs and stripped, despite my haste I made sure the clothes went in the hamper. I had become a bit of a neat freak, lately. Another shower and this time I really tried to keep my hair dry. I moisturized the naughty bits,especially my nipples which looked really swollen and puffy, must be the transition drugs. Going back to the dressing room I sat at the vanity. Taking a deep breath repeated my makeup mantra light make up, light make up . A little bronzing foundation on my upper cheeks, no powder, some MAC Pro-line mascara, that went on right the first time, this time. I went very soft on the smoky brown eyeshadow, for day time. Lips get done last. I let my hair out of the twist and ran a brush thru it. It had naturally curled at the ends, just below my shoulders. My new bra was a under wire a 34AA and to my dismay almost too small. It was pretty with sheer ribbons and made my chest look good. I rolled on a skin tight latex gaffe and tucked my shrunken cock back between my legs. Then in a moment of self doubt. I reached over to my panty drawer and pulled out a pair of nude Spanx Power panties, these went over my gaffe, I was taking no chances. Leaning over to the shelves I selected a new pair of DKNY opaque tights, in chocolate. No more messing around, I stood and put on the very chic white blouse and adjusted the cuffs so they were properly turned up. Next came the chocolate stretch twill skirt, the shirt flowing over it, the matching twill jacket, I would put on there. Crap, shoes, looking at the shoe wall I took a pair of brown Cole Haan patent leather pumps, they use Nike tech to make them wearable. Thank goodness, I had mastered walking and driving in in heels. A TAG Heuer Formula 1 Glamor Diamonds Watch on my left wrist, Nordstrom Bangle Bracelets in gold on the right wrist. My Anna Beck Cigar Band Ring went on my left index finger, for earrings I put on my usual gold hoops. I scooped my wallet off the bedside table, grabbed my cell, and dumped it all in my Kenneth Cole Tote, I would sort it all later. Grabbing a pale pink gloss lipstick, I threw it in the bag as well. Perfume was my current f av, thanks to Emily, Jean Patou Joy. The Parfum’s base is surprisingly spicy and animalic, as the day passes it's scent morphs from a complex floral explosion to something darker. Frank loves it. I feel very sexy and femme with it. I picked up my Jacket and carefully walked downstairs. I was in 3” heels after all. My keys were in the bowl by the garage door. I disarmed the door alarm and reset the entry delay. Then I was out the door to the garage.

Looking at my watch I was cutting it really fine. I had to get downtown, fast. Oh well, sitting in the garage was my other love. When I moved in with Frank it was the first thing he bought me. We had talked about cars before he bought it. I told him I liked my old JEEP. That wasn't to be. One day he brought home a convertible BMW 6 series Cabriolet, that got replaced by a Z4. Finally I said,

Look I like sitting above the other drivers. I might be a woman, well almost, but I still like trucks, just like I like ball games and the football and bow hunting.”

His compromise was to buy me a $96,000 world class ride, a 2008 Range Rover with the super charged V8. Frank knew I would love it. It was a reminder of my past. I still had the Jeep, it was now up north. Hitting the garage door opener, I throw my Tote on the passenger seat and laid the Jacket on top. I backed out and closed the garage, it was bright so I grabbed my Tom Ford Aviators and, drove to the gate. The remote control worked its magic and I exited into the forecourt. The gate closed behind me, and finally I was on my way.

