Tina & Rick - Part 10 - The Flat Tire

After Rick told his side of our story, a lot of people sent e-mails and I'm sorry I was so bad about not answering all of them. A few guys who wrote me asked me to tell the story about the flat tire incident, and so here is the true story in all its gory detail. Rick made it sound like we were still together the night a couple guys fixed a flat tire on my car, but we had already been split up a long time when it happened. I know Rick had dumped me at least a couple months before this happened, because Anne and I had already seen Rick's future wife walking around town. She was already looking totally worn down and she was already looking uncomfortable when she walked, like she just got off a big horse after a long ride. I know that Rick's bedroom workouts and sex antics are breaking her down physically and aging her prematurely. He certainly used to wear me out but I think I was better able to handle it. She must want his family money pretty badly. Too bad so sad.

But getting back to the story some of you wanted to hear. I had spent the evening at a local dance club with some of my friends and we were up to our usual antics. The club is one of our favorite night time hangouts and we are very comfortable there. A lot of guys go on chick patrol there and we had all shown up in our usual short and clingy shimmy dresses with full intentions of having all our drinks paid for. None of us are shy about strutting around and showing off a lot of leg, cleavage, and curves. Even though the place wasn't super packed that night, we were definitely the hottest group of females in the place, and we were getting way way more than our share of attention. Business guys staying at the hotel and local guys stopping in for drinks were all over us and some were buying rounds for our whole table. I was feeling so totally hot from all the extra attention I was getting because of the extra time I had spent on my hair and face, as well as my super tight, super short white dress, my long tanned legs that I had been working so hard on to get looking flawless, and a pair of my highest pink patent strappy pumps. Time and money well spent.

I'm not sure how much I drank, but I definitely drank way less than half the drinks I was offered. I must have heard at least a dozen new pickup lines and I spent nearly the whole night listening to sexy guys telling stories to impress me, dancing way  too close to me, and some trying to feel me up on and off the dance floor. When you wear an ultra short dress, your ass is an open target for the hands of every guy you dance with and your thighs are an open target for every guy that sits down beside you. Nearly every guy I talked to that night let their hands make themselves at home on me. By the way, I'm not one of those girls who hates it when guys get grabby. When guys buying me drinks sit beside me, I let them run their hands all over my thighs and I don't struggle much when they feel me up or even hump a bit against me on the dance floor. It's all harmless fun. And I have gotten some great deals on stuff from guys who have given me their business cards at clubs when I show up later wherever they work. Most guys carry a business card now, so I always ask.

As usual, when it was getting close to closing, guys were hitting on us the hardest. It's always the final half hour when guys get most desperate and are more likely to try humping their erections against you while dancing or at least tell you they are getting erections from being around you. I absolutely don't get offended when guys tell me they are getting erections from looking at me or touching me. But I do feel a bit badly when guys press up tightly against me on the dance floor and they don't have any sign of an erection. Does that make sense? Anyway, I had just gotten off the dance floor after having had my ass squeezed very hard by a guy who had been pressing his huge hard erection against me hard enough that I thought he might make himself cum in his pants. I'm not complaining at all. I was feeling totally sexy and very flattered by most of the attention I was getting. But it was getting really late and I wanted to stick to my plan of getting home and into bed all by myself for a much needed long night's beauty sleep to start the weekend. So as this guy sat down with me, I asked him for his business card and promised to call him.

And here is the hardest part about managing to go home alone when you drive to a night club in your own car by yourself. Getting out the door of the hotel past all the guys. When you leave the club, you have to try to look like you are sneaking off to the bathroom. And then you have to make a beeline through the hallway to the hotel exit. Especially if you stay too late and a few desperate guys may chase you all the way to your car. So doing my best to quietly say goodnight to the friends sitting nearest to me while looking like I was only headed for a bathroom trip, I got up from our table to go home. I did use the bathroom down the hall and then came out and headed straight for the nearest exit. Of course, it was absolutely pouring rain and me with no umbrella and no man to fetch my car. So I took off running as best I could with my breasts bouncing in rhythm to my heels and I jumped into my car.

I knew I wasn't drunk but I did have a few drinks so I decided to take a couple of roads I like to use that are never real busy to get home. This takes me a few extra miles out of my way but the roads are nice and safe. I drove a few miles down the first road, and then turned onto a second road to head back to the edge of town towards my apartment. I noticed the car was getting harder to drive and was pulling to one side. So I pulled into a gas station, which was closed, and got out in the still pouring rain to look at my tires. One of my back tires was nearly completely flat. So I got back into the car and grabbed my cell phone from my purse to start scrolling through my contacts. And, of course, my cell phone was dead and my car charger was not in the car. I immediately started thinking about how to change a tire, which I have never actually done, and I also started to cry just a bit.

And that was when I saw the pickup truck pulling into the parking lot beside me. The truck drove right up beside my door, and the passenger window rolled down and there were Tim and Mike, a couple of guys I had known since moving here after college. Tim and Mike knew most of my friends, and they were friends with my old boyfriend, Rick. They were regulars at the dance club, and on at least a couple of occasions over the past few months since Rick broke it off with me, Tim had hit on me. I had seen them on the dance floor at the club tonight, but just long enough to say hello. Tim always seemed a little bit wildly immature to me, or even dangerous maybe, so I had never accepted his offers to take me to dinner, or to a movie, or to take me home for the night. Generally his invitations to dinner or a movie started out with him telling me how much I would enjoy having sex with him, followed by his reasons - like he's big, he's hard, he's had lots of practice, and he's gotten lots of compliments from satisfied women. Anyway, getting back to the moment, I told them I had a flat tire but that I could call for help. I didn't want them to know my cell phone was dead.

Without checking with Tim, Mike immediately told me that he was going to change my tire for me and he got out of their truck into the pouring rain. I popped the trunk of my car for Mike, and jumped into the truck with Tim, who was driving. Tim gave me a whistle as I got in his truck. He definitely wasn't making any effort to hide the fact that he was checking out every inch of me from top to bottom. But he was generally being super nice and he was totally sweet talking me. Every few minutes he would tell me that he should get out and help Mike but that he didn't want to get out of the truck because he was enjoying the time with me too much. I had gone from crying to gushing. Even though I had turned him down a couple times in the past, Tim was definitely a very very hot looking guy. For the most part while we talked, he was pretty well behaved, although he did tell me that looking at my gorgeous body was helping him "get his wood on in a big way." Like I said, a little on the immature side.

When Mike got back into the truck, I had to slide into the middle of the seat and I was being sandwiched between these two pretty strong and good looking hunks. We talked for a few more minutes while Mike used some towels from the backseat to try to dry himself off. Again, for the most part, they were being perfect gentlemen in the truck, although it was pretty obvious that they were doing quite a few tit and leg checks. But then, that's why I was dressed the way I was dressed, so I certainly wasn't going to complain about some flattering ogling. They wouldn't take any money for changing my tire but Mike said that the least I could do to thank them would be to come over to their place, have a beer, and hang out with them for a little while. So we decided that Mike would drive my car and follow Tim and I in the truck back to their place. A few minutes later, we were pulling into the driveway of their house which was only about a mile or so from my apartment. Tim came around to my door and held his coat spread out over my head to keep my dry as we walked into their house.

Mike was literally pulling his wet shirt off as we walked through the door. Tim immediately headed for the fridge and got us all a beer and asked me to join them in their movie room. He promised he would give me a tour of the house after we all relaxed for a little while. And the guys were definitely relaxed. Both of them had now taken off their shirts and Mike had taken off his wet jeans and was only wearing boxer shorts. They surfed around on television and agreed on a movie. I was sitting on the couch with Tim, and they were getting absorbed into the movie, and I was thinking that it was cool that they were able to think of me as "just one of the guys." We watched bits of the movie and chit chatted about movies and furniture and clothes and holidays and travel and restaurants. They were really charming me. I was about half way through my bottle of beer when they got all excited because it was time for their favorite wrestling show to start. The channel flipped automatically to their wrestling show and I discovered that they were definitely very huge wrestling fans.

So we watched some gorgeous guys and some gorgeous women spending a lot of time yelling in microphones and insulting one another but for the most part not really wrestling. And I made the mistake of saying it was all fake. So then they insisted we watch a couple matches to show me that it was really not fake at all. Tim slid pretty close to me to give me detailed descriptions of the action. And I have to admit, most of the fighting actually did look pretty real. Anyway, I made the mistake of telling them I wasn't convinced it was real. And that was when they told me it was time to take a tour of the house. We had seen the kitchen, the dining room, the television room, and they showed me each of their bedrooms. Very "masculine" rooms. Some semi-pornographic posters, exercise equipment, speakers, and beds. No real female touches anywhere to be seen. Very clean bathroom, where they left me to take a pee break and touch up my makeup. And then it was on to the closets, and finally the former master bedroom. They had converted this big room into a wrestling room. Unbelievable.

