Dave and I woke the next morning to the smell of bacon wafting through the house. I gave Dave a kiss, as we lay there staring into each others eyes. To me this was like our first real night as a couple, at least where we didn't have the pressure of hiding that we slept together from our parents.

"How do you feel, did I push it too far last night?" I asked.

"No, I feel good babe. You were wonderful, and I could just lie here with you all day." Dave said as I ran a finger over his smooth body.

"How about our morning routine, should we skip it?"

"Hell NO," and with that Dave pinned me down and started kissing my body, until we were in our 69 position sucking each other's dicks.

By the time we made it to the kitchen, my dad, mom, and Josh had all finished their breakfast and were working on their coffees.

"You two look like you had a good time last night," my dad said as we both giggled and turned red. My mom smacked my dad on the arm.

"I meant at the party; you know what I meant, you people need to get your heads out of the gutter," my dad said as we all laughed watching him pretend to get angry.

I was happy to see Josh there, and I was hoping to spend some good time with him today. "So what would you boys like to do today?" Josh asked as he sipped his coffee.

"Oh, uh, that's ok, I mean I appreciate the gesture, but you and Drew should spend some time alone." Dave said kind of looking at me for direction, as he openly held my hand.

"Up to you Drew, I am fine sharing my time with you, especially since I really didn't get a chance to meet Dave very well last night."

"Well if you're ok with it, I would like to hang out with both of you; I want my boyfriend to really get to know my favorite uncle; that is if Dave is ok with it?

"Well, when you put it that way babe how can I resist," Dave said as he leaned in a kissed my cheek.

"Well then it's settled; the three amigos it is. But don't get too excited Dave, there is a reason I am Drew's favorite uncle, it's because I am his only uncle." Josh said laughing.

My mom had two older sisters, and the two middle siblings in my dad's family were girls as well, so Josh was right, he was my only uncle in a sea of estrogen, but I was right too, he was my favorite.

"So what should we do?" I asked.

"Well how about we open that camera of yours and go out and take some photos, and I'll show you how it works?"

"That sounds great!"

While the March air was still a bit nippy, I knew the day would warm soon. The city had a land reserve, which had lots of trees and paths, and wildlife, so it would be perfect to for learning to use the camera. When I told Josh of the park, you could see his excitement, as it was similar to what Sean and he did for a living.

"Well, time is wasting, go get ready, well take your breakfast with us," Josh said, as Dave and I almost ran back to my room.

I grabbed a t-shirt, sweat shirt, and a pair of kahki shorts, while Dave threw me a pair of lacy black boy cut panties, while he held up the pink thong panties he wore the night before.

"Your uncle will never know, and it would be hot to think you're running around in those," Dave said as he slipped his thong on.

"You're wicked; but then that's why I love you."

Dave threw on some jean shorts, a t-shirt and sweat shirt like me, as we ran out, to meet up with Josh.

Once at the park, Josh ran us through the basics of working the camera. We took photos of everything, even some photos of Dave and me. Josh had just shown us how to take a time delayed photo, when a hawk flew overhead, and he suggested we try a different lens.

"Hey Dave why don't you go get the tripod, and Drew you get that big lens there in the camera bag, and I'll show you two how to take a long distance photo."

The camera bag was on the ground near a tree, and Dave and I ran over and reached for the items Josh had asked for.

"Wow, I had hoped to see some good wild life out here, but I never thought I would be looking at a couple whale tails."

Dave and I looked back at Josh wondering what he was talking about. When I noticed Josh's gaze was locked on Dave, I looked over and noticed Dave's shorts had dropped a little when he bent over for the tripod, and the back of his thong was showing, looking as they say it like a whale's tail. My eyes grew big, as Dave pointed at my ass, and mouthed a quiet, "Shit". I looked back, and noticed my shorts had dropped too, and you could see my panties as well.

Standing up quickly, we both turned to look at Josh. Dave and I were blushing a beet red, as a smile crossed Josh's face.

"A, a, I can explain, you see um, we were just, um...."

"Don't worry about it; truth be told I used to throw on a pair of panties here and there, but nothing as nice as those."

"Really, you used to wear panties?" I asked.

"Yeah when I could get some free time I would put on either Debbie or Cindy's panties," Debbie and Cindy were my aunts, and Josh's older sisters, "but rarely did I have time to do that; but when I was in college I would wear them every now and then."

Wow picturing Josh in panties gave me a whole new image of him. I mean I already loved him, but now all I could see was him in lacy panties, and my cock was twitching. I spent a few minutes explaining to Josh how Dave and I got into wearing panties. I didn't go into me wearing dresses, as I wasn't sure Uncle Josh was ready for that.

"I have an idea if you two boys are up for it? How about we move over to that secluded area over there and you two show me those fancy panties, and maybe I'll show you how to take some portrait photos?" Josh said with a devious little smile.

"Sounds, good to me," Dave said as he grabbed the tripod and headed toward and area behind some trees.

By the time I had moved over behind the trees, Dave had already shucked his shirt, shorts, and was removing his shoes and socks standing there in just his pink thong panties, which took my breath away, as he was truly beautiful. I knew Dave was an outgoing spirit, but this seemed a little crazy even for him.

