Tina & Rick - Part 4 - Shacking Up!

Tina D (tinad4fun@yahoo.com)

I began female hormone therapy in college.  At 19, I left college to live with my former college roommate who was twelve years my senior.  His sister, Anne, had made arrangements for him to return to work in their family trucking business, and for Rick and I to live rent-free in a house owned by their father.  Anne picked me up at the college and we spent the day driving to meet Rick at the house.

The house was a simple one story brick house with an unfinished basement, but it was at least seventy years old, the roof was peaked, and the windows were big with shutters, and the heavy wooden doors, wood floors, and stone fireplace all had a really old look to them that made the house feel solid and cozy and warm.  It was just twenty minutes drive from their trucking yard, and Anne even found me a job at a video store within walking distance.

As soon as his sister left, Rick explained to me that he had just three rules I was to follow.  First, he expected me to look and dress as sexily as possible, at all times.  Second, he was not ready to see any male parts, even if mine were "tiny."  Third, as the man of the house, he expected me to obey him; while rule three obviously meant that there were actually any number of rules, it also meant that Rick saw me as the "woman" of the house, and if you read on, you will see that there was absolutely no doubt that Rick's perception of me, sexually, was as a woman.   

Things had been going really smoothly between Rick and I for a couple of months, so I agreed to abide by his rules and I started unpacking.  I didn't have a backup plan or anywhere else to go anyway.  But there were benefits for me.  The very existence of his rules implied that we were now boyfriend and girlfriend, sort of, which was exactly what I had wanted.  I was about to find that Rick's sexual appetite knew absolutely no bounds.  Unless he was asleep, he was insatiable.  But I found that my ability to keep him continually aroused with my increasingly feminine body was personally very sexually satisfying.  In addition, I was living absolutely rent free while hormone therapy continued to feminize my body with each passing day.  And finally, Rick's monthly paycheck more than covered the groceries and bills, and so I was saving every penny I earned at the video store plus a little extra each month.

On our first night living together, and nearly every night that followed, Rick expected sex.  And with a readily available sex partner, he was anxious to experiment.  Of course, he retained his never-ending love for blowjobs.  But it was soon about how many times he could cum inside me in a single day or night.  Then it was about how fast he could cum.  Then it was about how long he could last inside me without cumming.  Then it was about trying out new positions he saw in magazines.  Then it was about lying on top of me and pumping his cock in and out of me during sex scenes in porn videos.  While this could leave me totally physically exhausted, I have to admit I loved it when he watched porn videos and gave me really long, really hard sexual workouts.  Rick had a huge porn collection, with some wild videos, but all were heterosexual.  He loved watching the videos, he loved looking at other women, and he loved having sex with me, so I felt I was doing a great job of becoming the woman in Rick's life.

Rick was mildly hooked on bondage.  At least once every few weeks he would tie me face down on the bed, with my feet tied together and my hands tied to the bedposts.  He would leave me tied like that, in my underwear and heels, for hours at a time, alternately pinning me helplessly underneath him while he fucked the daylights out of me, and then turning out the lights on me while he went to the living room to have a beer and watch television, and then returning to watch more porn and to fuck me again.  He made me buy a huge dildo, and he would watch me take turns sucking him and then the dildo, or he would fuck me from behind while I sucked up and down on the dildo as he reached around and stroked it in and out of my mouth.  Whenever I was sucking on the dildo, he would talk about how much he liked fucking me while I was blowing another guy.  I surprised him one night with a blowup male doll that had a place to stick the dildo.  It looked like a guy lying on the bed with a huge hardon sticking straight up in the air ready for my blowjob.  Rick nearly had a heart attack fucking me doggystyle while he watched me on my hands and knees sucking the fake cock in a mirror beside the bed.  He fucked me while I sucked on my inflatable friend's cock at least once a week after that.

Rick hated wearing condoms, but sometimes he would come home with a box of condoms and fuck me in order to watch me drink his cum.  He would act shocked as I drained a condom full of his hot semen into my mouth after he had blown it into me while assfucking me just seconds earlier, but for me it was no different than when he shot his cum directly into my mouth or throat.  No matter which way he fucked me, and no matter which end he fucked (he usually fucked me at both ends), when Rick was through with me, my body knew it had been fucked, and I could often feel his semen still inside me for hours and hours after he finished with me.

Within 6 months, my body had rounded out a lot, and I stopped wearing padded panties to shape my rear.  Rick now got a raging hardon and expected me to do something about it any time he saw my ass.  My skin was now so smooth and soft to the touch that it felt like my old skin had been completely replaced.  My doctor had been right; while I was a person who had not responded well to male sex hormones when I was younger, my body was responding very, very well to female hormones.  Since I had never responded well to testosterone, my voice had changed but was not at all deep.  Even so, I was really unhappy with my early attempts at a female voice, when I just whispered and mumbled a lot, and spoke in short sentences, afraid that my voice might give me away.  No one had asked me about my gender at the video store, but I was convinced that if anything gave me away, it was my voice.