The drive downtown was uneventful, I had “Wolfmother” cranked on the CD and I was jazzed. I had hit the jackpot, I was wealthy, I had a fantastic man, a wardrobe any girl would kill for, a mom and I was passing as a woman. The clothes helped, my changing body helped. I liked the feelings I had when I was bound and constrained, like right now . Even the seat belt tight against me felt good. Maybe this meant I liked to be tied up. I almost drove off the road as I imagined me, tied with scarfs, to the bed, naked while Frank took my new virginity. In a few weeks I had to see the doctor and she would decide if I was ready for the next stage, I couldn't wait. As I got closer to downtown, the traffic increased. I was slowed down to a crawl on the ring road, then we came to stop. I took the moment to adjust the mirror and apply my lipstick. The woman looking back was so far removed from the person, man, I had once been. I really did not recognize him in there. My face which I now realize had been kinda femme, was all female now. I thought back to this morning doing my face and the realization that my eye shape was even more almond shaped than before. I had really started to become a “looker” I guess it had always been there, I had just hidden it. The traffic was still stalled, It felt like someone was staring at me. I was right, someone was, on my right. Of course I had tinted windows, so while I could see them, they could only make out shapes. It was the HR guy from my old office and my old boss. In what looked like a city pool car. I forced my self not to look any more and focused on the road. Suddenly the traffic started to move and I saw my exit, I quickly changed lanes, and accelerated downtown, mom would be waiting.

Bolts Dining room is on the second floor of the Railway Hotel in the center of downtown. The Hotel sits on the riverbank and I suppose was once near the Railway station. Its the ladies who lunch hotel, they all the come here to nibble and be seen as well as see. I was learning that being part of the money crowd was a weird experience. Emily had told me that as far as her friends were concerned, I was her daughter. Apparently after my father died, when I was 14 I had gone off the rails. Emily, in despair, a new widow, had shipped me off to a posh boarding school in Scotland to tame me. I hadn't been back much. Holidays were spent skiing or sailing. Naturally the relationship with my “mom” had been tense. I had gone to the University of Glasgow for computer science. Me and 3 friends had developed software for computer networks for security and had done really, really well. I had sold out. Not really having a home, I had sort of reconciled with my mom. I had, Emily told me, realized mom had been right and I had forgiven her. I had also apparently figured out I should spend time with my mom, to plan my next move. We would keep it all vague and not elaborate. Emily had obtained a complete Id package, for my new persona,including passport. The money form the old me had been washed and after some well hidden steps was again all mine.

Mom had many varied friends and was owed many favors, she is after all super rich. When I got all the id it came with the legend, that included supporting documentation. I asked her about it and all she would say was when you ran a multi billion dollar hedge fund you got to meet some real interesting people.

I was finally in the valet line at the Railway Hotel. The valet opened my door and I got out of the Range Rover as carefully as one could in 3” heels and a tight Armani skirt. I received my ticket and handed over the valet key and a $20.00 bill to the young man.

Be nice to my car, please” I smiled “ more tips, if you don't dent it.” he was smiling back,

Yes Miss, Thank you Miss” with that he was gone.

I walked over to the Hotel entrance heading for the upstairs washroom. My tote in my hand and the jacket over my shoulders. The womans of course, it was automatic now. A quick pee and a wipe, readjust the underwear, smooth the skirt, pick up the jacket, wash the hands. I put the jacket on properly and adjusted the shirt so the stand up collar was inside the jacket collar. The jacket was 40's inspired and had a wide waist cinching tie. The turned up cuffs on the shirt just visible under the Jacket cuffs. A little tugging and the outfit looked right, I looked good, in fact I looked sexy, in a restrained “schoolteacher” way. Not that any schoolteacher in my experience wore over $4000.00 of Armani to work. Mom will be happy.

Exiting the washroom, I walked slowly across the Grand Lobby to Bolts. I could feel my clothes and undergarments rub and flex, I noticed my perfume, I could feel my hair brush my cheek. I felt the bangles on my wrist and the gentle tug of my hoop earrings, the tote on my shoulder tugged and brushed my breast, sending shivers through me. My 3 inch heel's altered my posture and the click from walking on the polished marble did something to my mood. I felt marvelous. It was also starting to make me horny, thank god I wore the Spanx after all. I paused and checked my watch 1:20pm, damn early. As I looked up the Matre'D saw me and asked for my reservation,

Hi, I 'm meeting Emily Mackenzie, I'm her daughter. “ he appraised me, was it just me or was this guy checking me out, making sure I was worthy. I managed a look of stared of bored indifference, and he said.

