On Wednesday as I stood in the hallway near my locker I was approached by Eric. The thought entered my head he was coming to kick my ass, but I knew it would be his death wish to try anything like that now. Turns out Benny had told Steve all about the events from the locker room, as told to him, and it seems Steve knew Eric's older brother, as they had gone to school together, and well apparently gave him a call. Let's just say Steve's reputation of being a bad ass still had weight to it, so standing next to me was an apologetic Eric, who told me he had deleted the picture from his phone, and was sorry for the name calling, although I had a hard time believing he was being sincere.

I caught up with Benny at lunch to thank him and ask him about his date with Steve. He thanked me a million times for the help with his outfit and make-up and said his date was wonderful. When I pressed him for the juicy details he simply smiled and said his night was perfect. When I noticed he was walking slowly like me, I knew I wasn't the only girl to get pounded by a Roberts boy last night.

Time was moving too quickly as we completed our last rehearsal. Our first performance was on Friday night and Dave's birthday was on Saturday. Dave was having a party at his house, thrown by Mike. While it couldn't be a costume party, we did ask that some of the boys wear a pair of panties in honor of the birthday boy, at least the gay boys anyway.

One of the boys we invited to the party was Jake. After seeing JP in his cat woman costume, Jake joined the drama club as one of the light operators just to be closer to him. With the new surge of people coming out of the closet since the locker room incident, Jake had decided he was tired of watching JP unknowingly tease him, and he was going to confront him and ask him to Dave's birthday party.

"JP you have a visitor." Jake heard as JP's little sister yelled from the front door. Jake was impressed with JP's house. It was large white pillar house with an off set garage. JP was wearing a pair of basket ball shorts and a white t-shirt when he answered the door.

"Jake; what's up?"

"Well uh, I was wondering if we could talk somewhere in private?"

"Um, I guess, sure."

Jake and JP walked over to the driveway away from the house.

"What do you want to talk about?"

Jake looked at the ground and at JP's feet, and as his eye traveled up JP's legs stopping briefly to stare at his crotch, he reminded himself to be strong and remember why he came here.

"A well, you see a, you know Dave is having a birthday party on Saturday right?"

"Yeah, are you going?" JP asked wondering what this was about.

"Maybe, a, um, I mean yeah I'm going, how about you?"

"Maybe, is that what you came here to ask?"

"Kinda, um you see, I was wondering if you would like to go to the party with me?"

"You came over here to ask if I needed a ride to Dave's party?"

"Well no, I'm kind of asking you out." Jake said as he looked into JP's eyes.

JP looked over his shoulder at his front door with a worried look on his face.

"I can't." was all JP said as he started for his house.

Jake grabbed him by the shoulder, "Wait why not?"

JP continued to look back at his house, "Look I'm not... well it's hard to explain, I just can't."

"Did I read you wrong, or is it me you don't want to be with? I have to know?"

JP picked up a basketball and started bouncing it hard against the concrete of the driveway.

"No! yes it's, I mean no, it's just um...Look it's not you, it's my parents, they're really religious, and they would never understand. So I just can't."

Jake took off his polo shirt leaving him in a white tank top as he walked up behind JP.

"Are you going to shoot or what?" Jake asked as he put a hand on JP's shoulder and pretended to defend the basket behind him, which was attached to the garage.

JP seemed confused at first but when he looked back at Jake and saw his smile, he caught on quickly as he began dribbling the ball. Jakes hand slid down JP's arm as he stepped up right behind him pressing his groin into JP's ass. JP let out a soft moan as he felt Jake's crotch touch him. JP slowly pushed his butt back, as any basket ball player would do in effort to create some space and drive his way to the hoop. But these boys weren't playing basket ball and JP's thrust had no intention of pushing Jake off of him. Half an hour after the game had started, Jake was shirtless and sweating, and JP was breathing hard, and yet neither of them knew the score, only that both had raging hard-ons, and both wanted more.

Throughout the game Jake had asked JP to go with him to the party and every time JP was slower to say he couldn't. Few kids at school were as tall as JP at 6', but with Jake standing at 6'-7", JP felt like a little kid next to him. When he was on defense he couldn't help but stare at all the beautiful freckles on Jake's back, and when on offence, he couldn't help but notice Jake's breath. At one point JP's mom came out asking if Jake was staying for dinner, and after the initial introduction, Jake told her he couldn't. She informed JP he had 15 more minutes before he needed to be in, but had she known why the boys were really panting, she might have called him in then. As the boys went back to the game Jake upped the ante, by putting his left hand on JP's butt cheek, and his right hand on his stomach. JP wanted to tell him to stop, but it felt too good, it felt better than he had imagined.

"Is there somewhere we can go where no one can see us?" Jake whispered in JP's ear.

JP stopped dribbling and simply looked at Jake. He wanted to run inside and away from the temptation, but his body stayed still. JP finally walked to a door leading into the garage and turned and looked at Jake one more time before entering. Once inside and the door shut, Jake wasted no time and grabbed the back of JP's head as he leaned in for a kiss. JP's mind told him this was wrong and instructed his legs to back away, but his heart and desire had other plans as his lips fought to stay connected with Jake's, and although JP was backing up Jake never broke the kiss and followed JP until he had backed into the dryer machine. With nowhere to go, JP finally let his guard down, as Jakes hands rubbed his back and thighs, his tongue trying to sooth JP. Jake was not satisfied with a simple kiss though, and if this was the last time they were to be together then he was going for broke. Sliding down to his knees, Jake's tongue slowly kissed down the front of JP's shirt, he was finally staring at his prize, JP's dick.

"What are you doing? Oh God stop, I can't o this, I shouldn't do this, please..."

There was no honesty in what JP had just said, his body wanted this; he wanted this; he needed it. Jake slowly pulled JP's shorts down along with his fancy white briefs, as he watched a beautiful 7" cock spring up and slap JP's smooth mocha-colored belly.

"Beautiful." Was all Jake said as he began kissing JP's cock.

"Oooo, mmmm, huh huh, mmmmmmm." JP was now on his toes as Jake took most of his cock into his mouth.

Jake worked the beautiful love stick up and down for about five minutes.

"Oh my God, mmmmmmmm, I'm gunna, oh, oh, I'm gunna, a, oh,"

Jake took his mouth off JP's cock for a second to tell him it was ok, and quickly worked it back into his mouth where he was rewarded with a blast full of cum, which he greedily sucked down.

Standing up after cleaning JP's cock, he looked him in the eyes.

"I know your family won't approve of this, or me for that matter, but we can't fight who we are. I simply want to take you to a party, tell your parents what ever you want, I'm fine with that, and if things progress then we'll cross that bridge when we get there, ok?"

JP had nothing left in him, but he knew Jake was right and nodded back. It was all Jake needed, and before leaving with what he had come for, he kissed JP and wished him a wonderful evening.

Friday night had finally come, and I was so nervous my hands were shaking. JP, Benny and I had to be there three hours before opening curtain so that we had time for putting on our costumes. Jem's father, Scott was there to assist us in putting on the beautiful dresses he had created. My dress was a white blouse with orange binding, puff sleeves and a white skirt with orange edge, under knee-length, white lining with white lace, and orange waist belt with an orange choker. The white and orange colors were picked specifically to work with the back drops, which were autumn colors mostly.