So months earlier, I picked a movie star from the '60's who had a very sultry voice, about the same pitch as mine, and it was a voice that I thought men would love.  I brought home every movie she ever made from the video store and played them over and over on my days off.  I started with my best impression of her, and then practiced and practiced and practiced for hours a day when I was alone in the house.  I was dedicated to this because I absolutely wanted a female voice.  It wasn't intentional, but I was practicing her voice characteristics so much that her voice started coming out of me when Rick was at home, and when I was at work.  At first I was consciously imitating her, but with time, this new voice was coming out of my mouth very naturally, and many male customers (many) have told me I have a very sexy voice, on the phone and in person.

About this time, I decided to use my remaining college money, together with my new savings, to have my face and larynx feminized.  After some painful tissue healing (I am such a baby), I was able to wear makeup again, and I thought I looked pretty much the same, a bit more feminine, and perhaps a little bit prettier.  My breasts were continuing to develop, and I started rubbing them morning and night with moisturizing anti-stretch mark creams to help soften my skin.  I had been told that softening the skin well in advance would make it easier to tolerate larger implants when the time came.  I wanted medium implants, C cup, and Rick wanted me to get very large implants, DD cup, and so, assuming we would eventually compromise at D, I was using a lot of moisturizing creams.  Rick wanted me to get implants "yesterday."  But I had been told that I needed to let my nipples and breasts fill out more first.  I wanted to, but I wasn't ready, so for the time being, I continued wearing my over-sized breast forms.  I had my own breasts now, but I had gotten used to being "big breasted" pretty much all the time.

Anne was still taking me on shopping trips and I had filled a dresser with lingerie.  Anne would leave catalogs for Rick to browse through and she was always anxious to buy whatever he wanted me to wear.  Another closet was filling with high heel shoes, 2 1/2 - 4 inch heels on the floor, and a shelf covered with nothing but 5 inch heels, pumps, mules, sandals, and boots, that were reserved for the bedroom and for special occasions.  Rick expected me to be in heels from the minute my feet touched the floor in the morning, and I cooked his breakfast every morning wearing fuzzy mules with 3 inch heels.  In bed, he expected 5 inch heels, nylons, and body hugging lingerie nearly every night.  Living in heels had quickly helped me master the sensuous "cum-fuck-me" walk that Anne used so naturally, and men honked and whistled when we shopped downtown together.

After getting a bit of work done on my face, Rick took more interest in me, and we began "dating" at restaurants and movies, and Rick splurged on a hotel room for us about once a month, without any prompting from me.  Hotel weekends were fun with Rick.  He loved television, he loved old movies, and he loved being sexually teased.  I loved to find him a nice long movie, or better yet two movies, and then tease the hell out of him walking around in my latest undies and occasionally stopping to fondle or suck hard on his cock, just a minute or two at a time though.  By the time he finished watching his movie, he was like a wild stallion with an oversized cum-dripping  hardon, stained from top to bottom with my lipstick, and he usually ended up tearing apart whatever I was wearing in order to shove his cock into me and start banging me as fast and hard as humanly possible.  The lingerie he tore apart some weekends cost more than the hotel room.

By this time I was convinced that an entire harem of beautiful women would not have been able to sexually satisfy Rick, but I continually tried my best, and I didn't worry about Rick cheating.  I was certain that girls had dumped him in the past simply because he was so physically overwhelming in bed.  I know that some women would have handled his size better than I could, but the problem went beyond his size, it was the sheer force with which he fucked me that wore me out.

Having sex with Rick was like being physically attacked by a machine that would grab me, throw me onto the bed, prop my ass up in the air, powerfully lock itself onto me, jam a very hard, thick hose deep into my body, and then start forcefully pumping me full of hot loads of cum.  And me, just clutching the pillows helplessly while the machine pumped and pumped and pumped and gradually filled me with billions upon billions of sperm.  Every time the machine delivered a fresh load, it felt like a hot jet spray deep inside me, and I would feel several hard spurts of cum shooting way up into me, and then more cum would just run into me like a warm stream.  The amount of cum he produced was beyond belief.

When he was pumping into my ass, I had tried pushing him back and even screaming to get him to slow down, not stop, but just slow down, but screaming was a huge mistake as it simply got him more excited and he would find the energy to pound into me even harder.  I had tried crawling out from under him when I was on my stomach underneath him, but he was easily 65 pounds heavier than me, at least 6 inches taller, and his arms had thick muscles from working in the truck shop five days a week.  Whenever I tried to slide even an inch away from him, he would let me know he was not finished with me by pulling me back all the way onto the base of his penis, and slamming his hardon into me several times extra hard and extra deep to discourage me from trying to slide away again, and he could pound into me hard enough to literally take my breath away, so I quickly learned to hold my ass perfectly still for him when he wanted me to.

