It was Sunday night, and I was lying in bed reflecting about the past two days with Rebecca. It had started off rough, literally, with Rebecca living out her fantasy, in which she fucked me good; but the weekend ended up being with out a doubt the most self realizing experience of my short 14 years of life. We spent the rest of Friday night, after our initial romp, applying make-up, where I learned about my skin tone, application, how to high light my cheeks and eyes, and lipsticks. We then moved to her closet where I tried on everything she had, from summer dresses to jeans and t-shirts, and all sorts of panties and bras, where I soon learned to master the behind the back clasp. Then we moved to shoes, Oh My God did she have shoes, to which most of them I couldn't fit in, but just watching her walk around in the heels, and seeing her ass shake made me want a pair of my own.

We worked on my walking, where I focused on swinging my hips to flaunt my bubble butt, and keeping my legs together to make my walk more feminine. We then moved to my voice, where I practiced my feminine tone, listening to her critiques and suggestions. I was quickly transforming from a 5-4", short blonde haired, hazel eyed, non-muscular, 14 year old virgin geek named Drew, to a 5-4", long blonde hair, depending on the wig, smooth, bubble butt shaking, hottie, named Dru, as in Dru Berrymore, that was getting sex on a regular basis.

Walking around in just bras and panties or pretty much naked all night long had stirred our sexual juices pretty well, as we had sex one more time, and it was dirty, raw and spontaneous, as we were both a hot mess, of high heels, smeared make-up, and each of us only in a pair of panties and dripping with lust. There was no foreplay, no wasted talk of cute little love phrases, not even the purple dildo, just an eye connection, and us tearing at each other as we landed on the carpeted floor of her room. We fucked each other with an uncaring drive, as our need to release our pent up teenage hormones took over. God the sex was great, but after our blissful recovery, we both came to the same realization, we were having too much fun with our girl powered weekend to stop now, and with that I spent the rest of Friday night dressed as a girl, simply hanging out with Becca, my new friend, doing our nails and talking about boys in school, including Dave, and my fear of losing our friendship if he ever found out what I was doing.

On Saturday, I even got the nerve to go with her to the mall dressed as a girl, where I proceeded to blow my small savings of allowances on a couple new outfits, pairs of underwear, three inch black heels, make-up, and a new wig. Being dressed as a girl in public was without a doubt one of the scariest and most intense things I have ever done. But with my new found make-up skills and feminine walk, none of the girls seemed to notice, or even look at me with a questioning eye. I was however concerned that the boys knew something was wrong, as some of them were starring, but Becca convinced me it was because we were two hot looking girls, as the boys often winked or smiled as we walked by.

As I laid there in bed, wearing a white t-shirt, pajama pants, and a new pair of black panties, I realized, I was definitely bi, if not more on the gay side, as this past weekend had shown me many things about myself. I loved everything about being a feminine boy, and dressing as a girl as I loved my time with Becca, especially the sex, but I loved my time with Steve even more, and I was desperately missing him. I wanted to call him and tell him all about the weekend, but Becca said that it would be best if we kept it to ourselves. My hard dick was pushing out my panties, as I thought about Steve, and sucking his huge cock. My hand slipped under the waist band of my pants and panties as I started stroking myself to relief. "Ohhhh dammmmnnnn," I hissed trying to keep my voice down, as I pulled my shirt up just in time to erupt all over my belly. I no longer needed to get up and clean myself off, as I once use to, now I just scooped up my cum and slurped it out of the palm of my hand. I fell asleep with the taste cum in my mouth, wishing it was Steve's and wondering when I would see him next.

I awoke Monday morning and dressed for school, and I so badly wanted to continue to wear my panties, but changing in gym class crushed any thoughts of that happening. As I finished my bowl of cereal Dave came bounding in, talking a mile a minute about his game and the weekend with his brother and father. "Sounds like you had a lot of fun, I wish I could have been there to see Steve play," I said not really thinking about it. "Fuck you dude! What about seeing me play, asshole?" I could tell I had hurt his feelings with my comment, "I didn't mean I didn't want see you play too, I I just never seen a college game that's all," hoping he'd accept my reasoning. "What ever dude, I know you're his girl friend, probably suck his dick if he asked." "What, no I wouldn't, why, what did he say?" "What, he didn't say anything you moron, I'm just fucking with ya, cause you're always drooling over him; lets just get to school before we're late." "Yeah right sorry dude," I said scrambling to put my dish away. "Man what did you do this weekend, your heads twisted," Dave said, finally smiling again, as we walked out the door.