Benny played the nurse and was in a beige dress similar in cut to mine, but made to look worn. JP had the most difficult part as he played both Lady Capulet and Lady Montague, so his dress was extremely poufy, with quick changing head dresses and jewelry allowing him quick changes into the two different parts off stage.

Minutes before the first act, I looked through the curtain at the crowd, which had already filled the auditorium, resolving my first fear that no one would come to see the play, but confirming my second fear that everyone would come to see the play. Scanning the audience I saw my parents with Uncle Josh and Sean sitting dead center five aisles back. Behind them were Mike, Becca, her boyfriend Brian, and Steve. In the front row dead center were Scott, Mark, Jem and Tom.

The crowd hushes as the curtains draw. I stand off stage as I watch scene one; Act one unfold. I know our production by heart, but watching my friends on stage acting in a pretend fight as the servants of the two families, Montague and Capulet, duel, and then watching my true love enter as Romeo, I couldn't help but notice the similarities in this story to my real life as the scenes of both flashed through my head.

Steve is taking my virginity and I am awoken, scared, and excited, just like Juliet's first realization of her love for Romeo. The first time Dave said he loved me, is like the first kiss between Juliet and Romeo. The constant battle between the two families is my past self, the shy, quiet no body, fighting with the new, proud gay me. The recent confrontation in the locker room with Eric is Juliet announcing her love for Romeo. The final scene is the death of my old self and the rebirth of the new Drew. These thoughts give me a warm feeling inside, as I smile at Davey on the stage. In Scene two; Act two, I enter on stage for the first time as I dance at my family's party, and Dave is in the back ground with the intention of crashing the party, the audience cheers and claps.

During rehearsal, Mr. Heid discussed the kissing scenes with Dave and me, and how we could either look longingly into each others eyes to express love, if we weren't comfortable kissing, or we could do a little kiss on the cheek to show the expression. Either way he said he would leave it up to us. After our coming out episode at school Dave said he was fine with however I wanted to handle it, and he would follow my lead, as he figured everyone knew we were dating anyway. I had intended to kiss him on the cheek, but with my recent connection with this story and my life, my new found love for acting, and my uncle Josh in the audience, had me feeling as high as a kite on love. When the scene came, and Romeo, Dave, was to kiss me, there wasn't a second thought as I leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips, somewhat out of character for Juliet, but perfect for Drew.

To say the play went off without a hitch would be a lie, as many lost their words from opening night jitters. But it was clearly a success as the crowd cheered and roared when we took the stage for our curtain calls, giving us a standing ovation. I was presented flowers for my performance, and while the old Drew would have felt uncomfortable accepting them, he was dead, and the new Drew was proud and happy to be appreciated in such a manner. I was glowing like star as everyone congratulated me on my performance. The only one shining brighter than me was Scott when he stood up to take recognition for the costume design, and the audience cheered.

Back stage after the performance, we were all buzzing with excitement, and as we made it back to the changing room, I couldn't help but notice Jake and JP spending a lot of time together. All of us changed quickly as our family and friends were waiting for us. And while I wanted to run and hug Uncle Josh and Uncle Sean, the school had ushered everyone out of the auditorium, so they could begin the clean-up process. With Uncle Josh and Uncle Sean in my parent's car I rode with Mike and Dave as we drove to my house.

"You were amazing Benny, really amazing." Steve said as he drove Benny home in his Chevy pick-up.

"You really think so? Do you think anyone noticed me stumble on my dress?" Benny asked, adoring Steve's praise.

"I don't think so babe, you did such a good job acting as a woman and as the Nurse, that if they did notice I am sure they quickly forgot."

When Steve pulled up to Benny's, Benny leaned over and whispered and invitation to come into his house, while he rubbed Steve's thigh.

"How about your grandmother Benny, won't she be awake?" Steve asked.

"Nah, she goes to bed early nowadays, so she won't even know we're there."

"Well since you put it that way, I would love to play with my baby Angela."

Steve and Benny walked into his house and as expected grandma Ethyl was in bed and out for the night.

"Go ahead and get yourself dressed for me baby." Steve said as he plopped himself down on the mattress on the floor.

"Yes sir," Benny said. He had on his own decision started calling Steve sir, and Steve liked it.

Benny stripped naked and put on a purple silk pajama, with thin shoulder straps, which was lose fitting, and stopped about mid thigh. The silky softness of the fabric making his already stiff cock rock solid, as Steve nodded his approval. Benny then added some white socks with ruffles around the ankle, because he loved the way his feet looked in them. Benny had left his make-up on from the night's performance, so with his red wig in place, Benny was ready to please his man.

"Do you like it sir?" Benny said in his feminine voice.

"Yeah that will do just fine." Steve said as he ran his hands up Benny's legs as Benny stood before him, while he remained sitting on the mattress.

"Why don't you come down here and show your man how much you love his cock."

"I would love to sir."

Benny dropped to his knees and seductively crawled over to Steve's crotch, as Steve reclined on the mattress.

`Damn you're gorgeous Angela."

"Thank you sir."

Steve had worn a white dress shirt with tie and black slacks to the performance, and having shed the tie in the car, Steve was beginning to unbutton the dress shirt. Apparently not fast enough for Benny as he quickly ripped the shirt open, snapping the buttons off, exposing Steve's hairy chest and six pack abs. Benny leaned in and began kissing and biting at Steve's nipples.

"Oh fuck, mmmm," Steve moaned as his head slung back his eyes closing as he felt Benny hands frantically removing his belt.

Once Benny had Steve's belt off, Steve's slacks were shrugged off without mercy as Benny began mouthing Steve's cock through his boxer briefs. Steve loved Benny's enthusiasm, his desire to please him, his innocence. Every minute Steve spent with Benny his love for him grew and his own desire to please Benny grew. He couldn't picture his life without his little cross dressing chubby angel.

Benny had learned early on that Steve wouldn't cum from just giving him head, even if it was pretty amazing head; it just wasn't what Steve needed, at least not on the first go round. Benny also knew Steve loved a slow blow job to get things started, which is what he was currently doing.

"Uhhhhrrgggg mmm", Benny moaned as he stuffed more of Steve's ragging 8"s into his mouth slowly.

"Oh Fuck, yeah that's it baby, shit, nice and slow, mmmmm."

Steve could feel his cock dragging across the top of Benny's tongue as it slowly worked to the back of his mouth. Benny had become a quick learner at controlling his gag reflex and now could do things Steve had never experienced with any other lover, like letting the head of his cock stop at the entrance to his throat and slowly push in.

Benny had worked up a good amount of saliva as he looked up through the red bangs of his wig at Steve who was leaning back on his elbows with his eyes closed loving Benny's talents. Benny himself closed his eyes as he focused on the large meat in his mouth, sliding so slow that Benny's tongue could have taken Steve's pulse as the large leathery veins throbbed. Benny had been working on Steve's cock for a good five minutes when something drastically changed.