Whenever he flipped me onto my back and held my legs in the air by my ankles, I was absolutely at his mercy, and he was completely free to have his way with me for as long as he liked, as hard as he liked, and as often as he liked.  His hands were as strong as handcuffs around my ankles, and he was so much stronger than me that I might as well have been glued onto the shaft of his cock.  Several times he had stood up off the bed with his arms around me, with me still impaled on his hard cock, and he had fucked me in mid-air with my legs wrapped around him.  I felt like I was literally hanging from his cock.  To me, Rick's cock seemed gigantic.  By comparison, my penis was so small that it was easily hidden inside small bikini panties.  Rick could lay me on my back with my hips propped up on a pillow and fuck me while he was lying flat on top of me and not even feel my penis underneath him.  At best, I could only get soft erections, but when Rick slipped his cock into me and started rhythmically stretching my insides, I could feel my muscles having spasms on his cock shaft that I am sure were some kind of orgasm, and sometimes the spasms would just keep coming and coming and I would just lay back, close my eyes and totally give in to his big cock.  At times like this I felt like his cock totally owned my body.

He still loved to play a game in which he would lay me over the arm of the couch, start fucking me, and then pull his thick cock completely out of me and then wait a few seconds for my ass to tighten back up before shoving himself quickly back into me again.  For me, it was a mix of 99% absolutely incredible pleasure and 1% pain.  And making matters worse, he could fuck me this way for a long, long time without cumming, and he knew that if he kept it up long enough I would beg for him to cum inside me, and promise him anything he wanted to get him to cum.  When he thought I had begged enough, he would end the game by lying flat on top of me on the couch and going into what he called hyperfuck mode, during which he would fuck me so hard and so fast I could not count how many times he was stroking in and out of me, and I always got that feeling that he was trying to fuck me through the furniture.  Fortunately, it usually only took 2 or 3 minutes in hyperfuck mode for him to fire a huge, hot load way up into my ass, by which time I was usually gasping for air.

Whenever he shoved his cock in my face, I was still amazed that such a big, hard thing could actually fit inside my body, at either end.  In fact, I had mixed feelings every time Rick's pants came off.  I took incredible care to make sure I was always very well lubricated with KY before Rick ever got near me, and I used plenty of lip balm as well.  I totally craved the feeling of his penis inside my body for the first 15 minutes each night but I always ended up holding on for dear life as he continued to slam in and out of my ass for the next 45 minutes.  He would beg me to push my ass against him every time he shoved into me, but it was impossible.  He pumped so hard that all my muscles felt like they were being pulverized into submission, and I kept tightening up inside uselessly trying to slow down the hard, fast rhythm of his cock.  Getting pinned beneath Rick when he decided he wanted a blowjob meant being very seriously throat-fucked.  I loved giving him blowjobs, but after several sessions in which his cock had left my throat aching, I was now very careful to make sure I was always the one on top at blowjob time.

Within another 6 months, my hips had widened more, and my thighs had taken on a decidedly more feminine shape.  Rick was like a gauge for me.  Every slight change to my body made Rick even hornier.  Now, whenever he took me doggystyle, which was often, he would tell me that my hips were wide enough to give birth.  I was becoming less muscular but worked out my lower body to keep my legs looking as tanned and shapely as the legs of a model.  I dieted and kept my stomach completely flat.  My naturally brunette hair was long, full, and soft after spending a fortune on products promising thick, soft hair.  With hair, and with makeup, expensive definitely works, and as strange as it may sound, guys love to look at girls with pretty hair and pretty makeup, and I was getting more and more looks everyday, even when I was behind the counter with my legs and heels hidden from view.

Rick was increasingly demanding about the lingerie I ordered, and insisted on a fashion show every time the new lingerie arrived.  In the past, I had been ordering items that covered a lot of skin on top, to hide my breast forms.  Now that my own breasts were big enough to be seen under lingerie, I started ordering items that showed more skin.  Rick didn't seem to be bothered by the sudden decrease in the size of my breasts when I stopped wearing breast forms in bed, although I still wore them a lot, and always wore them to work.  In fact, as the lingerie and heels continued to pile up, the fashion shows got longer and longer, and Rick got hornier and hornier.  Each show still ended with me kneeling between Rick's legs and giving him a blowjob while he watched me to make sure I swallowed every drop of his cum.

Arriving home from work one night, I found Rick had returned from work early and he was in a foul mood.  The phone was ringing and Rick was ignoring it.  It was his sister, Anne.  She explained to me that there had been a problem at work that day.  A mechanic had put the wrong kind of valve in an engine, and an expensive motor had blown up.  Rick and his father had disagreed on how to best handle the situation.  Rick's father had sent Rick into the shop to calmly explain that this had been a serious mistake, but that they understood that mistakes happened, and insurance would help with the damages, and that the mechanic needed to be more alert, and to double check parts.  Rick skipped the part that involved the explanation, and had gone directly to the parking lot, where he began smashing the mechanic's pickup truck with a heavy metal bar.

Everyone at the truck yard had calmed down as much as possible, given the circumstances.  Anne explained that it was absolutely critical that I say anything or do anything necessary to calm Rick down and get him back to work the very next day.  She told me to call back as soon as I could and let her know if I was having any success getting Rick to stay calm.  As I walked back into the living room, I was finding it difficult to want to say anything to comfort Rick at that moment.  And then Rick told me to start packing, as we were leaving right away.  I asked him exactly what he meant when he said "we," that is, did he mean I needed to get out because he was leaving and I would not have a place to stay, or did he mean I needed to pack because I was coming with him.  He flatly and emphatically stated, "You are coming with me!"  My heart immediately melted and now I was ready to say or do anything to calm him down.

