My eyes flutter, as the sun shines bright in the sky. I raise my hand to block the sun, and quickly the rays of the sun are gone. A young boy, clothed only in a small white loincloth and a crown of leaves shades me.

I lie on my side, naked, covered only by a see through silk white sheet. It is warm outside, the heat causing small drops of perspiration to bead on my tanned arms and chest. Lying next to me is Jem; she is naked as well, also covered in silk sheets. I can see through the sheets, her flesh is hard and pulsing, like mine; she is beautiful. A young boy in a loincloth, the sheen on his body sparkling, too protects her from the sun. Hundreds of white pillows swallow us up, as the gentle rocking and smell of sea tickles our senses. We are the queens of the Nile.

Jem is staring off into the distance; I see it, it is our heroes. Dave and Tom are standing on the other end of the barge, moving towards us. The sea around us is crystal blue and calm. They stand in leather loincloths; their crowns of leaves made of bronze, the straps of their sandals climb up their thick golden calves; their strong chests rise and fall with every proud breath they take; their eyes sharp with lust.

They are not boys; they are men, our men. Time means nothing, they are now before us kneeling, kissing our hands, seducing us with their strength, enticing us to rid ourselves of our bonds, to let them have their way, to let them have us. It is not by weakness that we give them what they want, but desire, as we too want what they want. To feel the shiver in the embrace, to see our souls dancing in their eyes, to hear our hearts pounding, to release the animal inside, to not just be loved, but to love. We hug them with every limb of our body, as the hard flesh between their legs has purpose. We moan to let them know that we are happy. We moan because we have to. We moan because they want us to. My flesh pulses, and I know we have traveled as far as we need to go, its time, as every fiber of muscle flexes in my lovers body. One last moan and I will be amongst the gods.

"Drew, Drew, dude wake up," Tom says as he gives me a gentle shove.

"Wha, what, huh," I groaned as I shook my head and rubbed my eyes.

"Dude you fell asleep. You are lucky Mr. Realph didn't see you, or hear you."

My memory coming back to me; I am in Mr. Ralph's history class, where we are learning about Egypt and Cleopatra. The lights dimmed low as the class watches a film, Tom leans in to whisper in my ear.

"It must have been a good dream, you were moaning like a whore for a second or two before I woke you."

Looking at Tom, but not saying anything, I could feel my cock slowly softening, and the wet spot in my underwear, I hadn't cum, but the copious amount of pre-cum suggested I was close.

"Yeah dude it was good. I'll tell you about it after class."

Had I known that waking up in history class after moaning like a girl, and having a small wet spot in my crotch, wasn't going to be the most embarrassing thing that happened to me today, I would have called in sick and called this day a loss. However, as it was, I never saw what was coming next.

Dave and I walked home, him laughing at me most of the way, as I had told him and Tom about my dream at lunch. Crude comments as to the size of their swords, or how Jem and I were queens, were the butt of jokes all afternoon. As we got to my house I noticed that both of my parents were home, which was odd, as this never happened, and I quickly became concerned.

Dave and I walked in and saw my mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table, both looking as if they were waiting for me, and they were.

"What's going on, is everything ok?"

"Yes Andrew, everything is fine, Just your mom and I would like to talk to you."

Uh oh, did he just call me by my full name, oh shit, this was about me. My mind was scrambling to come up with what I had done wrong, and was stumbling on his words, that everything was fine.

"Hi Dave, would you mind if we had a private talk with Andrew? You can come back when we're done ok."

"Yes Mrs. Hansen, I hope everything is ok," Dave said as he backed slowly from the kitchen, concerned I was is some kind of trouble, but not stupid enough to step into whatever quick sand I was in.

I watched as Dave left the house, certain my only lifeline had just walked out, and I swallowed hard, as I turned to face my parents.

"Drew why don't you join us at the table, ok, your father and I have something we would like to talk to you about."

Oh shit, she had gone back to using my short name, this switching of names back and forth had happened twice in my life; once when my parents told me that 'Scotty', our Scottish terrier had passed away, and the other, under the bleachers with Becca. Both times I could have done with out.

