I woke to the feeling of warm breath cascading across my neck, my lovers arm draped over my chest, my lovers manhood nestled between the valley of my butt cheeks, my legs matching every bend of Dave's, as if they were one. My hand slides under the sheet and on the naked flesh of Dave's hip, remembering the beautiful night before, and wishing Dave was awake to make love to me now.

"If you keep rubbing my hip like that babe, you're going to have something knocking at your back door real soon," Dave whispered.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to wake you. But just so you know, you don't need to knock, that door is open for you anytime you want," I said looking over my shoulder and pushing back with my butt.

"Damn, good to know, but right now I want you to roll over," he said his hand adding gentle pressure.

Dave looked at me, "You and me are boyfriends now right," he said looking hopeful.

"Right," I said. Excited he said it first, as I should have known he would.

"Well I was thinking that from now on every time we wake up together, or start our morning together we should 69 before we do anything else, it can be kinda like our routine, like brushing our teeth or something."

"Wow, Dave that's a great idea, no arm twisting here, as I do love your tooth brush," as I started to move so I could lie opposite Dave. "What made you think of this?" I asked.

"I know we have just recently been getting closer to each other, but we've known each other for years now and I want you to know how much I care for you. I know a lot of the kids at school call you my shadow, and well I just wanted you to know I don't think of you that way. I love you, you're my boyfriend now, and well this just reminds us that we're equals in this relationship."

Dave was like a savant lately, when it came to saying romantic stuff. I was almost crying again as my eyes watered; I never knew he could care so much.

"Oh knock it off with the tears, you're becoming more of a girl everyday," he said as I situated myself, my face by his dick, his by mine.

"And you know you love it," I said as I sucked his cock to the base, dragging back slowly as the crown of his cock popped back out of my throat, only to be shoved back in.

"Damnnnn, yeah I loooooveee it, Oh, oh, shit, huh, huh, I should have thought of this sooner."

Dave finally took me into his mouth, the rush of feelings making me gag as Dave's dick pumped my throat.

"UURRR, MMmmm, huuuk, huuk, mmmmmmm, ahhhhh," was my mumbled moan and gag, as it took me a sec to recover, which I did, sending us both into a new realm of pleasure.

Dave and I matched each others tempo, thinking the same thing I am sure, which was to try and cum at the same time. When the time was right, and we both could not hold out a second more, we launched our morning seed together, filling our partner's mouth with the first taste of the day, the morning promise that today we were lovers, we were equal, and that nothing and no one was more important than each other. This was our morning routine, it was as simple as brushing our teeth, and yet as powerful as a promise ring or me wearing Dave's letterman jacket, I was his and he was mine.

Sunday went by fast, as it usually did, we showered quickly after our morning routine and then fielded Mike's barrage of questions about the dance.

At home, my mom and dad didn't ask too many questions about the night, as they were under the impression that I had had a sleep over at Dave's. I had been doing that a lot lately, and they were getting tired of me saying `fine' every time they asked how the night went, so they simply moved on to questions of readiness for school, and my upcoming tryouts for the school soccer team. They also asked me about my upcoming birthday, and what I wanted and what I wanted to do.

On Monday morning, I met Dave at his house, where we quickly dropped our pants and underwear and preformed our morning routine, before heading to school. The flavors of each others cum lingering in our mouths were as good as holding hands as we walked to school, smiling and giggling about the day.

At Lunch Dave and I were discussing my birthday, and what we were going to do this coming weekend, as my 15th birthday was on Saturday. We also discussed our upcoming tryouts, me for soccer, and now that football was over, Dave would play basketball. We were quite excited and so focused on the possible events of Saturday evening that we failed to see Tom approach us from the side.

"Do you guys mind if I join you," Tom said.

I had just taken a bite, and almost choked when I saw who it was. Dave without hesitation said, "Yeah join us."

Tom was tall, at least 6'-6", with short buzzed brown hair, brown eyes, and pale white skin, his face not as smooth as mine, as he had a few pimples from hitting puberty so early. All in all Tom was a very good looking athletic guy, as he played basketball with Dave on the city team, and if the rumor was true about his large equipment, then he was a catch to be sure.

Tom sat down across from us, as Dave and I sat on the same bench, which, in and of itself was probably a bad idea.

"What's up?"

"Not much, how about you," Dave answered.

"Same; how about this weekend what did you guys do?" Tom asked, with me knowing this was a loaded question.

"Not much just hung around my house; you?" Dave said, not worried like me that Tom was at the dance. I knew where this conversation was going, but couldn't stop Dave from going there, without implicating us both.

"That's cool, I went to a dance at Washington High, on Saturday." was all Tom had to say to get Dave to choke on his drink, and look at Tom.

Tom leaned in, "Pretty sure I saw you two there too, but its ok, I wont tell anyone." he said sitting back.

"What are you talking about, tell anyone what? We weren't at a dance on Saturday." Dave fired back.

"Its ok really, I know it was you, and Drew; by the way you two looked amazing, I mean it, even my boy friend was jealous."

Dave looked like he saw a ghost, and was speechless.

"Y-Your boy friend," I repeated making sure.

"Yeah," looking around to make sure no one was within ear shot, "I'm gay, and I have a boy friend who goes to Washington High."

"You two seem shocked," Tom said as we both sat there mouths open, speechless.