I kneeled between Rick's legs, anxious to give him a nice, long soothing blowjob to take his mind off his problem at work, and to just generally calm him down.  Even though he was upset, he was still as horny as hell.  As I was unzipping his pants and working his penis out, I told him that, even though what he had done was a bit over the top, he had sent everyone a message about how he dealt with business.  I also told him that his father had probably wanted to do the same thing and was probably glad inside that Rick had done what he had done.  As I opened my mouth wide and started quickly sucking up and down on his already super hard cock, he reached down and wrapped his arms around me and physically lifted me off the floor.  He grabbed the remote and pulled me up on top of him on the couch.  We watched some television, with his cock still hard underneath me, and Rick fell asleep with me lying on his wonderful, powerful chest.  This was the first day in a long time that I could remember that Rick did not cum in me, or at least cum on me before he fell asleep.

The next day, Rick returned home from work in an outrageously horny state, from having had no orgasm the day before.  I was outrageously horny just because I loved feeling his thick cock shooting wads of fresh cum deep inside my body; by now, I was totally addicted to his cum and I would do literally anything he wanted in order to get him to shoot a load inside me.  We bypassed supper, we bypassed the usual living room blowjob, and Rick led me straight to the bedroom where I had just enough time to grab some lube for my rear end as he laid me on the bed, hiked up my dress, ripped open my pantyhose, pulled down my panties, flopped down on top of me, forced his cock as deeply into me as possible, just laid there deep inside me for a minute, and then started to really let me have it from behind.  He had barely gotten started stroking his cock in and out of me when I started to feel it swelling and pulsing and jerking every time he shoved himself into me.  Whenever he was close to shooting a load, his cock would start to swell in rhythm, and wham, he blew an extra huge load of cum into me within just a few minutes of the time he had jammed his cock into me and he said, "I was thinking about doing that all to you all day long."

The truth was, I had been thinking about him doing that to me all day long too.  I wasn't only addicted to the feeling of his cock inside me, I was very attracted to Rick.  Rick was "my guy," and I loved the fact that he had a huge cock and was constantly horny.  I loved it even better that Rick was using his huge cock to work out every ounce of his horniness on me every night instead of with some other woman.  And every time I saw his cock and balls, I had this overwhelming need to get more cum out of him.

That night, Rick asked me to start driving him to work and picking him up on any days I was not working.  Of course, he made it clear I was to still dress as sexily as possible, which for Rick meant short, tight skirts and high heels.  Rick invited me into the shop nearly every day, and with each visit he explained more to me about the business.  They had what appeared to be a booming business.  Two small office buildings, one attached to the main garage, paint shops, welding shops, a huge truck yard, long distance trucks, short distance trucks, tow trucks, repair trucks, and no end of mechanics and drivers.  Much to my surprise, no one seemed to be afraid of big, bad Rick.  In fact, they joked around with him, teased him, and called him "Ricky."  He shared snacks and lunches with the mechanics, and as far as I could see, they all loved him.

Rick never went into the office area where his sister worked.  He simply would not go into her office as he did not recognize her as an authority figure.  I rarely went into the office area, but had been in occasionally to say hello to Anne.  Rick and I were planning to celebrate one year together as boyfriend-girlfriend and I decided to stop in and ask Anne if she wanted to go out with us for dinner.  As I walked into the office area, I heard Anne say something to someone on the phone, and I heard her use Rick's name.  I slipped as quietly as possible into the bathroom, trying not to disturb her, my heels were usually a dead giveaway that I was nearby.  I heard Anne say something to the effect of, "He must be banging the total shit out of her every night because he hasn't stayed home this long in years."  The call ended with a comment like, "Anyway, we can talk about it later."

I waited until someone else came into the office, and quietly slipped out of the bathroom and back into the mechanics shop and found Rick.  At home that night, I asked Rick a lot of questions about the business.  He explained all the reasons that his father would either sell the business or pass it on to Rick, but would not let Anne have control.  Anne had a college business degree, but evidently had made some serious screwups in the books in the past that had caused their father to lose a lot of money.  Rick said he hoped their old man would just sell the business, and they could blow all the money together.  It sounded like Rick's father, who had divorced years earlier, had quite a wild side.  Either way, Rick predicted that his sister Anne, who wanted so badly to run the business, would never do so.

Later that night, while kneeling over top of Rick and sliding my ass slowly up and down on his very hard penis, so that he could watch his cock disappearing and reappearing between my round little ass cheeks, I decided to see how creative Anne could be with the books.  I reminded Rick that it was getting close to the time I could consider getting my breasts done.  As I suspected, once I brought up the subject, I could actually feel Rick's cock get harder and bigger inside me, and suddenly my tits were all that he wanted to talk about.  While I continued slowly squeezing my way up and down on his long hard pole, I pointed out to Rick that we had not saved enough money to have the surgery done by the surgeon I wanted, and so we would probably have to wait several months longer.  I also explained to him that I had read enough to know that the surgeon I wanted was considered "the boob master," never a mistake, never a complaint, and every breast was absolutely perfect.  The load he shot in me while we talked about "the boob master" was extra huge.