"Am I in trouble?"

"No, no, nothing like that, you're definitely not in trouble, and we are not mad, its just your mother and I have noticed some changes in you lately, and we would like to discuss them, no pointing fingers, no passing judgments, and no anger," my father said as he put his hand on mine.

My mouth had gone dry, as what my dad said sunk in, and the fear of where this conversation was going took hold. I wanted to leave, to run, but instead I simply shook my head yes, and said ok.

"Drew you're now at that age where hormones really start kicking in and you start desiring a partner, for love and sex." My whole body cringed when my mother said sex.

"Your father and I have noticed some things that would make us believe you are having those feelings towards other boys."

"Now before you speak just listen, whether we are wrong or right with whom you like, we want you to know, we love you, and we will always love you no matter what. If you are gay, we hope you feel ok enough to talk to us about it, as we are fine with that, and we are here to support you. Ok?"

The tears had started trickling down my face, as I sat there feeling the weight of my secret leaving my shoulders; my parents knew, and they were all right with me being gay.

I spent the next hour or so learning how my parents figured out I was gay. I learned they had no idea of me dressing as a girl. I was relieved they didn't have all the details, but was also impressed by the ones they did. They had suspected Dave was gay as well, and that we were dating. I was shocked that they had figured out so much about Dave and me, and scared that if they had seen it, than someone else may have caught on too.

After my talk with my mom and dad, I went to my room to call Dave. I was giddy that I no longer had to hide my feelings for Dave in front of my parents, but also uneasy as to how Dave would take all of this news. I told Dave what the talk was about, and that everything was ok. I could sense Dave's apprehension, as I filled him in on my parents' revelation about us. When I asked if he was ok, Dave went quiet, even as I tried to describe the benefits of them knowing. I was now regretting doing this over the phone.

"Can I come over," Dave said after a moment of awkward silence.

"Of course babe, you're always welcome," I said concerned at his sudden desire to confront this.

Dave got to my house fast, which added to my gut-welling fear that he was mad at me. When I answered the door, Dave stepped into the house with authority and embraced me before looking me in the eyes and planting his lips on mine.

"Urrr Hummm," my mom said as we broke the kiss.

"Hi Mrs. Hansen," Dave said with a cheeky grin. I was still in shock.

"Well, why don't the two of you follow me into the kitchen, so we can set some things straight."

I looked at Dave with a, what the fuck just happened look, as he looked at me.

"I couldn't talk at my house; my dad was in the room, when you called."

"Oh," that made sense as we followed my mom into the kitchen.

"Hello again Dave, I guess Drew told you of our little talk, and I guess I don't need to ask you about your status or how you feel for Drew, based on that little show you just put on."

"Sorry Mrs. Hansen, I guess I got a little too excited."

"That's fine Dave, but we need to have some rules in this house while you two love birds are under our roof. First, you need to have a talk with your father Dave. Jim and I do not mind keeping your relationship a secret, if that is how you to want it, but we will not be lying to Mike. Dave if you need help talking to him, then let me know, we are here to support you as well in any way we can. Second, once Mike is aware of your relationship, then Jim and I have no problem with you two showing a little affection for each other while we are around; but keep it respectful. We also don't mind if you two continue to share a room, as you already have been. With that said, third and the most important rule; we assume you two are already having sex, and we hope you are using protection, but either way, we will treat you two like the adults you want to be. You may continue to have your relationship behind the closed door of your bedroom as you see fit; BUT if at any time you disrespect our rules, all contact will be cut off from this house. Do you understand?"

It was a lot to take in, and I am sure Dave was still stuck on the confronting his dad part, but we both knew enough to nod.

"Now tomorrow is your birthday party Drew, and if Dave has talked to his dad by then, then he can spend the night. Dave I am sorry to force you into this, but now that we know about your relationship with Drew, we do not feel right leaving Mike in the dark. You can take all the time you need to tell him, but until then, sleep-overs need to stop."

"Ok, Mrs. Hansen, I guess I understand," Dave said with a little sadness in his voice.

