As I looked out the passenger window of Steve's truck, trying to hold back my tears from the Steve's mean comment, I noticed someone walking towards us. It was definitely a girl and she was walking with a purpose. At first I thought she might be one of Steve's old girl friends, but as she got about 100 feet from the truck I realized she seemed familiar, and then it hit me like a slap to my face. "Did Rebecca tell you what she was doing tonight," I asked. As there was a moment of silence as I am sure Steve tried to figure out my sudden change in topics.  "I don't know, I think she said she was going out with friends, why?"    "Cause I think she's headed our way."

"Oh Shit", Steve said as he leaned over and looked out the window. "She can't see us together, she'll wonder what I'm doing with you," I said, as panic and fear took over. Steve leaned back, and you can tell he was deep in thought..."Ok, ok, I got it, you were here with friends and you saw me in the food court line, and I said I'd give you a ride home," Steve said with a slight smile pleased with his quick thinking. Still in panic mode, I damn near jumped out of my skin when Rebecca tapped on the window. I rolled down the window, "Hey Rebecca," I nervously said, because if I thought Steve's cock was large while in my throat, it was nothing compared to this frog that was currently choking the life out of me. "Hey Andrew," was her quick reply as she looked me over with a puzzled look on her face. "Becca, what are you doing here," Steve said masking his own fear in jubilance. "Well me and my girl friends were watching the movie, I 'm assuming like you. Did you two come together," she asked. I was stilling choking on the frog in my throat, so I looked to Steve to answer her question, as Steve replied, "No, no, I saw Drew in the food court line with his friends and he asked for a ride home," all I could do was nod in agreement, to the bull shit Steve laid on. "Huh, ok," Rebecca said, looking as if she knew were hiding something, but not going to call her big brother out. "You want a ride home," Steve asked, as everyone in a two mile radius could hear me swallow the frog. I was starring at Steve as if he was officially nuts. "No thanks, I'll catch a ride with my friends, see you at home, and guess I'll see you at school tomorrow, huh Andrew." "Yeah, yeah see you tomorrow," I said taking in all the air I could get, as it seemed we had dodged a bullet.

As Steve pulled up to the side walk a couple houses down from mine, he turned the engine off and looked at me, "Drew I really had a great time with you these last couple nights, and I am sorry about that last comment I made, it was rude, I want you to know I want to see you again too." "When?" was all I said, as my heart was fluttering from Steve's comments. "Well, unfortunately it might be a little bit as this was my bye weekend, and now I have games every weekend until January. I hadn't even thought about Steve being on the college football team, and why he wasn't playing this weekend. "Oh, wow, so I guess I have to wait like two months or so, as my eyes started to water. "We can call each other, and maybe you can come see a game, and stay the night or something, and two months really isn't that a long a time," Steve said as he leaned closer to me. Two months to this fourteen year old, who thought he was falling in love, was like ten years of solitary confinement. Knowing I was sad, but having nothing left to say, Steve leaned in and we shared our last kiss for the evening, it wasn't as sexy as the previous times we've kissed, but you could definitely tell it was a caring kiss.

After making him promise to call me, I jumped from his truck and walked home. Entering the house, I saw my father sitting in the living room, as if he was waiting for me. "Hey sport, why don't you come over here for a second", he said in a non threatening tone. I dropped my bag and walked over, "How was the movie," he asked as I sat down next to him. "It was ok," I said wondering where this conversation was going, as my dad usually kept to himself. "Drew," here it comes I thought, " I know you lied to us tonight about where you were and who you were with, and while I don't like it, I remember being fourteen too, but if your Mother were to find out she would be pissed." "What I I didn't lie," as I stuttered my oh so convincing response. "Look Drew, Dave called while you were out, you know the friend you were supposedly with, and you're lucky I picked up the phone," he said. "And I am assuming, since you weren't with him, you were with some girl tonight and I am hoping for your sake, if you did anything, you used protection." "Wha what, woa, why would you say that," I said flushed and panic stricken. "Well you have lipstick all over your mouth and your hairs a mess. "Shit," I whispered out loud, as I rubbed the back of my hand across my lips. "Yeah, I'm sorry dad, I shouldn't have lied, but you know how." He stopped me mid sentence, "Like I said I was fourteen once too, just be more careful, and try to keep your lies to a minimum, ok?" Yeah dad I will," as I picked up my bag and headed to my room, "good night". I went straight to the bathroom, and sure as shit, there I was lipstick and all. I washed my face and returned to my room. I couldn't help but wonder if Rebecca had seen the lipstick, and I couldn't see how she would have missed it, but if she did see it she didn't let on. My head was spinning from the events that had happened in the last half hour, but as I stripped down to my new thong panties, my thoughts quickly shifted to what Steve and I had done, and that I still had his load in my gut. I jumped into bed thinking, I'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow, and for now I'll just remember the good time I had tonight. My dick started pushing out the mesh panties as I fell asleep with them on and a smile on my face.

