part 8 - Tina - the final chapter

This story contains a very condensed version of the major events that have taken place in my life over the past year.  I want to thank all the people that have sent me so many e-mails about the Tina story.  Part 8 doesn't contain much in the way of anything that is sexy, but it will bring those readers who are interested completely up-to-date with where I am at in my life.

The First Major Event - A New Job

The night I returned home after a major sex holiday with my former live-in lover, Rick, Rick's sister had informed me that Rick had been engaged for a few months, and was building a new house with his fiancee, Linda.  Linda was a girl Rick had met in high school over 15 years earlier, she was close to Rick's age, she was very pretty, and she was spending money uncontrollably as she and Rick were building their new house.  Rick's sister, Anne, who ran the financial end of their family trucking business, had told me that we would need to figure out a way for me to get back together with Rick to prevent his fiancee from bankrupting their trucking firm (or at least spending a lot more of their money than Anne wanted to allow).  I hadn't realized that Rick became engaged to Linda a few days before we had broken up, and I now realized that I had been seeing Rick for sex at my new apartment at least once or twice a week during the first few months that he and Linda were engaged.

The day after returning from my holiday with Rick, Anne asked me to quit my other jobs, both part time jobs, and come to work in the office at their trucking business full time.  She wanted me to start without delay, and she wanted me to make a grand entrance on my first day.  That is, she wanted me to be sure to look nice, and to enter the office through the garage area so Rick and all the mechanics would see me entering the office.  They all knew that Rick was no longer with me, and evidently they knew that he was engaged to Linda, because when I walked through the garage on Monday morning with my hair and makeup done, and wearing a pretty form fitting dress, there was a big round of whistling.  Rick missed it, as he hadn't arrived at work yet, but I knew his buddies would let him know they had seen me walk in.

As soon as I was in the office, Anne was ready to put me to work.  She was going to give me some quick on-the-job training so I could make myself useful right away.  She showed me where office supplies were, she showed me how the phone system and intercom system worked, and then she showed me where we received incoming mail and packages, where we put outgoing mail and packages, and where we kept letterhead, envelopes and shipping packages.  Anne already knew I could type.  So on my first day, I was ready to make coffee, type letters, handle the mail and courier service, and handle phone calls.  The first phone call I handled was from Anne and Rick's father, Mark.

I had had almost no contact with Mark throughout the entire time I had lived with Rick, other than to occasionally say hello to him in passing when we saw him at the truck yard.  He asked me who I was, and I told him that it was Tina, and he asked me to put Anne on the phone.  The instant Anne got off the phone with her father, she told me that he was on the way to the office.  A minute later, he came driving across the yard in a golf cart.  He came into the office and walked straight towards Anne and I.  He gave me a quick once over, and asked what was going on.  Anne explained that I was going to be working with her in the office from now on.  Mark asked if I could make good coffee, and I went and poured him a cup and added cream and sugar, without asking what he wanted.  He took a sip of the coffee, said it was good, and then said, "OK," and went back out the door.  Anne told me that her father's "OK" had just officially given me the seal of approval, and I was now officially hired.  She told me that this meant that no matter what Rick said, her father would not "unhire" me.

And sure enough, when Rick came in around mid-morning, he came storming into the office, and when he saw me sitting at the desk the first words out of his mouth were, "What the hell is going on here?"

To which Anne replied, "Well, us office girls are trying to get some work done!"  And Rick stormed back out.  I kept thinking about how Rick had managed to get engaged to Linda while he and I were still living together, and I had never once suspected him of cheating.  I was sad and angry at the same time, and these feelings lasted a long time.

About an hour after Rick's visit to the office, a very expensive looking car pulled up in front of the office.  And the woman who got out of the car was none other than Rick's new fiancee, Linda.  She was dressed in very expensive looking clothes, although both her clothes and shoes were very conservative, and she was extremely pretty.  As she entered the office, she took a quick look at me, and immediately turned to Anne and told her to get rid of me, even though I was sitting right there.  Anne told Linda that she and her father considered me a friend, and that they wanted me working with them in the office.  Other than that, she told Linda that it was none of her business who they hired.  As Linda walked out the door, she turned around and said, "As long as she is working in this office, I will never set foot in here!" and she turned and stormed out the door.

Of course, Anne could not resist saying, "Don't let the door slam you in the ass on the way out!"  I took note of the fact that Linda had come in through the front door, and left through the front door, and even though Rick was now at work in the garage behind the office area, Linda hadn't stopped to see him.  It made me think of how I used to always come in through the garage, to make sure I could see Rick and his friends.  Evidently, Linda felt a little differently about the garage area than I had.  Anne told me that Linda always dressed in these expensive looking business suits, and always wore ugly looking, but expensive flat loafers, very practical, but that she didn't actually do anything.  Anyway, despite the drab colored clothing, and ugly flat shoes, Linda looked beautiful to me.  She had been pretty enough to get Rick away from me.

Over the next few weeks, Rick was calling me at home as much as once, twice, and sometimes three or four times every night.  He was telling me that I needed to quit working with Anne.  And he was begging to come and see me at the apartment.  Every time he called, I would ask him how he and Linda were doing, and how their new house was coming along?  I liked to ask him if they had fixed a date for the wedding, and if Linda had registered anywhere for wedding gifts, and to let me know when they made any final decisions.  Anne was pretty sure that Rick was nearly, or completely sexually deprived in his relationship with Linda.  All I knew was that during the first few months of their engagement, when Rick and I were still having regular sex, Rick had been shooting massive cumloads into me every night that he saw me.  Based on the huge amounts of cum Rick had continued to inject into into my body since I had moved into my own apartment, and based on how stuck up everyone told me that Linda was, I assumed that Rick was not get any sexual action at all from Linda.  This had to be a huge change for Rick after having lived with me for two years, during which he had sex with me every single day.

As each day went by, it got easier and easier to deal with the calls from Rick.  It got easier and easier to tell him he couldn't come over.  I actually started to tell him that if he just needed sex, the person he needed to talk to was Linda.  Some of the guys in the garage were phoning me, and so far I had been telling them that I still wasn't dating anyone after breaking up with Rick, but I was being overtly friendly to any guy that called me.  A few more weeks went by, and Anne came up with a great idea.  She decided that we should throw a "cocktail bunny" sports party."  Now, a cocktail bunny sports party is when you invite all the guys from work, the drivers, the salesmen, the mechanics, the welders, the painters, everyone, to a party at her dad's house, where all the guests watch boxing matches and a basketball game on a giant projection TV, and they get served drinks and food by girls in little "cocktail bunny" outfits.

Anne wanted to have the party at her father's house so she knew everyone would come.  Aside from the fact that her father was everyone's boss, everyone actually liked her father.  He was very likeable, and in that sense, he was very much like Rick.  Also, she was hoping that Rick would come and see some of the other guys "making" over me, or flirting with me, and he wouldn't like it.  Anne called Linda to tell her about the party we were planning and to give Linda a chance to join in, and Linda made it abundantly clear that she wanted absolutely no part of any such party.  She also made it clear that she was not surprised to find that we were planning on "dressing up as sluts for the hired help."  So, it was decided that the "cocktail bunnies" would consist of Anne and me, and she started surfing for some outfits we could wear.

