By Lauren Westley

Chapter One

I'll never forget how it all started. I was in the Caribbean fishing with 5 other guys. We were about 200 miles south of Florida when a squall suddenly appeared making the sky ominous and the waves quite treacherous. Our boat road the waves pretty well and we managed to radio for help but a half hour later lightning struck and the electrical fire caused our radio to burn out and the engine to fail. Without steering we veered around, drifting south until finally we hit a coral reef and the boat began to sink.

The next few minutes seemed like hours. For me it was the most difficult since I was not only the smallest but also not in the physical shape the others were in. However, somehow we all managed to survive having been washed ashore on an island.

Within hours the storm lifted and the sun came out. It was apparent that the island was not large but had some high terrain. Strewn on the beach was some of the cargo from our boat. But the boat itself was not to be seen. Fortunately, the most important need we would have had been saved. The large Styrofoam chests filled with food and beer had been washed ashore. There was enough food to feed an army for quite awhile. The captain of the boat, Bob Stanton had laid in this cargo to deliver to a small resort during our trip. For some reason almost all of the containers had made it.

After we recomposed ourselves, Tom and Bill decided they would go out and scout around and see whatever there was. John, Bob and Andrew began gathering all the things that were strewn around. I, since I was the best, started putting something together to eat. The day progressed well after all that had happened and I managed to make quite a decent lunch. There were coconuts and other fruit nearby on the island and some sandwich meat we had from before. No bread unfortunately.

Finally after a few hours Tom and Bill returned. They went over to the others while I was cleaning up and talked with them. I could hear them say something about having found a cabin. Andrew walked over to me and said "Tom and Bill have found a cabin not too far from here. We're all going to bring the provisions there. Why don't you keep an eye on things here so those birds don't take anything." I agreed and for the rest of the day the guys came and went carrying what we had salvaged away to the cabin.

By late in the day everything had been taken up and Andrew returned saying "Ok Loren, guess it's time for you and I to head to the cabin." We walked for quite sometime up and down paths and through areas where the men had dragged the provisions until we finally came to the top of island and the cabin just ahead. It was a fairly well built cabin and the view was inspiring. You could see the island was only about 2 or 3 square miles. Otherwise, there was the sea. The beautiful Caribbean waters. On one side of the island was a cove where the water looked calm and a nice beach lay. Most of the rest of the island had small inlets or the sea lapped at the volcanic stone piercing into the water.

We were `nowhere' I thought to myself: a paradise with six stranded men. YUCK! Walking into the cabin I noticed it was small but comfortable. A kitchen with an old iron stove had a window looking out to the south. The living room had two old couches, which were worn but otherwise in fairly decent shape. There was also an easy chair and table near the fireplace. Along the hall, there were three nice bedrooms and then a small room with a single bed. There was a bathroom of sorts. It had a sink, with of all things, running water (I would learn later that the previous occupant had been quite clever) and a mirror but I didn't see a toilet.

Suddenly, I heard Bob talking about chores and duties and asking us all to come to the living room. When I got there Bob had already told Bill and John that their duties would be to get firewood each day and bring it and stack it. They agreed easily. He then told Tom and Andrew that they would somehow have to arrange to find food and as necessary create a garden for fresh vegetables. All four of them would fish each day "over there" he said. It was obvious that Bob had taken charge. He was the captain of the island. He turned to me and said "Loren, since you are a good cook and some of these other tasks demand strength, you will cook and keep the cabin clean." I nodded yes even though I felt a bit strange at having been given the `woman's work'.

Bob said he would pitch in where necessary and would try to figure a way for all of us to get back home. He would work on drawing and then building a seaworthy vessel. Also he assigned us rooms. Since all the other guys knew each other, I was assigned the small room to myself. I was pleasantly surprised at that stroke of luck.

"Ok, Loren, why don't you get dinner together and we'll plan out the next day," Bob said. I went into the kitchen and began cooking dinner as the others sat in the living room drinking some beer and talking. I heard them discussing whether it would work or not and figured they were making plans for the garden or boat.

Serving dinner was quite a different situation for me. The table was small and only four of them could sit at it. Bob sat in a chair near the fireplace with a small table. I on the other hand found the only place I could eat was standing at the island in the kitchen. I looked out and saw these five big men eating as I stood in the kitchen and a nervous twitch jumped through me. I asked Bob, "how long do you think we'll be stranded here." He replied, "don't worry, we'll find a way, but I do think it could be months."

After dinner they all got up, thanked me for the food and left everything for me to clean up. I don't know why I didn't object then, but I didn't. I guess they had worked hard all day and I felt I should do something. Before going to bed Bob offered me a drink. I thought it would help me sleep. He said it was a `buttery nipple' and explained it was a mixture of butterscotch schnapps and Irish Crème. He had found plenty of liquor in the cabinet. I drank it and it tasted very good. I went to my room and fell asleep. For the next few days, things were very similar. I cleaned up the cabin, cooked the food while the rest of them did so many things. We had fresh fish, a garden had been started. Coconuts and other fruit were stacked outside on a table John had made.

Each night Bob would offer me a drink. I liked the taste. Actually I started craving them. The smooth creamy taste was heavenly. Shortly after I'd go to my room and fall asleep. The men would stay up, drinking, talking and playing cards.

My room was small, but comfortable and it had the advantage of having a private door to the bathroom. There was another door in my room, but it was locked. Although I was curious, I never seemed to get around to asking one of the guys to help me open it. It seems that I would only really notice it at night just before I fell asleep.

By the third day, the guys weren't wearing much clothing anymore. John and Bill had made a shower outside. It worked pretty well. After taking a shower that day, Bob came inside while I was cleaning up. He was naked. His cock was massive and hung there. I looked away embarrassed that I had noticed. He didn't say anything other then "the cabin looked nice and lunch was great" and smiled and walked to his room.

