Dave shot up like a rocket, "You filmed this?" I thought for sure he was going to spring off the bed and attack the camera, but he didn't, he just looked at me concerned. "Relax, the film was to be for Steve," I said as I sat up and fixed my French maid's outfit. As I walked over to the camera and turned it off, I looked back at Dave and in my feminine voice, "We could destroy this babe, OR we could keep it between us, and remember the fun we had," I said licking my lips. "Well, it was fun," he said smiling. "Damn, I can't believe my best friend, dressed in a HOT looking French maid's outfit was my first fuck," Dave said looking me up and down. "Now there's a story you can tell your kids," I said as we both started laughing.

After Dave stopped laughing, we agreed I would make him a copy of the video, and that they were just for him and I to enjoy. We also talked about telling Becca and Steve about what had happened, and of course he suggested I do all of the telling, which was fine by me, as I knew I could choose my words a little bit better than Dave. Feeling a little guilty about what I had done with both Dave and Becca, I really did want to tell Steve. Becca probably didn't care one way or the other as this would just be like gossip between girl friends. Dave and I also discussed our feelings about what had happened, and my earlier concerns about damaging our friendship, and where we would go from here. He asked if I was looking for a boyfriend, and in truth the idea of having a boyfriend really didn't cross my mind, and I think that's because deep down I really didn't want one, as I was still just 14 and enjoying my new found femboy life. Dave let me know that even though this was all pretty new to him, he was sure he was straight, or as straight as he could be after just having sex with me. He couldn't deny it felt good, what we did, and that he'd probably want to do more, but he didn't want to do anything with me if I wasn't at least dressed as a girl. I actually thought his idea was a good one, as it would allow me to keep my dual identity and our friendship intact. I wasn't too concerned if Dave didn't want to reciprocate during our sexual encounters, although I wished he was like his brother Steve, but just the act of sucking or getting fucked by him was pretty exciting for me.

Dave and I had been sitting on the bed, with him having put his boxers back on and me still in my French maid outfit, while we had discussed all of our feelings when Dave looked at me, "You want to go again he asked," with a dirty little grin on his face. "I thought you'd never ask," and with that I slid back down on my knees between his legs and grabbed his boxer briefs and pulled them off in one quick motion, with his hard six and half incher slapping his belly. Playfully I looked up at Dave and asked in my sultriest French maid's voice, "Monsieur after I've polished your rod and lightly dusted your family jewels is there anything else I can do for you?" Giggling, Dave looked between his legs at me, "shut up and suck me you slut." Ah yes, Dave was a true poet with his words.

"Of course right away monsieur," I said as I moved in and grabbed his cock with one hand and lifted his balls with the other. My mouth went to his sack as I lightly blew warm air across it, his sparse short little black hairs standing up. Using just the tip of my tongue I lightly lapped at his sack, doing everything I could to tease him and drive him crazy. "Ahhhhh, come on PLEASSSE, lick em or suck em or something, pleasssse." Dave was moaning and twitching all over my bed, just dying for release, and I had him right where I wanted him. Remembering the rimming Steve had giving me, and how great it felt, I wanted to try it on Dave, but I knew if I just asked he would probably say no, so my little devilish mind decided I would make him beg for it. I was planting the lightest of kisses all over his cock without actually staying in one area for long, "Oooohh, your rod monsieur is filthy, and it really does need a good cleaning," and with that I dragged my tongue up the bottom side of his dick, to the sound of his uncontrolled moaning, "But monsieur it just wouldn't be right for me to clean your rod first, I really should give you a proper rimming. "Wha what, huh huh, what do you want to do." "Proper rimming monsieur, I would like to give you a proper rimming before I suck your cock clean." "OH God, come on Drew, please just suck me, oh God you're killing me, pleassse!"