Dave and I went to my room and discussed the little talk we had just had with my mom. We both couldn't believe she had just given us the ok to have sex. We also talked about Dave's dad, and while I knew the conversation would probably go easier than Dave thought, having my history with Mike, and his own bisexual attitude, I couldn't let Dave know that. I did push him toward having the talk.

"So you think you'll talk to him tomorrow," I asked, watching Dave stare at the ceiling.

"Yeah, I guess I have to," he said, still not looking at me.

"Well, not really. I mean I would love it if you could spend the night tomorrow, but if you're not ready to talk to your dad, I'd totally get it."

"NO, I have to spend the night," he said looking at me, like I was silly for suggesting otherwise.

"Look I have a birthday surprise for you, and it requires I spend the night, and if that means I confront my dad, then that's what I need to do."

"A birthday surprise for me, that requires you spend the night, huh. That sounds interesting and a little sassy. We're not going to be breaking my parents rules on the first night are we?"

"Depends on how much noise you make," Dave said finally cracking a smile.

Dave went home that night with a huge weight on his chest. The knowledge that there was nothing I could do to help him, left me tossing and turning all night long, as every possible outcome played out in my head.

Mike was confused as he got up on Saturday morning to the noise of the microwave beeping. Never had one of his children gotten up before him, ever, and especially not on a weekend. Mike's confusion grew, as he walked down the stairs to the smell of coffee, which as far as he knew, he was the only person who drank it. At 6 in the morning Mike walked into his kitchen to see Dave sitting at the table eating a microwaved waffle and juice.

Mike looked at Dave whose stare was fixed on him, as he walked over to the coffee pot. "You ok Dave, is there something wrong?"

"I would like to talk to you, if you have a second," Dave said with anxiety in his voice.

"Sure, what's on your mind," Mike said as his first sip of coffee made him twitch.

"Too strong," Dave asked.

"It's a little strong, but not bad, thank you for making it. So what's got you up so early making me coffee?"

"Umm...well....a, you know Drew has been dressing as a girl right, and, and a we went to the dance and all, and...."

"Something's on your mind Dave and its best if you just get to it, than dancing around it like this. I'm here, let's have it.

Dave looked at his dad, swallowed hard and took a deep breath, "I'M GAY! And I'M DATING DREW!"

Dave looked down after he finished blurting out what he needed to say. He knew his father loved him and was a caring father for him and his siblings, so seeing a crushed look in his eyes was something he wanted to avoid.

Mike was silent for a sec, and then looked at Dave sitting there, looking vulnerable. "Davey, look at me Davey," Mike said as Dave looked up.

"You are my son, and nothing will ever change that. I am honored you had the courage to confront me and tell me who you are. I had a feeling, but didn't know how to approach you about it, thank you for taking the first step. I love you and I hope you can always feel comfortable enough to come to me about anything that is important in your life."

Mike set his coffee down and walked over and gave his son the biggest bear hug he could, as Dave started to cry. Mike knew the tears were just a release of held back emotions, and that Dave was happy by the strength with which Dave returned the hug. Even Mike felt like he was about to cry, but covered it up with a quick joke to lighten the mood.

"Just give me some warning before I see my sporty son running around my house in a pink dress ok."

"Thanks dad; but I'll leave the dresses for Drew, but the panties feel nice."

"You little shit," Mike said as they both laughed.

Dave had called me and told me of his conversation with Mike; actually waking me up as he was too excited to wait for a decent hour to call me, letting me know of his good news and how well it went.

On Saturday morning, looking at my reflection through the bathroom mirror, I marveled at the changes that had happened to me in the last five months, let alone the last 15 years. Unfortunately I was still only 5'-4" and had seemed to plateau on my height. I could still pinch a little baby fat, but knew making the high school soccer team would take care of that. My blond hair, back to its short form for soccer, was spiked with gel. Most of my changes though were internal, as my confidence grew with each and every day. And while a girl or two would still flirt with me, telling me how wonderful my hazel eyes were, and how great my butt was, as I stood there in front of the mirror, squeezing my toosh through my white briefs; I now knew they were right, my ass was great, and they would never know. The only thing missing, as I looked at my 15 year old body, generally happy with everything in my life, was the wish for these to be girl's panties instead of boy's underwear.