I started to feel like the guys were much hairier then me. But, then I remembered that I was always less hairy, even in college. But, I hadn't needed a shave and the others must have been shaving. At least Bob, John and Bill still had clean shaven faces. Tom and Andrew were growing beards. But my face, I felt it, was quite smooth. Oh well, lucky me, I thought. While cleaning the living room, I dusted the books on the shelves and noticed some unusual books besides the fiction and biography. One was entitled "HOW TO BE THE PERFECT WOMAN". It was a short book. I didn't open it but wondered why it was here. I also noticed another book titled "RULES" and thought perhaps I'd look at that and see what it was about, thinking it's probably about cards.

By Bob's chair was a book titled "THE BOOK". I was dusting there, about to pick it up, when Bob came back in, walked over and took the book from the table and smiled saying "aren't things just great here." And then he sat down. I could feel him looking at me my legs or something and I asked "is anything wrong? Is something stuck to me?" as I tried to brush where he was looking. But, he said, "no, guess I was just daydreaming. Sorry." But as I walked away, I felt he was looking at me.

That night after Bob gave me my drink he said "Lauren, sorry, Loren, after breakfast tomorrow we are going to have a big meeting. So, don't clean up right away but instead meet us all in the kitchen. Ok?" I nodded yes, yawned and went to bed.

Chapter 2

Awakening the next day, I heard the sounds of the all the animals and birds. I felt great and went into the bathroom to wash up. But, when I looked in the mirror I was stunned. I knew I hadn't had to shave and hadn't really taken much notice. But this morning I couldn't help but notice my face was smooth. Looking down I could see that my nipples had changed a bit and I swear I had two small lumps, almost like breasts. There was no hair on my body. My pubic hair was gone. I had only my hair on my head, which seemed a bit longer. And although the mirror was not full length I could feel with my hands that I felt a bit rounder. I thought it must be a reaction to something I'm eating, one of the local fruits. I wondered if the same had happened to any of the other guys. But I was also afraid to ask since they might ostracize me fearing I had some contagion or something.

So, I wore the same thing I had for the last days. My pants which were in the best shape of anyone's and the t shirt which I found that was not mine and was quite large on me. Today I was thankful for that.

I made breakfast. Served everyone, as had been my job for the past three mornings. And instead of cleaning up I went to the living room where all had gathered. Bob was sitting and the other guys were milling around him. This time he said, "Lauren" and didn't even correct himself. Before I could object he continued and said told everyone that it looked like it would be months before we would leave. He explained about the waters. The he had seen sharks. And, that we were at least 60 miles from another island with civilization if his theory of where we were correct.

Continuing, he said, "months would be very difficult without female companionship. The men work would suffer from being unhappy and the process might take much longer due to that." It was right about here that he looked up at me and said, "Lauren, I have decided that you will have to be our girl. The slut we'll need so that we can finish our tasks. I know this will be difficult but unfortunately, I see no other way if we ever want to build a boat and said home"

I stood at him shocked. My face flush. He just smiled and continued. "You can make this easy by accepting your fate or you can be made to serve us by being beaten into it.

There are 5 of us and we are all agreed It is UNANIMOUS! I looked down, shocked and could see him holding the book "HOW TO BE A PERFECT WOMAN". Holding it forward as if to hand it to me. Saying, "take this and learn it well. At first there will be allowances, but later you will be punished should you deviate from what is in here. Learn the walk, the talk, the deference and all will go well. COME TAKE IT NOW!" he commanded.

Nervous and afraid I took the book. He said, "go to your room today and read this book. When you know it Lauren, then come back and report to me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Please," I pleaded, "don't make me do this. I'm not a woman. Please." But he answered. "We are unanimous, right men? Lauren will be our little cum cunt from now on? There was a unanimous sound from all five men as I stood there hearing them grunt and say "yes."

"Now go to your room girl," Bob stated.

I walked back to my room with the book in my hand mortified by the whole experience. My mind swirled, I'm to be a woman to five men for months. Sitting on my bed with the book next to me, I tried to escape mentally but every now and then I'd hear Bob knock on my door and say, "you'd better use this time to read that book."

When I finally opened the book, I realize it was not a published book but one individually written. The Forward began with,

If you are reading this book, you have probably noticed that some changes are happening to your body. They are irreversible. However, no matter how much you change, your penis will remain. Smaller and softer, but still there. This book is a beginning and the book "RULES" should be read soon after.

The book continued with statements about the `perfect woman' being the `perfect cunt'. Explaining how to put on makeup. How to walk, making your ass sway. Moving it as if inviting a man to use it. To always smile. How to sit. To remember that if a man is looking at your pussy your mind should think about how much you'd like his cum in you.

How to put on nail polish on your fingers and toes. Always to stand straight so your breasts push out. There was a special chapter on "HOW TO CURTSY". This chapter talked about curtsying holding the hem from the front and dipping so that either your panties or pussy are showing as you do it, and to remain smiling throughout. There were pictures numbered 1 thru 5 showing in a black and white drawing the proper way. I felt flush as I looked at them. Just as I looked at the last picture with the girl holding her skirt open and curtsying with her legs splayed out, Bob knocked and said "One more hour. Then come back to the living room Lauren."

I looked down and noticed that my breasts were pushing a bit at the shirt I had on. I wondered what five virile men would want. Finally after awhile I realized it was time for me to go to my fate. To go to where Bob was.

Chapter 3

Frightened, I opened my door and walked to the living room. Bob was sitting there. He said "Hi Lauren." Impulsively I answered, "Hi Bob" and realized even my voice was changing. It was higher in pitch. "You've read the book, right?" I nodded yes. "So you're a cunt now. Right?"

I didn't answer but Bob continued and said, "I can see your nipples poking out just like every cunt." I saw him pick up the other book titled "RULES" and said, "when you wake up tomorrow read it. Also the other door in your room will be open. You will understand what to do then. Now answer "yes Sir" and turn and show me a little of what you have learned. I could tell by his voice he meant I'd better do it.

