Andrews-Adventures -- Chapter 11


Dave's sudden roll pulled the covers off me, leaving me naked, cold, and shivering. The shivering woke me from my beautiful dream, where I was on my hands and knees kissing Dave, who was also on his hands and knees, as Josh and Sean fucked us slowly, lovingly, through our crotchless panties.

Looking at the alarm clock and reading 6 am, I knew there was no way I was going back to sleep. Reaching back and feeling between my cheeks, my hand slid over the dried cum that had leaked out of my pussy during the night. I smiled remembering the great pounding Dave gave me, and figured now was as good a time as any to have a shower.

Although I had been spending a lot of time at Jem's house, it was always weird waking up in someone else's home. Leaving Dave to rest, I grabbed some gym shorts out of my overnight bag and put them on and made my way to the bathroom for a well-needed shower and piss.

Leaning against the tile of the shower wall, my back to the spray, my head rested on my fore arms as the water beat down on my back, the gentle massage left me with just my thoughts. I was happier than I had ever been. I had a loving boy friend, who gave me everything I wanted, and was my teddy bear or grizzly bear when I needed him to be. I was his little bumble bee, which was Dave's euphemism for my bubble butt, but also because I was small and powerful like the bee. I loved my relationship with my Uncle and how close we were getting, as our love for each other was clearly growing, as was the friendship with Dave and Uncle Sean. Even school was fun now; as my first performance was coming up and I truly felt at home on the stage. I was seeing the benefits of all those sprints for soccer, as my soft belly disappeared and slowly revealed my abs as I watched the water roll over my new found stomach muscles. Even my friends new and old had seen my change, my exuded happiness, as I walked with a smile and confidence rarely seen in me. I had found myself, and was proud to be a femboy.

Drying off I made my way back to the guest room where Dave was still sleeping. He was on his stomach, with his arms wrapped around his pillow, and the sheets covering up, what I knew was a beautifully naked body below. The thought of that naked body gave me a wonderfully wicked idea as I made my way to the foot of the bed and dropped my towel and pushed my shorts down. I slowly rolled the bed sheet up, as I wormed my way up between Dave's legs to his unprotected pussy, leaving the rolled sheet on the small of his back.

My hands slowly slid up his legs to his two cheeks and gently spread them as I leaned in and planted a nice soft kiss on his wrinkled hole. I felt Dave stir, but I knew he was still asleep by his soft breathing. Dave's pussy was hairless and the most beautiful shade of pink, as my tongue slowly scraped over the ridges, bringing forth a light moan from my lover. I let my tongue linger on his hole with gentle pressure, as my saliva cascaded down, preparing it, persuading it, to relax and let me in.

"Oh fuck, uhhhh, mmmm."

Dave's moaning told me he was awake, as his hole gave way, and my tongue slid in. I wanted this to be slow and sensual, letting the natural pressure from his love tunnel roll my tongue, as I gently penetrated him with it. The heat from his boy pussy was matched only by my vernacular appendage, as my hands began to massage his cheeks.

"Oh shit babe, oh my God, oh it feels so good."

Five minutes later, Dave's hole was quite loose and slippery with spit, when I decided it was time to move our love into the next stage. I removed my tongue, watching his lips pulse, searching for their lover. I shucked the sheets and kissed my way up his back to his shoulder blades feeling my rock hard dick nestle into the valley of his cheeks.

"Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, oh." Dave shuddered and swallowed hard when the head of my dick touch his entrance.

Much like my tongue, I simply let the natural pressure of my presence be the guiding force of my penetration. I wanted so bad to fuck my lover, but I wanted him to want it too, and let me in. I was happy to wait for him to open up, as I kissed and nibbled on his ear.

Dave's pussy clenched and relaxed a couple times, letting me sink in a little lower with each contraction.

"Baby, oh yes, mmm." Dave had his head buried in the pillow, with one arm still gripping it tightly and one arm reaching back, his hand on my ass, trying to control my penetration as he would pull me down when he felt himself loosen up and then hold me off when his hole flexed and tightened.

"I love you Davey, you're so beautiful, mmm. I need you so much, oh God. You make me so happy. I have always loved you, uhhhh."

My cock was all the way in and I had no urgency to move it. It felt so good to be there with Dave, to be in him, loving him, my left hand running through his black hair, my right hand on his thigh, as I slowly began rocking back and forth. There was no pumping with this fuck, just me grinding my cock into his ass. I gently pulled on Dave's hair turning his head, and kissing him on the side of his mouth.

"Oh babe, oh your cock feels so goooood. Don't stop please, oh God, I love you."

Without actually pumping I was able to last a lot longer as I made love to Dave. During our love making Dave came once into the sheets, and was already hard again by the time the feeling in my dick had my toes curling in warning of my impending orgasm. Dave's hands gripped the sheets as mine gripped his wrists as I slowly rocked my cock into him. Both of us had a nice sheen of perspiration going as my grinding had turned to honest pumping, and the inevitable happened.