"UUUGGGGGGG! MMMMMMMM SHHIIIUUUUUTTTT, OOOOHHH," Benny moaned loud around Steve's cock as he jumped forward, burying Steve's cock as far as it possibly could go into his mouth and throat and grabbing Steve's thighs with a death like grip.

Steve heard and noticed the sudden change in Benny and looked up, just as Benny was pulling off his cock. Looking past Benny's red hair and past his plump ass, Steve saw what looked like a large furry beige butt and tail wagging back and forth under Benny's pajamas.

"Fuck, uhhh, Shit, knock it off Ky, oh fuck." Benny said sitting up and pushing the large yellow lab back.

"You have a dog?"

"Uh huh." Benny nodded.

"And apparently a friendly one at that." Steve said chuckling as he looked at the flushed Benny and the almost smiling, tail wagging, lab jumping around behind Benny.

Benny was thrown off by the sudden feel of Ky's tongue on his exposed rose bud, and was pissed he had disturbed his moment with Steve, but hearing Steve chuckle he himself began to smile.

"Yeah, this is Ky, he normally stay's in the back yard. We got him a few years ago to kinda watch grandma when I was at school."

Completely sitting up, Steve watched as Benny tried to grab Ky's collar while still on his knees, as Ky jumped around and made a game of it,

"So let me get this straight, you have a what, 3 year old male lab, which you've named KY, who was, as it looked to me, licking your pussy? Did you not mention him before because you were trying to keep him for yourself?" Steve asked with a huge smile on his face.

Benny stopped trying to get Ky and looked back at Steve, and with a little anger in his voice,

"I never mentioned him because I never really thought about it, he's normally in the back yard, you know out of sight out of mind. His name is Ky because my grandmother got him from a breeder in Kentucky, not KY like the lube you pervert. And as for what he was doing," Benny said looking now at Ky, "Was being a bad dog, and has never done that before. My grandma must have left the door open or something. Give me sec and I'll put him out and we can get back to what we were doing."

Steve looked over at the excited lab jumping around. He noticed the red shinny dick swinging back and forth with every leap.

"Well wait a minute; I think KY would like to play too. I know you must have liked it a little, because I know my baby's moans of pleasure when I hear them," and sliding a finger up Benny's hard cock under the silk pajamas, "And you sure as hell aren't bothered enough to make this go down."

Benny's cheeks blushed a color close to the red lipstick he was wearing, as Benny looked at Steve and uttered words he had said many times since his adventure with Steve had begun, "What do you want me to do sir?"

"Just work on my cock like you were baby, and let KY back there do what dogs do."

Benny was clearly nervous, but he knew the idea intrigued him, as his cock twitched at the thought, and being honest with himself, was a little turned on to see what Ky would do.

"Ok sir."

Steve leaned over and closed Benny's bedroom door properly and then resumed his position on his elbows, his cock still dripping hard.

"One more thing Angela, I want you to tell me what he's doing to you as he does it, understand?"

"Yes sir."

Benny went back to being on his knees betweens Steve's legs as he grabbed Steve's hard cock at the base and began licking it up and down. Steve leaned forward a bit and hiked Benny's pajamas up so he could see the beginning of Benny's plump bubble butt and the valley to his hot little boy hole.

"Oh yeah that's it baby, fuck, your mouth feels so good." Steve could see KY had stopped jumping around and was now looking at the pussy presented before him.

Benny was getting back into sucking Steve's cock, but wondered if Ky was going to do anything. Luckily he didn't need to wait long to find out.

"OH GOD, mmmm, oh, oh huh, huh, mmmmmm." Benny said as his head snapped back, Steve's cock dropping from his mouth, feeling Ky's large purple tongue drag over his boy pussy, the tongue's warmth sending shivers down his spine.

"What's he doing? Steve asked as he placed a hand on the top of Benny's head.

"Oh, mmmm, he's, uhhhh, licking my, ohhh, pussy, mmmmmm siirrrr." Benny moaned as he felt Steve push his head back down onto his cock.

Benny was on sexual overload as he had never felt so much stimulation before. His mind danced between trying to suck Steve's cock and the wonderful feeling Ky was giving his now dripping wet pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes, ohhh, he's now trying to, oh fuck, mmmm do it, do it, oh God he just stuck his tongue in my pussy, awwweeeee." Benny moaned.

"Yes, oh fuck this is so hot, just watching your sweet ass shake back and forth as KY plugs it with his tongue. Suck me harder you dirty little whore."

"Yesssss siissssirrrr."

Benny had just swallowed Steve's cock again into his throat when Ky stopped rimming him. Missing the wonderful feeling, he wondered what Ky was doing or if he had left losing interest in pleasuring Benny as he was. Steve on the other hand saw KY look up and even though he was a different species, knew that familiar look in KY's eyes, a look of lust, a look of horny desire to fuck something.

Benny felt the sudden increase in weight on his back as his mind struggled to figure out what Ky was doing while he continued to deep throat Steve. Steve knew exactly what KY was doing and the thought had him hornier than ever.

Pulling Steve's cock out of his mouth, "Oh fuck what's he doing, ahhh, oh shit, oh shit, is he trying to fuck me?" Benny said as his mind finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

"Yeah baby, let it happen. Let him have your sweet ass baby, let him fuck you hard, oh shit this is turning me on."

Benny was scared, and wanted to stop this, but when Steve said he was getting turned on by it, Benny just had to let it play out.

Benny could feel the fur of Ky's belly on his back as Benny's hands dug into the mattress with his knees on the carpet, his mouth planted on Steve's hard cock, the taste of pre-cum coating his tongue. Benny could feel the hot wet doggy dick pocking him in his balls as Ky attempted madly to sink it home. Neither boy nor dog had ever tried bestiality, so it was no surprise that finding a rhythm and getting Ky's cock to penetrate was so difficult. Ky stepped a little closer with his back paws, determined to get a piece of this ass, as his rear paws accidently scraped against the smooth white chubby skin of Benny's calves, causing Benny to moan and subconsciously spread his legs further.

With his legs spread further out and the increased pressure of Ky's paws on his pudgy belly, Benny couldn't help but lower his milky white bubble butt. As his butt lowered he could feel Ky's wet dick drag through his cheeks until it touched his hole, enticing a small moan from Benny as it tickled the already soaking wet lips of his pussy.

With one more push Ky's wet cock penetrated Benny's anal ring.

"OWWWW, oh shit, oh shit, it's in me, it's in me, its', it's, it's, Oh GOD." Benny yipped more from the rapid thrusting he was receiving from Ky, and the realization that he was getting bitch fucked by a dog, than any real pain.

"That's it KY, fuck that bitch, make her scream." Steve said cheering on KY, as he continued to call him by the wrong name on purpose.

Benny had stopped sucking Steve's dick as he focused on the 6" swelling piece of meat forcing its way into his hole. Steve was ok with Benny not sucking his cock, but was too caught up in the erotic scene before him, that he couldn't stop from stroking his cock as he rubbed the profusely leaking tip against Benny's cheek and lips.