Monday morning came, and with it the dread of going to school and what Dave and Rebecca knew or what they might say. But as it turned out, while we walked to school Dave only gave me a little bit of shit for not telling him that I had a date on Sunday, as that's where my dad had told him I was when he called. With Rebecca two years ahead of me, I saw very little of her to begin with, so it wasn't surprising that we never crossed paths. The only other person that gave me any shit was Tom, from Saturday's party and my lap dance performance. It was a bit embarrassing, especially with the photo he had, but when everyone heard how drunk I was, it was pretty much dropped, even though seeing that photo gave me a pretty good idea of what everyone was looking at during the party as my junk was bulging out in the cheer briefs pretty bad, and the apparent smile on my face reminded me of the fun I had.

Most of the week went by the same, and actually seemed things were even better, as the party had really helped my image and confidence, as I went from being Dave's little shadow, to one of the guys. But as with most things change must come, and it was Friday when I got knocked off cloud nine. Friday morning I had walked to school alone, as Dave and his father had left early to go to his football game against a high school at least four hours away, and because they were so close to the college, they were going to swing by and see Steve and watch his game on Saturday, and then come back Sunday afternoon. I wished I could have gone with them to secretly see Steve, but it was to be a father son weekend. Now, many might think I would be lost without Dave, but actually it was kinda a nice break without all his chatter, that is until 10 am when I received a text message from Rebecca, more telling me than asking me to meet her below the bleachers at lunch. My heart stopped as I read the message, as all my fears came rushing back, and the next two hours were the longest of my life.

I waited there under the bleachers, heart pounding, knees shaking, as I watched Rebecca walk up to me alone. "Thanks for coming Andrew; I know you must be wondering why I asked to meet you." "Yeah the thought did cross my mind," I said with fear resonating through my voice. "Well I won't keep you in suspense; I know you've been sleeping with my brother." Stunned I stood there for a second, "What, No No I, WHAT?, I I never slept with anyone, what are you talking about," I said, taking a step back as if her words were actual punches, and I had taken the first shot across the chin, and I knew she wasn't done. "Relax Andrew, its ok, calm down," She said as I was hyperventilating. "Relax, are you serious, you think I slept with your brother, it's not true, I mean I." Rebecca cut me off, "Come on Andrew, lets look at it from my side, first off, I do the laundry in our house." "So" I said thinking I knew what was coming next, and that she was going to call me on the stains in her cheerleader outfit, but like much of this conversation, I was to be caught off guard, as I took another blow, when she said, "I do ALL the laundry Andrew, which includes Steve's sheets, you know the ones with red lipstick all over them, the red lipstick I bought just for you." Shocked at her revelation, "I I I passed out in his room; I probably fell on his bed," I blurted out almost in tears. "That might be, I'm no detective, but the stains looked like they came from someone biting on the sheets, and the stains were on the pillow as well, and, well Dave said you told him you passed out on the floor." "You spoke to Dave about this?" I couldn't take much more of this, and now I had to deal with Dave. "Dave doesn't know anything, I simply asked him where you ended up that night, and you know for someone who didn't do anything, you sure seem defensive." Getting pissed at her toying with me like a cat does a wounded mouse; I shot back, "Yeah I'm fucking defensive, you think I slept with your brother." "Well didn't you?" The stains didn't just end with his sheets; did you think I wouldn't notice my own cheer outfit?" If there was a mercy rule to this fight, Rebecca sure wasn't using it, as she continued to kick me while I was down. I was speechless now, not sure where to go or what to say. "Drew," Rebecca said calling me by the name only those close to me used, as if we were now the best of buddies, "It's alright that you slept with Steve, you probably did something with him at the movies as well." Bloodied and stumbling against the ropes, after taking that last blow, I put up one more pathetic defense, "I was with friends, Steve just gave me a ride home," feeling the first tear drop. "You really want to play this game huh," She said as if I had lost already and didn't know it. "You're expecting me to believe Steve went to the 'drive-in-movies', by himself, and parked in his famous make-out spot, by himself, with his truck facing away from the screen, so he could waaatch... Oh yeah what movie was playing?" "Uhh uhhh, it was ummmm," fuck she was good; I had no idea what was playing that night. Rebecca continued on without waiting for my response, as if she knew I didn't have one. "You see Andrew," apparently she felt we were no longer friends, "A couple of my girls friends have gone on Steve's drive-in-movie date, and well everybody knows Steve doesn't even ask what's playing, he simply asks for screen one, so he can get that parking spot, and well he doesn't park there for the view." Taking a short break, and seeming unconcerned that I was now crying, she continued as if to bury me, "Now I know you want me to believe you went there with friends and saw another movie and then ran into Steve and he offered to take you home, but we both know better, Dave went to the mall that night, and he's pretty much your only friend and well, you still can't tell me what you saw, and finally," she said pausing for effect, "You had lipstick on, and your hair looked like you had just ran a marathon or perhaps removed a wig, perhaps the one from the previous evening, the one I couldn't find."