As I turned I said "Yes Sir." Bob said stop when I was half turned, my ass facing him. I stopped. He slapped my ass and said, "Lauren you have a sweet ass. Don't forget your manners to say Thank you Sir" As I felt my penis hanging in my pants I heard myself say "Thank you Sir."

"Bring that ass over here," he said, "I want to feel it. If I like what I feel, I may want to stick my dick in." Turning around, my body quivering, I noticed he was holding a paddle. There were several paddles, I hadn't noticed before. He was holding his. It was just he and I. He was much bigger and stronger. The other men, where were they? Then I remembered I'm on an island. "Come here Lauren," he said a little softer. I walked closer. He patted his knee, "turn and sit here". As I started to sit on his knee he continued, "Lauren," he put his arm around the lower part of my waist rubbing my asscheek. I sat gingerly. "When I cum, I like to shoot a big load in my girls." My mind swirled again, "his girls," it spun. "As the book of "RULES" will teach you much, remember to thank me for my cum and not to wipe it away or anything else without permission. Don't swallow. Don't even close your mouth till you have permission. And be sure to make me feel you are happy with my load in you. Ok?" As he finished he slapped me gently. Then took my hand as I said I understood and brought it to his crotch.

My hand felt his cock through his soft warm up pants. It felt BIG. "Learn to like it Lauren. With this group of men you'll be getting 15 to 30 loads of cum a day."

His cock started to get bigger as he held my hand there and then said, "from now on, your ass is a cunt and your penis a clit. So I ask is your cunt ready for a load?"

I trembled and he just said, "I take that to mean yes. Take off your pants and throw them in the fire." He spanked me once for a reminder. My ass burning, I got up and removed my pants. It was then, I remembered embarrassingly that I had no underwear. As the pants went into the fire he said, "you won't need those anymore." I wondered what I would wear. My eyes were down as his hand touched my ass and glided me to turn. "You have a nice clit Lauren. And, I'm glad your pussy is shaved."

Then he touched me there. Rubbing me the way I rubbed many clits before. Palming my penis like a clit. Pinching it. "Now take your shirt off and throw it in the fire." Without even a remark, I did as he said. He played with my p-clit he said, "you have nice nipples and a nice clit for a girl. You're auburn hair and hazel eyes make you very pretty." And then he put a finger around my asshole/pussy. "Do you think I can fill it in one load," he asked? I trembled uncontrollably and heard him continue, " well we might as well try."

Suddenly I felt him rubbing some greasy stuff at my a-pussy as he had me hold his cock with my right hand. "Now lauren take my cock out and suck it hard as I lube your cunt. While you're sucking it, I want you to think of it pushing in your cunt. Running up and down. In and out. Wondering how much cum does a man like me shoot."

"Shssss, don't say anything. Don't protest. Just do it." His cock was in my hand and I felt him lower my head with his other hand. "You'll become a great cock sucker," he sighed as he pushed his finger into my a-pussy.

"Ohhhh," I moaned. "Yes but remember to moan with want," he admonished. My sigh had been one of feeling violated. Then his cock was touching my lips. Rubbing them open. The scent in my nose, my saliva coating his prick as his hand held my head in place. He said, "don't talk. Be a good little cunt and do your job and things around here will be great." Then he laughed a bit. His cock filled my mouth. His finger filled my


"Yes you are quite a slut," he said. But now it's time to pop your cherry. "Now when my cock comes out of your mouth, I want you to stand up and ask me to fuck your virgin cunt. Ask me to fill it with my cum." And then he slapped my ass hard with the paddle and pushed my head up off his rock hard penis. "Now," he said, "ask."

As I stood up he reinserted his finger in my a-pussy. Standing, naked, his finger in me. My lips tasting of him. His cock staring me in my face. And another whack of the paddle, my high voice asked, "Would you like to fuck my little virgin a-pussy?"

WHACK! "Don't forget Sir," he reminded. "Repeat the whole thing."

Trembling in front of him I asked again, "Would you like to fuck my little virgin a-pussy and fill it up with your cum Sir?"

As I stood there, he then asked, "What do the rest of you men think? She is asking. I should oblige don't your think?" And then I knew that the other men were there also. They had heard me. They now knew. They all said, "how nice to have a girl like lauren here who likes to suck cock. Bob I think she needs to be satisfied."

"Do you lauren?" Bob asked.

Ashamed, I nodded "yes" and after another hard WHACK said "Yes SIR."

"Now don't look back at the men, lauren. Just put that virgin hole on my cock and suck it with your cunt until it fills you with my cum. Understand?"

He removed his finger and pulled me close. Till I was straddling his legs with mine. Lowering my a-cunt down. Holding his throbbing cock in my hand. Guiding a cock into me. As he started to suck on one of my nipples. His cock thick, hard pushed easily in the grease. Pushing into me. I could feel myself open. His cock swelling inside me. Going in. Deeper and deeper as I shivered. Knowing the men were watching. Thinking back to when Bob had said how virile these men were. Bob's cock now so deep in me it was a part of me. It burned in me. "Play with your clit" he coaxed. "But you must never cum until you learn when and how."

Myself cumming was the furthest thing from my mind.

"I'm going to cum soon and when I do I want you to suck it in with your hole. Grind it in. Want my sperm in you. Keep it in you and don't forget to Thank me."

Insert 1

He lifted me up and down on his cock. We bounced. My a-cunt opening wider and wider. And then suddenly I felt a little dampness in my a-pussy. "Now cunt" he egged on. And I started to grind on his cock and then felt the first of his sperm push up in me. Up into my bowels. It was getting hot and sticky inside me as he shot over and over again. Squirting his cum HOT inside me.

Finally, one last shudder of cum squirting in me and he pulled me up. I slid off his cock and stood. "Now clean me and thank me." His cock was a bit dirty and had some cum on it. I started to shake my head no when he slapped me so hard I nearly cried. "DO IT," he commanded. The next thing I know I was cleaning his cock with my tongue. When I was finished I stood up and said, "Thank You Sir."

"Thank me for what, girl?"