When Anne finally found what she thought she wanted, she told me I had better have a look and see if I could wear the outfit she had picked out.  I took one look, and said, "I can definitely wear that!"  The outfit was a very, very sexy black velvet bustier with a matching black thong panty and garters.  Anne told me that wearing a bustier and black thigh highs, I would look like a "boob explosion with legs!"  Anne  wanted our outfits to match exactly, and so instead of getting back to work, we started surfing for some heels, and she picked out some black mules with clear uppers that had 4 inch heels, so we would at least be reasonably comfortable walking around and serving drinks.  Anne would hire a catering service to prepare the food, keep the kitchen organized, and to provide a bartender, but the food and drinks would actually be served by Anne and me.

Anne already had most of the plans made, and had already ordered our "cocktail bunny outfits" by the time she went to her father's office to ask him about the party.  Her father was all for it, and he made a trip over to our office to visit with us for a while.  And while he was visiting he was asking a lot of questions about the party.  He asked if our plan was to dress something like pinup girls.  He asked me if I was in agreement with the plans Anne was making.  I told him that we were making all the plans together.  And I asked him if he didn't think I could pass as a pinup girl.  Mark looked me up and down, and said I would definitely not have problems passing as a pinup girl.  When he left, I told Anne that her father was really sweet.

Anne and I continued to plan the party, and all arrangements had been made.  When the lingerie arrived, Anne and I were tearing open the box.  When we pulled out the bustiers, we literally ran to the bathroom to try them on.  The bustiers definitely did what they promised.  Anne had hers on first, and it made her boobs look huge.  I already had huge boobs.  As I looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but say, "Oh my!"  The bustier pushed my boobs nearly straight up, and made them look gigantic.  The party was not far off, and we had to make a decision.  Wear something else, order something else, run out on a shopping trip and buy something else, or wear these.  I spoke up first and told Anne that if she would wear these, I would wear these.  If nothing else, the boys from work were going to be in for a bit of a thrill.  And evidently they were, because Anne agreed that we should wear these outfits.  And so it was decided, black velvet bustiers, black velvet thongs, black thigh highs, and black high heel mules.

We had almost forgotten about the second most important part of the party.  A sporting event for the guys to watch.  Mark helped out here, telling us not to worry our pretty little heads about it, that he would order some great sporting events to watch and then everyone could watch a scheduled pro basketball game in the evening.  Mark stopped in at the office nearly everyday to ask us how the plans for the party were going.  He was making sure to visit everyone working in every area of the truck yard, including the drivers to make sure that everyone knew there was going to be a great party at his house, and that everyone was welcome (men only), and that he was paying for everything, and no one was to bring anything.  Mark was loving every minute of this.  He told Anne and I that he had not spent this much time talking to the people who worked for him in years.  He also told us that he wanted us to plan a G-rated Christmas party for all of the employees and their families, to be held at his house next Christmas.  And Christmas was still 9 months away!

The Second Major Event - Our "Cocktail Bunny" Party

The day of the "cocktail bunny sports party" (a day which became famous at work) finally arrived.  Anne picked me up at my apartment early in the morning so we could spend the early part of the day making sure everything was taken care of before the men started arriving at mid-afternoon.  When we got to Mark's house, he was already busy in the kitchen and asked us what we wanted to eat for breakfast.  I told him we had better not eat anything or we might not fit into our "pinup" outfits, as he liked to call them.  Mark looked at us and told us we could both afford to eat a little breakfast, that it wouldn't hurt to put a little meat on both of our bones.  I couldn't believe that Mark, with all his money, was cooking breakfast.  Anne told me that her father piddled around the kitchen by himself all the time, and that he rarely went out to eat.

So Mark cooked us eggs and pancakes, and Anne and I each ate about half of one pancake, and a spoonful of scrambled eggs, and Mark polished off all the rest.  Mark poured us orange juice and sent us off to take care of party arrangements.  When I saw the "TV room" I couldn't believe it.  Mark called it "the sports room."  For starters, the room was big enough to sit 40 or 50 people!  And the room was already beautifully decorated with posters of dozens of pinup girls!  In between the pinup girls were pictures of famous boxers and basketball players.  Over top of the television was a big poster of an ultra-gorgeous "ring girl" carrying a 12th round ring sign.  I asked Anne why she hadn't called me to help her decorate, and she told me that the caterer had done all of the decorating.  And her father had actually come up with the idea for the decorations and the plan to watch a couple of very famous boxing matches, leading up to tonight's basketball game.

Anne and I started to spread table cloths, ashtrays and coasters around the room, and we spread a few ashtrays and coasters throughout the rest of the big rooms around the house.  Then we walked through the rest of the house to make sure that the doors and window blinds were all open.  Her father had said that he wanted the house to look bright, and everyone to feel welcome to walk around the house and look around.  They might want to go into the "billiards room," they needed to be able to find the bathrooms, they might want to go to the kitchen, if the "cocktail bunnies" were too slow serving food or drinks.  They might want to go into one of the other rooms and just poke around, or listen to some music, talk with some of their buddies, have a few drinks.  We checked out all the bathrooms and made sure there was plenty of toilet paper, soap, and towels.  And we went outside and made sure that there were plenty of chairs around the pool and on the deck.

Anne and I had more or less stopped talking about Linda and Rick over the past week, but while we were walking around in this incredible house, she told me that this party would drive Linda crazy.  Evidently, Linda had called Mark to tell him that she didn't approve of the idea for this party, and that she expected the very worst from Anne and me when we got together with the "workers."  In response, Mark told her that Rick was invited, but she wasn't, and beyond that, the party was none of her business.  Mark told me that he started out in the trucking business at a very young age as a driver, and received a lot of help getting started from other drivers, just like most of the drivers who now worked for him.  Anne said that Mark considered that each driver was a person who might one day start their own business.  And Mark later told me that if he hadn't had help from other drivers when he got started in business, he simply would not have made it.  Linda had also informed Mark that Rick would not be coming to the party.  But we were sure that Rick would show up.

A little while later, the caterers arrived and Anne was amazing.  She told everyone exactly where to put everything as they brought boxes of beer, and food, food, and more food into the house.  Her father was hovering around keeping an eye on the arrangements.  Anne told me that she had not seen her father so genuinely excited about anything in years.  By this point, I had nearly forgotten that this party started out as a way to get Rick to pay more attention to me.  I was getting caught up in Mark and Anne's enthusiasm for the party.  This was going to be great for Mark, and great for his employees, and it seemed to be getting Anne and her father talking, which they rarely did.  And I was having a lot of fun just being around Anne again.  I had missed her friendship.  While Anne was busy, Mark walked over to me and quietly whispered, "So, don't you know any nice young fellas you could hook Anne up with, it seems like a long time since I've seen her dating anyone.  Maybe a couple of the fellas from work will ask you two out after the party tonight."