Yes Miss, your mother is not here yet, perhaps you would like to take a sofa and wait” with a smile he said that. Mom had warned me about this tactic the last time we had been here. The lunch crowd in the restaurant is the ladies. Outside in the lobby there are numerous Leather couches and low tables. This is where the men gather for drinks and a Steak sandwich. The men also like to chat up the overflow crowd, waiting for the restaurant, they were not chatting with me today. I smiled at him,

George I'm not that kind of girl I'll take a seat at the bar.”

Certainly Miss MacKenzie” He snapped his finger and a waiter led me to a stool, him I tipped.

No sooner than I was seated, my cell rang out Julie Andrews- My Favorite Things, It was Emily, she had added that ring tone.

Are you there”

Yes, I'm in the bar,waiting, are you OK?”

Yes, I'm fine. Will you forgive me, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not downtown yet, little crisis at the Foundation. The do on Friday, the caterer wanted another confirmation of details, the staff crashed a computer, I had to fix it. So I'm leaving now. Please don't be mad at me. Are you OK there alone. “

Yes Mom, I'm fine, You know I'm a big girl now, I'm at the bar, should I take the table”

My next call is to George, to tell him, was he nice to you? “

When he heard the name, he checked me out to make sure I was worthy of his decor though, kinda weird.” I giggled.

" Well if you insist on the torn jeans and, what was it a Cheap Trick T Shirt" Emily laughed.

It was The Clash. Mom, I'm clad in Armani and reek of Jean Patou Joy, I promise, just get here, OK”

Look, daughter of mine, get used to it, a womens work is never done and remember, women who look and dress the way we do tend to get checked out. It's the alluring, but oh so unobtainable look.”I giggled again, got to learn to control that.

Mom, look just get here safely,OK”

I will, love you, I'll meet you at the bar then, see you in 20.” and the phone went dead..

The service was impeccable, my Club Soda with Lime wedges, very fizzy,very cool, it tasted better here and it hit the spot. Just then my cell went off with a clip of Wolfmother's “Woman”, that was Frank.

Hi honey, I miss you already,” a pause, and Frank came on the line

Hey miss you too, We just landed, and got through Immigration, waiting for the car. Where are you?”

I'm at Bolts waiting for Mom. She is a bit late. Are you staying at the Dorchester?”

Yes. Listen serious voice, here I got a call from my Mother, just after we landed. Mother has heard about us. She wants to meet you. The good news is she likes Emily. My mom is tough, she is home for the summer early. Apparently one of her friends saw us at the Golf Club Ball and, tongues got a wagging. Mom told me she was glad I was not seeing that awful Sandra Dredger. Who I never did date, despite Sandra's Mom's efforts. Which explains the looks I got from Sandra's dad at the golf course last week.” Frank paused.

Look sweetie”, I murmured as I turned away from the bar, “we knew this would happen, meeting the parent, part of the deal. So I'll deal with it. My Mom will be there, I'll charm yours.”

I know you will, you minx, but she knows you moved in. That means commitment.”

Damn straight, Honey,” I put on a mock stern voice” have you got my Moms permission yet, where is that ring. Look I love you, your Mom is not worried about me wanting your money, she must know about Moms money. I'm not in your league but I'm not poor either.”

I could here Frank talking to someone else. Then he was back.

Angela, the car's here, If my mom calls you , please be nice, she can be testy, she just like things done right, don't invite her to our place, go to hers. If you can, take Emily. I know this will be all be good. God I love you, I can still smell you on me, I had a nap on the plane and I dreamed about this morning, it was really erotic all over again, but I have my self under control. Hey what are you wearing, I bet its the Armani, skirt and Jacket, giving off those sexy schoolteacher vibes, don't forget I am your only Head Master. Have lunch, go shopping, I will be in meetings for hours so text me. Don't get panicked if I don't get back immediately. I love you and I am thinking of this morning. I am also thinking about our future. I love you.”