Before 10 am, my dad had already spoken to Mike about Dave and me, and while I would have loved to have ease dropped on that call, it seemed to go well. After my dads call with Mike, I told my parents of Jem and Tom and their relationship, as they were coming to my party and I didn't want anymore lies to my parents. I had just been informed that my first surprise of the day was about to arrive.

It was a small party, with just Mike, Becca, and of course Dave, and Jem and Tom, so when my dad said my surprise was on its way, I was scratching my head as to who it could be. When the knock on the door came, and my dad opened it, I was ecstatic to see my uncle Josh at the door. Josh was my dad's younger brother by nine years, and had just turned 30. I had always idolized my uncle, now even more than ever, as he was gay as well. Josh was short like me, at just 5'-7"s, but unlike me, there wasn't an ounce of fat on him, as he looked like an Olympic gymnast.

"Oh my God, Unc, what are you doing here," as I ran to the door, and almost jumped into his arms.

"Hey little buddy; Happy birthday," he said as he gave me a huge bear hug. "Your dad invited me, and how could I pass up seeing my favorite nephew on his big day."

"Where's Sean?" I asked, looking out the still open front door, more for selfish reasons than honest caring. Sean was hot, and had been dating Josh since they were both just 19, and in photography class together in college. I suppose if I really look back at my life, then Sean was my first crush. I should have guessed then that I was gay, but I was young, and who could blame me. At 19 Sean looked like the young Layton Williams, and today at 29, he looked like Taye Diggs.

"Sean had to stay back and finish editing a photo shoot we did for National Geographic, but he sends his love and best wishes for a happy birthday."

"It couldn't get any better," I said as I was jumping around like a 10 year old kid who just got a new bike.

I spent the next few hours with Josh in my room, telling him all about my coming out, if you can call it that since my mom and dad did all the talking. I told him about my boy friend Dave, and my friends Tom and Jem, and Jem's parents. He was happy to hear that everything was going well, and confided in me that my coming out was part of why he was here, as my dad had suspected I was gay, and thought having Josh around might help answer some questions, questions I might not want to ask my parents.

The party started at 5 pm, and everyone was having a great time. Dave, Tom, Jeremy and Josh hit it off big time, as he discussed his travels as a photographer for National Geographic. I was surprised to see Jeremy dressed in boys clothes as he wore a nice Hawaiian shirt and custom made jeans. I was quite pleased with the gifts I had received. Mike and Becca, got me an official jersey of the Brazilian national soccer team, while Jem and Tom, got me hand made clothes, clearly done by Scott. My parents had gotten me a new pair of soccer shoes, and private drivers training courses. Josh and Sean got me a new digital camera, one with removable lenses, for high quality photos. But it was Dave's gift that baffled me the most, as I opened an autograph photo of David Beckham, my favorite soccer player. It wasn't that the gift was bad, on the contrary, I loved it, it's just not what I was expecting, with all the fuss to confront his dad, so he could spend the night and give me my gift.

My uncle left, apparently choosing a hotel room over the couch, as he would be here until Sunday evening before his flight took him home to New York. He didn't leave alone though as my father and Mike went with him for some old fashioned male bonding, or as my mom put it, they went to get drunk at the hotel bar. Jem and Tom left as well, but not before we discussed getting together soon. Becca was soon to leave as well, as she had a date with Brian. That left just my mom, Dave, and me. It was now about 10 pm and I was tired from the day's events and excited for the evening's possibilities, so with my mom finishing cleaning the house, Dave and I excused ourselves and headed to my room.

When we got there, Dave shut the door and locked it as we grabbed each other for a kiss. I lived for our kisses, as this kiss burned with the passion we had for each other.

Dave pulled away and looked at me, "ready for your real gifts?"

"I thought the photo and you were my gifts," I said playing along.

"The photo, was gift number one, I have two more gifts for you, before you get to have me," he said flashing his wonderful smile.

