Tina & Rick - last day of vacation


Rick and I were on the third day of our 4 day, 3 night vacation.  Although we were no longer officially boyfriend/girlfriend, Rick had asked me rather than someone else to go on holiday with him, to work out some of his sexual frustrations, and live out a couple of his fantasies.  We would be heading for home tomorrow, and tonight would be our last night.  As I walked out of the shower with a towel around my body, and another wrapped around my hair, I saw that Rick had woken up.  I was in a great mood after a very passionate lovemaking session with Rick last night.  I started singing, "On the third day of vacation, my true love gave to me, 3 warm wet kisses, 2 expensive dresses, and some very pretty new underwear!"

"You wish," said Rick.  Rick looked happy laying in the bed, and I was still thinking he was building up to asking me to move back in with him.  "Well, baby, we are going to have fun today."  With that, we started all the morning things people do in a hotel room.  I pounced on him in bed and snuggled a bit.  And then we "sort of" straightened up so the maid could clean.  We "sort of" started to pack, although we wouldn't leave until tomorrow morning.  We "sort of" watched a bit of television as we snuggled a bit more on the bed.  Eventually we were both dressed and ready to go out running around town.  We were dressed casually, which meant jeans and a tight red sweater for me.   Even though we were "broken up," I decided to wear a pair of very high heeled red sandals for Rick, who had insisted that I wear heels every waking minute when we had lived together.  I knew my feet would freeze walking around, but Rick would turn the heat way up in the car to keep my feet warm, and he kept plush, warm carpets in his new car.

We went out for late brunch at a pretty nice buffet style restaurant.  And then Rick actually did take me shopping and bought me a new red short form-fitting halter neck sundress, with not much other than some straps in the back.  Rick picked it out himself to go along with my red heels, and he said he was buying it so that people could get a good view of my sexy back (and he said it would look great with my hair hanging down over my naked back - even Rick could be a little bit romantic when he wanted to be).  We looked around some stores in a shopping mall and we even spent a few minutes in a kitchen wear store, and Rick was actually asking the clerks about cookware, and he was actually handling cookware, and now I was 99.9% certain that Rick was going to ask me to move back in, but it still didn't happen.  Rick asked if I wanted to stay at the mall and go to a movie, or to find a bar and shoot some pool.  It was the middle of a chilly winter afternoon, and I chose the bar.

Rick took me to a nice, casual place, I would call it a working class bar.  Rick and I both felt totally at home.  No one was in a suit.  A few guys and girls looked like "bikers."  We spent a nice afternoon together shooting a few games of pool when the tables weren't busy.  Rick talked to anyone and everyone that got within 10 feet of the pool table.  He was so comfortable in this setting.  He got along with everyone instantly, no matter how rough looking or unfriendly looking they were.  I could see why he continued to be such a valuable asset at his family trucking company, he was just the working man's working man.  He looks to me like he should be on television commercials for jeans, and pickup trucks, and gym equipment.  I could see one or two girls getting within flirting range, but didn't feel threatened at all.  So far, I still felt like I was the best looking girl on this side of the bar, anyway.

Rick was cozying up to me when I was trying to make some of my shots, and I felt like he was pretty proud of the way I looked.  He wasn't the only guy in the bar keeping an eye on me though.  I'm not sure if it was the heels, the way I filled out my sweater, or the curve of my backside in the jeans.  Anyway, Rick was within grabbing distance and he was certainly taking the opportunity to run a hand over my ass every time he walked past me.  Rick had drank several beers and I had drank about half the beer out of two glasses of light beer.  It looked like it was getting dark outside, and I asked Rick if he was getting hungry.  A few minutes later we headed out to the car, and Rick told me that we would have to stop at the hotel before going out for supper.