"Not until you ask me to give you a proper rimming monsieur, it just wouldn't be right." "Yes, yes just do it, whatever, just please do something." "I'm sorry monsieur, what is it you would like me to do?" I said as I stroked his cock with my hand slowly. "Please, please give me a proper rimming, I'll do anything I just need you to suck my dick, Ooohhhh." With that I stood up and left Dave only for a second, as I walked around and grabbed my pillow. Returning to Dave I had him put the pillow under his sweet ass, as I resumed my position on my knees before him. With the pillow under his ass, it lifted his little boy hole to just the right height. I began licking his balls again, sucking each one in this time, as I applied just a little more force. With his new position, it was only natural for him to put his legs over my shoulders, as I worked down toward his boy pussy. "Oh God what are you doing, oh shit wait wait, oh mannnn, uhhhhhhhh." My tongue had reached its target as I swiped a couple times across it. The taste wasn't bad, as it tasted salty, most likely from the sweat of our earlier activities. My tongue worked at his hole, like it was a lollipop and I was trying to get to the center. Dave's head was thrashing from side to side as I loosened the entrance to his love tunnel, his moaning getting loud, and I knew this was going to end soon. As soon as I could feel his pussy ring relax and my tongue begin to enter, I switched tactics, quickly licking a finger and then sucking his cock to the base in one motion. Dave arched his back as he wasn't prepared for the sudden change, as his cock head entered my throat. "Fuck fuck fuck, don't stop, mmmmmm." It wasn't my intent to stop, but I did want to do one more thing, and as my throat messaged his dick, I stuck my finger to his pussy lips and gently pushed. With slight resistance, my finger wiggled all the way in. "Shit stop stop, oh God, no, no Oh man man, what are you doing, OHH Fuck." I had found Dave's prostate and was working it over with my finger as I deep throated his cock. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I received a full load of Dave's baby makers. "Drew, Drew, shit Drew Oh yes, uhhhhh, huh, huh, here it come's, Shiiiit," and with that final yell, Dave's ass clamped down on my finger in a series of spasms, as his volley of cum splattered my mouth and throat. As Dave's dick spit the final last drops of cum in my mouth, my hand went to my own hard boy dick and pumped it to a quick explosion all over my bed and carpet. Sweat building on my forehead from the wig, Dave's dick shrinking in my mouth, my finger slowly coming out of his boy hole, and my own dick pulsing in my other hand, I was beat, as I stood up and laid down next to Dave, no one ever told me being a slut was such hard work.

On Saturday I called both Steve and Becca, and told them what had happened, and not to get into boring details they both seemed to understand. As school started on Monday, everything pretty much went back to normal; it was just me playing with my purple friend after school. Even though Dave and I desperately wanted to hook up again, his football practices and our parents always at home, there was literally no opportunities for that to happen. And so the weeks went by with me just throwing on a dress after school and jerking my pud to the image of one of the Roberts kids.

It was December now and it was the Friday before Christmas vacation. Two whole weeks with little to no supervision, and oh how my mind wonder with all the possibilities. With all the anticipation, I was ready to dress up and let the whole boy's football team have their way with me, but my focus was on the Roberts kids, Dave or Steve to be more specific, as Steve had vacation too. On our walk to school Dave was really quiet and I knew something was up. "What's wrong dude, you're never this quiet." "Dude my Mom called last night, and I guess her boy friend asked her to marry him, and she said yes, and well now she wants all three of us to come and meet him and have Christmas with them," he said looking down. Dave's Mom, had left them 6 years ago, and I know it caused a huge rift in the family, so much so that all of the kids decided to stay with their father, and they rarely talked to their Mom, much less spoke of her. Forgetting about my own wants and needs for a second, even though it felt like someone just threw a huge bucket of ice water on my crotch, I wanted to be there for my friend who was clearly upset. "Wow, so what are you going to do." "Well, we all discussed it, and kinda decided it was the right thing to do, even though none of us really want to go," he said. Dave went on to tell me they were leaving tomorrow morning, and would be gone for the whole two weeks. Now I was the one crushed and miserable looking, two weeks with no one to talk to, no one to hang out with, who was gonna fuck me, "fuck dude that sucks."

The rest of Friday went by slowly, as my fowl mood got worse. I was so pissed at everyone and the world, but mostly Dave's mom. How could she do this to me, didn't she know I was a raging ball of hormones that needed desperate release. What the fuck did she think she was doing, urrrrrrrrrrr. My parents picked up on my poor mood quickly and when I told them the situation, and the `PG' version as to why I was mad, they pretty much left me alone for the evening. I was so pissed, I didn't even jack off before bed; I simply fell asleep wondering what Steve, Becca, and Dave were going to do for two weeks in hell.

Saturday morning came and with it a dread of what I was going to do for two weeks. I woke up rubbing my morning wood through my white panties as I sat up to get out of bed. I had slept in an old white under shirt, white lacey panties and some white socks, so all I had to do was grab a pair of shorts and I was ready for breakfast, of course not before my morning piss. As I walked down the hall, I could hear someone in the kitchen, someone who sounded very familiar, and as I turned the corner of the hall I could see Mr. Roberts talking to my dad. "Hi Mr. Roberts," I said as I entered the kitchen. "Hey sport, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Mike?" "Oh yeah, sorry Mr. uhh, I mean Mike." Laughing, "It's alright sport, we were just talking about you anyway; I was just telling your dad here that I was planning on painting the house, since the house is empty with the kids gone, and he suggested you might be available to give me a hand?" "Before you answer, I plan on paying you, it's just too big of a project to take on myself," he said. With nothing really going on, I figured I could use the money, "Sure, when do we start?" "How about you show up Monday morning bright and early and we'll get started." "Don't you have work," I asked. "Well no, I had already taken these two weeks off to spend with the kids, when their," and at this point you could see Mike stop to think of the right word to use in front of me, "well lets just say their mom changed the plans." "No problem, I'll be there." "Great, thanks sport, and wear something you don't mind getting paint on, and I'll see you on Monday morning than," and with that he shook my dad's hand and left.