I had removed my shirt and walked up to Dave, "You really ok with this?"

"Yeah sure; I mean add it up, he's your uncle, he's gay, he just said he likes wearing panties, what harm could come from this? Plus it would be cool to have some professional photos of you and me in panties."

"Ok, but the last time we had footage of our love for each other, we both got busted." I said as I dropped my shorts, and kicked off my shoes and socks.

"Yeah, but that worked out well for both of us, and this time you can keep the evidence." Dave said.

"Wow, you two are hot. Those are some sexy panties, if you don't mind me saying."

Josh walked up to me, and for a second I felt like covering up as my modesty from the past started creeping back in. When Josh put his hand on my bare shoulder, I felt very comfortable and at peace.

"You look really good Drew, and those panties really bring out your assets, if you know what I mean." I was blushing profusely; as Josh looked up at Dave "You're a lucky boy Dave."

"I know, you should see him in his full outfit."

The minute the words left Dave's lips, you could see Dave realize his mistake, as we both looked at Josh who was looking at me and smiling a broad smile.

"Full outfit, huh? Like bra, dress, and make-up, full outfit?"

"Um well kinda, I guess yeah, but I can explain that too, you see when I told you about that first time where I wore the cheerleader outfit for Halloween, well it wasn't just the panties I fell in love with. The whole idea of the outfit intrigued me, and well now every once in a while I dress up as a girl. You're not mad are you, and you're not like gunna tell my folks are ya?"

"Come on Drew, you know your favorite uncle would never tell anyone. And if there is a chance someday I might see you in your full attire, especially with the way you look now, than I am not doing anything that will ruin that chance." at that Josh ran his hand over my butt, dragging his fingers on the lace of my panties, "I bet you're smokin HOT dressed up."

"I thought about it once, when I was younger, but I never had the chance, someone was always home," Josh said, as he removed his hand from butt and took the camera and walked across from Dave and me. As soon as his hand left my butt I could breathe again, but the blood was now rushing from my head and heading south.

"Ok boys why don't we start with some simple hugging photos, and then well move into something a little more risqué."

Dave stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me, resting his hands on my belly button, his cock almost giving me a wedge as it pushed my panty material into the crevice of my ass.

"Oh yeah that's hot, yeah that looks good, ok now, Dave give your boyfriend a kiss on the neck, yeah that's it, now hold it."

From there Josh had Dave slide his hands into the front of my panties and had me close my eyes, which felt natural anyway. Josh was jumping around all over the place acting like a model photographer, throwing out suggestions of how to look, through expressing different emotions. For Dave and me it was actually a lot of fun and really easy, as there was no need to act the emotion of love or lust, as these were real and present in every photo. We moved into shots where Dave and I were on all fours, ass to the camera, with my hand closest to Dave grabbing a handful of his bare cheek, while Dave did the same to me, we then looked back at the camera with big smiles. By now it was obvious everyone had ragging hard-ons, and the energy in the environment was only growing, no pun intended.

"Damn, you boys are making me hot," Josh said as he set the camera down and removed his shirt.

If my dick wasn't already dripping, it was now. I couldn't help but stare at Josh's ripped body. He looked like the marbled statue of David.

"Ok boys, we're done with the playgirl photos, you ready to take some dirty pics?"

Dave looked at me, and kind of shrugged, with a why not look on his face.

"Ok Josh, what do you want us to do?" I asked as Dave and I were still on our knees, using our sweatshirts for padding.

"Excellent!" "Ok Dave lets have you stand up, and stand right in front of Drew, yeah just like that."

From there Josh became very hands on, by pushing Dave by the butt so that his crotch was right in front of my face, and then taking my hands, he pushed my fingers into Dave's thong, gently pushing my fingers and the panties down until they stopped just above Dave's pulsing dick.

"Wow." Josh said as his hand went to the back of my head and pressed it against Dave's hard cock. He then took Dave's hands and put them on the back of my head. "You two will love these photos."

"Ok Drew, now I want your lips barely touching Dave's dick, almost like you're whispering something."

Josh snapped a couple photos and then walked over and lowered my hands and Dave's panties a little, exposing the tip of Dave's cock.

"Nice cock Dave, very impressive."


Again Josh was very hands on as he moved my head so that my lips were now kissing Dave's mushroom tip. Josh quickly stepped back and snapped a few more photos, as my tongue subconsciously licked the pre-cum from Dave's dick, like a hummingbird would the nectar of a flower.

"That's it Drew, do what ever comes natural, just don't move too fast; Oh this is good."

I lowered Dave's panties even further, showing his recently groomed bush, as I slowly took the entire tip of his dick into my mouth. It became a game of red light, green light, as Josh would yell out when he wanted me to stop so he could snap some photos, and then tell me to continue, where I would proceed to suck Dave's dick. The whole process was driving all of us crazy with lust and a need to cum. Every time Josh would ask me to stop, I could hear Dave moan, his need to cum was becoming too much to handle. At one point Josh stopped me while Dave's cock was deep in my throat, as he walked up behind me and pushed my panties to just below my ass.