"Ok, ok, please just stop," I said tears streaming down my face, as she had stripped me of all self control. "Please don't tell anyone," I said at the brink of complete melt down, as I knew for sure my life was over. "Drew, stop crying it will be alright," again with the name change, man was she fucking with my head. Trying to stifle back the tears, completely confused, "What do you want?" A large smile appeared on her face signifying her victory, "Well first off, I need to know, did you wear another girl outfit at the movie, or was it just lipstick and a wig?" "What, I don't think I should, I mean if I do you gotta promise you won't tell anyone," I asked unable to believe she was just curious about this. "Look Drew, I'm not an idiot, Steve's my brother you know, and if I told anyone it wouldn't just be hurting you." Wow I hadn't thought about that, I and I don't know why, cause if it would look bad for me, a lonely little freshman, it would kill Steve and all of his reputation. "Yeah I wore a dress," I said head hung down, broken, and tired of fighting. "Wow, it wasn't one of mine was it?" "No Steve bought it for me." "Damn, what else did he get you?" Now her tone of voice went from attacking and threatening to a quizzical banter, as if talking to one of her friends. Still embarrassed I was revealing this to her, it didn't stop me from telling her everything. "Wow," she said as that was becoming a very popular word in our conversation. "So you were in an evening dress, with a black bra, breast inserts, and a thong panty?" "Yep," was all I had in me. I knew the question before she even asked it. "So do you like that kind of thing, you know dressing up like a girl and sleeping with guys?" "It's not like I've done a lot of this you know, Saturday was my first time, and well your brother can be quite persuasive." "Do you like sleeping with guys, are you gay, does Dave know?" she said spattering a million questions at me. "Jesus, I don't know, I don't think I'm gay, girls turn me on too, I mean I think your really hot, but Steve was my first, and I didn't even know I liked guys until last weekend, and NO Dave doesn't know, and he's not going to," I said trying to regain some of my male pride. "Ok," she said, unfazed that I said she was hot, "So do you like dressing as a girl, or did you do it just for Steve?" Now this was a hard question, "Well the first time was the Halloween party, and well you know the story behind that, as it was your idea, but the second time, well I guess it was cause Steve asked, but to be honest I kinda liked the way it felt." "Well I can't really blame Steve; you were really sexy in that costume." Holly shit, what did she just say, "You thought I was sexy?" "Sure, I mean as a girl you were cute." Where was this conversation going, and why didn't she think I was cute as a boy, this was starting to piss me off. "Why did you ask me out here," I said, eyes drying and getting really irritated. "Well I was pretty sure you had fooled around with Steve, but the details were killing me, and I just had to know," she said. "But now that I know the whole truth, there is something I think you could do for me, and it just might work out well for both of us." "What," I asked. "I would like you to help me with my fantasy," she said in a playful female voice, "and if you do, I just might help you answer your question." "What do you mean my question," the tone in my voice was not playful, I wanted her to get to the point, and I wanted it now. "Well if you help me with my request, you might get to sleep with a girl, and then you can figure out which one you like best, boys or girls." "Which girl," I asked like an idiot. "Me, you dork." "Wow", like I said this word had become a good part of this conversation, "If I help you with your fantasy you'll sleep with me", I said out loud more for my benefit, then hers. "Yeah, that's what I said," again acting as if I was few crayons short of a full box. "What's your fantasy," I asked, lost at the sudden turn of this conversation, and before just agreeing to what seemed like a deal to good to be true. "You'll find out after you've agreed to do it," she said holding her ground. Although the idea of sleeping with Rebecca sounded great, and my cock was twitching at the idea, literally, who agrees to a deal without knowing what they're getting into, I had to say no, she had way too much information on me to just go blindly into this. "Look Andrew, I said I wouldn't say anything about what you've been up to, but I can't promise Dave won't find out, and well if he does, you know him, he's never one to keep his mouth shut, or think of other people's feelings first." Shocked by what she was insinuating, "So if I don't help you with your fantasy, which you won't tell me what it is, you'll let it slip to Dave what Steve and I have done?" I said. "Yep", was her quick but to the point response. "I can't believe your black mailing me," honestly scared she would do it. "I am, so what's your answer," now she was getting irritated. "I guess I don't have much of a choice, what do you want me to do?" "Perfect, I want you to tell your parents your staying at a friends house this weekend, and not mine as your dad knows mine is out of town, and then I want you at my house at 6 pm tonight." "Having no idea what her fantasy involved, I asked what she wanted me to bring. "Nothing, I'll supply everything," she said, as if she had planned this for weeks.