Saturday and Sunday seemed to go by slow with nothing much to do. I did help my dad hang the Christmas lights, and I decorated the tree with my mom, but outside of that, there was no chance to dress up, or play, and well jerking off had become purely for release. On Monday morning I contemplated not showering, and simply going over to the Roberts house as is, but it was so early in the morning I needed something to wake me up. With my short blonde hair spiked up, I grabbed a pair of red thong panties, some old faded jeans, and an old long sleeve shirt, and headed out the door for the Roberts house. I was to be at Mr. Roberts house by 7 am, and the walk over was chilly to say the least, but it was also exciting to feel my butt cheeks rub against the back of the jeans, with the thong sliding over my boy hole.

As I approached the front door, I noticed a large trash pile of empty paint cans on the side of the driveway, along with other used painting supplies, and suspected Mr. Roberts must have already started on Saturday and Sunday. As I knocked on the door, Mr. Roberts answered it in just his robe, with his bare chest exposed and a pair of slippers. Mike Roberts was a large man in his early forties at 6'-2", slightly receding dark hair, with the touch of grey on the sides. His hair was combed straight back with a slick look, which left the distinguished wrinkles on his forehead. His bright blue eyes left no doubt as to where his children got their beautiful eyes from. His face showed the signs of a life lived, with a graying goatee and mustache. His broad chest and shoulders showed years of exercise, from either the gym or manual labor, even though my dad and Mr. Roberts were now inside businessmen. The dark curly hairs on his chest that disappeared under the robe re-appeared with vengeance on his thick thighs and calves. Mr. Roberts was definitely a good looking man's man. "Good morning sport, right on time." "Hi Mr. Roberts, looks like you got started already," I said looking at the pile in his driveway. "I've asked you nicely to call me Mike, the next time I have to ask you it will come with a punishment, do you understand sport?" Mike's tone was gentle and even killed, but the look on his face told me he wasn't playing, as he looked down at me. "Oh, ok, Mike, I'm sorry," I said somewhat intimidated. A smile returned to Mike's face, as he said, "That's ok sport, why don't you come on in and we'll go over our plan for today," and with that I walked into the house I had spent so much time in.

Something was different though, the whole house had already been painted, and I was confused, as Mike had a hand on my shoulder and led me to the foot of the stairs. I thought, ok maybe he finished the first floor and all we had to do is the up-stairs, but as we reached the top I noticed it too had been painted, and everything seemed to be back in its place. "Looks like you've been busy," I said as he directed me to Dave's room. "You have no idea sport," he said as we entered Dave's room, and I was shocked to see it too had been painted. I was about to ask what we were going to do today, with everything being already painted, when I noticed something playing on Dave's computer. Oh fuck, it was the tape from our little sex-caped, and it was at the part where I was riding Dave's dick for all I was worth. The camera had caught my face, and my pure ecstasy, as the skirt of my French maids costume flew up and down. "That's my favorite part sport; you look like you're having such fun. I spun around and looked at Mike, scarred, shocked, and even more confused. "Shhhh, don't speak, just listen," he said as he directed me to Dave's bed, and had me sit down. The volume was low on the computer, but you could still hear our moaning, as Mike walked over and hit pause, "I want your undivided attention while I'm talking." Weakly I looked into Mike's eyes to acknowledge I was listening. "Good, now first off you should never have trusted my son to keep your secrete, God knows I love him, but the kids a moron, and you let him have a tape that you clearly don't want getting into the wrong hands,....... but with that said, you did, and he left it out and I found it." "I'm sorrr....," "STOP, did I say speak?" Mike looked annoyed, "the next time you open your mouth without my permission you will be punished." "Like I was saying I found your little porno, and I liked it, you make a very convincing little slut." "So It got me thinking of how, well just as you say in your tape, the only person you haven't slept with in my family, is me, and I thought I should correct that." With Mike's announcement that he wanted to sleep with me, my face flushed and my toes curled. "With my bitch of an ex-wife calling to take the kids for the next two weeks, timing couldn't have been better." Mike noticed the look on my face, "Oh boy, now you look kinda nervous, hmmm, look Drew, you have nothing to be nervous about, but it would make it a lot easier if you just did what I asked, as I am not afraid to dish out some spankings if needed," he said keeping the eye contact.