Dave pulled out of his overnight bag a small gift, small enough to fit in his hand, as he handed it to me.

"We're too young to get married," I said with mock sorrow.

"Shut up and open it."

"Inside a small jewelry box was a silver necklace with a letter 'D' charm on it. The charm was made of turquoise, and was beautiful.

"Wow babe, this is amazing. Thank you," I said removing the necklace to put it on.

"Do you know what it means?"

"I'm guessing it's for Drew, and cause I like the color blue," I said, thinking it seemed like a silly question.

"No, it's for Dave, as it matches my eyes; this one," he said pulling a charm from under his shirt, "is for Drew, as its jade to represent your eyes. This way no one will suspect that they are anything more than the letter D for our names, but we will know they represent our love for each other."

This was the nicest gift anyone had ever given me, as the thought he put into it showed how much he truly loved me.

Dave stepped forward and helped put the necklace on, and as Dave stood behind me putting the clasp on, he leaned in and whispered,

"I love you," as he kissed my neck.

"You have no idea how much I love you," I said as I turned around and kissed him.

"I have one more gift for you, but it's kind of for us really, that is if you're up for it."

With that kind of set up, my curiosity jumped to an all time high. Dave went to my closet and grabbed a box big enough to fit a pair of football shoulder pads in.

"What's this?" I said as he placed it in my lap.

"You know what I am going to say to that question, now don't you?"

"Yeah yeah I know, open it and find out," and so I did.

Inside the box were what looked like two outfits. I pulled the first one out to reveal a full body red leather Madame's outfit, with matching knee high boots. The second outfit was a sheer baby doll pink teddy, and pink g-string. As I stood up to take a better look, I held up the red leather outfit, and realized it was sized for me, as were the boots.

I looked at Dave with a quizzical look as I held up the boots, and the teddy.

"I should explain huh," he said.

"Don't get me wrong babe, they're both sexy as hell, but are they both for me?"

"No, just the red leather outfit is for you, the baby doll teddy and g-string is for me to wear, but that's kind of your gift as well," Dave said blushing a little.

"Don't make fun of me, but I kinda want you to wear the red outfit, while I wear the teddy, and let you have your way with me."

"Wow, you've really had a change of heart for wearing women's clothing; how far do you want me to go?" I said trying to figure Dave out, and still looking at the red leather outfit.

"Well I was thinking anything you wanted really. I guess it's like you being a top, and me being the bottom, like we saw on some of those web sites we looked at, you know. Like maybe a little spanking or having me suck your dick or something."

"Ok," I said getting excited with the prospects. "And we can do anything I want?"

"It's your night babe, anything you want goes."

I smiled a wicked smile as my hormone driven brain went into overdrive. I told Dave to stay in my room while I checked the house. My mom had gone to bed, so the house was clear, and I went back to my room where I got Dave and took him to the bathroom for a shower. As the water heated, Dave and I took turns stripping each other of our clothes, until all we had on were the new necklaces Dave got us.

"You sure I can do what ever I want?"

"Yeah babe, it's your birthday. I know this gift seems like it's more for me, but I'm kind of giving myself to you, which is new for me, and I guess that's kind of what makes it exciting for me as well," Dave said as we rubbed and kissed each other.

"Ok, well if you're going to be wearing a teddy, then you need to be smooth."

I grabbed the shaving cream from the shower area, and looked up at Dave, "last chance."

"Sounds like fun to me, except do you mean totally bare," Dave said gesturing toward his groin.

"Well, here are your choices; you'll get no spankings for letting me take all your hair, you'll receive 10 spankings, for letting me trim it into a cute little triangle, and you'll receive 30 spankings if you don't let me touch that area at all. These are your only choices; your arms, chest, legs, and back are mine."

As I waited for Dave to answer I started smearing the shaving cream all over his body. I had a sudden flash back of me shaving for the first time for Becca, and then Mike shaving me completely. Now I did it almost every day, as I preferred the smooth feeling and the look it gave my body, although I was never really hairy to begin with.

"Ahhh, hssssss, mmm, that feels good, uh huh, I think I'll go with the triangle, mmmmm," Dave said as I massaged the cream all over him.

