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This is a semi-true story of a young boy receiving his sex education at an early age from Adult and minor females. His upbringing is very loving and compassionate and what may appear to be cruel treatment is sought and enjoyed by him and is not cruel.

Miss Joann Chapter One, the early years.

My mother was a wonderful and wise woman who raised me from the time I could understand the meaning of her words to know that women were special.  In no uncertain terms I learned that although my mother loved me, I was somehow inferior to my sister, who was two years older than me, because I was a male.  Women were to be idolized by me and certainly given the respect due to their exalted position in life.  Men were not bad people, but were put here to insure that women were provided with whatever of life's pleasures they desired.  As a mere male, I was not allowed to refuse to do anything that a superior female asked of me. She was a feminist, before there was a feminist movement.

I must interject here something about my physical characteristics.  I was always a very small child with dainty, almost feminine, features.  In early grades of school, I was often mistaken, at first glance, for one of the little girls.  When I was 18, and graduated from high school, I was still under 5' tall and weighed approximately 100 pounds.  I was not effeminate in mannerisms, but neither was I macho.  My name was John, but until after I got out of college I was always called "Jackie". Mommy told me that although, Jack was a nickname for John, that she wanted me to have the honor of being called by a feminine name, and that I should be proud to have such a wonderful name.  That being said as background...

  My dad left early in the morning and worked practically 7 days a week coming home for supper sometimes after I had gone to bed.  He really wasn't involved with my early life in any meaningful way. 

Mother was always very touchy feely with me and, as a very young boy, would take me to her bed and cuddle with me after my dad would go to work in the mornings.  Her cuddling and touching did not seem to me to be of a sexual nature, but always included my lessons for the day about the dominance of women.  While speaking, I would be held with my head resting on her breasts and sometime would be encouraged to suckle on them while resting and listening. She would usually wrap one leg would over my little body, pulling me into her warm body. I recall the feelings of warmth and security that I had during those morning sessions.

Once I started to school, these morning sessions, were much shorter, and sometimes we didn't even have time for them at all, but I was still reminded often about placing ALL women on their proper pedestal.

There didn't seem to be anything unusual in the first few grades of school about my upbringing.  I always wore boys clothing, although they were always very nice clothes.  I was never allowed to wear "ruffian" type clothes.  One Halloween, when I was in second grade, mommy dressed me as Little Bo Peep, complete with several petticoats of my sister's to make my dress stand out, and a tie on bonnet to match the dress.  I remember feeling so special when she let me put on a pair of my sister's cotton panties underneath the skirts. She told me that I must be careful in how I sat and acted to keep from having the skirts fly up and show my panties to the other kids. She put on a little lipstick and rouged my cheeks, and with a half mask and my little red lips, I was in seventh heaven. And felt very much like mommy was treating me very special.

At school, I sat in a different desk, and said very little.  I stayed with a group of girls and they would whisper things in my ear about other class members, mostly about the boys, but sometimes about other girls not in "our little circle".  I remember how great it was to be on the "inside" with them and accepted as their equal, even if they didn't realize that I was not a girl.  At the end of the morning, I had to take off the mask, and they were all very surprised that it was me.  They told me that they thought I was another girl in the class, and was on very good terms with the girls in the class from then on.  They decided that, even though I wasn't a girl, that I was fun to talk to and play with.  I loved it!!  I shared with mother just how much I had appreciated what she did for me that day and she seemed truly pleased that I was being so readily accepted into the girls group at school. That was an experience that I have remembered until this day with satisfaction.

From then on mommy would let me play house with my sister and dress up as her baby girl, sometimes she would want me in diapers, but mostly in her old clothes that she could no longer wear. I learned all of the games girls play from her, and was able to better fit in at school during recess and at parties.

Mother's very best friend and almost constant companion during the long hours of my father's work day, was named Joann and lived across the street.  As far back as I can remember, Miss Joann was always at our house, or I would be at hers if mother needed to go somewhere.  She and mother were both very affectionate with me and I got lots of hugs and kisses, which was wonderful.  At the age of 7, I was an accomplished French kisser, and was kept in practice by my two wonderful women and my sister.

At the time I had no idea whether mother and Miss Joann were linked together in a sexual way, but they were never bashful about being naked, or just dressed in panties and bra, around each other during the day.  I would come home from school and often find them sitting on the couch in that fashion just talking and giggling with each other. As far as that goes, neither of them was bashful around my sister or me either. What to a young boy was just friendly behavior between two lovely women was later understood by him to be something beautiful and special between the two of them.

Next to mommy, it was made very clear to me, Miss Joann was the dominate female in my life.  I would no more think of talking back or disobeying Miss Joann than I would mother.  This was just one of those absolutes in my life.

