Tina & Rick - Part 9

A lot of people have e-mailed me (tinad4fun@yahoo.com) and asked me to see if Rick would tell his side of our story.

Rick's Story

Now that Tina has had her final surgeries and is totally female, there is no guy who could ever tell she was ever anything other than female. But even when I first started messing around with her, she already looked totally like a girl when she got all dolled up. She had a lot of help from my sister who was helping her to act the part. The truth is that my sister has a slutty streak and she was really glad to find someone to dress up and act like a slut with her. What Tina left out when she was telling you how exhilarating it was learning how to dress and act like a woman was that she and my sister were staying at a hotel near the college we were attending and they were hooking at night and giving blowjobs for cash to guys in cars or in guys hotel rooms. In her stories, Tina described all this time she and my sister were together as just giving one guy a handjob but what she forgot to mention was that in the month she and my sister were hooking before I fucked her, she told me she had blown at least 12 guys.

The first time I fucked her was the night after the pimp and prostitute party, when she was dressed up as a hooker. It was pretty obvious when she and my sister got to the party that they had been hooking for real because people at the party even thought they were real hookers. The truth is, Tina did look pretty good and there was a guy at the party that she was planning to fuck that night anyway, so I decided that since I didn't have another girl that night, I might as well get some from someone, and Tina looked the part. She was dressed like a total slut from head to toe. So I decided to just imagine she was a woman and have at her. It was pretty obvious that night when I let her suck my cock for the first time that she had already blown a lot of guys because she gave incredible head. And when I flipped her over and fucked her, she had the perfectly shaped ass of a woman and she was having total spasms when I was shoving my big cock in and out of her. I have never seen anyone get so excited about getting slammed as she was whenever I drove my dick into her. She looked and sounded like she was in constant orgasm gear so I just went ahead and hammered her tight little ass as much as I wanted. The next morning, she was all upset about how hard I had fucked her that night and she went running off to my sister to bitch about me in the morning. Anyway, she was a really good tight fuck from the first day I did her, but she was already a bitch before she started taking her hormones.

During the time she was still in school when I went back to work, I knew for a fact that she was blowing all kinds of guys during the week while I was away. I was driving to her place every weekend while she finished school and was fucking the crap out of her, but I never wore condoms when I was fucking her. Then one weekend when she had run out to the library I found a big box of flavored condoms in her desk with half the condoms gone and when I opened her computer I found she was writing about blowing all these guys on her computer. She was writing about what all these guys looked like, what she was wearing when they hired her for a blowjob, how big their cocks were, how fast she could make them cum, which ones she thought were married, which was most of them, how much cum they had, how much she was getting paid to blow them, and of course how she got excited by all this. At that point I almost decided not to let her move in with me as we had planned.

And it wasn't much different when she moved in with me. She had been taking her hormones religiously and she was looking pretty curvy and dressed like a full time slut. I won't deny that I liked fucking her as much as possible, because she is an incredible piece of ass, but she talked about my sex drive as a way to cover up her mental problems that she still denies. When we had parties at the house, she would hit on my friends, when we went to bars, she would hit on strangers, and no matter what she says, I know for a fact that there were at least 2 or 3 times when we had parties that she sucked off guys that stayed overnight at the house.

And she likes to have more than one guy at a time. We had a party at the house one time and these 2 guys showed up from a local club. They were drinking and shooting their mouths off and by the end of the night they were bragging about how they spent hours fucking Tina in the mouth and ass at their house after they fixed a flat tire on her car for her one night. They were talking about this whole tag team wrestling thing they did to her where one guy would fuck her ass until she was screaming and then he would tag the other guy who would pounce on her and start fucking her mouth until she gagged, and they kept tagging each other off and taking turns mouthfucking her and assfucking her until they couldn't cum any more and they were saying if there had been other guys there she would have let more guys bang her.

But the guy who really knew best what a slut Tina is was a guy who was actually a friend of my sister who had this big furniture store with living quarters in the back of his store. My sister had told this guy to try to hook up with Tina because she was worried that I was going to take off or fuck up the family business somehow, and she thought it was because Tina was screwing around with my head. So this guy knew absolutely that Tina was TS when he started chasing after her and and getting her to hang around his store, because my sister had told him Tina was TS. So this guy was trying to help out my sister, and at the same time get unlimited blowjobs and fuck Tina in the back room of his store whenever he was bored or horny. I was mad at Tina for hanging out with this guy so when I was mad one time I told her to do whatever the hell she felt like, so she went ahead and started sucking this guy off every afternoon, and then blamed me for telling her it was OK to do it. Like I said, total bitch. But here is the real story of what happened at his store that you never heard from Tina.

