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Chapter Five, The Summers are Super

Finally it is the last day of school, and tomorrow begins the summer vacation. I have been dreaming of the fun I might have this summer when I have the entire day to be Jackie, not just the afternoon. Mommy has already promised that she and Miss Joann will take me to the clothing stores more often and spend the day with them just shopping and having "girl time". I am concerned, however that it might be hard for me to keep my secret from my sister when I want to dress all day as Jackie. When I mentioned this to mommy, she told me not to worry that she would take care of it. All afternoon, I was just acting silly and pestering mommy and Miss Joann to tell me what was planned for the summer. Exhausted, I went to bed early and had sweet dreams all night.

Early the next morning I heard mommy and daddy in the kitchen. He was having breakfast and then telling her goodbye as he left for work. When I knew he was gone, I sneaked out of my bedroom and into mommy's bed and crawled up under the covers. I stuck my head out to hear whether mommy was finished in the kitchen and coming back to bed like I knew she did every morning when I left for school. Finally, I heard her coming up the stairs and I crawled back under the covers and could barely keep from giggling. Soon, I heard her enter the bedroom and she began to talk out loud to herself about needing to go back to bed to finish her dreams that were interrupted earlier. The covers were lifted and mommy's bare legs came very close to me as they slid down to the end of the bed. Instantly the sweet musky smell of mommy was filling the space under the covers and I just had to reach out to touch her. I was able to contain myself for a few minutes and then I thought she might have dozed off, as she wasn't making any sounds or moving.

I moved up to where I could reach her breasts and began to very gently touch the nipples. They must have been cold because they were very hard and sticking out. I continued to gently move my hands to both breasts and then played with one of them and sucked on the other. She was breathing very loudly, and moaning a little, but seemed to be still sleeping so I moved my hands down to her stomach. She moved slightly, but not as if she was waking up or disturbed. I thought I could continue with my quest. I ran my hands all the way down to her lower stomach and into the creases where her legs attached to her body and then down the inside of her legs. This was very thrilling for me, even though I had done this many times while massaging her with oils, this was the first time that I had done it without her knowing. Her moans in her sleep continued and I was very pleased that I had been able to do all of this while she slept.

I continued on down the inside of her leg and then back up the inside of the other one. Very gently I continued my explorations, just using my finger tips and finally found that there were sweet juices on her smooth inner thigh near the top. I ran my finger through this juice and put them in my mouth. It was truly her honey that I had stirred up. I reached over and touched her vagina and it was wetter than I had ever felt it. Mommy moved a little at that time and I lay very still. She had just moved her legs more open, but hadn't seemed to awaken. I crawled over one leg to get in the middle of them and crept up toward the vagina so I could stick my tongue into it. Mommy began to moan in her sleep again but I just kept on licking and sucking on her lips and making my tongue go as deep as I could. About this time mommy's knees raised up and she brought her hands to my head and began to press my face into her. I could barely breathe, but continued eating the wonderful juices. Mommy took an extra pillow and put it under the covers and propped her butt up with it. Then the pressure on my head was directing it lower, following the trail of juices that trickled between her legs toward her ass.

I knew that she must be dreaming and wanted to let me lick on her ass again and I put my whole heart into it. I used both of my hands to spread her cheeks and get my little face as close to that little brown hole as possible. I was extending my tongue as far as I could and tried to get it completely inside of her. She was really hunching onto my face now, so I know she liked what was happening. I continued to stick my tongue inside her hole until my tongue and jaw were so sore I could no longer do it.

In my dark hiding place I was grinning to myself about how tricky I had been to do all of this while mommy slept. Even though I had stopped doing anything, I could still feel mommy writhing and moving up and down and moaning. I crawled to the top of the covers to stick out my head and almost yelled out in fright. When I looked up at mommy's head, my sister Denise was sitting on her face and holding onto the headboard, grinding her naked crotch into mommy's face. I just sat there for a moment and didn't know what to do. I didn't know whether to be afraid that she had caught me doing sex things with mommy or to be angry that she was allowed to do them too.

Mommy had her hands cupped around my sisters round ass cheeks and was pulling her little ass closer to her face. Now mommy was loudly slurping and sucking juice from my sister and the very sound of it was getting me all excited again. I did not intend to interrupt what was happening, so I just lay quietly and watched. In just a few moments, both my sister and mommy had an orgasm and they just slumped on top of each other and smiled toward me. Mommy pulled me to her and gave me a really big kiss thrusting her tongue, covered with my sister's honey deeply into my mouth. She told me how much she had enjoyed her morning treat and that she hoped I would do it often this summer. By this time, my sister had lain down with us and was kissing me like mommy did. At first I was hesitant, but then it became very exciting for me. Mommy was talking softly all the time, telling me that she was so glad that I was finally introduced to having my sister included in our fun. She reminded me that even though she was my sister, she was still a woman and that her orders to me were to be obeyed as if they came from mommy or Miss Joann.

My sister had stopped kissing me, but had pulled me to her and was holding me sweetly to her small, round and very soft breasts. She was talking to mommy and me at the same time and saying just how much fun it was going to be to have a little sister to dress up and play girl games with. My sister had known for some time that I was in training but had not been allowed to join in until this morning. She seemed to be truly pleased at how I had turned out, as she squeezed me tight and then gave me another deep, deep kiss, licking around my mouth to get all of mommy's juice that was left. Finally mommy patted both of us on our butts and said it was time to get up and get ready for the day. Before bathing, however, as a special treat, I was to get my morning dose of feminine nectar from my sister. She preferred to have me lying down in the tub and her squatting over my head to feed the nectar directly into my mouth. She was very nice and peed slowly so that I could swallow often and get it all down. She said she could even see that some of the femininity was working on me and that one day I could even become almost a real girl as long as I continued my daily doses of nectar. Denise said that she could hardly wait for the time when her girlfriends could spend some time playing with her new little sister.

After cleaning up, she helped me pick out some everyday clothes to wear today and even put some of her lipstick on me, very lightly. I decided that it was going to be even more fun being a sister than it had been being handmaiden. I knew that I was expected to continue taking care of my two women's needs, but now I would have my big sister to just have fun with too.

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