"Shit, uh, uh, uh, uh, come on Josh please let him finish, oh dude, I can't handle much more, pleasssseee!" Dave was begging now, and even I wanted to finish him off as my throat, mouth, and knees were starting to hurt.

"Ok Drew, finish him like a good girl." Josh said as he stepped in close to take photos of me bobbing on Dave's cock, waiting for the money shot, the shot when Dave blasted me with his seed.

I was using my left hand to stroke Dave, as my mouth expertly sucked him off. Josh was so close that I could see the huge bulge in his cargo shorts. And since Josh had instructed me to do what felt natural, I used my right hand and started rubbing Josh's dick through his shorts.

"Oh yeah little buddy that's it, uh, uh, huh, huh, uh." While Josh was taking photos with one hand his other hand released his shorts.

That was all I needed as my hand wormed its way into his boxers and found his rock hard cock. It was slick with pre-cum, which added to my jerking of his rod. I knew Dave was close, so I pulled off and asked Josh where he wanted it.

"All over your face would make for some really hot photos........ Ummmm, hisssshhh, ohhh."

I had pulled Josh's cock through the slot in his boxers and I was now jerking both cocks. I moved over and sucked on Josh's cock real fast, then back to Dave's, until Dave let me know he was about to cum. I took a chance and got one more good suck of Josh's cock, just before Dave fired his first shot onto my forehead, with the second shot right below my eye.

"Oh hell, shit yeah that's it babe milk me, fuck, fuck, huh huh, oooooohhhhhh mannnnnn." Dave growled.

I was pumping both cocks for all they were worth, as Dave fired his last remaining shots onto my cheek. I had slowed my pumping of Dave's cock, and was about to suck him clean when I suddenly felt Josh's first blast hit the corner of my eye and nose. I turned just in time as the next shot hit my lips and into my open mouth. Cum was dripping everywhere as Josh snapped more photos. I leaned in a sucked Josh's cock into my mouth to catch his last few dribbles of cum, and clean his beautiful cock, which I now had a close up look at. It was uncut and a little over 7"s in length, with a pretty good thickness to it. Dave had pushed his cock onto my face and was pushing his cum around on my cheek and lip and at one point both cock heads slipped into my mouth.

When both cocks were clean, Josh took a couple more photos of my cum covered face, and couple of Dave kissing me and licking the cum off my face. He then set the camera back in the bag and looked at Dave.

"If it is alright with you Dave, I would like to make sure we all leave here happy boys," as he dropped to his knees in front of me.

"Sure be my guest."

Josh wrapped his hand around my pole as his tongue played with the tip of my cock. I was hot, and as Josh sucked me like an expert, I knew I would cum soon. Dave however wanted to make sure I came hard so when he walked behind me and stuck a spit soaked finger into my pussy, my cum exploded into Josh's mouth without warning, as my hands twitched on the top of Josh's head.

"Damn these are some hot photos," Josh said as he scrolled through the photos on the little screen on the back of the camera.

"Damn I wish I could show these to Sean, he would freak to see you now, all grown up and in panties; and I know he would just blow a nut looking at the photos of you Dave, my Sean likes `em well built, just like you."

"You don't think Uncle Sean will be mad with you? Some of those photos have your cock in them, I'm pretty sure he'll figure it out."

"Oh my little buddy, you have a lot to learn about true love. Of course he'll know it's me, I'll tell him so, as there is nothing that would come between the love we have for each other, and I would never lie to him. My love for Sean comes first in everything I do, and he knows that. I'm not saying I hook up with every cute guy I can find in panties, as a matter of fact this was the first sexual experience I have had without Sean involved since I was 15."

"I don't know, it just felt like what we did meant more than just a quick hook up; I mean the love was there, the lust was clearly there, it just felt right, and I just know Sean will understand. Does that make sense, do you understand kind of where I am coming from or did you not feel it like I did?"

"I know what you mean Uncle Josh; I love Dave and I know he loves me and we would do anything for each other, but when we were in the park there was something there, I can't explain it just felt right."

"I know I have only just met you Josh, but I know when my love is happy, and you make him happy, and the way you have embraced me, you're right it just felt right." Dave said

"If it's ok with Dave, I am fine with emailing the photos to Sean."

"Sure." You really think he would like me?" Dave said as he slipped on his sweatshirt.

"Oh hell yeah, I know my man, a cute little muscled boy like you will get his prick nice and hard."

We worked out that going to Dave's house was the safest for playing on the computer with these photos, as my parents would be too interested in what we were doing.

Back in Dave's room, we fired up the computer and downloaded the photos, which only served to get us revved up again.

"Have I told you how hot you two are in those panties? Sean is going to explode, when he sees these."

We were sitting on Dave's bed while Josh worked on the computer emailing Sean. Dave was rubbing my crotch through my shorts, when a wicked idea popped into my head.

"I'll be right back ok." I said to Dave.

"Sure." Dave said looking confused and little disappointed.