On the way up to the room from the parking garage, a couple of guys shot me glances, and Rick pointed out that guys liked to look at me even when I wasn't dressed as a hooker.  In the elevator, Rick told me that there was another surprise waiting for me in the room.  When we walked into the room, there was Steve sitting in a chair watching television.  The first words out of his mouth were, "I was beginning to worry that Rick had run away with you and that you weren't coming back!"  I knew that the only way Steve could be here is if the two of them had arranged it that way, and so I went straight to Steve, sat in his lap and gave him a big wet welcome kiss.

Steve and Rick told me that they were going to take me to dinner, and after dinner we would come back to the hotel and see if we could find anything to do.  I headed into the bathroom with a suitcase full of lingerie and clothes to choose from and spent the next half hour in the bathroom.  When I came out, I brought a hairbrush and sat down at the desk to brush out my hair.  Whenever I gave Steve a blowjob, he would always ask me to tie my hair back, so he could have a better view of the action.  While I sat at the desk brushing my hair back, I asked Steve to get me a hairclip off the bathroom counter so I could pin my hair up before we went out.  Steve was smiling from ear to ear as he picked up on my message.  I was finally ready to go, and the boys told me that the wait had been worthwhile.

The dress I was wearing was really off the chart for public wear.  It was this super clingy shimmery purple microfiber minidress with an extreme plunging neckline (girls, if you have dieted and exercised to the point that you don't have any excess fat anywhere, you need to treat yourself and your boyfriends to a microfiber dress!).  Underneath I was wearing a tight fitting pink see-through nylon teddy that left my breasts exposed.  I slipped into my matching very high heel purple suede mules, and I was ready to go.  When I stood up, Rick pointed out that he could see my breasts and "underwear" through the dress.  And he didn't just mean he could see my nipples sticking through the fabric, the dress was very sheer, and you could see my breasts through the dress.  "Then, you better get me my coat."

Rick and Steve took me down the hall, with one of them on each of my arms.  I was loving every minute of this.  We took Rick's car and I sat squeezed in the middle of the two of them.  Of course, as Rick was driving to the restaurant, and Steve was trying to help give him directions, I was busy fondling both of their crotches.  The boys took me to a very expensive restaurant, and we sat in a fairly private booth with little old me in the middle.  Evidently, I was the central attraction for the evening.  The boys were buying me a lot of wine, although it wasn't necessary to get me tipsy to do the things I knew I would have to do tonight.  In fact, I don't think there was more than a minute or two during the entire time that we were at the restaurant that I didn't have at least one hand on at least one of their crotches.  I was definitely trying to make sure they were warmed up for what I was hoping was coming later tonight.

I wasn't eating a lot, although the food was incredible, lots and lots of beautiful seafood, shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, oysters.  And more wine.  The only time I really let go of my men friends was when I had to get up to go to the washroom.  And when I went to the washroom, I won't be modest.  As far as I could see, the restaurant was filled almost completely with businessmen, and every single one of them was staring intently as I went to the washroom.  Feeling all of these men staring at me, combined with the wine, and the fact that two men were waiting for me back at the table was all making me feel incredibly uncontrollably horny.  The outfit I was wearing was making me feel horny, too!  When I got back to the table, the first words out of my mouth were, "You two need blowjobs!"

That was about all the incentive Rick needed to ask for the bill, and to get us back in the car and on the way back to the hotel immediately.  On the way, he started telling me exactly what he wanted me to be wearing tonight.  Of course, the missing piece for Rick was thigh highs.  He loved looking at legs in thigh highs, and he wanted me in them tonight.  But I never got a chance to put the thigh highs on.  The second the three of us walked into the hotel room, Rick grabbed me and started kissing me everywhere.  Steve was taking his shoes off, and Rick was already pushing me back towards the bed.  As Rick stopped to take his shoes and pants off, I ran to the bathroom for some KY.

The instant Rick saw me returning he grabbed me and lifted me onto the bed.  I was lying on my back and he was pulling my crotch towards the edge of the bed.  I didn't waste a single second squirting some KY on my hand and rubbing it onto his hard cockhead.  In the next instant, Rick slid his arms under my knees and was lifting my legs and ass off the bed and into the air.  His cock was probing for my ass and I reached up and guided him into me.  I still had every bit of my clothing on, and Rick was already letting me have it fast and hard in a totally new position that he had never fucked me in before.

