Jackie has reached a point where Miss Joann has decided that she can "come out" to mommy. This is a very exciting day for Jackie...

Chapter Three, a New Relationship

Running the four blocks from school, I arrived at Miss Joann's out of breath and sweating. Running in the back door, my Miss Joann was standing there telling me to slow down and relax. I ran up to her and grabbed her legs for a hug and she lifted me and squeezed me tight, sticking her tongue down my throat. I greedily tried to lap up as much saliva as my little tongue could find as she continued to kiss and hug her little girl. She told me that I needed to run upstairs quickly to start the water running for a bath and jump in the tub. She entered the bathroom naked and told me that she would give me one more dose of femininity with a little female golden nectar. She leaned over the edge of the tub and I brought my mouth directly to her vaginal lips to collect the nectar from it's source. Some of it ran down my chin, but I was able to drink most of it. She told me what a sweet little girl I had become and kissed some drops of her pee from my lips and chin. She told me to hurry and get sweet and clean, to be sure to powder myself as I was trained to do for her and that we would go across the street.

Finishing my bath, toweling off, and putting Miss Joann's favorite body powder on I put my boy clothes back on, as it was still a secret from the neighbors that I was becoming a little girl, and we skipped across the street and knocked on the door. My heart was pounding at the surprise we had to show mommy, and I just couldn't wait for her to come to the door. After what to me was a very long time, the door opened and there stood mommy with her apron tied around her waist and spoon in her hand. She seemed very surprised to see us on the porch, but stepped back and told us to please come on in. She seemed very happy and she picked me up and hugged me to her breast and gave me a really sweet kiss. She said she was not expecting us because it was not yet 5 o'clock, but only 3:30 and wondered if I had no chores to do across the street.

Miss Joann told her that we had a huge surprise for her and she would be very proud of Jackie when she found out what it was. Mommy got very excited and told us that before the surprise, she had to take the cookies out of the oven and clean up the bowls from the cookie dough. She lifted me up and sat me on the counter by the bowls, gave me the spoon she was carrying and said I could lick the bowl clean. I looked at Miss Joann as I started licking the spoon and gave her a big grin. We both giggled a little knowing that this was how it had all started at Miss Joann's house and now might just start something here. Mommy asked why we were so giggly and I just told her that she would see later.

When I finished the bowl and had licked my fingers clean, Miss Joann told me to take the little bag she had brought and go up to mommies bedroom to wait for them. I was to call out to them when I was completely ready. As I left, mommy and Miss Joann were hugging each other and laughing to themselves. I was happy that they were both in such a wonderful mood. In the bedroom I opened the bag and pulled out an absolutely lovely little pair of pink silk panties with white bows around the waist band. I couldn't get out of my boy clothes quickly enough and slid the panties up over my hairless legs and hips. The were just so wonderful I couldn't keep my hands off of my smooth butt, slowly moving my hands back and forth across the two cheeks and just feeling very sexy. I pulled out the new dress and it was mostly white with pink trimmings, collar up to my throat, buttons up the back, puff sleeves and the skirt flaring out from the waist. It was just long enough to cover my little pink clad bubble butt and once again, I felt like the sexiest little girl in town. When I had slipped on the pink socks and the white Mary Jane shoes I ran to look in the mirror and saw a lovely young girl looking back at me. I sort of squealed and went to the stairs to tell them that I was ready then went back to the bedroom and got up on the bed and knelt there until they came in.

My grin was from ear to ear as mommy first looked at me and broke out into a wonderful smile. I stood up on the bed and turned around and around to make the skirt of the dress spin out to show my panties. I had pushed my little testicles up inside of me and pulled the small cock back toward my butt when putting on the panties and from the looks of the front of my panties, I was ALL GIRL. I stopped spinning around and put my hands on my hips and looked at Miss Joann, then at mommy. My sweet Mistress spoke up and said to mommy that she would like to introduce her new daughter, Jackie. Mommy let out a squeal and covered her mouth and ran over and picked me up again and nearly squeezed the breath out of me. She kissed me deep and passionately and I, of course, kissed her back with my tongue searching her mouth to find hers. I wrapped my legs around her hips and hugged her neck as hard as I could.