Honey I will be fine. I should have come with you. It was weird waking up without you, the bed was cold. I miss you already Headmaster. I should go home and discipline myself, God I love you .Go be you, I love you.”

Love you too” and he was gone. Now that was different, sex talk in public, interesting, better watch myself though.

As I turned back to the bar I noticed I had company on my left a couple of stools down.. It was the HR guy and my old boss. The HR guy was leering at me, they had both been trying to listen to me and Frank. As I looked up at them, both went red and looked into there drinks. Suddenly the HR guy spoke to me.

Hi I'm Trevor. Sorry we weren't being nosy. Are you a Schoolteacher?” he smiled only it came off really creepy, really creepy. I was unsure if I should reply when Trevor spoke again.

If you got stood up you could join us. “ That creepy smile again. Better get out of this I thought.

Thanks, but that was my boyfriend. Sorry not a teacher,I'm in software development and, I'm waiting for my Mother.” This was said in my slightly stern voice, with a fake smile. Trevor pressed on,

Wow thats a new put down” he said his voice dripping with sarcasm

Come on live a little, loosen up, just one drink.”

I could feel heat rising to my face, my cheeks were blushing and I glanced away, in time to see Emily coming off the elevator.

In fact there she is” I indicated with a toss of my head. My old boss who was sipping on his drink looked up and choked.

The HR Guy was still smiling. My old boss had recovered enough to say.

You're Emily MacKenzie's daughter. Come on Trevor, way out of your league, totally different planet. I need another drink.” With that they were gone. As I made my way to the restaurant I noticed Trevor was still staring at me. I wonder what he saw .

Emily of course was laughing.

I'm sorry, it's kinda funny. The guy must have quite an ego to try and pick you up. Or he thinks nothing ventured, nothing gained.” She paused,

Oh honey don't worry he did not associate you with anything. I know how you feel. Look at you, sitting there, stunning in Armani. By the way I really do love that outfit a very high class look, but still the hint of naughty schoolteacher. You need to add some YSL frames with plain lenses though, to really pull that look off.“ She stopped and reached across the table and touched my hand.

You look is stunning today, you are Angela Mackenzie my daughter and not just in the paper sense either. Oh crap, look out here comes one of the Rat Pack, smile.”

The RAT PACK were part of Fort Harper's old crowd. They had legacy cabins in the Federal Park, they went to Palm Desert for the winter, Frank's mom was a charter member. This one was Mrs. “call me Cassie” Smythe-Eaton. A real snob.

Fake kisses were exchanged and I was introduced, Cassie was appraising me as Emily made a polite cough and spoke.

Angela just sold off her software start up, she came for a visit and ended up staying all winter.”

Well how nice, Have you meet my girls.? The oldest, Francine is near your age. With a blink of an eye she changed topics, she turned to my mother and said,

All is well with the foundation fund raiser? “

Yes sold out, again, In fact we are trying to get some more tables in. I just came from a meeting. Join us. “

No I just wanted to say hi, by the way I hear Mrs Harris is on her way home. Seems she has to check out the sons new girlfriend. I hear the tramp has moved in.” Cassie paused and smiled at mom. Emily looked at her and smiled, the pause was killing us both, suddenly Cassie said, “ well have you heard anything, you socialize with her, don't you.

Mom smiled again,” I don't know about any tramps, but my daughter Angela, is living with Frank . She has been for about 5 months, going steady. I am not sure if I would have done that at her age, but Frank insisted she move in, its love.”

Mom shrugged as she said this last part. No one would say much to our faces. In Fort Harper they did all the nasty work out of sight. We were new to the city, but Mom had mega bucks and I was not broke . Cassie ,without so much of a blink of an eye looked at me and said

keep him on a short leash.” Then she tossed her head and walked off.