By the end of the week, Anne called to tell me she was booking an appointment for me with another surgeon, where the cost of the procedure would be just over half the cost of the surgeon I wanted to go to.  That night, while giving Rick his "after dinner" blowjob on the couch, I told him that if he would let me go to the more expensive surgeon I wanted to do my boobs, I would get the double D cups Rick wanted, which was a huge step up from the C cups I had told him I wanted several months ago.  Once again, I knew I was making progress as Rick's cock instantly got harder in my mouth when I mentioned bigger tits.  A blowjob and the promise of bigger tits were all the encouragement Rick needed to visit Anne's office the very next day and make it clear that I was going to go to the more expensive surgeon.  Suddenly, the decision was made.  Not only that, but we suddenly had enough money to cover the procedure by the more expensive surgeon, even though I had not saved up even a fraction of the money needed.

Rick was beyond himself with excitement over the next couple of months while we made appointments and my rather "large" breast procedure was planned.  I had seen the size of the implants and was getting very nervous about them.  I was rubbing my tits with moisturizers nearly constantly now.  I wasn't worried about how they would look, I knew they were going to look incredible, and that I was going to get plenty of looks from guys who love to watch girls with large, bouncing boobs walk by.  But I was seroiusly worried about the pain associated with the procedure, knowing that the pain was probably going to be worse in order to get the bigger boobs that Rick wanted so badly.  I decided I could live with that if Rick could survive for a few weeks without much sex while I healed.

Rick was even more excited when he got me home, and I was grateful for the bandages that would prevent him from manhandling my new, much larger breasts.  Rick was actually really tender towards me while I went through a lot of pain.  He did everything he could to help make sure I could sleep as much as possible, thinking that the faster time went by, the sooner the pain would go away.  I thought that this healing period would also give Rick a cooling off period, sexually, but it did just the opposite.  By the time the swelling and tenderness were disappearing, and the pinkness was disappearing, and I told Rick I was comfortable enough for him to start playing with my tits, he was already out of control.  To my surprise, Rick the legman, suddenly became Rick the titman.  I hadn't really thought a lot about Rick wanting to have actual sex with my tits, but he did.  Don't get me wrong, I definitely knew how it was done.

Within just a few weeks, I tried kneeling in front of him, and pushing my new tits together in order to wrap them around his cock, and then start sliding up and down around his cock.  It was a total thrill for me to see that he could fuck my tits and I could suck the knob of his cock as he thrust into the crack between my tits.  Or I would lay on my back and push my breasts together while he kneeled over me and slid his penis between my breasts.  I would prop my head up on a pillow and make sure to suck his knob at the end of every stroke.  I was amazed at the amount of pre-cum leaking out of his cock and onto my tits.  It looked like spoonful after spoonful of semen was oozing out of him and he just kept pumping and pumping away.  Every time he fucked my tits, they were sperm-coated long before he shot his load.

Rick was fairly gentle on my new tits until I told him that they no longer felt tender.  And that was the signal for Rick to stop sliding his cock gently between my tits, and to start screwing my tits for dear life.  In no time at all, he was screwing my tits as hard and fast as he had ever screwed me in the ass.  There was no doubt in my mind that Rick was definitely happy with my new tits.  I had been worried about my nipples not being sensitive.  But now they were constantly tender with Rick sucking, massaging, squeezing, and pinching them, and screwing my tits.  One night after he had sucked on my tits so hard that my nipples were swollen and red, I snuck into the kitchen after he fell asleep and put ice on my nipples to dull the pain.  And Rick also started curling up behind me and fondling my tits until he fell asleep.

Rick who had always wanted me to swallow every drop of cum he shot into my mouth now wanted to see the cum dribble out of my mouth and onto my tits.  He started demanding more handjobs so he could literally spray his cum all over my tits.  He was not interested in any piece of lingerie that covered my tits but was excited by every piece of lingerie that let them stick out.  If I was still wearing a bra at bedtime, he always had it off of me before we reached the bed.  Now, when he assfucked me, he nearly always wanted me laying on my back so he could watch my tits.  Even I loved to watch them bounce up and down while he pounded away inside me with his cock.  When he took me doggystyle, or if we were lying back to front while he screwed me, he reached around and locked his hands tightly onto my boobs.  He was definitely making sure to get his money's worth out of my tits.

And he wanted everyone else to get his money's worth out of my tits.  Rick described the look he wanted me to achieve when dressing.  "I want them to look like they are about to pop out of whatever you are wearing."  I was thrilled to experiment with my new, much deeper cleavage, and tight fitting, low cut tops became the order of the day.  When we went out for dinner or to a bar, I wore loose fitting blouses that let my tits show between the buttons, and usually left a lot of buttons undone.  Rick was taking me out much more often now, and he definitely got a hard-on when we were in a bar one night and the snaps on my top popped open leaving my breasts out in the open for all to see.  Rick said that he had caught guys working at the shop talking about my legs, tits, and ass many times, and rather than being jealous, it was just one more thing that made Rick horny.