"Clearly this is all new to you two, so I won't push this conversation, but I did want to tell you, that Jeremy and I, Jeremy being my boy friend, really thought you were a cute couple, and would love to hang out with you guys, if you want?"

"Do people know?" I said, even though I knew it was a very dumb question.

"What? that I'm gay?" "Or that I have a boy friend?" Tom said looking at me and stealing glances at Dave who still had his mouth open in shock.

"Yeah both," I said, as my curiosity had to know. Being gay was still new to me, and outside of Dave, who hadn't yet confessed to being gay; Tom was the only other person my age that I knew who had admitted it.

"Well, my parents and Jeremy's parents know I am gay, and that we're dating, and I think most of his school knows Jeremy is gay, so they might know I'm gay, as we were at the dance together. A few kids at this school know, but only those that are gay like me, but that's it, no one else knows, outside of you two now; and I hope I can trust you two not to say anything to anyone, even if you don't want to talk to me"

"Wow, I can't believe you're gay, How long have you known?" Dave finally spoke up.

"Are you asking because I dated Melissa, or because you're concerned we've shared a gym class together, and I've seen you naked?"

Before Dave could respond, Tom continued, "Just kidding dude, I've known pretty much all of my life that I liked boys better. I did date Melissa for a few months, kinda just to make sure, and we did sleep together, but that was before I met Jem, I mean Jeremy, sorry that's my little nick name for him."

Dave still looked confused, and I knew this was a lot for him to process. I mean he just told me yesterday that we were boy friends, and now, not twenty four hours later, one of his jock friends not only knows about it, but is gay as well, with a boy friend of his own no less.

Looking at Dave, watching his reaction as I spoke, knowing I had to choose my words carefully, "Yeah Tom, you saw us at the dance. Sorry we lied, but not a lot of people know I dress like that. It's kind of just for fun, as it's all kinda new you know. I won't speak for Dave, but I'm gay too, and I won't tell anyone about you."

Dave looked at me, and smiled, I saw in his eyes that he had come back to reality, and turned to look at Tom. "Sorry Tom; like Drew said it's all kind of new to me too, and yeah I guess I'm gay too, although I really haven't thought about it. I just know I love Drew and we're boy friends, if you hadn't already guessed."

"Yeah I noticed; you two sitting so close does kind of beg the question, you know"

Dave and I looked at each other and almost at the same time, we kind of slid away from each other, giggling as we did.

"So you guys want to go to Jeremy's house after school? We can all hang out, kind of get to know each other?"

"Sound's good to me," I said. "I'll need to check with my parents though."

"Me too," Dave said.

"Cool, how about after school we meet at my car? I can drive, if it's cool with your folks" Tom said.

Tom was 16, and had his drivers license, but was in our grade, as he was held back a year.

"Ok, sounds like fun," I said looking with a smile at Tom.

"Yeah it should be," Tom said and then looking right at Dave, "No offence Dave, but damn your boy friend was really smokin at that dance. I would have given anything to tap that ass," he said, smiling at his jab at Dave, as Dave's face went red. Tom looked at me, "seriously Drew, you've really gotten better with the make-up and stuff since the Halloween party, you were gorgeous on Saturday night."

Blushing, I said thanks, as Tom turned his attention back to Dave who was still red with jealousy, "Oh and yeah I've looked at you naked, and your ass is pretty nice too." Tom said as he stood, and started to walk away smiling, knowing he just made Dave blush; "See you boys after school."

Knowing Dave could get away with it, because it was said between boys all the time, he yelled, "Whatever queer," laughing as he said it, because he could see the shocked look on Tom's face.

After calling our parents and getting the ok's to go to Jeremy's house, with a set time to be home, the second half of the day went by fast, as we found ourselves standing next to Tom's car. Tom was like most kids in our school, his family wasn't broke, but money was tight, and even though Tom dressed well and wore designer clothes, he drove his parent's old mini van. Not that Dave or I were complaining, far from it, we were excited to have a friend who had a car, as it gave us a lot more freedom.

The drive was a little longer than expected, as Tom took us to a small gated community on the outskirts of our small town, which everyone referred to as `Yupsville". Its real name wasn't much better, as the community was called Diamond Hill, because of the way the sun shone on the volcanic glass rock that scattered the hill side. Only those well off could afford one of the custom homes in this neighborhood.

"Damn Tom, your boy friend lives in here?" I said as we drove through the gated area.

"Never mind that, how did you get them to let this piece of shit van past the gate?" Dave said laughing.

"Funny asshole, you can walk if you want," Tom said returning the jab at his car.

We pulled up by a beautiful two storey house with white pillars surrounded by tons of colorful flowers.

As we got to the door, Tom looked at us, "Jem's parents are a little different ok, just to give you some warning, but they're really nice." Tom said as he knocked on the door.

Opening the door was a girl, about 5'-3", with a very slim tapered body, her hair was black and straight and hung to the middle of her back, and her face was soft and smooth, with light blue eyes and a little turned up nose. She was wearing a gorgeous, blue and green kimono robe, which stopped a few inches above her knees, showing her smooth tanned calves, and wonderful manicured toes, sitting on top a pair of black flip flops.

Tom stepped forward, "You look beautiful babe, he said as he kissed her," and then looking back at us, "Jem this is Drew and Dave; Drew, Dave this is Jem."

Dave just stood their staring, I felt a little jealous at how he was looking at her, but I couldn't blame him, she was beautiful.