School was its normal bore; I kept thinking about Steve and Becca, and kept shifting in my seat as my dick was throbbing all day. I couldn't wait to get home and throw on my new clothes and sink my bubble butt down on that purple monster Becca let me borrow. I knew I didn't have enough time to do all the make-up and stuff, but I could still throw on my new panties and a dress, and release my baby makers before my parents got home. Becca saw me after the final bell and we talked real quick about the past weekend and how we needed to arrange another adventure out, before her girl friend Krista came and found her, letting her know they needed to get to cheer practice before they were late. I couldn't help starring at Krista, and remembering my role playing of her on Friday, and smiling as I thought of her boy friend pounding her like Becca did me.

When I got home, I quickly pulled out my summer dress from my hidden box of clothes. The dress was a light pink color, almost white in appearance, made of cotton, with 5 buttons coming from the collar down to a cute little hand tied bow at the waist. The skirt portion laid flat without any pleats and stopped three inches before my knees, and was covered with light grey flower print with the occasional blue and green colored flower stitched into it. I also grabbed my pair of white lacy crotchless panties as I threw the outfit on the bed and stripped down. My legs were still exceptionally smooth from the past weekend and when I slipped the panties on I damn near shot my wad. My hard five inches slipped through the open crotch as well as my hairless family jewels. I slipped on the cotton dress and finally for a quick last touch I threw on my new wig, which was styled in a fashion of today's teen girl, with the sides and back curved around my head to the top of my shoulders, with bangs covering my forehead and colored blonde, similar to my own hair. I thought the hair gave me a very 'Paris Hilton' kinda look, if Paris was short and slightly chubby.

Finally dressed as far as I felt safe to go, I grabbed the 10" dildo from the box, and looked at it lustfully. I was so horny I could have shoved that purple dildo up my pussy without any lube, but I still had a couple hours before my parents would start to get home, so I sat down at my computer and opened a couple of my new favorite web sites, featuring young femboys in dresses, getting their love tunnels plowed, as I started sucking on my new friend. I had to have it now as my boy hole was quivering with anticipation, I quickly squirted some hand lotion on my fingers and rubbed them on my hole as I set the rubber cock on my desk chair and hovered above it. As I lowered myself down, I let out a long moan, "Ahhhhhhh, MMMMM," as my pussy lips slowly opened and let the intruder in. Sliding down until my panty covered cheeks hit the wood chair; my eyes were closed, biting my lower lip, as the full feeling overtook me. "Huh, huh, huh," trying to catch my breath as I rocked on the cock, making the head press against my prostate. My left hand running up, under the skirt, stroking my thigh and then over the lace of the panties to my belly, as my right hand slowly pumped my leaking cock. "OHHH, Shiiit", there was no catching this load for future consumption, as it rocketed from my prick and hit the desk in front of me. It took me a second to regain my composure and let my body relax as my ass was still pulsing around the rubber cock. I slowly stood up and pulled the dildo out, with a wet popping noise, and then proceeded to clean up the room and put everything back, before my parents got home. Two weeks had passed and this was becoming my daily routine; go to school, hang out with Dave, school would end, Dave would go to practice, and I would run home get dressed and fuck myself silly. Some afternoons I rode my new best friend while talking to Steve on the phone.

It was Tuesday when I found out we had the coming up Friday off from school for a teacher's workshop day. I could barely contain my excitement when I found out, just the thought of being able to put my full outfit on with make-up, had me smiling from ear to ear, and dripping hard all day. My only concern was Dave wanting to hang out with me, which normally I would have loved too, but as it turned out his coach wanted the whole football team to come in early and review tapes before the big game that evening, which I planned on going to, as I usually did.