School went by in a blur as the possibilities of the evening ran through my head. Getting my dad to let me go spend the night at a friends house was easy, as I am sure he was trying to relive his youth through me. I did a quick shower before I headed over, to scared to even think about pulling my pud while bathing. I threw on some jeans and a sweat shirt as the weather was still pretty cold. When I arrived at Rebecca's house, I actually contemplated running away, as I shook there and pushed the doorbell. "Excellent, right on time," she said as she opened the door and quickly pulled me in, leading me to her room. Rebecca's room was a converted down stairs activity room, which was given to her because it had its own bathroom. Rebecca was wearing black sweats and a tight white shirt, which showed her tits quite well. But with my new adventures in women's clothing I thought she could have made more of an effort to dress up, I mean what was her fantasy, going to a Monster Truck show? Without breaking eye contact, and acting very business like, Rebecca filled me in on the rules. "Ok Andrew, you'll go into the bathroom and follow the instructions I've left in there to a 'T', do you understand?" "Yeah I got it, do what the instructions tell me, no adlib." "Great, lets begin," she said as she opened the bathroom door for me.

As I walked in and turned on the bathroom light I noticed a note on the vanity, supposedly my instructions, which I read silently.


1. Remove all clothing and place in bag.

2. Use razor and shaving cream and shave, face, pits, chest, bush (into triangular pattern), and legs.

3. Add bubble bath and take a bath, use loofah brush and soap in pink bottle, scrub well.

4. Dry off and add a few drops of perfume on counter.

5. Put outfit and wig on, hanging on the door. Do NOT add anything to outfit, as is!

6. Add lipstick last.

7. Do not come out until all steps have been completed.

I took a look behind me, and as the note said, there was an outfit on the door. Hanging from the door was, what looked like our school girls soccer team uniform. I pulled it off the hook, and sure enough it was a white jersey with green stripes on the sleeves, and a pair of white polyester shorts with matching green stripes. The name Jameson was on the back, as well as the number seven, which I thought was a friend of Rebecca's. The uniform came with a pair of white soccer socks, a white sports bra, and a white no frill panty, which I found myself wishing they were a little fancier. The last item hanging on the hook was a brunet pigtail wig, which made me chuckle, as I thought to myself, these people have too much time on their hands, where do they get these things from.