"Nice to meet you Jem," I said holding out my hand.

"No the pleasure is all mine, please come in," She said after shaking my hand with the lightest grip ever.

Walking into the house, was like walking into a museum of modern art and Broadway productions. There were posters everywhere, as the vibrant color was almost shocking. As we were looking up at the vast entrance of Jem's house two men came walking in.

"Drew and Dave, these are my father's Scott and Mark, Dads these are my new friends Dave and Drew."

Shaking hands, we could see why Tom warned us, it wasn't that they were clearly gay, it was their overall energy, they screamed gay, and did it with pride. Scott was maybe an inch taller than me, and he too was wearing a thin silk kimono robe, but unlike Jem's which was closed and modest, Scott's was wide open and you could see his chest and stomach, which was slightly hairy and with a belly button ring showing. His hair was slightly receding in the front but was at least shoulder length and pulled into a pony tail. Scott also had swatches of fabric draped over each shoulder, as he reached out his hand to shake ours.

"Very nice to meet you; OH, you have the most beautiful hazel eyes, and oh my God look at your butt, it's to die for." He said shaking my hand.

"And look at you; you're just a little beef cake, like Tom here aren't you." Scott said shaking Dave's hand.

Mark was about 6' and thin, and clearly the older of the two, with the beginning of a little belly, as he wore a nice Hawaiian shirt, and beige slacks. Mark had a full head of graying brunette hair that he swooped up and to the back with a lot of product, as he sipped what looked to be a martini.

"Never mind her, she'll say anything to feel up a couple young boys, beautiful as yourselves, just ask Tom"

"Oh you bitch; I'm not the one who robbed the cradle." Scott said with a snicker, "And Tom lets me touch him all the time."

Seeing the confusion on our faces, by Scott's last comment, Jem I'm sure felt the need to jump in, "My dad is a tailor, and makes a lot of the outfits Tom and I wear. He used to work for most of the Broadway productions, doing their costumes, now he owns a store in town, you might have heard of it `Off Broadway Tailoring'."

We both nodded, as it was the only tailoring place in the whole town.

"Jeremy, you know I hate being called a tailor, do I look like I make little boy suits for your local chain store?" I am a seamstress, for the umpteenth time." Scott said as he turned to the two of us, and curtsied, "Nice to meet you, you make yourselves at home." to which he turned and walked away.

"You'll have to forgive my love, he can be a real diva sometimes," Mark said.

"My other Dad is a music conductor and he too worked for a lot of Broadway productions, leading large orchestras."

"Wow, that's really cool," Dave said as Mark waved his hand like it was nothing.

"Now you boys go have some fun, our house is your house, and remember Jeremy if you're going to get naked in the hot tub again, please do not leave your panties near the water, the last time they got sucked into the drain and almost burned the motor out"

Without the slightest of embarrassment, "I won't forget daddy."

Jem turned and looked right at me, you need to change, and with that she grabbed my hand and we bounded up the stairs to Jem's room.

Her house was huge. I thought Dave lived well, but this was ridiculous, there were more rooms than I could count, one looked like a library, one looked like a gym, one looked like it just had cat furniture in it; we finally got to Jem's room and when she opened the door I almost fell over with the shear explosion of pink color that radiated from her room.

"You have to show me how you did your make-up, my God you were beautiful at that dance."

"Thank you, but I'm sure I pale in comparison to you, you're gorgeous, and you make it seem so effortless," and I meant it, until she asked me for make-up tips, I had forgotten she was a boy.

"I can see we are going to be good friends, if not BFF's."

With that Jem set me down in front of a beautiful antique white make-up vanity, with matching bench and pink seat cushion. We giggled and shared make-up tips as we did ourselves up. "All of Becca's teaching really paid off, as I demonstrated technique Jem had never seen before.

"You were beautiful in that brunette wig, but I think your own hair, with a little help, could be just as cute? Can I give it a go?"

My hair was still short, but I had let it grow out a little longer, as it was now about 4"s in length, which I parted on a side, with a little lift to the front like most boys.

"Sure, have at it", I said excited to see what Jem would do.

Jem stood up and walked behind me, so that we were both facing the vanity mirror.

"I don't think we'll need this for awhile, do you?" She said as the removed my t-shirt.

Somehow, this all felt so comfortable, even being shirtless in front of someone I had just met didn't bother me at all, it felt like Jem and I had been life long friends.

"I can see why Tom enjoyed his lap dance," she said as her fingers raked through my hair, adding product.

I looked through the mirror at her, hoping we were still ok.

Seeing the worried look in my eye, she rubbed my shoulder and smiled,

"Don't worry baby doll, my honey can get his hunger anywhere he wants, as long as he comes home to eat. And like I was saying, look at you, who could blame him; your thick legs and ass like an African Goddess, your skin so smooth and perfect like the softness of an angel's breath, your face so gentle and innocent, with plump lips begging to be kissed. If I wasn't so in love with Tom, you and I would be wrinkling my bed sheets right now."

There was no hiding my blushing as Jem's words gave me goose pimples.

"Thank you"

Jem leaned in and whispered into my ear, "That doesn't mean we can't all play together, that is if you and your beau are up for it"

At this point Jem was lightly rubbing her lips over the ridge of my ear, as the nails on her fingers massaged my scalp.

"I'hhiii think I can get Dave to go for that," I said as my cock started to twitch.