I hesitated and got another slap. "For shooting your cum in my a-pussy and letting me clean you, Sir, I sobbed."

"Good girl," he said as he gently rubbed my ass. "Now go make dinner. After you clean up tonight, come back for our nightly drink and I will give you this book." He pointed to the book of "RULES". "And put these on." He handed me a bra and panties. A white soft satin bra and matching panties. I put them on. I was completely humiliated as I walked to the kitchen with his cum slick in me.
While I was cooking, John came in and said, "hi Lauren. Nice panties but there's a little spot. Is your a-cunt leaking?" I didn't answer. So John said, "learn the RULES. The right answer to my question is to say in a girlish manner, "Hi, John-Sir, my A-cunt leaking fresh cum, I'm so happy."

"But by tomorrow you will know how to act. Right?"

Almost whispering I answered "yes John-Sir."

Dinner went quietly as I served in my panties and bra. No one said anything. But when I served Bill his dinner, he reached unnoticed and touched my p-clit. Bob reminded me not to forget how to walk. So my ass wiggled a bit as I cleared.

After I cleared and cleaned up I went to the living room. Again only Bob was there. The other men had gone outside.

"Well lauren, tomorrow is your day to learn the RULES and everything else. After that, the house will start to run efficiently again. Three meals will be delivered to your room. When you go to bed tomorrow night you will wake in the morning ready to care for all of us. Here take you drink and the book and go to your room. If you need to relieve yourself, there is bowl in your room. We will see you the next day. Goodnight Lauren"

"Goodnight Sir.

Chapter 4

I walked femininely back to my room in my panties and bra. Carrying the book and Bob's cum. On my bed were a satin nightgown and a bottle of perfume. There was a note "Put them both on." I did and I went to sleep. And I slept and slept. I don't remember when I awakened. But the sun was up. There was a tray of food on the table in my room.

It was a nice sunny day. My nightgown rubbed against me. My breasts had grown a bit, but they were still small. The rest of me was about the same as yesterday. Oh, except my hair was shoulder length now. The locked door was now open to a small room. I went in. There was a table, a vanity table with make-up and feminine things. Hanging up were several similar black outfits. I held one. It was a maid's outfit. Except it was much sluttier. There was a bureau. Opening it there were panties, stockings, and bras. Everything there was for a woman.

I went back in my room. Hungry I sat down. The book was next to my breakfast. As I ate I opened it and read. There were many chapters on different subjects. One said that each morning after the kitchen was clean and the men were gone I was to go down to the inlet and wash myself inside and out clean. It said hygiene was important. So there was a kit that I could douche my a-pussy clean. Another said that even though I couldn't have a period. I was to wear a feminine pad two days a month and a tampon on my heavy day. It gave me a regular calendar of 28 days to follow. And just to be safe I was to wear a pad at night 3 nights before and after my period dates. It said my period would start in two days and for me to note it on the calendar and to remember what to do.

One chapter was titled "TOILET DUTIES". I shook as I turned and began to read.

"As you probably noticed, there is no toilet inside. But now there is. You. That is the reason you have a door to the bathroom. When you hear the tinkle bell from the bells on your side, you know someone needs to go. I looked up and could see that sets of bells were now attached to the handle. They will enter your room and you are to greet them cordially. At night it is advisable to wear the cunt plug panties and to have the tube and funnel in place. It's a lot better then just being either pissed on or having to swallow a lot of piss. Even if you are dreamily asleep try to remember to say "thank you Sir" or suffer the next day consequences. The chapter went on to talk about bowel movements.

It said that men usually go when they have to and that often that may be outside. But it if was raining or something else, my duties would be the following. Although I would not have to eat any they may poop in my panties or hands. May wipe themselves with my nose or hair. And that this was the one time I could go down to the inlet and clean myself other than normal routine. But I was to leave the cabin in a most feminine manner and walk swaying my ass even if it was loaded. If the poop was hard enough I might be asked to push it up in my a-cunt.

After I finished that chapter I put my tray outside as instructed.

Shortly after another tray was pushed under my door. I realized that in about 12 hours this would all happen. The book had said midnight I would turn into a slut.

I would go to bed each night at 9pm. And I was to read books that would make me more pleasurable to the men.

Another part talked about always looking at the men's cocks. Not to lift my eyes unless told to. There was a chapter on what jewelry to wear. I went to the table and found several items. A necklace that said in gold letters "TOILET" The book had said put it on now and wear it all the time. Almost crying, I put it on. I could see the word backward in the mirror. There were nipple clamps and clamps to make me seem to have labia.

Then there was Bob's voice outside "don't forget to be ready. Any mistakes tomorrow and you will be punished."

I ate my lunch and looked again in the drawers. There were panties with some sort of plug sewn in and a tube that could attach. There were funnels that fit the tube. Also all the panties had a cutout in the front for my p-clit to hang out of and a pad that held my shriveled balls tight against me. I wondered why.

I put my tray outside again. It was later in the afternoon. I wanted to cry but couldn't. I tried to put on the makeup and fix myself and was more successful then I thought I would be. I was sitting there made up wearing a satin teddy with my nipples pushing out and my necklace glistening in the mirror when I heard the dinner tray pushed in. It stayed light late at this time of year. But still I could tell it must be after 7 PM.

I could hear the men talking and drinking outside. Having fun while I tried to get my mascara right. There were paragraphs on what to say if I had to "pee". I ate dinner and put the tray out again. The last tray I thought. In the book it referred back to the book on "How to be a Perfect Woman." There in that book, I had missed a part that said my breasts wouldn't get any bigger. I would be no more feminine looking then I was now. So it was up to me to be sure to act terrific since these men had had better looking women.

I thought how they were going to pee on and in me. How they would cum. How much cum they would spew out. It grew darker as I read on. Finally I another tray was pushed through with the "buttery nipple" liquor in the glass and a note saying "See you soon."