"Oh it's swelling bigger, shit, oh fuck it's starting to feel good, Oh Ky, Ky, uhhhh."

Ky's cock had lodged his full 6"s into the wonderfully tight pussy, ready to breed his bitch, as she whimpered with every quick thrust he delivered.

"Steve, Steve, shit it's not stopping, Steve, oh shit it just keeps huh, huh, swelling." Benny moaned as Ky's knot expanded in his ass.

"Oh fuck babe, that's his knot, he's gunna tie to you and shoot his cum in your ass baby, fuck me, this is awesome."

Benny being new to how dogs bred each other had no idea what Steve meant by knot and tying to him, but he sure as hell knew what it felt like as the cock in his ass swelled to the size of a small baseball, as he imagined it. His ass had clamped down on the large ball, instinctively afraid of it coming out and tearing him an honest to God new hole.

"Oh God it hurts a little, shit oh fuck, huh, awe, Steve what I do, mmmmm."

"Its ok baby you'll be fine, he just plugged your ass with his cock to make sure the cum he's about to shoot into you is going to stay long enough to get you pregnant."

The thought of his dog making him pregnant made Benny moan, just as he felt the first surge of warm doggy juice enter him. Steve had been his first lover and from what Benny thought a pretty good cummer, as compared to him at least, but even Steve couldn't compete with the volume Ky was shooting into him, as his insides felt like they were expanding with every load. Had he been a fertile little bitch dog, he was sure he would be pregnant.

"OH God, he's cumming, of fuck it's so warm, oh shit, OH SHIT," Benny moaned as his own cock fired a blast of cum onto his carpet and mattress, as his dick twitched with every pulse of Ky's knot, which was rubbing Benny's prostate. Benny's hole squeezed down on Ky's dick with every ejaculation of his own.

"Fuck Angela, quickly take my dick, shit this is so hot, please." Steve moaned frantically as he moved his dick to Benny's lips, rapidly stroking his cock.

Benny was just able to lift his head and open his mouth in time to catch the first blast of Steve's cum, but as Ky moved to step over his hips and back, and his knot twisted inside him, Benny's head dropped as he screamed from the unwanted movement, and the remaining blasts of Steve' cum plastered his face and wig, as the load in his mouth dribbled down his lips and chin.

Steve was recovering from his orgasm but kept slowly stroking his cock, as the scene was just too hot to stop, and surprisingly, even for him, his cock must have agreed because it stayed raging hard. Steve stood up and looked at his beautiful angelic white boy, cum dripping from his red lipstick lips. His naughty red haired wig shifted and a mess as from the thrashing Benny had been doing. The smooth silk teddy pushed up and wrinkled from the weight of KY on his back. The picture of his smooth young teenage back and hips, distracted by the swinging tail of the dog it was attached too. The beauty of Benny's plump white toosh, ass to ass with the golden fur of the Labrador, making them look as one, connected by KY's throbbing cock.

Steve looked in close to Benny's stretched pussy and could see small amounts of watery doggy cum leaking out of it, as Benny moaned and kicked the carpet with his shins and sock covered feet.

"Am I ok, am I bleeding? Oh God when will he stop pumping his seed into me; am I going to be like this for a long time?" Benny whimpered as Ky was panting heavily, tired from his first fuck.

"No baby you're not bleeding, you look stuffed, but all in all, you look good, hot actually," Steve said running a finger on Benny's anal ring and some on KY's imbedded cock, eliciting a whimper from both.

"Shit babe you look so good I think you're gunna make me cum again just watching you in that position. You want that, you want your man to cum again, while you're bred by your dog?"

Benny smiled for the first time since Ky had mounted him, knowing he had pleased his man, "Yes please cum for me sir, please."

"Oh fuck where do you want me to cum baby, here on your sweet ass or in your mouth?"

"Where ever pleases you most sir, uhhhh." Benny moaned as Ky tried to move, pulling on the inside of his pussy.

"Oh shit yeah moan for me some more baby, shit this is hot, I'm gunna cum on your sweet ass, yes, yes, oh fuck," Steve moaned as he pumped his cock to a second orgasm, shooting a second, still very impressive, load all over Benny's naked ass and KY's tail.

Benny had been moaning the whole time as requested, but not because Steve wanted him to, but because Ky was pulling to free himself. With an audible pop his cock left Benny's ass, as Steve watched the remaining shaft vacate the hole it had filled for the last twenty minutes, as his own cum dripped down the back of Benny and into the valley of his ass and onto KY's cock and Benny's hole.

Ky moved to the corner of Benny's room by the crib, and laid down as he began licking his cock, seemingly glowing from his performance. Benny had fallen onto the mattress, exhausted from the experience. Steve lay down with him, holding him, caressing him, until he was strong enough to stand and walk to the shower with Steve.

"I love you Angela," Steve said as they waited for the water to warm up, placing a hand on Benny's cheek and leaning in for a long sensual kiss.

Josh and Sean's flight had come in with just enough time for them to make it to the high school and see the performance, so when Dave and I made it back to my house after the play, I was running into Josh's arms to give him a hug. Happy he got to see me perform, and even happier just to hold him.

While I wanted nothing more than to continue to hear the praises from my family and Mike, I knew tomorrow would bring Dave's birthday and I had promised Mike I would help him set up in the morning. While my heart, dick and head, had hoped to cap the evening off with some amazing love making with Dave, and possibly Josh and Sean, my body was crashing hard from all the energy it had just expended. Seeing me yawn, Josh and Sean excused themselves, not before being invited to Dave's house for his birthday party by Mike. Mike and Dave were next to follow and as I kissed Dave goodbye I whispered in his ear how much we would celebrate his birthday and our first performance tomorrow as he flashed me his wicked little grin.

Saturday morning came as I woke to the sound of my alarm clock. Today was the first in quite a while that Dave and I wouldn't be performing our morning routine as he had left quite early to meet his mom and her new husband for lunch and a quick birthday celebration. Steve drove, with Becca going along as well, to a restaurant half way between their house and their mother's, so Dave could make it back in time for the party Mike and I were throwing. I threw on a pair or plain cotton white panties, my school team white soccer shorts, as they were still on the floor from the last game, a white shirt, and running shoes, nothing fancy as I would be getting dirty anyway preparing Mike's house for the party. Taking only a second to brush my teeth and run a couple wet hands through my hair to give it the short spike look, I was out the door and on my way, as we had a lot to do and not much time to do it in.

"Good to see you Drew. Thanks again for helping me out with this." Mike said as he led me in.

"No problem Mike, you know I would do anything for Dave."

"I know Drew, I can see it in the way you to are around each other, you truly love him, and he loves you. It made last night's performance very believable, you two were really amazing, I mean that Drew, really amazing." Mike said.

"Thanks, it felt so real for me too, it was just fun to be there, like I wasn't even acting, just being myself you know?"

"Well it worked, you were a beautiful Juliet, and if it's not too much to say, I think if the audience didn't know you were a boy, they would have never known by your amazing performance."

"Wow, really?'

"Oh yes Drew, you were that convincing, I would go as far as to say that after last night's performance you seem more comfortable as a woman than as a guy."