I followed the instructions to the letter, including shaving what little arm pit, arm, and leg hair I had. I was nervous about the shaping of my bush hair, as I thought I would get a lot shit for it in the locker room, but the thought passed as I realized had little choice in the matter. When I was done, which didn't take all that long at all, as I had absolutely no chest hair, and the rest was pretty easy, I was as smooth as a baby. The bubble bath and soap were a nice peach smell, and the perfume was Ralph Lauren's 'Romance', which smelled really good, as I realized I was really enjoying a lot of the aspects of dressing as a girl. I slid the sports bra on, which was a single piece white cotton sports bra, which fit tight, as I assumed it was meant to, but there was nothing to stuff it with for breasts, and I thought for a second of using some tissue paper, when I remembered the note and made no changes to the outfit. The panties were next and after sliding them past my engorged cock, they fit pretty snug as well. The jersey went on easy, and you could see the out line of the bra thought it, as the jersey was made of thin mesh polyester. The shorts were very similar to the jersey in material, and hugged the top of my bubble ass, as well as my thick thighs. Much like the bra you could clearly see the out line of my panties through the shorts. I now knew why a lot of guys went to the girl's soccer games, even when they openly expressed a dislike for the sport. The wig and lipstick went on without issue, as I was quickly becoming a pro at it. I sat down and pulled up the white soccer socks to my knees feeling my exceptionally smooth legs. What was it with this family and their desire to see me in women's clothing? What was it with me that actually enjoyed putting women's clothes on, questions I thought best left for a professional. I mean I did look like a pretty cute soccer girl, with a defined bubbled butt encased by a tight thin pair of shorts, thick smooth thighs, the only skin present before my calves disappeared into long white socks that outlined the lower half of my short legs and tiny feet. But I couldn't begin to figure out how this had anything to do with Rebecca's fantasy. I shrugged my shoulders and opened the door.

The room was dark, as night had fallen outside and all of the lights were off, as I called out for Rebecca, "Rebecca, I'm done, Uggghhhh," was the grunt that left my mouth as I felt someone drop a shoulder into my lower back and drive me forward. My momentum was stopped by the bed in her room as my shins and knees came to a sudden stop and I was forced to bend over on the bed. "Fuck," was all I got out before someone jumped on my back with all their weight. The thought of struggling never really crossed my mind as my attacker quickly and deftly pulled my arms back and slapped a pair of furry hand cuffs around my wrists. "Please stop, Owww, Fuck," I shouted for my attacker to stop, and then for Rebecca to help me, "Rebecca please help!" "Shut up you slut," the gruff voice of the person sitting on me said. Now I really stopped struggling as my mind tried to place the voice. "Oh Shit, Rebecca," I said realizing the gruff voice I heard, had a feminine undertone, and it was that of Rebecca's. "Shut up you pussy," I'm not a fucking girl, you know who I am, you've been teasing me all week with that sweet ass of yours." "Rebecca what's going on, OOWWWW!" as I felt a hand slap my ass. "It's me your boy friend Scott, and if you call me Rebecca one more time, you'll really pay for it, you little cock tease." Even though my head was spinning, I started piecing it together, as I remembered the name on my jersey was for Rebecca's friend, Krista Jameson, and I thought she had a boy friend who was a senior and his name was Scott, as he was pretty popular around school.