Mark obviously knew that Rick and I were no longer an item, but he was evidently unaware that at least 5 of his employees had already asked me out, including a couple that were married.  My best guess was that they never asked Anne out as she was the boss's daughter.  I told Mark, "Oh, I'm not looking for anyone right now."

"Well," said Mark, "some of them might be looking for you after we see you in that little cocktail bunny outfit of yours!"  As Mark headed out of the kitchen, he told me he was going for a swim, but that Anne and I should shout at him if we needed help with anything.  I wondered what Mark would really think when he saw us in our "cocktail bunny" outfits.

Once Anne had the supplies organized in the kitchen, the supervisor from the catering service arrived and they started cooking food.  Anne told me it was time for us to get out of the kitchen.  We grabbed some light snacks and went out to sit by the pool where her father was relaxing in the water.  Mark asked me what I thought of his "little house."  I told him it was incredible, and it was gorgeous, and he must never want to leave the house.  We were chit-chatting about the kinds of furniture and decorations we like when the first couple guests arrived.  They were definitely early, but Mark had been telling everyone that there was going to be plenty of food, plenty of beer, and that there were going to be couple of scantily clad young women serving drinks at the party.  I don't think he told anyone that the scantily clad girls were going to be Anne and I, but I wanted to think that if he had, some of the guys would have started arriving even earlier than they did.

Anne and I ran to the door like a couple of kids and showed the first two men to arrive out to the pool where they could sit and chew the fat, and drink a beer, which we brought them.  And Anne told me it was time to go and put on our outfits.  We headed to the kitchen and the caterer told us that he would put one of his staff members at the front door to let people in and make sure they had something to drink while we were gone.  It took Anne and I over an hour to dress, to do each other's makeup and hair, and to make sure we looked perfect.  It was early afternoon, and the lighting inside the house was still pretty bright.  If either of us had any flaws, they were going to be tough to hide in the bright light of day.  I looked at Anne, and she certainly didn't have any flaws.  Her slim and shapely body and long legs were built for lingerie and she walked like she was born in high heels.  Anne took me through the upstairs to another bedroom where we could look outside at the pool.  At least another dozen guys had arrived and were now sitting out on the deck and by the pool.  That meant that if we were going to go through with this, one or both of us was going to have to get up the nerve to strut our stuff outside in broad daylight, and start serving these guys some beer and snacks.  My heart was racing, and I told Anne that if she was still game, I was too, and we headed downstairs.

Anne was walking ahead of me and she looked stunning!  And knowing that we were going to be walking around in front of all these guys in underwear was a strange feeling.  I was nervous, excited, and very self-conscious.  I wasn't that concerned about my legs and breasts, because I show them off all the time.  But I was feeling nervous about walking around with my thighs and rear end pretty much uncovered, not completely uncovered, but pretty much uncovered.  As we were walking down the stairs, there were a few guys who had just come in and they were talking in the entranceway near the bottom of the staircase.  I watched as Anne's whole body went into "slinky, sultry, sexy siren" mode when she saw the men at the bottom of the stairs.  She looked like she was literally trying to seduce them as she walked down the stairs.  And so, naturally, I had to follow suit.  At the bottom of the stairs, Anne started "poofing" up her hair with her hands, and really looking like a pinup, knowing full well that this might cause her boobs to pop up and out of the bustier.  The compliments started immediately, with the guys telling us both how incredible we looked.  Anne was saying thank you, and asked if they liked her better in this outfit than in the things she usually wore to work.  The guys were trying to tell her they liked to see her in anything.  At this point, I could already feel several pairs of their eyes trying to burn holes through our bustiers.

Anne asked me to show the guys out to the pool area while she grabbed them some drinks.  On the way to the pool, with several of the guys from work walking directly behind me, I felt the first hand grab my ass cheek.  I didn't even look around to see who had done it.  I figured that in these outfits, a few grabs and pinches went with the territory.  It was exactly the kind of behavior I had been hoping would make Rick jealous, and I realized that my nerves were calming down.  Knowing that I looked good enough in bright daylight, with so much exposed, to get my ass grabbed, made me feel pretty comfortable with the outfits we were wearing.  As I opened the sliding doors so the guys could go out to the pool, things got quiet as quite a few guys looked through the door and saw me.  A few more direct stares made me feel even more comfortable in my outfit.  I loved the attention and I was working my body to accent every curve I have as I held the door!  I looked around for Rick but didn't see him.  I headed back to the kitchen to help Anne bring drinks, and to report to her that one of our guests had just very deliberately grabbed a handful of my ass!  Anne's response was, "Oh, you lucky girl!  My turn next!"  The caterer was laughing his head off, and said we would be lucky to make it back to the kitchen with any clothes on once we started carrying beer out to the men around the pool.

And now, with each of us carrying a tray of chilled beers and snacks, we headed out into broad daylight, and treated a pretty good sized crowd of guys to what must have been a pretty good show, because they were definitely all looking!  As we started passing out the beers, nearly every guy we asked responded the same way, they didn't care what kind of beer we gave them, as long as it was us that brought it to them.  Initially, at least, the guys were being a bit more cautious with Anne, knowing that she was the boss's daughter, but I was watching Anne, and she was spending a lot of time flirting with every single guy there.  She wanted some attention, she was getting some attention, and she was thriving on the attention!

And when I got part way around the pool, there was Mark.  He took a beer off the tray and said, "Tina, honey, check and see if anyone is in the sports room watching television, and make sure they have something to drink."  I told him I would check right away, and I could hear guys commenting on how hot I looked, and as I walked back towards the house, I overheard Mark say, as cool as a cucumber, "Yeah, I think she looks pretty good whenever she gets dolled up like that."  When I heard Mark say those words, it sounded to me like he wanted all the guys to think he had seen me this way before, or that maybe he was used to seeing me dressed this way!

And there were more guys in the TV room, and they had already found some of the pay channel sports events that were already paid for.  And when Anne and I walked into the TV room, even though there were fewer guys than there were out by the pool, these guys made a lot more noise when we walked in, cheering when they saw us.  I'm hoping that they were cheering about our outfits, and not about the snacks we were carrying, but we had two trays loaded down with snacks, and we were asking the guys how many beers they wanted.  Nearly every guy asked us to bring them two beers, and so when we brought the beers back we made each guy who wanted two beers take one beer off of each of our trays, so they got a nice close-up look at both of their waitresses.  By the time we were headed back to the kitchen to get more snacks and beers to take to the pool, my butt had been grabbed a couple of more times, and Anne happily reported that someone had pinched her ass too.  Not only that, but she said that a couple guys had asked her if there was any chance of a table dance or a lap dance.

