By Angela

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This is a work of fiction. If you don't want to read about sex Don't read it


Grandchildren. I thought I was about to throw up. My left hand was gripping the arm of the chair as I tried to keep my breathing under control. I made sure I was smiling the whole time. Mrs. Harris was talking to mom. I heard something about an invitation for a dinner, being accepted. The next few moments were a blur as we said our goodbyes and left Bolts. In the lobby by the elevator my ability to breathe had returned and I gasped.


"Angela control yourself. Lets get you home, damn can you drive, I took a car service and I can't drive your tank."

I was on auto pilot as I drove, but finally I was in the Emily's driveway. The house was cool and silent as we entered and went through to the kitchen. I was still in a bit of a funk when I realized Emily was in front of me with a glass. First things first. I took off the jacket and hung it on a chair. The tight constrained feeling I had enjoyed this morning now felt choking.

The glass went to my lips automatically, it was one of Emily's, single malt's, I just let its smoky warmth invade my nose, then I tossed it back. I held out the empty glass and shook it at her. She poured me another. This one I sipped.

"So mom, know a good born to order adoption agency,?"

"Angela, first lets not get all worked up. Babies could be years away any way. I will repeat what I said earlier. Look at you,You are a woman now. That part we had covered. No one will ever know the truth. Frank wants you. He wants this sexy young woman who just happened to be a boy once, to be his partner. Plus our mutual friend the Dr. knows what she is doing. Medical science has come a long way. Any way lets go get changed and catch up. I still have calls to make and you can try and take your mind off by looking at the outfits I had sent over. We still need to pick your gown for the Foundation Ball." with that she was off. I stood in the kitchen wavering, I almost took a 3rd drink, but in the end I put my glass down and went upstairs to change.

My bedroom at moms was something special. It was a little ornate for my tastes, but Emily had gone all out. There were clothes in the closets that a teenager would have worn, some University shirts, a couple of formal gowns and all the other stuff a girl would have.

She had gone out and duplicated my grooming stuff as well as the underwear drawer. I sat on the bed and really took in the room.

A couple of months ago, Frank and I had stayed over when Mom had been out of town. We had made love in this room, like two naughty teenagers. Frank got a real kick, when I went and turned the dolls around so they couldn't see us. Well better not think about Frank right now. I stripped and walked naked over to the en suite. A quick shower let the panic feelings wash away. As I showered I could not keep my fingers from my breasts and penis. I was gasping as I shot a huge stream of cum across the tub. Finishing the shower I actually felt refreshed and calmer.

I chose a sport bra and a spaghetti strapped cotton T in pink then another one in white layered over it. Sport socks and a pair of dark blue Juicy lounge pants, Classic Keds on the feet I pulled my hair up into a high pony tail. I was just finishing my face when there was a knock on the door. It was Emily's housekeeper,Mrs Taggert with a tray.

" Your mom thought some tea would be nice. She had some calls to make, come to her office any time you are ready.. "
The tray went on the table by the window, and Mrs Taggert quickly hung my abandoned clothes and took the shirt, mumbling something about washing it. She left as quickly as she came.

I stood drinking the tea looking at myself in the mirror. All I could see was a attractive young woman, damn all future mother-in -laws. Grandchildren, this hit home because I did want to be a mommy. It wouldn't be mine but I would raise him or her as a child should be. I had never admitted this to any one but one of the fantasies I had had over the years besides passing , was to actually carry a child to term. I know lots of women get cranky but I wouldn't. I would be the glowing sexy mom. The one who always looked good. Who got huge and still went out to events. Oh well, Crap I had better call Frank.

The phone was ringing, Frank, it was 4pm here so midnight there.

"Hi sexy," just hearing his voice calmed me.

"Hi Frank, perfect timing can you talk"

" Sure I'm at the Hotel just got in, no meetings till 8;30am. Things will resolve them selves here. Not quite how I wanted to, but we come out with a good deal. It will just take a few days. I will be home Friday."

"Frank I met your Mother after lunch today. It was all fine till she started to talk about planning the Wedding and oh yes, Grandchildren." silence then a soft chuckle

"Whats so funny Mister"

"You are, I think that is the future all mothers dream of, and I also have plans for that, not a subject for a transatlantic call though. " there was some static on the line.

"How are you really"

"Funny you should ask, I'm horny and missing you. I'm at Moms and we are going to talk and stuff. Hey I need to tell you this, my breasts are getting bigger, I went up a cup size in a week. I didn't realize till I got dressed up this morning. I think I should push up my appointment with the Dr. The other thing is I pleasured myself in the tub just now and I was pumping cum out like you. Oh and get this, I'm still horny. I need my Frank's cock in me right now."