Even though I loved being with these two women and being the object of their affections, there were times that they embarrassed me very much.  Typically, once or twice a week they would decide that since I had soiled my underwear by being too lazy or too involved in playing to come in to go to the bathroom, that I should be treated more like a baby.  They would put me on a table top as my changing table and strip off my pants and underwear, wash my privates and my bottom with a warm washcloth, and slide a diaper underneath me.  They would powder me all over down there and pin the diaper to me.  The remainder of the afternoon and early evening, I was to play the part of their baby and crawl, talk baby talk and nurse from their breasts when they said that it was time to eat. They would also feed me warm milk from a baby bottle while holding me in their lap.

Probably the most embarrassing part of this was that my sister was always allowed to watch and help to clean and diaper me for them.  When she and I would be alone, it just gave her more ways to torment me, and show her dominance over me.  This was where she got the idea of making me her baby sister when we played house. Even though I realized that she occupied a higher position as a female, it just was embarrassing to have my own sister ruling my life.

When I entered 4th grade and was 9 years old, I was told to go to Miss Joann's house after school everyday for a couple of hours to help her out around the house.  Mother would be at home as she didn't work, but she wanted me to spend those two hours with Miss Joann and be a help to her.  I enjoyed being with her every day and helped with the chores before going home to mother and my supper.

I had no idea how my life was going to change now and how much I was going to learn from this pretty woman. My training was about to begin...

One of my favorite things at her house was to help her bake cookies or cakes.   I would finish my chores quickly on those days and run to the kitchen and hug her leg until she would pick me up, kiss me sweetly and sit me on the counter.   I would sit there on the counter and help mix up the batter and pour it into the pans or cookie sheets then lick the bowls clean.  I would use the stirring spoon and get as much as I could, then run my fingers around the inside of the bowl to get the rest.  I would lick my fingers clean and sometimes even put a finger in Miss Joann's mouth to lick.  We giggled and played on baking day like two little kids.

One baking day, after cleaning all the bowls and pans, Miss Joann told me that she thought I was old enough to learn some secret things about the power of women.  I was a very inquisitive little boy and got very excited at the thought of learning about theses secret powers.  She led me up to her bedroom and told me to climb up on the bed like we did when taking naps together.  She closed the blinds and the room was pretty dark when we laid down.  She talked to me for a long time about what she and mother had always told me about the superiority of women and said that she would now let me in on one of their secrets.  She told me that she knew how much I enjoyed cleaning and licking up the sweet batter from the bowls.  But that even better is the honey that WOMEN ARE ABLE TO MAKE ANYTIME THEY WANT TO IN THEIR HONEY POTS.  She told me it was better than cookie dough and can be made in endless quantities.  I was very excited and she said she would only show me the secret if I promised to keep it a secret from all my friends, and since this was a women's secret I must promise to dress and act like a little girl whenever I was at her house.  I eagerly promised, as I liked the idea of having approval to act like a girl anyway. I knew that mommy would be proud of me if I could pass as a girl.

She lay on her back and had me lay on my side facing her and about half way down her body so that my head was just below the level of her breasts.  She asked if I was ready and I giggled nervously that I was.  She took my hand and brought it up under her dress and placed it on her panties just below her waist line.  She kept her hand on top of mine and began to slowly move it in circles on her lower stomach, inching downward all the while.  She kept her other arm around me, hugging me close to her body and moving it slowly up and down my side and stomach. I was very excited about learning about the honey, but her hands stroking up and down my body was very wonderful too. Eventually she had my hand nearly between her legs and still making small circles, but was more concentrated now and it was no longer rubbing across smooth skin, but rather a rougher area which felt like hair under the panties.

Continuing to slowly rub in circles, she took her free hand and pulled her panties down below her knees and had me now rubbing directly on the hairy area.  After long minutes of rubbing she moved the hand further down until it touched a wet area and she stopped.  She told me to leave my hand where it was and she took her own hand and rubbed below mine directly into the wet area.  She brought her hand back up and licked her fingers telling me that it was almost ready and that we should continue stirring it for a few minutes more.  Later she again took her hand directly into the wet area and tasted her fingers, this time saying that it was ready.

She asked if I was ready to taste the honey and again I got very excited and said yes.  She took my own hand and dipped it into the honey pot and brought my fingers to my own mouth to taste.  It was wonderful.  We spent a few more minutes tasting and making more honey.  She promised that the next day, I would be allowed to taste the honey directly from the honey pot, but that now we needed to get up and finish chores before supper time.

She took me to the closet and showed me a pair of plain cotton "little girl" panties and a very plain house dress and told me that everyday when I arrived that I was to put them on to do my chores.  I was to always move and act like the little girls in my class did so that I would be worthy to learn more secrets of being a woman.

There were two years to follow with many other stories involving Miss Joann, mother, my sister and several of my sister's, mother's and Miss Joann's friends.  If I ever really sat down to chronicle that two years there would be many pages of sexual exploitation (I did not ever consider it to be exploitation).  I believe that everything done for me then was to prepare me for life in the real world and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Maybe except for the punishment when I didn't obey Miss Joann, but other than that it was heaven.