Rebecca slid off my back and to the floor behind me, "Nice ass babe," as her hand rubbed my butt. After the slapping the hand rubbing felt really good. So was this Rebecca's fantasy, to pretend she was her friend's boyfriend and I was her friend? Why was I hand cuffed and was she going to continue to spank me? "Damn babe, my cock has been dying to get into that hot wet pussy of yours all week long, and now I got you right where I want you, you little cock tramp." Cock, what did she mean cock? As one hand held my wrists and pushed my arms up effectively holding me down, her other hand worked its way up inside the front of the jersey over my belly and to my tits. "You smell great, did you get all cleaned up for me?" she said, continuing her roll playing with her gruff male voice. Remembering the slap on my ass, "Oh Scott yes, I wanted your girl to smell good, fuuuckkk, ahhhhh," as she twisted and pinched my nipple. "You like that don't you, you little slut," as she pinched and twisted the other nipple. "Oh God, rrrrrrr, Pleasssssssse." I now knew why she didn't have me stuff the bra, as she worked my tits over good. Rebecca's hand slowly slid off my tit and down my stomach as it lingered at my belly button. "My my, what a wonderfully tiny little pussy, I bet you loved to get tongue fucked here," she said as she pushed her middle finger in, making me suck in my stomach. "Yes, I love it mmmmmm," I moaned, as it truly did feel erotic, but still keeping in character as I used my feminine voice. Rebecca let my hand go as my arms finally relaxed; she knew I wasn't going anywhere, as I too wanted to see where her fantasy would take us.

Rebecca's hands moved to the back of my thigh as I felt them drag painstakingly up my legs toward my ass. Even thought Rebecca was role playing a boy, her hands gave her away as their touch was considerably different than her brothers. Her finger tips expressed the beauty and complexity of women, as the soft tender skin of her fingers tickled my skin with feather light precision, while her nails dragged right behind them, reminding me of the tiger inside, and the pleasure and pain she could bring me at any second. As the palms of her hands hit the shorts, they pulled the shorts up, and in doing so, exposing my white panties. "Your plump little toosh is just begging me to devour it, isn't it babe?" "Yeah, yes please," I whimpered as her nails lightly trailed over the panties. Rebecca backed completely off me before I heard her say, "I wanna see you shake your ass for me babe, make me horny babe, come on that's it, shake it slow." Who was I to argue with her request, as I started moving my butt back and forth, shaking it slowly, using all of my hips and legs as I stood on my toes. Rebecca was doing something in the background as I could hear her moving, but I was focusing more on my cock which was getting ground into the panties, thin shorts, and mattress, as I shook my butt. "Ooooo so HOT, your ready aren't you baby, you want me to fuck you, don't you babe, tell me you want it tell me you neeeed it." Oh God where do I begin, yes I needed it, I needed it bad, but how was she going to fuck me, "PLEASE do me, please I need it soooo bad," I moaned with my sultry whorish voice, which was becoming second nature, as I no longer had to think about being in character. Rebecca's finger nails pressed under the elastic band of the shorts as she pulled them and the panties down my legs and over the white socks. Still helpless with the hand cuffs on, I could feel Rebecca's hands return to my hips and as she got close enough to kiss my lower back, "Ahhh", I was so horny I could blow at any second. Once again her fingers started tickling the skin on my butt, as one of her fingers dragged toward my boy pussy, "You like this don't you little slut," she said finger nail finally touching the lips of my pussy, "Ohhh Mannn, mmmmmm, uhhhh,", my moaning was becoming uncontrollable. Rebecca's hand left my butt and returned seconds later all slimy and clearly covered in lube, as her finger returned to my brown eye. "I'm gonna fuck you hard Krista, your going to scream when I plunge my thick cock in the sweet twat." Rebecca's dirty talk was getting me all excited, and a little scared at the same time. "Yes Scott, please fuck me, pleasssse," I had no idea what I was saying, as it all seemed weird to me, but Rebecca had me so worked up, I was just playing along. That was until I felt something touch my leg just below my ass, while both of her hands were on me. "Rebecca, what's that... 'SMACK', "Ooooowwwww," I honestly saw the color red, which I'm sure, was the color of my cheek after Rebecca had slapped it hard. "Who did you call me?" she said, with anger in her voice. "Scott, scott, I'm sorry I meant Scott, Ohhh GOD," as two of her lubed finger plunged into my hole. "Uuuurrrrrrrr, ummmmmm, oooooo, pleaaaasssse," my whimpering was pretty pathetic, as her fingers brought forth a sudden shot of pain, followed by intense pleasure. "I know you like this slut, me fingering your pussy, but my cock is starving for your love tunnel," and with that she removed her fingers.