Mike had picked up golfing and was gone most weekends, as was the case of today, and Becca was either gone or in her room, which left me free to play. I ran into the garage and grabbed my French maids outfit, and all of my needed accessories, including a few new ones and a pair of panties for Josh.

I ran back up stairs to the hall bathroom and laid out the outfit. The French maid's costume, with the white ruffled short sleeves, which continued across the chest and the black straps that came over the shoulders into a black corset and the white ruffled petticoat, was laid onto the counter. My recent changes to the outfit were laid out next. Instead of the white knee high socks and black Mary Jane's that Steve had bought me, I replaced them with black stockings and garter belts and my 3" heels. I also replaced my white crotchless panties with the set Steve had bought me for the drive-in, which was the black strapless bra that clasped in from and the black lacy thong. Looking at the outfit lying in front of me, I couldn't help but think of Steve and how I missed him every now and then. He never did get to see me in the French maid's outfit. After he sent the outfit, he soon found himself a girl friend, which was fine by me because I soon found a boy friend. I snapped out of my daydream and from there it only took a second to put in my falsies, put on my brunette wig with pig tails, from when Becca had me dress in the soccer uniform, and add my make-up. All in all I was a hot little tramp and couldn't wait for Josh to see me. While I was in the garage I grabbed a pair of panties and matching bra, which was your typical silk red thong set, which I had bought for Dave, but now was hoping Josh would wear.

At the door to Dave's room, I was so excited and nervous; it felt like the first time I had ever dressed up. I could hear talking in the room, which sounded different from just Josh and Dave, but I was too excited to care, so when I opened the door with authority and stood there in my best `Ta Da' pose I could find, I was shocked to see Sean's face on the computer, as Josh and Dave looked back at me. I was even more shocked when the first person to say anything was Sean.

"Wow, is that you Drew? You sure have grown up. Nice tits."

Dave quickly pointed at his webcam, as I realized what they were doing.

Josh was the next to speak, "You look beautiful Drew, I mean it; you really look like a little smoking hot French slut; you have nothing to be shy about."

"Listen Drew, I am sorry I scarred you, but Josh is right, you really look hot in that outfit, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about, or at least I hope you're not embarrassed, matter of fact I really wish now I was there to see you in person." Sean said from the computer.

I really wasn't embarrassed or shy, just a little shocked and caught off guard.

Talking in my feminine voice, "No worries Uncle Sean, I just wasn't expecting a foursome. But you're right; you are going to wish you were here, especially when Uncle Josh puts these on." I said as I handed Josh the red thong panties and bra.

"Damn, is my baby J going to throw on panties too?" Sean said.

"Ah hell, why not," Josh said grabbing the panties and bra from my hand.

"How about you Dave, I know we just met, but from these photos I have on my computer, you sure look good panties. Why don't you join them and add to my pleasure." Sean said.

"Really, you think I look good?" I could tell Dave was attracted to Sean as he burned a hole into the screen with his eyes and the bashful tone in his voice, much like the morning after we first slept together. I wasn't jealous, I knew Dave loved me, and I also knew Sean was hot.

"Oh hell yeah Big D, you're a fine looking young man."

After Sean had said that, you would have thought it was a competition Dave was trying to win for removing clothes, as he stripped like he was on fire. Standing there in his pink thong, you could see Dave subconsciously pose and flex for the camera as Sean did little cat whistles.

Josh whispered to Dave as he undressed, "I told you my man would be in love with you. He's always trying to get me to bulk up."

Dave was smiling, and so was I, as Josh stripped down to nothing in front of me. I had always figured I had received my bubble butt from my mom's side of the family, but with Josh naked and showing his wonderful ass to me, I was pretty sure where the genes came from. Once Josh had the panties and bra on, he did a little posing of his own to roomful of whistling and standing ovations from the cock community.

"So from the photos boys, and the current looks of things, I would love it if you boys would continue some of your previous activities for me, seeing as you have my boy in some panties and all."

Josh looked at the screen and smiled, "Big S wants to watch a little porn huh? I think we can accommodate him. What do ya think boys, ready to start your film careers?"

Giggling, we said yes.

"Ok babe, you tell us what Big S would like to see and will do it."

"Ok. Time to make Big S happy, so will start with a little kissing, like in the photos, but this time with the little tramp in the middle."

"Ewww, I love being in the middle; Come make a sandwich boys," I said acting as feminine as possible.

Dave walked up to me and started kissing me on the lips, as Josh walked up behind me and started kissing my neck. The sensation of being kissed by multiple lips was amazing. My cock pulsed to a level of hardness I never knew before, as the tingling sensation overwhelmed me. Sean's voice brought me back to reality, as I heard him instruct the boys to start using their hands. Josh's hands went straight to the back of my thighs and over my stockings, as Dave's hands went to my hip and breast.

"Ok boys I think it time to see what the sweet little Frenchie has under her skirt. Come on boys make Big S happy."

Dave looked over my shoulder at Josh, "Does Sean always call himself Big S?"

"Big S is his nickname for his cock." Josh said.

Both Dave and I snapped our heads around to look at the screen, and sure enough Sean had his large thick dick out and was stroking it like mad. His dick looked to be around 8 or 9"s in length, but clearly thicker than most.