And not long after getting my boob job, another man started paying a lot of attention to me.  And so now I learned a lesson that most girls already know; if a man wants your attention, he will buy you presents and spend money on you.  Steve owned a furniture store just a few miles from the video store where I worked.  He began stopping at the video store more and more each week, and with each visit, we were spending more time talking.  After several weeks of "movie talk," he asked me to keep an eye on his furniture store during my off hours, while he ran errands, checking on furniture deliveries, repairing damages, measuring rooms, and other tasks.  Rick told me that there was no doubt that Steve was visiting me a lot and had now asked me to come and watch his store because he wanted to fuck me.  While Rick fucked me that night, he kept asking questions about things Steve had said to me, and he would ram into me harder each time he told me that it was obvious that Steve wanted to fuck me too.  He didn't seem angry about Steve, it seemed to excite him that another man was interested in me, and it excited me too.

Steve would bring fast food back to the store and insist that I stay to share the food.  He started locking the front door and we would go back into a room he called the storeroom to eat.  Actually, the storeroom was fixed up really nicely.  It had a working fridge, stove, television, videos, a kitchen table and a few small tables, a lounge chair, couch and a huge king sized bed.  The fridge and cupboards were stocked with some food and with a large selection of beer and a few bottles of wine.  The bed was completely made with pillows and blankets.  Soon, he stopped running errands and just stayed with me whenever I was in the store.  He was paying me way, way too much money to help at the store, especially since I knew next to nothing about furniture.  At this point Rick told me that there was no possible doubt that Steve was after sex.  I asked Rick how he felt about this, and he answered, "Why don't you give him one of your expert blowjobs and see if he likes it?"  So much for Rick being jealous.

From that night forward, I started wearing what Rick called my "cum-fuck-me-boys" pumps and even tighter fitting clothes to the furniture store.  Nothing that went more than half-way down my thigh, nothing that didn't expose most of my cleavage, nothing that wasn't very, very tight, nothing on my legs that wasn't fishnet, and nothing on my feet that didn't have at least a 3 inch heel.  Steve was no longer trying to hide the hardons he was getting when we spent time together.  Within a few more days, Steve gave me a beautiful, long, thick gold serpentine necklace.  Acting in as feminine a manner as possible, I turned around and lifted my hair so he could wrap the necklace around my neck and snap it on me.  The necklace was fairly long, and actually hung down onto the tops of my breasts, which I had on display for Steve.  As we snacked on some takeout food, he asked me a lot of personal questions and if Rick and I were serious about each other.  I told him that I had no idea how things would work out with Rick.  We chit-chatted a while longer and then leaned towards me and the next thing I knew, we were locked in a deep kissing session that lasted for several minutes.

And then he pulled away from me and asked me straight out, "Would you let me fuck you?"  Without any hesitation, I told him that maybe we should just kiss for a little while longer and see what happened.  Steve turned the lights down a bit and we made our way over to bed where we laid down and resumed kissing.  Steve was already doing his very best to hump me through his pants.  A bit to my surprise, I was getting incredibly horny as I felt him pushing his erection against me again and again.  I was grabbing and squeezing his cock through his pants and it was pretty obvious he wanted me to help him cum.  He was trying to slip his hands into my clothes and I finally let him pop open the buttons on my blouse.  I just kept on kissing him while his hands were working their way over every square inch of my big tits.  As I slipped his penis out of his pants I started giving him a handjob.  A minute later and his hands were tightly locked on my tits and his penis was already very hard in my hands and already starting to leak cum.

I am not sure what I was feeling, but I remember thinking, I know exactly how to get the cum out of this cock, I know how to do this job.  I kept squeezing and rubbing his cock and fondling his balls and within no time at all he was gasping and, voila, he started to shoot his load.  I don't know why, but it struck me as funny that it was so easy to make Steve cum when it was so much work to make Rick cum, and so I rubbed him harder and squeezed his balls to see just how much cum I could get from him.  His cum was on me, and all over the blanket, and some was on him.  He was only the third man I had made cum.  He spent the next few minutes telling me how much he wanted more of this and that he would really make it worth my while if I let him have sex with me.

I told Steve that if he let me keep working at his store, I would give him an occasional handjob or blowjob, and that he could fuck my tits if he wanted to.  I could already tell by the way he was fondling and kissing my tits that the that he definitely wanted to fuck them.  The truth was, I had decided that I was willing to do any of these things with Steve before I had even arrived at the furniture store today.  Steve drove me home later and kissed me before I got out of the car.  He acted sad to be dropping me off.

Later that night I was telling Rick everything that had happened at the store.  Rather than being jealous, he got excited, and the thing he was most interested in was the size of Steve's cock.  After assuring him that Steve's cock was not as hard, and not as big as his, and that Steve came much easier and could not keep an erection as long, Rick pulled his own cock out, sat me down on the couch, grabbed the hair behind my head, and started throatfucking me.  There was no doubt that hearing about me giving Steve a handjob had gotten him aroused fast.  In no time at all we were off to the bedroom and Rick put in a brand new video starring women with incredibly huge breasts.  Their breasts were so huge that they were completely abnormal looking, in fact they looked grotesque.  They were literally the size of volleyballs on their chests.  Rick got busy fucking my tits, which in my opinion are as gorgeous as they get, but he never took his eyes off the huge breasted women in the movie.  While continuing to fuck my tits, he started ranting that my tits would soon be as big as the ones he was watching on the screen.