Friday couldn't have come soon enough as I was about to explode, in more ways than one. Once I had found out about the teachers workshop day I had put a stop to jerking off, as I wanted the excitement of the day to be huge, just like my now swollen balls. I was awake before my parents had even left for work, which got a few comments from my Mom, but nonetheless I was just too excited to wait, and I wasn't the only one excited, my dick had been leaking all morning. As soon as my parents left, I dove into my closet and pulled out my box of clothes. Most of the clothes I had in my box were clothes from my shopping with Becca, but I also had the evening dress Steve bought me, as well as a recent addition Steve had sent me. It was a complete French maid's costume, like the one he mentioned the morning after that fateful Halloween night. It had white ruffled short sleeves, which continued across the chest, and then black straps that came over the shoulders into a corset which was black as well. The corset had black shoe string laces up the front that crisscrossed to just below my chest. Under the black corset skirt was a white ruffled petticoat, which stopped mid thigh. Apparently Steve preferred his French maid's young, because instead of sexy stockings and black heels, which usually come with this outfit, he sent along girl's white knee high socks and black Mary Jane's. I was going to wait for a weekend with Steve to wear the outfit, but he was pretty busy with football, and I just couldn't wait any more to try it on. I threw on my white crotchless panties, and white lacy bra, stuffed with my fake breast inserts, to finish the outfit off. I went into the bathroom to begin applying my make-up, and it only took me about twenty minutes or so, before I felt I looked pretty good. Because of the naughty outfit, I felt it only right that I wear red lipstick, and paint my nails a nice shade of red as well. I put on my clip on ear rings and blonde wig as I looked at myself in the mirror. Five foot four, large puffy red lips, double C breasts, cute bubble butt barely covered by the French maid's outfit, slightly pale thighs, as it was November and my tan was quickly fading, and cute little chubby socked feet shoved into a pair of Mary Jane's. I could see why Steve wanted me to wear this.

I walked back to my room and looked at the clock; it was just after 9 am and I had until 4 pm before I had to start cleaning up for my parent's arrival. So far the day was going just as I had planned. I ran into my parent's room and grabbed the video camera, tripod and a new blank memory card. After moving the tripod and camera around, the only place to set up the camera that would capture all of my room was in the corner of my closet, angled out, with the doors opened wide. It was my intent that if Steve couldn't be there in person to see me in my new outfit, I would record it and send it to him. Hitting record I swished back into the camera shot, where I picked up the purple dildo, and walked over to my iPod and turned it on to shuffle. As the music started to play so did I, "Oh you're such a bad boy, of course I'll suck your dick Steve, but I want to tease you first." With the rubber dong in my hand, I kneeled down in front of my bed, pretending Steve was sitting on the end of the mattress and I was between his legs. "Oh GOD Steve your dick is so big, MMMMMM," as I rubbed it up and down in the valley of my breasts, and then gently kissed and dragged my wet lips up the purple shaft. "Ohhh, you like that," as I licked my tongue all over it. "Oh baby, Hsssss, Yeah, Ughhhhhh, rrrr, mmmmmm," as Steve's substitute dick entered my mouth and pressed against the back of my throat. I had both hands around the base of the dildo as it pressed into the mattress, knees on the carpet, my ass was swinging along to the music, which was a special mix of Beyonce', Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and other current artists. I was sure Steve was going to love this video, "Ummm, Steve, you want me to swallow your dick, Oh yeahhhhh, but its sooo BIG, mmmmm." I dove back on the cock one more time, with it driving past the gate keeper to my throat, as I gagged a little, more for affect than anything else. I was getting into it as my throat hugged the purple monster, my eyes closed with images of Steve in my head, music blasting, ass swinging, I had no idea Dave was standing behind me.

Dave had apparently knocked on the front door a couple times, but with the music I didn't hear it. Dave knew where we kept our spare key and proceeded to let himself in, knowing I was home, but thinking I was probably still asleep, he walked down to my room. I can only imagine his thoughts as he saw me on my knees, French maid costume on, a clear shot of my panty covered ass with my balls and boy hole exposed.