It was very erotic to be naked with Dave, his body covered in shaving cream, our cocks' rock hard. As I moved the razor over his body, my free hand would follow over the now smooth skin. I took my time for two reasons. I wanted to be careful and thorough with my effort, and the slower I went the more pleasing it became for both of us.

When it was time to shave his groin, I got on my knees and looked up at Dave who was trembling. I smiled as my tongue came out and slowly swiped at the tip of his dick.

"MMmmmmm, uuuuuuuu, oooooo, aaaaaa," Mike moaned as my tongue slowly dance on the warm taught skin of his cock.

As I sucked the crown of his cock into my mouth, I placed the razor to his flesh and pressed with a quick jerk, creating one of three straight lines of his soon to be groomed pubic bush. I repeated the process, including the dick sucking, as his triangle took shape.

To Dave's dismay, I stopped sucking his cock as I focused on shaving his balls, as I knew how tricky this area could be. With his upper body and groin done, I spun Dave around and proceeded to shave what little peach fuzz was on his butt, and the thick black hairs on his legs.

"Time to wash you off love," I said standing up and kissing the back of his neck.

We showered quickly, with some fondling and kissing mostly because who could pass up a naked cock when there's one so close, but we both wanted to get back to my room and on with the festivities.

Before I left the hall bathroom I added a little make-up my mom had left in here, some dark eye shadow, and red lipstick. I kept my hair wet and slicked back, wishing I had my supplies which were in Dave's garage. When I returned to my room, Dave was standing there holding the teddy and g-string panties, looking at himself in my full length mirror which was hanging on my closet door. He was touching his chest and marveling at his new groin area, as I walked in.

"This feels weird," he said smiling at me.

The red leather outfit had a zipper down one whole side, which allowed someone to slip into it, which I did, completely naked. I was covered in red leather from my neck down, with full sleeves and legs, once the boots were on only my hands and head would exposed. The boots were just my size and had a 3" thick flat heel, which gave the boot a sexy look, but still allowed me to move around in them. With the boots on, I looked at myself in the mirror, as Dave sat on the bed, making soft cat whistles at me. Even though I was covered from the shoulders down, with no underwear and the tightness of the leather outfit, I felt naked, and hot as hell. Between the lift from the heels and the clinginess of the outfit, my bubble butt looked like a large red apple you would want to sink your teeth into. The only thing missing was a set of tits, which I made a mental note about; now that my parents new I was gay, it wasn't as huge a risk to have some of my feminine attire here.

"Damn, I knew you'd look good in that, but DAMN!" Dave said as he sat on the bed, naked with his 6 " rod pulsing like mad.

Turning from the mirror, with a feeling of empowerment, I looked at Dave with heat in my eyes, "No more talking, you have a spanking coming; get dressed."

"Ok," Dave said as he began to dress.

I ran to the kitchen where I grabbed some birthday cake and some rope from my garage, and on my return to my room, quietly thanked God, my mom didn't see me in this outfit with the rope and cake in my hands, as I am sure it would have sent her over the edge, and ended all contact with Dave, as she probably would have sent me straight to a military school.

Opening the door to my room, Dave stood there in his teddy looking cuter than ever. His teddy was silk, with two thin straps draping his shoulders. A somewhat see through dark pink flower designed portion covered his chest, but still revealed his hard nipples. The rest of the teddy was a softer shade of pink, revealing his freshly shaven abs. The pink g-string was thin, and slid between Dave's cheeks perfectly, but did little to hide his ragging hard-on. All in all, Dave did an excellent job picking out our outfits for the evening.

Dave smiled when he saw me put the cake and rope on my desk, "You've been a bad boy, haven't you," I said sitting on the bed.


"Well then I think it's time for you to receive your punishment; you know where you belong," I said patting my lap.


Dave moved over to where I was sitting and looked down at me before laying tummy down across my legs.