"Say hi to Big S boys," Sean said as he saw us staring.

I was in awe of it, but still in another world as Josh's hands began rubbing my ass. I did let out a little chuckle though when Dave said hi. Dave came back to reality when he felt Josh removing my French maid's outfit. I was soon standing in just my under garments.

"Oh look at that baby J, our little Drew has an ass as sweet as yours. You have to give the fine ass a couple kisses for me. And Dave let me see you suck an ear lobe. I know most girls just love to have their ears played with."

Josh slid to his knees behind me while Dave stepped up and started kissing my ear. Normally I would simply allow myself to be taken away by these sensational feelings, and be free of thought, but knowing Sean was watching I felt a new energy I had never experienced before. I slipped into my feminine persona, and acted like the hot tramp Sean was looking for.

"Oh yes you wicked boys, YES make my pussy wet, Ohhh I'm so horny."

I arched my back shoving my plump toosh into Josh's face as his tongue scrapped the insides of my cheeks, and pushed the thong onto my pussy. Dave's licking of my ear lobe drew out a moan of pleasure, as my hands went to the back of his toosh.

"That's it Drew, make my boys work for it, oh man I'm leaking like a faucet. Ok Dave on your knees, I want to see you treat your woman right."

Dave dropped to his knees in front of me and started kissing my cock through the thin material of my panties.

"Oh baby, yeah suck my little clit, eeewwww, mmmmmmm; and you're doing so well too," I said as I placed a hand on the head of each of the boys giving me such joy. "Yes you're making my pussy so wet, I needed it please."

"Damn this is hot. Baby J, lead our little slut to the bed and put her on her back."

Josh stopped licking my ass and stood up and led me to the bed, where he lay me down.

"Ok my muscled stud, I think it's time for you to get your girl naked."

Dave came over to the bed and started kissing me as he straddled my legs, his pink thong barely able to contain his hard cock. Dave began removing my bra, taking my falsies with it, as he kissed my nipples. Dave then slid down to my panties and took them off, slow and sensual, letting Sean see all of his movements, as his fingers maintained contact to my stocking covered legs.

"That's it baby D, stop there." Dave looked like a cute little Labrador pup, just waiting for his next command. "Your sweetie looks hot in just those garter belts and stockings; I bet she has you hard all the time. Ok baby D time to perform my favorite number, you know the one don't you."

"Yeah, it's my favorite number too," Dave said as he slid his thong off.

"Ohhh, I love it my little baby D, he's smart and sexy."

Dave was blushing as he got on top of me as we do every morning, as he kissed his way down my belly to my dripping flesh. I didn't need any prompting from Sean, once Dave's dick swung by my lips I grabbed it and sucked it in with a hot passion. Dave dove on my cock, like he was a starving teen and need my dick to live. Josh had stood back watching the scene play out; the porno his love had orchestrated.

"Ohh, Baby J look at the ass bounce, so tight, so hot, mmmm, you have to get some of that and let me know what its like."

Josh slipped off his red panties and stepped up to Dave's ass as I watched him kiss and lick at Dave's hole. Dave was purring like a cat as Josh got his pussy nice and wet for penetration. Josh stood up and placed the tip of his cock to Dave's pussy as I felt his mouth suck hard on my dick as Josh pushed in. Josh slowly sunk his cock into Dave's pussy, and when he stopped to allow Dave to adjust, I couldn't help but taking a lick of Josh's balls.

"Yes, yes, oh fuck, this is hot, oh damn, shit, shit baby J cum with me, cum with me, yes." Sean was moaning, as he stroked his cock with urgency.

Josh picked up his pace, which affected our sucking, as his thrusts drove Dave's cock out of my throat as Dave humped it back in. We were all heading to a huge cum as we followed Sean's lead. Dave's cock was the first to erupt as I swallowed his load, his clutching pussy lips brought forth Josh's cum, as he moaned loud,

"Oh fuck I'm cumming!"

Josh's moan triggered Sean who I could only imagine shot a huge load, as I heard him growl in the back ground. I was the last to cum, as Dave swallowed my giz, slurping with such energy that his limp cock and balls were now slapping my face with every thrust of his mouth on my dick. I was in Heaven as Dave finished cleaning my cock, his soft cock still on my face, but now it was smearing Josh's cum all around as it leaked from his pussy on to my face.

I could hear Josh talking to Sean about how good it was and having Sean picking him up from the airport. I also think I heard Sean ask Josh to bring the panties home with him if he could. I heard the conversation but licking Josh's load from my lover's ass was just too hot of an idea to really care about anything else. I used my hands to push Dave's ass lower on my face so that his hole centered on my mouth, and then I pulled him in as he sat back up on his knees.

"Uuuuu, oooooohhhhh, mmmm, yeah baby dig that cum out, oh shit that feels good." Dave said as my tongue stretched his pussy out again looking for more nectar.

I had no idea where Josh had gone after Sean had signed off, or how long I had been sucking Dave's sweet pussy, but when I felt my legs being lifted, and then held by Dave, I had an idea where Josh was going.