Everything seemed so turned upside down and backwards, here I was a boy in a girl's soccer uniform, well what was still on me, bent over, while a girl acting like a boy was talking like she was going to fuck me with her cock. I had experienced a lot in the last week, more than most teenagers might experience, regardless that I was only fourteen, but this was something way bigger than anything I had ever imagined and it was adding to the excitement. "Ohhh, Scott, is that your cock," again remembering the game, as I felt something rubbery and wet slide between the valley of my butt. "You'll know soon enough babe just what it is," as the tip of the slippery item centered on my pussy. "How do you want it babe, slow and easy or quick and hard," she said with growl to her voice. Lost in the moment I moaned, "Slow and hard, slow and hard, please." "Well now babe, that wasn't an option, but I'll try and give you what you want, but you might want to bite down on those sheet, as I feed you my ten inches." "WHAT, OHHHH Shhiiiiiit," and with that I did bite down on the sheets, "mmmmmmmmm." She did exactly as I asked for, slow and hard as she punched past the ring of my lips and continued on in a slow steady push without any stopping for me to adjust. Her cock was cold, unlike Steve's warm dick, and there was no life in it, no pulse, no movement of the veins under skin, no bending, no nothing, just hard plastic cock driving into my boy hole. The cock was slightly smaller in diameter then Steve's but it was every inch as long as she had boasted about, as it pushed into areas never touched before. Again there was a shot of dull aching pain as she drove her fuck rod into me, but my pussy was becoming the cock slut she was calling me, and it quickly adjusted to its size as I relaxed and let the pleasure take over. "Mmmmm, uuuuuuhhh, huh, huh, huh, your so big Scott, ohh yessss," I definitely liked real dick better, but this one was still touching my insides in just the right way, as my slutty hole was sucking on it like straw. "Alright you little tramp, I'm really gonna give it to you now," as Rebecca grabbed my cuffed hands with on hand and the pigtails with the other, pulling my head back and arching my shoulders off the bed and driving my ass back on her pole. "Uugggg," I could feel every inch of her plastic strap-on, as it truly bottomed out. She began plowing me without mercy, fucking me at a pace Steve would have appreciated. My socked feet were having a hard time gripping the carpet, even though all my toes were curled, as every part of me was trying to hold. Her pounding was relentless, and I knew she had no reason to stop, no internal pressure from a building orgasm, no friction on her dick from the hard fucking she was giving, nothing, she could go on all night long and in my current position all I could do was take it. The squelching noise from the lube and my pussy juice was combined with our moaning making the room very loud. "Please Scott don't stop ohh shiiiiitt, please," while Rebecca couldn't cum this way, I could, and I was damn near close to doing so, when without warning or reason, she simply stopped and pulled the dildo out in one quick motion, with a horrible pop as it broke free. "Ooowwww, oooo, pleassse," her unceremonious removal of the cock hurt, and my moan noted it, but my moan also said I wanted it back in me as I was so close to finishing. She had fucked me for what seemed like forever but was probably only 15 minutes or so, even though it was the longest anyone had fucked me to date, and I was so ready to blow.

Rebecca quickly removed the cuffs, as her hand was on my hip trying to roll me over, "roll over Krista, quickly please," the male gruff voice was gone, but Rebecca was still role playing. As I rolled over I saw for the first time, the cock dangling between her naked legs. It was thick, smooth, purple, dripping with lube, and attached to a black leather harness. "DAMN," as I noticed her strap-on was all she was wearing, and from her quick paced actions not for long. "Please Krista, lay back," as Rebecca jumped on the bed, just as I slid back far enough to get my legs off the floor. Without conversation, explanation, or romance, her pure animalistic lust through her beautiful naked tan thigh over my head as she straddled my face and buried her shaved pussy right on my lipstick covered lips. She moved so fast I only had a second to gaze upon her luscious, what I can only guess were double C, breasts, as she grabbed each pigtail and pulled me into pussy. "Oh God yes Krista, EAT me, stick your tongue in my pussy," as she rocked her lips across mine. Being this was the first time I had ever seen a real pussy, yet alone touch one, I simply stuck out my tongue, hoping it was what she wanted. "YESSS, yes, yes, oh that's it, oh yeahhhhh, eeeeeeee," she apparently thought I was doing ok. Now I new certain words from school, and things said in the few porno's I had watched, so when she screamed for me to rub her clit, I could only assume it was the little hard nub she was smashing onto my tongue as she rode my face. "OH GOD, yes yes ohhhh, mmmm, I'm so close please, please Drew don't stop, don't stop OHHH Fuck," as her thighs gripped the side of my face as my tongue fanned her clit, and her pussy went through a series of spasms and uncontrollable twitching.