"Well let me say that as soon as I can I will enjoy doing that, repeatedly. I love you.. As for the breasts the bigger the better in my book."

"Frank, no girlfriend wants to hear that. Though" I said dreamily" maybe a solid 44DD would be nice. I am 6feet tall so I could do it. Would kinda stop me wearing the size 6 Armani though. Well I guess silk shorts and ripped T Shirts would do. You would like that, better access. Hey are you there"

There was a grunt then a gasp, then

"Yess, God I love you . I just shot a load as you were talking. I really miss you It's only been a day and in 6 hours I get to wake up and you won't be there, no fair."

"No fair, join the club.............Oh I'm getting hard and horny." I sat on the edge of the bed as I said this.

" I just remembered something, go lock your door, hurry, Now look in the back of your bedside table I left something there, that weekend we spent in bed there."

Looking down I opened the drawer and in the back was a plain white box

" Did you find the box" Frank asked,

"Yes, I'm opening it, Frank Harris, you didn't" It was a long slender clear latex dildo with a ribbed head. It had a unusual feature of the head being split with what looked like a tongue at the tip. When I pressed the base the dildo started to vibrate and ripple, The head and tongue seemed to move independently of the rest, cool I thought. There was also a tube of Astro lube.

"Did you find it, now we can play a little game, strip Miss Schoolteacher, you've been naughty. I am your Head Master and I must discipline you...."

"Yes Head Master, I am a naughty girl. I have to confess, I was very naughty this morning. After you left I gave myself pleasure with Mr Pink, now though I have Mr Clear. I wanted to take a picture of me giving myself to Mr Pink. I wish you could have seen me, lying on the bathroom floor drooling cum and shuddering in ecstasy, with Mr Pink shoved up my ass having his way with me.. " I stood up to kick off my clothes"

"Oh, Headmaster, I am so bad, my clothes just fell off. I'm standing here in my bedroom holding Mr Clear and some Astro Lube. I have no shame I'm putting lube on my boy pussy. I'm a bad schoolteacher. I am rubbing lube on Mr Clear. Where are your hands Mr Headmaster are you touching yourself. Are you large, getting larger. God I want you. How big are you, I can see you in my head, God I miss that monster cock."

"I want you to use Mr Clear on yourself, Miss School Teacher. Is it in you yet. Are you feeling the tongue. Thrust Mr Clear into you."

I gasped as I slipped Mr Clear in my ass, then quickly started to rub my cock and pinch my nipples. It was different from this morning I wasn't as stuffed, but the way the dildo was moving I could already feel a huge orgasm coming.

I had Frank on speaker phone. One hand was on my small cock, the other was slowly pinching and pulling my nipples. I could here Frank grunting, and panting, as was I. Mr Clear was hitting my prostate and I fell to my knees, I started to shudder. Frank was grunting,

"Miss School Teacher come with me . Come with me. " I fell on the floor and I managed to catch most of my cum in my hand. I was panting.

"Did you save any cum,? if you did enjoy it. " I was in a trance as I lifted my cum filled hand to my mouth. All I could do was lick my hand . This was what I needed. My cum was like a drug to me and as I ate the cum, I spurted another load on the floor. Suddenly Franks voice was on the phone.

" School Teacher did I hear you come again. " my reply was a strangled


"Clean it up, you naughty girl, all of it." As I knelt to lick the cum off the polished wood floor I started to cum again.. I was glad that the phone was near me, for Frank to hear. I wished he could see me shuddering with uneven shakes of organism. Finally I relaxed and slumped against the bed, cum on my face, in my hair, around my groin. I had cum around my mouth, on my hands My cock was smaller than ever and still emitting small spurts of cum. Which I was catching in my hand. I was tilting my head back, holding my hand above my open mouth and dribbling it in to my mouth, swallowing it, all in a trance like state.

Slowly I devoured all the cum and I sat there in a daze, drooling saliva and shaking in post orgasmic bliss. I was still full of Mr Clear, but he seemed to have stopped moving. As I came to my senses I heard Frank say"

"Miss School Teacher, do you feel better now."

" Yes Head Master, how are you feeling"

"Much better, I really needed that. God I am never going away on business with out my girl ever again. I am addicted to you."

"Frank we are addicted to each other, I hear you, It late and I hate this, but you need to sleep, and so do I. Man you have been up for hours and you are in London. Before you hang up I love you. Sleep well I love you, talk to you soon" and I hung up.