My moans were trapped in the valley of Dave's ass as my tongue fucked him with ease, my own ass receiving a tongue fucking of its own. The thought of my Uncle fucking me had my dick hard in no time. By the time Josh's dick touched my hole I was desperate to be fucked. Josh placed both hands on my tummy as Dave held me open for him, his long 7"s puncturing my pussy and fulfilling a long suppressed dream of sleeping with my uncle. I was to wrapped up in my own pleasure and the act of rimming my love to know exactly what Josh and Dave were doing, but I could tell someone was stroking my dick, and I was pretty sure someone was jerking Dave's cock as well. I knew for sure they were kissing while Josh pounded me.

"Holy shit Drew you are a hot little tramp, mmm, it's like someone is jerking me off with a warm tight glove."

My mouth was getting sore by the time everyone was ready to cum. My ass was tingling from the beautiful assault Josh was giving it. At one point my eyes rolled back as things went dark just before my dick pumped the first blast of cum. When I came to, Dave was lying next to me on his bed, running his hands through my hair.

"There's my sweetheart. How are you feeling?"

"Good. What happened?" I said looking around for Josh.

"You blacked out for a second," Dave said as he leaned and kissed my forehead, "Don't do that again ok."

"Yeah I don't plan on it. Where's Josh?"

"He's in the shower. Once we realized you'd be ok, he said he needed one before his flight home."

"That was wild, your Uncles are hot. It would be cool if we could go visit them sometime in New York." Dave said as he lay on his back, completely naked and lost in thought.

"You like my Uncle Sean didn't you love?"

"You know I love you, and would never cheat on you, but damn your uncle Sean is fine, I would let him ride me until I blacked out."

"You're cute, I know you love me, and its ok you think he's hot. Hell I think he's hot, he looks like Taye Diggs."

"When you boys are ready you're more than welcome to come visit us in New York," Josh said standing in Dave's door way in just a towel, "but you keep your hands off my man, I don't need some little beef cake and his tramp trying to steal my man away." He said as we all laughed.

"You ok Drew? You had us worried there for a sec."

"Sorry Uncle Josh, I'm fine."

"You're more than fine, but that's beside the point. Back to you coming to New York," he said as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Sean and I were talking about it while you were ummmmm licking Dave's aaaa anyway; you really have a knack for acting, we think you make a very convincing young lady, and you should really think about Drama class. You too Dave, we think you both would be amazing. And this summer when you two are off of school, you are more than welcome to visit us, and we'll show you some of our favorite Broadway productions."

"And Drew, I think it is about time you stop calling me Uncle, at least when we're alone. We both know I'm your uncle, but now we're a little more than that ok?"

"Ok Unccc... I mean Josh. So you think I make a convincing little tramp huh."

"No, you are a tramp, there's no acting there. We think you make a convincing young woman." He said as we all started laughing.

Josh drove us back to my house, not before stopping at his hotel and getting his things, where we ate dinner with my family and talked about the possibility of spending the summer in New York. I think my parents could see my glow when I was talking about it, and were open to the idea. Josh said his good byes in the house, but asked me if I would walk with him to the car. At the car Josh reminded me that I really should look into the schools drama club, and that he was proud of Dave and me, and that we needed to hold our heads up, and to find strength in the love for each other. He also reminded me that he was very serious and he and Sean would love to have Dave and me for the summer, in which he winked and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. And then he was gone.

Later that night as I snuggled up to Dave's chest, tired and satisfied, Dave asked if I was thinking about Josh's idea, and if I was going to look into the drama club.

"It does sound interesting, I probably will, I know I would for sure if you did it too."

"I've never really thought about drama club before, you know, always kind of thought it was for the nerds; but your uncle really got me thinking, and I think you and I would be good at acting; so yeah I think we should look into it."

"Cool," was the last thing said as I drifted off to sleep.

On Monday, Dave and I made it to school just in time to miss the final bell. With all of our extra curricular activities from the night before, it took forever for us to do our morning routine and get showered. At lunch Dave and I set off to find the drama class and see if there were any openings, or at least see what it was about. When we finally found the theater building in the rear of the school we were shocked to see quite a few kids actually eating in their lunch, and they were just as shocked to see us. Well more than likely they were shocked to see Dave, as he was one of the popular kids, regardless of age, and even the older students in the room were staring at him.

"Come in, come in," Said Mr. Heid, the drama teacher for our school.

"What brings you two boys into our neck of the woods?"

"Well we were thinking about joining, if it's not too late." I said as you could see the stunned look on a lot of the kids sitting in the chairs, one almost fell of the edge of the stage where he was sitting. Most of the kids Dave and I knew as quiet or extremely shy, so I was surprised to see them in drama, as I assumed you needed an outgoing personality to do this.

"Wonderful, you're in luck, we just finished our last production and we are moving onto our last one for the year, Romeo and Juliet. I would love it if you two try out for it."

I looked at Dave who was staring back at all those who were staring at him, "what do you think?"

"That's cool, I know that story." He said without looking at me. It was getting hard to have such a loving relationship with Dave fourteen hours of the day, except the 7 we were in school together.