We headed out to the pool with more drinks and snacks.  Mark reminded me so much of Rick, and he was having a ball talking to all the guys around him.  When I made my way around to where Mark was sitting, he told me to keep the food and drinks coming, and to save him some food, as he was going upstairs to change and would be right back.  Mark was the only guy there who seemed to be taking our semi-nakedness in stride, like he wasn't too excited by it.  Every other guy was having problems deciding who to stare at, me or Anne.  When Anne and I got back to the kitchen, we had more stories to tell.  It turned out that both of us had already been asked if we would be willing to go on a date tonight after the party.  I told her that another guy had asked me if I was available for a private group party later tonight.  There was no doubt that our outfits were definitely helping the guys get over the fact that Anne was the boss's daughter.

I made a special plate of snacks for Mark and had it ready to take to him when he came backstairs.  When I walked back into the sports room, Mark was sitting in a big comfy chair and having a great time surrounded by his friends and employees.  And his employees were having a great time watching boxing matches, eating and drinking.  The caterer had told us that we would go through a lot of food and beer in the first couple of hours and then things would slow down a lot as people started to get full.  He was right about the food, but he was wrong about the beer.  Anne noticed that there were guys here who didn't work for them.  Evidently some guys had brought buddies along to enjoy the free food and drinks, and maybe to enjoy seeing the "cocktail bunnies."  Anne told me that her father would be happy that some of the guys had brought friends.  But the sheer number of guys in the house kept Anne and I running beer around the house as fast as we could move.  I had already lost count of how many guys had grabbed my legs and ass, a few had accidentally brushed up against my boobs, and none of them were making any effort to hide the fact that they were staring at our boobs.

Anne was experiencing pretty much the same thing I was.  As we were serving more beer, the guys were getting a little more free with their words, and guys were telling us we had great asses, great legs, great tits, great bodies, and we were having a lot of fun.  And when one of the guys asked Anne to do a little table dance for them, she did!  Of course, she didn't take anything off, although she didn't have much on to take off.  When I got back to check on Mark, I brought him the special plate of snacks I had fixed for him, and it was "Oh, thank you Tina, darling, you are always thinking about me, Tina baby, would you get me a glass of whiskey, baby?  And baby, you look spectacular, better than any of the pinups on the wall, baby."  There was no doubt in my mind now, Mark was putting on a show for the other guys, pretending that this was routine for him, to see me dressed like this.

And off I went for his glass of whiskey.  The bartender in the kitchen fixed me up with what was supposed to be Mark's favorite whiskey and I told Anne how sweet her father was.  Mark was really playing it up for his friends, and so I thought I would have a bit of fun too.  When I took my tray of beers and whiskey back to the sports room, I delivered the beers, and then strutted over and sat down on Mark's lap.  When I sat down, I asked him it he was carrying a billy club around in his pants, or if he was just glad to see me.  As some of the guys oohed and aahed, I held the glass of whiskey up to his lips and said, "Here, baby, taste this and tell me if it's OK."  At that point, I am sure a bunch of guys were absolutely convinced that there was something going on between Mark and I.  Anyway, Mark was sipping from the glass in my hand, and I suddenly felt his cock jump underneath me.  He was getting a hardon under me, and he was getting harder by the second.  I had just been trying to play along with his patter, thinking he was trying to impress his friends, and I hadn't even thought about the possibility that his cock would get hard when I sat on his lap.  But right now, I was definitely feeling a really stiff cock pushing up against my ass cheeks.

I headed back to the kitchen with a tray full of empty bottles, and I was looking for Rick, who was still nowhere in sight.  And I started looking for Anne, who was nowhere in sight.  I was going to tell her that her father had just gotten a hardon when I sat on his lap, and then I decided that I had better not tell her.  Anne and I continued to serve food, and drinks, and to get grabbed, and I got fondled big time by a guy right around midnight.  He was grabbing both of my ass cheeks, but he was doing it while standing in front of me.  He was a little tipsy, but looking extremely happy as a couple of his friends helped him outside to take him home.  And a few minutes later, Rick arrived.  I spotted him in the television room.  A few minutes later, he followed me into the kitchen where he asked to speak with me in private in the den.  He soon had me pinned up against the desk in the den.  And there was no question about the hardon Rick was pressing up against me.  He was as solid as a rock and he was telling me to get ready so he could take me back to my apartment tonight.  As I said no, he ignored me and leaned down and started kissing the tops of my boobs.

I couldn't believe that it was my voice that was saying no to Rick.  But as I felt him continue to push me hard up against the desk, I knew that sex with him tonight would be incredibly physically demanding.  I was exhausted, and I was realizing that it was Linda's turn to deal with the erection that Rick was pushing up against me, and I told him so.  The last of the catering staff had told Anne where we had gone, and Anne walked in and saw Rick pressed up against me.  Rick told her to give us a few minutes of privacy, but I quickly told her to wait right there for me, that we needed to help the catering staff clean up the kitchen.  As I walked past Rick, I told him I wasn't going with him anywhere tonight or any other night for that matter.

Rick had the good sense to leave quietly, and by 1:30 in the morning, Mark was showing the last few guys out the front door, all the while telling them that he felt bad that they had to rush off so early.  Anne and I were completely and totally exhausted.  Mark came back into the kitchen where we were helping the last of the catering staff pack up trays, empties, and extra food, and he walked over to us and hugged us both and said, "You, young ladies, were fantastic tonight!  You are definitely pinup material!  You are both gorgeous!"  And looking at Anne he said, "Now, go upstairs and get some decent clothes on!"

Anne and I headed upstairs.  Anne grabbed some towels from the linen closet, and some pajamas from her bedroom.  She showed me where there was a shower in her father's bedroom, and she headed to the shower in her bathroom.  Mark's bedroom and bathroom looked like something out of a magazine.  His bedroom was gigantic and was full of gigantic furniture.  I was feeling rich while I showered in the bathroom and put on the long sleeved, long legged pajamas that Anne had given me.  We headed back downstairs in our pajamas and bare feet.  Mark was waiting up for us and pointed out that we looked a lot different now.  He said, "I like you both better this way."  I was thinking about the erection he got when I sat on his lap earlier tonight and was wondering how true this statement was.  We chit-chatted in the kitchen, and Mark told us he would wake us up early so we could help him cook breakfast in the morning.  Anne told him she wanted to sleep in, but I told him I would join him in the kitchen in the morning if he could wake me up.

Anne and I headed upstairs to bed in her old room.  We were in bed talking for a little while.  Neither one of us even mentioned Rick.  Right now, we were more interested in discussing how many guys had grabbed each of us, where they had grabbed us, who had grabbed us, and how many had propositioned us.  Evidently, she had received even more propositions than I had.  So much for being the boss's daughter.  Anne made a joke about all the wives and girlfriends that were going to have to deal with erections tonight that we had caused.  Again, I thought about mentioning to her that her father had gotten a pretty decent erection when I sat on his lap in my bustier and thigh highs, but once again decided not to say anything.  And now I was laying there trying to go to sleep, and I was wondering if Mark knew that I had felt his erection through his pants and pressing against my rear end when I was "feeding" him his whiskey.  I was hoping that he was thinking that I hadn't noticed, or that maybe he hadn't noticed that he had gotten an erection when I sat on his lap.  Or maybe he was hoping that I hadn't noticed.  Otherwise things might be uncomfortable at breakfast in the morning.