The entire floor of their wrestling room was like a springy canvas pad and they had padded posts, and ropes. It looked like a very real boxing or wrestling ring, but in a house. They told me they had spent a couple thousand dollars making it. Like I said, unbelievable. And they had a huge punching bag, an exercise bench that looked like a padded barrel, and - this is not a joke - a beautiful inflatable sex doll standing in one corner of the room. They told me the doll was just a decoration. Now that we had finished the house tour and we were in the wrestling room, they asked me if I wanted to see a few wrestling moves to prove that pro wrestling is not fake. I thought they were going to wrestle each other, so of course I said yes. And then Tim walked over and pulled the one piece outfit and shoes off the inflatable doll. It was a pretty sexy looking pink thong leotard with a single shoulder strap, and pink satin lace-up ballet shoes with ties that criss-cross up your leg. He held them out towards me and told me to go put them on. When I objected, he said I would look great in them, and asked if I wasn't confident enough to wear the leotard. So now it was a dare. I grabbed the clothes, headed for the bathroom, slipped out of my clothes, put on the leotard, slipped my feet into the shoes and laced them up my legs. To say that the leotard was stretched tightly over my big tits and pulled tightly up into my backside was a huge understatement.

When I walked back into the wrestling room and stepped into the ring, the guys were oohing and aahing and telling me to turn around and saying very nice things about how great I looked with this leotard that was totally bear hugging my big tits and making me look even more top heavy than usual. And they were wild about my legs. The bottom of the leotard was cut like a thong and rode way up over my hips, which made my legs look incredibly long, and the back was pulled up very very tightly between my ass cheeks. The pink lace-ups did wonders to highlight the tan on my legs and the shape of my calf muscles. Thank goodness I had been working on my all over tan because they were seeing a lot of me. Then they started to explain how a tag team match works. Of course I already knew the rules, and figured one of them would be my partner, but they said it wasn't going to work that way. The two guys were going to be one team, and they showed me their corner. And my partner was going to be the inflatable doll that was now standing naked outside the ring in the far corner. That didn't seem totally fair to me, but they were ready to start no matter what I had to say.

They started out by just showing me a few holds. Each time they showed me a new hold, they would ask me if I could break loose, and of course I couldn't get loose at all. After showing me a few holds, they started to take turns showing me a few ways to pin me down. Same thing. I couldn't get loose when they pinned me down either. And this was when I noticed that the guys were definitely not thinking of me as "just one of the guys." Their hands were starting to do quite a bit of wandering as they were showing me holds. Then Tim laid his body across my chest, and I was totally stuck. And then Mike took a turn holding me down with just his legs across my chest while he sat beside me. And then they took turns sitting over my hips and stomach while reaching up and pinning my shoulders down. And then, with me still flat on my back, Mike pulled my feet all the way over my head onto the floor, and now I was stuck with my ass in the air. Before Mike let me go, Tim reached over and slapped my ass pretty hard. And they asked me again if I still thought pro wrestling was fake, and even though they had shown me all these holds and pins. Thinking that we were done with the wrestling lesson for the night, I told them that everyone thinks that pro wrestling is fake.

And that was another mistake, because that's when they told me that the match was on. They said they had told me the rules, and shown me a bunch of moves. They even had a little ring bell they used to start the match. Tim came at me at high speed in the ring. It took him all of about 2 seconds to spin me around so he was behind me, and he put me in a bear hug and right away I could feel him pushing his hips up against my ass. I asked him what he thought he was doing, and he told me all I had to do to get away from him was to tag my partner. I was trying to pull away from him and he spun me around to face Mike in the other corner. Then he literally picked me up from behind and carried me over to their corner where he tagged hands with Mike. With Tim still holding me, Mike climbed into the ring and grabbed me by both ankles. Together they lifted me up by my ankles and wrists and dropped me flat on my back from about 3 feet in the air. It was just enough to knock the wind out of me.

I managed to roll over and was trying to crawl on all fours over to the other corner so I could tag my sex doll partner in the hopes that they would give me a break or stop if I managed to tag her. I nearly made it to the corner when Mike grabbed my by my ankles again and pulled me back flat onto my belly. He dropped his full weight flat on top of my hips and then he laid down on top of me with my arms pinned to my sides. As Mike started grinding his hips against my ass with the pretty hard erection that had grown inside his boxer shorts, Tim dropped down beside my head and while I was still out of breath and couldn't say much, he strapped a really big pink ball gag really tightly into my mouth. After a minute or so of grinding against my ass, Mike got up and effortlessly rolled me over onto my back, grabbed me by one arm, and dragged me back to his corner where he tagged hands with Tim. I could already see the front of Tim's boxers sticking out like a big circus tent. The two of them lifted me up onto my feet in their corner of the ring and spun me around so I was facing Tim on the inside of the ring. Mike was reaching around me from behind and holding me in place with my breasts in his hands while Tim stood in front of me and reached behind my knees and lifted my legs up in the air. And now with me suspended in the air between them, Tim was grinding the big bulge in the front of his boxers pretty intensely between my legs. And then they tagged hands and dropped me onto the floor of the ring again.

I was back on all fours and trying to get up to run to the other side of the ring when Mike grabbed me around the waist. But this time, instead of pulling my legs out from under me, Mike just wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, keeping me stuck on all fours, and again he started grinding his pelvis and his big erect penis against my ass. After a minute or two of dry humping me through our clothes, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me back to their corner again. He tagged hands with Tim, and then Mike twisted my ankles to get me flat on my back. As Mike let go of my ankles and stepped out of the ring, Tim sat over my stomach and pinned my arms down and started dry humping my breasts through his boxer shorts. Then Tim lifted me up onto my knees and pushed me over to the corner so I was facing Mike. Tim tagged Mike, and then as Tim held my arms behind my back, Mike got into the ring, grabbed the sides of my head with both hands, and started using his erection to dry hump my face through his boxer shorts. Mike humped my face for a full minute or two with what felt like a very very hard erection, and I could feel a wet pre-cum spot growing on his boxers. As he pumped against my face,  he was begging Tim to pull the ball gag out of my mouth so he could try sticking his cock down my throat. Tim said "No, not yet," and so Mike tossed me into the middle of the ring really hard. I landed with a small thud and rolled across the ring and tagged the hand of my inflatable tag team partner.

Mike very seriously marched across the ring and pulled the sex doll into the ring and across to their corner. He tagged hands with Tim, and Mike dropped the doll onto her back in the ring. Then Mike made a run across the ring at me. I quickly stepped back as far as I could, hoping that Mike wouldn't pull me into the ring again. Mike kept slapping my arms every time I tried to reach up to unstrap the ball gag from my mouth, and he was slapping my arms hard enough to hurt so I quit trying to remove the ball gag. Mike kept me totally distracted for a couple minutes and I didn't see what Tim was doing. But when Mike finally left me alone, there was Tim lying on the floor of the ring between the sex doll's legs and humping away at the doll really ferociously. I assumed he was dry humping the doll the same way that they had both been dry humping against me. But then Tim very slowly pulled his hips up and away from the doll. And as he slowly stood up on his knees, the longest, thickest cock I have ever seen was slowly being pulled out of the doll's pussy. And Tim was wearing a bright green condom. His cock was absolutely huge and it was sticking out of the hole in the front of his boxers, and the condom was shining with a thick coat of lubricant that he had obviously gotten from inside the doll. So that's what the doll was really there for.

Tim stood up and picked up the doll and started carrying her towards me. I absolutely could not take my eyes off of his incredibly huge green penis. As he got closer to me, he spun the doll around fast and her inflatable hand hit me in the face. "That's a tag," he said. And with that, Tim dropped the doll and he quickly pulled me back into the ring with him. He pulled me down flat on the floor on my back and pinned my arms down at my sides with his legs. Sitting on me, he pulled down the one shoulder strap on the leotard I was wearing over my arm and then yanked the front of my leotard down to completely expose my breasts. And with me still pinned on my back, Mike jumped into the ring with Tim and they held me down while they started worked over my breasts and nipples with their hands and mouths.