I lay with my back against the bed gathering my strength, just letting the pleasure wash through my body. After what seemed like hours I managed to stand and stumbled to the en suite bathroom, get into the tub and turn on the shower. Mr Clear was still in my ass so I slowly squeezed him out. He fell into the tub as I washed the dried cum off me. As I was washing my breasts I realized my nipples were again swollen and puffy. Much more swollen than this morning. I wasn't sure but it seemed that my breasts were larger as well. The shower actually invigorated me and I stepped out feeling clean and fresh. I had put on a silk robe and walked to the window to open it . The room reeked of sex, and my body odors. I stood and breathed deeply and felt myself getting horny again. This time though the feeling leveled off to where I could control it. I unlocked the door and picked up the discarded clothing. Looking around the bedroom I quickly used some of the damp towels to clean up the mess I had made. Mom would understand, but I was a good girl and this was all behind the bedroom door stuff. Still in a partial trance like state I replayed the last few moments over in my mind. Miss Schoolteacher, we had touched on this once before and now some ideas were forming in my head. I had some vintage clothes from a thrift shop, pinafore uniform, a white shirt, I needed a tie, a pair of knee high socks, oh and saddle shoes, and I could be a naughty schoolgirl as well. Frank might really like that. The room had cooled with the open window, this alone snapped me out of my trance. Time for the real world.

I quickly dressed in a VS bra, and boy shorts and then pulled on a Spanx Hide & Sleek Full Slip, over my underwear. My cock had shrunk so much that I didn't even need to tuck, and I couldn't find my balls, something which really excited me. I carefully rolled on a pair of DKNY black tights. Then a black Ralph Lauren cashmere crew neck dress to which I added a wide brown leather belt, cinched tight. I went to the vanity and put on my watch, some chunky bangles in silver and gold on my left wrist. To finish I pulled on my black Serena riding boots. Looking in the mirror I pulled my hair back and fixed it in a high pony tail, with a round silver clasp. Earrings were solid silver large hoops. The out fit was great, it needed something else, a splash of color. I found a red and black silk scarf in the closet and tied it in a loose ascot at my neck. A pale pink lip gloss and I could face the world. I didn't need any other make up as my face was still flushed from the recent activities. A quick glance in the mirror, one last check of the room and I left to find my mom. Funny thing I could feel the horniness returning.

I found Emily in her office, her back to me,one lean muscled leg rubbing the back of her other leg. She was wearing a Linen shirt dress,and just looking at her was making me hot. What was wrong with me, this woman thought of me as a daughter. I stood there undressing my surrogate mom as she finished her call.

She must of heard me, she turned.

" Darling, feeling better? How was the Headmaster?" Emily had the biggest grin I had ever seen. on her

" The whole house knows about the headmaster, you guys were loud.. I hope you cleaned up the mess, Young Lady."

"Yes mom,I did, nothing Mrs Taggert needs to see."

This was weird, so this was what it felt like to be been caught with a boy, by your mom, weird, but cool.

"So you do play little Dom/sub games with Frank?'

"This was the first time, we kinda started, once before, this was really the first time.'

I said, This was an odd topic to discuss with your mom.

"Well I ask because, you are changing. I went through this myself you know. I think we need to get you to see Dr Anne, sooner than expected. Are you coming much at all now."

"Mom! "I gasped,I was also blushing, horny and I could feel my little boy clit get hard."
"Well" Mom asked,Wasn't getting off easy at all.

"Yes I am cumming a lot. Way more than before."
"Good thats the body, changing, purging itself. Just how much do you know about the course of action you are on.?

"Well I know I will become a woman. I assume at some point there will be surgery and I will get girl parts, thought that was never really talked about."

"Well thats one way of looking at it. I have to ask this "

Emily came over to me and guided me to the couch and we both sat.

" I have to ask, this, is this course you are on, what you really want?"

"Mom, yes. I have never wanted anything more in my life. I love Frank, I love looking like this. My life before was just living, this is my real life. I get to be Franks sexy girlfriend, wear fabulous clothes, and someday be his wife. I still get to do all the things I liked to do before. SO will he, he loves that I like sports, hunting, fishing. I can help him in the business, and not just by looking good."

I looked at Emily and she was smiling, she leaned over and embraced me. As we stood hugging, I could feel myself getting horny again.

" Mom, the thing is, I miss Frank a lot. This afternoon was great, but I feel horny all the time. "

If I expected a rejection I didn't get it. Emily pulled me towards her and kissed me . We broke apart and she looked at me and said

" All in good time, dear. Now go get a jacket and you purse we have to go. "

Go ,where, ...Not supper with Mrs Harris?"
"No silly, Spamalot tonight, remember. Frank got us tickets. "