Part 6 - Tina & Rick - Rick's Hooker Fantasy

Tina D

Just months after we broke up, and I moved into my own apartment, Rick asked me to accompany him for a 4 day-3 night mid-winter vacation.  Rick was totally up front about wanting plenty of sex, and an opportunity to work out some fantasies during the trip.  Rick agreed to pay all the bills, and so I agreed to go with him.  On the first night of our trip, I ventured out of our hotel room dressed as a hooker.  Before the night was through, I had blown a businessman who picked me up in the hotel bar, given a handjob to a young man desperate for professional help to get him off, and finally Rick had "hired" me in the hotel lobby, taken me back to the room where he strapped me down on the bed and literally ravaged my mouth and ass.  Before arriving at our fantasy hotel, I had only had sex with 5 guys (counting oral), but had made 6 guys cum (counting handjobs).  After the first night of our trip, I was able to add two more guys to my total, so one way or another, I had now coaxed cum out of 8 different guys.

On the second day of our trip, we slept in very late.  I was awakened around noon by Rick kneeling beside me on the bed and trying to stick his already hard penis in my mouth.  "Please baby, please work me with your mouth baby, please blow me honey!"  Obviously, someone was already horny.  Since we had split up, I actually missed giving Rick the daily blowjob he had nearly always insisted on getting.  I handed Rick the remote for the TV and told him to lay down and find a show he liked.  I curled up around his penis and started to suck, lick, and kiss him ever so gently.  I just wanted to relax and enjoy the feeling of his hard cock inside my mouth.  He has a gorgeous penis and I missed it badly, and I was sort of doing some catching up by giving him a good hour long blowjob.

Of course, once his show ended, he had already had a boner in my mouth for a solid hour and was now ready to fuck my head off my neck if that's what it took to blow his load.  Before he had a chance to roll on top of me and repeat the mouthfucking he had given me last night, I quickly got up on all fours between his legs and went into supersuck mode.  Even the mighty Rick couldn't resist supersuck mode, and within another minute he was blowing the very fresh cum he had produced overnight into my mouth.  As in the past, I couldn't get over the size of the load he was shooting into my mouth.  I knew he had unloaded every last drop into my body last night, and here it was only about 8 hours since the last ball draining orgasm he had shot into me, and he was blowing what had to be considered a huge load already.  Wow.  No wonder I had enjoyed living with him.  Good looking guy, huge penis, huge sex drive, huge orgasms, and, sorry, lots and lots of good tasting cum!

So it was already lunch time, Rick had had his first orgasm of the day, and we were ready to start our second day.  We dressed casual and Rick took me to an expensive restaurant for lunch.  Part way through lunch I had a feeling that he was going to ask me to move back in with him, but that was not part of his plan.  After lunch, Rick said he was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel and nap.  I thought that was a good idea as it would give me a chance to do some exploring through the rather expensive shops in the hotel.  I put on a loose blouse over a tight plunging tube top, a tight skirt, platform heels, and wandered back downstairs for some window shopping.  As I was walking past one of the little restaurants in the hotel, a man by the entrance introduced himself as the manager, and asked if I would like to come in for a drink for happy hour, on the house.  I told him I wasn't interested in drinking alone and he grabbed my hand and told me to come on in so he could introduce me to some friends, and I wouldn't have to drink alone.  As we walked towards the bar, he asked me my name.  As I sat down at the bar, he loudly announced to everyone, "Hey everyone, this is Tina, gentlemen, be sure to come over and say hi to Tina."