This guy was getting his cocked sucked by Tina more than I was, and he was buying her all these expensive presents so she would run to suck him off any time he called her. He had an expensive camera setup in the back of his store, and my sister had actually shown me pictures of Tina giving this guy blow jobs and hand jobs and foot jobs and I was seeing cum spots all over her clothes, and on her underwear and on her stockings and even on her shoes and in her hair and I pretty much knew she was letting this guy fuck her regularly now that he was buying her this expensive jewelry. But it was even worse that that. Tina quit her job at the video store and was working full time at the furniture store now but she was going to work in clothes that would give most guys instant hard-ons, she called them man-magnet clothes. Super short, super tight skirts, stockings, sex heels. Basically she was dressing like the hooker she was.

And that is exactly what she was doing. Her boss was pimping her out of the back room of his store. The first time my sister showed me the photo albums and the contact book from the little business this guy was running I absolutely couldn't believe it. I knew Tina was letting this guy do her, but here were 2 thick albums with hundreds of pictures of dozens of guys fucking Tina every way possible. Most showed her with these guys on a huge bed. Old guys, young guys, fat guys, skinny guys, guys with little dicks, guys with big dicks, white guys, black guys, Asian guys. Most were one guy at a time, but there pictures of her in the bed with pairs of guys and groups of guys fucking her and cumming in her and all over her. Guys fucking her tits, her ass, her mouth, her feet, her legs. There were pictures of her giving blow jobs and hand jobs to guys sitting around a table playing poker, and giving more blowjobs to guys watching games on a big screen TV. There were pictures of her in lingerie and bathing suits, and pictures of her chained to the bed, and to chairs, and pictures of her blowing guys while she was wearing handcuffs and dog collars. And I don't mean she was blowing one guy while other guys watched, she was blowing all these guys and I kept seeing the same guys in a lot of these pictures but I didn't recognize them. And my sister told me that this guy was making huge amounts of money renting out Tina to these back room boys. Thousands! And this was why Tina had been working all these extra hours at the furniture store and going to work earlier and coming home later and later. Total slut.

So here was this guy with a big customer list making thousands of extra dollars every week that he kept Tina working in his back room. So I asked my sister how much of this money Tina was getting. She was getting her regular salary and not one penny extra for all of the sex work she was doing for this guy and his friends. She was doing it because she loved cocks and cum, and she loved both even more when they were stuck or squirted inside her. And from this notebook I could see she had fucked at least 30 different guys in the past 2 weeks. And she had fucked me at home every day during the same time. There were a few guys in the book who were marked as getting freebies so I guess they were really good friends of Tina's boss, and since he wasn't paying Tina any extra to pimp her out, he could afford to let a few of his best buddies do her for free. So I can't stand it when anyone tells me how nice Tina is, because the truth is, she is a total slut, and a total bitch.

So I'm sitting at home being faithful and working and bringing home money for this total slut. So I basically came up with a great plan to get rid of Tina. Take her on a romantic trip, fuck her a few more times, and then trade her off for a real woman. We went away on a vacation together to a really expensive hotel. She fucked around on me the whole time we were there and she was into this fantasy hooker role play one night, and I went to meet her at a spot we picked out where she told me to pretend to be a john and pick her up on this corner and instead I found her giving a guy a blowjob in a car. The whole time we were gone she was dressing like a slut and slipping out to pick up guys every time I took a nap or left the room to grab ice or a drink.

The really sad part is that after we broke up she ended up seducing my father who basically uses her as a fuck toy he can take with him on business trips and have around the house when he wants. She can pretend that he loves her all she wants, he knows all about her past and how fast she will let any guy she meets ram a cock into her. And as far as her new little virgin vagina is concerned, it didn't take me long to get into my father's place and test out her new pussy. The first time he was on a business trip without her, she was on the phone calling me and telling me that we needed to work things out and try to get along and she invited me over to talk. I hadn't been in the house for 10 minutes when she had me upstairs standing at the end of the bed with my hard-on in her mouth as she was peeling off her shirt and exposing those mega-tits of hers.