"Oh Davey, shit Davey, Dave, oh fuck." I moaned as my cock filled my lover's ass with my seed.

I laid there for only a second before carefully removing my cock and rolling Dave over to take his second load into my mouth.

Dave and I finished our love making and proceeded to take a shower, my second of the morning, before heading down stairs to the kitchen. At the kitchen table were Tom, Jem, Steve and Benny, all eating breakfast as we entered the room.

"Well looked who've decided to grace us with their presence." Jem said sarcastically. "Do I need to burn the sheets?"

"I don't know, I guess it depends on how many places Superman and Wonder Woman wrestled last night? But I would definitely start with the wall." I said as we took a seat at the table.

This was the first time I had ever seen Jem blush. Tom, Steve, and Dave were laughing softly, as Benny sat there with a lost look on his face. It was then that I noticed Benny was still wearing his costume from the night before, as was Steve; however he had left the stockings off and removed the knot from the shirt and buttoned it up like a regular dress shirt which covered his cut off jean shorts.

"Where did you two crash last night?" I asked, more to Steve then Benny, although my eyes kept drifting to Benny in his red bikini.

"It was a nice night so we crashed outside." Steve said taking a sip of coffee.

We all sat there talking about the party, and the funny costumes we had seen, and who ended up with whom, and who went home alone, and so forth and so on. Before leaving we all helped Jem clean the house, and as promised I scheduled a date for us to come back with Steve and now Benny to use the hot tub, and as expected Jem jumped all over the chance to see both of them again. I could tell Jem found Steve attractive, as most did. And I knew Jem well enough, that like me there was something about Benny that just intrigued you, and made you want to spend more time with him. Tom drove Dave and me back to Dave's house while Benny took Steve home.

"So you don't mind going to my house first, right?" Benny said looking toward Steve in the passenger seat.

"Not at all baby, I don't have anything planned for today, and I thought it might be a good time to get to know you. I mean you look hot in that bikini, but probably not appropriate for hanging out in, or at least a little more attention getting than we are looking for," Steve said from the passenger side bench seat in Benny's 1989 faded powder blue Buick Skylark.

"Really, I a, um, ...did ok last night?"

"Jesus baby, you need to stop worrying. You were wonderful."

"Sorry, I mean thanks," Benny said biting his lower lip trying to hide the huge smile forming.

"So should I stay in the car when we get to your house, I mean I don't want to cause you any problems with your parents if they don't know, you know?"

"That's ok Steve, my parents aren't around anymore; it's just me and my grandmother."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Do you mind me asking what happened?"

"Dad left before I was born, and Mom died in a car accident when I was eight." Benny said never taking his eyes off the road.

"Just been me and my grandma ever since."

"And she knows you're gay?" Steve asked, trying to tread lightly.

Hesitating Benny looked at Steve, "Well, can you promise not to tell anyone what I am about to tell you, cause I could get into a lot of trouble if people found out.

"I won't tell anyone Babe," Steve said with a wondering look on his face.

"Ok, well she's kind of old and is starting to get a little senile, and really doesn't remember daily events; so no she doesn't know I'm gay, and well it wouldn't really matter if she found out as she would probably forget it just as fast, but if anyone found out her condition, they would take me away and put me in a foster care house or something; so no one can know...ok?."

"I give you my word babe."

If Jem's house was in the rich neighborhood, then Benny's grandmother lived in what could only be described as the poor side of town. Many of the homes here were some of the first to be built in the city, and it had been long since most had seen a fresh coat of paint, or the assistance of a handyman.

Once inside, Steve's nose was flooded with a powerful smell of stale food, moldy wet paper, and liniment oils. This was clearly a house past its prime.

"Hi grandma," Benny said as he led Steve into the kitchen where a little old lady of no more than 4'-8" stood behind a counter littered with paper and a black and white TV playing The Price is Right.

"Grandma, this is Steve. Steve this is Grandma Ethyl."

Steve reached out to shake her hand, but she didn't even lift her head to look at Steve, nor even a comment about Benny being in a bikini.

"Did you get me my lottery tickets Benny?"

"I got them yesterday grandma, they're right here on the counter."

Steve noticed Benny looked sad as he gestured for Steve to follow him out of the room as Ethyl paid them no attention as she flipped through the tickets.

Steve followed Benny back to the living room where Benny pointed to the couch and said he would be just a minute, as Steve continued to look at all the clutter of the house. It was only a few minutes later that Steve wondered why he was waiting for Benny in the living room. He thought to himself this was just Benny being shy again, and it was starting to bug Steve. Steve made up his mind to go find Benny as there was no reason to wait for him in the living room. The hallway was dark as he raised his hand to knock on the door to what he believed to be Benny's room, when he decided, hell with it, and simply opened the door.