And a few did.  I didn't have much competition at the bar.  The only girl there was a bartender.  So here I was again, sitting at a bar with some more new male friends.  A few made a point of hanging around me and finally one of them, Jeff, said he had to run up to his room to make a quick phone call or two, and he asked me if I wanted to get some exercise and walk to the room and back with him.  He was gorgeous, and I quickly said yes.  His buddies made some ooh and aah noises as we got up to head to his room.  We were having a nice friendly chat as we walked through the halls.  In the elevator he started to crowd me a bit, and suddenly leaned over and kissed me.  He told me he wanted to do that before we got to his room to ease the tension.  It worked, I didn't mind that he kissed me at all.  By the time we had gotten into his room, he was pawing me all over and trying to pull my blouse off.  I have no idea what possessed me, but I told him I had to tell him something and then blurted out that I was transgendered.  He immediately responded by saying, "No way, there is no way you are a such and such, or a such and such (I am leaving out his words intentionally, they weren't very pretty)."

But nothing I had said seemed to be slowing him down any.  Despite the rough language he had used, he was acting really nicely, smiling, and continuing to playfully paw at my clothes.  I noticed that there was a brand new box of condoms sitting on top of the television, labeled "Ribbed and lubricated for her pleasure."  And so I decided to let him pull my clothes off.  Within a few minutes he had me on the bed with my blouse and top off, and my skirt off.  He flopped me onto the bed wearing only my bra, thong, nylons and heels.  I hadn't been in his bed 5 seconds when he had my shoes and thigh highs off.  I had never had anyone undress me this fast before!  And then he stood up and quickly slid out of his clothes.  I was wearing only my thong, and he was wearing absolutely nothing.

Jeff stood there in front of me feeling my boobs with one hand and rubbing his cock with the other.  He walked over to the table, tore open the box of condoms, came back and told me to roll a condom onto his erection.  He was nice and hard, and the condom rolled easily onto his penis.  I was enjoying the feel of his cock, and as usual, keeping my mental count, noted that his was the 9th erection that I knew I had caused.  Well, I suspected I had caused a lot more than 9 different men to have erections, or at least, I hope I have, but this was the 9th different guy whose erect cock I had actually held in my hands.  His erection was not as big as Rick's, but Jeff was definitely above average, and his balls were definitely way above average.  His balls were were very big and very taut and it was pretty obvious that he needed to unload a huge amount of cum.  When I slipped my hand past his cock and felt the incredible size of his balls, I wanted his cock inside me immediately, but expected that he was going to ask for a blowjob.  And this is when one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me in bed took place.

He got into the bed and slid up tightly against me, wrapped an arm around me and rolled me over face down onto the center of the bed.  This may not seem like anything spectacular, but it really surprised me.  In the very instant that Jeff rolled me over onto my stomach, I instantly felt this huge warm rush inside my body that literally made my entire body stretch out in a sudden pleasure spasm.  Somehow, and I have absolutely no idea how he did it, but as Jeff rolled me over onto my stomach, his cock had miraculously slid past the thin rear part of my thong, his cockhead had found my ass, and his entire cock had slid into me, so that by the time he had rolled me completely onto my belly, his cock was already buried in me to the hilt and he was already pumping into my ass like a jackrabbit.  Amazing.  He hadn't done any feeling around, I hadn't felt him try to pull my panties out of the way, he hadn't used his hands to steer his cock head around trying to find a target, or to penetrate the target when he found it.  It had just been, swoosh, and in a fraction of a second, I had been filled with his cock.  It was like his cock had a guidance system set on "penetrate Tina!"

And while I couldn't stop saying, "Wow, I can't believe it, how did you do that," Jeff didn't slow down to say anything.  He was resting his weight on his arms with one of my tits cupped in each of his hands and I could feel his body arching up on top of me every time he thrust into me.  He was moaning, groaning, sighing and clearly obviously having a very nice time plowing into me.  And I was moaning and groaning underneath him, partly because I was amazed by his apparently magical cock, partly because it felt incredibly good to have him pounding away in my ass, and partly because his excitement was getting me more excited.  Every time he pushed his cock into me he let out a low "Uunnhhh, uunnhhh, uunnhhh, uunnhhh, uunnhhh, uunnhhh."  He had an incredible rhythm and I felt like I was getting a massage, but inside rather than outside.  And if you don't think it's possible to feel those tiny ribs on a condom, I've got news for you, as small as those ribs are, the sensation of them rippling in and out of my opening was literally making every muscle in my body squirm whether Jeff was pushing in or pulling out.  Everything he was doing felt wonderful.  And as I was laying there enjoying ever minute of it, I was thinking, "Oh baby, you're only the third cock that has ever been in my ass and you are super hard and are obviously loving it inside me!"