Damn, Dave thought to himself, what the fuck is this, holy shit did he just call out Steve's name. The thoughts ran through Dave's head, as he stood there quiet, watching his best friend suck on a fake rubber dick. Dave had suspected something was up with Drew, as he had been distant for the last few weeks, and when he had over heard parts of a phone conversation with Becca and Steve, in which they talked about Drew's transformation, he just had to find out for himself what they were talking about. He had intended on coming over and talking to his best friend, but this was something else, his best bud was dressed in a girls outfit, a hot girls outfit, sucking on a dildo and pretending it belonged to his brother, his emotions were confused, that is all except one, desire was working just fine as his cock throbbed in his jeans. Dave stood there a little longer before the seen became too much, and as Drew removed the dildo from his mouth, he spoke, "Oh man that shits HOT!"

I spun around hearing Dave's comment, my eyes huge, as fear and reality entered my brain, "Oh God, what are you doing here, you're suppose to be at football." I was scrambling now, trying to cover myself up and get off the floor, the same floor I wanted to swallow me up. Everything felt heavy, my limbs felt like a 100 pounds each, as moving them became difficult, the air weighed down my lungs as breathing became labored, and it felt like an eternity to just get to my feet. Standing, the heat started to rise as I realized Dave was in the doorway and there was no where to go, I turned to face him. Shock taking hold, "Please don't tell anyone, please, and and don't hate me," I whimpered as my head hung down. The tear gates opened, and I began to cry. "Drew, Drew, Oh come on don't cry, I won't tell anyone, and I could never hate you, you're my best friend." Dave's words ran through my ears, as I finally looked at his face. Concern was clearly written all over his face, but there was something else, his eyes said something else. "You don't hate me, you don't think this weird," I said almost shouting. I couldn't believe my jock friend was just ok with this. "No I don't hate you Drew, you're my best mate, but I can't say I don't think this is weird, but... Well, uh ah hell, you're fucking HOT!" now Dave's head was hung. Dave moved to my bed and sat down and patted it for me to sit next to him.

"So I heard you mentioning Steve's name, did you mean Steve my older brother, and does he know about this," Dave asked. "Shit, how long were you standing there?" Jesus how much had Dave heard. "Long enough," Dave said as he looked at me waiting for my answer. Concerned about what Becca had said with Dave and his ability to keep a secret, "You have to promise you won't tell anyone what I'm about to say," his nod wasn't what I was looking for, but then him swearing on his grandmothers grave probably wouldn't have made me feel any better either. "Yeah, I meant your brother, and well Steve and I hooked up on Halloween night." "Wow, damn, that's why you too were acting funny that morning. I guess I know why you didn't tell me about Steve, but why didn't you tell me you liked guys, or why you like to dress up like girls, I mean I'm your best friend." Dave looked kinda hurt, "Oh come on Dave, there's no way I could tell you, you're my best friend, and I would be crushed if you hated me, because I like guys, or I dress up like girls, and well this is still a new revelation for me, it only started on Halloween. "Are you and Steve seeing each other?" "Ummm, I don't know, we've been together and all, but he hasn't said we were like boy friends or anything."

We were both thinking about what had been said up to then, when it hit me, "Did you really mean what you said, do you think I'm hot," I asked like a little school girl. "Oh fuck yeah dude, it's weird and all and I really don't know why I'm feeling like this, but you look like a really hot chick, and you kinda got me all worked up and shit." God I had never seen this side of Dave, his confident personality had given way to a shy and blushing guy, and it was really cute, and it was getting me horny again, not to mention the sight of that large bulge in his jeans. Dave looked at me again, this time giving me a really good once over, "God dude, I have a million questions for you, but I should go, my dicks so hard, I have to take care of it," Dave said as he stood up, as if to leave my room. My heart was fluttering, but I knew I needed to say something, "Can uh I help you with that," I said just as he reached my door. "What, really, won't Steve be pissed," Dave said turning around. "I don't think so; he doesn't need to know for now," and I meant it, he didn't need to know. Right now all I could think about was Dave and the way he looked. "Hey, what happened to your practice, and don't you have a game tonight," I said as I was wondering how much time we had. "Nah, the other team forfeited, they didn't have enough guys or something, so practice was cancelled this morning as well." "I thought I would come over and see what you were up to." Jumping back into character, "Well why don't you have a seat and let me go fix my make-up and I'll show you what I was up to." You could hear Dave gulp as he sat down and smiled as I swung my hips with such force as to have the skirt fly high enough to see my panties, walking past him to the bathroom.