And then they started thoroughly examining my breasts with their fingers, and they said they were trying to find scars on my nipples or under my tits. Unable to find any, they started commenting about what "perfect milk jugs" my "enormous tits" would make and how much everyone was going to enjoy them, and they started arguing about who was going to get to fuck them first. Then Tim slid his body up far enough that he was able to start pumping his big oversized green condom covered cock forward and backward in my cleavage. He had a lot of lubricant on his cock and he was leaving a big trail of lube between  my tits. And while Tim was pumping away hard on my tits, Mike slid closer to my head, and pulled out his cock, which was obviously very rock solid at this point. And with his cock just a few inches from my face, he started rolling a bright blue condom over his cockhead and all the way down over the entire length of his shaft. Mike was telling me how he was going to fuck my mouth and then spunk all over my face.

Mike pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and started pressing his big blue cock right against my lips and teeth. He grabbed my head by the hair and with his strong hands he locked my head in position and he pushed hard until the end of his cock slid really deeply into my mouth, quickly followed by his entire super hard shaft. They both kept pumping my like this for a few minutes, Tim between my tits, and Mike really really deep inside my mouth. But Mike was definitely getting frustrated because he couldn't fuck my mouth hard enough or fast enough in this position. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and seemed a bit angry when he jammed the ball gag back tightly into my mouth. Then he and Tim both stood up, and each one of them grabbed an ankle and they dragged me back to their corner. It looked funny to see these guys dragging me across the ring by my legs with their huge green and blue dicks sticking out of the front of their boxers. I don't know how big their cocks really were, but from where I was being dragged between them, both of their cocks looked about a foot long and the brightly colored condoms probably made them look even bigger.

Tim dropped down behind my head and held my arms flat on the ring floor above my head and I was looking back at him unable to take my eyes off his big green penis. Mike was now positioning his cock into my cleavage so that he could take a turn titfucking me. My tits were lubricating Mike's cock easily because of the huge lubricant trail Tim had just left on me. While Mike was clearly enjoying titfucking me, Tim was still pulling my arms above my head, and he used a leather strap to tightly bind my wrists together. And then he wrapped the palms of my hands around his absolutely huge green cock and told me to give him a handjob. As I started stroking him off with my hands, I could feel him starting to fuck my hands back in response. They tagged hands again and Tim climbed out of the ring and he stood there with his huge green erection watching Mike's big blue penis continue to titfuck me. I tried to use my arms and elbows to squeeze my tits tightly onto Mike's big cock and after a few more minutes of banging my tits, Mike must have got feeling too good because he looked like he was going to shoot his load through the nearest wall. I could already see that the reservoir at the tip of his condom was more than completely full of pre-cum and I knew he couldn't hold on much longer. But then before I could get him to cum between my tits, he reached back and tagged Tim's hand.

The instant Tim had his hands on me and was holding me down, Mike jumped up and stepped out of the ring. Now Tim grabbed me by the legs and twisted them so I was being rolled over flat onto my stomach. Then he bent my legs up towards my ass while holding me feet crossed at my ankles. And kneeling behind me, he used another leather strap to bind my ankles together. Then he forced his cock between my calves and started forcefully fucking my legs. And while he was busy trying to breed my legs, I started using my arms to try to slide across the ring. But no matter how far I got, he kept sliding his big cock in and out between my  legs and I could feel his cockhead forcing its way further and further up between my thighs. He was definitely aiming his cock at my tight little ass. I had almost made my way across the ring to where my inflatable doll partner was laying on the floor and I was about to tag her hand when Tim stood up and effortlessly dragged me back across the ring by my ankles. He tagged hands with Mike and they both grabbed me and pulled me into a standing position. Then they spun me around so I was facing the post, and Tim reached in from outside the ring and wrapped his powerful arms around my back and held me pinned facing the post.

While I was pinned with my tits being pressed up against the ring post in their corner, Mike marched across the ring, picked up the sex doll, and put her into exactly the same position I was in, with her front side pinned up against a ring post exactly like I was. While Tim's arms held me locked against his post, I watched over my shoulder as Mike pressed his big long blue cock slowly up into the sex doll's ass. While he was sliding his cock in and out of the doll, Mike's eyes were totally locked on my ass and I knew what was coming next. After some very hard cock pumping into the doll while he continued to stare very intently at my body, Mike slowly pulled the entire length of his big blue cock back out of her ass. Not only was his cock shiny with a thick coat of lube, but his cock was even more swollen than it had been a few minutes earlier. And I could literally see his cock pulsing inside the blue condom and his balls looked just absolutely huge. As he walked across the ring towards me, his cock kept twitching and I knew that he had to be involuntarily filling the condom with absolutely huge amounts of pre-cum.

When he got back to his corner where Tim had me pinned against the post, Mike didn't hesitate even for a second. His hands reached down and grabbed my ass and he spread open my ass cheeks and pulled the thong bottom of the leotard out of his way. He lined up his cock with my ass, shoved himself forcefully into me, and immediately started pumping his cockhead in and out of me. My ass is really really tight but his cock was so incredibly hard and he was so well lubricated that as he continued to push harder against me, his penis easily stretched me open and slid all the way up inside me. As he picked up speed and force, he was either driving himself deeper and deeper or he was still getting bigger and bigger inside me. He was massaging my tits hard and in between thrusts he was pinching my nipples. I would whimper each time he pinched my nipples and he'd answer me by thrusting his cock deeper and harder up into my ass and I'd forget all about my nipples and start worrying about how big his cock was inside me. And just when I'd start worrying about the way his cock was slamming into my body, he'd pinch my nipples again Mike was getting into a really hard rhythm inside me, and it felt like he was ready to keep pumping me for hours but Tim was holding out his hand and begging Mike to tag him. Mike gave me a few more deep penetrating strokes with his incredibly hard cock and then he slid his cock out of me and Tim jumped into the ring to take Mike's place behind me.

As Tim grabbed me, he said he was going to show me the true meaning of wrestling. Instead of just slamming his cock up inside me, Tim wrapped his arms around me and while holding me in a bear hug, he spun me around and fell forward on me. I was totally helpless with my wrists and ankles strapped together. The wind was nearly completely knocked out of me and before I got my breath back he had already found his target and I could feel his incredibly massive and incredibly stiff cock forcing itself all the way up into my body. His cock was so huge that it wasn't sliding into me, it was pushing its way along and forcing my hips to spread apart to make enough room for him to fit it all inside me. I was being incredibly uncomfortably stretched from the inside out by his amazing cock and once he had shoved himself all the way into me, his cock felt like it was pushing against the floor of the ring through the front of my stomach. As he started hammering deeper and harder into my body, I didn't know how much of his pumping I could take and so I started to squeeze him inside me as hard as I possibly could. I was trying desperately to milk his cock inside me in an attempt to make him release his cum as fast as possible to get this over with.

Tim pumped into me several more times with really really hard full thrusts. And then as I squeezed back onto him even harder and harder, he quickly pulled his huge cock completely back out of me and said something like, "This bitch is doing her best to make me cum inside her right now, but that isn't going to happen." And he slid an arm under me and halfway scooped me up and rolled me back towards their corner. Mike already had a hold of one of my arms as Tim tagged his hand. Tim told me that it was time I learned what happens to their wrestling opponents when they try to make them cum too fast, and they have to slow down the pace of the match. He and Mike picked me up by my wrists and ankles and dropped me again, knocking the wind out of me one more time. Then Mike lifted me up over his head so I was laying across his shoulders. Then he started spinning around and I was scared to death that he was going to drop me from this height. After spinning me around a few times, Mike set me on my feet and pushed me back hard so that I bounced off the ropes, and with my wrists and ankles tied, I easily fell over. Mike tagged Tim who instantly pounced on me and rolled me over onto my back. Resting on his hands and knees over top of me, he reached down and pulled the ball gag out of my mouth. With one hard push, Tim slipped his cock into my mouth and down my throat. With his face pointed towards my feet, he wrapped his arms around me at waist level, and used the leverage to give my throat an ultra hard and fast workout with his cock.