"You have been a very bad girl, you walk around in that sassy outfit teasing my cock, and you refused to do as I wished for in the bathroom, clearly you need a lesson you won't soon forget," I said as my hand rubbed his beautiful butt, knowing full well none of my upcoming swats would land hard enough to even elicit pain, as this was just role playing.

Wack, my first slap landed, with Dave flinching more from the surprise then sting. I continued my assault on his cheeks, alternating slaps with rubbing, until two things had been achieved, I had reached the count of twenty, ten for the hair trim and ten for the cock tease, and Dave's toosh was nice and red. Dave to his credit kept up with the role playing, as he pretended to struggled to get away, and yet moaned how he deserved more as he crushed his rock hard cock into my thigh.

"Ok you little slut, time for you to be where you belong, like any good slut, on your knees."

Dave slid off my lap right to his knees where he sat there, looking cute rubbing his butt, as I walked over to the cake. I smeared the cake onto the leather suit, on my chest, on my crotch, on my ass and on my boots.

"Now lick slut!"

Dave crawled over to me and started with the boots as he licked the cream frosting off. His constant moaning while he licked, along with his hands rubbing my legs, had my dick hard and throbbing inside the leather suit. Dave purposefully moved to my chest next and then my ass, leaving my crotch for last, while I called him dirty names the whole time. It was like being in a full body condom, when Dave's tongue dragged across my cock, I forgot the role play and moaned,

"Ahhhh, ohhh eeeeeee."

"Enough, enough, stop you dirty little slut; now on the bed face down."

Dave started to move towards the bed, removing the rest of the cake off his lips with a finger, as he sucked it clean. When he did that I couldn't help grabbing him and kissing him hard, as I smashed my lips into his, our tongues sharing the sweet taste of frosting.

Grabbing Dave's wrists and I tied the rope around them, and then using my boot, with Dave standing in front of my bed, I put my foot to his chest and pushed him down. Dave's cock was poking out the top of the g-string, as I approached, Dave smiling the whole time.

"So you like to tease huh," I said running a finger up the length of his rod.

Dave bit his lip as I started stroking his cock with the thin material of the panty, "Well I can tease too."

I moved my other hand to his nipple and gave a good pinch, as Dave squirmed under the new sensation. I removed Dave's panties and slowly slid up to his face as I let his bare cock slide against the tight leather suit.

"Open," I said as I placed the panties into Dave's open mouth.

I moved back to the foot of the bed, still between Dave's legs, as I grabbed them and placed them on my shoulders. I had already placed the lube near the bed before the party had even started, so there was no need to go looking for it. I took the lube and smeared it over both hands and as I grabbed his cock and slowly stroked. My other hand went to his hole, with one lubed finger moving around his brown eye, threatening to enter.

"uurrrrmmmmm, ummmmm, MMMMMM," Dave's moan jumped up an octave when my first finger sank in.

I had a plan, and that plan was to make Dave cum as many times as I could, with every load of the evening, including mine, destined for his mouth. By the second finger, everything was moving quickly; my hand pumping his dick, my fingers plunging into his hole, pushing his prostate with each insertion, and Dave thrashing. I pulled his teddy up just in time as his first load of the evening fired up to his smooth chest and belly. I removed my fingers from his boy pussy, as it was still quivering from his orgasm. I removed the panties from Dave's mouth, but kept a finger on his lips to let him know now was not the time to speak, as I used my other hand to scoop up his cum. The finger on his lips pulled down to his chin where I put a little pressure to open his mouth as I allowed his cum in my other hand drip into his mouth and down his throat.

"You're going to be a full slut tonight," I said as I had Dave lick the remaining cum from my hand, and I returned the g-string to his mouth. I once again returned to between his legs, as I took hold of his semi soft cock and returned my two fingers to his hole. Dave looked at me with big eyes as I slid my fingers in his still lubed pussy.

"MMMMM, urrrrgggghhhhh, hrruuuhhhh, ooommmmm," Dave moaned as I resumed pumping of his boy button.

I didn't stroke his cock right away, as I knew this would have a negative affect, as it was still sensitive, but I did hold it until I felt it starting to swell again. Once rock hard, I began my slow strokes again trying to bring Dave back to Nirvana. Dave wasn't thrashing as bad as the first round, but when I introduced the third finger, his eyes snapped shut as I stretched his pussy.