"Ok Mr. Heid, when's the tryouts?"

"Excellent, the tryouts are Wednesday, and here are the characters and lines I am having people read for."

"Thanks; see you on Wednesday."

"Very good," Mr. Heid said as we left.

"What the fuck were they all looking at?" Dave said as we got outside.

"Probably you babe; you're more than likely the coolest guy to ever enter their world, and they were probably a little shocked to see you in there. Then to announce you're going to tryout for the play, probably has them spinning right now."

"Well I am sure they were pretty shocked to see you too then, I mean you're not a nerd like them."

"Sorry to burst your bubble babe, but I am a nerd like them, you just don't see it because this nerd gets your rocks off every day."

"My rocks aren't the only thing you get off every day, and you should really give yourself more credit than that, you're really cool once people get to know you."

"I bet we'll say that about the kids in drama class, once we get to know then."


After our team practices, Dave and I went home and talked about the upcoming tryouts, where I decided I was going to read the lines for Benvolio, while Dave decided to go for the gold and read for Romeo. I had told my parents of my decision to try out for the schools drama club, and they gave me their blessing, as long as my grades didn't slip from doing both soccer and the play. On the day of the tryouts, Mr. Heid had us all sit in the seats of the theater, as he sat on the edge of the stage. Looking around I counted only 15 or so students, so I knew my chances of making the play were good if not a shoe-in, as there were 20 spots to read for. One thing I noted real quick was the lack of girls, as there were only two girls trying out for the whole production, and I could tell Dave had noticed that too, as he looked over at me and whispered, "You'd make a better Juliet than they would."

"Ok guys, can I have your attention before we get started. First off, thank you for showing up and wanting to take part in this year's performance of Romeo and Juliet. Second, after taking a good look at the numbers, and those trying out, I have decided that the only way to do this play, if we do it at all, is to perform it like they did in true Elizabethan times, where all of the parts are done by young men." A light roar started in the crowd.

"Look, do you want to do the play or not? We barely have enough boys to do the play at all, and with only two girls, we would be short handed anyway, as we need at least three for it to work, usually you have 4 or 5. This is how they did it in the beginning of plays, as women weren't allowed to perform, and after talking to the two girls here today, who have graciously decided to stay on and help with the behind the scenes, there just isn't any other way. So I will ask one more time, please show a sign of hands if you wish to do this, in the Elizabethan way, or cancel it all together?"

I looked at Dave, "What do you think?"

"I already told you what I think; you're going to make a hot Juliet," and with that Dave raised his hand.

I followed suit, as did most of the class. There were a few who didn't raise their hands, but they didn't leave either. Mr. Heid had us come up to the stage one at a time, and asked us to read our lines, and then asked us if we like to read for one of the four women's parts in the story, reminding us that we needed at least 3 boys to play the four parts. As Dave had decided to read for Romeo, for which he did a wonderful job, I decided it would be fun to try for Juliet.

As I stood there on the stage, a bit nervous, I found Dave sitting there, nodding, giving me strength to perform. I locked into his gaze, and in my feminine voice,

"Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night, That runaway eyes may wink, and Romeo Leap to these arms untalk'd of and unseen."

The group applauded, as Mr. Heid stepped up, very nice Drew. You were meant to perform.

At the end of the tryouts, I had been given the part of Juliet, Dave was Romeo, and two boys Benny and JP would play the remaining 3 women, Lady Capulet, Lady Montague, and the Nurse.

After the parts were assigned, Mr. Heid gave us our full scripts, as we worked out our rehearsal times. It would be challenging for both Dave and me, as we were the only two on sports teams as well, but as we played the two largest parts in the play, they gladly worked around our schedule.

While I was excited to play the role of Juliet, I knew there was going to be some backlash from it. I knew I had to tell my parents, and figured out a way to do it which would hopefully deflect any questions and squash any rumors, even those I knew were to come from my friends at school.

"Hi Honey, how was practice?"

"It was fine."

"Oh yeah didn't you say you and Dave were going to tryout for the drama club? How'd that go?"

"It went alright I guess. Dave and I got casted."

"That's great isn't it, because you don't seem too happy about it?"

"Well, because our school is small Mr. Heid decided the only way to do the production of Romeo and Juliet, is to do it like they did it in the Elizabethan times, where boys played all the parts."

"Oh, so that means a boy is playing Juliet?"

"Yeah, and guess who got picked to be Juliet because he was short?"

"Oh, are you ok with that? I know you were really looking forward to this, but maybe the timing isn't right, maybe you should just wait?"

"I'm definitely not thrilled, but everyone in the group would hate me if I backed out, I mean we barely have enough to do the production as it is, and if I left they would have to pull the plug."

"Well, ok, then look at this way, it will be a great challenge for you, and if you can do this role and still like acting when you're done, then you know you were meant to do this."

"Maybe this is a blessing in disguise."

"Yeah maybe, I mean it's not like I am the only boy who is playing a girl, and Dave did get the part of Romeo."

"Well that works out well. Look honey I am really proud of you for taking this on, it's a big challenge. And if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know; like rehearsing your lines, or walking and talking like a girl, or anything, if I can be of help I am all yours."