I was gagging with the hard cock thrusting down my throat and Tim's pre-cum was definitely starting to pool up inside his condom. When he pulled out of my throat, I could feel the fluid pressure building up in the head of his condom as the condom reservoir was overfilling with his pre-cum. Tim decided it was time to tag his partner and pulled his big green erection out of my mouth long enough to tag Mike's hand. Mike jumped in the ring and was smiling from ear to ear as he took Tim's place near my mouth. Together they rolled me onto my side. Mike got on all fours sideways across my head and shoved his big oversized blue cock down hard into my mouth and now Mike took his turn at giving me a serious throatfucking. While Mike got really busy working his penis in and out of my mouth, Tim lifted one of my legs in the air, shoved himself forcefully between my legs and thrust his super huge green cock all the way up into my ass again. My whole body stiffened and I was completely helpless with the intense discomfort of being stretched wide open at both ends at the same time as my body was being speared between their totally huge rock hard cocks. They were literally competing with one another to see which one of them could pound their penis into me harder, longer, deeper, and faster.

I had completely given up any idea of trying to make them cum. All I could do now was hang on for dear life as they kept relentlessly fucking me. I had totally surrendered my body to their wonderfully huge incredibly hard cocks, and as I lay there with my body stretched around these huge penises that were hammering in rhythm inside my body, it almost felt like their cocks were penetrating so far into me from each end that they were touching somewhere inside me whenever they thrust into me at the same time. I tried a time or two to pull or push both ends of my body off of their cocks, but I was so tightly stretched on them, and was so deeply pinned on them, that I found that I was actually trapped between their thick cock shafts. They were both aware that I had absolutely no way to get their cocks out of my body now, and they could tell I had quit trying, and so they slowed down the pace and they started fucking me at a much more leisurely pace. They kept pumping me for what seemed like hours, talking about how good it felt inside me, and how great it was going to be to have me around. Every few minutes they would agree to change ends, or they would just roll me over to get me into a position that was more comfortable for them to fuck me, or they would try bending my body into a new position one of them had tried before, or that one of them had heard about, or into some other position that neither of them had ever tried before, and then they would re-spear my body between their massive erections, and they would continue to leisurely fuck me for what seemed like hours more.

I totally lost count of how many different ways they fucked me, but eventually I could tell that they were both reaching a point when they had to shoot their loads. They were pumping into me faster and faster, they were getting louder, and they were grunting more and talking less. I knew they were both very close to cumming inside me. They knew it too, and they were talking back and forth about whether to cum in me now or hold off a while longer. After some more discussion while they left their cocks stuck inside me, they agreed to pull out for a while. The next thing I knew, they were hanging me in the air by my hands and feet again. I was so physically overwhelmed by the fucking they had given me that I couldn't move and I couldn't resist. I just hung limply by my arms and legs as they started swinging me back and forth sideways and counting one, two, three. On three, they threw me over the ropes and onto a big thick crash pad just outside the ring.

I had barely landed and they were already outside the ring and grabbing me by my arms and legs again. This time they rolled me over onto my stomach, picked me up, and carried me over to their padded barrel. They laid me on the barrel end to end and face down. I started complaining and Mike quickly strapped the ball gag back into my mouth. While they worked, Tim stretched his legs across me and sat on my back while Mike attached the straps binding my wrists to a buckle on the floor at the front of the barrel. Then he removed the strap holding my ankles together and he strapped down each of my ankles to hooks that were very far apart on the floor so that my legs and ass were being stretched extremely wide open. Once they had me strapped down tightly in position, Mike said he was ready for another turn at me. Tim got up off of me and Mike kneeled behind me and slid his cock back into me again. With just the short little break they had had, Mike was already rested enough to fuck me hard, and I mean very very hard. My legs were spread absolutely wide open for them and Mike was really slamming me each time he rammed his penis into me. Tim turned on some music and told Mike to move out of the way so Tim could have a turn.

Mike pulled out of me and Tim took his place and started fucking me to music, and as he was pumping his cock into my ass in rhythm to a pretty fast song, he seemed even more refreshed than Mike. These guys were clearly enjoying the workout they were getting by using my body like a piece of exercise equipment. I was now convinced that they could fuck me forever if they wanted to. After a few more minutes of really hard slamfucking from behind, Tim pulled his cock out of my back side and asked Mike to take his place in my wide open ass. As Mike settled back in behind me and I felt his cock working its way deep up inside me again, Tim walked around and pulled the ball gag out of my mouth. This time I wasn't given a chance to get any words out of my mouth. Tim pinched my nose shut and the instant I opened my mouth to take a breath, Tim slid his cock forcefully into my mouth through my open lips, and I quickly felt his cockhead and shaft sliding in over my tongue, and through the back of my mouth. He shallow pumped my mouth a few times, but after he stroked into me just a few more times, he started groaning with pleasure and he moved tighter against me and started pumping his cock all the way in and out of my throat again.

They were really really enjoying themselves now. They were changing back and forth between my mouth and ass again, taking lots and lots of turns at each end. They fucked me fast and slow, depending on the music that was playing. They talked about how great I looked, how comfortable and tight a fuck I was, how tanned and long legged I was, how big, firm, and fuckable my tits were, how perfectly round my ass was, how my body was made to have cocks shoved inside it, and how many calories they were burning off by fucking me. They scared me a few times by threatening to phone some of their friends and invite them to come over and take turns fucking me while they had me strapped down helplessly. Like a lot of other guys that had fucked me, they talked about how they were going to keep breeding me until I was pregnant, and they talked about how gigantic my already big tits would get when they filled up with milk. And finally, after I don't know how long, Tim said that his balls were absolutely aching and he had to start cumming in me. And Mike agreed. Of course, after discussing it for a minute, they both wanted to have their first orgasm in my mouth.

So while Tim continued to fuck me from behind, Mike grabbed my head and started pumping really seriously into my throat. Hard, fast pumping with no change in speed. Mike was mouthfucking me with real purpose now. He was totally intent on shooting his load into my throat. He was definitely not going to stop to swap positions with Tim this time. I was easily able to feel his cock swelling inside my mouth and throat, the final extra swelling and hardness and uncontrollable reflex cock twitching guys get when they are really close to cumming. And wham, his cum started squirting in thick powerful high volume squirts into the end of his condom. The spurts were hard enough and warm enough that I could feel his cum being pumped into the condom inside my mouth and throat. His load had to be absolutely incredibly huge. Even though he had a condom on, Mike kept telling me to swallow his load each time he spurted into my throat. He was so deep inside my mouth, and he came so long and so hard I almost passed out from not being able to breathe. And even after cumming in my mouth, he pulled his hard-on out of my throat slowly and deliberately so I could feel every last inch of his big blue erection pulling its way out.

And with that, Tim got around in front of me and with no waiting at all, he literally plowed his big green penis through my lips, past my mouth and tongue, and into my throat. I knew he wanted to cum really really badly and he knew it too. His cock was so hard now that it was literally like having a piece of wood sliding back and forth through my mouth. He wasn't going to hold back anymore. He was telling me that he wanted a nice, tight hot bitch to shoot his load into and he was hammering his cock into my throat even harder than Mike had. As Tim got closer to cumming in me, Mike positioned himself behind me and started fucking me from behind again. While he was assfucking me, Mike was yelling at Tim to "Fuck her man, fuck her mouth, shoot your load into the little bitch's throat, let her have it man, give her what she wants, she's all yours," and finally Tim's whole body arched and every last bit of his very huge cock was slammed home into my throat and he literally froze in that position, with his back muscles contracting by powerful reflex to force his cock into me extra deep and extra hard, and the largest squirt of cum in history sprayed into the end of his condom. I could literally feel the pressure inside his condom make it rebound off my throat. And when the first huge squirt stopped, his back relaxed just for a small fraction of a second and he immediately started to have more uncontrollable reflex contractions that kept slamming his cock deep into me with each big huge pulse of cum.

Tim must have shot something like 20 big bursts of semen into my throat. I was feeling incredibly wonderful knowing that I could have this kind of effect on guys, to make them want to cum in me and breed me like an animal. It was so exciting to see these guys get so excited by me and cum so hard inside me that their penises took over physical control of their body and made them jerk around helplessly while their balls and penises switched into reflex mode in order to fill my body with cum. And while I was feeling literally radiant, Mike's cock was hard as a rock inside my ass again, and he was pumping for dear life between my wide open legs, and I knew he was about to deposit another huge cumload inside me. And while Tim was gently working his dick in and out between my lips to make sure he stayed nice and hard for his next round inside me, Mike was already grunting loudly each time he slammed his cock forward into my ass. He was definitely ready to cum again and with Tim yelling, "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful," Mike pulled his cock all the way back out of me, jerked his condom off, and let loose with several long distance spurts that sprayed the length of my back and into my hair. The very second that Mike rolled out of the way, Tim was on his knees behind me and his cock was instantly spreading its way deep up inside me for another hard fuck.