And after screwing me for about 15 minutes, he suddenly completely stopped moving.  He begged me to lay still so he wouldn't cum and I did my best not to move and not to squeeze his cock inside me.  During this break, I could feel him gently kissing my back and neck.  He kept up the kissing for a few minutes, and then the kissing stopped and the pumping started again.  After another 10 minutes or so of his rhythmic grunting, he froze again, and my neck and back got another really good kissing.  And then the fucking started up again.  And after a little while, there was more kissing.  And he kept this up for at least an hour.  I didn't care how long he stayed inside me, I was loving every moment of it.  He was making me feel wonderful, and he was supporting his weight so I was not having problems breathing.

Every few minutes now, he was reaching down and slipping his hands between my thighs and gently spreading my legs apart, just bit by bit.  Each time he reached down, he would spread my thighs just a little bit further apart.  Eventually they started to hurt a bit as he had my feet pointing further and further out to the sides.  But then he would stop spreading me open and go back to giving me a rhythmic massage with his penis.  As he kept working his cock in and out of me, my hips felt so warm, and I could feel the tissues in my hips loosening up and relaxing, and the pain would stop.  And then, after a few more minutes work with his penis, he would stop pumping me again, and he would reach down between my thighs and spread me just a little further open.  A bit more pain, and the fucking would start again, and his cock would make my hips relax.  And I was looking down at my legs sticking nearly straight out from my sides.

And just when I was thinking that he was doing all the work, while I was getting all the enjoyment, I realized he was getting some enjoyment out of this too.  His hips were starting to jerk around and he was turning my head sideways and kissing my face.  I could feel his cock pulsing inside me on its own, and I knew he was going to cum inside me very soon.  I couldn't help but think about those huge, full balls that I had held in my hand over an hour ago, and that were now about to empty their huge load into my body.  I wanted so badly to stop and pull the condom off of him before he shot into me.  Of course, I didn't.  Even though I would have loved to feel that massive load of cum running freely inside me!  As Jeff stopped fucking me for one last moment, I could feel his cock continue to twitch inside me and I knew he was about to explode.  He let go of my tits and grabbed my thighs and made one last forceful effort to stretch my legs straight out sideways.  He pinned me in that position, with his entire weight on me now.

And the pumping started one last time.  With my legs splayed painfully apart, Jeff started pounding into me much harder and much faster.  I was using my ass to rhythmically squeeze his cock as hard and as fast as I could.  He suddenly let go of my thighs and grabbed onto my tits again.  As his entire body arched in a spasm designed to shove his cock more deeply into me, he started to explode.  I could literally feel each heavy burst of his cum as it passed through his cock, briefly thickened his shaft, and then blew into me, or at least, into the end of the condom inside me.  Just before each blast of cum his body would arch up again, causing him to forcefully jam his cock into me, literally sliding me forward on the bed an inch with every burst of cum that he shot into me.  And he just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.  I was in ecstasy!  Finally, his spasms started to weaken, and he dropped flat onto me.  As he rolled off of me, I thought he was finished.  He had been fucking me for over an hour!!!!

And now lying beside me, Jeff finally reached around and started unhooking my bra, and he very clearly still had a hardon.  He started kissing my face again as he started rubbing his hands all over my boobs, and he asked me if I would try to suck him and get him hard again.  He was already hard, and this was all the invitation I needed.  I ran to the washroom, returned with a warm washcloth, carefully pulled the condom off of him, and stopped to look at what had to be the biggest load of semen I had ever seen in my life.  The bottom inch of the condom was full of thick white cum.  I told him that with the amount of sperm he could shoot, he needed to be in porn.  I washed his cock off, lay down beside him and started sucking him like mad.  His cock was long and hard in my mouth, and as I sucked, he pushed, and within minutes he was ready to cum again.  I pulled him out of my mouth and began stroking him hard and fast as he blew another good sized cum load all over my tits, neck and face.  When he was done, I started spreading his cumload over the front of my body.  He had shot enough cum on me that I was able to spread it over the entire surface of my tits and my entire belly.  Based on the size of his second load, I was sure that I could have painted my entire body twice over with his first load!