After washing two very sticky loads of cum off my breasts, I slipped my heels off, and slid in between the sheets with Rick, and he returned to fondling and sucking on my tits.  As I felt his penis start getting hard in my hand again, he told me I needed to talk with my doctor to see if it was possible to do anything to get my tits to start producing milk.  Rick was really taking this breast thing way too seriously.  I was told that it might be possible to get my breasts to produce milk, but I didn't see any need to do it, and I didn't want to go through all the extra aggravation with extra hormone treatments, especially needles.

I won't go into all of the details, but Steve and I remained friends.  Over the next few months, while working at the furniture store with Steve, I occasionally gave him a blowjob or a handjob, as a friend, when he complained he was having a "dry spell."  He had fucked my tits several times, and one afternoon, he told me he could no longer stand looking at my legs and that he absolutely had to fuck them.  He asked me if I would lay on my stomach on the bed, and let him kneel behind me with my feet up in the air.  I said sure and sat on the bed and started to unstrap my shoes from my ankles as sexily as possible, and he told me to leave the shoes on.  The next thing I knew I was laying on my stomach with my feet up in the air with Steve busily screwing my feet, high heels and all.  He would fuck my feet for a minute, and then slide back a bit on the bed, lean forward, and fuck my calves.  This was definitely a weird feeling.  I could not believe that he was fucking my feet and calves when he could be fucking me in the mouth, but he was definitely enjoying himself.

I could already feel big wet spots on my feet and legs where his cum was leaking out of the tip of his cock and onto my nylons.  He was getting seriously out of breath but kept on screwing my calves.  He was now leaning hard against my feet and pushing them tight against me.  While his cock kept fucking my calves I could feel the tip of his cock starting to slip between my thighs.  The only thing that was lubricating his cock between my legs was his cum oozing out onto my thighs.  He had to be uncomfortable.  But when he came, he came really hard.  I could feel his cum wadding up between my thighs, hot and thick and pooling right where my thighs were pushed tightly together.  He definitely needed a good orgasm.  Seconds after he was done cumming on me, he rolled over and fell asleep for about half an hour.

Things continued to be fine with Rick.  He continued to want to hear every detail any time I made Steve shoot a load of cum.  Rick always got horny at night, but there was no doubt in my mind that he got hornier faster when he was listening to me tell him about giving Steve a handjob or blowjob.  Other than that, Rick seemed to consider my going to the furniture store to be "just a job," and I had been working there for several months now.

I was still driving Rick to work quite often.  One day, when I walked into the truck shop, Rick was sitting close to one of the mechanics and they were whispering under their breath.  You could see that they were sharing some kind of private joke.  I came walking into the shop to take Rick home and he introduced me to Stan.  "Wait a minute," I said.  "You are the one whose truck Rick smashed."  I turned and gave Rick one of those hard, girly pushes; he didn't budge an inch.  And then I turned back to Stan, stood on my toes and gave him a quick hug and said, "Rick is such an ass!"

Rick quickly said, "Come on, let's get out of here."  I thought I might be in trouble for having called him an ass.  Instead, as we walked out of the shop, Rick reached over and cupped one of my tight little ass cheeks through my skirt and squeezed hard.  A few of the hoots from the garage made it clear that some of the mechanics had seen his hand grab onto my ass.  As the hoots continued, I turned on my absolute most inviting "cum-on-and-fuck-me-boys" walk.  And that is when Rick took a step back from me and said, "That's why I love you!"  Hearing those words, my knees felt week, and I could literally feel my whole body start shivering as we walked to the truck.  I thought I might faint.

I wasn't waiting to get home to give Rick a blowjob tonight.  We hadn't even pulled out of the truck lot and he already had his pants pulled down over his legs and I was already bobbing my head up and down on his hard cock.  I was sucking him as hard and fast as I could, and I was having a hard time sucking, because I was having to try so hard not to smile.  As the first trickle of pre-cum started to run into my mouth, I thought that I might get to keep the huge, sexy cock I was sucking on, and that I might get to keep the the huge, sexy hunk that was attached to the huge, sexy cock I was sucking on.

Rick got everything he wanted that night.  Well, he got everything he wanted every night, but I threw extra energy into the blowjob I gave him on the way home, and when he fucked me in the shower that night, with me in a bikini and soaking wet nylons, I shoved my ass against him as hard as I could every time he rammed his cock into me, even though it hurt, a lot!  He would spin me around and make me kneel down and suck on his cock, then he would pull out and fuck my tits, and then spin me around and do me in the ass again.  I was nearly exhausted when he finally  came in my ass so hard that he nearly fell over backwards in the shower as his entire body stiffened with the first few super hard shots of cum.  His orgasm was so powerful inside me I felt like I could feel his cum hitting the inside of my belly button.  Then he nearly fell over sideways with weakness as his cock slid out of me and I grabbed on and kept stroking him with my hand.  He was pushing my hands away from his cock because he said his cock felt so sensitive he couldn't stand to be touched.  I watched as a little stream of very thick cum just kept oozing out of the head of his cock.  I grabbed him and sucked out every drop I could possibly get, then washed his cock off and sent him to bed.