I looked up at Emily, a grin was plastered on her face.

That woman wanted her silly daughter Francine to be with Frank, I hear their family needs a cash infusion. Speaking of which have either of you put the other on a leash, mild bondage can be stimulating, Oh well” smiling she picked up the menu and looked at me.

Fancy a martini before lunch.”

Lunch, proved to be wonderful. Emily was in top form,witty, laughing,even cracking the odd joke. I choose the grilled chicken and Cesar salad, Emily had Sole. We shared a crisp cold Chardonnay. As we sat sipping our after dinner coffee, George the Matre'de approached our table.

Ms. MacKenzie, I trust lunch for you and your daughter was to your enjoyment.”

He was almost bowing as he said this, but he had a small smile on his face.

Yes George, Fabulous as always.” Mom could lay it on as well.

Ms MacKenzie, I have been sent by Mrs Harris to invite you to her private room for an post lunch drink.” He was smirking. Mom who of course had been filled in by me on the details of Franks call, smiled and said.

Wonderful I've missed Wilma this winter, lets go. You can charge this to my American Express, Thank you George. “

We followed George to the rear of the dining room and after he knocked we opened the door and entered. Mrs. Wilma Harris was sitting with 2 other women at a table The port was out.

Emily come in and join, us. I would have called you over sooner, but I only heard you were here from Cassie a few minutes ago. “

Wow I thought way to get the Knives out.

Now this must be Angela, I have heard a lot about you, not from my son of course. He never tells me anything.” She sat back and looked up at me

My you have such a slender and tall daughter, Emily.” I was 6ft 3 in these heels.

Yes I can see why Frank would like you, young lady. “

At this my manners clicked in and I extended my hand. I was surprised when Mrs H. stood up and hugged me.

Frank told me to play nice and you are the first woman he has exclusively dated or lived with. Do you work dear.”

I just sold off my software company a few months ago. I am looking for something to do. I am enjoying spending time with my mom, and looking after Frank.”

Yes well, we will have more about that some other day. Now Emily join us and have an after lunch drink.”

The day was going great. I was very careful to sip the port slowly, alcohol and I do not agree. Mom has told me she wants to teach me how to drink, not sure what I think about that. Back to the dining room, the other 2 women were friends from the coast who had come to join Mrs Harris for a week or two. The chat was about local affairs and gossip. Mom could have done the NSA proud, she seemed to know all the good stuff. You could tell that Mrs Harris liked mom. In some respects they were very alike.

As I had thought the conversation turned to me.

Angela, dear, what do you do when Frank goes up to his wilderness cabin, you must come over and visit. “ said Mrs Harris.

Oh I will, except I usually go with him.” I answered.

What do you do up there, cook, I suppose.” asked one of the friends grinning.

This was one of those moments where you can wreck a good thing, so I told the truth.

Well some of the cooking, I go fishing and hunting. I shot a Bear this spring with a Bow. It was a bigger one than Frank got. I'm getting it tanned and turned into a rug for one of the rooms in the cabin. The boarding school I went to, insisted on a well rounded eduction,if they had to take in girls,then the girls would do it all. Of course they didn't teach us how to cook,so that I'm still learning”. I took a stag down with a 40 yard shot a few years ago in the territories. I have the head up at the cabin as well. “ This was all partially true, only it had been the male me, then. Mrs Harris looked at me and smiled.

Has my son proposed yet?

I wasn't ready for this one and I visibly stiffened and blushed, I looked up and straight at Mrs Harris.

No we've skirted the issue, he hinted at something when he called me from London.” I had to force myself to look up at Mrs Harris. I needn't have worried, she was smiling.

Well ladies I think we have a wedding to plan.” She turned to my mom and spoke as if I were not in the room .

Can you imagine the grand babies they will produce, “

Now we were in the shit.