I was definitely anxious to try out Tina's new pussy, but first I jumped onto the bed and straddled her huge tits and speared her mouth with my cock. When I landed on her I knocked some air out of her and she was sucking me like a vacuum trying to catch her breath. Hot mouth, great sucking, really hard sucking. So I got on all fours and pounded her mouth with my cock. I didn't even have my jeans off yet. And I could feel that hot little tongue of hers working on me as I was mouthfucking her and she was sucking on me really hard. She has an incredibly fast, strong tongue and if you don't keep your cock moving in her mouth, she can have you cumming in seconds. Definitely world class mouthfuck. And just when you think she should be gagging on your cock, she pushes her head forward to make sure your cock head is squeezing down into her throat every time you ram it in her mouth. Wow, very pleasurable to watch your cock disappear into her mouth and down her throat.

I got up to get my clothes off and pulled Tina's head down so she was laying on her back with her head hanging over the end of the bed. I didn't want a blowjob, I wanted to throatfuck this bitch. I spread my feet apart and leaned in, grabbed her head, jammed my cock back into her mouth and started fucking her mouth really hard. I felt her throat stretch open for my big dick as I pushed it all the way into her mouth. Her throat is just like an incredibly tight little pussy. And I was repeatedly telling her what a total slut she is while I had my 10 inch cock ramming up and down her throat and she couldn't argue and breathe at the same time. And while I continued to fuck her mouth, she slipped out of her pants and panties. Her tits and legs looked more totally fuckable than ever, and I was seeing her new pussy for the first time.  It looked totally natural, like it had always been a part of her body.  And as I kept mouthfucking her, I kept telling her what a slut she was and to suck my cock harder and to massage my balls.

And looking at her incredible body, huge tits, little pussy, her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock, it just pushed me over the edge, and as I kept banging her mouth I felt the first hard squirt of cum fire down her throat. And it was a hard squirt, just like the next 20 huge squirts I fired into her mouth. I am not exaggerating when I say that it felt like I was cumming so hard in her mouth that my cumshots would have traveled 20 feet across the room if her throat had not been wrapped around my megadick. I knew she was getting the equivalent of a couple of meals worth of calories with all the cum I was pumping into her throat and stomach. So I had just had this huge orgasm, but it didn't take the edge off my hard-on at all. I still wanted to ram that tight new little pussy of hers.

I walked around and grabbed both her ankles and pulled her back up into the middle of the bed, kneeled between her legs and spread her wide open. Tina was begging me to take it easy but I just jammed my whole cock hard and fast up into her tight little pussy. She was definitely hurting when I rammed it up into her because her whole body tensed up and she groaned loud enough to hurt my ears. And believe me, she was tight, I mean incredibly fucking tight. I let my cock rest in her pussy for a minute while I sucked on her huge boobs. These things would drown you if they made milk. I dropped onto her so I was lying there on top of those incredibly huge tits of hers between her gorgeous long legs, I forgot all about my wife, and I started slamming the hell out of Tina's new pussy. There wasn't going to be anything slow or gentle about this. No condom or anything, just my huge cock and her super tight hot little pussy. And she was squeeling like a pig screaming that it was hurting her while she was wrapping her arms and legs around me and ramming her hips up against me to get my cock into her as deep as she could. I had only been pounding her pussy for about 4 or 5 minutes when I shot a second big load as far up into her pussy as my cock could reach. She was screaming and trying to push me back out but I had no intention of pulling out of her yet.

I sat up, cock still stuck up inside her, and twisted her onto her side and lifted one of her long shapely legs up over my shoulder and I was instantly rock hard again and slamming back into her pussy as hard as I could when my wife called. This was hilarious. Here I was with my cock jammed up inside Tina, with her spread open like a wishbone and fucking the absolute shit out of her, and while I'm pounding away at her, here's my wife talking on the message machine asking if Tina has seen me and to have me call if I come over there. Hilarious. All it did was make me fuck Tina even harder and faster. The instant I got my cock into her, I had pretty much decided that I was going to give her new pussy the hardest workout I possibly could. I don't think I'd ever fucked anyone as hard as I fucked Tina that day. I wanted her to know that she would never ever get fucked again as good and hard as I was fucking her right then. My actual plan at the time was to fuck her until she passed out with my cock still deep up inside her.