And there was tapping at the door to our room at 7:30 in the morning.  Mark waited a minute and tapped again, and getting the all clear from Anne and I, he walked into the room.  He told me he had let me sleep in, but he was going to be down in the kitchen waiting for his breakfast, so I had better come downstairs and help him get cooking.  I couldn't believe that Mark was up and around this early in the morning after the late party last night.  I was still half asleep while I went through Anne's closet and found a very plush cozy dressing gown.  I went into the washroom, cleaned up, brushed my tangly hair, slipped into the dressing gown and some fuzzy slippers and headed downstairs.  Just before I walked into the kitchen, I noticed that the dressing gown had loosened up and I was showing too much cleavage for breakfast with Anne's father.  I stopped to pull the dressing gown more tightly closed and cinched the belt more tightly around my waist.

I knew I was still looking groggy and generally terrible looking as Mark welcomed me into the kitchen with "Hello, Sunshine!"  I didn't have any makeup on at all.  "Time to get the lead out.  Grab me some eggs from the fridge."  And the instructions just kept coming.  "Grab me a mixer out of that cupboard there.  Get me some pan spray out of that cupboard there."  Get me this and get me that as he flew around the stove.  Where on earth was this man getting his energy after staying up so late last night?  "OK, stand here and scramble these eggs like this."  Mark showed me how he wanted his eggs scrambled and before he moved off to fry something else, he grabbed my waist with both hands and said, "That's it, perfect."  I felt my body hop up a bit as he grabbed my hips.  My eggs were scrambled and Mark told me to set the table for two while he was putting all the food into serving dishes.

The Third Major Event - Mark Asks Me To Go To A Conference as His Secretary

We sat together at the breakfast table and during the next half hour we spent together there was never even a single second of silence.  And then Mark asked if I would like to accompany him to a conference in Pittsburg.  He told me I could help with secretarial duties, for example, I could take phone messages while he was in meetings, take notes, keep papers straight, and help him stay on schedule for various planned activities.  I told him I would love to go and help out if it was OK with Anne.  Mark told me not to worry, that he thought it would be OK with Anne.  And so it was decided that the following month, I would go with Mark to Pittsburg.  Anne booked us separate rooms in the hotel, and helped me buy some clothes to take with me.  Nothing but dresses.  Nothing too short.  Form fitting dresses, but nothing too short.  At least, she didn't make me give up my heels, but then, Anne lives in high heels the same way I do.

After our "cocktail bunny party" Rick not only kept calling me every night, but he started coming into the office to talk to me a lot.  He was sorry about his pushy behavior at the party, and he was having a lot of problems with Linda but wasn't sure about how to break up (when we broke up, he just told me we weren't a couple anymore, and I needed to move out).  But at the same time, Anne was telling me that the Linda was continuing to sign for bills for construction of Rick and Linda's new house.  Mark had told Anne that he would not under any circumstances cover any more bills that showed up related to construction of what he called "Linda's house."  And some of the people who had worked on Rick and Linda's new house were actually starting to show up at the trucking office asking to be paid.  Anne was telling all of them to be sure to let every contractor know that the company was not in any way responsible for paying any bills related to "Linda's house."  Anne also told me that Rick had asked their father if they could sell the house Rick and I had lived together in to help pay for Rick and Linda's new house, and Mark had made it clear that he owned that house, and they could not sell it, although Mark told Rick that Linda was welcome to move into the old house with Rick.  As Mark said, at least the old house had walls and a roof.

During the next few weeks leading up to the conference trip, Mark called on Anne and I to join him for several cooking sessions.  So far, Anne had bowed out every time.  Mark would drive to my apartment and pick me up on Friday nights after work, or sometimes Saturday nights, and we would spend the evenings cooking amazing meals.  We could blow my entire week's grocery budget on a single meal.  And we still never ran out of things to talk about.  Sometimes we would eat in the kitchen, or sometimes we would eat in Mark's den where we could watch a television show or a new movie.  Marked seemed to love every new movie that came out, or at least he wanted to see every new movie that came out.  As we worked around each other in the kitchen there would be the occasional friendly pat, but nothing much physical was happening between us.  Mark insisted on picking me up and driving me home whenever we got together.  At first, I thought it was because he didn't want people seeing my car driving in and out of his house, but he told me it was the old-fashioned way, for a man to pick up a girl and drive her around.  And yet our dates didn't feel like dates.  And I would give Mark little pecks on the cheeks and "mini-hugs" when he dropped me off at the apartment.

Mark and I went to the conference in Pittsburg, and I did my very best to handle all of his phone calls, and to help him be on time for all of the presentations and meetings and luncheons and parties.  Mark was amazing.  Everyone he talked to treated him like family and everyone seemed to want to talk to him and get his advice about business trends and finances.  The way Anne talked sometimes, I didn't think Mark actually had a lot of money, but the way people at the conference talked to him, it seemed to me that Anne had to be underestimating Mark's wealth.  Anyway, I was at the point where I could care less about money.  I was just enjoying helping Mark in any way I could, keeping tabs on where we were supposed to be, running errands (picking up razors, buying him a new alarm clock, making sure he had his business cards and pens, finding out directions to off-site events, and sometimes helping the meeting organizational staff outside the meeting room area - Mark volunteered my help each morning and they were more than happy to have my help every time he offered).

Mark told me he would be at my hotel room door at 6:30 every morning to take me to breakfast, and he was, and I made sure that I was showered, and dressed, with my hair and makeup done perfectly and ready to go out the door the instant he knocked.  Mark took me to as many events as he could, and he told me to socialize with people and ask any questions about the business that I could.  Mark and I managed to sneak away for a couple of quiet meals together and we had a couple of nice talks.  Mark talked a lot about Anne, he asked a lot of questions about me (but nothing horribly personal), and he slipped in some really sweet compliments.  At breakfast on our last morning in Pittsburg, he told me that he was amazed at how perfect I looked every morning when he knocked on my door.  I pretended that that just happened naturally, rather than telling him how much time I spent getting ready before he knocked every morning.  On our last night, Mark had promised we would go to a dance, but then he asked some sales people to meet him in his room to give a presentation he had missed.  He asked me to stay in case he needed any help.  Anyway, we met some nice people, but we didn't get to go to the dance.  As Mark made sure I got back to my room safely, he gave me a little peck on the cheek (it had been the other way around so far), and he promised we would make it to a dance at the next conference.

The Fourth Major Event - Anne Finds a new Beau!