"Look, I'll just get to the point, you can clearly see I have already had the house painted, and since that's already done, you and I have plenty of time to get to know each other better, isn't that right,.......hmm what was it, Oh yes, Dru as in Dru Berrymore, I think I remember you saying that's what you liked to be called?" I simply nodded my head again, afraid to speak. "Now it looks like you have showered already, did you shave as well, I remember you telling Dave in the tape you kept your body shaved?" I hadn't shaved this morning, but it was becoming a part of my regular shower routine, so I was pretty smooth, "No, I didn't shave, but I'm pretty smooth," I said. "Well, I'll be the judge of that, now stand up and strip." Wow, Steve had been pretty persuasive, and Becca, although gentle, was pretty forceful, but Mike was something else; you could tell making him mad was not in your best interest. I stood up and removed my shirt, socks and shoes, and although I had become comfortable in girls underwear, this was my best friend's father, and it just felt weird, so I stood there covering myself up as best I could. "Cute, I like my girls shy; now arms up, lets see how smooth you are." "Please don't do this, please not like this," I whimpered. " Come on Dru, you might find you like this, and look Dru, my intent is not to hurt you, but rather bring us both pleasure in way you have never imagined," as he ran his hand's from the band of my panties to the backs of my arms pushing them above my head. Again making eye contact with me,"Remember Drew, I own you, so what I need you to do right now is just listen and obey me, without questions, or this could be a very long day for you, nod your head if you understand." I shook my head yes, as I knew he was right, he did own me, he had it all, the video tape, the physical size to control me, the perfect set-up with no one coming to check on me, and now my growing curiosity; I was his to do with as he wanted.

"Now let me inspect you," he said as he spun me around. Mike lightly ran his hands over my pits and chest, to my naked ass, pulling on the thong and letting it snap back into the crevice of my bubble butt. His hand moved into the front on my panties and felt the little triangular pattern of bush, as my cock started to stir. "Very nice Dru, your little clitty is getting all stiff." "Now listen closely, I want you to go into the bathroom and change into the outfit waiting for you, you'll also find some make-up on the counter, take your time and apply them well, I want you to look as cute as you did for Davey, and then meet me in the garage, do you understand?" "Yes sir," I said with my heart racing. "I like that; from now on you can call me sir, now go get ready."

I walked to the bathroom, remembering the last time I took this journey, as I was running naked, dick swinging from Steve's recent blowjob, happy as could be, boy was this a far cry from that day. As I entered the bathroom I saw the make-up on the vanity counter, along side it was a black leather jock strap, and matching black leather bra, with what had to be the best looking fake tit inserts I had ever seen. Damn this family had spent a lot of money on making me up into a girl. The black leather bra had two thin straps for the shoulders and zipped in the front as it was tight, and really pushed my fake tits up. The leather jock had a thick band that went around the waist and came together on a metal ring just above my dick. The metal ring was also worked through the first two holes, of a series of holes that travel down the leather pouch that covered my cock and balls. The holes were similar to that seen on a shoes, and were laced together with a black shoe string. You could tell the intent of the design was such, that once the shoe string lace was removed, you were now in a leather crotchless jock. I called it a jock and not a thong, because there were two straps coming off the thick band around the waist much like your typical jock strap, as they fell just below each cheek and effectively pull them up making my bubble butt even bigger. The jock was tight as well, and you could barely see my small cock and balls, once I slid it on. I could tell the make-up was from Becca's room, as I had remembered playing with it during our dress up session. I did as I was told and applied the make-up to the best of my ability. To cap the outfit off there was a pair of 3" black stilettos. Looking in the mirror, I realized Drew had left the room and a new slutty Dru had arrived with spiked short blond hair, hazel eyes, large tits, a smooth white tummy, bare assed bubble butt, short smooth legs, leather bra, leather jock and the final touch a pair of stiletto heels. Even without a wig I still had a very feminine look to me, and I giggled as I thought I needed to remember this look for Dave.

The walk to the garage was a long one, mostly because of the heels, as the stairs were a bitch, but some of it was my nerves, and the fear of what was waiting for me. As I got to the door I remembered what happened the last time I opened a door in this house, and my gut tightened as I turned the knob. As I stepped into the garage I could see Mike, in the far corner, where he was still dressed in his bath robe and slippers. The rest of the garage had been cleaned, and the car that normally parked there was gone, and now the only items present, were what looked like a wood saw horse, that had leather cuffs on the legs and a leather pillow on the top, sitting in the middle of the room, and a black leather swing that was hanging from the rafters in one of the corners. As I got further into the garage I saw Mike was standing near a rolling cart, and on it were a group of dildos, and what I think was a ridding crop. When I realized what I was looking at, I almost fell as one of my heels buckled under my wobbly legs. Catching me by the arm, "Woa there;" Mike said standing me back up, "Wow you look amazing Dru." "Thank you sir," I said without making eye contact. All of this was so unreal, how in the span of two months had I gone from a 14 year old boy, to now standing in make-up, a leather bra, and panties, for all intense of purposes, and, with my best friends father preparing to do only God knows what with me, but the ultimate out come being a hard fucking, of this I was sure.