The last part of the book suggested I wear a camisole and the butt plug panties. To have the funnel and tube by my bed. I did as it said as I drank the glass of liquor. And shortly after that I fell asleep in bed still wearing my make-up and lipstick. The plug was in my ass and the camisole was soft and satiny against my breasts. The last line of the book had said that each night I should read and go over the parts I had failed at the day before. "Try to improve yourself each day. Be a better slut."

Chapter 5

I think I heard the tinkle of the bells. I don't remember. But now here I am as I've recounted. Someone is coming into my room. I realized suddenly that my hands and legs have been cuffed and I am laying face up in the bed. The moon is streaming in through the window on my face. Otherwise the room is dark. I can see shadows. It must be very early morning. Maybe 5AM, I can see the tube curl down towards my ass and up towards -- connected to the funnel. The funnel is a little lower then waist height. I hadn't put it there. But there it was.

The bells tinkle again. A voice saying "GEEE do I have to take a leak." Another voice concurring that he had to also. And then they are looking down at me. I can't see them. I just hear one saying, "What a cute toilet." I hear a zipper. The sound of the unzipppppppppppppping ear shattering. "Ah, yes," moans the voice from the sound of the unzipping. Then I can hear a whizzing sound and liquid hitting plastic. Trembling and held tight, I realize my mouth is being held open by some round device. It must have hole in it since I can breathe. But I can't talk. Suddenly, there is a warm wetness moving into me. I shudder as I know he is peeing in me and the sound of his moans of relief only make me even more humiliated as my bowels start to fill.

"Hurry up, I have to go." And then the sound of another zipper unzipping. Ziiiiiiipppppppppppppppping open. My ass or a-cunt as I am to refer to it filling. Hot urine. Male pee is filling me.

A new strong flow starts and I know someone has come around in front of my face. His cock dangling. A shimmer of moonlight illuminates a drop of pee at the tip. Sitting there bubbling over the slit and finally falling into my mouth.

Insert 2

My ass filling more, the man over my head says, "Just a squirt left," and pees a long squirt right into my mouth. "Get use to it lauren, he says and shakes the last droplets on my face. Finally wiping his dick in my hair. The other finishes and before they leave one of them says, "better keep that plugged till it's time tomorrow. Just a friendly reminder to follow the RULES."

They leave and somehow I fall asleep again with the warm urine flooded in my bowels. When I wake up I am not tied up but I can see feel the pee in me. I reach back and can feel the plug in the panties. Also my p-clit dangled out the front. My mind swung back to the book of "RULES". "When you are plugged, don't forget to carry the tube and penis sheath in your purse with your lipstick and perfume. Remembering the sheath that was next to the funnel. It was a latex sheath with a nipple that would fit the tube in the end where the funnel was.

As I roll out of the bed, I feel the pee slosh around in my ass. I wonder if it's just a feeling or does it really make a sound. Going to the table near my bed I see a flower and a note.

Dear Cunt: Today is the start. Make it great. We all love a real girl; a good cocksucker and a good receptacle. Over the next days you will improve. But don't forget from now on you are to work on and keep your girlish figure. Wiggle your ass. And smile at the men as if you hope they will use you. If you see one of them men whose cum is in you make sure your smile signifies how pleased you are to be carrying his spunk or whatever else you are carrying. But keep your eyes on their dicks and asses while you smile. Today you must use the curtsy properly and don't rise until given permission. Remember to say THANK YOU SIR in a girlish sincere voice.


As I walked, actually sloshed to the make-up table, I noticed that the pad against my balls make me walk every more femininely. Sitting down I made my face as the book on being a "perfect woman" had instructed. I looked slutty with the lashes and mascara. My lips were very red. There were different colors for different days. I was to start with the color marked 23 since my period would start two days. There were dots on the three days before and after. A reminder for the feminine pads I guess. Day 28 was in dark red and stood out differently then the other days. That lipstick was blood red. The days 1 to 5 were shades of pink. Again subtle reminders I thought. Another note on this counter reminded me to wear my labia jewelry and nipple clamps today.

I dressed in the bra that had a cutout for my nipples. So did the uniform and the bodice of the uniform was cinched so my waist was much smaller. The skirt of the uniform was a bit flared and had some lacy petticoat that held it out. Now I noticed the other outfits were not exactly alike. They were only similar. Some were made with more satiny and slinky material. Also there were a couple of dresses on the end that I hadn't noticed yesterday. A red shoestring dress and a summer flowered dress caught my eye.

But the outfit I was putting on had a tag on it that said, "Wear this, Bob."

I flashed back and remembered how his cum had been shot in me just two days ago. Wondering if it had dried there? What had happened to it? Was it absorbed into me? Yes, I thought it must have been absorbed into me. At that moment the pee moved around. And I had an urge to relieve myself. But, I knew I had to wait till later. After breakfast and the kitchen had been cleaned up. Then I could, I would clean myself. The words "feminine hygiene" flashed in my eyes.

Putting on my garter and stockings, I looked at the book again. It was open to the page on curtsying. I hadn't noticed before. It said, "curtsy frequently. Curtsy when a man says hello or thank you. Curtsy when you say thank you. Curtsy frequently and your ass will not be sore." There was the picture of the curtsy. I realized my p-clit would be naked every time I curtsied.

I filled my purse up. Put my perfume on and then I heard a knock at my door.

"Hey Lauren, hurry up I'm getting hungry."

Looking in the mirror before I walked out, I realized I did look like a girl. I looked very feminine. I smelled feminine. My nipples and breasts were girlish. The only thing missing was a pussy. But I did have my a-pussy and it was full. Full of male piss.

I walked to the door and turned the knob.

Chapter 6

"Good morning Lauren, come over here," Bob said as I walked into the living room. I walked over and then curtsied in front of him. Holding my skirt up. My p-clit sticking out. "Thank you Sir," I said in a sweet girlish voice. His big burly hand patted my small p-clit and then he gave me a love pat on my ass. The pee moved in me as he said, "looks like the toilet has been used but not full. Isn't it nice to be a good girl?"