And now Jeff was sleepy and wanted me to stay with him.  The entire time I was getting dressed he was begging me to stay.  I kept waiting for him to ask me to prove that I was transgendered, but he never did.  When I left, I wasn't sure if he knew or not, but it was pretty obvious that he had had a good time and that he didn't care, as long as he got to fuck me.  And as long as he got a blowjob.  We said goodbye and I headed out the door to go check on Rick.

Back in our room, Rick had left a note saying that he had gone out to get a beer, which really meant he had gone out to get a few beer.  I went in to grab a quick shower and there was a big gift bag on the bed.  In the bag were some brand new clothes.  Well, not exactly clothes.  Rick had obviously gotten his sister to do some shopping for him.  The bag contained a gorgeous hot pink one-piece "sling shot" thong bikini with a nearly invisible little G-string in the rear, matching hot pink 6 inch PVC criss-cross platform shoes, more matching hot pink PVC topped nylons, a hot pink little garter belt, and a long straight platinum blonde wig.  Hmmm.  Platinum blonde?  So maybe that was why Rick had wanted to break up?  The wig wasn't an expensive one, but it wasn't cheap either.  Of course, the ever-romantic Rick had left the bills for everything in the bag.  The total was over $200.

I stripped down, packed away my dirty clothes and hopped into the shower.  I was just luxuriating in the hot shower for at least half an hour before I even thought about getting out.  I toweled off, jumped into some sweat pants and slid into bed.  A couple of hours later, Rick came in and laid down on the bed beside me and woke me up.  It was already 10 o'clock at night.  I had slept through most of our second evening.  Rick was saying, "Time to get up and go to work, sleepyhead."  I wasn't exactly sure what he had planned, but I assumed it involved me putting on the new items in the shopping bag, and Rick's big cock erupting inside me a few times.

Rick asked me to go ahead and put on all of the new items, and I did so without even thinking.  The instant I had the clothes and shoes on, Rick had his cock out and was rubbing it between my ass cheeks and telling me how good I felt.  And then he said, "Go and get your makeup on, and put the wig on."  I headed off to the bathroom to do some artwork on my face.  I couldn't believe how different I looked when I put the blonde wig on.  I am still a brunette, but even I could see why guys like blonde hair.  It is really eye-catching!  I was feeling hot looking and definitely feeling eye-catching right now.  My nipples were covered, but the sides of my boobs were sticking out everywhere from under the skimpy bathing suit!  I went back out into the room and Rick made some comments about wanting to throw me on the bed and plant his cock into me right now.  But, instead, he went to the closet and pulled out a little item I had somehow missed.  A short pink belted satin trench coat that barely made it to the top of my thigh highs.  Trying it on in front of the mirror, I could see a good inch or two of my tanned little thighs sticking out between the top of the PVC band on my thigh highs, and the hem of the coat.

Rick asked me what I thought.  I dropped on my knees in front of him, pulled his penis out of his pants and gave him the sweetest most innocent look I could muster and said, "I must look pretty good to be getting your cock this hard."

Rick let me suck on him for just a minute and then said, "Oh no no, don't start that baby.  Leave that alone.  I'll be fucking you soon enough.  We don't need to be making a mess all over you right now."  And with that, Rick told me to grab my things, and he took me by the arm and led me out of the room.  Now, I want you to understand, Rick was leading me out of the hotel dressed this way.  At 10 o'clock at night, Rick is walking me down the hall in totally outrageous sex shoes, and thigh highs.  If the hem of the coat had been an inch or two higher, my ass would have been visible.  As we got out of the elevator in the parking garage under the hotel, we had to walk past the entrance to the hotel gym to get into the parking garage.