It's amazing how fast guys can get hard following an orgasm and how fast they can have a followup orgasm as long as you keep them excited. I was doing everything I could to try to help Tim cum again. He was swelling fast inside me, and he was slamming into me so hard that his cock was lifting my hips up off the barrel every time he drove himself forward into me. My legs were already pulled so far apart by the ankle straps that I could feel his hardest thrusts actually spreading my hips wider apart than they had ever been spread before. I could tell by the effort he was putting into pumping me that he desperately wanted to cum again, and he didn't want to wait. So I squeezed him as hard as I could and tried to rotate my ass and hips as much as I could to apply every bit of friction possible to his penis. He really wanted me badly and a quick string of horrible expletives exploded from his mouth for about 5 seconds and he suddenly became totally silent as his body stiffened and arched really hard against my ass, and I felt the reflex contractions of his penis pumping hard way up inside me, and I could feel the streams of his cum shooting into me each time his muscle reflexes pushed his hips tighter against me in his body's attempt to make sure that every drop of his cum was delivered far up inside a willing female. I was so glad he came inside me instead of pulling out like Mike did. It was absolutely incredible to feel this big powerful hunk who was so helpless when his testosterone driven cum-fiirng mechanism was so strongly triggered off deep inside my body and all he could do was cling to my body and cum and cum and cum in me.

To say I was worn out was a total understatement. As Tim started releasing my wrists and ankles from the straps around the barrel, Mike said they would need to get me to dye my hair blonde to keep all their friends happy, but otherwise I was going to be absolutely perfect for what they needed. And then he left the room saying he was headed for bed. As he walked towards his room, he kept mumbling about what a great fuck I was and how much everyone was going to enjoy my incredible tits and ass. He yelled back at me, "Tina, I really hope for your sake that you like fetish wear." As Tim finished releasing me from the straps, I asked him what Mike was talking about, and he said, "Don't pay any attention to crazy old Mike." Once Tim had completely freed me, I looked at the windows and could see that it was already starting to get light outside.

Tim and Mike had been working me over for at least a few hours. I was standing but my whole body felt totally limp. Tim led me by the hand to the washroom so I could have a shower and clean up a bit. I stripped off the leotard and ballet shoes and showered off. I had just gotten dried off and had my bra and panties back on when Tim walked in and grabbed me by the wrist and started leading me towards his bedroom. He told me that I'd be spending the night in his bed. I was way too physically exhausted to make any effort to argue. I don't remember ever falling asleep while a guy was doing me before or since, but I did that night. As soon as we were under the covers, and without any romance of any kind, Tim rolled me onto my stomach and reaching around and firmly grabbing onto my tits, he slid that incredibly long penis of his up inside me again. I reached back to make sure he had a condom on, and he did. After that, I didn't care what he did to me.

I have no idea how long Tim fucked me after I got into his bed. I just knew that it was really late and I was so tired from being fucked so hard that I couldn't even move. I was just laying there motionless. Tim had slid my body to the center of his bed and he was feeling, rubbing, and squeezing every inch of my body while he kept pumping and pumping and pumping into me without missing a beat. Tim was still pumping his semen inside me while squeezing my nipples and grunting away happily as I started to pass out. I was loving every inch and every stroke of Tim's cock, but I couldn't possibly stay awake anymore, and I drifted off to sleep with this big handsome hunk with a huge cock continuing to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. I remember half way waking up a couple times and Tim had my body bent into some weird positions and he was sucking my nipples and having very forceful orgasms inside me, orgasms that were so powerful that he was literally pounding me awake with his cock when he was cumming. But I don't actually know how many times he came in me that night. My breasts were swollen and sore, my nipples felt like they were burning, my tongue felt numb, my lips felt chapped, and my back side felt like it had a split and I knew it would take a few days to heal. But Tim was obviously enjoying the workout his cock was getting in my body, even though I kept falling asleep while he continued to do me long into the night.

Around mid-afternoon on Saturday, Tim woke me up by rubbing my face with his extremely large erection. As I woke up, my first thought was to give him one of my world class blowjobs. But as I sat up to start sucking him off I heard something jingling on my neck. I reached up and felt a big chain wrapped around my throat like a huge thick choker necklace. And there was a tag hanging on it. The chain was so tight on my neck that I couldn't pull the tag out far enough to see it. I looked at Tim, who looked like he was about to start laughing at me. I jumped out of bed wearing only my panties and ran into the bathroom and there was a heavy chain collar fastened pretty tightly around my neck. On the front there is a big heart shaped dog tag that says "I Belong to Tim." On the back of the tag it says, "If found, call Tim at," and it has his phone number on it. So I turned the chain around my neck looking for a clasp to get it off. It has a big clasp in the back with another big dog tag that says "Personal Property of Tim." The back of that tag also says, "If found, call Tim at," and it had his phone number on it too. The clasp in the back is a really heavy thing like a link that threads together, and I couldn't get it to open.

So I went marching back into Tim's room and demanded that he get this chain collar and property tags off me. He told me to calm down and he promised that if I would suck him off without a condom until he came in my mouth, and if I would swallow his entire load, he would take the collar off me. So with the collar jingling on my neck just like a real dog collar, I climbed back into the bed and began licking all over his knob and then sucking up and down on his cock. Tim laid back on the pillows and started to really enjoy not having to do any work while I took charge of all the sucking action, providing lots of friction with my tongue and throat on his cock. As I continued to suck away on his dick, Tim started telling me how he and Mike had let the air out of one of my car tires at the club the night before. As I kept sucking on him without giving him any breaks, he admitted that he had wanted to fuck me since the first time he laid eyes on me at Rick's house. I kept sliding and twisting my mouth quickly and tightly up and down on his pole while he told me how he fantasizes about having sex with me in every conceivable position every single night. And as I swirled my tongue around and around his knob, he admitted that he had started to work out this fantasy plan to fuck me several weeks earlier.

I should have stopped blowing his cock, but Tim was talking a mile a minute and I didn't want to do anything that might interrupt his confession. So I kept on sucking him in and out of my mouth with just enough speed and friction to keep him very aroused and talking, but not enough to make him cum. Tim told me that his original plan was for Mike to help Tim get me to their house, but just for Tim to fuck me. But  when they started working out a plan, it turned out that Mike was fantasizing about fucking me too, and he wanted to fuck me just as much as Tim did. As I continued to gently suck on him, Tim said they had purposely picked me from among all the girls they knew from the club as I was the one that they both thought was the sexiest and they both wanted to fuck the most. And he said that they had been having discussions with some of the other guys that were regulars at the club. That is, if they could all fuck any girl in the club, who would they all want to do the most. And if Tim was telling the truth, evidently I was the odds on favorite with several other guys as well.

As I kept bobbing my mouth up and down on his rod, his story got even more interesting. Evidently last night hadn't been the first time they tried to flatten my tire. Tim told me that he and Mike had two other guys with them when they had put a screw into my tire a few weeks earlier. They had even followed me all the way home, but the screw didn't make my tire go flat. If it had, the plan that night was that all four of them were going to gangbang me. Tim said they had followed me all the way to my apartment before the group of them gave up on the chance to fuck me that night. He said they had gotten pretty worked up thinking the plan would work the first time, and it wasn't easy to turn around and give up on a chance at having sex with me. He figured the screw they stuck in my tire a few weeks earlier must still be in my tire, and of course it turned out later that it was. And he admitted that he had followed me home one night before that, by himself, to see which way I drove home from the club He had also driven by my apartment a few times when I wasn't at the club, to see if I was home. He said he was telling me all this because he wanted me to be his girlfriend but I have to admit it was creeping me out a little bit.

But a deal is a deal and I kept sucking away on his cock while he mauled my breasts and nipples with his oversized hands. As I started sucking out his pre-cum, he told me that he and Mike had followed through on the plan again last night hoping that, because it was raining, it would be easier to convince me to get in their truck. And without the other two guys, they wouldn't have to share me as much as they would if they were four-way gangbanging me. As I gently massaged his massive balls and slowly sucked up and down on his shaft, he told me how they had spent hours and hours talking about different ways they could get me back to their house, and even more different ways that they could get me to have sex with one of them or, better yet, with both of them. But they didn't have any backup plan for last night, and if I hadn't shown up at the club, they would have just waited again until another night when I showed up. But with me lying in his bed and sucking his cock off now, he said he had won the lottery last night when I not only showed up, but I showed up in my own car and I wasn't driving any of the other girls home.