"Oh baby doll, I think once your man sees you in one of my bikinis, you could make him do anything you want."

With that Jem stood back up and dropped her kimono revealing a leopard print bikini and thin almost see through matching sarong. Jem was hairless like me, which wasn't surprising, and you could see the outline of her small clit, which only made her look even more beautiful.

"You look amazing," I said envious of her body, and her tight six pack abs.

"Oh baby doll you're too sweet. My dad made this, and Tom has a matching speedo."

"Wow, he does wonderful work," I said looking at Jem's top, which was made perfectly for her chest, with out falsies.

Jem saw me staring again, "I don't usually wear my boobs unless out in public, especially if we're getting into the hot tub."

Jem entered her walk-in closet and came back with a purple string bikini, and matching top, "you're going to have every prick in this house drooling when you shake your ass in this."

"Go ahead and take those jeans off baby doll," Jem said as she offered a hand for me to stand up.

"I, I ...... uh ummm."

"Look baby doll, in this house modesty is checked at the porch. We're sisters now, and you've got nothing to be embarrassed about. Plus, I think you and I are going to be seeing plenty of each other, if you know what I mean."

Smiling, I unbuttoned my jeans and let them and my boxer briefs fall to the floor, where I kicked them and my shoes and socks off. And even though I had a slight chubby going, Jem seemed unfazed as she spun me around to face the mirror again.

"Truly beautiful'" she said as she ran her nails on the cheeks of my bubble butt. "OH, you wicked little whore, you're as smooth as a babies toosh," she said moving her nails to my pubic area.

"Nice," was all she said as she stroked my clit a couple times.

She helped me re-tie the strings on the bikini to open it up a little more, as my bubble butt pushed her tiny bikini to its limit. You could clearly see the outline of my dick, as it was still chubbed, but not at all obscene. I had to concur with Jem's earlier statement; Dave was certainly going to cream himself when he saw me. Tight purple bikini and top, which left most of my smooth body showing, my hair spiked high in a cute feminine dew, and a pair of thin strapped purple flip flops had me hornier than ever to show Dave my new look.

"I think we're ready to see if the boys would like to join us in the hot tub." "What do you think baby doll?"

"If they don't I'd say they're gay," I said with as much sass as possible, as we both broke out laughing.

I was happy the French pedicure I had gotten for the dance still looked good, as Jem and I walked down the stairs, through the front entry, into the living room, where Tom and Dave were sitting on a couch watching a basketball game.

As we passed the couch Jem announced, "We'll be in the hot tub if you boys would like to join us."

Jem didn't stop to wait for an answer as she continued to walk through the Kitchen, which adjoined the living room, and straight to the sliding glass door, which led presumably to the back yard and the hot tub.

I wasn't as cool as Jem, as I had to see Dave's reaction, which was as close to cartoonish as one could get. His eyes got huge, his mouth dropped open, and I could have sworn, his tongue rolled out and hit the floor. Tom's reaction wasn't much different. It was really cute watching both boys scramble off the couch to go get ready.

As we walked through the kitchen, we walked passed Mark who was sitting at the table reading the paper.

Looking up from the paper, "Oh my. Jeremy I didn't know you were having one of your girl friends over."

"Come on Dad, knock it off; Drew and I are going to use the hot tub. Oh and the boys might join us too, when they're done playing with each other." Not once looking back to see the boy's had long since left the couch to get their bathing suits on.

"Play nice ladies, you know us boys are fragile little creatures; two hot women such as yourselves, those poor boy's don't stand a chance."

"Thank you Mr......Um, I'm sorry I don't know your last name," I said as I usually called all my friends parents by their last name out of respect.

"It's Dubois, but please continue to call me Mark, as formal titles around here are like tampons, functional but absolutely useless in this house."

"Ok Mark thanks," I said as I followed Jem outside.

Their back yard was huge, palm trees and flowers lined the fences, as Jem led me past a tiki bar, a custom pool, built-in barbeque, and finally to the largest hot tub I had ever seen. The hot tub was obviously a custom design, as it was made to look like large rocks stacked on top of each other, scattered in an oval shape, where the back side raised higher in a rock wall that came up and then back over the top, creating a cave of sorts against the back wall and under the rock ceiling. From the top of the rock wall cascaded a waterfall, creating a curtain of water, which clearly obscured the view of those sitting behind it, and in the cave.

"Wow, I have never see one this big," I said as Jem and I entered the tub.

"I bet you say that to all the boys," she said chuckling as the warm water enveloped our bodies.

The hot water felt great, as we sat there chatting waiting for the boy's. When Dave and Tom reached the sliding glass door, it was our turn to drool, as both boys were clad in only speedos. Tom was in the matching leopard print speedo Jem had mentioned earlier, and from the huge bulge in them, the rumors were true. Tom had your average white boy farmer's tan, with long defined muscles, like you would expect from a tall athlete. There was a little patch of hair on his chest, a little less than Dave, and definitely lighter in color. Dave was wearing a powder blue speedo, which made him cute as hell, as they looked like something you would see on an 8 year old. The sight of his powerful chest and legs reminded me of the past weekend and how well I had explored his body. Both boys looked amazing, and my cock was twitching mad in my tight bikini.

"You boy's didn't get all dressed up for us now did you," Jem asked as the boys entered the tub and sat next us. Dave was so close I could feel his leg rubbing mine, as he looked at me with a lust I had never seen before.