Mike still had one hand on my arm as his other hand went to the back of my neck and pulled me in and kissed me hard on the lips. His tongue entered my mouth, and although I was scarred, my hormones took over as I kissed him back. The kiss was short but full, "Damn, you have to be one of the cutest little sluts I've ever seen," he said as he grabbed a handful of my cheek. The earlier situation in Dave's room had distracted me from the bulge in Mike's robe, which was now pushing through the robe and against my thigh. Stepping back Mike saw what I was looking at, "Don't worry babe, you'll get an introduction to it soon enough, as his hand opened his robe and stroked the biggest cock I had ever seen, which included Becca's purple dildo. His hard dick was at least 10"s, and as thick if not thicker than Steve's. I blushed as I realized I had been caught.

Mike produced a black dog's collar from a pocket of his robe, and as he walked behind me to put it around my neck, I could feel his long cock slide between my cheeks. "Don't worry babe this is just for fun," Mike said as the collar was left quite loose. "MMMmmmmm, Ok" I moaned as he gave me a couple quick jabs with his fuck pole. Mike then clicked a rope to the hoop in the collar and threw the other end over a rafter in the ceiling, and pulled the rope so there was a little slack in the line, as it wasn't really chocking me, but once he secured it to the leg of the horse I couldn't move very far before it did. Mike then put a leather strap around my wrists and pulled them tight, affectively binding my hands together behind my back. Pulling the cart of item's near me, Mike grabbed some shaving cream and a razor, "Now Dru, I know you think your smooth, but I like my girls REALLY smooth," and with that he pulled my tight leather jock down, and quickly applied the cream to my groomed bush. I was squirming trying to avoid the razor, "Nooo please, I don't want to be bald, please," it was a step I had contemplated before, but I always stopped before doing it, because even though my bush was groomed like a girls, at least when I was a boy during the day I could feel like one, but with no hair at all, it was bring my dual identities together, and that scarred me, I mean fourteen year old boys should have hair around their cocks. In the end I had little say in the matter as there was no stopping him, and once the razor touched my flesh, I knew enough not to move, as he quickly removed the last remaining hair on my body, below my head that is. After he was done, he grabbed a cold wet wash cloth and wiped away the last signs of Drew's teenage manhood. Mike replaced the jock, but then removed the shoe string, leaving me as expected, crotchless, as he slapped my ass. I tried to keep my balance in the stilettos with my hard little clitty now swinging free, but with my hands still bound behind me it wasn't easy. "Now it's time to have some fun Dru," he said as he stood up dragging a finger up the bottom of my hard cock, and stepping behind me. "Aaahhhhh, mmmm ohhhh, hiisssss, Ahhh," I whimpered as Mike stuck a lubed finger into my boy hole without any warning. Minutes after the first finger, he added the second finger, as he stretched me open. From the initial intrusion, his fingers had one purpose, and it was not for my enjoyment, although it wasn't completely horrible either. His fingers were abruptly removed and a rubber item was quickly at my pussy entrance. It started in easily as my lips were still loose, but it got bigger quickly, so big I couldn't imagine it going in, "Stop Please, owww," but with a pop it was in and it tapered quickly so that my pussy ring swallowed around it. "Oh God, Oh God, what was that, shit take it out please, ohh fuck, as I danced in my heels. "Oh come on now Dru, I know you've taken bigger than that little ol' butt plug, just relax, it's just preparing you for later on."

Mike came back around and began kissing me again, only this time, it was with passion and a gentle touch. "I can see why my kids are so infatuated with you Dru," he said after breaking the kiss. "Your lips are beautiful and plump, and just prefect for kissing, I could get lost in your eyes for ages, your smooth porcelain skin, and that ass, shit, men would kill to have a chance at that ass," he said as he drug a finger over my body. His compliments had me blushing, as I stood there balancing, my hard nipples pushing on the back of the breast inserts, as my cock was starting to drip. "Thank you sir," I said in my femboy voice. "Now Dru so you understand what's about to happen here, I'm going to do things to you that I am sure you have never experienced, as I like to tease and torture my girls until they're begging for my cock, and I mean honestly begging for it, which I know you will be." Mike then kneeled in front of me and took my dick into his mouth and proceeded to suck it real slow, which had me howling, "Oh oh yes yes, ooo please." Mike stopped his sucking and slipped two leather rings on me, one around my hard little dick and one around my balls. As Mike stood up he looked me in the eyes, "That should slow you down from cumming too soon, my little slut." Mike then released the rope from the ceiling, as he directed me over to the saw horse. The leather pillow on the top of the horse was only large enough to support my chest and stomach, as my head and waist hung free. Mike then released my hands as he used the cuffs on the legs of the horse to immobilize my arms and legs. Next he took the rope, which was still attached to my collar and again threw it over a rafter and pulled it so that my head was held up. Completely secure, Mike walked behind me and gave the butt plug a couple shoves. "Ohhhh, huh, mmmmm," moaning was all I could do as, even squirming was hard. "You like that babe," Mike said as he came back around into sight, only this time without his robe. God his dick was huge, and it only seemed to be getting bigger as he got closer to my head. Mike grabbed the back of my hair as he held his large monster, letting just the tip of it touch my lips. "Just use your tongue Dru, nothing more," as his pre-cum was drenching my lips.