It had been several weeks since Mark and I had returned from Pittsburg.  Mark had decided that he could not wait until Christmas to have another party at his house, and he had asked Anne and I to plan a "Christmas in summer" party that families could attend.  Mark was still asking me to come over to his house for our little cooking and movie nights.  And he kept saying things like, "Well, this will be great for me until you start dating someone."  I told Mark I was not in any rush to date anyone, and would probably continue to enjoy "our dates" until he got tired of seeing me at his house, or until I cooked something badly and gave him food poisoning.  Mark also asked a lot of questions about Anne, and he seemed pretty concerned that Anne had more or less become a recluse who spent all her time with their record books.

We were cooking one Friday night and Mark asked me what I thought Anne was doing.  It was about 7 o'clock and I told Mark that Anne was probably at home working on their book-keeping.  Mark also asked me if there were any guys at work that had shown any interest in Anne.  I told him about Andy, who was a shy young mechanic who had actually popped into the office several times to try to talk with Anne.  He had been the quietest, politest guy at our "cocktail bunny" party, but had evidently seen enough of Anne to take a strong interest in her.  Anne hadn't paid much attention to Andy when he came into the office, maybe because Andy was younger than Anne, but it was painfully obvious that Andy had a "crush" on her.  Mark told me to call her and put her on the kitchen speaker phone.  I called her and asked what she was doing.  She started telling me about what she would like to be doing, rather than what she was actually doing, and I quickly told her that her father was listening.  Mark simply told her to "get the hell over here!"  Anne said she would be here in about 15 minutes.

Then Mark asked me to find Andy's number and give him a call.  I did, and the instant Andy answered the phone, Mark started talking to him over the speaker phone.  Mark let Andy know who was calling, and then asked Andy, "What the hell are you doing right now?"  Andy told Mark that he was reading a book, and Mark asked Andy if he remembered how to get to the house.  When Andy told him that he remembered the way, Mark told him to "get the hell over here!"  Andy said he would be here as quickly as possible.

And now Mark looked at me and said something like, "Now, Tina, that's how things get done!"  Anne arrived just a few minutes before Andy did.  She had barely sat down in the kitchen with a glass of wine when the doorbell rang and Mark told her to go answer the door.  "It's for you!" he told her.  I could tell that Anne was trying her very best to be nice to Andy, even though she was probably not terribly interested in him.  Once Mark had Andy sitting in the kitchen with a beer in his hand, Mark and I continued to cook while Mark started asking Andy a million questions about work.  He wanted to know who Andy knew at work.  He wanted to know what Andy thought about everyone at work.  He wanted to know what Andy wanted to do with his life.  He asked Andy "what the hell" he had been reading on a Friday night.  And as Andy comfortably and confidently answered every question Mark asked, I could see Anne starting to light up, and she was asking questions too.

Andy knew everyone at work.  He liked everyone at work.  He got along well with everyone at work.  He had at least one reason that he considered every guy at work to be special in some way.  He even knew the guys who worked in the big welding shop that Mark referred to as "brutes."  Mark called them "brutes" in a nice way, because all of the guys in the big welding shop looked like body builders and they more or less kept to themselves.  But Mark liked them all too, and was glad to hear that Andy liked them.  Anne looked like she was going to slide under the table when Mark asked Andy if he was attracted to Anne.  Andy was pretty honest though, and admitted that he liked Anne a lot.  And now I nearly burned myself on the stove when Anne spoke up and asked Andy why he had never asked her out.  Andy said that he had tried, and Anne told him that evidently he hadn't tried very hard, because if he had asked her out, she would have said yes.  Anne got up and wrote her phone number on a piece of paper and walked over and put it in Andy's shirt pocket.  And that was the start of "Anne and Andy" who are still dating, are now planning a wedding, and who are very, very happy!

The Fifth Major Event - Rick and Linda Shack Up!

Anne and Andy had been seeing each other for a couple of months, and they managed to share a couple of evenings with Mark and I for "dinner and a movie" night at Mark's house.  Mark and Anne were on the phone a lot now, and both of them seemed a lot happier now, and I assumed it was because they were both happy that Anne was in what seems like a really great relationship with a really nice guy that Mark likes and that Anne has fallen in love with.  Every time that I heard Mark call Anne, he would ask how she was, and would then ask if Andy was there.  If Anne and Andy were not together, Mark would always ask if everything was OK.  And Anne always said that she and Andy were doing "more than OK!"  One night she told Mark, "Andy and I are doing so OK, that I can't tell you how OK we are doing."  At which point, Mark turned off the speaker phone, and handed me the phone and told me to talk to Anne.  I was feeling a lot happier these days, I was happy about spending time with someone who was just nice to me, and didn't seem to want anything from me other than my company, I was happy about getting to talk with Anne a lot, and to share "secrets" with her.  I missed being in a sexual relationship and was jealous of Anne, but I was totally happy for her.

And suddenly, after months of messages every day, the messages from Rick completely stopped.  After an entire weekend with no messages at all, I asked Anne on Monday if Rick had run off again.  And Anne told me she had some news for me, and hoped it wouldn't bother me.  She reminded me that Mark had stopped paying bills for Rick and Linda a few months earlier.  But evidently, Rick and Linda had continued to pile up big debts in an attempt to get their new house off the ground.  And while Rick didn't care about bills, Linda had been very insistent from the day they had been engaged that her name was put on everything, including all the papers they had signed when they bought the property to build a house, and when they started borrowing money to build the house.  Linda evidently had a lot of debt, including a lot that Rick had not known about.  And evidently she was still buidling up lots of new debts.  I guess that was fair as Linda had probably not known that Rick and I were living together the day they became engaged, and she probably did not know that I had had sex with Rick at least 20 times after they were engaged.

But with their debts continuing to add up, and with people wanting their money, Linda had had to sell her house, and as a result, she had had to move into the house Rick and I had lived together in.  She and Rick were now "shacking up!"  And while I should have been upset at this news, I wasn't.  And another exciting thing happened just a few weeks later.  Anne and I had gone out to grab a quick bite together for supper one night.  And while we were enjoying each other's company over a drink and a salad, and sharing the latest gossip about Andy and Mark, Anne pointed out a woman coming towards the table on the way to the washroom.  It was Linda.  Linda who was living with Rick.  And when she had walked past, Anne and I were left gasping.

Linda was not in her business suit and conservative flat heeled shoes anymore!  She was wearing a very, very short miniskirt, she had on very, very high heeled shoes, and she was wearing a cheap looking T-shirt that was probably tighter than anything she had ever worn before, and which made her look a little flat-chested.  Now, you may think that I am saying all of these things out of jealousy, but I'm not.  Linda looked awful.  Her hair was a total mess, it looked like it had not been washed in days, and it had certainly not been combed or brushed that day.  She didn't have any makeup on, and her face looked much older and much less pretty than it had the last time we saw her.  She had visible bags under her eyes and she looked like she hadn't slept for at least a few nights.  She looked like she was having problems walking, like her back or her hips were hurting, and it was very obvious from the way she was walking that she wasn't at all used to walking in heels, especially not as high as the ones she had on.  She definitely needed someone to tell her to take the high heels off before she injured herself.