Steve was shocked at what he saw as Benny stood in the middle of the room having just pulled on his briefs. Benny's room was painted in a light purple all around, with Winnie the Pooh all over the walls. In one corner there was a crib, and in the other a mattress on the floor. On a cart near the crib were things to change a baby, but Steve quickly noticed the size of the diapers, and their color, which was pink.

"What are you doing in here?" Benny said almost in tears.

"I thought you didn't want me to see you changing because you were shy or something, which I thought was stupid, so I decided to come and find you," Steve said still scanning and investigating the room... "Why is there a crib in here?"

Benny was frantically searching for some shorts, but failing miserably, as the tears started falling.

Steve's attention to the room was broken by Benny and his tears, "I'm sorry babe," Steve said as he walked up to Benny and grabbed him in a hug.

Benny tried to push away, but quickly relented and went limp into his hug, as the tears fell.

"What's going on Benny, what's this about?"

Benny wiped his eyes as he looked at Steve. Steve noticed the surrendered look in his eyes.

"It's ok, you can tell me."

"I'm so tired Steve; Grandma has been sick for a while now. Her mind is gone; she thinks I am my mother at age two or something. She brought in the crib and changing table a few years ago, and even had the room painted to look like this. All of it including the diapers are for me, she even calls me by my Mother's name sometimes. If anyone was to find out they would definitely take her away and I would have no one." Benny said as he leaned into Steve's shoulder.

Steve spent the next few minutes soothing Benny and assuring him he wouldn't tell anyone. And that he wouldn't be leaving him.

"I have to ask you something Benny, and please don't be embarrassed, I just want to know ok, I promise I won't judge you, but does your grandmother diaper you, or do you put them on?

Benny looked into Steve's eyes, as he hesitated telling him anymore than he already had. Benny had been struggling with his grandmother's condition all alone for years now, but he knew it was better that way, that no one knew. But this was Steve asking, the man of his dreams and now his reality, his world.

"Uh, um, well, yeah I guess when she started getting sick about 4 years ago, she would call me by Mothers name, Angela, and then she started speaking to me as if I was only two, and then she had the room changed while I was at school one day, and that night she brought out all of this stuff and said she needed to diaper me. I freaked, and told her no way, but then she kind of snapped and went into a form of depression, I guess. She locked herself in her room for days without eating, and so I told her she could diaper me just to get her to eat something. It worked, and that's how it began. Now almost every night she puts one on me." Benny said looking at the floor.

"Wow. Ok, but do you take it off when she leaves the room?"

Benny lifted his head and looked into Steve's eyes again, searching for his reaction to all of this, just before lowering his head again, "I can't believe I am telling you this, please don't think I'm a freak or something; I used to take them off, but now I just leave them on as they're kind of comfortable."

Benny was sure Steve would bolt from the room calling Benny names as he left, so he released his hug from Steve to let him go. What he hadn't expected was what Steve said next.

"Damn, I bet you look hot in a little pink diaper."

"If you and I work out, do you think I can I diaper you someday?"

"Um, a..., I'm sorry what did you say?" Benny said stepping further back from Steve.

"Y, you, you're not at all freaked out about what I just said? You don't care I wear large pink diapers and that my grandmother thinks I am a 2 year old little girl?"

Stepping forward Steve closed the distance between Benny and himself as he put his hands on Benny's shoulders, "You're not the only one with secrets baby. And someday I will tell you about mine. But for now just know a lot of things turn me on, and putting a diaper on that sweet ass of yours would be one of them."

Benny had visited many fetish websites when he had gotten his first computer, and he learned from a young age he liked them all, and often the stranger the better. His fantasies had two constants, he was always dressed as a girl, and a large strong hairy man was always taking charge of him, but after that his dreams were always different, and the scenes were often based on the latest website he had found.

Benny's emotions got the best of him as he lunged at Steve and wrapped his arms around him in the deepest hug he could give.

"I would love it if you would diaper me Steve. You can do what ever you want. My grandmother often puts me in little baby doll pajamas before bed, and once she even gave me a pacifier."

Steve looked at the top of Benny's head as he felt Benny's arms squeeze him tight. Kissing the short stubble hair, he realized how vulnerable Benny was, and how all he wanted to do was protect him, knowing he could never hurt this boy. Steve didn't understand his feelings, nor did he have the words to describe them, but Benny fitted every one of Steve's desires, his desire to protect, his desire to be in control, and his sexual desires. Steve was falling in love, and Benny was to be his soul mate.

"It all sounds good to me babe, really good."

Benny walked to his door and shut it completely, as he turned and looked at Steve, who was wiping a tear from his eye, but still staring at him in only his briefs.

"Would it be weird if I asked you to call me Angela?"

"No baby; I don't mind calling you Angela. I actually think it's kinda cute, but if you don't mind I am going to think of you as my baby angel, instead of Angela your Mother, ok?"


"Come on then, let's get you out of those horrible briefs and put you into something more fitting, where do you keep the good stuff?" Steve asked.