I stuck my tongue out as Mike instructed, and he circled it with the head of his cock; he was slow and methodical, and I realized this was more to tease me than for his pleasure. Time passed, as it was probably only minutes, but the drool from my open mouth was dripping off my chin, and my tongue was going numb. I desperately wanted to suck his dick, and bring him the pleasure I knew I could, but when my eyes looked into his, I realized, he wasn't going to give me my prize, as this was the teasing and torture he spoke of. Mike finally pulled his cock off my tongue as it too was dripping with my spit. He then moved to behind me where I had no way of seeing what he was doing, as the slack in the rope holding my neck up, just wasn't enough for me to see that far. I could feel Mike's hands slowly slide up the back of my thighs to my bubble butt, as my pussy lips contracted on the plug. Subconsciously, my butt was wiggling and humping in mid air as the pleasure in my boy hole was building. My dick was aching, trying to find release, as it bounced with every hard pulse. This was torture, or at least I thought it was until I felt the sudden sting of the ridding crop. "Ooowwww, Jesus, Ohhh mannn," the suddenness of it was shocking and now my ass was shaking for a different reason. Mike kept it up, as he alternated between cheeks, and I bit hard on my lower lip. The smacks on my cheeks weren't vicious; as I knew Mike could draw out real pain, if he had swung with all his might, but they were quick and constant, and left me gasping and watery eyed. "You should see your plump little ass Dru, Oh how it's a nice shade of red," Mike said as he stopped spanking me and dragged his hand across the burning skin. His rubbing hand was starting to feel real good, "You see baby I like to shock the senses; it makes the pleasure more intense." He was right, it did feel more intense, as the only thing I could focus on right now was how good his hand felt, but when he suddenly grabbed hold of the plug and with gentle, but steady force, pulled the plug out, "Aaaahhhhhh, oh shit come on please," now my focus was somewhere else. Mike had my head spinning, and after pulling the plug out, all I wanted to do was rest my head, but with the collar firmly holding my head up there would be no resting.

"Wh what, is that, rrrrrrrr, oh fuck, please sir I need lube, PLEAAASSSE," I yelped as I felt the head of Mike's cock pop into my stretched pussy, scarring me, as it felt bigger than the butt plug's widest part.. "Oh babe I'm sorry I just had to, I know you're not ready for my cock, and I'm not ready to give it to you yet, but damn your ass is sweet," and with that Mike pulled his cock head out with an audible pop. My pussy lips were gasping as I could feel how stretched they were, as I laid there waiting for my next surprise. I didn't have to wait long, as I felt the familiar feeling of a long lubed dildo being shoved into my hole. This dildo was long and slightly thicker than Becca's, but there was something different about this one, as this one I could tell had a slight curve at the tip, which Mike seemed to know just how to direct, as he stopped it right on my boy button. Mike then clipped some straps, apparently attached to the dildo, now lodged in my love tunnel, to the waist strap of my jock, because once he was done, it was clear that dildo wasn't coming out until Mike said so. "Oh baby, now this is what I call love and hate, you see I know this is about to feel real good to a little horny slut like you, but with those tight cock rings on, your poor little clitty, you won't be able to cum, and that's gotta be hard," as Mike laughed at his own little pun. Mike had moved to the side of the horse and was kissing my back, with light little kisses, just teasing my skin, as this alone was driving me crazy, but when the dildo in my ass roared to life, vibrating right on my pleasure center, my hands and toes curled, as my ass clenched down on the terribly wonderful machine. "Oooooo, ahhhhh, huh, huh mmmmmm, shit, shit, stop please, oh God it feels so good," This wasn't torture this was hell; the feeling in my ass were amazing, and on most days I would have cum in minutes, but as it was, my cock was just dribbling profusely. "Please sir, please take off the rings, pleahehease, oh God I need to cum PLEASE," now I was begging, as the pleasure was pure torture. Mike had other plans as he walked in front of me and with one hand on my chin and the other hand around the base of his cock, he aimed it for my mouth, and with pressure on my chin, albeit not much as I wanted his rod, and the restraint of the collar, my mouth opened and his cock head forced its way in. "Urrrghhh, ummmmm," his cock head was huge as it pushed out the sides of my mouth. I thought of myself as a pretty good cock sucker, with all the recent practicing, but this thing was just too big for my little mouth, and while I tried to do my best, I knew my teeth were scraping across his dick. "Come on babe, I know my dicks fat, but you can do better than this, come on baby make daddy happy," Mike said as his cock reached the back of my throat. Now I had become pretty good at deep throating, or at least not gagging, but with the buzzing in my pussy, the throbbing in my cock, and not being able to move, I was on stimulus overload and I was thrashing around, well as much as I could. Mike removed his cock from my mouth and looked me in the eyes as I gasped for air, "Come on honey, focus on giving your man pleasure, and you'll do just fine, I know you can do this babe."

