Chapter Seven: Who's in Charge?

I could not have been happier. My women loved me and have accepted me as their little girl, my sister has taken me under her wing as a big sister and says that she will let me perform for her friends one of these days soon.

My sister has gone to her part time summer job and mommy is not at home, so I look for some way to entertain myself and finally decide that what I really need to go visit Miss Joann and see what lovely new feminine things she might teach me. I quickly put on my little girl panties and a pair of shorts, my normal dress for summer, and skip across the street to Miss Joann's house.

I decide to surprise her and sneak into the house and sneak up behind her to give her a big hug. When I have entered the kitchen door very quietly, she is not there, but I hear her voice upstairs in her bedroom, so I quietly sneak up the stairs and crawl on the floor toward her open bedroom door.

As I am approaching the door she sternly says to someone in her room "on your knees bitch and suck this pussy like the slut you are". I stop short of getting to the door so that I don't get in trouble. Miss Joann is using her serious voice and I know better than to interrupt her at those times. I can hear a muffled voice responding to her and the unmistakable sound of someone noisily slurping honey from the honey pot. Again, Miss Joann is commanding someone to "suck up every drop of this pussy juice bitch and then lick my ass like a good girl". More muffled sounds from someone who's mouth is pressed into Miss Joann's plump thighs.

Curiosity is now taking over and I creep closer to the open door to see what is happening and I have to blink my eyes and look again to believe what is there. Mommy is on her knees and Miss Joann is standing over her shoulders with mommies face upturned between her legs and licking noisily at her vagina and her ass. Miss Joann is holding onto mommy's head and roughly moving it between her vagina and her ass and scolding her all the time. She says "just remember bitch that you belong to me whenever I want to have you, and so do your two sluts that I have trained for you. I have told you that you can use them, but that they belong to me. You let Jackie spend the day with one of your cunt friends without asking me if that was alright, and that is not acceptable. Remember that I will decide to whom Jackie is allowed to be sent and what they will have to give in return. As for his sister Denise, I think it is time for me to spend more time with her showing her how she needs to control her own slut so she can further Jackie's education."

She then pulled mommies head back by her hair and asked her if she understood and mommy nodded that she did, so Miss Joann pushed her face back into her vagina. She said "when you have licked this pussy clean, I will reward you with a mouth full of piss and expect that you will not spill a drop".

At this time, I crawled back to the stairs and quietly left the house and went back home. I had seen mommy and Miss Joann making love to one another on several occasions, but had never realized that mommy was always the one doing what Miss Joann wanted. I thought about what I had seen for a long time and at first I was upset and confused, but the more I thought about it, the more I could see why it made sense. I love mommy and Denise and respect them as women, but it was Miss Joann that introduced me into the world of being a girl. She must be a very powerful woman to be able to do that and to control other women.

I decided to wait for mommy to come home and to curl up with her and ask her to explain everything to me. I know that she will make everything clear and we can move on as mother and daughter.

About an hour later she came home and smiled at me picking me up and hugging and kissing me, I immediately got excited as the taste of my Miss Joann was all over mommy's face. She asked me how the morning had gone so far and what I had for breakfast when I got up. I gave her one of my best kisses and a huge hug around the neck. I started crying while holding her around the neck and she became very solicitous trying to find out what the matter was. I begged her to take me to her bed and snuggle with me so we could talk. She immediately said sure and took me up to her room and we lay on her bed together.

She asked me what had happened and I just blurted out everything I had seen and heard and told her I was confused and a little bit unsure of what it meant. She loved on me for awhile and told me that everything was just fine. Miss Joann was not only my Mistress, but also her Mistress and Denise's as well. It was a relationship that has gone back a long way and has been very pleasant for everyone over the years. Mommy held me to her breast and told me that Denise has been Miss Joann's little slut for several years starting when she was about Jackie's age and now Jackie has joined all the other women of the family as Miss Joann's newest slut. She told me that being someone's slut was not a bad thing, but was a good thing. It meant that there was a close bond between the Mistress and her slut that could not be broken by anyone else.

That made me feel better, but I also had to know why Miss Joann had used those words `pussy" and "cunt" when talking to her. Mommy told me that it was time that I learned that I should refer to a vagina as a "pussy" or as "cunt" when I was with someone in our group and that I should stop saying Vagina. She also told me that my little penis was to be called either my "clittie" if I was in my female persona or my "cock" if not. This she told me was how grown-ups talk about these things.

She told me that I was still to be subservient to my sister and to her because they still had a higher position in the family than I did. We were all submissive to Miss Joann, but still had separate standing among ourselves.

We spent the next couple of hours giving pleasure to each other and hugging and kissing in the warm folds of each others arms. I love my mommy even more than before.

Again, I was at peace!!