"It does feel good to be Juliet."

"You know this house is safe, if you would rather wear something else?" Mike said with a questioning look on his face.

Understanding his comment, I thought for a second and smiled, "I think you're right. I'll be right back if you don't mind?"

"Not at all."

And with that I ran to the garage and went through my items picking out my latest baby blue cotton summer dress, my white strapless bra, and blonde wig. I ran upstairs to Dave's room where most of my collection now resided, as he was getting tired of me running to the garage every time I needed something. Slipping my breast inserts in, and quickly applying some simple foundation, eye shadow and lipstick, I returned to Mike down stairs bare foot and as relaxed as could be.

"Thanks, Mike, you're right, this is more comfortable." I said swishing my skirt around.


Mike continued to stare at me, as I headed back to the living room to begin hanging decorations. Turning my head I looked at Mike, "Everything ok Mike?" I said smiling.

"Uh, um,... What, yeah, yeah everything is fine Drew, just lost in thought you know, lots to do, we better get started."

Mike and I started our work as he focused on cleaning the house and I worked behind him decorating. I could tell my outfit was getting to Mike, as I often caught him just staring at me as we worked. I flashed back to the last time Mike and I had sex, me bent over his work bench, no girly attire on at all, just hard core sex as he plowed my ass. My cock quickly got hard in my white panties remembering his big dick in my pussy. I knew it was wrong, as Dave would never understand something happening between Mike and me, and rightly so. But knowing I was making Mike horny was making me drip bad, and the lack of my normal release in the morning had my balls aching, and my head spinning. I knew I had to focus on what I was doing or I was going to lose this battle. Grabbing a chair from the kitchen I dragged it under the ceiling fan in the living room as Mike was working up stairs. Standing on my tippy toes on top of the chair, my 5'-4" size was barely able to reach the light to stick the balloons I was taping to it. I felt the chair shake a few times as I reached with all my might to the fixture, and just as I thought this was stupid and I was going to get hurt, I felt Mike's hands touch my waist.

"You should have asked me to do this Drew. You could have fallen and really hurt yourself."

"I know, I was just trying to finish this last part, and you were up stairs," I said still stretching to stick the last couple balloons on.

I felt secure as Mike's large hands held my waist, but as I attached the last balloon, his hands never left my hips.

"God you are so beautiful you know that," Mike said with my back to him still, his hands moving down over my cotton dress."

I didn't know what Mike had in mind, but I knew what I had to say, if only to hear myself say it.

"This has to be the last time Mike; we can't do this anymore." I whispered.

"I know baby, but oh God you're driving me crazy," Mike said through clenched teeth, while his hands has slipped under my dress and were groping my cotton covered ass.

I turned around, my crotch right in Mike's face, as my hands went to his head gripping his hair as he leaned in and kissed my hard flesh through the dress and panties.

Biting my lip was all I could do to suppress my moans as his hands lifted my dress and his tongue bathed my cock in its cotton confines.

Mike stopped and swept me up from the chair carrying me up stairs to his room, as he kicked open the door and lay me down on his bed. As always Mike was in control as he slid over my body kissing my shoulder and neck, working to my ear where he bit the lobe, his hand under my skirt stroking my thigh, his other hand on the back of my head. Oh the heat we were generating was amazing as my body started humping uncontrollably. I wanted Mike to take me, to fuck me, to make me scream in orgasm. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good.

"Miiiiikkkkke, ohhhhhhh, mmmmmm huhhhhhhhhhh, mmm yesssss."

Mike slid back off the bed and quickly striped naked, returning with his hands up my smooth legs until his fingers grabbed the band of my panties and slowly pulled them off me. Kissing my foot as his hand ran over it, sucking my big toe into his mouth, the heel of my foot pressing against his chest. Mikes hand caused small gasps from me as he slowly caressed my jewels, rolling my balls back and forth in their smooth sack.

"Oh man, huh, Fuck I forgot how good you taste," Mike said before letting out a small growl and flipping me over on to my stomach and dragging me to the end of the bed, effectively bending me over with my feet on the carpeted floor and pulling my skirt up and exposing my tight young pussy.

"Oh God Mike yes, oh my God, oh shit, yes please, ahhh."

My hands gripped the sheets as Mike's tongue painted my pussy hole. A few minutes later his tongue had dived in as was working its magic on my hole wiggling its way in, as I rocked on my feet fucking his face with my ass.

"OWWW, what the fuck was that..., OHHH GOD Mike wait, wait, ohshit ohshit, oh fuck stop, Oh God, no, no, no, don't stop don't stop, oh Jesus, it hurts sooo good."

Mike had bitten my ass hard and while I reeled from the pain in my ass he had stood up, and unbeknownst to me had already applied some lube to his cock, and quickly lined up his cock head to my hole and pushed in, stopping once my tight pussy ring gripped around the edge of his crown. I was squirming trying to find comfort, but as my ass adjusted to having something his size in it, I regained my sexual desire and I wanted Mike to shove in all 10 fat inches.

"Damn your pussy is still tighter than anything I have ever had. Fuck its gripping my cock so hard. Oh Damn."

"Fuck me Mike oh YES, fuck me."

Mike had worked about half of his monster into me, when I began begging for the rest. I knew Mike loved to hear me beg, and as I pleaded he pulled back a bit and slammed home the remaining length of his tool.

"OH MIKE PLEASE!" My toes had curled, my hands pulsed from the grip they had on the sheets, as drool escaped my open mouth, silence filling the room as my breath was gone.

Mike stayed still as he roughly groped my bubble ass, squeezing it, pulling it apart to see his large meat tube swallowed up by my hole. Mike slapped my ass hard enough to make me clench down on his cock with my pussy lips, as he moaned his approval.

"Are you ready to get fucked my little beautiful bitch, my tight wonderful cock whore"

Mike reached behind his back and through his legs grabbing his nut sack and mine and gently squeezing them to together, as he rocked his large cock back and forth. It was driving me nuts, no pun intended, and as I was still sexually charged from the night before and still lacking that desperately needed teenage release, it only took Mike minutes to bring me close to the big `O'.

"Mike please oh shit Mike you're going to make me cum, oh shit Mike oh it feels so good. Your dick is so big oh it feels so deep in me."

It is baby, my dick is lodged in your stomach, and I'm going to breed you, make you take all of my cum, your belly is going to expand with how much cum I'm going to give you, and you're going to take like a good little cock bitch."

"Oh yes Mike give it to me, fuck your seed into me oh yes"

Mike had gripped my hip and was working my ass well, as the bed was squeaking from our fucking. His large hairy balls slapping against my smooth bubble butt, just above my own smooth balls, which were now drawing tighter to me as the wonderful feeling became intense. I was close as Mike slowed down his movement, putting a hand on my back holding me still.

`What are you doing, don't stop, Mike please, oh god so close, PLEASE!"

I heard the tear of the condom wrapper, but as yet I didn't know that's what it was, until I felt his hand search out and find my rigid cock as he rolled the condom on.

"What are you mmm, doing?" I asked confused by the action.

"I want to capture your cum baby, you'll see."