Benny pointed to the lower drawer, and Steve was off. Opening the drawer, Steve ran his hand through several sets of silk baby doll pajamas, finally selecting a pair he thought would look good on Benny.

Benny stood there watching Steve ruffle through his clothes, only to see him stand up and turn around holding his favorite pink pajamas. They were silk with thin shoulder straps that attached to a white ruffle band that went under his arms and over his chest. The body of the garment was a thin see through pink silk with butterflies embroidered into it, which ended in a second white ruffle, stopping about mid thigh on Benny. The pajamas also came with matching boy cut shorts, which were hidden to some degree by the top when Benny had them on. Once on, the pajamas did little to hide what ever underwear the wearer had on or not on, and in this case, it was to be a diaper. Benny had always thought how crazy it was that his grandmother could sometimes forget his name, but when it came to picking out pajamas for him, she always remembered his size and they were always fashionable.

"Ok baby Angela, lets have some fun. What do ya say?" Steve said as he placed the pajamas on the shelf next to the diapers and powders, turning just in time to see Benny shuck his underwear.

Tom dropped Dave and me off, and sped away having taken enough shit from Dave and me about him and Jem and their superhero sexcapade.

Dave plopped on the his bed once we entered his room, as I dropped my overnight bag and walked over and straddled his back. I pushed his shirt up and began rubbing his back and shoulders.

"Can you believe we're five days away from our first performance?" I said as Dave purred with each pass of my hands.

"I know crazy huh. Are you at all nervous like me?"

"Yes and no, I mean I'm kind of excited for it, and I am sure we'll do fine, but I am nervous about what people will say after seeing me."

Dave looked back at me, "You have nothing to be scarred of my little bumble bee, I wont let anyone hurt you."

"I know you won't babe, but I'm more scarred about what my folks and uncles will think."

"You mean about being in a girl's costume?"

"No not really, I am actually ok with that. I'm more afraid I will suck at acting, I mean I really like this babe; it fits me you know, and I don't know how I would handle it if the ones I loved thought I was bad at it."

"You shouldn't worry about that babe, they love you too much to say anything mean, and trust me once they see your performance they'll have nothing bad to say at all."

I leaned in and kissed him on the neck and whispered a thank you into his ear.

On Monday, back at school, I met up with Benny at lunch and he was smiling ear to ear when he walked up to me.

"Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to Steve, he is so amazing."

Benny went on to tell me about how they were getting along really well, and that Steve wanted to go out on a date tomorrow. At this point Benny leaned in to whisper that Steve wanted Benny to dress as a girl. I had to laugh as the thought of our first date flashed in my head.

"Does that bother you being dressed as a girl in public?" I asked.

"Not really, I have never done it before and I'm sure it will be a bit scary, but if it makes Steve happy then I'll do it, and well I kind of like dressing like a girl."

Benny then looked at me as if to ask with his eyes if he had said too much.

"Don't worry Benny, I too like to dress as a girl when I get the chance, and while being dressed in public is scary, it's also really exhilarating."

"If I looked like you do when I dressed as a girl I would be dressed like one all the time."

"Thank you, but you're not so bad yourself, you just need some help with your make-up and clothes, but you have the face and body for it, trust me."

"Well that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about; you see I could really use your help for my date tomorrow. Do you think you could help me with my make-up and maybe an outfit?"

"Sure, what kind of clothes do you have at home?"

"Well I really don't have anything at home, at least nothing appropriate for a first date."

"Hmmmm, do you have any money to go shopping? I asked as my head was spinning with ideas.

"Yeah, I get a pretty good allowance that I have saved up."

With that an idea formed in my head and I quickly got on my cell phone and called Jem and then my parents.

"Ok Benny, after rehearsal today you and I need to run to Dave's house for some supplies and then over to Jem's house to pick up Jem. From there will run to the mall and when the night is over you'll be the prettiest girl around."

"Really, you'd do that for me?"

"You bet; it will be fun."

After rehearsal Benny drove Dave and I to Dave's house where I ran in and grabbed a few items from my supplies and kissed Dave good by as I ran back out to Benny, waiting in his car.

Jem answered the door in a pair of tight women's blue jeans, a black women's t-shirt, with a dragon print and flip flops. The matching nail polish on his hands and toes, falsies, and his long flowing black hair, that draped over his shoulders, had Benny and me in awe of his beauty."

"You look beautiful sweetheart." I said as I walked by and gave Jem a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you honey."

"Wow, I thought Drew was good at dressing like a girl; you're amazing."

"What do you mean like a girl?"

After a short period of awkward silence Jem and I broke out laughing as we watched Benny squirm on the porch.