Her bucking was slowing down as she rode out the rest of her orgasm and caught her breath. I on the other hand was still trying to find mine, as I still had a mouth full of pussy, and a hard pulsing cock, dying for release. "Oh shit Drew that was amazing, wow, huh huh, oh yeah," as she slid off my face and down the jersey still straddling me as she reached my cock she took in her hand and again without, words, but this time looking me in the eye she inserted my dick into it's first ever pussy. "Uuuhhhhhhhh, huh huh uhhhhhh oooooooo, mmmmmm," this wasn't going to last long, and she had no intent of taking her time. Rebecca grabbed my hands and placed them on her beautiful tits, as they bounced wildly, as she used her wonderfully powerful legs to ride my dick up and down. "Oh shit Rebecca, I'm close, oh no, no, not yet, ohhhh man," as Rebecca pulled my dick from her pussy and let it slide between her butt cheeks, as she used them to squeeze the cum out of my dick. "OH FUCK," as my seed shot out and landed on the small of her back. "Yeah baby, let it go, that's it babe," she said as she held my cock between her cheeks and rubbed my belly with her other hand, letting me come down for my orgasmic high.

Rebecca climbed off me, lying down, her head on my chest, her fingers running through my new triangular bush, "Are you ok," she asked coyly but sincerely. I laughed a little at her question which made her look at me, "What," she asked. "You're not the first Roberts to ask me that question after plowing my ass," I said smiling. Rebecca chuckled and put her head back on my chest. "So can I ask you a question," I asked, while laying there in a wig, soccer jersey, and socks. "You want me to explain huh," she said without looking back at me, still running fingers through my bush. "You know Krista, my friend in school, well she's always telling me about how her boy friend Scott surprises her after her games, and how he throws her on her bed and fucks her until she screams for mercy, and well I guess, I mean, I'm always the one getting fucked by guys, and well I've been fantasizing a lot lately that I was the one with all the power, you know, like Scott when he fucks Krista" "It doesn't hurt that Krista has a fine ass, not unlike yourself, when I'm banging it in my fantasies." "Actually seeing you and your butt in the cheerleader outfit is what gave me the idea of this whole evening, and well after finding you at the movies with Steve, and piecing it all together, it couldn't have worked out better if I had wanted it to. I just aske to borrow Krista's uniform and well you know the rest.

"I guess I can understand that, but in the last couple of days, I'd have to disagree with you about girls being powerless, I mean I got your brother to buy me all sorts of nice things and beg me to touch him, and you couldn't wait to get your hands on me either, I would say that's some kinda of power, wouldn't you?" "Yeah I guess you're right, us girls do have a lot of power, when we shake it just right," she said as she winked at me. Rebecca was still playing with my bush, as my cock started to recover and chub up, "Oooohh, it looks like it's time for round two," she said smiling and looking at me. Grabbing my hand Rebecca sat me up and started pulling me off the bed, "Come on babe, we need to find you another outfit, and much better panties, sexy little girls like you should never be caught in tighty whities like those." "Can we try make-up this time," I said, excited like a little school girl. "Of course honey, I'll show you everything," "Don't forget this," I said as I handed her the purple monster...



I hope everyone likes part 3. Part 4 may take some time to write, as I am not sure where Andrew's adventures will take him next. Please leave me comments and suggestions, as to what you thought of the story and where you might like to see Andrew go next. Thanks again to all those who have commented on the previous stories.


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