My make-up wasn't too bad, just little touch up of eye liner and foundation from my earlier tears, and all was well. I did however sit there for a second taking deep breaths, as this was Dave I was about to mess around with, and I was concerned this still could go bad. As I walked back to the room, I was caught off guard, as Dave was sitting on the edge of my bed in just his boxer briefs. My god he was gorgeous, his black slightly wavy hair, accenting his beautiful blue eyes, and his chest, not like his brothers, as Dave was only fourteen like me, but still his definition far surpassed anything I could have wished for. Unlike me Dave had started to get a few hairs on his chest and a clear treasure trail was forming. "I hope you don't mind but I got a little comfortable," he said. "I don't mind at all honey, you're gorgeous," I said as I approached him. "Tell me if anything I do bothers you ok," I said with my real voice, as I really did care about him, but with that said, I put my hands on his thighs and bent over and kissed him just below his ear. I worked my way to his chest where I nipped and sucked on his nipple for a while. My right hand slid up his thigh, and rubbed over his white cotton boxer briefs, until my nails were dragging over his balls. "Oh man, oh man, mmmmm," Dave's moans were driving me crazy. As my mouth had made its way to the elastic waist band of his underwear, I could feel the heat in his crotch. "Mmmmmm, ahhhhh, ooooohhhh," my lips were vibrating over his underwear covered cock as I moaned and mouthed his dick. A large wet stain of pre-cum was at the tip of Dave's dick and I worked my mouth over it, hoping to suck the taste out of his boxers. I hooked my nails into the waist band of his Calvin's, and started to pull them down. With a horsed and slightly innocent tone, Dave whispered, "I'm probably not as big as Steve, and I'm sure as hell not as big as this," as Dave looked nervous holding up the purple dildo. "I haven't seen a lot of dicks myself, but you look pretty damn big to me, and that piece of rubber has nothing on the real thing," I said looking up at him, continuing to drag his underwear down and off. Dave seemed reassured with my comments, as I am sure he forgot all about his concerns when my lips kissed the head of his beautiful 6.5" cock. "Uhhhh, oh GOD, Drew shit yes," were Dave's cry's as I gobbled up his rod, taking it to the hilt, and staining the base of his cock with red lipstick. At school, Dave was considered a stud for the action he got with girls, but in my bedroom he had become every fourteen year old boy, who has the lucky pleasure of having their prick touched by someone else, shaking, whimpering, and ready to explode much faster than he wanted.

"Drew Drew shit shit , if you don't stop I'm gunna cummmmmm, oh Drew dre dre dre dre, AHHHH, SHIT!!!" I knew what was coming long before Dave tried to warn me, as my short time with Steve had taught me well, so when the time came I sucked with everything I had, not to end it quick, but to please Dave like he had never been pleased before. Dave's load fired hard into my throat, as I swallowed fast, trying to enjoy the taste, but not wanting to spill a drop. "Ohhh man man uhhh, huh huh huh, that was great," Dave said as he let his back hit the bed. I licked his softening cock as I stood up and thanked him. My hands still on his thighs, "You were great yourself," I said looking for any sign of regret on his face.

Not sure how much further Dave wanted to go; I slid up on my bed next to him. "Oh God, did you swallow it," Dave asked looking at me with slight shock. Knowing what he was asking, I simply crinkled my forehead and nodded a yes, "Does that gross you out?" "Well no not really, I just haven't had anyone actually swallow it before, it's actually really cool," he said, smile returning. "Your not weirded out, we're still friends right," I asked scarred of his response. Dave expression changed as he thought about it, "Fuck yeah this is weird, you're a dude dressed as a girl, and you just sucked my dick, and well it was the best blowjob I've ever had, and now I want to feel your tits, but then you're my best friend, and fuck yeah this is weird," Dave said more as a matter of fact, then that of annoyance or accusing. I was confused, Dave looked confused, we were fourteen, and this was confusing. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked, I know this is weird, I just don't want you to be mad at me or not want to be my friend." "Dude I already told you like four times, you're my best friend and that wont change, but this is new, you know, and I gotta process it on my own." With that said the room fell quiet for few uncomfortable minutes.