Mike gave me a look that literally melted me as I was transfixed by the caring in his eyes. I tried my best to forget about my aching cock, or the desperate need I had to fuck back on the vibrator in my ass, and simply give him the best blowjob I could. "Ok sir I'm ready," I said, again in my feminine voice, licking my lips for what was about to come. His large cock re-entered my mouth as I fought the best I could to keep my teeth covered. As his cock rubbed over my tongue I noticed his cock had a taste unlike his son's, as it was a little bitterer and not as sweet, but delicious nonetheless. His cock hit the back of my throat and I focused all I had on breathing through my nose as I knew where his cock wanted to go, and I wanted it too. "Oh Shit Dru, Yeah that's it, let my cock in, OH Fuck, I can't believe you're doing this, shit you're not a slut, you're a Goddess, ohhhhh mannn." If my mouth could have opened any more, it would have, and smiled at Mike's words, as they made me feel so good, with his huge cock traveling down my throat.

The height of the wood horse had me right at dick level for Mike, so when he bent over and put his hands on my butt, it didn't affect his thrusting, which is what he was currently doing. Mike stamina was amazing, as both Dave and Steve would have cum by now, but even so I knew he was close, as his nails dug into the flesh of my plump cheeks, reminding me of the humming dildo in my ass. Mike was fucking my mouth so hard I could feel in nuts slapping my chin, "Oh shit babe here it comes, MMMMM, OH YES YES YES, FUCK ME," he yelled as he stopped his thrusts and kept his dick lodged in my belly, as his load fired into me. I could only moan as it happened, with my stomach quickly filling up with his huge cum deposit. Normally after sucking off Steve or Dave, I would leisurely continue to suck their cocks until they were clean and soft, but Mike's cock wasn't getting soft, even though it had stopped firing cum into me minutes ago. Mike pulled his still hard cock from my mouth, dripping with spit, as he got down on his knees, so we were eye to eye, "Wow, amazing babe, you are definitely something special," he said leaning in and giving me one hell of a kiss. "No one has ever taking me that deep, not even my ex-wife," he said sitting back breathing hard. "Thank you sir," I said forcing a smile, not that I didn't want to smile, just my aching jaw refused to do anything without effort. "No, no, thank you, and from now on we go back to Mike," and with that Mike stood up, hard long dick still swing free, as he un-hooked the rope from my collar. "Uh Mike, can I ask you a question," I said as he continued to release me from the horse, but as of yet he hadn't touched the rings around my cock and balls, or the vibrating dildo in my ass. "Sure Dru, you can ask me anything." "Um, ugghhh, ohh, how is it, mmmm, your still hard," I said between the surging pulses of pleasure I was now quite aware of again. "You can thank the wonders of the little `Blue' pill for that one," he said as I felt his hand on the dildo.

"Ok Dru, now I'm gunna remove the vibrator," Mike said as he turned the love machine off. "Ohhh, hmmm, pleassse don't," I whispered without even really thinking about what I was saying. "Babe, as I said earlier, part of my pleasure is teasing my girl's into a long unbelievable orgasm, and I have never had any of my girl's, or me for that matter, not cum at least twice, so don't worry babe we've just begun," as he pulled the dildo from my ass. Was he kidding, if these damn cock rings weren't on, I would have been into the double digits for cum's. Standing up slowly, as I was stilling wearing my heels, I looked at Mike, "Can I at least take these off," I said pointing to the bands around dick and balls. "Not yet sweetie, I'll take'em off soon," as Mike leaned in for another kiss. Now Dave was ok at kissing, but he was no Steve, as I figured age and experience were against Dave. Mike on the other hand, blew even Steve out of the water with his kissing. The way his lips and tongue danced with mine effortlessly and how his goatee tickled the skin on my face. I was so lost in the kiss, that when Mike put his hands just below my cheeks and picked me up, it only seemed natural to wrap my legs around his waist as he carried me across the room, our kiss never breaking.

The leather chair Mike just set me in consisted of four metal ringed harness points, with chains going to the ceiling from each metal ring. The main support being a series of leather straps sown together to form a large rectangular net, where my head and back were supported. Off each chain was an additional looped strap, which Mike slipped my arms and legs into. I had a strap under each of my triceps, and one around each of my calves, leaving me comfortably in a suspended upside down doggy position, if you will. Mike slowly stepped back, and from the cart he grabbed a digital camera and took a couple quick pictures. "I just love the way my girl's look in this position, and baby your one of the sexiest I ever had like this." Mike stepped up and slowly removed the two rings around my cock and balls, which had effectively kept my orgasm at bay. Once the ring was off my cock, a copious amount of pre-cum poured slowly from my tip onto my belly and into my belly button. Mike put his finger into some of the pre-cum coming out of my dick and used it as lube as he slowly inserted his finger into my ass. His finger felt so good I had to have more. I was about to beg Mike to fuck me or to give me more of his fingers, when he kneeled in front of me tonguing my dick and slobbering all over my balls. "Oh fuck Mike, please don't stop oh Goooooodddd, rrrrrrrrr," and with Mike's finger still in my ass, I exploded in the hardest orgasm I had ever had, as Mike gulped down my load.