He said he knew the payoff would be good, but as I sucked even harder on his rod, and started pushing his knob into my throat, he started grunting softly and told me that he had no idea that it would be this good. He was grunting harder and harder as I built up a lot of saliva so I could get his cock further and further into my throat. Between grunts, he told me that they bought the sexy leotard they had made me wear while they were wrestling and fucking me specifically for me, thinking I would look incredibly hot in it. Tim was grunting really loudly now as he was arching his back and shoving his cock up to meet my throat. They had ordered the leotard weeks ago after looking through dozens and dozens of outfits they thought would look good on me. So I had been totally wrong when I saw the outfit on the inflatable doll and thought it was just something that had come with the sex doll. Tim's hips were riding up off the bed now as he told me that the mouth gag, the padded barrel, the leather straps they had tied me down with, and the collar and property tags he put on me while I was asleep had all been purchased specifically to use on me. Everything was brand new, never used before. As his body started rocking with spasms, huge spurt after spurt of his hot semen flooded into my mouth and freely shot down my throat towards my stomach. With each spurt of cum, he blurted out a couple words - "I have never - wanted any girl - as much as - I want - you."

And while I massaged his balls and used my hands to wring every last drop of cum out of his cock, I swallowed every last drop he had to give me. As Tim was coming down off cloud nine, I lay there with my head on his stomach and kept gently sucking and licking the huge tip of his cock until his knob finally started to get a bit softer in my mouth. He told me that I had just given him the best blowjob of his life. He promised me that after a bit of rest he was going to fuck me a few more times. But right now, that wasn't what I wanted to hear. I had kept my end of the bargain. I had blown Tim and swallowed every last bit of his very large cumload, and it was time for him to take the collar and dog tags off me. He said, "Before I take the collar off, tell me what do you think of the tags?" I told him that the tags were cute, calling me his personal property and putting his phone number on the tags and all, but that I wanted them off now. And that was when he told me that he couldn't get the collar or the tags off me. He told me that he had welded the clasps holding the tags and chain together with liquid metal and he had no way to get them off me. "Besides," he said, "I just spent weeks trying to figure out a way to keep a collar and tags locked on you permanently, and I wouldn't take them off you even if I could."

While I was trying to slap him silly, Tim told me that he was officially making me his property, exactly like my new tags said. The tags were there on the heavy chain choker on my neck so I couldn't hide them. They were really big tags to let everyone who saw me know that he was now claiming me as his personal property and to leave me alone. And he also told me that he was going to be sharing me now and again with several of his closest friends, and when they were here taking advantage of Tim's generosity, he wanted to make it clear to them that even though Tim was going to let them do me from time to time, I was Tim's property, and not theirs. And he told me that some of his friends were the kind of people who would try to take me away from him and claim that I was theirs. But permanently locking a big neck chain with big property tags proclaiming me as his would go a long way to protecting his property rights over me against any of his friends trying to sneak me out of the house and trying to take me off to one of their houses.

And while I was trying to tell him he was crazy, he told me that he had discussed it with Rick a long time ago. He told me that the only person he needed permission from was Rick, and Rick had given him complete permission to seduce me, make me his property, use me, and to do anything else he wanted to do with me. And screaming mad I ran back to the bathroom and was intently staring at the collar trying to figure out how to get it off my neck. And Tim came back in the bathroom and pulling me back out by the collar told me again, "It doesn't come off." And with that, he pulled me back into their gym, and pushed my head down to the floor and hooked my collar to a clasp bolted on the floor. He quickly strapped the ball gag back in my mouth to keep me quiet. With my head stuck on the floor, his big powerful arms pulled my hips effortlessly up in the air, and he proceeded to fuck me very hard from behind.

He was obviously enjoying himself as he was fucking me now without a condom. He was gripping me with incredible force and pumping into me incredibly hard and fast while telling me over and over that I was his, that I now belonged to him, that I would grow to like being his, that he would treat me really well, way better than Rick ever had. He was absolutely incredibly excited inside me and he didn't make any effort to hold off cumming inside me. He was ramming into me and streaming cum inside me like a big bull. When he was finished pumping his semen into me, he told me that I was going to perfectly suit all his physical needs. He said he was finished fucking me for now, but he and a couple friends would be doing me some more over the rest of the weekend, starting later that night. He told me that he was going to keep me chained to his bed most of the time but that right now I should get into the kitchen and make lunch for him.

I walked into the kitchen with Tim following me. All I was wearing was my bikini underwear. My tits were sticking out, I was in bare feet, I had a big pink ball gag strapped tightly in my mouth, the chain collar and property tags were tightly secured around my neck, and I could feel big wads of Tim's cum leaking out of me into my panties. It was the late Saturday afternoon, but it was still daylight and I don't think Tim thought even for a second that I would dare run out of the house with no clothes and a big heavy dog chain and property tags around my neck. He clearly thought that I would choose to stay at his house either out of embarrassment and/or through a desire to be with him. But when he went into the other room to watch television, I quickly decided to take off, even though I had no idea what he had done with my clothes. Holding my arms over my big breasts more so that they wouldn't bounce when I ran, rather than because I was embarrassed to be seen topless, I made it to my car and got my spare key out of the hidden magnet key holder.

I got into my car and drove straight home. I had a coat in the car and put it on and ran into my apartment barefooted. It was Saturday evening, and of course, I still had the big steel chain collar and dog tags on my neck. A million ideas ran through my head that night while I tried to figure out how to get the collar and tags off. Tim called me quite a few times, but I didn't answer my phone. I was sure he had driven by and seen my car at my apartment so he knew where I was. The collar is made from very thick steel chain and I didn't have anything that would cut it. I didn't think I could call a locksmith, because the collar didn't have a lock. It was pretty tight on my neck with only enough space to get a couple of my small fingers between the collar and my neck. I couldn't imagine how anyone could get it off me. I was afraid to call anyone thinking they would burn me trying to cut it off me with a torch or hurt my neck trying to cut it off with big pliers or something. That was the first night that I slept with Tim's chain collar still on my neck. The next morning was Sunday and I woke up to find the collar had not miraculously disappeared from around my neck during the night and knowing that I couldn't take it off made me feel nauseous and I couldn't eat.

I turned the collar around so I could examine the bolt clasp on the back of the collar. I tried to turn the bolt with pliers but I only had one set of pliers and my fingers were not strong enough to hold the collar so I couldn't turn the clasp. It probably didn't help that I couldn't remember having ever used pliers in my life. I could see where Tim had used big blobs of the liquid metal to lock the collar onto me while I was sleeping, and I am sure I could not have turned it loose even if I had 10 pliers. It wasn't long before Tim started calling again, but I still didn't answer his calls. I had a shower thinking it might help me relax, and make the nausea go away so I could think more clearly. While I was in the shower I tried lubricating my neck with soap and shower gel and hair conditioner trying to pull the chain collar up over my head. The collar was so tight around my neck that I couldn't even get it started past my chin, let alone slide it up over my head. When I got dried off I started trying on sweaters trying to find one that would hide the collar. Absolutely nothing I have would hide the collar because it was riding so far up on my neck.

I tried to figure out a way to turn the collar so that the tags wouldn't show. But that was also a problem because Tim had put such big property tags on the collar. No matter which way I turned it on my neck, one tag showed in front, or both tags could be seen from the sides. I could sort of hide the tags with my hair, but they jingled against the chain when I walked. I literally sounded just like a dog walking around and I definitely couldn't figure out any way to hide the chain collar. And Tim was still calling me. It was already Sunday afternoon. I was sure that he must be driving by, and he could see my car still in the parking lot, and I was absolutely sure that he knew that I wasn't having any luck getting his property collar and tags off my neck. I was thinking about trying to hide the chain by making a scarf out of something. But I never wear scarves and I don't have any scarves, and another few hours went by and I still hadn't figured out how to remove the collar or how to hide the collar. But I was starting to think about leaving the house to find a way to get the collar off, even if it meant some embarrassment.