And this was when the first couple of guys walked by us, and believe me, they were definitely staring, and definitely turning around to stare some more once we were past them.  I knew they were staring because as the three of them walked past us, they stopped talking, and I heard their footsteps stop moving.  I heard one of them say to his buddies, "Hmmm, gotta like pink garter belts!"  Of course, I couldn't resist turning around to look, and yes, they were definitely all staring at me, and they were definitely not making any effort to hide the fact that they were staring at me.  I hoped they were enjoying the view, and inside, I was hoping I was causing some more erections!  I was definitely causing something, because when I looked back again when we reached the car, they still hadn't moved, and they were all watching me get into the car.  I couldn't resist.  I undid the belt on the jacket, turned their way and spread the jacket open and, even from 100 feet away, and looking back at them through a glass partition, I could still tell that they all definitely approved of the quick little breast show they had just gotten.

We got into the car and Rick headed for downtown.  As we drove, Rick explained the plan.  He was going to drop me off on a sidewalk downtown, where I would look like a streetwalker, and then he would drive around the block, slow down by the curb when he got back around to where I was, and I was to come to his car window and let him pick me up for the night.  Once again, simple enough.  Rick drove through the downtown and made a few turns.  He clearly knew which way he was going, even though we were in a strange town.  I asked him how he knew his way around and he told me that he had already been down here earlier in the afternoon, scouting out some places.  We drove down one street and there were two hookers on the sidewalk, strutting along and trying to coax cars to pull over.  Rick pulled down another street, and there were a few more hookers.  And when he turned onto the next street, there were a couple more hookers, and we watched as one walked over to a car and got in.

Rick said, "This is perfect."  Rick headed around the block, and told me that he would let me off near a corner.  Then, as he drove all the way around the block, I was to walk around the corner and start down the street that looked like "hooker central" and wait for him to come back.  My heart was racing, but I had agreed to help Rick with his fantasy, and at this point, as had happened to me before, the thought of walking down a street dressed as a hooker got me incredibly sexually excited.  Rick was about half way down the last block and pulled over to the curb and told me to get out and start walking.  I did as I was told and watched Rick pull away.  As he pulled away, I started walking.  I could see a couple of hookers on the sidewalk behind me, and as I turned around the corner I was looking down "hooker central."  Now that we weren't moving in the car, I could see that there were even more hookers than I had thought, and there were more cars than I had thought.

I hadn't made it 50 feet past the corner of the block when a big car came cruising up to the curb and the front and back windows rolled down.  I took my time walking over to the car and watched as both the front and back windows rolled down.  Looking in I could see that there were 4 guys in the car.  They were all young and looked like guys I had recently been in college with.  The driver sounded nervous as he asked me if I was looking for a date.  I told him that I was but that I wasn't sure about going with 4 guys.  I asked him what kind of date they were looking for.  The guy in the passenger side in the backseat unzipped his pants and asked me to pull his cock out so they would know it was safe to talk business with me.

I knew I wasn't going to get in the car with them, but as usual, I couldn't control my impulses.  As I stepped closer to his window, I unbelted my coat and let my boobs hang out.  I reached through the back window and pulled out what was obviously a very hard, very healthy young cock.  Every guy in the car looked gorgeous to me.  As I started stroking this guy's cock, his buddies were all turning and watching intently and saying things like, "Oh shit, oh fuck, oh man," and one said, "We have got to get her!"  I kept calmly stroking the guy in the backseat.

After a minute of stroking this guy, it seemed that the guys in the car had forgotten what they were here for.  I asked them what the one guy had meant when he was "We have to get her!"  And now, still stroking the one guy's cock, I reached up with my other hand and pulled both sides of the slingshot bikini onto the outside of my tits, so my big tits were pushed together, and they were now free to view every bit of my tits, including my nipples.  More silence, and so again I asked what they needed to "get me for?"