I smiled and said "yes Sir." He slapped me hard with the paddle and admonished, "don't forget to always look at the cock."

I looked down. My right cheek hot with the heat from the paddle. I could see his cock was sticking out of his underwear. He wasn't wearing any pants.

"Ok cunt, now you can put down your skirt and make breakfast," he said quietly.

As I walked to the kitchen I noticed several of the other men had their cocks out also. One wasn't wearing any bottoms. It was Bill. As we neared each other he walked right up close to me. His cock was touching my tummy as he leaned to my ear and whispered. "Later I going to fill your mouth with my spunk. Make sure you don't swallow till I say so." I was about to walk on when he held me and spanked me three times hard with his paddle. It reminded me. I said, almost crying, "Yes Bill Sir, that will make me so happy."

I managed to make breakfast without another incident. And served it. But now when I served I had to stand until I was given approval to go to the next man. Usually while serving, one would rub my p-clit or play with my ass. John touched the plug in my a-cunt and said, "do you enjoy having my piss in you?"

Then he rubbed my p-clit as I answered "Yes Sir, I do." And he said, " I think your clit is getting hard. Am I exciting you?" Blushing I found myself answering "Yes John Sir."

"Just remember he advised, "you can only cum when a man is rubbing your clit or cumming in your cunt. Now get back in the kitchen and wiggle that ass as you walk."

I did as I was told and knew he was looking. Knew he could see through my skirt, my panties, my skin and look at his piss in me jiggle.

Andrew came in just as I finished making my eggs. He was playing with his cock and took my plate of scrambled eggs and shot a load of cum all over them. The cum was thick and sat on the eggs as the precum ran down the valleys in the eggs. "A girl needs her protein in the morning, right?" he smiled. I looked at the eggs. I wanted to vomit. He spanked my ass twice with a paddle and said, "RIGHT?"

I curtsied and said "Yes Andrew Sir a girl does need her protein. Thank you it will make me even prettier."

"Good girl, now eat up while I watch." And he handed me my fork.

I ate the eggs. Eating around the big glob of cum sitting in the center. He asked, "saving the best for last?"

I nodded yes, even though that hadn't been my intention. And looked and saw my fork was now full of the glob of cum on the eggs. I put the fork into my mouth. Over my red lips. Onto my tongue. And slowly began to chew. The taste was strong. Pungent like a salty ammonia. I found myself chewing but not swallowing when he said, "yes chewing your food properly and savouring the best. What a good girl." Then he patted my ass. I swallowed.

He turned and rubbed my tummy as he kissed me on the lips and then stood back and said, "there'll be plenty more of that later."

When I didn't answer he spanked me again and I immediately answered, "Thank you Andrew Sir. I look forward to all your cum."

"Good girl, you're learning," he said as he left.

The men finished their breakfast. They thanked me and I curtsied. And they told me what a good cunt I was becoming. As they left I saw all their cocks moving through the door.

I cleaned up the house and was about to do my feminine hygiene down in the sea when I heard Bob call out from the living room.

"Hey cunt, you still here?"

"Yes Sir (he was the only one who I was to call Sir without his name. It was a more deferential statement)," I called back.

"Good, come in here and suck my cock."

I walked in the room looking at his cock. It was sticking straight up. THICK and HARD. I thought back to how much cum it had shot in my p-cunt.

"Get your mouth on her cunt. I think the largest amount of jizz is stuck in my balls and needs to be in you. Kneel down cunt"

I knelt in front of him and he just said, "start sucking the Popsicle girl." When I started to suck him, he held my head a bit with one hand, but began looking at a magazine he held in the other.

Then he said as I sucked him, "what great pictures are in this magazine. Here's one of a girl sucking a dog off. I guess you girls will do anything for cum. When I cum make sure you don't swallow it. I may even be able to fill your mouth. Sometimes I jizz that much."

His precum shot against my larynx as he said, "Wow, look at this. Whew, yes." Moving my head with his hands as if I was something in the picture he began to rock and say "yes girl, yes girl. AHHHHHHHHH!" and then he load started to fill my mouth. The back of my mouth a salty splash of thick cum. Gobs and gobs.

"Oh yeah. Yeah!" he groaned as he finally finished cumming. Just like the other day as soon as he was through he pulled my head up. My mouth full of white cum and told me to sit down on the sofa and keep my mouth open.

"While you sit there, lift your skirt up so I can see you clit."

I did as he said. Actually I felt even more submissive with him. He seemed to exude manliness. I was sitting there with his load of goo in my mouth and my p-clit showing when he continued, "now think happy thoughts of a girl who has lots of jizz in her mouth. Think of how hard it makes your clit. How wet your pussy is. How you need to cum. Now I want you to rub your clit until your cum. You are to swallow while you are cumming. And keep you eyes on my cock that gave you that cum while I read."

Nothing was further from my mind. To rub my p-clit till I came. To rub it like a clit. Not like a cock. To swallow the largest load of cum in my mouth as I came. My ass, a-cunt whatever, filled with urine. I was mortified.

"You'll be there all day till you cum. After you can go down to the sea and do your feminine hygienic stuff. So the sooner you start, cunt, the happier you'll be."

As I start rubbing my p-clit he reminds me to palm it or use just my thumb and forefinger like a girl. It starts to get hard. But it doesn't get big like it used to. "That's right girl rub your little clit. The sooner you cum, the sooner you can swallow mine. Keep your legs spread, cunt."

Rubbing my slowly hardening p-clit. Watching just his cock and balls. My mouth a sea of white cum, I hear Tom say "Bob, can I talk with you?"

"Sure Tom, come in. I think the cunt is going to have her first girly orgasm. Go on lauren you can do it."

Tom comes in and says "yes the cunt seems to be really into your cum."

Just as he finishes his sentence I moan softly and squirt the top of my panties, staining them. Bob reminds me to swallow and I do, as I continue to cum. Swallowing his copious load into my tummy Bob says, "now you've had a proper girly orgasm. Now you can go wash your pussy. As I get up to leave Bob calls me over again and spanks me hard 3 times with the paddle. "Don't forget your manners cunt."