"What are you thinking about," I asked as I looked over Dave's naked body, and noticed his cock was starting to chub again. "I was thinking about that lap dance you gave Tom on Halloween, and how I would kinda like one now," he said with a little smirk. "Wow, Ok, why don't you throw your clothes back on and I'll give you the best lap dance I can," happy to do anything for him. "Well I was kinda thinking you could just do it like we are now," Dave said with large eyes. "Really, you know I'm wearing..." "Yeah I know what you're wearing," Dave said as he cut me off. "Ok babe," I said with my feminine voice, as I slid down off the bed and watched as Dave slid down so he was sitting on the edge. I walked up to Dave and let his legs slip between mine as I kissed the top of his head. I took his hands and placed them on my tits as I moved my kisses to his ear. "Oh baby you're making me so hot," I whispered into his ear as I lowered my kisses to his neck and slowly lowered my crotch to his lap. His pole had enlarged quickly, as my balls lightly toughed his hard stick, with each ball taking one side as I slid down, until my hard dick was rubbing his. If ever there was a time for him to truly be weirded out, it was now. "Oh yeah, mmmm," was all I heard, as Dave grabbed my tits harder and closed his eyes. "You like that sugar," I said as my chubby butt, hit his thighs, and ground into them. "Oh baby, you're making me feel so good, ahh fuck your cock is so warm," I knew if I wasn't careful I'd be cleaning cum off of Dave's lap. Dave had cum already, but I had four days worth of cum boiling in me, and believe me, it wasn't waiting for an invitation to come to the party. Dave was still squeezing my boobs as I stood up breaking his hold, and leaned down and swiped my tongue across his mushroom tip. "Oh shit your driving me crazy." I turned around and re-straddled his legs as I backed my plump toosh up to his stomach. Pumping my hips I could feel Dave's cock jab the bottom of my sack as it pushed it out of the way and continued into the valley of my cheeks, with his warm dick skin rubbing the outside of my pussy. Dave's hands were not to be left out, without my tits to fondle they found my hips and held on as I pumped up and down on his cock. "Is this what you were expecting honey," I said slowing my movements down as I teasingly stroked his cock with my ass. "Oh fuck, Tom only wished he had gotten this lap dance, shit, huh huh huh." Dave's complement brought a smile to my face. "Tom isn't as cute as you are babe," I said as I rose up on his dick, moaning as it dragged over my pussy. Dave surprised me by letting go with his right hand and holding his dick out, so that just the head was rubbing in the crack of my bubble butt. Every time his cock head centered on my hole, Dave rocked his hips forward a little, bumping the lips of my pussy. "Ahhh, mmmm, yeah baby oh you got me moaning like a dirty whore." Dave's thrusts at my boy pussy were getting stronger, and finally I couldn't take it any more.