In Jem's room, we quickly got to work putting together an outfit for Benny. Before leaving Dave's house I had grabbed one of his girly shirts, which was a nice purple and black dressy floral print tank top with a v-neck cut. The tank top tapered below the chest and fanned out from there. Dave had recently purchased some women's clothes because Uncle Sean had mentioned how much he would love to see his little stud all dressed up, while we chatted with them on Dave's webcam. I knew Dave was bigger than Benny in the shoulder department so the tank should fit Benny, and where the tank top was purchased to hide some of Dave's muscular boy qualities, it also worked well to cover up Benny's belly.

Thank God we had access to Scott's studio as Benny's was bigger than all of us in the waist department, and finding something to fit him was harder than we had expected. Scott had a client who was about Benny's size, and had just finished bringing all of her clothes in an inch or two, as she had lost some weight. We found a pair of khaki shorts, which worked perfectly.

We knew Benny's natural boobs would work fine with the tank without having to use falsies, or a bra for that matter. However, the sleeveless part of the tank top brought into question Benny's grooming, as both Jem and I noticed some slight fuzz in his armpits. We led him to the bathroom for some personal grooming.

And while Benny was pretty smooth for the most part, we still had him shave and shower, which gave me time to get ready. I laid out my latest purchase, as I was excited to try it on, which was a light brown and beige diamond mixed print v-neck dress, which ended about mid thigh. The v-neck was very revealing, and I had to use a little foundation make-up on my chest to match my skin tone to my falsies. All of this was fun but what really got me going about this outfit were my new knee high flat black leather boots.

Benny finished getting dressed after his shower and I finished his and my make-up and wigs. He wore Dave's brunette wig, and I wore my blonde one, before piling into his car and heading to the mall.

We giggled like little girls as we walked to the front doors of the mall, excited to be out in public, but also nervous as hell for the same reason. Our first stop was the lingerie store, as none of us had panties that would fit Benny, which left him wearing his boy briefs under the khaki shorts. Choosing five matching sets of bras and panties, we moved on to the clothes stores, but not before Benny took off his briefs, throwing them away, and putting on a nice boy cut white panty. He still didn't wear a bra as his natural b-cup titties where pretty perky, as they should be for a 16 year old. At the clothes stores we all had fun trying on outfits as we picked a couple out for Benny.

No one had bothered us or even given us a second look, as Jem and I were pretty confident in our walk and talk, and knew we passed well a for high school girls, which was a good thing, because Benny had the worst feminine walk I had ever seen, and Jem and I were laughing all night long as we watched Benny try and fix it. While in one of the clothes stores, one that had both girls and boys clothes, we ran into our first trouble of the evening. Three junior high boys to be exact; these boys felt the need to comment on how attractive they thought we were and then proceeded to tell us how we would be perfect for giving them sexual favors, using some very depictive words of course. We were doing a pretty good job of ignoring them, but when one of them said how much fun they would have riding the fat one's ass, Jem just lost it. It took everything Benny and I had to keep him from pummeling the three boys, and by the look in his eyes that's exactly what he intended to do. His anger did the trick and the boys left and left in a hurry. The leader of the three boys, apparently named Bobby, as his friends called for him to leave, was still trying to get in the last word as they left, but when we let Jem go, he too ran out of the store.

Once the boys had left we got back to our shopping, as we had a lot to do this evening and not much time do it in. With the clothing purchased it was now time to move on to the accessories. We had wigs, shoes, purses, and make-up yet to buy before we could call it a night. We started with the wigs and quickly pick out one long flowing blonde wig and one curly red haired wig, which was Benny's choice, and while not one of my favorites on him, he did look good in both. While we were leaving the store the over head speaker system called out my name, `Would Mr. Andrew Hansen please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone, Mr. Andrew Hansen white courtesy phone please.' Shocked by the sudden announcement of my name, it was Jem who tapped my shoulder and pointed at a phone in the center of the mall by an information kiosk. After telling the guys I would meet them in the shoe store I walked over and picked up the phone and said hello in my feminine voice.

"Drew is that you?" came my mothers voice.

Quickly realizing my mistake I answered the phone in my regular voice, "Yeah it's me, is everything ok?"

"Oh, you're voice was so soft, I wasn't sure if I had the right person. Your uncle has been trying to get a hold of you all night, apparently you left your cell phone somewhere, because I know you wouldn't ignore me or your uncle right," My mom said more as rhetorical question, but she was right I had left my phone in Benny's car as there was no place for it on this dress.

"Yeah sorry, I must have left it in the car. Is everything ok?"

"Its fine, Josh and Sean wanted to ask if you were alright with them flying out and seeing your first performance, as they needed to know tonight to get their flight tickets. I told them you would probably say yes, but they didn't want to fly out here if it would make you nervous to have them in the audience."

"Oh my God, of course they can come; please let them know they can come." I said to my mom in a high pitched excited voice.

"Ok, ok, relax babe, I will call them, I know it will make them happy too; and don't be home too late, you have soccer and rehearsals tomorrow," She said as if I had forgotten.

I was so excited that I was almost jumping out of my boots. It was here that the second problem of the night presented itself to me.