I went and sat in front of my bedroom mirror and marked one of the chain links with a magic marker and then tried a metal nail file on the link. After about 10 minutes of filing, all I had accomplished was to make a little spot that can barely be seen where the link I was filing is a little less shiny. The nail file was already getting bent and it already felt smoother so I knew it wasn't really doing anything to the chain collar. I was trying to hold the tags that were labeling me as Tim's property with the pliers and trying to yank them straight off. But the tags and the clamps holding the tags on the collar were pretty strong and Tim had also coated the clamps holding the property tags with liquid metal to make them strong enough to prevent anyone from cutting them off me easily. Pulling on the tags was just making the chain hurt the back of my neck. I sat in front of the mirror again uselessly prodding the links of the collar with a screwdriver. The links were all welded closed and there was no way to pry any of them open. Guys had definitely put me in bondage collars before, but I had never imagined that anyone would put me in one that was custom made so that it couldn't be removed. It was late Sunday night when Tim called again and this time I answered the phone. The first thing he said to me was, "Tell me what you're wearing?" He obviously knew I was still trapped in his collar and still wearing his property tags. I didn't say anything as I hung up on him.

On Monday morning, I woke up and didn't feel the chain around my neck, but when I reached up, it was still there, tags and all. I sat in the kitchen and ate some cereal while I tried to think of the least embarrassing place I could go to get help removing the collar. The collar by itself might not be that bad. It was the big bright dog tags calling me Tim's property and the thought of someone seeing the tags on me with Tim's phone number that was totally making me want to cry. And the tags were definitely dog tags which made it worse. Why would someone put dog tags on me unless they were trying to tell people I was as ugly as a dog. But I knew at that point that I was absolutely helpless to get this thing off my neck by myself and I was going to have to get someone to help me. Around the middle of the morning I decided I would go to the emergency room at the hospital. I even got dressed to go. But then I thought, once I get there they won't have any way to cut the chain off my neck anyway. I pictured a doctor in the ER calling someone from the fire department to come and cut off the chain. So then I thought about getting in my car and driving straight to the nearest fire department. Somehow letting a bunch of firemen see me with a collar and property tags on my neck was even more embarrassing than going to the hospital, and I couldn't make myself do it.

Monday at lunch time Tim called me and I answered the phone. He asked me if I had given up trying to get rid of the collar yet and if I wanted to come home tonight - meaning come home to his house. His voice sounded very light hearted and I knew he was getting a huge charge out of having put this property chain on me. I hung up on him again. On Monday afternoon I put on a raincoat with a very high collar and got in my car and drove to a small hardware. It looked like there were no other customers in the hardware at the time, so I turned up my coat collar to try to hide my chain collar, and I arranged the chain so that Tim's property tags were mostly hidden by my hair. I went into the hardware and asked the man working there if he had something to cut chain. Of course he started asking how big was the chain and could I bring in a piece of the chain to show him. He said he had some bolt cutters but he didn't want to sell them to me unless he knew they could cut the chain I needed to cut. And so I opened my coat and pulled my hair back and showed him the chain collar on my neck. To say he looked surprised was an incredible understatement.

The hardware man asked if he could touch my chain. He said he might be able to cut it himself. Sizing up the chain on my neck, he said it would be hard to cut. He tried to run a finger around my neck between the chain collar and my neck but he could barely do it. The collar was just too tight on me. He told me that there just wasn't enough space for him to get the big bolt cutters that would be needed to cut this chain between my neck and the chain. He thought he might be able to cut the outside of a link with bolt cutters, but he was afraid he might seriously injure my neck. He said that someone in the fire department might be able to cut the chain off. While he was telling me this, he was still feeling the chain around my neck, and he was kind of hanging on to the chain now. As he was holding the chain, his eyes were drifting down from my neck to my breasts, so I backed up from him and beat a fast retreat out of the store. I got home around mid-afternoon on Monday. Not long after I got home, Tim called to tell me that his friend at the hardware store had called to tell him that I'd been in for a visit. And again Tim asked if I was ready to come home that night. He told me he had planned a little party that night, and I was going to be the star attraction. He said that several of his friends were just coming to watch, but several others already had dibs on certain parts of my anatomy that they had reserved for their personal use for the night. He told me they were all going to be very disappointed and he would be pretty angry if I wasn't there. At least this time I got up the nerve to tell him off before I hung up.

On Monday night I was surfing the internet trying to figure out a way to get the collar off my neck. I found some small high speed electrical tools that had little grinder attachments that I thought would work to cut through my collar. Very very early on Tuesday morning, with my chain collar and property tags hidden as well as possible, and before many people got to the big chain hardware store, I went in and bought one of these machines. I bought a whole box kit that included the machine and a lot of different types of attachments for grinding and cutting things. The lady at the cash register was trying not to look at me and when I was walking back to my car I noticed that my collar had turned around and the big tag telling the world that I was "Personal Property of Tim" was showing. No wonder she had been too embarrassed to look at me. I got home and ate some breakfast and had a shower and put on some old clothes. My plan was to quickly read the manual, start grinding off my neck chain, and have the chain off my neck by late morning and call a friend to go out for lunch today. And that was when more fun started.

After I slipped into some old clothes, I tried reading the manual, but couldn't make any sense of most of it. So I decided the best thing would be to just jump in and cut the chain off my neck. So I picked out some grinding wheels that looked like they would slice right through the chain links. But I couldn't get the wheels to attach tightly to the end of the machine and the first couple I tried to use broke when I turned on the machine and the grinding wheels touched the chain collar. So I worked on getting the grinding wheels attached tighter, and I slowed down the machine. Now the grinding wheels took longer to break, but they still broke, and a piece from one hit me hard in the neck, big ouch. And when I slowed the machine down, the little grinding wheels wouldn't stay where I was trying to cut and bounced around off the chain. And I had gone through nearly all the little grinding wheels in the box and could not even see any cut at all in the link I had been working on. And it was already past noon. And so on Tuesday morning I looked at pictures in the manual and learned how to add more attachments to the machine. And I didn't make a whole lot of progress over the rest of the afternoon.

I added several attachments that didn't do anything to the links, because I clearly didn't understand what they were supposed to do. I broke a couple more attachments because I didn't have them attached properly or I may have pressed on them too hard, or the chain was just too hard for them. I think a lot of the attachments I used were made to sand stuff smooth, but not really to grind metal. And then I read about these stone attachments in the manual, but I didn't have any in the box. Late Tuesday night, again when I knew there would not be many people out shopping, I headed back to the big chain hardware store and bought two of these stone grinding attachments. When I figured out how to get one of the new attachments onto the machine, I slid it carefully into one of the links and started it up.

Within about 10 seconds the link was so hot that I had to turn off the machine. I waited 20 or 30 seconds and started the machine up again. I had to turn the machine off even faster this time because the link was warmed up and got hotter even faster now. But after about half an hour of grinding and cooling, I could see that I was starting to make a little tiny dent in the end of the link. It was working, I was going to get this collar off my neck. With the dent starting to show in the link, I tried to break it with a screwdriver, but it was still hopeless. I was tired and the chain would have to stay on my neck at least one more night. When I got in bed, Tim called. I talked to him for a few minutes this time. I told him I was going to get his property tags off my neck in the morning. This got him really angry and he told me to leave them on until he told me I could take them off. He said that if I took them off, he was going to put them right back on me as soon as I returned to his house. I hung up on him again and went to sleep.

On Wednesday morning I sat down in front of the mirror and started grinding away at my big chain collar again. I started the grinding and cooling process again, so I wouldn't burn my neck. Eventually I could see that I was making a visibly big dent with this grinder attachment, and at least it was getting easier to keep the grinder in the right place. By mid morning I had worn out both of the stone attachments I had, and I decided to wait until after lunch, when I figured the store might not be too busy, to go back and buy more attachments. I did my neck cover up thing and went into the store and this time I bought 5 of the same attachments. I planned on cutting through this chain link by the end of the day. It didn't quite happen that way. I was steadily working my way through the chain link but I had to take breaks. The link was heating up, my hands were getting sore from running the machine, and the noise was giving me an incredible headache. I convinced myself that I was definitely more than half way through the link when I reached the point that I just had to go to bed. Tim called and I answered. He told me that he and some of his friends were waiting for me, and I was to come over to his house immediately. I hung up on him. I went to sleep with a hand on the chain collar and feeling one of Tim's property tags laying on my neck. Despite all my work, they were definitely all still there.

On Thursday morning I got right back into my routine. I guess I just didn't know enough about metal, but I couldn't believe that I had cut so far through this link, but that it wouldn't bend or break or something. I knew that the collar would be off me soon, but it was horrible when Tim called me that morning and asked me if I knew that I had been wearing his property collar for 5 days now. I was definitely ready to have this thing off my neck. About mid-morning my friend Anne dropped by to see how I was since she hadn't heard from me since Friday. I buzzed her up into my apartment and she took one look at the collar on my neck and she was able to figure out most of what must have happened, minus the wrestling part. She knew Tim and Mike and didn't have much good to say about either one of them. Looking at the tags Tim had put on me declaring that I was his personal property, Anne suggested that the only way to get him to completely leave me alone would be to ask my old boyfriend Rick, who was Anne's brother, to tell Tim to back off. She also suggested that Rick would probably know how to get the chain and tags off me faster.