I remember and curtsy saying "Thank you Sir for you cum." He adds, "and thank you for my girly orgasm." I then say that as he looks at my stained panties and finally he excuses me. As I walk away he says, "Shake the toilet cunt." My ass wiggles and sloshes as I walk down to in inlet with my bag and purse. As I pass Bill, he calls me over. "Girl are you going down to the inlet to do your toilet?"

I curtsy, holding my skirt up and say "Yes Bill Sir"

"And I see some of your pussy cum has gotten on your panties," he says looking at the stain. He starts to pull down his shorts as he continues, "well, I need to take a shit and would like you to carry it down for me. Kneel down and cup your hands under my ass. Ok?"

I let my skirt down but then I hesitate. Bill grabs my hair and holding it spanks me with his hand four good slaps. "OK?"

My ass getting sorer I wonder if I will be able to sit later, I kneel down with my hands out. My eyes welling up.

He sits back over my hands as Tom walks by and says, "Gosh I love my morning dumps." A large soft turd falls down into my hands filling them with a hot pile. The smell almost gags me as he continues to pile his poop in my hands. He grabs my hair and wipes his ass clean and turns to me, spits on my nose and then turns around again holding my head and wipes his crack with my wet nose till it's clean.

"That'll do darling," he says with a satisfied air.

Crying I ran with his poop in my hands. His smell in my nose. Down to the inlet. I could hear him call out, "Don't forget your manners next time. Always say thank you."

Chapter 7

I had to be very delicate about getting his poop out of my hands. My pocketbook was over one shoulder. Shuddering, I slowly let his poop wash off my hands from the seawater. Then I turned, walked back up the beach and let my pocketbook fall from my shoulder to the sand.

With that done, I ran into the water. Fully dressed, madly washing my hair and face in the warm water, I cried. Washing the excrement, taking off my uniform, I cried. Removing my bra and pulling my panties down, I cried. My a-pussy exploded in the water letting everything out of me. My clothes tossed back on the beach. Finally after almost an hour I came out of the water. As I walked to my pocketbook, the labia clamps seemed heavier. It was then that I realized they must have some sort of sponge that soaked up the water and made them pull down without my panties on. It made me want to have panties on to release the pressure. But first I had to do my feminine hygiene. I even wanted to. I took the plunger from my bag and filled it with seawater. Then I pushed the seawater up in my a-pussy. Filling it. Washing inside me. I did it twice more and then I was clean. The tube of soap lathered well and I washed my hair. The sun felt good.

I never wanted to go back. But, there was no where to go. I could see the cabin up above. The path back. I had put the a two piece bathing suit in my pocketbook and the ribbon for my hair as the book said. My necklace lay across my neck just above my little breasts. Even though I had washed my mouth clean, I could still feel Bob's cum and Andrew's cummy eggs swirl in my tummy. I had peed and pooped but I couldn't get out what was inside.

The bathing suit was a little like my panties. A hole was cut out for my p-clit to dangle out of; but there was no plug. Nipple holes were cut out in the bra part. I fit the two piece suit very well. It hugged my hips, which were rounder now, and it supported my little breasts. A little perfume where the book "Perfect Woman" had said. A new coat of lipstick made my lips glossy red again. And the bow tied my hair in a ponytail.

Here I was ready again. Thinking how much had happened already. How much would happen. I touched my p-clit and thought how I had made myself cum. A girly orgasm. It didn't feel like a cock. It felt like a p-clit. Only here would I be free. At the inlet I could relax. I remembered that back up there I was to pee like a girl. Squat and then wipe front to back.

It was time to go back. Dressed in my yellow and red flowered bikini with a matching bow.

Chapter 8

Walking back up the hill carrying my wet clothes and pocketbook I wondered what would happen next. I didn't have to wait long. I passed Tom and Bill on my way to the house. They were working at making something. They were using stones. But, I didn't know what they were building. They were topless. Their chests large and Bill's hairy. Sweat pouring off them from their task.

"Hey CUNT," Tom said. I turned quickly, my still sore ass reminding me and said, "yes Tom Sir."

"Get me and Bill a beer. And get some lunch ready. We're starving." Bill grunted approval. As I looked at them I could see the crotch of their pants were also filled with sweat. Their balls were sweating.

"Yes Tom Sir, I'll bring it right away," my voice sweet and submissive.

I turned and went into the cabin. I was happy that I only had to curtsy when I was wearing my uniform. I got their beers happy that no one else was around. I fixed some lunch. I noticed a cookbook was on the counter opened to a page on making bread. A note from Bob was next to it. "Learn to bake, sew and suck cock. The flour is in the cupboard."

While making a sauce I spilled some on my bikini bra and I went and changed the top for a blouse I tied around like the book had said to do.

So now I had to bake also. Tom called from outside "Bitch, where are those beers?" I scurried out with them. They were sitting down. Still very sweaty

"Girl, let me see that clit," Tom said as he took the beer. He rubbed it as he drank his beer. I stood there looking at his sweaty crotch. He finished his beer quickly and said, "I see you're looking at my sweaty balls. Bet you can't wait to put your face down there and smell them. Lick them and suck my dick. Right?" He took his other hand and slid it under my bikini rubbing my ass cheek. Squeezing he said, "Right?"

"Yes you're right Tom Sir. That is what I want."

As he rubbed my p-clit and fondled my ass he continued, "I hear Bob fucked your pussy real good. Popped your cherry and filled it your pussy with his cum. Right?"

"Yes Tom Sir." I squirmed as his hands felt me up. It was the first time I felt like being felt up like a girl. Bob has been different. Each of them seemed to be different. Bill got up and said he was getting another beer.

"Well, it is virgin isn't it?" he asked. I was about to answer no when he said, "when you are fucked from the front it's your pussy and from the back your ass. You know that. Right?"

I thought how I was facing Bob when he fucked me. Sitting on him face to face. "Yes you are right Tom Sir. I haven't been fucked in my ass."