"Drew, Drew Hansen?"

Caught up in the excitement of my uncles coming to see me, I answered before turning around to see who it was, "Yes."

But as I turned to see Eric Mason coming from around the kiosk, a kid from school, and an asshole to most, my heart sunk instantly.

"Holy shit dude it is you, what the fuck. Damn, look at you, a fucking fag, ha, wearing a skirt like a little bitch. The guys will never believe this." And that's when he held up his phone and snapped a photo.

"What are you doing, it's not what you think; I'm just practicing for the school play. Come on Eric get rid of that picture

"Whatever sweet heart," he said as I saw is friends coming out of a music store.

Being alone and seeing his friends walking up, I decided just to turn and leave before matters got worse.

"Ah come on fag don't leave, I've got something between my legs you might want," were the last words I heard before getting out of ear shot.

I hurried to get out of there, looking back only once to make sure they weren't following me, and happy to see they weren't, but disgusted to see them huddled around Eric's phone.

By the time I reached the shoe store my heart had calmed down a bit, but I was still concerned about what would happen tomorrow, that is until Benny almost tackled me in his excitement.

"Drew, look what I got," he said holding up some strappy black heels and a pair of woman's black and purple stripped Vans.

"Wow Benny, those are nice, good job, essentials for every woman," I said pointing at the black heels.

Jem came out and saw the look on my face. "Hey Benny, you're not done just yet, you have something formal, and something casual, now you need a nice pair of flats, somewhere in between, ok. Why don't you start looking and Drew and I will join you in a second."

"Ok," Benny said giving us both a concerned look as he left.

"You ok Drew."

I was going to avoid it and lie to Jem, but he knew me too well, so I told him everything.

"Screw them, so they saw you dressed up, you have the perfect excuse, you were practicing for the play. And if people don't believe you then screw them too, the only people that matter are the ones that love you, and believe me honey, the ones that love you think you look smoking hot in that fine dress."

Jem was always confident, and it had a way of rubbing off on you, as I made up my mind not to let the earlier event ruin my happiness, and the good time I was having.

"You're right, screw em." I said smiling and kissing Jem on the cheek.

"That's the honey I know and love; now let's get our little work of art some shoes, and then some food, as I'm starving." Jem said as he turned and diva walked back into the store.

Back at home, I was quick to call Dave and tell him the good news of Josh and Sean coming to see the play. I could tell Dave was excited to finally get to meet Sean, and a little nervous that they would be watching the show, but when I told him about the run in I had with Eric, Dave got mad quick.

"That fucker better not do anything tomorrow, or I swear I'll kill him."

"Relax babe, he won't say anything, and even if he does, I'll just say I was practicing for the school play. It will be alright, trust me, ok?"

"I trust you, It's just I don't want to see my bumble bee hurt you know."

"Well I know my bear won't let that happen."

We said our good nights and I quickly fell asleep, tired from the evening's outing.

The next day I met Dave at his house as we jumped on his bed in a sixty nine, and sucked the teenage spunk out of each other.

"God I never get tired of playing with your cock." I told Dave as I slowly kissed the now limp dick in my hand, after having just swallowed his load.

"Yeah well you can remind me at lunch time, because if we don't get going, we'll be late for school again."

At school everything seemed to be going fine, as no one was pointing or staring or worse calling me names. My third class of the day just before lunch was PE, physical education, and while I usually enjoyed this class, today I was dreading going. Eric was in my class, and there was no way to avoid him as he changed in the same row of lockers I did. I had just taken off my shirt when Eric arrived.

"Hey faggot, what kind of panties you wearing today, is it g-string, maybe Hello Kitty cotton panties, or maybe crotchless? Come on show us."

"Fuck off Eric, and leave me alone." I said as I continued to dress.

"What's a matter princess, is it that time of the month again? Or is it because you can't wear your princess dress to school."

I finished dressing, and as I left I saw Eric showing others in the locker room his cell phone and what I can only imagine was the picture of me from the night before. Eric continued to call me names during class, and at one point the teacher warned him to knock it off, as the rest of the class laughed. Back in the locker room, the insults continued, as did my rage.

"Come on Drew, just tell everyone here you like to wear dresses and suck boy's dicks. You can come over here and suck mine if you want, you fucking fairy."

I knew Dave and Tom were waiting for me to have lunch, but even after I was ready to go, my anger got the better of me.

"What the fuck is your problem ass hole. Yeah I went out last night dressed as a girl, and I've already told you it was for the school play I am rehearsing for, so shut the fuck up; or is it because you were attracted to me last night and this is your way of flirting."

Eric stepped toward me as if saying he wasn't stopping or backing down, "I ain't a faggot like you, I don't receive, I give, you fucking butt pirate."

"Is that it, is that what really scares you, that I'm gay, you fucking moron. Yeah so I'm gay, big deal, at least I'm not a coward like you."