Dave leaned in and whispered in my ear, "You're hot, holy shit you're hot, I wana take you right here," he said as he kissed my neck.

"You're not too bad yourself," I said as I grabbed the back of Dave's head and kissed his lips, our tongues instinctively entering each others mouths.

Dave's hand touched my bare thigh as it moved up my leg, until it made contact with the bikini, which elicited a moan from me. The foam on the surface of the water, caused by the multiple jets, hid our actions below the water. His fingers traced the edge of the bikini threatening to invade. We were only stopped by this uneasy feeling that we were being watched. Looking up Tom and Jem were staring at us with the biggest grins ever.

"You boy's like to join us behind the falls, or would you prefer to continue to put on a display for my fathers." Jem asked, as both Dave and I blushed, smiling as we followed then behind the water falls.

The tub was amazing, there were little lights embedded in the concrete giving just enough light to make the area romantic, and yet still keeping you completely hidden from those on the other side. This time as we all entered the area, Jem and I sat in the middle as the boys sat on our outsides.

"Well, now that we have all introduced ourselves, what say we learn a little more about each other," and with that Jem removed her leopard top, followed quickly by her bikini bottoms, which she threw out of the tub.

Jem then looked at me, "Do you mind baby doll, if we share," and with that left the bench seat and moved between Dave's legs, where her hands rested on top of his thighs.

I looked at Dave who looked confused, but not unwilling, so I shrugged my shoulders, "Sure, as long as he comes home to eat," I said repeating Jem's earlier comment.

"Thanks baby doll, I'll make sure to send him home before supper time," as she started to remove Dave's speedo.

Dave was breathing hard as I watched Jem stroke, what I knew was his very hard cock, and she leaned in and took his nipple in her mouth.

"Won't your dads freak if they catch us, Oh shit, oh yeah that feels good," Dave moaned as Jem worked him over.

"They know I get naked all the time in here with Tom, and I am sure they aren't stupid as to what we're doing, but we don't give them a reason to come visit us either, so you might want to bite your tongue for this next part," as Jem ducked under the water.

I was so hot just watching Dave get his rocks off, that when Tom slid up behind me with his hand on my hip, I let out a small gasp.

"You didn't forget about me did you," he said running his hand up and down my thigh.

"Mmmmm," was all I moaned as Tom stopped his hand where the strings of my bikini came together.

"Is this alright," he said as he pulled the string and released one side. His other hand releasing the other side, as I felt the movement of the water pull the bikini bottoms away and leave me naked from the waist down.


"I was hoping we might continue our little Halloween dance, whata ya think," he asked as his hands rested on my hips.


This put a huge smile on Tom's face, as I went to remove his speedo. I was surprised to see he had removed it already as my hands slid along his bare legs.

"I was hoping you'd say yes," Tom said with a dirty little smile.

He gently used his strong arms to move me on top of him, so that I was facing him, my legs straddling his, as my knees bent, my shins on the bench Tom sat on, supporting my weight, and allowing me to slide back and forth on his lap. Tom leaned in and began kissing my neck and shoulder as my arms held his strong back for balance. Tom quickly untied my top and threw it on the pile of clothes we had created between the four of us.

I could feel Tom's cock rubbing between my cheeks, the head tickling my boy pussy with every slide of my dance.

"Oh shit you feel big," I moaned as Tom pushed a little harder on my hips.

Taking his lips off my chest he whispered, "11 inches."

I knew I wanted it, but was afraid I was crossing a line with Dave. Looking over my shoulder I could see Jem had resurfaced and was now holding on to the wall of the tub as Dave stood behind her plowing her pussy. I know I should have felt mad or jealous, and I guess I did a little bit, but mostly the scene was hot, and it just added to my already spiked hormones.

"Eleven inches huh.......let's see," I said as I stopped my dance and centered Tom's weapon on my hole, and pushed.

"Oh God, uuuuuhhhhh, mmmmm, Ahhhh," I moaned as his head popped in.

Jem looked over at us, "That's it baby doll, take my Tommy's thick horse cock in that tight twat of yours, yeah baby ride it"

It was a whole new sensation as the water and Tom's cock invaded my hole.

"That's it Drew, yeah, oh fuck yeah, take it, mmmmm," Tom said as I let most of his cock enter me.

Once completely on his lap, and his entire dick throbbing in my ass, I simply sat there trying to get adjusted to the feeling. Tom wasn't moving, but the current of the water caused us to gently sway back and forth, making his long, thick, rod, move just enough in my tight boy pussy to elicit my soft purring.

"Uuuuhhhh, mmm, oh God Tom," I whispered.

Tom started thrusting slowly as his large cock rubbed my boy button and areas never touched before. I looked over at Dave who was moaning as he pounded Jem for all she was worth.

"That's it baby, oh your cock is so thick, yes mmmm," Jem squealed.

I knew where she was coming from as Dave had a really thick cock. Tom's was undeniably long, but Dave's was definitely thicker.

Tom was bucking so hard that we were causing our own wake in the hot tub, as Jem ground her sweet ass onto my lover's stiff rod.

"Ohh Tom, please huh huh, ohhh, I'm gunna cum, yeah fuck me stud...yes...yes huh huh, PLEASE."

"Ok baby doll, supper time, Oooohhhh," Jem said as she had Dave withdraw from her.