The driver said, "Well, we are having a little stag, and we were hoping for some dancing, and to get some head."  And just at that instant, Rick pulled his car up right behind their car.  I could tell the driver was a little nervous because Rick was inching his car up and almost touching their bumper.  I told the driver not to pay any attention to the guy behind him.  I asked the driver if he meant that they all needed to get head, and he said, "Yes!"  I told them I would need 100 dollars to dance for 30 minutes, and 100 dollars to give all four of them head.  I expected them to say no, or at least to discuss the price, but every one of them was immediately saying, "OK, get in!"  Oops!  I definitely hadn't expected that.  Rick was now gently beeping his car horn.  I asked them to wait a minute while I checked on the guy in the car behind them.  As I let go of my new backseat friend's cock, I told him that I was going to suck him off first.  His smile covered his entire face and he asked me to hurry back.

I took my time stepping back to Rick's car and he rolled the window down and raised his voice a bit and told me to get the hell in to the car.  I got in and he instantly backed the car up and then pulled out into the street and sped away.  "What in the hell were you doing?" he asked, looking at my big tits clearly hanging out in plain view.

"I was just trying to stir up a little business, honey!  I was giving the cute guy in the back a little sample handjob.  There were 4 guys in that car, I could have made some good money tonight, two hundred bucks (I had actually made more than that in the hotel the previous night - see part 5!)."  Rick told me that he had seen the 4 guys in the car through their back window.  On the way back to the hotel, I admitted to Rick that one of my most frequent fantasies was to be gang-banged, or at least banged by two guys at the same time, one in my mouth and one in my rear.  After all, Rick wasn't the only one with fantasies.

"Right now, I just want to get you back to the hotel and fuck you!" Rick said.  That was OK by me, and we headed back to the hotel.  The fucking that Jeff had given me earlier had left me satisfied, but right now Rick didn't even know I had fucked anyone earlier today, and I didn't want to tell him that the guy who had fucked me earlier in the day had been incredible!  Rick parked the car underground and we headed for the elevator.  The second we were in the elevator, Rick was all over me.  He was running his hands everywhere, on my thighs, my ass, my stomach, my tits, my new blonde wig, and he was pressing very hard against me, squishing me against the elevator wall and kissing me very passionately.

He didn't stop kissing me and fondling me even when we got out of the elevator.  As soon as we were in the room, Rick took my coat off and asked me to lay on the bed while he went and warmed up the shower.  I was starting to take off the new heels Rick had bought for me when he told me to leave everything on.  "Everything you are wearing, baby, is waterproof.  I want to watch you in the shower in that outfit."  So a few minutes later, I stepped into the shower, as Rick watched me, with my long blonde wig, thong bathing suit, nylons, garter belt, and very high heels.  All hot pink!  And there was Rick with his little camera again!  Once my bathing suit was wet, I slipped my tits out and did some sexy posing so Rick could get some nice tit shots, ass shots, leg shots, just whatever he wanted.  I had been feeling incredibly sexy all day long, and I was feeling even sexier wearing high heels in the shower for the first time.  I had been screwed in the shower before, but never with high heels on!  And Rick must have gone through a lot of catalogs before he had his sister order the shoes I was wearing right now, the super high super sexy pink platforms screamed out, "Whoever is wearing these shoes has got to be a total slut!"

Rick stripped down and got in the shower with me.  He immediately asked me to get on my knees in the shower and start sucking him off.  I was rubbing his cock with my hands as I got on my knees.  "Your big beautiful hard cock's wish is my command!"  I was feeling incredible.  I had his balls in one hand, his shaft in the other, I was sucking his cock head in and out of my mouth, and I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I could be at a private stag party right now blowing 4 guy's cocks.  It was all making me incredibly horny.  Rick wasn't suffering any.  He was running his hands down through my blonde wig and was using his hands to push the back of my head to drive his cock deeper into my mouth.  A minute later and he was gripping the back of my head and was now giving me a pretty good mouth fucking.  Rick can hold his cum for a long time.  I had blown him for an hour this morning before he came in my mouth.  But he wasn't trying now.  He mouthfucked me for just a few minutes and the hot streams of cum started bursting everywhere in my mouth.  I could literally feel Rick buckling at the knees as he was cumming.