At this point we were in each others faces and a small circle of boys had gathered around us. While it was not my intent to out myself under these circumstances, it had happened, and there was no going back now.

"I knew it; you are a fucking dick smoker. And I ain't afraid of you or any other fucking homo."

"I think you are scared or you wouldn't be in my face right now. You're just too stupid to understand that some kids are just different, and that's ok. You're so fucking dumb, you don't even know who you are, you go around trying so hard to impress people by picking on kids smaller than you or different than you, so you can hide your own insecurities. I feel sorry for you, to be lost in your own little world. At least I'm proud of who I am, and not you or anyone else is going to change that. So now what do you have to say Eric, or should I give that little pea brain of yours time to understand the words I just said."

Eric looked flushed and speechless as he looked around at the other boys, and I knew what was coming next. But just as he stepped back to throw a punch Dave and Tom entered the locker room.

"What the fuck are you doing ass hole," Dave yelled as he ran up from behind me, only stopping because I held out my arm halting his attack.

Shocked and caught off guard, Eric took a step back, wanting nothing to do with a pissed off Dave, and having Tom right behind him, was more than any kid would wish to take on.

"This doesn't concern you Dave; it's between me and the skirt wearing faggot."

I looked at Dave who had grabbed my arm and was ready to push me aside to rip Eric's head off when, he saw my look.

"No Dave, he's not worth it. He's just a pathetic little coward, afraid of a little gay boy like me, shit I bet he'll be scared most of his life, which is such a sad way to live."

Dave looked deeper into my eyes realizing what I had said out loud and in front of everyone, as I smiled at him and then Eric, who was still concerned that Dave wanted to hurt him. Dave smiled and looked at Eric too.

"You're wrong Eric this does concern me. You see Drew here is not just my best friend, he's my boyfriend, so if you want to hurt him then you have to go through me first."

There was a sudden hush of the locker room as you could have heard a pin drop, "You're gay too, Jesus how many fucking queers are at this school?" Eric said, looking for support from the other boys in the locker room.

"More than you'd care to find out," Tom said as he stepped up to my other side.

Tom's move had started a small movement as other boys stepped up behind him, boys like Gavin, the center of the football team, who was a monster of a boy, and our friend Jake, who had come as Jesse from Toy Story II, to our costume party. A skinny boy named Arnold, who was known as one of the schools brightest kids, stepped up to speak,

"You know Eric, Drew is right, you are a coward, you have been picking on me since school started just because I'm a nerd, and well, yeah I said it I'm a nerd, so what, get over yourself, life's hard enough, without me having to deal with a piece of shit like you every day."

And with that most of the boys stepped up behind us, leaving pretty much Eric and one or two of his friends alone.

"What ever, you can all be a bunch of panty wearing homos if you want, doesn't mean I am going to join your fucking parade." And with that Eric and his friends left the locker room.

"You ok babe?" Dave asked as I looked back at him still shaking from the adrenaline.

Without thinking I grabbed him and kissed him hard, as I loved him more than ever. It wasn't until one boy yelled for us to get a room that the crowd started dispersing. Word traveled through school like a brush fire that Dave and I were gay and dating, and while some kids avoided us, most came up to us telling us they were cool with it, and that they were happy for us. What really shocked me were the ones who came up to us and said they were so glad someone finally came out, as they had been afraid to do so for so long.

I was still running on adrenaline when my name was paged over the school intercom asking me to go to the principal's office. When I got there I saw Dave sitting in a chair with the same confused look I had on my face, wondering what was going on. Thinking we were in trouble, we were both shocked when Mrs. Shields called us into her office, which was between the principals and the nurse's station. Mrs. Shields was the schools onsite psychologist, and spent most of her time dealing with pregnant girls, so why she wanted to see us only added to the confusion.

"Boys sit down please."

"Ok. Are we in trouble?"

"No boys, you are definitely not in trouble."

Mrs. Shields went on to explain to us that the school gossip had gotten all the way back to her, and she wanted us to know, that if we had any questions, any questions at all, that she was here for us. She went on to ask us how we were feeling about the school pretty much knowing we were gay, and did our parents know, and if we were having sex and did we use protection, , and at one point in her questioning I wondered if it wouldn't have been easier just to have let Eric beat me up.

That night in Dave's room, I was ragging with teenage hormones, and I wanted nothing more than to have Dave throw me on his bed and fuck me until I screamed for him to stop. I usually spent the night at Dave's house on Tuesdays, as Mike played on a softball team with my father and other co-workers and was out at least until 11 pm. I was hot and horny and wanted it rough, and only one thing came to mind.

A few weeks back I had told Dave a small lie, that when I was looking for some of my clothes in the garage I ran into some of his Dads kinky sex toys, which freaked Dave out a bit, but also got his brain turning, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen. We hadn't had a chance to use any of it yet, as someone was always home. This afternoon seemed a perfect time to introduce Dave to the swing.