Catching on to what was happening; I looked at Tom, and smiled as I slowly sat up removing his cock from the depths of my pussy. "huh huh, mmmmm."

I quickly dismounted from Tom's lap and moved over to where Jem was, and kissed Dave as I took my place, hands on the wall, knees on the bench, bent over and waiting for Dave to fill my boy pussy back up.

I quickly felt why Jem liked this position, as one of the jets tickled the tip of my cock, as Dave moved in behind me.

"Honey I'm home for supper", he said as he slipped his cock into me.

"OH Dave yes yes, that's it, yes."

Jem had mounted Tom, and all seemed right with the world as the four of us raced to our climaxes, which didn't take long.

"I'm there Dave, don't stop don't stop, Oh GOD," I moaned as I pushed my ass back on his cock, and let my seed fly into the foamy water.

Oh shit I'm there too, rrrrr, mmmm, Oooo, damn your ass is so tight, OH Shit here it cumssssss!"

Dave fired his seed into my pussy with such force, I was sure if I was a real girl, he would have impregnated me. And by the sounds of moaning and squealing going on from Jem and Tom, they too had reached their climax.

The whole experience had me on sensory overload, as Dave slid his softening cock from my hole, feeling his load and the warm water tingle the nerve endings of my raw love tunnel. Once Jem and I were again sitting next to our men, we all sat there with perma grins on our faces, letting the hot tub do its job, and relax us. Dave was the first to move as he slid between my legs, sliding up so he could kiss me as he stood and I remained sitting. His kiss was passionate, as he whispered in my ear.

"You ok with this?"

"If you are I am," I said as he continued to kiss me.

"We should probably call it a night boys, before we get too pruned, and my fathers come out here looking for us," Jem said, as Dave broke our kiss.

The evening ended quickly as we changed back into our school clothes, and thanked Mark, Scott and especially Jem for having us over. Tom drove us home as we laughed and discussed how much fun we had, and the excitement of our new friendship.

At home my mom laid into me with twenty questions, as to who my new friends were, and where they lived, and why my hair seemed wet, To which I answered truthfully as there was no reason to lie here. I told her of Tom and Jeremy, and where Jeremy lived, and that he had two fathers, and that we all used Jeremy's hot tub. The rest of the details my mom didn't need. Little did I know, she was already putting the pieces together and would complete the puzzle before my birthday.

On Tuesday the day started off as normal, as I met Dave at his house and we fed each other our youthful load of jizz. School went by fast, as we hung out with Tom and talked about getting all of us together again. Tonight Dave was going to stay at my house for dinner, as our fathers were working late on a project, and Becca was at Brian's.

My parents, Jim and Gayle Hansen, were your typical 40 something couple. They wanted a bigger family, but when they had a hard time conceiving, they were ecstatic when I came around, and stopped trying, happy with their little miracle. I thought I had covered all my tracks keeping my secret from my parents, but I should have known my mom would figure it out.

Gayle Hansen, watched as the boys bounded into her home, almost frolicking up the path. She had been watching them for a while, the way they looked at each other, their eyes lighting up, the way they touched each other, a softer more caring touch than most teenage boys. Gayle had started wondering if this was just teenage exuberance or if more was emerging.

"Hi Mrs. Hansen," Dave said as he grabbed two coke's from the fridge.

"Hello Dave, how are you doing today?"

"Good. What's for dinner?"

"Well, how about some homemade stew, and then after the two of you have finished your homework, I thought we might watch a movie, until Jim and your father get home."

"Sounds good," Dave said as I entered the room.

"Ready," I said as Dave handed me a coke.

"Sure," Dave said, and as I turned to head back to my room, Dave gave me a little smack on the butt, and then copped a feel, which neither of us thought twice about.

My mom however caught the little gesture and stored it away with her other findings, which unbeknownst to me were adding up quickly. My mom had cleaned my room a few weeks back and found a teen vogue magazine under my bed, where I had answered a `Does He Love You' quiz in red pen. She also found an empty condom wrapper from one of the time's Dave and I had raced home from school and fucked in my room. The condom was mostly just to try it out, as we had learned about them in sex education class that day, and we were given samples, but we both decided that day, that as long as we were careful, we preferred bareback.

After dinner, my mom put in the latest Batman movie, and Dave and I sat on the floor with a bowl of popcorn.

"Dave would you like me to get you your own bowl?"

"No that's ok Mrs. Hansen, Drew and I can share."

"Ok, well enjoy the movie boys'; I'll be in the kitchen cleaning."

"Ok mom, thanks."

Dave and I lay there on the floor, in a straight line, feet pointed away from each other, our heads supported by a hand as our elbows dug into the carpet, our free hands dancing together, hidden in the bowl of popcorn as they searched for kernels. At one point I forgot where we were, and seeing Dave's hand come back for more popcorn, I took his hand and sucked one of his fingers into my mouth.

"You better be careful you dirty little whore, your mother might see you sucking on my finger and get the wrong idea."

"Yeah you're right; I just needed something salty in my mouth."

"Dirty," Dave said with a smile.

But he was right to be cautious, as my mother did see it from the kitchen, and in her mind it confirmed what she thought to be true.