We watched her disappear into the washroom.  Anne said that she thought Linda looked like a crackwhore.  I told Anne, "No, I don't think she's turned into a crackwhore.  But I can tell you one thing, I know why your brother quit phoning me.  He is finally having sex with Linda, and I can tell you from lots of personal experience, your brother is incredibly rough in bed!"  And it had definitely just been made clear to me that all those times I felt like Rick was beating me up with his cock, that is exactly what had been happening.  And while I had always told myself that a real woman would be able to handle Rick's sexual aggression better than I had been able to, that evidently wasn't the case.  I had survived two years of very rough sex with Rick, often holding on for dear life while he banged into me to release his sexual frustrations, to live out his sexual fantasies, to burn off his endless sexual energy, and generally just to try to satisfy his endless sex drive.  And now after just a few weeks under the same roof with Rick, Linda appeared to have gone from business woman to broken down sex slave.  I was absolutely sure that Rick was using her for sex at least a couple of times each and every night, and as a result, Linda looked like she had aged 10 years in less than a month with Rick.

I had thrived on having sex with Rick, I had adored having sex with Rick, but evidently having sex with Rick was not agreeing with Linda.  I started to laugh out loud thinking about how stuck up Linda had seemed when she walked into the office on my first day on the job, and demanded that Anne fire me.  What a shock it must have been to her to have to move in with Rick!  I knew that Rick would demand that she provide him with sex every single night, that he would be driving his cock forcefully and repeatedly into places where I was sure she had never even thought about having a cock stuck into her before, that she would have to develop a taste for his cum, and a lot of it.  By now, Rick would have already made her feel like he could tear her in half with his cock, which was probably why she looked so sore while she was walking, and she had probably already experienced what it was like to be choked with his cock, and she has most likely already experienced what it was like to beg Rick to pull out only to have him get more excited and bang her longer and harder.  And looking at the clothes she was wearing in the restaurant that night, it was pretty evident that Rick already had her helping him to fulfill his never ending hooker fantasy.  She had Rick, who I had once wanted so badly, and when she walked out of the bathroom, she looked like she was trying to hide her face, and I felt sorry for her!

The Sixth Major Event - Mark and I celebrate our Birthdays Together

Mark and I had just returned from another trucking conference in South Carolina, and everything had gone pretty much the same as the previous conference Mark had taken me to.  Mark did manage to take me to a dance while we were there, and I just felt so comfortable with Mark that I felt like I was floating around the room with my head up against his chest.  Mark told me repeatedly that it was nice to be with the best looking girl, and one of the youngest girls, at the dance.

It was getting close to summer, and Mark was getting eager to hear plans for our "Christmas in summer" party.  Mark's 60th birthday was also coming up this summer, and Anne wanted to center the party around her father's birthday.  Anne made sure that it was Andy who was going to all of the employees and letting them all know about the arrangements way ahead of schedule.  She clearly wanted everyone to know that she and Andy were "an item."  Anne had also made sure that copies of a flyer had gone home to all the families of all the employees, and she had mailed copies to all of their homes as well.  Mark wanted to make sure no one was left out.  Mark had also told us to make a complete list of the name and age of every child of every employee, so we could have gifts for them when they arrived at the "Christmas in summer" party.  Anne had gifts for nearly everyone.  Finally, she had asked Rick if he was coming, and if he was bringing Linda.  Rick said they were coming, and Anne put a gift certificate for them in a card.

The only people Anne said she hadn't gotten gifts for were me, her, and her father.  The truth was, Mark and I had already ordered a gift for Anne, a new sports car she had talked about non-stop for weeks, and it was to arrive on the day of the party.  Andy helped us pick it out, but Anne didn't know anything about it.  Of course, Mark was paying for it.  I told Anne not to worry about me.  But Anne did ask me to help her with a special gift for her father.  Ever since Mark had started asking me to come to the house for "dinner dates," Anne had been joking that I should watch out in case her father ever decided to take any medications to spark up his love life.  I had still never told Anne about the erection I had felt while sitting on her father's lap months ago, and I had never mentioned it to Mark, either.  Anyway, Anne asked me if I would pose for some glamour shots for her dad, who still referred to me as a "pinup girl."

I told Anne that I would love to pose for some shots.  And then she asked me if I would be willing to do some bedroom glamour shots, in some lingerie, and I told her that would be fine.  I'm not going to lie and say that I am shy, because I'm not.  And so I didn't see any harm in getting dolled up for some boudoir shots for Mark.  He might even enjoy looking at the pictures, and it would be something else for us to talk about on our "dinner dates."  And then Anne asked me if I would be willing to do the glamour shots in her father's bedroom, and I told her that would be fine too.  The party was getting closer, and Anne didn't waste any time hiring a photographer.  On the Saturday that the photographer was coming, Anne took me out to get my hair done, and I have never had my hair looking so full as it did that day, completely full of mousse, and twice the size that it normally looks.  As soon as my hair was done, we headed downtown to get my nails and makeup done.  And then it was off to Mark's house with 2 suitcases, one packed with my 10 favorite lingerie outfits (yes, ten), and the other with my 10 pair of sexiest high heels (yes, ten).

We showed up at the same time as the photographer.  Anne's job was to make sure that her father stayed out of the bedroom while the shoot was going on, and while Anne told her father that she was letting me use his bedroom for the "boudoir" shots, she didn't tell him that the pictures were for him.  She just told him that she thought that his bedroom would make for a very sexy setting for some shots of me in various states of undress!  According to Anne, she had quite a time trying to keep her father from coming upstairs to sneak some peaks while I was posing for the pictures.

The photographer took a total of about 250 photos, and I literally wore 10 completely different outfits in the shots.  By different outfits, I mean completely different, different high heels, different thigh highs, different body suits, different bustiers, different thongs, different bras, and in some pictures, I was wearing only a thong bikini bottom.  The photographer was showing me some of the shots as he downloaded them from his camera to his laptop.  He told me that I was the sexiest woman he had ever photographed, and that if I ever wanted to sell some shots, I should come and see him first.  I thought he was kidding, but he repeatedly told me that he was very serious about the offer.  And he admitted that if I would be willing to pose for him, we could both make some good extra money.  I was really flattered!

When I saw the album full of pictures of me, it felt very strange.  Here was this book full of pictures of me, and we were giving it to someone, my boss, my best friend's father, as a birthday present.  It just seemed weird, really strange.  I was looking at the pictures, and while I really felt that I looked beautiful and sexy, I was having one of those moments when I couldn't convince myself that anyone else saw me that way.  Once Anne had shown me the album, she locked it away in her desk, where I assumed it would stay safely locked until Mark's birthday.  On Friday night, the week before the party, Mark stopped in the office and asked me to join him later that night for dinner, a movie, and a midnight swim.  Mark suggested that we make this our early birthday celebration.  In about a week, Mark would be turning 60, and about a week after that, I would be turning 22.  As always, I told him that "It's a date!"