I wore my flat knee high black leather boots, black crotchless panties, black strapless bra with my falsies, and my blond wig, that had a soft curl just past my shoulders. Dave came out of his bathroom as horny as I was, wearing only his brown cowboy boots and cowboy hat. Roll playing had become our latest adventure in the bedroom, and tonight I was to be Dolly Parton, and he was Burt Reynolds.

Dave grabbed me and began kissing me madly as I returned his passion with my own fury.

"Is Dolly ready to get fucked hard by little Burt?"

"You know she is honey. But I want to try something new."

Dave was taken a back by my comment, but also quite interested, "Dolly wants to play; Ok what do you have in mind, sweetheart?"

"Well how about Big Burt and Little Burt take Dolly and her twins down to the garage and hook up that swingy thingy, and then give me a couple hard pushes?"

"Sounds good to me!"

Dave was never good at keeping character when he got excited, but can you blame him. We headed down to the garage, knowing the house was ours for at least another four hours or so. Dave grabbed the swing from a box in the cabinet where Mike kept his stuff. All that was visible was the swing and some restraints. Little did Dave know that the locked metal box on the shelf above us had all of Mike's whips and dildos in it, or he surely would have shit his pants.

I had to play dumb as to how it was mounted, so as not to raise any suspicion, but lets just say my educated guesses as to how it should be hung, had it up in no time. The swing was adjusted for someone Mike's height, so having me sit in the swing like I did with Mike just wouldn't work, so for Dave I simply bent over the swing letting it cradle my weight as my bubble butt hung over the edge and my feet touched the cold concrete floor.

"Fuck that's hot, your ass looks so good in those panties, mmmmm."

I looked back in time just to see Dave dive in and begin rimming me. Dave's tongue slathered my pussy with spit, as it twitched and slid around my hole.

"Oh fuck Burt yes YESSS, mmmmm, Ohh Burt."

I could keep up the roll playing for a little while longer, but eventually I knew the moment would catch up with me, and I would no longer be Dolly, hell for that matter I would no longer be Drew, I would be consumed by the moment, and every fiber of my body and soul would belong to this glorious journey to orgasm. Gripping the swing I could feel Dave's tongue entering me, as I drifted into sexual nirvana.

"Oh baby, yes that's it, aaaaa, tongue fuck me cowboy, yes Burt, yes."

For me there are only three kinds of sex, or fucking if you will, hot, warm and cold. While some argue there are many forms of sex or fucking, like soft passionate love making, tender fucking, hard core sex, getting fucked, and of course all of your kinky fetish sex, I still only see it as hot, warm or cold.

"Is Dolly ready for her push? Oh God your sweet ass has me dripping hard, here it comes Dolly, Ahhh."

You see, hot sex is when your body shivers with anticipation, knowing you're about share your world with someone else. Hot sex is when your toes curl at the slightest touch of someone else's skin to yours, like mini explosions of the senses as they explore your body. Hot sex is when time and space mean nothing, as you're enveloped by your lover; your bodies are the only earthly things that matter.

"OH God Burt, mmmm, push me hard, oh baby, baby, yes please."

Hot sex is when you're connected to someone, and their passion fills you like a fuel, ready to be ignited by a single look. With all the touching and caressing, you know it's this look from your lover that makes this sex hot. To see into their eyes, into their soul, at the fire that burns for you, the love they have for you, and your body erupts in glowing surges of lava. The eruption shakes your body in mini tremors, as you and your lover melt away.

"Pound me Davey, oh sweet God, please, oh fuck it feels so good, harder, harder."

Warm sex has all the components of hot sex, except that look. That fire in your lover's eyes for you isn't there. You care a great deal for your lover, but your heart and soul burn only for the moment and not them. It's like eating cake when it's not your birthday, it still tastes just as sweet and delicious, but there is no emotional connection, and often you're left feeling guilty for eating it.

"Oh fuck I love this swing, yes, take my big dick, take it, take it."

Cold sex is just that, it's dark, cold, and sometimes scary. Your mind and body are not in the moment at all. Fear takes place of passion, and you are left with only anger.

"Davey, Davey please don't stop baby, oh shit I'm gunna cum, I can feel it, oh yes harder, fuck me!"

With Steve, Becca, Mike, and Jem my adventures with them were always warm, but right now I was having hot sex with Dave, as I did every time he fucked me. My only other time of having hot sex was with my uncle Josh, and I knew I wanted more. I also knew I had never experienced cold sex, and I hoped I never would.

"Oh shit here it comes, fuck Drew, I'm cumming, shit."

Dave's hand grabbed my hips hard as he drove his hard six inches into my wet boy pussy. My head turning back to see that fire in Dave's eyes, as I lurched forward on my toes, launching my load onto the floor below me, squeezing his cock with every eruption.

Dave leaned in, still connected with me as his hands remained on my hips. His chest rising and falling on my back, "I love you Drew. So much"

"Oh baby I love you too."



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