"Oh baby, you look so hot in your little teddy and your cute wittle patch of fuzz above your dick has me so hard, mmmmm, Sooo Nice," I said as I picked the speed up of my stroking.

My fingers were driving Dave nuts, and I knew his second orgasm was quickly approaching. His ass ring tried its best to clamp down on my fingers, as his cock exploded again. His second load in less than 15 minutes was thin and smaller in volume from the first, as expected, but still impressive. I scooped this one up as well and again removed the panties and fed it to him. He licked my fingers with the same look of enjoyment as the first load, but you could clearly see he was tired from the back to back orgasms. I put the panties back, again suggesting we weren't done as I quickly removed the boots and leather suit. Now naked, and looking for my own relief, but still into my plan of feeding all of tonight's loads to Dave, I grabbed one of the condoms we got at school out of my desk drawer and slid it on my pulsing 5" cock.

"Time for me to get off now my sexy little slut," I said as I rolled Dave to his stomach and marveled at his perfect ass.

Dave's hands were still loosely tied as I walked up and touched the head of my cock to his hole, which was puffy and slightly redder than normal from all of the attention it had been getting.

"Mmmmm, ooooooooo," he moaned as I slowly slid my dick in.

Once I was in all the way and getting the head nod from Dave after asking if he was alright, I set to fucking him. There was no holding back; all of the teasing I had done to Dave had its effect on me as well as my cock felt like hard steel. I grabbed Dave's hips and started pumping hard. Dave's feet were on the ground as I pushed him and the bed forward with every thrust, his head resting on his bound hands, as I got to the edge of cumming. I pulled out quickly and removed the condom as I once again flipped Dave over and straddled his chest as I removed the panties for the final time and pushed my cock into his mouth just in time to spray his throat with my seed. Dave sucked my cock like a champ, even though I could see he was in another world as he swallowed his third load of the night. As my cock went limp, I slid back and removed my dick from his slurping mouth.

"You up for one more round," I asked running my finger on his belly button.

"Maybe, I'll try, but it won't be much," he said.

"That's just fine baby; you let me handle this part, you just relax and enjoy."

I dropped to the floor on my knees and took Dave's plump flaccid cock into my hand as I leaned in and gently started sucking. It took a little longer than normal to get his cock to respond, but once it did, as I knew it would, I went to work sucking like a real whore. I tickled Dave's balls, and ran my tongue threw his newly trimmed bush, as I worked for my last birthday gift of the evening. It took some work but after about 10 minutes of sucking and slurping all over his rod, I could tell Dave was close to cumming again.

"MMMM, RRRRRR, OOOHHHH," I moaned around his cock.

"Oh shit shit, Oh man this one hurts, oh shit so gooood, I'm gunna cum, Drew Drew Drew shit!"

Dave blasted his final load into my mouth, as I fought off the desire to swallow it. His load was watery and lacking the normal pungent flavor I had come to love, but I loved it nonetheless. I got up and slid up Dave's body as he looked spent beyond belief, as I moved in to kiss him. Dave opened his mouth as I moved my lips to his, and let his load enter his mouth. Dave moaned as he swallowed his fourth load of cum, while our tongues savored the flavor of his seed.

When we broke our kiss I looked at him, still lying on top of him,

"You ok?"

"Oh my God, you were amazing babe. Holy shit I didn't know I could cum that much; I think it's because you kept feeding it back to me."

"Wow, I'm sorry babe, this was suppose to be your night," Dave said looking a little guilty.

I kissed Dave before I answered, "It was my night babe, the fact that you trusted me to do what ever I wanted means a lot, probably more than you know. Believe babe, every time I am with you, is my night. I love you so much," I said as I kissed his chest and lay my head on it.

Dave kissed my head, "I love you too."

Sleep came quickly to both of us.

Thank you to all of those who have commented, please keep the comments coming. Chapter 9 should be released soon. Special thanks go to Bill, who has helped me tremendously with this adventure.