Steve was standing beside the bed and getting undressed, and I could already see from the look on Steve's face that he was shocked at how hard Rick was pumping into me, but what Steve didn't know was that Rick was only getting warmed up at this point.  Steve had his pants off, and his penis out, and he was trying to kneel on the bed beside my head and slip his cock into my mouth.  I was even trying to grab him and suck him in, but with Rick holding the entire bottom half of my body in the air, and shaking every inch of me every time he shoved into me, I couldn't even come close to keeping Steve's cock in my mouth.  Rick was pounding me even harder now, as I knew he would, and all I could do was hold on to Steve's cock and try to remember to rub him while I was laying back and moaning, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," as Rick kept up the relentless pounding deep inside my ass.

Steve was watching in amazement and finally whispered to me, "Doesn't that hurt?"

Rick was literally knocking the wind out of me, and with my stomach raised up in the air in this new position, I could literally see a bulge moving up and down beneath the skin over my stomach.  It was the outline of Rick's cock sliding in and out of meand all I could manage was a whisper back, "YES!"

Rick's had been inside me for at least 10 minutes when he wrapped his arms more tightly around my legs.  I knew that Rick was tightening up his grip to make sure that I stayed very securely locked in place on his cock as he was about to deliver another of his jumbo sized cumloads into my body, and a minute later, pounding into me faster and harder by the second, his back arched and he started groaning loudly, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!," and with each spasm of his body his cock twitched hard inside me and shot another wad of cum way up inside me.  Rick had barely finished cumming into me when he told me to stand up beside the bed.  He turned me around and reached around and cupped a breast in each hand.  I was still completely dressed as he told Rick that he better sit on the bed in front of me if he was wanting to get any, because he still had a lot more work to do on my ass.  As Steve sat down in front of me, Rick bent me over at the waist and told me to suck Steve off.  As I was sucking Steve's cock into my mouth, Rick was busy sliding his cock back into my ass.  Rick had not gotten even a bit soft after he came, but Steve was only half-way hard at this point.  I could feel the room filling up with testosterone vapors, and 90% of the testosterone was definitely coming from Rick.  Rick was already plowing me really hard and, again, it was becoming harder and harder to keep Steve in my mouth.  At this point, I was just trying to suck on him or lick him whenever I had a chance, but mostly I was trying to stroke him off with my hands.  At least he was getting harder now.  It was really obvious to me now that he was having problems staying erect in front of Rick.  I had never had problems getting Steve hard, or keeping Steve hard before tonight.  A small load of cum leaked out of Steve's cock and down over my hand as I kept stroking him.  Rick could hear me trying to coax Steve's cum out, "Oh baby, let your cum shoot out for me, let me have more cum baby," and this was all it took to get Rick ready to fire again.  Over the next minute he fucked me so hard I was afraid that my feet were going to fly out from under me and that I would tumble forward onto Steve.  And, boom, Rick started having another tremendous orgasm inside me, and again he started yelling, "Yes, yes, yes, yes," as each spurt of cum burst into my ass.

