Little Jackie has just been introduced to the mysteries of the female body by his beloved Miss Joann.

Chapter Two, Pampering My Lady

After having such a wonderful experience with Miss Joann, I didn't know how it could possibly be any nicer, but then she told me that starting tomorrow after school she would begin my training to be her "handmaiden" and asked if I knew what that was. I admitted that I didn't, but was eager for her to teach me. She gave me a big hug and praised me as being very wise in wanting to learn these things. I could go very far in life if I paid attention and learned how to care for the women in my life. Briefly, my new duties for her would include preparing her bath, undressing her for the bath, and then soaping and rinsing her body with the warm scented water. I would be required to dry her body by patting it with soft towels, not rubbing as I usually did to my own body.

After bathing, my lady would be requiring an oil massage from head to toe and from front to back. She would give more instructions about the massages as I began to give them to her. After the massage, she would be having me bring out her clothes and help her to dress for the remainder of the day. When she was thirsty, I would be bringing her something to drink, and when she was hungry, I would be bringing her something to eat.

She would see that my life was pleasant in her house, and full of love and affection, but that I would be punished for infractions of rules that she would be setting up.


All day at school, I could think of little else but how lucky I was to be accepted as a little girl and allowed to learn how to properly care for the feminine body. I spent my time observing the other girls in the class and how they walked, talked and acted. I was going to be the best little girl Miss Joann could ever want, and when she had finished with my instruction, mommy would look at me as her other daughter. I am the luckiest boy in the world!!

Finally the bell has rung and I am flying down the street to reach Miss Joann's house as quickly as possible. As I go running up the steps of the front porch, I slow down, catch my breath and try to remember everything I have been told to do. I very deliberately enter the door and quietly go upstairs to the bedroom closet. Inside the closet, I strip off all my boy clothes and excitedly pull up the panties she has hanging on the hook for me. I slide the dress over my head and straighten it up on my shoulders, smooth out my hair and put my feet in the slippers lying on the floor. I quickly look at myself in the mirror on the back of the door, make a few adjustments and rush to the kitchen to hug my Miss Joann.

I am so excited I can't help squealing as I hug her knees to my stomach and tell her how much I missed her. She presses my little body into her legs and giggled that she missed me too. She picked me up and gave me a long and passionate French kiss, which I eagerly returned, playing with her warm tongue as she played with mine. However, she says, it's time for chores. Get this list of chores done and then come to my room to attend to your Mistress.

I did my chores faster than I have ever done them, checked again to make sure I had not missed anything, and quickly went upstairs to her bedroom. I told her I had finished and would love to attend to her needs if she was ready for me. She finished putting away some things into her dresser and told me to go to the bathroom and start drawing a warm bath. I was instructed to put about 12 drops of bubble bath into the tub while it was filling. As the tub was filling and the bubbles were dancing on the water, she came into the bathroom and told me to remove her clothing and help her into the tub.

I had to stand on a small step stool to undo the hook and eye at the top of her blouse and undo the buttons on the back. I removed the blouse and unhooked her bra sliding the straps over each arm and letting the bra fall to the floor. Stepping off the stool, I unbuttoned the rear of her skirt, slid the zipper down and pulled the skirt over her hips to the floor. My little heart was now racing as I stood behind her reaching to pull off her panties. I had seen her naked before with mommy, but this time was different. I was making her naked and touching her body like I had not done before.

She stepped out of the skirt and panties and into the tub, lowering herself until only her head and her knees were visible. While she soaked in the tub for a few minutes, she instructed me to go into her dresser and lay out on the lounge chair in her bedroom a fresh pair of white panties, a white bra, black panty hose and her flowered house dress. I should also take the rolled up rubber sheet from the closet and spread it on the top of her covers on the bed.

When I returned to the bath, her eyes were closed and she looked very much at peace. I came close to her face and whispered that I had finished doing what she told me. She smiled broadly and then opened her eyes and told me to give her a nice kiss. Next I was to fill the sink with hot water and put the bottle of baby oil in it to soak while I bathed her. She sat up straight and handed me a soapy bath sponge and I washed her neck, shoulders and back. She leaned back and I washed her chest and arms. I was so excited washing her breasts that I had to concentrate to keep from giggling out loud. She made me repeat the washing of the breasts a second time much to my delight. She stood up, re-soaped the sponge and indicated that I was to wash her stomach, legs and feet. Of course I was extremely thorough in this last part of the job and when I glance up at her, she had a little smile on her lips. I lingered in washing between her legs and on her butt until she told me to finish up, that she was getting cold just standing there. She sat back down and we rinsed her off with running water and a clean sponge.

As she got out of the tub, I wrapped a very large bath towel around her and began to rub her dry. She stopped me and said that a lady is not rubbed dry, but is patted dry, and showed me how to gently pat her with the towel. Finishing the drying, she told me to grab the baby oil and follow her into the bed room. She lay down on her stomach and told me to get on the bed, sit beside her and rub the oil into her skin. I was to start with her neck, arms fingers and back. She had me rubbing until all of the oil was soaked in, and then move to her butt and legs. Oiling and rubbing he butt was nice. It was probably the smoothest part of her body and she told me to make sure that I spread the oil all the way inside of the crack of her butt.

When I started on her legs, she wanted the feet done first and then work up each leg back to her butt. As I would be getting near the top of each leg she opened them a little wider and told me to get the oil inside her thighs and go as high as I could. The silken skin inside of her thighs was just wonderful to massage. My little hands slowed down while rubbing across the inner thigh. I wanted to make it last as long as possible, and she seemed to be enjoying it also. At the very top of her thighs I found myself rubbing into a slippery area that I recognized as the honey pot from yesterday. I asked if I could taste some of the honey now, and she told me to wait until I was doing the front side and then I could have all that I wanted.