So while she kept groaning and whining about the pain, I just kept hammering into her body for all I was worth. After I came in her a third time, I could feel her body starting to relax a lot as her muscles were getting tired and she was just whispering her complaints now. I flipped her onto her tits and belly and jammed a pillow up under her hips. My cock is huge but shoving a pillow under her hips let me penetrate her harder and deeper. This was a great position to really let go and I just got into a rhythm of pounding her cunt with my cock. I was changing up the speed a lot so I wouldn't cum again. The longer I go without cumming the harder my cock gets and I wanted Tina to feel my big dick at its absolute rock hardest. She was definitely getting it now. She was moaning and whining so quietly I could barely hear her, and her body was totally limp under me now. I kept changing up the pace, sometimes fucking her slowly and sometimes quickly, but always fucking her really hard, ramming my hips and cock against her so hard she would groan as the wind got knocked out of her. She was just basically stuck totally helpless on my cock at this point.

I was doing everything I could not to cum, but everytime I needed a quick rest I would pull out of her and I was amazed at how much cum was leaking out of her pussy onto the pillow under her hips. I can't deny one thing, Tina has the hottest body I have ever fucked and she is a complete and total cum magnet. When we lived together, I had a constant hard on and my balls were constantly producing cum that Tina was constantly sucking out of me. She fed me special vitamins to make me produce more cum, thicker cum, better tasting cum, and cum with more sperm. She admitted she was a cum addict. And she was about to get an extra huge load of fresh hot cum delivered directly into her brand new pussy by yours truly. I popped the head of my cock in and out of her a bunch of times, and each time spent a few minutes just plowing that pussy of hers as hard as humanly possible. She was just laying there whimpering.

Part of me wanted to flip her over and fuck her big overstuffed tits and mouth, but I really badly wanted to blow another big load into her little virgin pussy. I lay down on top of her with all my weight and reached around to grab her incredible tits as I got ready to cum in her again. As I kept fucking her, I kept whispering to her what a slut and a bitch she was, and how much she loved cock and cum, and how my cock would always own her body no matter who she was with. She was groaning really quietly and saying my name over and over again. And squeezing her massive tits hard while I shoved into her a few more times super hard, my balls went into overdrive and squeezed off a bigger cumload into her pussy than most bulls could deliver on a good day. I pumped her full with some kind of world record giant cumload.

When I pulled my cock out of her she was laying there moaning and huge wads of cum were oozing out of her pussy. And damn she looked good as she lay there moaning and whispering my name. Her body had always been hot, but now she was like super porno actress hot. If I ever fucked my wife as hard as I had just fucked Tina, she would have ended up in the hospital with broken ribs or something. At least I know if I had fucked my wife this hard, my wife would not have been able to walk for at least 2 days. So I won't lie and say I don't miss fucking the daylights out of Tina every night, because I do miss the incredibly rough sex with her, even though I still have sex with my wife most nights. But sex with my wife is nothing like the hard cock workouts I gave Tina. Anyway, I got up off the bed with Tina still laying there moaning and looking like she was half way passed out, with a big pool of cum on the pillow under her hips. I got dressed and headed for the stairs without saying a word. And when I was almost to the door, here came Tina flying down the stairs begging me not go, and begging me to come back as often as possible whenever possible, and promising to blow me and fuck me and to wear anything I wanted and to let me tie her up or to let me bring friends over to fuck her with if I wanted. And then she said something I hadn't heard her say for a long time, but was good to hear again. She admitted, "Your huge cock still totally owns me."

So I told Tina, if you still want me and my cock to come over here and fuck you, then you have to let me set the record straight with your readers by telling my side of our story. And Tina wanted my cock back inside her so badly that she let me write this. So now you know the true story of what Tina is really like. So if you are one of the many people who e-mailed her and bashed me for being the evil one, you better re-think everything you thought before. She will do anything for a cock, and she will do anything for cum. If she can get the cum inside her body, that is even better. If it was possible to let every guy on the planet fuck her, she would do it. If I showed up at her house with 10 guys in tow ready to fuck her, and I might do it, she would take them all on.