Mommy stood back and looked at me again standing on the bed and said that she could not get over just how beautiful I had become since going to Miss Joann's for a couple of months. She pulled Miss Joann to her and gave her a kiss like the one she had given me and told her just how much she appreciated the transformation. Miss Joann told her to just wait to see how much I had learned about what pleases a woman, and she gave mommy a big kiss in return. Miss Joann told me to take off the dress so that I could give mommy a nice hot oil massage without getting my dress oily. I jumped down, took off the dress and lay it neatly on the chair and ran to the bathroom to warm up the oil. As I was doing that the women entered the bathroom and Miss Joann told me to show mommy how I could be a big help in getting her undressed and folding up her clothes so that she would be ready for her massage. I followed the same procedure that I did for Miss Joann and pretty soon I was pulling mommies panties down over her hips for the first time. At this point I was getting very excited as I knew I would soon be giving mommy much pleasure, and I was getting anxious. Miss Joann told me to go ahead and take off my panties, socks and shoes so I could have mommy mark me and feed me her golden woman's nectar. She said that only mommy and she would be allowed to mark me as their own as they were equally my Mistresses and would be controlling my life to complete my transformation. I stepped into the tub and lay on my back so mommy could straddle me and pee on me to mark her property. When it was time for me to drink from the golden fountain, she had me sit up and drink directly from her vaginal lips so that I would not miss any,

I quickly rinsed off and followed my two wonderful women into the bedroom where they both lay naked on the bed. Miss Joann told me that I should give mommy my wonderful massage and that she would just watch that part of our party. I was surprised that mommies body felt as soft and warm as Miss Joann's had felt and that when I got to the part of massaging the legs, mommy had become even wetter than she had. I massaged mommies juices on her inner thighs and on the bushy area above her vagina, and would every once in awhile lick my fingers to taste mommy. She was as good as Miss Joann and seemed pleased that I had done that. Soon, Miss Joann told me it was time to drink from the honey pot and use my tongue to delight mommy until she had her orgasm. I licked and sucked on her vaginal lips and flicked my tongue on her clit and sucked it gently as I had been taught. Pretty soon Miss Joann told me to move over as she wanted to show me a new thing that would give even more pleasure. I watched very closely as she put her mouth on mommy's very wet vagina lips and ran her tongue in and out of the opening. She moved her hand between mommy's legs and when her fingers were very wet, she went downward to rub mommy's ass hole. Her finger disappeared into the hole and mommy began to really moan and move her hips up to press them against Miss Joann's face. She had never taught me this, but it really seemed to be something that mommy liked a lot.

Miss Joann told me to move away from mommy, lay between her legs and put my face in her vagina and make her cum like I usually do, but to make my fingers wet and do to her ass hole what she had done to mommy's. I began to lick and suck on her and she was very, very wet when I got my face down there. She always got wet, but this seemed to be much more that before. I moved my fingers, wet with her juices, to her ass hole and ran them around in little circles. She softly told me to push them into her ass and then let out a moan like mommy had done earlier. I moved them in and out as that seemed to be what she wanted. Miss Joann told me to keep my finger in her ass hole and locked her legs around my head forcing my face deep into her honey pot and loudly told me to suck up all of the honey.

Soon she released my head and told me to move behind mommy and to spread her ass cheeks until I could see her hole. Then she told me to lick it and try to stick my tongue as far into her hole as I could. It was exciting because when I did that, mommy brought her arm around and pushed on the back of my head to try to push me completely inside of her. I knew that she was enjoying this new game and just kept pushing my tongue in and out. While I was tonguing mommy, Miss Joann had turned herself around and put her vagina directly in mommy's face and put her own face into mommy's vagina, loudly slurping all the honey she could. Soon, everyone pulled apart and just slumped onto the bed in a big heap, gasping for air. We all laughed and kissed each other and then lay our heads on each others stomach and sort of moaned silently showing our complete contentment.

Mommy pulled me to her and kissed me very sweetly and told me that she was so very impressed with what a wonderful little girl I had become, and could she refer to me as her daughter from now on, except when daddy was home. I was overjoyed and told her so. I had, since I was very young, wanted to be thought of as an equal to the other girls and now it seemed that I was. She told me that we would have to continue with our feminine drinks every day and continue to practice being a little handmaiden for both of them, but that I would get more privileges now that I was her little girl.

It was time now to clean up my two women and myself, straighten up the bedroom and get back downstairs before my sister came home from school. She played basketball and had to stay every day for practice until 5, but would be home soon. I was on cloud nine, and both of my women kept telling me how wonderful I made them feel. All of my hard work was definitely worthwhile. I was a very happy little girl.

From now on I will come straight home from school and sometime Miss Joann will come over and sometimes not, but if she calls, I will need to go over to her house and see what she needs, even if I am doing something with mommy, I am to immediately go to her. I am so happy I am glowing!!!!!

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