With my cock now wrapped in a condom Mike began stroking my dick, as he slowly pumped his cock into me, pushing on my boy button and making me shake as my impending orgasm regained its strength.

"Shit Mike, Mike, oh, oh, yes, yes, oh, huh huh, shit shit shit , ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk." Moaning as my cocked lurched and spewed into the condom.

Mike stopped his fucking again as I caught my breath and felt him gently sliding the condom off. As soon as it was, Mike pulled his hard dick from my ass and flipped me over on to my back, as my pussy twitched from the emptiness.

"Hold your legs baby," Mike said as he pushed my legs up to my chest. "Oh damn I opened your pussy nice, now I am going to feed it what it needs, what it wants," as he held the condom to my open hole and tipped it so we could both watch the cum leak onto my pussy, as it flexed with each sloppy drip.

Mike took his thumb and pushed my warm cum into my pussy and then slammed his cock back into me.

"Oh Jesus Mike, oh fuck yes, fuck me with my cum, fuck it into me, make my belly swell with our cum."

"That's right baby, you're going to get both our loads and have a bloated belly's worth of hot man seed in you. It's what you want isn't it baby, fuck I know it is, take it take it, fuck."

Mike moaned as he plunged his cock in one more time and fired off a load that literally felt like he was expanding my belly with cum. I was thrashing around as the bangs from my wig danced before my hazel eyes. My hands slapping the mattress, as my legs dangled in Mikes strong arms.

"Oh shit Mike so hot, Oh man I can feel it, mmmmmm."

Mike leaned in and gently kissed me before letting my legs go and pulling his softening cock from my happily abused hole.

In the week I had spent with Mike, supposedly painting his house, he had never once shown any desire to cuddle or talk after sex, but today Mike climbed into bed with me, and lay on his side, putting and arm under my head.

"You were wonderful love, simply the hottest little thing this side of the Mississippi. My boy is real lucky to have you, and I know you love him with all of your heart." Mike said as his finger swept away the bangs from my forehead.

"I will do better in keeping my desires in check, but I make you no promises Drew. I shouldn't have asked you to change into this outfit, I'm a sexually driven man, and well, you're simply the hottest girl I've seen in a while and you swishing that sweet tail of yours in front of me, well lets just say a team of horses couldn't hold me back. So if you keep that in mind when you're at my place, and try and not arouse the beast, then I will do everything I can to hold back from throwing you on my bed and fucking your brains out. Ok?"

I looked into Mike's wonderful blue eyes, feeling his cum begin to leak from my pussy, "I understand Mike, I will be more careful in the future, but I won't make any promises either. I do love Dave with all my heart, and I would never hurt him, but I am a sexually adventurous teenager, and sometimes my desires get the best of me.

"Part of me will be sad when you and my son leave this house and start your lives, but part of me will be glad the temptation of being a bad father will be gone."

"You're not a bad father Mike, you love your children immensely and it shows, you just need someone in your life who can give you what you need."

"I appreciate you saying that Drew, but both of my boys, and no offence, have some wild sexual habits, and I can't help but think that's because of me. And as of yet I haven't found Mrs. Right."

"No offense taken Mike, as long as you're not bothered by me saying that all of your kids have some pretty wild sexual habits. There is nothing wrong with that Mike, nothing at all. It's actually a good thing, it keeps you alive, you know? Maybe the problem you're having is you're looking for Mrs. Right, instead something more like, well me?"

Mike was smiling as he responded, "I was hoping Becca was my normal child, but I forgot you and her have sex too. But I guess you're right, one's sexual habits aren't something to be regretted or embarrassed about. And maybe you're right; maybe I have been looking for and waiting for the wrong person, but a woman like you Drew doesn't just come around every day."

"Well, I promise to keep my eyes open for you Mike. You're a good man, and a great father and you deserve a good person to keep you company."

"Thanks Drew, I appreciate that. Now we better get back to decorating for this party, before the guest of honor gets home, and catches his old man sticking it to his slutty little girlfriend."

In my best mock anger female voice, "How dare you call me LITTLE," I said slapping his hairy chest and storming off to the bathroom, with his laughter filling the house.

The guest list for the party was quite extensive as Dave was friends with a lot of the kids at our school, between sports and now the drama club, I don't think there was demographic of our school not making an appearance at the party. Dave's birthday party was bigger than most kids could throw when there parents were out of town. As for adults, my Mom, Dad, Uncle Josh, Uncle Sean, a coach from Dave's youth named Bill and of course Mike, were it, everyone else was pretty much 15 or slightly older. A number of the boys at the party wore panties as requested and at random points in the evening they would pull Dave into a private room to show him, which Dave later confided in me that the constant sight of guys in panties had his dick raging hard all evening long. Of course I knew the fact that Sean was there was also stimulating little Davey.

It was fun sitting back and watching Dave suck up all of the attention he was getting. It allowed me to relax and people watch. I noticed Becca and Brian weren't talking to each other and Becca looked kind of mad. I noticed that Benny was wearing an outfit that could have been worn on a guy or a girl and what appeared to be the slightest hint of make-up on, as he stood in front of Steve, with Steve's arms wrapped around him as they talked to Jem and Tom. I also noticed that JP and Jake showed up at the same time, as if they came together, which I hoped they had, which made me realize I hadn't seen either of them in awhile. But what caught my eye the most was one boy named Gavin, and I use the term boy lightly as Gavin was 6'-2" and well over 250 pounds at just 15 years old. Gavin was the center on Dave's football team, and had recently come out to Dave and me as a result of the locker room incident. Gavin was what I imagined an Iowa farm boy looked like, with pale white skin, short red hair, piercing blue eyes and arms and legs that could throw you or a bale of hay a good distance. He stood out to me, because he stood alone, smiling, observing the party, but mostly staring at the conversation my Uncles were having with Mike.

"Hey Gavin, having a good time?"

"Yeah a great time, thanks for inviting me Drew."

"Anytime, you know that. I am just glad to see you made it out here tonight, but I couldn't help notice you aren't talking to a lot of people, and I don't mean to be forward, but as I know most of the people here, I thought I might introduce you around, if you wanted?"

"That's ok Drew, I know most of them too, but thanks anyway. I just like sitting back and people watching."

"That's cool; I like to do that too. So see anything promising?"

"Not really, or I guess I should say no one that is my type."

Deciding to do a little fishing I threw my bait in the water, "Not even my Uncles?"

"Who?" Gavin asked as his eye followed my finger, which was pointed at Uncle Josh and Uncle Sean.

"Those are your Uncles?

"Well that one is my Uncle Josh and standing next to him is his partner, and My Uncle Sean."

"Yeah that's some pretty hot eye candy", Gavin said, blushing suddenly as he realized he had said that out loud.

"Ah, so you like them older; now we're getting somewhere." As I proceeded to set the hook

Gavin looked at me and blushed some more, nodding his head in a silent affirmation to my comment.

"Well while I don't fancy myself a match maker, I do have some experience with older men." I said as my pussy twitched remembering the fucking it received from Mike just a few hours earlier.

"Really?" Gavin asked surprised.