Rick pulled his cock back out of me and told me that he and Steve weren't through with me yet.  Rick went to his suitcase and pulled a bag out, handed it to me, and told me to go and put everything in the bag on.  Once again, I headed for the washroom.  One thing I could already tell that was in the bag was new shoes.  Once in the bathroom, I stripped out my clothes, and hopped in the shower for a quick rinse (Rick's cum was running out of my backside).  The bag contained a a jet black thong, black fishnet thigh highs, and black pumps with ankle straps.  These were 6 inch pumps, and they were real 6 inch pumps, not sandals, they really stood 6 inches high.  I had never worn more than a 5 inch heel, but I put on the pumps, and headed back out into the room.  Rick and Steve were not even talking and Rick was waiting with another hardon in his hand.  He told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed that Steve was laying on, and he got up behind me and kneeled behind me.  As he was shoving his cock into me from behind, he told me to start sucking Steve again.  More of the same problem, Steve just wasn't getting hard.  Rick was pounding my rear end into next year, and Steve was ignoring me and watching Rick with amazement.  Rick had already blown two huge loads into me, and it hadn't even slowed him down.  Steve had to feel intimidated.  Any time I pulled Steve's cock out of my mouth, Rick would repeat, "Suck him!"  And so I kept sucking Steve's semi-hard cock that was definitely not getting any harder.  Rick was getting louder and starting to call me his little "fuckslut, fuckdoll, suckdoll," and I knew that meant he was about to go into hyperfuck mode.  As usual, that meant he was going to give me a superhuman fucking, and that he was going to shoot another load into me at any second.  And here it came, the pounding of my hips so fast that I couldn't keep count, I didn't have any chance of keeping Steve's cock in my mouth, and my head and shoulders had fallen down on top of Steve's hips as Rick literally wore my body out with the cockbeating he was giving me.  Steve had lost any signs of an erection and was absolutely silent at this point.  And my head was sliding up and down on Steve's stomach as Rick kept pounding his cock into me trying to drive himself to orgasm inside me.  I was nearly ready to faint from exhaustion when Rick blew his third load into me, yelling something out as he came, like "Ah, ah, ah, ah."

And now Rick got off the bed, and I rolled over.  Rick looked at Steve, who was still not making a sound, and asked him, "So, are we done with her for the night?"

Steve said that he felt good, and that he better be heading back to his room.  Rick asked me to pass him the television remote, and he was flipping through the channels from a chair beside the bed as Steve was getting dressed.  I had slid under the blankets on the bed, not exactly sure what anyone's plans were at this point.  And then Rick said offhandedly, "So, Tina, who do you want to spend the night with?"  Rick and Steve both assured me that neither one would be upset no matter what I decided.

I absolutely knew I was more attracted to Rick.  The fact that I had come away with Rick this week, and continued to let him visit me in my new apartment for sex after we broke up, and that I thought about Rick all the time all told me I wanted to stay with Rick.  The fact that I had started down the road to becoming female partly because of Rick told me I wanted to stay with Rick.  And everything about Rick was telling me I wanted to stay with Rick.  So I pretended that it was a hard decision, but then told them that I should probably spend the night with Rick.

Steve asked if he could talk with me for a minute in the hall before he left.  I slipped into a dressing gown and stepped out into the hall with him.  Out in the hall, Steve's attitude changed, and he told me he didn't want to be part of Rick's sexual fantasies, or of my sexual fantasies.  Steve said that I was welcome to come back to work with him, but that after tonight he didn't want to see me as a "girlfriend" anymore and he wouldn't be calling me at home or coming to see me at the apartment anymore.  And with that, he turned around and walked quickly down the hall, without giving me a chance to say anything.  Of course, I didn't know what to say, anyway.  This will sound terrible, but I was a little bit relieved.  I just wasn't as interested in Steve as I was in Rick.  I wasn't as attracted to Steve as I was to Rick.

I headed back into the room to spend the night cuddling up against Rick.  As I walked towards the bed, Rick told me to leave the heels and thigh highs on.  The instant I slid under the covers, Rick climbed into the bed with me, flipped me onto my back, spread open my dressing gown, slid in between my legs, lifted my legs up over his arms, slid his cock deep back inside me, and proceeded to fuck me again.  He fucked me very hard, and he was fucking me very deliberately.  He was thrusting into me with so much force that he was grunting with every push.  My body was exhausted and I didn't know how much more of this I could take.  I was squeezing Rick hard inside me desperately trying to make him cum.  I was begging him to cum.  I was pleading with him to cum.  And he kept pumping into me until my ass couldn't squeeze anymore and every muscle in my body went limp.  Squeezing one of my big tits in each hand, Rick said, "Here it comes, you little fuckdoll," and he fired a fourth huge load of cum into me as I laid helplessly underneath him as his jets of cum streamed deep inside my body.  And now as he pulled his cock back out of me, my ass was squeezing desperately around his penis, trying to hold onto him.