It was late on Thursday when I gave in and called Rick. I was sure I would have the chain off my neck later that night or sometime the next morning, but I was following Anne's advice and wanted Rick to tell his friend Tim to back off and completely leave me alone. Rick got to my apartment within 15 minutes of the time I called him. He could see that I had nearly cut the chain collar off my neck but he whistled when he saw the property tags that Tim had hung on my neck. "That guy really is crazy" said Rick. But I can guess what you must have been doing when this thing got put on you. Rick convinced me that it would be at least another full day or more before I would be able to grind my way through the chain link. He told me that if I would let him spend the night with me at my apartment, we could go get a cutter from his shop and he could have the collar off my neck in time to get some takeout food for supper.

So quitter that I am, I agreed. Rick told me to get dolled up, which I did. He told me to put something on to look hot, and to ignore the collar. He said the collar would coming off me before dinner anyway. Looking hot was easy. I actually felt good getting dressed up in something sizzling hot and sexy after having worn sweat pants and tee shirts for 3 days while trying to cut the collar off my neck. I came out of my room in a very tight, very form fitting short red dress with a very low cut neckline, very fine red fishnet pantyhose, and my rather extremely high red patent leather bondage platform shoes. I had my hair pinned up and Rick was on me immediately. "I miss these big oversized play toys," Rick said as he started fondling my tits. "Let's go get that thing off your neck and get back here." Rick wasn't trying at all to hide what he wanted from me. He had forgotten all about his woman at home.

We went outside and got in Rick's truck. At his family's truck yard, Rick took me by the hand and let me into the mechanics shop, just like the old days when we had been together. Rick reached into a tool drawer and pulled out what looked like very old and very big pliers. He reached up towards my neck and in 1 second, with his powerful arms, he cut through the remainder of the link I had been slowly grinding my way through for 3 days. The chain collar along with Tim's property tags fell to the ground. I picked them up, dropped them in my pocket, and gave Rick a long wet thank you kiss. Rick dropped the pliers back in the drawer and without a word grabbed my hand and pointed me back towards his truck. Rick drove to a restaurant that used to be one of our favorites and we went in to order take out food. We had a nice conversation and did some catching up. I asked Rick how married life was treating him and all he said was that his wife was "letting herself go." I knew from experience that she wasn't letting herself go, she was just being run down by Rick's overwhelming power in the bedroom. We headed back to my place where we spread the food out on the coffee table and watched some television while we ate. When Rick was done eating, he got up and lifted me up off the couch and carried me into the bedroom. He didn't care that I was still eating. This was the Rick I remembered living with right after I got out of college.

Rick was all over me on the bed. He had me stripped down to my heels, panties, and crotchless pantyhose in less than a minute. The massive rock hard bulge in his pants told me that he was absolutely desperate to get it on with me and I was loving every second of it as he rolled me from side to side while grabbing me everywhere, stroking me everywhere, kissing me everywhere, and prodding against me everywhere with the mega bulge in the front of his pants. I was just as anxious as he was to get his cock inside me and I had both my hands working on getting the fly of his jeans open to release his totally gorgeous and gargantuan penis. And at nearly midnight Thursday the phone rang. It was Tim, and Rick answered the phone. Rick told Tim that he was re-claiming me as his. He told Tim to play it safe and stay as far away from me as possible. And then Rick hung up on Tim. At that moment I wanted Rick back so badly. Rick looked so big as he stood on the bed on his knees in front of me and I leaned forward to suck his long penis deep into my mouth. I felt like I was sucking on the cock of a giant. A great big powerful giant with a long, thick, rock hard erection reaching far down into my throat. I love deepthroating Rick, just to prove I can actually handle the girth of his big overgrown cock. And Rick loves holding my throat with his hands when he throatfucks me, because he says he can actually feel his cock bulging against my neck as he slides his cock in and out of me.

I was sure that Rick's new wife couldn't possibly do what I was doing for his cock right now. If she could, he would have been with her and wouldn't have come running so quickly to my aid when I called him. As he continued to pump his penis in and out through my mouth, I was literally massaging his shaft with my tongue and massaging his cock head with my throat. Rick looked like he was floating on air as he fell over sideways and rolled onto his back with my head still tightly stuck on the shaft of his penis. He was begging me to keep working on him and I definitely had no intention of letting his cock get away from me. I was kneeling on all fours above him and furiously giving him head. His huge hard muscular body stretched out on the bed underneath me looked like it was endless, and his cock felt endless as I tried to get into a position where I could slide more and more of its length into my throat. Rick's fists were clinging so tightly to the sheets as I was sucking him off that it looked like he was going to tear them. When he was getting close to cumming his cock reached maximum hardness and it had grown to outrageous proportions. And before I had a chance to coax his cum into my throat, Rick told me to sit on his rod and let him pump his load into me while watching my tight little ass slide up and down on his super long shaft. I was more than happy to oblige.

Getting his cock started into my tight rear end was always the hardest part, but once he was in me things happened pretty naturally. Watching the tip of his cock disappear into my ass was the trigger for Rick to grab me by the hips and forcefully slam my body down very very snugly onto his cock. I felt literally stretched and impaled on his shaft. I had to take my time when I started sliding up and down over the length of his penis. My body was so tightly stuck on his cock that I could feel warmth from the friction as I continued riding him. When he was ready to cum again, Rick slowed the pace one more time. This time he lifted me up and rolled me over onto my back. Lifting my long legs over his shoulders, he slid the entire length of his hard rod back into my ass and started fucking me one more time. He was fucking me so hard now that it was clear that he had intentions of delivering a big load of semen into my tight little body.

He slowed down his strokes into my body just long enough for him to lean forward and suck incredibly hard on each of my nipples for a few minutes each. Both of my nipples were aching when he was done. My poor nipples had just healed and now Rick was sucking on them so hard that they hurt for several days after he did me. And when he was done sucking on my tits, he laid nearly his full weight on me and absolutely pounded me with his cock. The total thrill of being helplessly skewered deep inside my body by the incredibly rock hard dick of this big powerful androgen driven breeding machine was flooding back over me. I laid back and completely surrendered myself to Rick's phenomenally powerful pile-driver like penis. I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around his powerful back as he slammed his penis harder and harder inside me with each thrust. His penis was drilling itself deeper and deeper into my body and his massive balls were getting ready to fill me to overflowing with enough semen to get all the women in town pregnant.

Impaled along the entire length of the cock of this this huge bull of a man, I hung on for dear life as my body totally submitted to the will of the penis that was thrusting forward and back so deep inside me. I was happily overwhelmed by the obvious ecstasy that my body provides Rick when he so forcefully tries to breed me. All the exercise, dieting, tanning, hormones, surgery, makeup, primping, all are so totally worthwhile when a man is so totally physically satisfied by you. And then at last my body was completely conquered by the sperm that Rick sent flooding even further up inside me in a long, long series of warm waves as he came and came and came in me. I was completely overcome by a need to keep Rick's penis and all of his sperm inside me. My arms clung to his body and my body itself was clinging tightly onto the penis that he had so tightly buried way up between my legs. As he rolled over to fall asleep in my bed, I let my body roll with him. He had impaled me with his cock, and now I was keeping his cock locked tightly inside me. I stayed mounted on his cock long enough for his sperm to swim far enough into me that they would all stay inside me when I finally raised up enough to let his penis slide out of me.

That night, when I finally slid my body up off of Rick's cock, I knew that even when Rick went back home to his worn out money chasing haggy wife the next day, billions and billions of the sperm he had so happily implanted in my body would still be swimming around deep inside me. As I lay snuggled in his big arms, knowing that he had just enjoyed being with me so much that he had been overwhelmed with enough physical passion to not only leave incredibly huge amounts of his semen inside my body, but also to pass out in my bed, brought a smile to my face. Whenever we got together in bed, our powerful physical chemistry is undeniable. And at least that night, I was totally jealous of the money grubbing woman Rick would return to later the next day. Even though trying to keep Rick satisfied means she looks broken down, worn out, prematurely aged, and more or less unkempt, Rick is still with her and not with me.