"Well my first boy friend was Steve, Dave's older brother, even if it was for only a couple weeks."

"Oh, wow really. I thought you were going to tell me you dated someone your Uncles age?

I could tell Gavin was hoping for more, and now seemed uninterested in the topic. I knew I shouldn't tell him about the things Mike and I had done, or what Josh and I had done, but something compelled me to want to open up to him and let him know he wasn't alone.

Feeling guilty for starting this conversation I looked deeply into to Gavin's eye looking for that feeling when you know you can trust someone, without really knowing them,

"Follow me," I said as headed to the garage.

As Gavin followed me to the garage I was about to open the door when it swung open and Jake and JP walked in. Jake was smiling and JP was giggling as he avoided any eye contact.

"Oh hey Drew, great party, just was showing JP Dave's sweet house." Jake said as he walked past me pulling JP by the hand.

"Ok Jake, uh glad to hear you're having a good time," I said more to Gavin than anyone else, as Jake was already out of ear shot.

Gavin and I laughed as we walked into the garage, commenting on JP's disheveled appearance and messed up hair, which was never JP's style.

"So I brought you out here because what I have to say you have to promise you'll take to your grave, ok?"

"I swear Drew, I won't tell anyone, I promise." Gavin said with excited eyes.

"I have fooled around with older men, one man in particular, older than my Uncles even," I said looking around the garage remembering the week I spent in leather while Mike rode me.

"Was it good, did he take control, how old was he?"

Thrown off by the rapid series of questions that shot forth from the ear to ear smile on Gavin's face, I hesitated with my response.

"Uh, um yeah it was good, real good, a little scary at first, but good, and yes he did take control, and he is in his forties. And this is where you have to promise not to tell anyone, because it's Mike."

"Mike, Mike? Like Dave's dad Mike, there in the kitchen?"

"Yes it was Mike, Dave's dad, and that's why you can't tell anyone, especially Dave or Dave will leave me. And if any adult ever found out Mike would be in a lot of trouble, ok?" I said now kind of regretting I had decided to tell him.

"Dude I won't tell a soul, but you need to tell me all about it, cause that sounds hot."

"I will, just not here, not now, ok?"

With all the kids having gone home, except the Roberts kids and myself, Dave and I were asked to come into the kitchen as Uncle Josh and Uncle Sean wanted to give Dave his birthday gift.

"Dave, although we haven't known you that long we feel as though you're a part of this family, and well when Sean and I saw your performance last night, we thought you might like this." Uncle Josh said as he handed Dave a card.

"Thanks," Dave said as he looked around and then at the card. Opening it I could see his confused look and then he looked at Sean and Josh and then at me, and as I was standing right next to him he let me look at was in the card. Inside the card were two tickets to the Broadway production of Billy Elliot.

"Are these real?"

"Very much so," Uncle Sean said with a large smile on his face.

"Wow, thank you, but how am I, or we going to get too, I mean it's in New York right?"

"Well Dave, and listen up Drew as this affects you too, Sean and I were thinking you two might like to come out to New York and spend the summer with us, what do you say?"

"Holy Shit! Really?" Dave said as I shared his comment and emotion.

"Whoa, watch the language." Mike said

"Yeah Dave it's for real; Josh and I have discussed it with both of your parents, and if you are on board and want to go then everything is set, which obviously goes for you too Drew." Sean said

"Hell yeah we want to go," I said before Dave could get the words out.

"Andrew!" My mother said clearly not happy with the word I chose to use, but mildly amused at my excitement.

"Then it's set, come the end of school, you put your butts on a plane to NY and will spend the summer seeing plays and all sorts of things." Josh said as Dave and me bull rushed him and Uncle Sean, slapping on tight bear hugs as we showed our appreciation.

Now unbeknownst to my parents or Mike for that matter, Dave Sean, Josh and I, had come up with a way for us to spend the night together. We had told our parents that Jem had invited Dave and I back to his house for and after party party and hot tub, and that we would spend the night there, and that Uncle Josh and Uncle Sean had offered to drive us over there on their way back to their hotel room. All I had to do was to get Jem to cover the story if anyone asked, even though I knew they wouldn't.

"I can't believe we're going to New York for a full summer," I said in the back of Sean's rental car.

"Believe it Kandy,"

Kandy was a nickname given to me by Uncle Josh when I was younger. He used to go back and forth calling me kiddo, or Andy, then one day he put the names together and it stuck, for him that is. No one else calls me that, and I think that's what makes it special for me, and why I let him still call me that today, and how ironically fitting the name is.

"And believe me when I say it will be the time of your life."

"And ours," Sean said as he looked at Josh and reached back and rubbed Dave's knee. "Our intentions weren't completely pure, as we plan on taking advantage of you two every chance we get, IF you're ok with that."

"Sounds good to me," Dave said looking at me and blushing.

Josh and Sean had sprung for a small suite room in our city's nicest hotel, which came with two king size beds, and a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.

As Dave and I stood there in the center of the room taking it in, Sean walked over and placed a hand on each of our shoulders, "Why don't you two follow Josh into the bathroom and see the other gifts we got you?"

Once inside the beautifully marbled bathroom Josh handed each of us a gift wrapped shirt box. Tearing through the paper like only young teen boys can, Dave and I found ourselves starring at wonderfully sexy lingerie. Mine was a two piece set, with main piece a silk forest green corset, with black lace striping and black leaf and vine embroidery. What made this different from anything I had ever seen before was the way it came together, most corsets tie in the back, but this one came together in the front, as down the middle of the corset were little silver butterfly clasps which when hooked together left about half and inch of exposed flesh from my chest to my belly button. Along with the corset came a pair of matching forest green thong panties, black lace stockings which attached to straps from the corset, and the final touch, a pair of silk black gloves which ended past my elbows. I have always loved the way a thong panty shows off my assets, but I really loved how this corset held in my falsies, while still showing some skin, making me feel like a real sexy woman.

Dave's lingerie was a single piece silk black see through number, which looked like a woman's single piece bathing suit. In the front only two little black roses hid the nipples as everything else was seen through the silk mesh. In the back it had thin black shoulder straps and a clasp like a normal bra, but under the back clasp was another clasp about waist high allowing the back side to separate and in affect making it crotchless. With added black stockings, Dave was sure to look hot in this lingerie.

"What do you think? Do you like them?" Josh asked

"They're wonderful Jojo," my nickname for Uncle Josh, because as a kid I could never say Joshua, so it became Jojo

"Well, I was thinking that before we got all dressed up we might enjoy a little cleansing; have you boys ever had an enema?"

"Yeah we do it every once in awhile at home when we have the time and privacy to do so."

"Excellent, so what do you think, you guys willing?"

"Yeah let's do it." Dave said

Josh pulled out a water bottle and hose with a small rubber tip at the end of it. The tip had a valve on it, and this was definitely more than either Dave or I was used to.

"Wow, we normally just use those single use enema kits that come with a small bottle and you throw it away when you're done." I said looking and Josh warm up the water in the sink.

"Well we found we enjoyed giving them to each other, and it wasn't worth the cost of constantly having to buy the disposable ones."

