By Bender

I am a married bisexual, but my only experiences with other men were limited to me sucking cock, or getting sucked. My real fantasy was to hook up with an experienced top who would take charge and fuck me. I placed an ad in the local underground paper as a "MWM seeks experienced man for first time". I made contact with John, who mentioned he was also a married bi man, a top, and was interested in getting together. We exchanged emails and agreed to meet at a local hotel. My wife had gone out of town to visit her mother, and I would be alone all weekend.

The evening of my meeting with John came, and to prepare, I gave myself an enema, to clean myself out. I also lubed my self as good as I could. I walked into the hotel bar, and saw a large African -American man sitting alone in the corner. I asked him if he was John, and he smiled and said yes. He was almost 6'5 and had to weigh almost 300 pounds, with huge arms and chest, with a little beer belly. He also had a huge lump in his pants, which I noticed as he stood up. After having a few drinks and talking a while, he asked if I was ready to go upstairs to his room. I said I was, and we left. In the elevator, to my surprise he grabbed me and kissed me hard, his big tongue swirling in my mouth like a cock. In his huge arms, I felt like a girl, on her first date.

As we got into the room, he told me that he liked to fuck guys who dressed like women. He asked if I had ever worn any women's clothes. I said I had not. He reached into a drawer, and pulled out a pair of panties and a bra. He told me to put them on and I did. Once they were on, he started rubbing his huge hands all over me, at the same time he was kissing me. I was so turned on that when he grabbed my dick and squeezed, I came in the panties. He then pushed down on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees. He said "come on baby, make it hard for me". I undid his pants, pulled down his shorts, and was face to face with his huge cock, almost 8 inches long, cut and thick. I was scared that I could not handle it, but he must have read my mind, because he said "don't worry, we will go slow". I licked around the head of his cock, down the sides and ran my tongue into his slit. I paid special attention to his balls, licking them all over. As I serviced his cock, he reached down and pinched my nipples, like I had done to so many women before. He then had me lay on the bed on my back, with my head hanging over the side. He then slipped his cock into my mouth, and started thrusting, slowly at first, then faster. I could feel him all the way into my throat. He pulled out and threw my legs over his shoulder. He pulled down my panties, and lubed up my hole with KY, and placed one, then 2 fingers inside. It hurt at first, but after a while my ass stared to relax and it felt good. He then lubed his cock up, placed it at my opening, and asked me if I was ready. I felt like a new bride on her wedding night as I nodded yes. He started pushing into me, stopping when the head had slipped in. He slowly pushed himself in, stopping at tome to let my asshole relax around his huge cock. Finally, he leaned forward and sunk in all the way to his balls. I begged to him to start slow, and he did. I wanted to get used to the full feeling of a experienced cock fucking my virgin ass. He sped up, pulling almost all the way out and pushing all the way in. He was started fucking me faster and faster, and I came all over my stomach again. I heard him grunt, and I could actually feel his dick throb and pulse as he emptied his jizz into my ass. He collapsed on top of me, and stayed that way until his cock softened, and fell out of my ass. I could feel his jizz running out of me, but I did not care. I was broken in. I sucked him off again that night, and he fucked me once more in the morning. I have met him a few more times. Once, once he brought a friend, and I blew his friend while John fucked me. I will never forget the first time.