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Jackie's continuing education:

Chapter Four, Everyone Loves the New Little Girl

The new life for Jackie just keeps getting better and better as time goes on. She has both of her much loved women to please every day and never tires of giving them pleasure. Jackie feels more and more feminine with her daily doses of female golden nectar administered by mommy and Miss Joann. She has become very proficient at being a skilled handmaiden, to the point that Miss Joann has even talked about her being able to meet some of their friends and spend some time alone with them. Mommy seemed not to be in favor of this, but Miss Joann told her that it would be necessary if Jackie were to complete her transformation. Mommy said she would do whatever Miss Joann thought best. Jackie was also a little apprehensive at first, but talking with them about how lovely it would be to show off her talents to their lovely friends, Jackie has now decided that she would love the chance to see other women.

Mommy set aside one of Jackie's dresser drawers to hold her new feminine under things and socks and has a special place in her closet for dresses. All of her sister's outgrown clothing is no longer discarded but is given to Jackie to expand her wardrobe. Additionally, the women have begun to introduce Jackie back into the infantile role of a cute little baby. She is sometimes diapered, sometimes suckled at their breasts, made to crawl around and to speak baby talk. This is done so that Jackie can be available to their friends who want to have a little baby to play with for the day. When playing on these baby days, Jackie receives her golden nectar in a warm baby bottle which she just adores.


One day when I came home from school, mommy told me to go up to the bathroom and get bathed and change into my nice girl clothes. We were going to have a group of her friends coming in for tea with her and Miss Joann in about 30 minutes. Mommy was all smiles and proudly told me that she was going to introduce her little girl to her friends today.

I rushed to the bathroom, got cleaned up and then spent some time powdering and putting on some of mommies cologne, then picking out a nice outfit to put on to meet the ladies. I decided, since this was a special occasion, that I would wear my special pink panties and white and pink dress. I always felt very cute in that outfit. Just as I finished dressing mommy called up to me to come down and meet her friends.

I came skipping into the living room and went to stand by my mommy's chair and smiled at all of the women. Miss Joann winked at me when I looked at her. There were three other women there dressed very nicely and all of them were wearing hats and had on white gloves. I had seen other parties with mommy's women friends and they usually dress very nicely. Mommy introduced me as her daughter Jackie to each one individually and I would walk to their chair and curtsey in front of them. They would hold out their hand which I would take and hold while they spoke a few words to me. They would each ask me to twirl around and I did so with vigor, making my skirt stand straight out. When I finished the twirl each of them ran a hand up the skirt of my dress, patted my bottom and said that I was a sweet little girl and wished that they had one just like me. I even went to Miss Joann and curtsied for her. She reached out and pulled me to her and gave me a big hug and kiss, and whispered "good girl".

Mommy served tea and coffee and everyone sat around gossiping and laughing. Everyone talked more to me during the afternoon and I felt like I knew them very well by the end of the party. I got lots of hugs and kisses from everyone and had a lot of hands running up and down my legs while we talked and I was very glad that my testicles were safely inside me and my little penis was tucked back. I felt very comfortable that none of the nice women could tell that I was not a little girl. This was fun and I hated it when the party was over and everyone kissed everyone else and went home.

The three of us sat down after the ladies left and ate a cookie and laughed at how wonderful the party had been. They give me praise for really being a wonderful little girl and impressing all of the women. I was the hit of the party they said. Too soon it was time for me to go back up and change clothes as my sister and then my father would soon be home. It was a great day!!

A few days later, as I was getting ready for school, mommy told me to come straight home after school, as one of the nice ladies from the party wanted to take me shopping this afternoon if I didn't mind. I loved the idea. She told me that I was going to go with the lady in one of my little girl outfits and would stay as a girl the whole afternoon. I had never gotten to do this before and I spent the whole day at school dreaming of the shopping trip. She and Miss Joann had discussed with me that this might be a possibility and they had instructed me, that if they let me go with another woman, they were saying that I was to obey that woman like I would them. When I was with them, I would follow their orders for that day. I told mommy that I remembered and would be a good girl for her. Rushing home, I ran right upstairs and changed into one of my outfits and was coming downstairs when mommy went to the door to let the lady in. She was one of the nice ladies that had really hugged and kissed me like she really liked me, patted my bottom and felt my legs. I enjoyed her very much at the party.

She came in and stood talking to mommy as I came up to them she was saying that she had left the car running and that we needed to get on the way. She and mommy discussed some other things and it was agreed that I was to be back by 5 o'clock, then out the door we went, hand in hand to the car. In those days there were no seat belts and being so small, I liked to ride sitting with my knees under me so I could see out. Miss Smith (I really cannot remember her real name) reached over and scooted me over to where she could keep an arm around me as she drove. We chatted about all sorts of little stuff on the short drive to the clothing store where we got out and went inside.