He had barely finished cumming in my mouth when he was already begging, "Baby, please, please get up and turn around and get my cock in your ass while I'm still hard baby!"  I quickly jumped out of the shower and grabbed a big scoop of vaseline on my finger (vaseline won't wash off easily).  I started wiping the vaseline up and down Rick's cock shaft.  I definitely didn't have to worry about his cock getting too soft to penetrate me.  Standing up in the shower, I turned around in front of Rick's hardon and leaned against the wall of the shower as the hot water kept flowing over us.  I reached back between my legs and found Rick's erection.  He was already bent over my ass and squeezing my boobs as I guided his cock into my ass.  Rick wasn't fucking me fast, but he didn't waste any time before he started fucking me really, really hard.  He was ramming his cock into my body so hard that I was afraid of getting my head smacked into the shower wall, and so I had to stand up straight in the shower.

Rick kept inching his big feet up further and further until they were nearly beside me feet.  I was standing nearly straight up now as he continued to ram me good and hard.  My tits were being pushed up against the shower wall now, and every time he shoved forward to deliver his entire cock into me, he was picking me up and I was standing on the toes of my high heels at the end of every thrust of his cock.  Rick was as horny as I have ever seen him, maybe hornier than I have ever seen him.  He was pounding me with incredible force, and I had my arms spread out against the shower wall.  My tits were getting squished and now I could feel my belly and hips being pushed into the wall.  Rick's knees were bending with every thrust to give him more power as he drove his cock into me and his grunting was getting very loud.  I was sure people in other rooms could hear him at this point.  And then he came again!  His body just froze in full push, and I was pinned firmly against the shower wall for about 10 seconds as his cock kept spurting and spurting and spurting into my body.  But all of the fucking and the heat of the shower must have been sapping Rick of his energy because when his cock finally finished squirting into me, he had a dizzy spell.

Rick asked me to leave the bathing suit on when we got into bed, but I took off everything else, the blonde wig, the pink garters, pink hose, pink heels, and slid into bed.  I thought for sure that Rick was completely spent, but he pulled my body across the bed under the sheets and slid his penis into me for the third time since we had gotten back to the hotel.  He then proceeded to give me a nice slow leisurely fuck from behind as we lay close together in spoon position.  I couldn't believe it.  Mr. Long Lasting came in me again in just a few minutes, and he was definitely spent.  He seemed groggy as he asked me to turn around.  He grabbed me around the waist and rolled me over on top of him and kissed me a few times.  I watched as his eyes closed and he fell asleep.  I was still lying on top of him and his arms were still wrapped around behind me.  I stayed there on top of him thinking about the 2 years we had spent together before the breakup.  I slid my arms around him as best as I could, and hugged him, and fell asleep right there on top of him, thinking how big he was that I could sleep on top of him, and how excited he had gotten when he saw me in the little pink thong bikini I was still wearing.

When I woke up in the morning, Rick was still asleep.  Tonight would be the last night of our vacation, and I was tallying up all of the orgasms little Tina had caused already!  I had given one guy a blowjob on our first night here, and another guy a handjob, and then Rick had tied me to the bed and his penis had given my ass and mouth a thorough workout.  On day two, Rick had gotten a mid-day blowjob, another guy spent the afternoon doing me in my rear end and then getting a blowjob from me.  I had stroked the cock of one of four guys who had tried to pick me up in a car hoping I would give them all head at a private stag party, although I didn't get a chance to make him or his friends cum.  And finally, Rick had done me in the mouth and butt in the shower, and then had gently fucked me in bed.  Getting out of bed, a little bit sore, but still in my hot pink little bathing suit, I headed for the shower, and wondered what was in store for me today?