Mark picked me up at my house as usual, and I already had my bathing suit packed.  Mark had never asked me to go swimming with him, and I had picked out a "devastatingly sexy" one piece bathing suit that showed a lot of skin!  Before Mark opened the car door for me, he did something he had not done before.  He grabbed me and hugged me and told me that he was really glad to see me, and really glad that I was always willing to come and spend my time with him.  He was being really sweet.  When we got to his house, and went to the kitchen to start our ritual of deciding what to cook, there sitting on the kitchen table, open to the middle, was the album of boudoir pictures of yours truly.  Mark told me that Anne had brought the album over to the house and given it to him the night before.  He told me that, even though he was old, he found himself sweating a little bit every time he looked at the pictures.

I told Mark that I knew a little secret, and that I didn't think he was all that old.  I walked over and wrapped my arms around him and asked him to bend down.  I whispered into his ear, "I seem to remember someone having a little problem with an erection the last time I sat in his lap!"  Mark took me into the den where we curled up in a huge couch, laid down together and "necked" for the next hour.  Mark had a huge, solid erection the whole time, and he kept telling me that he wished he was younger so he could do something about the way he was feeling.  I told him that I wanted really badly to help him with his erection, but that I had to tell him something first.  And I apologized for keeping this secret from him for so long, but it hadn't seemed necessary to ever tell him.  And then he whispered in my ear, "I already know."

When Mark and I got into bed, I was wearing my "devastating" one piece bathing suit, and high heels.  Mark was laying on his back on his bed, wearing only an erection and a smile.  I was smiling back as I kneeled over top of him, slipped his cock into my ass, and slowly started gliding up and down on his very, very hard cock.  As I bent over to kiss him, Mark pulled the shoulder straps of my bathing suit over my shoulders and slowly peeled the front of my suit down over my big breasts.  Mark and I spent the next hour locked together like this, with Mark massaging my body with his strong hands, and me just luxuriating in the feeling of kneeling over top of him and sliding up and down on his very hard penis.  I was leaning forward and my breasts were rubbing against his chest, and he felt so warm and strong under me.  Every time I slid tightly down on his cock, I could feel the big thick head spreading me open way up inside.  It felt like a big hard ball on the end of his long cock.  Mark wrapped his arms around me tighter and pulled me closer and asked if it was alright to cum inside me.  Before I had a chance to answer, I felt his warm explosion starting inside me.  It made me feel so good to have him cumming inside me I started moaning with pleasure and used my inside muscles to clasp onto his cock more tightly.

When Mark was done cumming into me, I couldn't move.  Or, more accurately, I didn't want to move, and so I stayed right where I was, and when Mark asked me if I was going to get off of him, I told him that I wasn't ready to let him have his cock back yet.  I needed to sit on him and squeeze his penis inside me for a little while longer.  And Mark asked, "Well, what if I promise to let you have it back later tonight?"  We didn't get to eat much that night, in fact, we never made it past the salad.  As we lay on the couch in the den, with Mark in just a sweatshirt, and me in just a thong bikini bottom and heels, I sucked Mark off.  His eyes were closed and he was moaning in ecstasy as my mouth worked on his penis.  Mark came in my mouth in minutes, I think he was telling the truth when he told me that he had never had anyone make him cum with their mouth before.  His cum was thick and hot and delicious, and I decided that he must be very virile, and I had swallowed every drop.  Mark asked me to join him upstairs where we crawled under the blankets of his huge, wonderful bed, and I fell asleep wrapped up in his arms.

The next morning, as Mark and I lay in bed together and I guided his penis back inside me again, he asked me if we could make this more than a "one night thing."  I told him I would love to keep seeing him, no matter what he wanted from me.  As Mark continued to gently fuck me, he asked me if I would move in with him.  He told me that I could sleep with him, or if I ever didn't feel like sleeping with him, I could sleep in one of the other rooms.  I told him that there was a problem, as I had about 6 months left on my lease, and also, I didn't know if Anne would approve of us living together.  Mark told me not to worry about the lease, as he would have someone sublet the apartment, and he told me not to worry about Anne, as he had already told Anne that he was thinking about asking me to move in, and he had had a long talk with Anne about my sexuality.  Anne had assured him that although I am a "shemale," I live completely as a "she."  She had also told Mark, correctly, that I don't feel any attraction at all to females.

I agreed to move in, if Mark would help me pack my suitcases.  Mark must have been happy when I told him that I would move in, because a few seconds later, he rolled onto his back, with me laying face up on top of him with his cock buried deep in my ass, and he jammed himself into me a few more times and his body went stiff as he reached around and squeezed my tits and released another warm, fresh load of his cum into deep into my backside.

Mark helped me pack my suitcases that afternoon, and I was moved in.  Since moving in, Mark and I have not spent a single night apart.

Mark, Tina, Anne, and Andy hosted the "Christmas in summer" party a week later.  The party was a huge success.  The children were all happy to receive gifts, and to have limitless cake and ice cream.  The husbands were all happy to spend the day talking with Mark and Andy, who were anxious to help out anyone with any problems.  It was pretty clear that Anne and Andy were going to end up running the company.  The wives and girlfriends were very friendly with Anne and I, and much to our surprise, a lot of the guys had told them about our "cocktail bunny" party.  And some of the women asked if they could be included as "cocktail bunnies" at the next party!

When Christmas arrived, Mark insisted on another party for all of his employees, and as Anne and I got better at planning, each party was more successful than the last.  And if you have read through all my stories, and have gotten this far, then you are nearly caught up with my life.  And with just a few more brief words, I can get you caught up all the way!

Anne, Andy, Mark and Tina spent a wonderful Christmas together.  Rick and Linda dropped in briefly on Christmas day.  Linda looked like a total wreck, and Rick wanted money.  Rick and Linda no longer own the property they bought or the house they started to build.  They left without opening the presents that we had gotten them, and their presents are still here waiting for them at their father's house.  Anne and Andy are planning to get married.  Andy wants children, and Anne says she doesn't, but we think they will agree on two.  In the meantime, Anne tells me that Andy is a sexual dynamo, and he makes her happy in every way possible.

Mark and I feel like we just belong together.  We need each other.  We don't feel any age difference when we are together.  We have planned a vacation to Puerto Rico, and my sexual re-assignment surgery has been scheduled to take place immediately after we return.  Mark has never seen me without a bikini bottom on.  Other than my surgeon, Mark is going to be the first guy to see my vagina.  And Mark is definitely going to be the first guy to stick his penis into my vagina, and he is going to be the first guy to have intercourse with my vagina, and he is going to be the first guy to shoot a load of his cum into my vagina.  And while Mark has already shot lots of cum into me, he has already told me that he can't wait to be the first one to slip a penis into my virgin vagina.  I have been waiting a long time, and it can't happen soon enough for me, or for Mark.