"Thanks mom."

My plan had worked perfectly, as I gave the same speech to my dad when he got home. I got a little hesitation from him, but in the end they both respected my choice to go through with it and were proud of me for considering the feelings of the other boys in the drama club. Little did my parents know, I was more than excited to play Juliet, I was secretly dancing inside, this could be a perfect way to show my love for dressing as a girl to everyone I loved, without actually having to tell them. Now all I had to do was keep up the charade at school, as if I had no choice of which part I played.

On Friday Dave and I had our respective games. My team lost one nothing, while Dave's team won. After our matches and a quick shower, Tom drove us to Jem's house to use the hot tub. Jem and I were quickly becoming best of friends, as I called him almost every night. When we got to Jem's house, it wasn't unusual for me to walk straight up to Jem's room, where we would kiss like girl friends, and start talking about the week, while Tom and Dave plopped on the couch and turned on the TV. Mark and Scott had their own tasks, and considered us like part of the family. Because of the long week and hard games we quickly moved to the hot tub, as we usually did while over there. Jem and I threw on our bikinis as we walked to the hot tub, the boys following right behind us as they knew we would all end up naked anyway so they didn't even bother with their suits. We relaxed in the tub, talking about the games, and our drama play.

"Hey that gives me a great idea. What if we had a costume party?" Jem said

"Yeah that would be cool," I said as I sat between Dave's legs my back on his chest, as he massaged my shoulders.

"You know what would make it really hot, and different from other themed parties, if boys had to dress as girls and girls dressed as boys."

"Good idea Jem," I said.

Tom looked at Dave, "Look's like our two queens," still using references from the dream I had in history class, "would like to see us in women's clothing."

"Yeah it looks that way, but they're going to be pissed when we look better than them," Dave said laughing.

I reached back and grabbed his nuts, "You can be a girl permanently if you'd like?"

"Ok, ok, Can I have my jewels back Miss Cleopatra?"

We were all laughing when Jem stood up and walked over to me and took my hand and had me stand. I was only in my bikini bottoms as I stood up smiling, following Jem's lead.

"You boys could never look as hot as us, not now, not tomorrow, and not even dressed in panties and lace," he said as he turned to me and pulled me into a huge kiss, where his tongue entered my mouth, as we made out in front of the boys. He slowly pulled me behind the water falls as the kissing didn't stop, even as the water cascaded over our bodies. Dave and Tom followed quickly, as Jem and I went for a new record in kissing. When we finally broke, Jem looked me in the eyes,

"Fuck me Drew." he said

I kissed him several more times before spinning him around and pushing him up against the rock wall, my hands pulling down his string bikini. I ran one hand on his chest as my other hand played with his whole before guiding my cock into him; Jem's hands were on the smooth wall holding him off the concrete.

"Ahhh, uuummmmm, hhhhhsssssss, ooooooo, m, m, m, uhhh YES baby doll."

Jem's ass felt wonderful as I twisted his nipples and kissed his shoulder blade as we stood there, my dick slowly making love to him. The boys were jerking off watching the hot scene as I fucked Jem. I would pull my 5" dick out to the tip and slowly thrust back in as I felt my flared head scrape the wall of his love tunnel.

"Oh, Oh yeah, you like that baby doll? You like my pussy? Yes that's it make love to me like only two hot femboys can. Look at our little boys, they're so hot, mmm, I think they're ready to cream themselves, aaaaaa, shit you're dick feels so good."

I had stopped twisting Jem's nipples as my fingers intertwined with his, and my thrust became more forceful.

"Oh fuck Drew, shit you're going to make me cum, huh huh, ohhh God, yes yes please ohshit ohshit oh SHIT!"

Jem's cum splattered the concrete wall as his ass clamped down on my dick.

"Oh shit Jem, your sweet ass is going to take my little soldiers, yes, fuck yes, here it comes, OHHHH!" My moaning was restrained in volume, as were Jem's, as we both knew the waterfall only drowned out some of our noise.

I could feel my seed enter him as he pushed his ass hard onto my dick, as I held him tight against the wall. I removed my cock from his ass, while it was still slightly hard, so that we could finish our boys as we both turned and took our lover's tools into our mouths just seconds before they exploded.

Once we were done with the hot tub, we moved the conversation inside where we were talking to Scott and Mark about our costume party idea, and our roles for the school play. Scott was bouncing off the walls as he begged us to talk to Mr. Heid, to see about letting him do the costumes, and if we would do that for him, then he was ok with the party. Although we all knew he was excited about the party as well, especially the part that had teen boys dressed as girls.

That night in Dave's room, as we lay in his bed, I asked him what he had in mind for a costume,

"I'm not sure, how about you?"

"Well I was thinking I would go as Marilyn Monroe."

"You mean like the picture where her skirt blows up?"

"Yeah, what do you think?"

"I think you're going to have a hard time keeping my hands off you in that outfit."

"Maybe that's what I am going for."

"Well then all we need to do now is come up with my costume."

"You could always go as a cheer leader."

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