While he found himself a nice movie, I dried off, changed into some of his favorite black fishnet stockings, a black body suit, and of course the sexiest five inch black pumps I owned.  Rick told me he felt tired, and I responded with, "You're not too tired to make another sperm delivery into me, baby," and I slid in beside him and started gently sucking up and down the entire length of his cock.  And I was right, his cock was definitely not too tired to respond to some sucking from my mouth and within a few minutes, he was completely hard again.  He just lay back and fondled my legs while I locked onto him like a vacuum and let my mouth give his big thick rod a thorough workout.

One thing that was guaranteed to make Rick cum was fucking at high speed.  Whenever he "hyperfucked" me, he never lasted long.  That night, I hyperfucked Rick with my tight little mouth.  I waited until his cock was super hard, and until my mouth was starting to ache from opening wide enough to hold him, and when I knew my jaw muscles couldn't take his size much longer, I ignored his pleas to slow down because his cock was too sensitive.  I knew he wanted to blow another load into me but he couldn't because he had blown a monster load into my ass just a little while earlier in the shower.  I put my mouth into hyperfuck mode and didn't let his cock have even a second to rest.  I kept pumping my head up and down on his cock as fast as I could possibly suck.  My neck and my jaw felt like they were going to lock up but I forced myself to keep working over his cock with every ounce of strength left in my mouth.

Rick started rolling back and forth just a little bit, partly wanting a break from the non-stop sucking action of my mouth, and the workout he was getting from my tongue, and partly wanting me to suck him harder and deeper, poor boy.  I could tell that he was telling the truth about his cock being sensitive, though, his hips were occasionally bucking up a foot off the bed.  I was up on my knees and trying not to let him stab his cock through the back of my head.  I was holding onto his shaft with both hands now and sucking his beautiful thick cock head so hard I knew there was no way he could last much longer.  At that moment, with my mouth tightly clamped on his cock, and Rick moaning loudly in absolute ecstasy, I suddenly realized that no guy on the planet could have held out against the blowjob Rick was getting at that moment, and I just felt this great wave of relaxation as every square inch of my mouth now knew exactly what to do in order to extract cum from any guy's cock.  I just felt like this was what my mouth was meant to do!  Even though I had only made a total of three different guys shoot their loads, I was sure I had made Rick cum inside me at least a thousand times.

And now, it was like I could feel my mouth talking to this big hard thick cock and telling it to flood me full of hot juicy cum, and just then, the cum literally gushed out of Rick's cock.  He was yelling something while his cock was exploding into my mouth, and I couldn't understand what he was saying, and my mouth didn't care what he was saying.  He was grabbing my head and trying to pull my head away from his cock and I pulled the other way and sucked him into my throat right down to the very base of his cock.  He stiffened instantly and his body dropped flat back onto the bed and literally shook as his cum kept splattering forcefully into my throat.

Rick no longer had any say in the matter, his balls were now in total control of his entire body, and his balls were very, very busy trying to breed my hot sweet sexy cum-hungry little mouth.  I was having trouble swallowing his semen as fast as his balls were delivering it into my throat.  When his balls finally finished pumping every last drop of his cum into my mouth, I could feel them still trying to pump cum they hadn't even made yet and his whole body remained stiff while his cock continued to spasm in my mouth.  Every drop of his cum was now somewhere in my body and I absolutely loved knowing that I had managed to get every single sperm out of his body and they were now all swimming happily around inside my throat and ass.  The second and third orgasms Rick had inside me that day, in the shower and in bed, were massive, and he was now sleeping like a baby, with one of his big powerful arms wrapped around me.  I was really pleased with myself, as Rick had just learned that whenever he told me he loved me, he knew he was going to be treated to incredible orgasms.  I pushed my hips back tightly against him and reached back and put his cock between my ass cheeks and fell asleep.

Rick was endlessly in search of more stimulation, but I didn't think he needed it.  He already had it better than most men.  I dressed like a hooker constantly.  He got handjobs on the way to and from work everyday.  He got a blowjob nearly every single day, and he knew that he could ask at anytime and in a heartbeat I would be on my knees with my mouth wrapped lovingly around his cock and sucking him off.  And finally, he had sex every single night in any position he wanted, whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted, as often as he wanted, for as long as he wanted, as fast or slow as he wanted, as gently or forcefully as he wanted, with me dressed any way he wanted, with me tied up if he wanted, and frequently while he watched porn.  He was turned on by the thought of me jacking off or sucking off another guy, and now I was actually doing it.  Some weekends, Rick did nothing but eat, sleep and try to fill me from top to bottom with his cum.  I was convinced that my mouth, ass, tits, and legs looked nearly as good as any woman's, and Rick was now living in sexual paradise.