We went in and immediately went to the baby department instead of the girls department. She looked at a lot of large sized baby dresses and ruffled diaper pants, and picked out two outfits to keep. She then looked at the cloth diapers and a small nursing bottle and paid the clerk for all of them. Miss Smith and I went to the women's department and she asked me to help her pick out a nice dressing gown. We looked at many different ones, but settled on a very pretty light blue see through gauzy full length cover-up. Finally she went to the maternity department and bought a nursing bra. Then it was back to the car and on to her house. During the short drive to her house she once again cuddled me to her side and sang little songs as we drove.

We parked in her garage and went in to a very nice little house. Miss Smith was not married and lived alone but had a very cozy house. She held my hand and started talking baby talk to me and led me to a small room that was set up for a baby. She said that she needed to dress me first and then she would get ready and feed me. She picked me up and nuzzled me, kissed me on the mouth and stood me up on the changing table. She took off all my clothes laid down a diaper and then laid me down with my bottom on the diaper. She cleaned my crotch and ass with a damp washcloth, dried me and then powdered me. All the time she was playing with my little cock, which for me was a new thrill, but she kept calling it her baby girl's little clittie. I was not used to it, but a new sensation was going through me and I could feel my little "clittie" begin to move and it concerned me a little. She continued to rub me and hum a little tune and my feelings just kept getting stronger. Finally she said that I should probably pee before she closed up my dry diaper so that she wouldn't have to change it very soon. I did feel like I had to pee, but she was making no move to take me into the bathroom. She had my clittie held between her thumb and forefinger and was slowly moving her fingers up and down saying that I needed to make pee pee. I guessed that she wanted me to pee right there so I started and she immediately squeezed my clittie to shut off the pee and put my clittie into her mouth. She then released it and sucked all of the pee down her throat. I was thrilled and amazed that she was doing this. I didn't know that anyone would want to drink my nectar, but it made me feel very good that she did. When I was finished peeing, she wiped me off, kissed me tenderly, letting a few drops of my pee go into my mouth, and then pinned my diaper.

She stood me up and put on a pair of the ruffled diaper pants and a baby dress, picked me up, swirled me around and kept saying what a pretty baby she had. She took me to a mirror and held me up to look. I have to admit that I did look very cute, and made some baby noises which seemed to please her very much. She says that now it is time for my feeding and lays me down while she goes to get ready. When she returns, she is only dressed in the cover-up and nursing bra and I could see all of her plump young body. She picked me up, walked around the room holding me to her breast and humming a little tune, then said that the baby needs to drink her milk and sits down in a large chair, opens the front of her cover-up, released the flap on the bra and guides my mouth to her hard nipple. She is holding me across her body and has one hand on the back of my head holding it onto the tit. I am sucking and slurping, but am getting no milk. I keep up the sucking, and soon she changes me over to the other breast. She leaves me on that breast for about 5 minutes and then puts me on her shoulder and begins to pat me on my back.

She says after awhile that she needs to fix my bottle so I can take a little nap, and she gets up and walks to the kitchen, retrieves the empty bottle and carries both the bottle and me to the bathroom. While holding me in the crook of one arm, she puts one foot on the toilet seat and sticks the bottle up to her vagina. She begins to pee golden nectar until the bottle is nearly full. She puts the nipple back on the bottle, tests it for temperature and carries me into the living room where she sits down and puts the nipple in my mouth. I begin to nurse on the bottle of golden nectar and it is just as sweet as that of mommy and Miss Joann, so I noisily slurp away until the bottle is empty. While I am nursing, she is rubbing and patting my little body and telling me what a sweet little baby girl I am. I could really get to like seeing this lady and hope that she wants to care for me again soon. She gets up, takes me to the bedroom and lays me on the baby bed for a short nap. She tells me that I must try to rest and that I will poop in my diapers before I get through with the nap. I know that she wants me to poop in the diaper and I try very hard to do it. Finally it starts to come and I filled the diaper up. It actually felt very nice and warm on my little butt.

In a few minutes she returned, fully dressed and said that nap time was over. She picked me up and raised me high up and put her nose to my diaper pants and announced that I had been a good girl and filled my diaper. I was laid down and the diaper opened. I really did stink, but she seemed to enjoy cleaning off the poop from my butt and washing and powdering me again. During this procedure there was a lot of tickling, kissing and rubbing being done, and I felt my little clittie stirring once again. She brought in my regular little girl clothes and laid them on the bed, bent over me and took my clittie into her mouth again and lovingly sucked on it for a few minutes, wiped it dry and put my panties back on. I finished dressing and we went back to my house and she came in to tell mommy that I had been a very good girl indeed and that she hoped she might be able to keep me again sometime. I just stood there and giggled, saying that I had really enjoyed being with her, and thanking her for the clothes. With that she and mommy hugged each other, she took mommy's face in her hands and kissed her very passionately and then she left. I could tell that she and mommy were very close friends and that she had appreciated mommy letting me visit her all afternoon.

I had quite an adventure and was to find out later that it was only the beginning. Mommy held me in her lap while I told her all of the wonderful things I was allowed to do and how Miss Smith had actually taken my little clittie into her mouth to drink my nectar. Mommy kissed me very sweetly and whispered that I was finding out just how nice it is to be a girl.

I still think I am the luckiest girl in the world!!

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