On Wednesday, Dave and I had our tryouts for our respective teams, Dave basketball and me soccer. We had discussed meeting in the locker room after to see how we did, as this was to be a single day tryout, with the team rosters being posted after. Our school was small so they could pick teams quickly, as they usually didn't have enough people to show up in the first place. We both knew Dave was a for sure bet, even though he acted like he was nervous to make me feel better I think. I on the other hand, while I was pretty good at soccer, was still a freshman trying out for a team made of mostly juniors and seniors, and new making the team would be tough.

The tryouts were after school, and Dave and I met in the locker room before heading out, each wanting to kiss the other in a wish for good luck, but knowing better. On the field my short powerful legs gave me pretty good speed and really good cutting ability, which gave me an advantage over some of the bigger players. For two hours I ran my ass off, and at the end we had a quick scrimmage, where I even scored a goal. My dad had come to watch the tryouts, and I was glad he was there. When the coach announced the team, and my name was read, all I could think of was sprinting to the locker room and telling Dave the good news.

"Way to go Drew, that's my boy," my dad said as he hugged me on the sideline.

"Thanks dad," as I was trying to hold in my excitement, as kids who didn't make the team walked off the field.

The coach kept the team around a little longer to go over practice times and our game schedule, but all I could think about was Dave, who I knew was waiting for me in the locker room. When the coach finally released us, I ran to my dad, and told him I would meet him at the car, and that I needed to go and change quickly.

I had run sprints for almost two hours straight, but my fastest run of the day was to that locker room where Dave was sitting on a bench waiting for me. All of the boys from the basketball team had left already, including Tom, and only a few boys from the soccer tryout came back to the locker room to change, as most just went straight home, so when I jumped into Dave's arms for a hug, I did so knowing we were pretty much alone.

"Looks like someone made the team," Dave said as he hugged me back.

"How about you, are you like the team captain already?" I asked knowing he made the team.

"Yeah I made the team, pretty uneventful, mostly the same kids I play with on the local city league team.

"That's great babe," I said as we were no longer hugging, but still holding hands, as my excitement got the better of me and I leaned in and kissed Dave. Dave didn't pull back, even though this was a risky move, and returned the kiss.

It was a kiss to change all kisses, as behind us stood my father watching as we broke away from each other.

"Dude, you know I love you and all, but we need to be more carful; someone could have seen us ok," Dave said.

"You're right babe, I'm sorry, just too excited."

"Drew, you in here, you about ready to go," my dad yelled from the locker room door.

"Yeah dad on my way; hey can we give Dave a ride home."

"Of course, but we should get going."

And with that we left. My dad congratulated Dave on making the basketball team, but other than that was he pretty quiet as he drove us home, which wasn't too uncommon for my dad, I just didn't realize he was quiet as he reflected on what he just saw, and if it meant what he thought it might. His only son was gay.

As we lived so close, and both families were really good friends, our parents didn't have any issue with either Dave or I spending the night at each others house during the school week, as it was a second home anyway, and after the tryouts, my dad said it was ok for me to stay the night at Dave's when I asked.

"You seem unusually distracted, everything alright? Did Drew make the team," Gayle asked Jim as he walked in.

"Yeah just thinking about Josh, and yes your boy made the team."

"That's great that Drew made the team, I know he has been really worried about it. Why are you thinking about your brother Josh, is he ok, did he call?"

"No no, he's fine. I was just thinking about when he told my mom and dad that he was gay. I had just turned 26, and you and I had just gotten married. Josh was just 15 when he told them."

"I remember that day, but what made you think of that?" Gayle asked.

"I think about that day every once in awhile, how I never saw it coming, how it made me realize how little I knew of my own brother, and how brave he had to be to come out to our parents, without any support from me. Especially with how old fashioned my father was, he was really brave, and well I miss Josh sometimes."

"I know you miss him, but he was so much younger than you, you're the oldest of 4 kids, and your brother is the baby, no one would expect you to have known your brother was gay. Maybe you should give him a call, its' only 8 pm in New York."

"Yeah maybe I should."

"What is it babe, something else seems to be bothering you?"

"Well, that day when my brother came out, I remember quite well Josh crying on the phone, telling me how our father told him that as long as he lived under his roof, he was to never mention it again, and that no son of his was gay. He broke my brother's heart that day, and it's never healed, not even after my dad died. And, well, now I'm just hoping if Drew ever came to me with something like that I would handle it better."

"Oh, well Jim nothing against your dad, but you're a much better father than he ever was, so you have nothing to worry about; I know you would always love and care for Drew.....But with that said why do you think Drew would ever come to you with that kind of news?"

"Well,"......and with that my mom and dad laid all of their info on the table, and realized before I even told them, that I was gay, and more than likely so was Dave, and we were together.

I had just stepped out of the shower at Dave's house, and threw on my pair of white lace boy cut panties and matching bra, with my falsies, just for fun. Over that I threw on one of Steve's striped button long sleeve shirts, which came to my mid thighs. I had thrown on some simple make-up and spiked my hair like Jem had shown me. It was about 6 pm and Mike had left to meet a friend for drinks, and Becca was in her room. Dave was in his room waiting for me to return, but before I did, I quickly ran to the garage and grabbed a few items.

"Where have you beennnnnn, WOW, you look hot," Dave said as I entered his room, with a bag in hand.

"Thank you."

"We've both had a big day and now I would like to have some fun," I said, as I walked over to Dave who was lying on his bed.

"Sit up please," I asked, as Dave did what I requested.