He took my hand and said let's go to the living room and I followed him and he sat down. Then he looked at me holding my hand.

"Good, now get down there and smell my sweaty balls. Stick your nose in my crotch and rub my sweat on your face. It'll make the pussy in you ache to be fucked." He reached up and put his hand on my shoulder guiding me down to the ground. Down to his sweat stained crotch. Just as I was there, Bill said "here" and handed Tom a beer.

He held the beer and pushed my head deep into his strong sweaty crotch. His cock felt fat and it thickened as I heard him guzzling his beer.

After his cock hardened a bit, he pulled me up saying, "do a little slutty dance for me as you take your bikini off. Make me want to fuck your ass." Then he belched as I stood there.

"Go on DANCE and STRIP"

I started to turn. He touched me as a turned. I stopped. His finger played under the elastic around my thighs touching me provocatively. "Hmmm, I think this little ass could learn to like cock. Now dance."

I started to dance more. He demanded I be more feminine. To be more seductive and try to make him want to fuck me. Use my body as a way to communicate my need for his cum. I tried to dance like the girls I had seen in movies or in shows. He nodded approvingly. Then he said, "Bill how about another beer?"

"Sure Tom." Bill went back to get another. They're third.

"That's right, pull your bikini down a little and then up. Make my cock jump for your ass girl." He slapped me and I danced more. Looking at his cock when I turned toward him as I was suppose and then wondering what he was going to do to me, my ass, as I turned away from him.

Bill returned with another beer and Tom held it in one hand as he touched me with the other. My bikini slowly started to come down. He said my ass was so white and creamy. "A sexy fucking hole."

When I turned facing him with my bikini now on the ground, I could see his pants were down and his cock was sticking up. He motioned me to stop, face him and pose like I was on camera.

"Hold your clit with one hand and put your other hand behind your head. Pout your lips. Be the slut you are and I will fill your virgin ass with my cum."

I did what he said for me to do. "Fuck this empty beer bottle slut," he said as he handed me an empty longneck beer bottle. Bill asked me if I was thirsty. Hoping it might delay Tom I answered "yes Bill Sir."

"Stick that bottle up your ass I said or I'll shove the whole dam thing inside you," Tom shouted.

As I started to sit on the bottle I saw Bill pee into another empty bottle filling it up. He let out a sigh of "ah" and then filled a second bottle and part of a third. "Here baby, a bottle to sit on and a bottle to drink," he said handing me a full bottle of pee. "Now you can join us, sitting on the bottle and drinking with us telling us all about how you like cock and cum. Come on lauren squat down on the bottle and drink up. Talk to us as you squat there," Bill urged.

The neck of the bottle started sliding up my ass as I filled my mouth from the warm bottle of piss. "Swallow cunt," Bill said. I felt myself gulp his pee into my tummy. Then Tom asked Bill to hold my head while he "filled the cunt's mouth with piss from the faucet." Bill held my head while I sat on the bottle and Tom aimed his cock and peed into my mouth.

"Yes, the yellow of my piss and the red of your lips are a match. Aren't they Lauren. Now don't swallow till I tell you to," Tom said holding his peeing cock.

Insert 3

There I was sitting with a beer bottle up my ass and my mouth open the strong taste of urine coating all my taste buds. I hadn't thought it would be like this when I was reading the other night. I didn't know they would be so nasty and kinky.

I had to look up at Tom in order to hold the pee in my mouth. He drank his beer enjoying my misery. I didn't know what Bill was doing until Tom moved a bit and Bill came around with his hard cock and suddenly started pumping cum into my filled mouth and over my face and hair

He was screaming, "Ah, yes--yes--ahhhhhhhhhhh," as the creamy load fell over my face and some down on my chest. Kneeling there with Tom`s pee and Bill's cum waiting for permission, Bill said, "you are one great cunt. I can see by your face how much you like to please a man. I'll bet you'll think of this load of piss and spunk in your tummy tonight and probably have an orgasm."

Then they both looked at each other and turned to me and said, "Savor it and swallow it slowly showing us how much you like it and after don't forget your manners. Oh have a poke on your beer to wash it down."

I swallowed the load, bit by bit until it was all inside me. The bottle must have worked its way well into my ass during this. It was past the neck and about three inches of the bottle had stretched my ass wide.

My voice is a subservient hum said "oh, men thank you for filling my (and I hear myself say) girly tummy full."

"Well you're welcome," Tom said. "It's so nice to know how much we are pleasing you. Now, I think your ass must be stretched wide enough for my cock. Don't you think sweetie?"

I nodded a shameful yes and he motioned me to stand and turn. Putting a hand on my back so that I bent over he grasped the bottle with his other hand. Turning it around and around he suddenly pulled it out and pushed me down. Bill came around toward my face with a bowl and put it in front of me as Tom's cock suddenly pushed inside me.

"So that you don't forget about me," Bill said. And then he poured a lot of his piss from the third bottle into the bowl. "Now doggie stick your face in here." He pulled my head up by my hair and then moved the bowel and let my head down into the bowl.

As Tom pumped my ass with his cock he slapped me over and over. Bill held my head in the bowl and from time to time would pull my hair so my head would come up and he would look at me approvingly.

Finally I heard Tom grunt and his spunk shot into me. It was copious like the others. These men shot much more cum then I ever did. I could feel it slick in me as Tom pulled out. Bill said for me to kneel since he wanted to shoot his cum right on my "pretty little nipples." I didn't respond fast enough so he pulled me by my urine soaked hair and with his other hand jerked his cock till it spit cum on my face.

As soon as he was done he let go of me. Then both of them left me there to clean it up. When it was all cleaned up I carried the bowl of urine and everything outside. I was going to go down to the inlet again but Tom was there and said to empty it in the area he had made with stones. It was a pit about six feet long and three feet wide. I poured it in and noticed that it didn't seep into the ground but just sat in a puddle.

"Perfect," he said.

To be continued.