Looking over my shoulder, "do you want to fuck me," I said biting my lip. "I think so, I I've never done it before," Dave said looking really nervous. Dave wasn't as big as the purple monster I had been riding religiously for the two weeks, but I knew I still needed some lube. "Lean back baby and grab that hand lotion off my night stand and give your pole a couple good strokes with it." Dave moved quick, but not quick enough for me as I was dying to have his cock in me. Dave slicked his staff up with plenty of lube, as I watched him stroke his love tool, "Ok now what do I do," he asked like a lost puppy. Man how the roles had changed; this was just another example of the difference between Drew and Dru. "Nothing babe, I'll take it from here," and with that I grabbed the base of his cock and lined it up to my hole. "Ohhh ohhh, yes yes yessssss," were my moans as his cock slid all the way in. Dave, competitive as always, was not to be out done in the moan department, "Fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkk, rrrrrrrrrr, ahhhhh, Oh My GOD," he said as I bottomed out. "You're hot, huh huh, this is hot, shit, shit Soooo good," he kept repeating as I placed my hands on my knees and started rocking back and forth. As I began riding his dick, Dave lifted my petticoat and was starring at my crotchless panty covered ass, "Damn Dru, you have the finest ass in the whole school, and it's sucking my virginity out of my dick," he said gripping the sheets on the bed as I took this rodeo into high gear. My cum filled balls were smacking Dave's thighs, and it was adding a little bit of pain as I sped up, but it felt so good that I didn't care, I just needed to cum. And that became my chant," I need to cum, Oh baby, I need to cum, I need to cum," I just kept repeating this as I rode his dick. I wanted so badly to jerk myself off, but at the speed I was going, this train would have crashed for sure. Dave had leaned back and was now lying on the bed, with the occasional pump from him, as the bed was squeaking from the pounding it was taking. "I'm so close, Dru Dru DREWWWWW," Dave shouted as I felt his cock thicken and then gush his creamy load into my ass. His orgasm was all it took, as my head flew back, back arched, hands left my knees and gripped the mattress, and my dick shot the first load at least four feet through the air hitting my bedroom wall, followed by at least six to seven more large blasts that hit my carpet like tiny spluge bombs," Oh GOD, oh God, please more more more more mo ahhhhhh," my cock would shoot a load every time Dave's cock would twitch and shoot a load into my ass.

As our climaxes dwindled down, Dave's hands once again went to my hips as he pumped the last few spurts of his seed into me. I leaned forward, using Dave's legs to push myself off of his shrinking cock, with my boy pussy contracting involuntarily, as if trying to hold onto Dave's prick. As I finally broke loose and stood up on shaky legs, I could feel his cum leaking out my hole, and the warm wet feeling of his remaining load inside me, man how I loved this feeling. I turned and faced Dave, still lying on the bed, his beautiful abs rising and falling as he tried to catch his breath. Lying on my bed next to him, "How was it," I asked returning to Drew, the kid who idolized the boy laying next to me. "Seriously, oh my God dude, that was the hottest shit ever, oh man that felt so good." "Thank you for letting me be your first; I hope it wasn't too weird and we can do it again sometime." "Shit yeah we're doing this again sometime," he said with excitement in his voice, but then the expression on his face went to concern. "You won't tell anyone we did this will you," Dave asked, with fear in his eyes. "I was going to ask you the same thing," I said as I looked at him a smile. "I really don't think I'm ready to announce Dru to the school just yet, you know." "Yeah I can respect that," he said as he turned to his side, and I watched his soft dick drape across his thigh.

"Dude, is this what you and my brother due when you're together," he asked. "Yeah kinda, we've only done it twice," I said, now feeling a little guilty about sleeping with someone else. "I can't believe my brother got your ass before me," he said shaking his head. "Well can you keep a secret," I said smiling. "Yeah," he said with trepidation. "Umm, your brother was the first person, and the first Roberts, to fuck me, but you weren't the second, uhh you see Rebecca and I kinda hooked up a couple weekends ago," I said worried he was going to get pissed, as sleeping with a friends sister was still considered forbidden territory. Dave seemed kind of confused at first, "Becca slept with you, or slept with Dru," as he pointed to my outfit. I knew what he was asking, and wasn't sure Becca would want me telling him this, but shit I had come this far, so I told him everything. Dave still looked shocked, but then rolled onto his back in a fit of laughter, "What's so funny," I said getting pissed. "Don't get your panties in a bunch," he said which just added to his amusement as he laughed even harder. "Shit dude, your a slut, one more Roberts, and you'll have slept with my whole family," as he continued to laugh. Part of me was pissed, because in a way it was the Roberts children that had started me down this path in the first place, but part of me also wanted to thank them, as I started to laugh to. "So, what's your Dad doing tomorrow," I said, with both of us laughing even harder. "I have a great video I want to show, I think he's going to love it," as I pointed to the camera in my closet. Dave wasn't laughing anymore.




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