The next morning, we woke up and Rick was all business.  He wanted to be out of the hotel and on the road long before the noon check out time.  We headed down the highway for a long day of driving, and Rick kept talking about being in a hurry to get back home to take care of some business.  That night, when we arrived at my apartment building, Rick carried my suitcases inside, gave me a few quick kisses by the door, and didn't even stay for a cup of coffee.

The light was flashing on my answering machine, and I started to listen to the 20 or so messages that were waiting.  There were no messages from Steve.  About a dozen messages were from Rick's sister Anne.  Each message made it clear that I was to call her the instant I got home.  It was about midnight when I called Anne and she told me to stay put, that she would be right over.  She had some news for me.  I was thinking that maybe she was coming to tell me that Rick wanted to get back together with me, or something like that.  What happened next came as more of a shock.  When she arrived, Anne asked me to come with her in her car.  We put some coffee in a couple of travel mugs, and then drove for about 10 minutes to get to the outskirts of town, headed towards their truck yard.  Then Anne turned down a sideroad and a minute later pulled up into a dirt driveway in a field.  She aimed her car headlights into the middle of the fields, and I could see that someone was building a pretty big new house.

Anne asked me if I knew anything about this house.  Anne asked if I had heard anything about the plans for the house, or if I knew who was building the house.  I told her that I had absolutely no idea that anyone was building a house here.  And then she sprang the biggest surprise of all on me.  She said, "That is the house that Rick is building."  My heart thumped as I thought that this might be the house that I would be living in someday.  And then Anne told me the additional news.  "Rick is building the house with his fiancee, Linda."  My heart was in my throat and I felt like choking.  I asked Anne about Linda, who she was, what she was, how Rick knew her, how long Rick had known her, how serious Rick was about her.  I could feel tears welling up behind my eyes.

Anne told me that Rick had met Linda several months ago.  They had gotten engaged nearly immediately after Rick and I broke up.  Linda did not want to move into the house where I had been living with Rick, and had pressured Rick into building a big new house.  Rick didn't seem overly enthusiastic about things, but evidently started building the partial house we were now looking at.  Anne's problem was that Rick was now getting their father to sign off on checks to pay for changes to the house plans that were running as much as double and sometimes triple the original cost estimates.  Most of the changes were being directed by Linda, and Anne was worried that Linda was single-handedly devastating the truck company finances, as so far, Rick had not said no to anything she wanted, and was signing for anything and everything she wanted done.  Anne told me that Linda was divorced, was about Rick's age, had no children, and that they had met in high school years earlier when Linda was a couple of years behind Rick.

Anne then told me that Linda was not as good looking as me, hoping that would make me feel any better.  She turned on the light in the car, and showed me a recent picture of Linda.  I could tell that the picture had been taken at Anne's place, and my heart slid further up into my throat.  Anne hadn't been totally honest.  Even in the half light inside the car, I could see that Linda was extremely pretty.  She was head-to-toe pretty.  And she was very shapely.

And I was thinking about how Rick had been engaged to this extremely pretty woman during the last few months while he was visiting me at my apartment at least once or twice every week, without fail, for sex.  Even though I knew I had been seeing Steve, it didn't make the pain of learning that Rick was engaged and was building a beautiful house with someone else any easier.  Steve had just told me that he didn't want to see me as boyfriend-girlfriend anymore, and I wasn't really interested in Steve anyway.  I wanted Rick back.  The tears were streaming out from behind my eyes now and Anne could see them streaming down my face.  "You have to get Rick back before Linda bankrupts us," Anne said.  I didn't sleep a single minute all night.