Dave put his hands on my bare legs and was rubbing them under the shirt up to my panty line. It took a lot of focus but not to give in and let him have me right there and then, butI had special plans for tonight. I removed Dave's shirt and marveled for a sec at his wonderful chest, as I lay him back on the bed. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them off, leaving my beautiful boy naked.

"Is this how you're going to be after every soccer practice," Dave asked with a grin.

"Maybe," I said.

Dave was sprawled out so that he was perpendicular to his bed frame, his arms stretched out towards the head and foot of the bed, his waist, the last part of his body touching the mattress, his legs hanging off the bed with his feet touching the carpet. I straddled his chest and leaned in,

"Do you trust me babe," I whispered in his ear.

"You know I do."

I slid off Dave, letting his hard cock rub my hole and my clit through the panties, as I grabbed the bag I brought with me; pulling out two ropes Mike had used to tie me to the horse in his garage. I tied Dave's hand to the head board and foot board of his bed.

"What's gotten into you," he said as he gave the ropes a tug, and smiled.

"Its not what's gotten into me, it's what's about to get into you," I said as I dragged my finger over his boy hole, and up to his large hanging family jewels.

I then went back to my bag and grabbed my black lace crotchless panties, and walked back to Dave.

"Legs up darling," I said holding out the panties.

"What are you doing?"

"You said, as long as it wasn't girls clothes you would give the underwear a try; well try."

Smiling Dave let me slip the panties on, leaving his delicious looking prick exposed. From there I went back to the bag and got the matching bra, my brunette wig, my old pair of false tits, and my pair of black heels.

"Ha, you're kidding right? You really want me to wear all that."


I proceeded to dress Dave until all of the items were on him, until only one detail was left. I grabbed the ruby red lipstick from the Halloween party and untwisted the cap.

"Oh come on, really, I said I'd try the underwear, and I've let you get away with the wig and shoes, but I don't want make-up."

"I have a really special evening planned, but we can stop if you want, I am kind of tired, and I do kind of have a headache."

"What, NOooo, uhh ok ok, go ahead."

After applying the lipstick I looked at my sweetie,

"You ready for a little lesbian action," I said as I kissed him, tasting the lipstick and then moving to my knees, where I lifted his legs onto my shoulders.

I slowly started kissing his skin through the mesh of the panties, as I worked close to his dick and pussy. When my tongue headed for his pussy, I could hear his moans.

"MMMM ahhhhh huh huh yeaaaaaaaa, MMMhhhhhmmmmm."

My tongue darted in and out of his hole, licking and probing, preparing him for what was next. In Dave's current position I knew he couldn't see what I was doing, so when I pulled out the lube and the 7" curved vibrator Mike had used on me in the garage, I knew I was safe, as Dave had no idea. This was taking a risk bringing this stuff into Dave's room, as Dave could never know what happened between Mike and me, but I figured I would just tell him I bought this stuff online.

"Ahhhh, oh fuck yeah baby, yeah, finger me, oh yeah," Dave moaned as my first lubed finger entered him.

On the second finger Dave was really thrashing around and pulling on the ropes. At this point I had lubed the vibrator with my free hand and was ready to insert it. Removing my fingers I slowly touched the tip of the vibe to his hole, as his head shot up to see what I was doing.

"Huh huh, what's huh that?"

"Just some fun baby," and with that I pushed the head of the vibe in.

It was lubed well, and my preparation had loosened Dave up, so I wasn't surprised that it slid in fairly easily. Dave wasn't telling me to stop, but his eyes were huge, showing a little concern. When I turned the vibe on, you could see his eyes get bigger, and almost roll in his head. I pulled out the straps that came with the vibe, the one's Mike used to hold the vibe in me by clipping them to my leather jock, and I attached them to Dave's panties. I then pulled my panties off, and lubed my own hole, as I once again I straddled Dave. This time though I stopped with his cock at my pussy, and looked into his eyes which were quickly glazing over.

"Oooooo, Ahhhhh, hssssss, mmmmmmmm, I love you babe," I moaned as I lowered down on his cock.

"Oh God Drew huh huh, I love you, shit shit this is too much..ahhhh."

Dave was so cute with his tits bouncing, and the bangs of his hair covering his forehead. I could even feel the panties as my ass bounced off his waist. Reaching under the shirt, I grabbed my stiff cock and started pumping, as I knew Dave was right and this would be quick.

"Oh shit Dave fuck me, oh you're so hot, you little whore, yes yes yes."

Oh Jesus, Jesus, Drew Drew, oh fuuuuucckkkkmmmeeeee."

Dave pulled tight on the ropes as I felt his warm cum drench my inner boy hole. I quickly moved forward and pressed my swollen cock to his ruby lips, as he opened up to take me. Watching his red lips slid over the skin of my dick, was too much and I exploded in his mouth.

"AHHHHHH, DAAAVVVVVVEEE," I moaned as my dick pulsed like mad.

Sitting back I pulled my cock from his mouth as I leaned in and kissed him,

"How, was your first lesbian fuck," I asked continuing to kiss him.

"Realleeeeeee huh gooooodd, Shit you need to turn that vibe off, ahhh, it's too much."

"Oh shit babe, I'm sorry," I said quikly removing the vibe from Dave.

"Oh man, if that's what it's like to be dressed as a girl, I could see myself doing this more often."

"Well my birthday is on Saturday."

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