"I knew that one would be quick babe, so I thought I would get it out of the way, now we can enjoy the next round," he said as he stood up and grabbed something off the cart. I was breathing hard, still recovering from my orgasm when I felt the head of Mike's cock push against the entrance to my pussy. He had grabbed some lube from the cart and applied a large amount to his cock, as I felt the greasy head touch my lips. "This is why I love this swing, I'm gonna let gravity and your starving pussy eat my cock slowly," he said smiling as he stepped forward, pushing me and the swing backwards, and adding pressure to my pussy lips, as his cock head was still to big to just go in on its own.

Mike kept the pressure from his cock constant, but at no time did he move to push the head in. After minutes of just feeling his cock on my boy hole, I was dying; I had to have it in me, and now I found myself rocking in the swing, trying to get his rod to pierce me. "Ahhh, PLEASSSE, please Mike, please just do it, please," I was truly begging now, as my own cock had returned to its full five hard inches. My movement had worked his crown in a little bit but he was still just outside my first pussy ring. Controlling my breathing, I started to push out with my lips, as I felt more of his cock start to enter me. "Oh huh huh Ohhh, God its so biiiihiigggg, fuck huh huh, please Mike push, I need it please, please," my begging had turned to pleading, as my ass literally ate his cock head by contracting and releasing. "Ohh ,mmmm yeah, oh it's so gooood, that's it babe, fuck yourself on my cock," Mike said as he refused to push any more. God this was killing me as it was causing an itch inside me that only his cock could scratch and the fear of pain was quickly forgotten, as the need to scratch took over. With my hands holding on tight to the chains, I lifted my self up, and with all the might I could muster, I drove myself down on his cock. "MIIIKKE, HUuuuuuuhhhhh, OH GOD MIKE, itssobigitssobigitssobig," as I had impelled at least half of Mike's cock in me. "Oh SHIT babe, fuck, that's it babe beg for it beg me to fuck you." While initially that last surge on to Mike's cock hurt, the itch was still there, and I needed Mike to fuck me. "Please Mike, Please I have to have it, pleasssse pleassse fuck me," I begged like never before, as my bubble butt shook on his huge cock. Mike let go of the chains near my legs and grabbed my waist, as he muscled me off his cock an inch or two, and then looked me in the eyes, "Are you ready babe?" Time stood still with that question, as I reflected on my current situation, my spiked blonde hair, starting to matt down from the sweat, the light green eye shadow, natural tone foundation, and dark burgundy lipstick all definitely smeared by now, my large tits, held tight by a black leather bra, as sweat beads ran down the valley between each insert and joined the perspiration glistening my belly, my bald pubic area, hard cock, and balls exposed by my crotchless leather jock, and my legs bent and spread lewdly as they hung above me, with my feet encased in black stilettos dangling by the large arm muscles of the man whose huge cock is about to take my fourteen year old body to place its never been, "YES DO IT!!!!!"

Mike didn't hesitate and with all his might he drove me down on his cock, forcing the wind out of both of us. Head flung back into the swing, "Oh Mike, it hurts so good, please, please," I whimpered weak from pleasure and pain. Mike let out a growl as he started fucking me like an animal, the swing adding to his thrusts as he smashed his cock, balls, and bush into his little hairless slut. Our moaning and screaming echoing in the garage, as Mike plowed me for a good ten minutes, unitl without even touching myself I shot cum all over my face and chest, "DON'T STOP don't stop don't stooahhhhhhppppppp." "Fuck baby here it comes, take it take it, suck my cum out," Mike roared as his cum fired deep into me. Mikes cum burned with a beautiful heat, as he held his weak body by the chains of the swing pumping his remaining cum into me, as my own cum leaked into my open eyes, as I wasn't missing Mike's reaction. His cock pulsing in me was matched by my pulsing, but quickly deflating cock, as he looked up at me. "Amazing, simply amazing," were his only words, as I felt him remove his slowly softening cock. "Thank you Mike, thank you for all of this," I panted, as I was finally accepting my true being, as cock loving femboy. "Oh baby, you and me will teach each other plenty before our time is done, as Mike kissed my belly and licked some of the cum off it. Looking up from my belly, chin still resting there, my cum on his lips, "Well Mrs. Dru, now that your adventure in the family house of Robert's is done; where do you go from here?" Smiling as I watched cum drip from his lip, "I don't know, but I can't wait to find out!"




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