When the backs of both legs were completed, she rolled onto her back and instructed me to start with her neck and work down to her stomach. I was to pay special attention to each breast and while rubbing them she told me to kiss and suck on each of the nipples. I was to kiss and suck, not to nurse, as I had done in earlier years. This was to be a gentle sucking, sort of like our kissing had been. She repeated several times that I was to remember how to do the massage and that tomorrow she would not have to give any instructions.

As I finished massaging her stomach, she told me to go to her feet and work up each leg as I had done when she was lying on her stomach. I was to rub all the way up her leg until I could go no further and my hands could feel the wondrous honey spreading along the inside of her thighs. When I had gotten all the way up the second leg, she told me that I should now massage the honey pot, but without using oil. After massaging it, I was to kiss it and then I could lick up all the honey that my little heart wanted.. This was my reward for giving a good massage. While I am eagerly eating the honey, she told me to lick up to the top part of the pot and I would find a lever that needed to be licked every so often to keep the honey flowing. I found that when licking and sucking on the little lever, more and more honey flowed over my face and into my waiting mouth. Miss Joann slowly raised her legs and closed them around my head, moaning loudly and telling me what a sweet little girl I had become. She controlled my head with her thighs and kept me tightly in my heavenly place. I would have eaten honey for as long as she was willing, but she said that it was getting late and that I needed help her put on her clothes so that I could finish up by cleaning the tub, putting away the rubber sheet, changing my clothes and running across the street to mommy for supper. Tomorrow I would help her do her nails and make up her face. She said this was a lesson that I needed to pay close attention to so that someday I could do it to myself if I wanted.

As a final lesson for the day she held me close to her and spoke softly into my ear that during today's lessons she had noted me touching my penis and that it was getting erect at times. She told me that Jackie's penis is not to be seen or played with at all. A penis is not a beautiful thing and nice little girls did not play with one. Unfortunately for me God had given me one of those instead of a beautiful vagina that I could have been proud of and had a young handmaiden to give it proper care. She let me know that the honey pot , which I adored so much, was her vagina and that it will be the focal point of my female worship from now on. She said that mommy had taught me to worship all females, and that she was showing me how to do that. She made me tell her that I understood and I also understood any further penis play by me, in her presence, would be severely punished. The way she held me and the words whispered in my ear made this a very intimate moment for me. I had learned another thing about precious women and also learned that I must not play with my penis when in their presence. I happily told her that I understood.

She was all smiles and was so very proud of the way I learned to take care of her. We kissed and she patted me on my bottom and said I needed to remember that everything done here was just between us. We laughed that we had a great secret and I ran out the door.

Jackie's lessons continued for several weeks and she continued to grow in her ability to care for Miss Joann's daily needs. She had come to think of herself as a female now because everything she was allowed to do was feminine. Jackie was very pleased that Miss Joann was now referring to her only in the feminine gender and was spending so much time with her practicing being a girl.

As happy as she was, the training had not been without some painful sessions when Jackie forgot herself and went against the rules. Usually the pain was inflicted by Miss Joann pulling down Jackie's panties and spanking her with the back of a hair brush until her little butt was bright red and the tears flowed down her cheeks. Jackie not only hurt, but felt embarrassed having to lean over Miss Joann's lap with her panties around her ankles. For major breaches of the rules, there was a special punishment which frightened Jackie the first time. For some reason, I had decided one day that I wanted to play at the corner lot on the way home from school and was about 45 minutes late getting to Miss Joann's. When I arrived she made me tell her why I was late and what I had been doing. The fact that I was playing boy's games with other boys made her very angry and she sent me upstairs to take off my clothes and wait for her in the bathroom.

Waiting in the bathroom stark naked and not knowing what awaited me, I was shaking like a leaf when she came in the room. She was also naked and carried the dreaded hair brush. She sat on the closed toilet seat and made me lay across her lap and she proceeded to spank my little bottom harder than she had ever done before. I was sobbing loudly that I would never do that again and that I would behave. She ended the beating and told me to get in the tub and lay on my back, which I quickly did. She took the brush and began to spank my penis, although it and my testicles had already shrunken back almost inside of me by that time. The spanking continued while she told me again and again that I was not to act like a boy at any time, and kept asking if I understood. I was hysterical by that time and cried that I did understand and that I would never play boy games again. She stood in the tub straddling me and began to pee on my chest and stomach telling me that she was trying to wash away my evil thoughts with her golden woman's nectar. As she slowed her stream, she told me to open my mouth and taste some of the golden nectar, which I did quickly. The nectar splashed on my face and in my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could to please her. The taste was not unpleasant, in fact it was very pleasant once I had gotten over the fear of it.

That punishment was repeated one other time, when she caught me with my hand inside my panties playing with my penis. After that, I told her that I enjoyed the part about drinking her golden nectar, so it became a reward instead of a punishment which she allowed me to have on special occasions.

One day, after her oil massage and vagina licking, Miss Joann told me that she had a special announcement to make. I crawled up into her lap and she told me that since I had learned so well for the past two months, and increased my feminine character by drinking the female golden nectar, that tomorrow, we would go to my house and would show mommy all of the things I had learned to do for Miss Joann. She had bought me new panties and a new dress just for the occasion, and would take them to my house when we went over there tomorrow. I was so excited that I reached up and gave her a huge hug and kiss and just bubbled over with joy. I was finally going to get to show mommy how much I had learned about treating all women in a special way. I just know she is going to be proud of me when I show her. I plead to see my new clothes, but she told me I would have to wait until tomorrow.

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