I stripped naked and bent over the counter as Josh had suggest and watched him fill the bag with warm water. Applying just a little amount of vaseline to the tip, Josh was ready.

"You ready Kandy?"


Josh inserted the tip slowly allowing about four inches to invade my hole. The tip was narrow and went in easily as I looked in the vanity mirror at Josh and Davey starring at my butt. I could see how this could become a part of our regular sexual play, as I felt my cock start to chub.

"Here we go Kandy."

As the water flowed into me I quickly notice how much more went into you with this form of enema. Right when I felt it in my belly, Josh announced I was done and had taken all of the water inside me.

"Now quickly walk to the toilet and gently let it out."

I did it one more time before it was Dave's turn and then Josh's. We all jumped into the shower and quickly rinsed ourselves clean, clearly excited for the evening to begin as there was a three way sword fight in the shower.

Dave looked amazing, with his hard cock pressing the front of the lingerie out and the dark see through material hiding the lines of his falsies making it look like he had real full perky breasts.

Josh slipped into a navy blue teddy, which tied with a bow between the breasts and open down the center, showing his beautifully sculpted abs. A navy blue g-string finished his outfit. I sat there in awe of Josh as we all finished putting on our wigs and make-up. Josh and I wore blonde wigs with shoulder length hair and sweeping styles, while Dave wore a brunette wig which went down to his mid back.

All in all we were three hot sluts ready for some action, and I couldn't wait to have Josh's plump cock stretching my pussy again. I could tell by the look on Dave's face he was nervous, excited, but nervous. I knew he was worried what Sean would think, and how it would feel when Sean shoved his monster into him. Dave had only really dressed as a girl for me, outside of the costume party and the couple time we did it for Sean and Josh on the webcam. And while I had enjoyed the tight feel of Dave's pussy, my little 5" clit was nothing compared to what Sean had swinging between his legs.

As we entered the main part of the room, Sean jumped up off the bed, already clad in only his black boxer briefs. We all noticed that while we were changing, Sean had lit candles around the room, and poured four glasses of champagne.

"Damn that is one fine sight to see." Sean said as we walked over to him.

"You like this babe? How about your little stud muffin over there? Pretty hot in his sexy black lingerie, don't you think?" Josh said as he looked over at Dave, as Dave bit his lip and looked up at Sean with puppy dog eyes.

I loved it when Davey showed his soft side. Especially as I stood there staring at his gorgeous back side.

Taking a flute of champagne each, Sean toasted to us and our futures, as we drank the champagne quickly, ready for the festivities to begin.

"Your ass should be illegal," Josh said walking up behind me, his hand rubbing up the exposed flesh of my cheek, his fingers dragging between both cheeks pushing the thong deeper into my valley. His other hand was moving up the front of the corset, while his index finger bounced along the clasps, touching my bare chest and stomach between each clasp.


Josh's mouth went to my ear and neck as his hand began stroking my hard cock, through the silky panties. Dave was an amazing lover, I would never ask for more, but Josh was so soft, so sensual, and so erotic.

"You like that Kandy, you like your Jojo playing with your flesh?"

"Yeeeessssss, oh it feels so good Jojo."

As Uncle Josh began removing my panties I notice Davey was on his back on the bed, as a naked Uncle Sean was placing kisses on Davey's stocking covered legs.

After my panties were off Josh turned me around and we pressed our lips together, our tongues dancing, as his hands fondled my bare bubble butt.

Slowly moving his hands to my shoulders, Josh moved me to my knees, where I kissed the hot flesh of his hard 7"s that stuck out of his panties, as they were unable to contain his size.

"Oh Yeah Kandy, that feels good, Oh baby, Oh baby, mmmmmm."

Josh only let me suck on the tip of his cock for a few minutes before pulling me to my feet and having me lay on the bed, much like Davey who was now moaning and thrashing around as Uncle Sean demonstrated his wonderful rimming techniques.

"While watching Davey clearly enjoy his time with Uncle Sean, Josh guided two lubed fingers into my pussy as he lowered his hot mouth over my dick."

"Oh God Jojo, oh man, ohhhhh, huh huh shit what is that?'

"I had been fingered plenty, but no one had ever made it feel like Josh was making it feel.

"It's called a prostate massage," he informed me as his two fingers slid along the sides of my boy button, causing copious amount of fluids to flow from my clit.

"Don't stop don't stop don't stop." I kept repeating hoping this feeling and him fingering me would last forever.

I was in my own little world, when I was brought back to reality by a loud cry from Davey."

"OH FUCK" oh GOD oh SHIT, fuck your huuuugggggeeee," Dave moaned as Uncle Sean had pierced him with his tool.

I knew Dave had a few inches in him, but from where I laying it looked like Uncle Sean had a lot more to give.

"Don't worry about Stud Muffin Kandy, he'll be just fine in a minute or two trust me, in a few minutes he'll be begging for it. Josh said as he removed his two fingers and lined the head of his cock up with my puckering pussy.

I was biting my tongue as Josh slowly pushed his dick into me. I am sure we were a sight to see as my stocking covered legs wrapped around his teddy. Josh was slow and methodical in his fucking, and it was driving me to a fevered pitch, as the room filled with the sound and smell of hot sex.

I don't know if Uncle Sean meant to do this, but right as my balls drew up getting ever closer to that glorious end, he asked Josh and me to join them on his bed, and with a long sigh I felt Josh pull is rod out of me and direct me to the bed where Davey was already bent over one side of the bed with his feet on the floor and his ass high in the air, plugged with Uncle Sean's mighty tool. Josh moved me so I was opposite Davey and in the same position, as he reentered me.

"Ahhh, mmmmmm, ohhhh."

Davey and I looked up at each other as our hands clasped together, the satisfied glazed look in our eyes, our puffy red lips smashing together as we moaned into each others mouths. It was a moment like my dream, a moment I won't ever forget, a moment I knew Josh and Sean were sharing too, as we all realized the immense love we had for each other.

Josh was the first to orgasm, as he moaned and shot his load into my ass. Davey was caught up in the wonderful feeling of Sean's large organ, and was the next to cum, as he was, as Josh said he would be, begging for Sean to fuck him harder. This in turn drove Uncle Sean to deposit his seed deep into my lover's pussy, growling as he did. I was at the brink and ready to pop when Josh pulled out of me, rolling me onto my back and burying my dick in his mouth, sucking me hard, like his mouth was a hot tight pussy.

I was bucking my hips like mad as my load fired into his mouth and down his throat.

Exhausted, we all lay on the bed, Davey in Uncle Sean's strong arms, and me in my Jojo's loving arms. We all knew the night was far from over, but there was something to that silent piece, a reflection of things to come.

"Is this what New York will be like?" Davey asked as Uncle Sean spooned him and kissed his shoulder.

"This is just taste of what you'll experience while you're in New York." Uncle Josh said, as he pulled me tighter into his chest.

"I do love the taste," I said as I felt Josh's cock getting hard again.

Thank you again for all of the wonderful comments; however I would love to hare from more of you.

And as always a special thanks to Bill for his friendship and his inspirational ideas.